Hangman's Game (2015) Script

[Distant siren blaring]


[Vibrating continues]


[MAN] Am I speaking with Samantha Owens?


The reason I'm calling you... What time is it?

4:15, Colombian time, ma'am.

Is something wrong?

I'm calling you in reference to Mark's employment contract With our company in Yopal, Colombia.

What happened?

By contract... Is Mark okay?

Ma'am, by contract, I'm obligated to inform you that any event that happens... Stop, stop.

What... What happened?

At approximately 1:15, Colombia time, Two armed men killed two civilians in the motel And kidnapped our contractor Mark Owens, your husband, Along with his business associate And two local prostitutes.

Hello? Ma'am, are you still there?

Yes. Do you understand what I've just told you?

Please answer yes or no. Yes.

And do you understand that this situation Did not happen during working hours And that according to the contract, Our company cannot be held liable for this tragic event?

[Gasps] Yes, but it's not right...

Ma'am, please contact the U.S. embassy.

Ma'am, I'm sorry. Wait!

I have to go. But I need to know what...



[Heavy breathing]

Hey. Hey! [man speaking Spanish]


Hey! [man speaking Spanish]

[Man speaking Spanish]

MAN: Please help.


[Man groans]

[man screaming] [man shouting in Spanish]




[Speaking Spanish]

[Carla groans]

[Speaking Spanish] [MARK] Hey, wha...

What's he saying, man? [Speaking Spanish]

[grunts] [MARK] Hey, wha... No!

[Speaking Spanish]

No Spanish! No Spanish, sir. No Spanish.

[Speaking Spanish]

[MARK] I don't know no bank!

I don't know anything about any bank!

I don't know what you're talking about!

[CARLA] He don't understand you, okay?

[MARK] Untie my hands, please! [Speaking Spanish]

[CARLA] What bank you make the transfer in?

[MARK] Bank? Please.

Just get me a doctor. I'm an engineer.

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[MARK] Relax, please.

[Speaking Spanish]

[MARK] I don't understand. Please.

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

Carlos helped to entering the account of banco del estado.

[Speaking Spanish]

But there is no money.

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

He say there is more than one bank account in the computer.

In which one has money? What?

[Speaking Spanish]

Where is the money?

[Speaking Spanish]

Carlos give a password of banco del estado, And it's wrong. Where is the money?

I don't know what Carlos is.

What? Your friend Carlos!

[Speaking Spanish]

I don't know Carlos!

[Speaking Spanish]


The Mexican. Mauricio.

Your friend Carlos.

Mauricio, he... he's a Mexican.


[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]


[Speaking Spanish]


[Speaking Spanish]

Please... tell me.

Tell me what he said.

Just tell me what he said, please.

Say where is money or they kill us.

Look, I don't know who these guys are.

Just tell me everything they said.

They want the bank password. Please!

No money. I don't know anything about any money.

I don't know anything about a fucking bank!

Tell them, please!


I don't want to die.

No, hey, we're not gonna die here.

It's just...

I don't know it's a strategy. They're just...


A strategy? No! No, look!

They're just trying to... They're... It's just...

Hey! No strategy!

Yes! They're just trying... I don't know. They're...

They just want more information, that's it.

No! No information! You don't know!

They will kill us!

They are real bad.


No, hey, we're not gonna die here.

It's just... Please!

Say name of bank or they will kill us.


All right. No, no, don't.

No! Don't do it, Mark. Stop. Mark!

[spits] Stop.

Look at my eyes.

You don't give password, And I die.

[thump] [gasps]

[Distant voices]

Fine. Fine!

[man shouting] [Carla groans]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]


[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

He's asking about Mauricio.

Do you know something about him? Please tell me.

Who are these guys?

No, please, answer the question.


No. Not until they tell me who in the hell they are, What I'm doing here, and what they want.

Look, if you don't tell them what they want, I swear to God they are gonna kill us.

I don't care! I don't care.

You don't care? Do you know what's going on here?

We don't have time, gringo guebón!


He told me to call him Carlos. I thought it was a joke.

His real name's Mauricio. What?

The Mexican?

[Speaking Spanish]


[Speaking Spanish]


[Speaking Spanish]

What'd you say? What you told me to say.

No! Don't tell these guys anything.

We don't even know who they are.

Do you fucking understand what's going on here?

Don't fuck with me!

[Speaking Spanish]

Talk to me, otherwise something really bad is gonna happen If you don't talk to me.

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]


No! [MARK] No, no, no, no!

[MARK] Hey! No, no, no, no!

Hey, no! No!

[Speaking Spanish]

[Cocks gun]

[Carla whimpering]



[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[VANESSA] Please talk to me, please.

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[VANESSA] Please say something.

Please say something.

Say something, please.


Please say something!

You're awake?


You're thinking about her.


Why do you say that?

Come on. You can't lie to me.

I can see it in your eyes.

I'm sorry, Sam.

I can't stop thinking about her.

She's gone.

She's gone because of me.

It wasn't your fault.

I could have done something. I could have said something.

I mean, Jesus, I could have stopped her.

Is there something you haven't told me?


I'm still here.









[Shotgun cocks]

[MARK] Hey, hey. [Speaking Spanish]

She needs help! She needs help!

[Speaking Spanish]

Hey, I need help. Come on.

I don't anything about any fucking bank.

She's back here. She needs help.

Come on!

[Speaking Spanish]


It's my fault. She's alive!

Come on, she needs help! Come on!

Come on, you fucking idiot! Come on!

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

Why you didn't run?

[VANESSA] Tell me.

Why you didn't run?

She's still breathing. She needs help.


[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

What'd he say?

That you're broken.

Why you didn't run? What?

Tell me why you didn't run.

I couldn't run.

She was still alive. She was still breathing.

You were free. Why the fuck didn't you run, man?

A long time ago, somebody that I loved died, And I made a promise that it wouldn't happen again.

And I...

[Speaking Spanish]

She's alive.

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

Hey, wait for me.

[Speaking Spanish]

Look, she's...

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Vanessa grunting]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Vanessa crying]

[Speaking Spanish]

[MARK] Wait, wait!

[Mark grunts]


[Speaking Spanish]


Stop! Please! Please, no more!

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[MARK] Please! [groaning]

[Speaking Spanish]


[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

What did that bastard mean when he said I was broken?


Don't you know?

When they torture someone, Every person have their breaking point.

That's good. That's good for you Because now he's going to believe you.

Are you all right?

No! I can't feel my goddamn fingers.

What are we gonna do now?


I've seen you before.

Do you remember anything?

I remember you in...

In the hotel, in the bar.

You're Mauricio's friend.

They got into the bank.


But Mauricio says...

That you have the password.

I think they were so close To getting something out of Mauricio, But you show up, man.

What bank?

Stop pretending! I'm not pretending!

I don't know what the fuck you are talking about.

I don't know what the hell... Shh!

See? Look at them.

Can you see his hand?

[MARK] Holy shit.

Holy shit.

You're next.

No, you tell those guys they're making a mistake.

I am not the one. They're making a mistake!

They're wrong. Shut up.

They don't give a fuck about you.

They don't give a fuck about anything.

You have to tell them the password, Or I swear to God they will torture you and kill me And shoot me in the fucking head.

Shit! What do you want me to tell them, huh? What?

Everything. No! I can't tell them.

I tell them anything, they're gonna fucking kill us.

Do you know something?

Know something you can tell me?

I am not going to die here.

[Speaking Spanish]

I'm not gonna die here because of you.

I'm telling you, I'm not gonna die here.

You're by yourself. You are alone, man.

Just grow up, damn it.

Just tell those guys they got the wrong person.

I'm not the one lying here. It's Mauricio.

You tell them it's Mauricio, please!

Please don't let them do anything to me, please.

You tell them they got the wrong person.

Please tell them!


No, no, wait, please, please.

Just, just tell them. Tell them!

Tell them I'm not the one, please.

Don't let them torture me, please.

Mauricio's the one. He's the one that's lying.

Tell them. Tell them, please.

Jesus, please. Don't play with me.

Come on, please. You are alone.

Please, please help me now.

No, I'm not the one. It's Mauricio.

He's the one that's lying, not me, it's Mauricio.

You tell 'em!



Come on, come on, let me down! Hey!


Please, let me down, please.

You can't do this.

Hey, you can't do this to me!

Please! Please!

Let me down!

Come on, come on, let me down! Hey!


Come on, no! Please, let me down!

Please! [panting]

Come on, let me down!





[Screaming continues]

[Phone vibrating]

[Vibrating continues]


[MAN] Mrs. Owens, before I start, I want to tell you...

Look, I don't know if you realize who are you talking to, But I swear if you hang up...

I'm perfectly aware of who I'm talking to And how delicate the situation is.

Okay, so you know I'll be at the door of the ministry In 15 minutes, Waiting for them to open the door for me.

Sorry, ma'am, but I don't think we have that much time.


Local law enforcement and the Colombian Army Have found your husband's possible location.

Is he all right? Where is he?

The vehicle assigned to your husband by our company Has a satellite tracking system.

Wait, what?

So you knew where he was from the beginning And you only mention it now?

Oh, not quite.

Do you know how much trouble you and your company are in?

We're not liable for these events, But we are doing everything in our power.

No, excuse me, excuse me!

You're not going to get out of this so easily!

Ma'am, we don't have time to argue!

The most important issue is your husband.

Okay. Why do you say we don't have much time?

Right. Approximately two hours ago, An army anti-kidnapping unit went by land and surrounded The point where we think your husband is located.

I'm personally on a helicopter that'll provide air support.

So why haven't you rescued him yet?

Over land travel takes time, Mrs. Owens.

You have to promise me you'll bring him back alive.

That's precisely why I'm calling.

Mauricio Yacca's parents have approved the armed incursion, And we have their sign-off for a hostile extraction.

You have to promise me you'll bring him back alive.

I'm sorry, ma'am, I can't do that, But I do need your sign-off to execute the operation.

No, I can't.

I have to consult with my family first.

Excuse me, ma'am, we don't have time.

The team will be on site and in position in 15 minutes.

And the sun's about to rise.

If that happens, we lose our tactical edge.

No, I can't, I can't.

Ma'am, I need your answer now.

Will you authorize a Colombian Army operation To perform a hostile extraction Of American citizen Mark Owens?

Please answer yes or no.

I can't.

I can't decide that.

Do I take that as a negative?

I need you to understand I will be forced to abort the operation.

Wait, wait.

Do it, do it. Okay.

In regard to your decision, we wish to repeat That our company is not liable in any way And that we are joining the operation as observers.

Is this clear to you? Yes Mrs. Owens, in the name of our firm, We wish to ratify our concern about...

[MAN] Mrs. Owens?





[MARK] Hey, you bastard, leave her alone!


[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Mark groans]

[Speaking Spanish]

Where is the key? What key?

You gonna get both killed. Please, where is the key?

I don't know about any key. I don't know.

What are you talking about, a password or something?

I don't know. I don't know what you're talking about.

Don't fuck with me, man! Where the fuck is the key?

Fuck! I don't know about any key, I swear to God!

I'm just an engineer. No, you're not an engineer.

Your friend says that you are the boss.

Who? Your friend Mauricio!

He's not my friend.

I don't know what the hell he's talking about.

I don't know. I don't know anything about banks.

[VANESSA] They got into the bank.

Mauricio has told them everything.

Now they need a fucking key to transfer the money.

I don't know! I don't have any key.

[VANESSA] I don't want to die here.

[MARK] Oh, Jesus.

Tell me something.

I don't know!

You don't know what? You don't know Mauricio?

I don't know Mauricio! He's not my friend!

I just got here!

I'm an engineer.

I come here, I help with the refineries, I help with contracts.

That's what I do.

The name of my company is Owens Company.

[Speaking Spanish]

[MARK] I'm an engineer!

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

Please tell me something about Mauricio.

Mauricio is a son of the owner.

He knows more about the bank accounts, About all the information, he knows all that.

Just tell him to check it out, and he'll see.

[Speaking Spanish]


[VANESSA] Where is the key?

You're gonna get both killed. Please, where is the key?

What's your name?


Mark. Sí, Mark!


[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

No, no, no, no! No, no, no, no!

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

Hey, fuck, I didn't do shit. Come on.

[Speaking Spanish] Relax, man, take it easy.

We're gonna die. No, we're not.

Always the right things go wrong with me.

Don't be saying that.

Why you choose Carla and not me?

Why you pick her?

I don't know, I can't remember.

I should change the color of my hair, no?

Your hair? Yeah.

[Speaking Spanish]

The blondes have more fun, don't you think?

Was she your friend?

We worked together many years, so yeah, she was my friend.

You guys are like escorts? Hookers?

I was gonna say escorts.

No, no, no. What's the problem to being a fucking whore?

I'm sorry.

I just, um... No, no, no.

Have you ever been with a whore?

'Cause last night you were fucking one.

I wasn't fucking her.


Why's that?

Maybe you couldn't get it up, but you want to fuck her.

Is it not the same?

[Distant screaming]

Jesus Christ.

Are you friends with Mauricio?

I know him for a year, almost a year.

Together we make fun of the other girls Because he like to act like a gringo.

I thought maybe you guys were good friends or something.

I thought he was full of shit, you know?

When he's sober, he's this quiet guy.

But when he gets drunk, He's like, he likes to play el gran señor.

You have a boyfriend?

A boyfriend?

Yeah, I mean, why not?

Why can't a girl like you have a boyfriend?

[Speaking Spanish]

All my clients are my boyfriends.

You speak pretty good English.


Where'd you learn?

I took some classes.

Some classes? Yeah.


Don't laugh at me, please.

A friend of mine, she get married with a gringo, And I just wake up and say to me like, "I want that for me."

What happened?

I just ended like a whore.

I'm sorry. No, no, no, don't be sorry.

I don't regret it.

Knowing English has given me so much.

How's that?

Look, all the gringos are coming to Colombia, And you guys rather have a girl like Carla than me, So knowing English give me extra money.

So why would you want to marry an American?

Every girl in Colombia wants to marry a boy like you.

Do you have a girlfriend?


You have four girlfriends? Look at you!


I have four girlfriends altogether.

You only slept with four women...

In your entire life?

No. I've slept with six.


Do you have a girlfriend?

I was married, or I'm married.

Are you married or divorced or what?

No, I'm married, but I...

I don't know what's gonna happen now. I mean...

Nothing's gonna happen because nothing happened.

Yeah, right. Nothing happened, Mark.

You know, it just was...

The night is good, the meat is weak.

Who's gonna tell her? No one.

[Distant screaming]

[Screaming continues]

We're gonna die.

No, we're not gonna die.

How do you know that?

Because I know.

We're gonna get out of here. Everything's gonna be okay.

Now just...

Listen to me.

I'm gonna take you to the United States with me.

We're gonna get the hell out of here, And everything is gonna be fine.

I promise.

I'm a whore, but I'm not stupid.

I don't lie. How can you help me?

I help people like you all the time.

I help people that help people like you.

Are you a priest or something? No!

I can get you out of here.

Please, I'm serious.

Don't never promise something that you can't accomplish.

We're gonna get out of here.

Yes, we are. No.

If you don't talk about the password, They're gonna kill us.

I don't fucking know about any of that.

I don't know any banks, I don't know about the key.

Let me explain to you something Because I think you don't get it.

They're not playing any games.

If you don't tell them what they want, They're gonna torture you and murder us.

No, you listen to me, goddamn it.

If we tell those motherfuckers what they want, They're gonna come over here and they're gonna kill us.

I don't want to die here.

Okay, we're gonna get out of here.

We got a deal?

We got a deal? They're coming.

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

Okay, what's going on?

They got into the bank, but they blocked the account.

[Speaking Spanish]

They're bringing Mauricio.

What? Yeah.

Oh, shit. Yeah.

What's wrong with you?

Why did you tell them? What?

They're gonna bring Mauricio, and they're gonna torture him!

They are gonna be torturing you!

So now they're gonna torture him?

Do you want to live? Yes!

Try not to be so fucking naive, Mark.

Okay, do you realize what we're into here?

Yes. So?

Look, I was with him, And he's not that faithful dog that you think he is.

Look, if he dies, it's gonna be...

The only thing left that they need is the access key.

That's it.

Do you know something about the fucking key, Mark?



We just need to buy time.

Time for what, Mark?

Do you know something about the key or not?

No, I don't.

They're coming. They're gonna save us.

They're gonna rescue us. Who? Who's gonna save us?

We're in the fucking middle of the jungle in Colombia!

They've got their ways! Who? Who fucking who?

The embassy! They're gonna be here.

They're gonna get us out of here.

The U.S. embassy?

Mierda. [Speaking Spanish]

[MARK] Oh, Jesus.

Oh, my God. [Speaking Spanish]

Jesus, Mauricio.

Mark, don't say anything.

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

He's say he's tired of this game.

[Speaking Spanish]

One of you is lying and will end up like a pig.

Oh, fuck no. [Speaking Spanish]

[VANESSA] What the fuck is the key?

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[VANESSA] No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

Hey, hey, no, wait!

[MARK] No, the key looks like a beeper.

Looks like a keychain. Shit!

I don't know, something small. Just tell him to look for it.

[VANESSA] Look at me! The next time you open your mouth, You have to tell me where the fuck is the key, man.

[MARK] No. [Speaking Spanish]

I don't know, I don't know, I don't know.

[Speaking Spanish] Please, Mark!

[MAURICIO] You don't have to listen to her.

Shut up!

[MARK] I don't know where the fucking key is. I don't.

I swear to God, I don't.

[MAURICIO] She fucking sold you out.

That's a lie! Listen to me.

[MAURICIO] She drugged you last night.

[Speaking Spanish]

[MAURICIO] She slipped something into your drink.

You drugged me? That's why we're here!

He doesn't have anything to lose, Mark.

He wants some money, and we have nothing, man.

Don't listen to him.

What the fuck's going on?

They're gonna keep him for a long time, Mark, And they're gonna kill him.

[Speaking Spanish]

I-I-I'm part shareowner in a company.

[MAURICIO] Shut up!

[Speaking Spanish]

[VANESSA] Tell me more, tell me more.

The company's called Owens Company.

[Vanessa speaking Spanish]

[MARK] It's an American company.

[Speaking Spanish]

My family has a shitload more money than Mauricio's, And they can pay for a rescue.

[Speaking Spanish]

[Man laughing]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

He don't give a fuck about your money.

He just wants to know where the fuck is the key, man.

[MARK] I don't have the fucking key.

[VANESSA] He's gonna kill us, Mark.

Look in the fucking computer!

There's a bank. They have all the information.

Mauricio should have the fucking key.

[Speaking Spanish]

[MAURICIO] Hey. [VANESSA] Hey, no, no, no!

[MARK] No, goddamn it! No, no!

No! [Mauricio screaming]

[Mauricio screaming]

[Speaking Spanish]


I don't know where the fucking key is. I don't know.

[Speaking Spanish]

[MARK] Mauricio's gotta have the key.

[MAURICIO] Hey, hey, hey, hey!

[Speaking Spanish] Mark! Mark!

What? What?

Hey, look, I don't have the fucking key.

He says that you have the key. What?

I don't have the key.

[Mark groaning]

[Men laughing]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]






F... [Speaking Spanish]

R... [Vanessa speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

Huh? [Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

Perro! [Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Soft chatter]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]


[MARK] I'm sorry, man.

[MAURICIO] You're an idiot.

What? You're the one giving them all the information.

I specifically told you not to speak to that bitch.

Hey, hey!

Hey, look, she's been protecting me.

I've got a family, and you're selling me out.

Selling you out? Yeah.

That bitch sold you out since the beginning.

God damn! Open your fucking eyes and get a clue.

Oh, Jesus. [groaning]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Distant helicopter approaches]

Hey, listen. Shut up.

[Helicopter approaching]

There's some fucking helicopters coming. It's them.

Hey! Hey!

[Mauricio speaking Spanish]

Hey! Hey, hey!


They're coming. Hey!

[Speaking Spanish]

It's them. It's the fucking military.

They're coming.

[Speaking Spanish]


[Speaking Spanish] Hey!

Help! [Speaking Spanish]

Help! Help! [Speaking Spanish]


Hey, here! Over here!

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

Hey! Hey! Hey!

[Speaking Spanish] Over here!


Hey! Hey!

[Speaking Spanish]

Hey! Help!

Help! Come on! Hey! Hey!

[Speaking Spanish] Hey, we're here!

Help! Hey!

[Shotgun cocks]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Helicopter passing]

Hey! Hey, over here! [Speaking Spanish]

[Helicopter flying overhead]

Over here! Hey!

[Helicopter passes]

[Helicopter approaching]

Hey! Hey, over here! Help! Help! Hey!

Hey, over here! Help!


Hey, over here! Over here!

Hey, over here! Over here! Over here!

[Speaking Spanish]

Ay yi yi! Ay yi yi!

[Helicopter flies away]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[VANESSA] There's something else that you want to say?

[Speaking Spanish]

[Vanessa screams]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[VANESSA] They're gonna kill me, Mark.

Mark, please.

[Speaking Spanish]

They're fucking messing with our heads.

They're playing with us.

[MARK] Fuck. [groaning]

[MAURICIO] You ever played Hangman?


You know, that game...

Where if you don't get the right letters or information, They hang you.

What the hell are you talking about?

Well, that's what those guys are gonna do to us.

You're a traitor.

Traitor? Yeah.

Weren't you the one who gave them my real name, And then you told them about the key?

You sold me out first.

Sold you out?

You fucking prick.

You fucking gave them all the information.

Everything they wanted, you said.

I want to see if you can keep your mouth shut When that guy over there comes over And cuts one finger off, Then cuts another finger off and socks you.

What the fuck has Vanessa told you?

She didn't have to tell me anything.

You've been giving them all the information they want.

What have I told them, Mark? What have I told them?

Man, they're fucking in all the banks.

They got all the information.

I don't know. Is it a miracle?

I didn't do it. I didn't give it to them.

It's all a lie.

It's a fucking lie? How do you know it's a lie If you don't even know what she's been saying?

Okay, what has she said?

She tells me you get tortured, you tell them everything.

They've got all the information for the bank, And the only thing that's left is the key.

All right, and you're gonna tell them how it works.

Jesus, Mauricio, if I don't tell 'em how it works, They're gonna kill you.

That's what the fucking whore told you.

Why do you give a shit what she says?

Come on, she's the only one that's trying to help me here.

She's so nice to you.

Come on. If we don't help her, She's gonna be the first one they're gonna kill.

What do you want me to do about it, huh?

Well, I'm not gonna let her die.

I'm not gonna let those fucking bastards kill her.

Why do you care so much about her?

That blonde girl, Mauricio, they fucking killed her.

She told me. She said...

She said that they weren't kidding around, They weren't fucking around, that they were gonna kill her.

And I didn't believe her, and they killed her.

It's my fault.

It's my fault she's dead.

Who, Carla?

She's just a whore, man, a piece of meat.

Look, I'm not gonna die because of you or anybody.

Oh, wow, that's a big fucking surprise.

What is that supposed to mean?

You have no fucking dignity! You have no honor!

Jesus, you're disgusting!

You're fucking worthless, Mauricio.



Goddamn fucking move!

Jesus. She deserved to fucking live.

She's a human being.

She deserved to live just as much as you or me.

Really? More than me?

Yeah! Hell yeah! She... It's our fault she's here.

Hey, if I had to pick between her and myself, I'm gonna pick myself.

I'm not a fucking idiot like you are.

No, you're not.

You're a fucking loser.

I'm practical, Mark. I'm practical.

Let me ask you something.

They asked Vanessa to choose between herself and you.

Who the fuck do you think she would pick?

Jesus, Mauricio, I couldn't make a decision like that Out here in the fucking jungle.

Of course not.

You're such a goddamn fucking noble prick.

You know what? I don't give a fuck what you think of me.



We all know I don't really care what they're gonna do to me.

But we've gotta stick together and gain some time.

Time? What, are you fucking kidding me?

We're doomed! Jesus Christ! They're gonna fucking come here!

I got a fucking wife! They're gonna come here!

They're gonna fucking kill us!

We're worth so much more alive than dead! Get that!

They're gonna come back any moment now!

They're gonna torture us! We gotta stick together!

Okay, just tell them about my fucking family, all right?

Look, I don't know. They can negotiate something.

That will give us time. You speak fucking Spanish.

You tell them about my fucking family.

They don't want any money. We just gotta stick together.

[Distant door closes]

Fuck. I think they're coming back.

Oh, shit.

Oh, shit.


[Vanessa grunts]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

Fucking liar. [Speaking Spanish]

The key works.

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[VANESSA] Mauricio told him there was $6 million In the bank.

[Speaking Spanish]

[VANESSA] But there's $60 million in the bank.

[Speaking Spanish] Everything was okay.

They were able to access the transfer bank.

[Speaking Spanish]

They had some troubles at the bank.

[Speaking Spanish]

[VANESSA] Now the bank is asking for a fucking confirmation code.

[Speaking Spanish]

We have a deal.

What deal?

[MARK] I don't know the password.

This is not the perfect moment to play games, Mark.

Tell me what the fuck is going on here, man.

I don't have a deal with him.

[VANESSA] Don't lie to me, Mark!

I'm not lying. Bullshit!

You had the key from the beginning.

Do you remember putting your jeans on last night?

You put it in my fucking pants! It's his fucking bank!

Why in the fuck would I have the key on my pants?

[Speaking Spanish]

[MAURICIO] Do you remember putting your jeans on, Mark?

Remember last night while you fucked that 'ho, And she moaned and squealed like a fucking hog?

Stop! She's my friend! Don't talk like that!

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[VANESSA] Now he's gonna play with us a little game.

[Speaking Spanish]

[VANESSA] The hangman's game.

[Speaking Spanish]

[VANESSA] Hangman's game.

[Speaking Spanish]

[VANESSA] He's gonna ask some questions.

[Speaking Spanish]

The one who gives the right answer is saved.

[Speaking Spanish]

And the other one...

[Speaking Spanish]

Is gonna be hanging like a fucking pig.

[VANESSA] The password, Mark.

Say the fucking password!

[MARK] It's not even my fucking bank.

So whose bank it is?

[Phone ringing]

[Speaking Spanish]


[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

I'm sorry, Mark.


I'm sorry. This is all my fault.


Jesus. You know these guys.

Of course she does.

They are my clients.

She fucking sold us out.

I didn't have to, you fucking loudmouth!

Cunt! [Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

Hey, what's going on?

He was gonna steal your money. He has all planned out, Mark.

He was telling everyone he was going to steal your money, Mark.

She drugged you. That's why we're here.

You gave me the fucking drug, motherfucker!

Jesus, you drugged me?

We call it burundanga. It's the drug of truth.

She's lying.

He was going to steal your money.

She's so full of it.

Mauricio, what's she fucking saying, man?

She's lying to you. She's fucking lying.

You were gonna steal from your own father?

He's not my father. What do you mean?

Fine! I'm his son, but he treats me like shit.


I'm worthless. I have nothing.

No, wait, we've got a deal. We're gonna make it through.

I'm keeping my part. Look where we are.

I'm keeping my part. No, Mark.

He don't care about you.

As soon as he can, he's gonna sold you out, man.

Sell you out.

We're gonna get through this.

It's gonna be all right, I promise.

No, listen to me.

I'm not gonna get through this alive.

I'm not worth it. No, we can get out of here.

Maybe you, but we're not gonna make it.

Yes, yes, we are.

Goddamn it. Don't fucking say that.

Mark, you have an opportunity. Tell them what they want.

Maybe they will let you live, Mark.

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]


[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]


[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

Who the fuck is gonna give him the fucking password?

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]


[Vanessa screams]

[Speaking Spanish]




[Speaking Spanish]


[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish] Vanessa!

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]


[Mauricio groans]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish] No!

[Speaking Spanish]



[Speaking Spanish] Tell him to fucking shoot me!

Tell them the password! Tell him to fucking shoot me!

Shoot me, you chickenshit!

Go to hell! Tell him the password, Mark.

[Speaking Spanish]

Tell that fucker to shoot me! Mark...

You tell him to shoot me! Mark, the password!

Shoot me! Shoot me, you chickenshit!

Shoot me, you chickenshit! Tell him the password, please!

Take that fucking monkey with you!

You tell him to take this motherfucker with him!

He's gonna kill you! Shut up! I don't fucking care!

Kill me, you chickenshit! Password!

Fuck you! Fuck you!

Password. The password!

The password!

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]


[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish] No, no, no, no!

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

Coward. [Speaking Spanish]

He's coming back in five minutes, Mark.

[Speaking Spanish]

Fuck him.

Please, Mark, do you know the password?

He can kill me. I don't give a shit.

You can get out of here.

Just, just leave. Save yourself.

No. I'm not gonna leave you here.

You have to tell them what the fuck is the password.

I'm not gonna get out of here alive.

He's gonna kill me.

Let me talk to them! Listen to me for once.

I don't care. He can kill me.

Just get out of here. You can walk away from this.

No, no. He's gonna chop you into pieces And you don't deserve that, Mark.

That motherfucker doesn't deserve the money.

Give him the password. I'm not gonna do it.

He's not gonna kill you. He's gonna kill me, Mark.

If you don't give him the password, He's gonna kill me.

The password. Fuck you.

[Speaking Spanish]


[MARK] No, no, no, no, hey, wait, wait!

Wait! Tell him to wait! Wait! [Speaking Spanish]

Here's the deal. I give you the password, and she... she goes. [VANESSA] Okay.

[Speaking Spanish]


Why are you doing this, Mark?

Jesus, come on, just tell him, please.

[Speaking Spanish]

Deal! Samantha.

Samantha! Perro!

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Vanessa speaking Spanish]


[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]


[Speaking Spanish]

Hey, Mark, papasito.

You didn't see this coming, don't you?

Yeah, they should give you an Oscar.

A whore that can act can make money, honey.



[Speaking Spanish]

Hey, wait, we had a fucking deal here.

Huh? [laughter]

[Cocks gun]

[Speaking Spanish]

Look, the least you can do is look me in the eyes And tell me in English.

Of course.

This is what you deserve.


Do you remember your promise?


I told you that I'd take you to the United States.

You already did, honey.

Bye, papi. I hope we never meet again.

Have a great life.

* Hey, you, girl

* Now you're getting down with it *

* 'Cause now, you have it Girl, you gotta grab it *

* You're a sinner, a liar and that is your power *

* And you're playing with fire Regretting is sour *

* You, the guy staring at Jack Daniels *

* And of course, you, lady Yeah, you smoking baby *

* Hey, believing is power Believing is power *

* And regretting is sour Regretting is sour *

* Here she comes

* The girl with all the guns

* She's having fun so blast them *

* Ashes to ashes and dust to dust *

* The girl with the guns

* Wanna take you away

* So let me show you the way

* Everybody come meet your devil *

* Get down on the floor all you rebels *

** [ominous]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Man groans]



** [hard rock]

** [Spanish]