Happy End (1967) Script


"You've made your bed, now lie in it."

Love stories are all the same.

Fortuneless beginning and happy ending. The one of mine is completely different.

My birth for example. No mother, no father.

This is me. My first picture.

You were kicking and screaming, but I didn't have even legs.

I've got only head.

Quite vivid I must admit.

But that's well in the future.

At that moment I was still unborn. And then there was... click...

And I was there.


Has he got any children?

Five - seventeen.

What's the time?

Be brave my son, you'll meet our lord in a nick of time.

That's disgusting.

One last cigarette?

Such a beauty!

It was cold a bit, but the birds were singing and this smell...

So this is the world!

According to section... (speaking backwards)

Very nice. And it is only beginning.

When I'll grow up I'll learn to play violin, or start bulling cats.

Oh Lord, so many opportunities! I can't wait!

According to section 836 (speaking backwards)

But there are formalities, world cant be mess, I've realized that from the very beginning.

...in the name of republic.

Finally entered the real world. Supported from both sides.

Left, right, left...

My legs were rubbery, I had to learn how to walk properly, but those gentlemen were patient.

The one with the umbrella had given me life advices.

First of all they had to untie me.

Take out the condemned!

I hope so. May the God forgive you.

Pray, my son.

Do you know the testimony at least? Threw him out of the window.

What have you done to that poor man?

Only those who regret from their very heart can enter the kingdom of heaven.

This would take a long time.

Confess, my son! Tell me everything.

Get up! The execution!

The seminary I was brought up had quite a reputation.

Educational system was sophisticated. Boys and girls were separated.

Our playfulness was supported.

We were horsing around all day long!

We were brought up to become sturdy individuals, who are able to hold responsible position in the society.

When I was looking at other kids, I thought: there are to-be generals to-be ministers among us... Who knows who else?

I remember one educational method clearly: Food returning.

When we handed over very last grain of rice, we've had all the same.

We weren't spoiled by greed or by other vices.

We were true personalities.

I was encouraged to self-reliance. My work became my pleasure.

I couldn't imagine my life without unsticking those sacks.

Every sack was piece of my youth.

"What are you going to be, Bedrich?" My mates often asked me.

And I said: "An unsticker."

Those boyish dreams! Smell of fish-glue means so much for me.

Little did I know how fond of meat and blood I become.

When I was almost ready to enter real world, I suddenly felt desire to revolt, when they said...

Off with condemned. No, please!

Anything you want to say?

The jury found the defendant guilty and according to section 382...

(speaking backwards)

...capital punishment.

Don't be afraid. Everything will be okay.

What do you think, doc?

The jury is now going to retire for deliberation.

Finally something reasonable.

Yes, I did it.

So, have you done it? Your denial is useless?

We know everything. But this is lie!

Silence! Or the court will be cleared.

As I said before, I didn't kill anybody!

I'm asking for the last time? Did you kill your wife and her lover?

I didn't noticed anything.

And the dripping blood didn't stroke your eye?

Landlord maybe, or the laundress.

And who put the corpse into your suitcase?

The Judge. He already asked me.

Who asked you? I don't know what do you want from me.

The Judge asked me about everything.

One more question for the defendant.

My name is Bedrich Frydrych, the butcher, born on 1st of November 1889 in Trumberk.

What's your name and occupation? You're born...

Not at all!

Any mental disorder?

So we can start.

A few formalities and goodbye for good.

You know, leaving the place, where you've learned the basics, how to sit and how to walk, where you know every bar, this is not easy.

It's easy to say, go and take care of yourself.

Fortunately they give me something to start with.

A ring from a principal,

a comb, a knife, 11.60 in change,

a watch, a keys, older hanky, but also beautiful, silver derbies.

Very kind of them.

Farewell my native courtyard.

Gates to the world stood open in front of me, with all the gorgeous possibilities behind.

You're under arrest!

How can you only know?

You did it!

A hand!

This is your wife!

Sadly, she is not complete.



A head!

A leg!

This is a woman!

I don't know.

Bird-seed maybe.

What do you have in this suitcase?

Hand it over!

I brought a suspicious man with suspicious luggage.

Buzz off!

I'm sorry, inspector.

This was my first experience with ordinary people.

Oh, how much kindness is hidden under rough skin!

They took my hand.

I couldn't hitch my wagon to a star because they furnished me with a porter.

But when I desired for my independency, they let me go. Okay, try it yourself.

How proud my escort was, watching me doing better a better.

Among people like that I'll never be alone. No!

There always be someone to speak and confer with.

Someone to share my joy with.

They've known I need a wife and gave her to me. Including the suitcase.

I was standing there confused over my bride-to-be, Not knowing how to express my thanks.

This good man sensed my abashment.

He backed out discretely.

Eagerly I grabbed my wife, and run towards the life, love and happiness.

They allotted me a flat in well-built house.

This made me comfortable.

I couldn't bring my wife just anywhere.

She's been still exploded and I didn't know much about her.

Only that she's around 70 kilos. Not bad.

Much better than some tiny tot.

The flat looked also good.

In seminary we've got much smaller windows.

But not that messy, no doubt about it.

But there's no time for cleaning. First of all I'm going to assemble my wife.

We can tidy up together and spare some time.

It wasn't easy.

It was first woman I've ever met.

At first she looked quite ordinary.

I used to see women from window, but usually they were compact.

I've got no instructions.

She'll be the way I'll put her together.

One little mistake and I could create a monster, which I can't let go to the streets.

What name I should give her? Natalia, or Eulalia?

No, it's too long. Life is short.

I've got it!

Julia. Julia!

I felt like the Creator, like the god.

And then I made my mind.

I'll be a butcher!

She was beautiful.

A I felt that I love her.

She was Devine Lady.

She was glamorous.

She was assembled very well. Our happiness can start.

But not in the bathroom!


Her body was so flexible!

And light, soft and supple...

I was smitten with her suppleness.


Also the finger. I almost forgot.

She could think, I can't count to five.

She was charming.

Those movements...

That grace, that charm...

Those gestures, that nobleness, that temper!

Now only to remove this little infirmity... and finally I've heard her first sweet words.

You brute, you killed him!

Then I realized that life, is full of tricky surprises.

Instead of enjoying first pleasant afternoon with Julia, something totally unexpected happened.

That dandy showed up, who apparently thought, that Julia was made for him.

With symptomatic arrogance flown in through window, only to spoil my happiness. His name was Birdie.

Watch this!

And he watched.

I forced him to help, me with the tiding up.

He was quite good at it.

He took half of the room and was pretty fast.


For salvation of your soul!

Such a trash talking! Scurvy dog!

But he started to act a bit obtrusively.

Without any wicked intention! What?

You got into my bed?

Bedrich, for heavens sake! He just came to play cards!

Oh, please! First the bed, now cards.

What a slacker!

A put this lazy-bones in the cabinet. He just hindered.

I hope, he don't going to stole my spatter dashes!

Like woodshed!

Bedrich, be reasonable! What the flat will look like?

I'm going to pluck the very last feather out of him!

What are you doing, sweetheart? It was so nice there!

She was acting like a puppy.

I had to teach her what is a tidiness and what is a mess.

He is there! I know it! I don't know what are you talking about.

I'm hooking just now. Surprise, isn't it?

Finally I caught you napping, you... you...

He is there!

You're not in Pardubice, Beda? Open up!

How does he impressed her? Maybe that he can fly...

I was never into these fopperies.

But she wanted to be alone with him and I was thrown out.

I'm coming, sweetheart.

Who is it? Mrs. Slavickova?

See? Now I'm Mrs. Slavickova for her.

I don't know why, but it's wiser to retreat, I don't want to start the marriage with a fight.

It's not Julia's fault, she's there only few minutes.

I had to explain her, it's not suitable behavior, for young lady to throw her husband out of a flat, and making excuses about Pardubice.

Julie, you're waking a beast inside of me! Impossible.

He is sitting in the train now.

Are you sure your husband couldn't return?

I can't resist the passion. I'm married woman!

I'll be bashful. No!

No... Don't resist!

What are you doing, Jene? We make ourselves comfortable.

This is not possible Jene, no, no, no...


This will be much nicer.

Where do you dragging me? It was so innocent.

No, this can't be, Jene!

A souvenir. Oh...

A ring!

Oh, you didn't have to.

Why? Is it unmoral?


I'm afraid we will cross the border of pure friendship.

Do you know, what I'm dreaming of?

Kiss you at least once in my life, Julia.

I baked those!


Wonderful, really wonderful.

I'm glad you like it.

I always have an appetite.



Do you like it?



You did it very well!

Thank you, Julia.

Okay, you can call me Julia.

I'd like to call you Julia.

And you can call me... Jenik.

Or dominoes.

Why don't play game of cards, Mrs. Frydrych?

There's nothing to hide Mr. Birdie. You've just came for a visit.

Your husband should be happy that we become friends.

I started to be nervous. I was afraid of familiarities!

Julia was there just in her nightie, what if he wants to dress her up?

No! He can't be that daring!

Can I pull down the sun blinds a bit?

It's done by my uncle, he died of gout.


Oh, refined! We can sit in stateroom, Do you like coffee? Not at all.

It's perfect orderliness.

Come in. Please don't look around. I didn't expect you.

It's little messy around.

It means you're alone. Pig.

Calf? Hubby went to relatives. To butcher.

That's something for you, flowers.

Is your husband at home?


That's lovely! Hm...


Coming! Just a second!

At last!

But my sigh of relief, was drastically interrupted.

Isn't it suspicious? He came without a tie, and now he is swaggering in my spatter dashes?

Usually I'm good-tempered, but this is too much.

My own wife is giving out my garden robe?

There should be a good reason.

Yes, there's no doubt. At those tragic moments, of my life a rival stepped in between Julia and me.

At home I found out that I have a child. It stroke me numb.

It's this Birdie behind it, or I just didn't notice?

Damn that discursiveness!

I could only pretend that nothing happens.

Ta ta, sweetie.

Say goodbye to papa. He's going to slay a piggy.

Yeah! I cant wait to see that cousin.

Woods are full of them, we tread them under our foot.

You bought mushrooms?

How you're going to cook them? With cousin.


In the woods, with cousin.

You're here at last!

I wonder where have you been all the time!

I was playing with the kid instead of going to Pardubice!

Calm down, I said to myself.

Let's check this cousin out.

It annoys me a lot, that we have to lie,


True friendship goes hand in hand with truth. Doesn't it?

With my cousin. -What if he asks, with whom have you been? What you going to say?

I think I tread on a splinter.

Really? You can't imagine how glad am I.

You can pay a visit, my husband is going somewhere.

It's true! I couldn't believe.

But there's no point in covering my eyes in front of ruthless truth.

I feel like little girl. Do you like me?

Yes, it's disgusting.

Sand is better.

There was no mud at the lake, do you remember?


My husband can never do this.

She was right.

Even as a children I didn't like to jump legs first out of water.

One never knows where he's going to land. You can jump on somebody.

I think it's irresponsible, Mr.Birdie's yew seems to be different .

That's typical.

Don't you feel sorry for her? Such a beautiful fish!

Just like you Mrs. Frydrych.

What a gorgeous day!

There's strange magic in it. It's just a matter of practice.

-Where only do you get all these fish? I knew it very well.

He earned his living this way! He stole from poor animals in zoo.

He was hiding his loot in the pram of our Pavlinka.

He doesn't care, she could be in serious trouble if they find out.

Oh, how generous they are.

Trainers give them tons of fish.

It's not easy to teach them such an unbelievable tricks.

Do you think every animal can learn this, Mr. Birdie?

Whole leaf. It's nothing for him.

May no one spot us. It's forbidden.

That's why I'm going there for a lunch. It's very cheap here.

I see, but why among the animals?

I was anxious to see you again. What did you say?

You're exaggerating.

I was thinking about you, since I was drowning Two hours exactly.

I'm punctual, am I not? Hmm, rather hungry.

Those animals are violent, did you hear? As I said, just like you.

I didn't understand. Can you speak louder?

That day I noticed a trace of alienation towards Mr. Birdie in acting of my wife.

The reason is pretty clear.

His picking and stealing removed the scales from Julia's eyes.

To steal from bank is okay. But to pauperize a hippo, is different story.

This mute creature, so vulnerable, helped my wife to understand, that cruel villain can't compensate for a husband, who's been working hard to feed his family and make his wife happy.

"Fresh meat delivery"

I felt like a winner.

In a few days there will be only remains of memories of Mr. Birdie.

Maybe date or two and it's over.

Thank you.

Thank you. Okay, you can go then.

At the lions cage, 2 o'clock. Your wife?

She's got a date with the other man.

What a surprise! It was Frantas duty, wasn't it?

Can I go to zoo!


I was happy again.

The work was my pleasure. The cows started to grow under my hands, and I was thinking about my sweetheart.

I was thinking about our plans for the future.

When Birdie disappears, I'll buy clothes for Julia.

Nice and tight dress, which fit her close.

I also made a point to find a maiden for her.

So she can have a lie down at the morning.

She can get up after ten. then go shopping, or for slaughter, Um, I mean stroll.

We can spent our holidays somewhere far away.

Julia loved mountains.

And I wasn't against it.

-Oh, that's amazing! Yeah, it is amazing.

It was amazing.

Because soon there will be the end of Julia's acquaintance.

Mr. Birdies stumble in the zoo built an obstacle between them, and Julia wasn't willing to overcome it.

Finally, there was the day of theirs last meeting.

He thought I can't see him.

But I was closely observing what is going on.

This tragedy was pleasure to watch. You should see his why face!

That's your wage, dude!

It's for all that your flying into the third floor!

Now you going to realize what is true love.

The world is full of swindlers and lazy-bones, who pursue after their mangy goals, but true love will always prevail.


Horse butchery, my dear.

What we going to buy, Beda? A chimney-sweeper.

What, whom did you met in the morning? What a fortune!

I can hardly forget this day.

It brought me top-notch luck, but also a great disaster.

That day on the races I gambled away all my money.

Well, that's the life.

I'll drop you a note.

Get lost!

You're very generous. Me? Yes.

Do you think of the lake and me sometimes?

You know how much I love horses?

What a surprise, Mr. Birdie?

Mr. Birdie left our life, but the poverty entered instead.

It was hard to pretend, that nothing happened.

I was heartbroken giving away, hard earned money, whose can secure our happy childhood.

But when the stress grows over us there was our Pavlinka.

She was really talented.

She had a sense for our financial problems.

All she needed was a small fire.

She can pull bills out of it.

Sometimes C note, or at least five bucks.

Thanks to her we were doing better and better.

She was able to gave us almost 2 liters of milk per day. That's 700 liters a year.

After a while we gathered quite a fortune.

She was well rewarded. We tried hard.

We were patiently sucking the air from balloons, just to hear laugh of excitement from this little modest being.

But soon there was end of our rejoice.

Our lovely child got smaller and smaller.

She can't start the fire anymore, she lost her teeth and can't walk.

She lied down more often, and finally even can't get up.

She's got only 3 kilos.

The end was inevitable.

One day we lost Pavlinka for good.

Our mourning didn't have to last long.

We've got a message that our father-in-law is going to be born.

Julia won't be the orphan anymore.

We were curious of course, what he will be like.

They said, he is going to be very rich man. At that moment he was elegantly wrapped.

We brought him home impatiently.

We couldn't participate on his birth.

We were with Julia far away, when he was still in hatchery.

We were with Julia far away, when he was still in hatchery.

When we had a toast to his happy life, I've realized how lucky I was.

It was wise from me to condone this little misdemeanor of Julia.

My deliberation finally paid off.

We were happy.

You can surely understand sudden outburst of my wrath, when this dandy, appeared again, to take my Julia.

I was astonished by his arrogance.

Hurt deep inside I kept asking myself, why is he doing it?

Does he really think, I'll be sitting here with idle hands, watching my happiness collapse?

I'm so happy that you were saved.

Hm... Oh!

And then I made my mind.

This man must die!

It's horrible to say that, but it must be done.

Otherwise this gadabout won't ever learn his lesson.

He's alive!

I didn't felt like a murder at all.

No, no, no!

I wasn't murdering in secret.

I decided to drown him in public, like adulteress was drown in the past.

It didn't surprised me much, that the others approved this.

He was well known, this Birdie!

The known him as a vermin.

They were glad, hi will finally stop annoying.

That's it!



Someone is drowning!

I didn't feel guilty.

But Julia stroke me dumb.

That was quite a stunt, Beda.

It was almost unbelievable.

She was laughing!

Only few moments after the man for whom she was willing to betray the family, disappeared in the waves!

Her greasiness shocked me.


I run away from the place, where I found out true face of my wife, wife I loved until yesterday.

Under those circumstances we can't live together anymore.

Yes, I will leave Julia.

I will leave her after we arrive in home.

You have to eat something before that hard journey.

I don't need a remedy, Julinka.

Give it to me! Just a second, Beda!

-Patience is the best remedy. She was crazy.

I was hungry.

Any other woman is able to bake a turkey while she was spreading the butter.


She was acting like a lunatic.

What take you so long?

I'm almost blind from hunger!



I'm your little cookie, eh?

This too, but rather fried egg.

Do you like sardines? Hm.

Also Prague Woman, Her Daily and Czech word.

Landlord will take care of it.

We have to cancel the milk.

So, what is Bedrisek going to eat?

A dressing gown.

Looking for something? Soft-boiled eggs.

I'm going to make delicious breakfast. I wonder what.

You know what? Good morning.

Our last Wedding Night begun.

It wasn't easy return her virginity.

You hurt me a lot.

Other way round, Julia.

I won't be your baby girl anymore.

And that's my point. Why don't you think about my happiness?

Few seconds more. Please, Bedrichu, what are you doing?

Are you virgin? No, I don't want to!

I don't want to, Beda, no... You'll get used to it.

Turn the lights off, Beda!

Do you really love me? Not at all.

I'm afraid, it will be awful. You'll going to like it, believe me.

Why are you hurting so much? I'm getting to dislike it.

It makes me happy.

Calm down, sweetheart.

No man saw me in the nightie before.

You can't be serious. Another button....

I'll be bashful.

No, this is terrible. What are you going to do?

Take your time, it was so nice until now.

No, no... Beda!

We can sleep separately today, don't you think?

Yes and forever. Do you love your baby girl?

Finally I can return Juli to her family.

I can do it with honor.

She was intact.

Rejoicing and questions were endless. What was her marriage like, when she goes to pulpit, if she's looking forward to her innocence.

Topsy-turvy, you can imagine.

When all those aunties, nieces, cousins, come to see how married woman enters the state of single woman.

(speaking backwards)

...my poor wife Bozka...

(speaking backwards)

Let's eat!

I grasp the opportunity to get rid of the junk what was on my way for years.

Very nice, thank you. Thank you.

Thanks, really!

Thank you.

A Moorcock, thank you.

Thank you. Thank you, Amalka.

Thanks. Thank you.

Oh, big knife, what for? Thank you, auntie.

For the butchery. Meat-chopper, Julia.

Only formalities before the God remained.

Good bless you. May you live happy life.

What God puts together, man can't separate.

I do. I'm asking you, Julia, here in face of God, do you take Bedrich to be your husband?

I do. I'm asking you, Bedrich, here in face of God, do you take Julia to be your wife?

No. Isn't it too uncomfortable?

One part of my life is finished.

Now, I was drinking from the cup of freedom.

I took last trinkets, I've forgot about.

It's time to say goodbye to biggest mistake of my life.

Farewell, may we will never meet again.

At this moment my heart, start pounding like mad.

I spotted a girl, who put a spell on me.

Her name was Anezka. She was a window-dresser.

I fell in love with her immediately.

From that moment I can only think about how to ask for her hand.

Is it just coincidence, or my destiny?

When I saw her touching lovingly those limbs, I knew she can understand, my complicated soul.

She will be better wife than Julia.

I didn't know how many obstacles, I will have to overcome, before we can embrace ourselves.

I was celebrating my freedom little bit wildly.

So what, I'll be okay in few days, and start my new life with Anezka.

But that horror of seeing Julia next to me again.

It can't be!

This must be a bad dream! What is going on here?

Huh! Father-in-law was also there!

I hope he doesn't want to return Julia? Although, he doesn't look like he does.

So, my children.

If I got it right, you already make your mind, and don't be in my way. I'm afraid to say, that Mr. Bedrich is right. If ma'am was reasonable, this wouldn't happen.

Father-in-law had no objections. But disaster struck!

Just in that moment mother-in-law was born.

It's better for her. Shi was nice and quiet person.

Every time I see beginning of a new life, no matter if it is a chicklet, or a crocodile I'm happy.

But not this time. I felt something wicked.


You have to kill me first! I'm still there fortunately!

I don't allow something like that!

Really, what are you saying?

I made my mind, and I will do what I want.

I'm going to thwart your plans! You can be sure!

You'll see who I am!

(speaking backwards)

She had the gift of a gab!

She's not even in the school yet. She'll grow to be the vixen.

Another good reason to get away from this family.

If not by fair means then...

I'll return Julia by force and get away.

If one can kidnap, then I can give back.

It was cunning. Julia blended with the geese, so her parents couldn't know, she's getting near of their house.

Julia had no idea what is going on.

That silly being thought that it was only fun.

She's sound asleep to the world.

They will be surprised finding Julia in her bedroom.

It was a great success.

Now I'm free to be with my beloved.

Hurry up! Anezka's waiting!

But alas!

How can I anticipate that they send Julia back in no time?

It looked like a ping pong.

Before I can pack my stuff, she was back again.

They were faster than me. I was desperate.

Oh, Bedrich, we are together again.

That's terrible.

My parents are against our love.

My ex-wife was still gibbering about love.

Probably they talked her down.

Seems there is only solution. Mutual settlement.

Our decision is definitive.

I won't budge an inch.

I've guts for this. What an assurance!

Do you know what represents our family?

Well, cows, pigs and stuff like that. Simply the stock, Mr. Councilor.

Bedrich slays the calf you know, mother?

That's my interest too. Just like any other good mother i know what is important.

This is nice indeed, but I want to know something.

What is your specialization, Mr. Frydrych?

Memories but primarily the grandchildren Mrs. councilor.

I knew it.

But what are there left for us?

Your daughter. Julie.

Far from it!

And what it is Mr. Frydrych? Carpet or something?

Most likely an antiquity?

Mrs. and Mr. councilor, I have fervid request.

Our daughter suggested, that you have a request.

Yes, few drops of rum.

Do you want to pour something into your tea?

Well, Julinka, propose something to our guest.

I hope you'll be friend of our family forever.

Catch me! We should make public your deed.

You're brave man.

Please, come in.

Good evening madam. Frydrych.

Papa, mammy this is Mr. Bedrich, my savior.

Who could it be?

I went to the cabaret.

This one is experimental but my favorite for their moral efforts.

Girls are dressing up to warm clothes set to music.

Sometimes plagued by screws I was thrilled.

Suddenly I was petrified!

Julie was there again. I felt like swooning.

My life is desolated, when I know you're not mine.

Are we all supposed to commit suicide?

Why not? You can start.

Julie, don't you want to have a serious talk?

I think I can never do that.

I almost succumbed to despair, but the man on stage gave me an idea.

Julia must disappear.

I remembered how easily I get rid of Mr. Birdie.

Ok, one more murder. Three's no other way.

I needed an alibi.

My love, your suicidal tendencies are tearing my heart apart.

I love you and and like to convince you.

Come tonight to cabaret, you need to have a fun.

Loving Bedrich Frydrych.

But the cautiousness made me to destroy this alibi.

I was covering all the trails.

It was time for an action.

Place was great, not a soul around.

It will look like a suicide.

But she fights back, so I wasn't able to do it.


Wait! Wait!

They had to follow their schedule and didn't want to go back.

My fault. Next time I'll be faster.

Julia just turned deaf a little, but that was all.

My next plan was cannier.



Julia! Oh my god! What are you doing?

Don't do it!

She done it. My second attempt was failure.

As a hit man I was useless.

Downcast with failure and tormented by desire I decided to take an action.

I simply moved Anezka the window-dresser to my place.

She was truly moved that she can stay.

Watching her trousseau I recalled distant events.

My heart was in pain.

Why they didn't have this girl in stock then?

Everything could be different.

But what happened next!?

That tiresome Julia was there again. That's the end!

What have you done to me, Mr. Frydrych?

I thought that you loved me. Out of question!

I will kick you out, finally! You promised me a wedding!

Indeed! Of course!

You allow her to slug here...

Hold hard!

My Anezka was simply good.

For all the trouble Julia caused, she gave her several wiglets.

-I had to call her to order. That's enough!

She could give away everything.

You have another? You have another!

Who is this woman, Mr. Frydrych?

What is she doing here?

That gimmer? Bedrich!

Anezka, I told you not to come.

Well! Julia expelled my lovely Anezka?

I was mad!

I will kill her right now! With anything at hand.

This is it!

Soon, she will kick the bucket.

And I could run after Anezka screaming: Come back!

The urge to stab her throat was strong.



Little bit deeper.


The bone is already there, just to nail it a little...

Here we go!

Okay... But wait!

I ensure myself by palpation. Finger is the most sensitive instrument.


Now, I'll just wait for her last breath.

That's okay, Mr. Frydrych.

Bonelet maybe.

It's delicious.

That taste!

Well away! She's strong as bear.

She could swallow even reaper.

My mind was possessed with one thought. What if she's immortal?

You're neat-handed.

You're experienced.

What an irony!

Once I was able to assemble real things. Not those miserable tiddlers.

-What a shame! You're not only fire-fighter.

You're also a cook.

That insult helped me to come up with fantastic idea, It didn't came to your mind every day.

Now I was sure that Julia is finally finished.

When I saw you for the first time you had it on, Frydrych.

I felt that something beautiful is starting, something eternal. You were wrong, only few seconds and it's over. That ladder is so long.

But in your arms I feel safe. Nothing can happen to me.

Well, we will see. The damage will be great, won't be?

I'm starting to believe that you were sent to my arms by fate.

It was the cat maybe.

Someone have to start the fire.

It was horrible! What if I died in the fire?

It doesn't matter, miss. I owe you my life.

Actually who are you brave fire-fighter?

Close your eyes to avoid the dizziness.

Oh my god! It's so high.

Don't be afraid.

Worst things are behind.


May your ashes rest in peace, Julca.

Free again I was rushing after Anezka.

But when I reach my goal I was overwhelmed with hesitancy.

I knew that I'll be punished for killing Julia. Jail awaits me.

It was long goodbye with my true love.

I was in the conviction that she'll wait for me.

I spent next 30 years in prison.

It was tough, just water and bread...

I survived thanks to love of Anezka, who really waited long 30 years for me.

And there was the day when the gates of prison had opened!

We both with grayish hair, old man and old woman, were tramping through the senility, babbling sweet nonsense.

Happy at last!