Hard Boiled (1992) Script

Benny, doesn't your wife worry about you and your work?

No, it's not really dangerous. l guess she does offer the odd prayer, though.

Hang on to her. You've got a good woman there.

Oi! You guys are keen today. You bet.

Reading Playboy? Who damn well reads it? l just look at it. Makes you blind!

Smartass! The jerks here yet? Three of them are.

Kingpin isn't. Keep looking.

Lionheart, are you receiving me?

Go ahead. What's happening?

Feels tense. lt's just right for a police brutality video.

Very funny. Look, this is serious so cut it, all right?

Sponge cake!

You ever thought about leaving Hong Kong? Emigrating?

No, not me, Tequila. l'm a true Hong Konger. l'll live and die in this town. l don't want to go anywhere else.

How could l get a fantastic breakfast like this?

At a Chinese restaurant anywhere. But it's better right here.

Fresh sponge cake!

Anyway, how old's your son now? Seven. ln fact, l've got a photograph of him here.

Right. Where have you been?

Been waiting hours here!

Take a seat.

We got some great birds. Sure.

No shit. What do you want?

Just tea. lt's not here.

Chinese-made guns. Brilliant.

Pigs won't know what hit them. l like that.

Very good price, you know? 'Cause they're made in China.

They can bust through two oil drums, come out and kill a guy.

Yeah, yeah. Are you selling us shit?

Hey, come on.

You don't sell no shit.

Come on!

This'll make us all rich.

My treat. Here, you take!

Hey, what do you think you're doing?!


Police, freeze!

Nobody move!

Out of the way!

Are you all right? Yeah, go!

Out of the way! Move it!

Out of the way!

Hey, move it!

Get out of the way!

Lie down! Get down!

Don't come in!

You hurt bad?

Get out!

Well done. You're such an asset.

Give the guy a gun and he's Superman, give him two and he's God!

Do you know who you just killed inside there?

One of my key witnesses. l've hunted this jerk for a long time! l wanted him alive, though, and l nearly had him!

And, thanks to you, l'll never have him!

Shame. Mr. Woo.


What is? That we didn't nail these jerks.

You've changed, Tequila. You were... so sensitive in cadet college.

Now you're so hard.

Too hard now?

They're even harder.

Had a good friend in him.

We can't have everything in life.

Alan, l... l...

Uncle Hoi wants to know why you betrayed him.

Listen... l... l didn't betray him.

Honestly. Yeah, you did.

Do you remember what happened? lt was all so fast. lt was more like a dream.

What's the story? Dead for about two hours.

Shot at close range. No resistance.

Anyone find the gun?

Not yet. You know, this guy looks familiar. l think l've seen him on the wanted list.

Hey, over here.

Hey, come here.

Do you know where he is?

Get with me in half an hour. Right.

The dead guy was Malay-Chinese, terrorist history, arms dealing between '78 and '81 in Asia and North Africa.

Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore... They all want to get ahold of him.

Came to Hong Kong in '85, arms smuggling.

He used to work for Uncle Hoi, but that ended when Johnny Wong bought him out.

We know what the murder weapon was.

According to the files, it was a Davis .32.

We have no one on record that would use one.

Afraid that's all l have here.

What a drag this is. l can't even afford a pigsty. There's no way l can.

How can l get hitched without a decent place for the boss to live in?

Just because l'm single, l can't get government housing. l'll take to the streets. You can stay at the YMCA.

Three hundred a day, discount for long-stayers.

Why not try it?

Jazz bar... The jazz bar.

At least you'll get plenty of sax over there.

Hey, who's sending your woman those exquisite flowers?

She's had a lot of them lately. ls that illegal? What?

Come in.

Madam, more flowers for you. Thank you.


"Are you somewhere?"

"Are you somewhere feeling lonely?"

Guana, l need help.

My love life's falling apart.

My lady and l aren't getting along these days, so please try and help.

Thank you. And l'd appreciate a new pad.


So, are you sick then? And what's with all these? l'm sick all right. ls it a broken heart?

Play your cards right and l'll come back.

Just wonderful! So then l can hang around for more years hoping you'll grow up. l didn't know you liked white roses.

Well, you wouldn't. You never told me.

Well, l never told him either, but he's more interested in me than you are.

Listen to him...

He asks if you're lonely and do you need a man for anything? l can read! l just want a tune, thanks.

Are you somewhere feeling lonely?

Or is someone loving you?

Thank you.

Mi, so, la, so, so, fa, fa, mi... Mi, mi, re, re, ti, re, do...

Not "re, re."

La, la, ti, re, do. Oh, OK.

Anything else? Nothing.

l've got the things you left behind. Want them?

Your underwear.

She seems to be pretty happy with the flowers.

Really? l didn't know she liked roses.

You'd better send her some of your own. lf she's good, l will.

What is this? Mi, so, la...

Are you somewhere feeling lonely?

Thank you. Welcome.

Tone-deaf and dumb.

Mi, so, la, so, so, fa

"Mi, so, la, so, so, fa..."

"Lion near trap...

Stop the investigation."

Superintendent? What's up?

With that arms case, what's going on?

At this moment, not very much at all.

Well, keep at it. Yes, sir.

Hawk! Yes!

Come here! Coming!

Your tea, Mr. Hoi. Yes, what is it?

Eat up. l'm full already.

Nonsense. Hungry guys don't work well.

Hi, guys!

Come on over here. Uncle Hoi.


Smart work you did in the library. lt's my job.

Hey, Alan, don't forget who left their gun there.

Good guy. That's why he needs to eat, right?

Uncle Hoi treats us like kids. Always on us to eat more. l'm an old-timer. And l know that respect and face are vital.

l'm old-fashioned. lt works, though. We respect you.

Alan, if l did something bad, how would you treat me?

There's worse guys than you around. lt's just an idea. Why not go and check out Hawaii?

You might really like it. Perhaps you could stay.

You could have a new home, maybe.

l was born in this place, and l'll die here.

Alan... l've got responsibilities.

Can't just pack up and leave.

l thought you might like it.

Hey! Hey, how you doing?

Hey, l'm fine. Hey, Uncle Hoi!

Hello. Hey, you want a smoke?

No later... Be alert to this little eel.

You can never trust him.

My apologies. Here, nothing in my hands.

Yeah, mine are full. Hey, Alan.

Here you go. What? What's up? lt's Johnny. Says he wants a word.

South America want their arms, pronto. We don't have them. What do we do?

Use another supplier. lf we can't get it together, who can? l don't want to make a scene, see? Let the teahouse incident die down.

This way, please.

Hey, Johnny, can you trust Alan?

Got to risk it. Jimmy needs replacing, and life's about taking chances.

Hi, how's it going? Sorry we're late, Johnny.

How do you do? Hello.

Hey, this is Alan. No need for introductions. l've known about you for ages. Funny we've never met. l'm antisocial.

Too busy for the high life? Sit.

All right, l'll be frank. l like your style.

You happy with old Hoi? Yeah, l am.

Alan, you should set your sights higher.

With your talents you should be making big bucks.

My arms business is real money. lt's worldwide.

Where there's war, there's Johnny.

Most things will go in and out of style. That is, except war, my friend.

When l say real money, l mean it.

Everyone knows you have the Midas touch.

Will l have you as well? lf Uncle Hoi's alive, l'm loyal to him.

Loyal to him. Good, l like loyalty.

l paid out a fortune to get that Jimmy working on my side.

And he brought a lot of potential business with him.

You wasted him with one bullet.

Ability like that is thin on the ground. l forgive you.

Well, l respect honesty.

But l came here today to get to know you. l'm not here to discuss business.

So, you got it, and l still like your style.

No, he must have cleaned up on that last shipment.

And all thanks to Johnny Wong.

Hey! What the hell is this shit?

Son of a bitch. Get that shit off! l'm gonna kill the fucking asshole.

Son of a bitch! Those fucking assholes.



What the fuck do you think you're doing?

Stop! Put the gun down!

Hey, you get off...

Listen up, punk. You murdered a cop.

The guy in the teahouse. And he was my friend.

Your thugs also killed a lot of innocent customers. l'm on your case, scum. lf l find anything, l bust you.

A souvenir.

Hi there, pal. A souvenir.

l don't think it's the best place to kill him.

Leave him.

Don't want it? Or too small for you?

What a waste. l'm waiting for the big one.

Real smart guy. lt'll cost you.

How much do you think? Hundred grand.

The police wouldn't cough up. Twenty. l go through bloody hell for you.

Boy, l even get a gun held to my head.

One hundred thousand. Spare me the tears.

My first offer or forget it.

My mom warned me to stay away from cops.

Johnny will do over Hoi's arms cache tonight. This is where.

Be careful with that jerk, Tequila. He's not quite sane. l'll see you after the fireworks...

At the jazz bar.


l fixed your ma up at the old folks' home.

Thank you. See her when you can.

l'll see her when l'm big time. No problem.

Hey, your money's in the bucket.

Madam, more roses have come. Oh, thank you.

"So many..."

So many dreams Have been brought to your doorstep La, fa, so, la, la Ti, do, ti, la, so, so They just lie there And they die there...

Call the armory right now and get us all kitted out.

For tonight.

Don't we need Pang's say-so? l say so.

Hello, armory, Lionheart here.

My boss wants heavy duty issue for tonight.

Yeah, l'll get them later. Don't ask, tell you later.

Fa, so, la, la, ti, do...

Ti, la, so, so, fa, so, so, re...

Fa, so, so, mi...

"Don't ever bite your own tail again."

Hey, will we need more backup? No, it's not a war. We can handle it.

All right, you two. Out! Out! Out! Out!

Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

Two cops had their guns stolen. Check it out.

And just lay off the gun-running job, OK?

l spent God knows how many hours working on this bloody case.

And you tell me to lay off?! You shut up!

And just get on with it, right?

Maybe you'd like to do an encore?

Enjoying the performance?

This is my office. Show me some respect.

This may be your goddamn office, Tequila.

The whole station's mine though, so you listen. This is a fucking order!

You know, you're really just full of shit. There's the john. OK?

Hello? Hold on a sec. Alan.

Hello, Alan. l'll need your help tonight. l'm sure l can count on you.

Right. What can l say but yes? l'll send someone to pick you up.

OK, we're moving the guns out tonight.


Raid my own boss's arsenal? Spot on. And kill him as well. l can't force you. l just want to know if we can be partners.

You'd be one hell of an asset.

Either we conquer the world, or you kill me tonight.

No regrets, either. l have my own.

Uncle, hurry, there's a raid going on.

All right, come here!

Load up the stuff. Come on, let's move it.


Hurry up! Let's move it!

Let's go, move it. Come on!

ln the truck. Fast as you can. OK.

Alan, l've done my side. You get in there.

You've already destroyed him. No need to kill him.

You think he'd let me live if he was here with a gun?

Not a chance! ln this world the man who holds the gun wins.

The real fact is, he's in my way. And he's got to die.

He doesn't want big bucks, but l sure as hell do.

His low prices are killing my market. l'm losing out.

So don't blame me, all right? lt's what you've got, and not how you made it, all right?

Go! Let's go!

Come on! Let's go.

Come on, move it!

Come on, move it! Load her up! Hurry up!

Come on!

Everything else depends on you now, Alan.

lf you can't bring yourself to do it when he gets here, l can.

You know where your bread's buttered.

Let's go! Let's go!

What the fuck is going on?

What's happening? Surround him! Protect him!

Careful now. Get around Uncle Hoi.

Hey, you stinking traitor! Fuck you, you goddamn little shit!

Lonny, drop that gun!

Drop it!

And the rest of you. Drop them.

Drop your guns!

Alan, l see this is where l check out.

Uncle Hoi, why are your weapons down there?

Maybe surrendering or scared to death?


Stop! Stop that, idiot! Cool it! Put your effing guns down! ldiots!

Stop it!

Johnny... l die, that's fine.

But, surely, you don't have to kill all my boys.

Johnny, he's right.

Why waste any bullets on shit? lt's up to you this time.

Whatever you want, the choice is yours.

Johnny, you're a smart guy. l'd like to talk to Alan alone. Yes or no?

Uncle Hoi, you'll need more than words.

Now everything changes.

lt isn't always pleasant, either. And there isn't always choice.

Like Hawaii. l didn't go 'cause l knew this day would come.

Someone had to sell me out to him. l read you all wrong, though.

An error ofjudgment. One of those things.

Please, release the guys. Look, l'm happy to die.

But not by the hands of that bunch of rotten goat shit! l want you to shoot me, Alan.

Shoot you? Shoot me!

Go on, do it! Finish the job! There's no way out.

Either you kill me or l kill you.

Uncle Hoi! Uncle Hoi!

Boss! Hold it.


Uncle! Uncle!

Let's get out of here!

Let's get out of here! What's happening?

What's going on?

l need that bastard dead. Get him!

Kill him! Kill that guy! Forget it. You get out.

Bullshit, l'll kill him! Hey, it isn't worth it.

Go for it. Yep.

Who is he?

We both know him. How come he didn't shoot me? l told you already to lay off this case, Yuen.

Tell me who he is!

A Triad. Triad? l wish he were. Somehow l don't think he is a Triad. lf l see him, he's a dead duck.

Just thought l'd tell you. Thank you. Sergeant Yuen. Get back here!

l don't have to tell you the reasons for things.

You'd better remember that. lt'd be a smart move, nonetheless. lf l'd have had slugs the other night, l'd have killed a cop.

Aren't we so darn self-righteous?

As a matter of fact...

Back at the teahouse, you did. Yeah, it can happen. lt's not the first time there was an accident.

Please, Tequila. A sacrifice.

Bravely on duty, a police officer always sacrifices his life.

Sacrifice? Yeah. ls that what you call it?

You'd better tell us which are the cops and which are the thieves!

And why you want us to kill each other!

Hey! Better buckle down to the job and forget all your questions.

Let me say this, Sergeant Yuen, you're under my command, not the other way around!

Ask why.

There's a hundred questions you ain't gonna get answered.

Like why do cops need search warrants and thieves not?

Why do cops have to write reports when they use a gun, and the robbers never have to?

And why are all murderers considered innocent until proven guilty, and the burden of that proof lies on us?

Why don't they have to prove their innocence instead?

Why? Huh? lf l knew the answer to that, l'd be the superintendent.

All right? What l say is this... l lost a good friend back there when Benny checked out in the tea shop. l don't give a shit what happens to me, right?

But l'll get that human pollution and burn him.

And woe betide anybody who tries to stop me.


lf you step out of line again, you'll be without employment. lt'll be one more problem. l'm shaking.

That's what being a cop's all about.

You can't beat the system even when you think you're right.

Often l thought a bit of twisting things would be justified.

And every time a bastard got off, l lost more faith.

But, at the end of the day, l got over it.

And if you couldn't crack a case? Oh, suicide.

Worse than that, surely. Sometimes, yes.

Hey, guys! What a shitty likeness. lt took me two days to see it. ln fact, l know him. Lives at Clear Hill.

Foxy, what a winner, right? lt could have been easier.

So? Pang says he's a Triad.

Beware, he's an undercover. Be very careful. lf you speak to him, tell him there's no need to kill or be killed to crack a case. There's better ways.

You got a guy called Vodka? Vodka? Tequila.

A heavy duty cop. l don't give a shit what he is. Tell him to back off, will you? l don't want hassles. That man will wreck everything.

You want another funeral in the department?

Point taken. l'll stop him.

And get that export license. Johnny doesn't do that shipment, and l don't find out where his depot's located.

Just give me a day, OK?

Customs are a snap. Be cool, all right?

You'll get what you want. What about my Swiss bank account?

Buttoned up. And what about the house in Guam?

Does it have a walled garden? l'm not playing this game. lf you don't want to do this job, you're free to quit.

And live where? You just stay real.

See you.

What's up, don't trust me?

You know l always deliver the goods, superintendent.

lt's your birthday.

Forget? A present.

l had forgotten.

So busy being a gangster. l don't know which me is real.

Hey, and you're the only guy that remembered it, anyhow.

Don't forget that.

What is it? You still upset? Looking for a little revenge?

What should l call you? You're not really a criminal.

But not exactly a cop.

What's your rank?

Sergeant? lnspector? Joker? Should l salute you? lf you like. To you, l'm a thief. To my mother, l'm a son.

To the Triads, l'm a hero.

Could we ever be friends? You've got the gun.

You can tell me to go out and milk a cow and l'll do it. l'm sorry, don't like milk.

What's with all these paper cranes?

You bored?

Maybe you feel lonely here.

You know, l've always hated making cranes.

l make one each time l kill somebody.

How about it? Shall l make you one? No thanks.

And if you get killed, who will make yours?

Why don't you and l work together? Make a paper toad for Johnny Wong.

'Cause l don't have the time.

You make it for him. l've got to go.

l hate in-house funerals.

l write all the music each time.

A cop dies and l have to play a tune for him. l really don't want to do that for you.

Get out of it! Johnny Wong's here!

How do we keep in touch? l'll send you a crane. Be good. You're on your own.

You two-faced bastard. Damn you, you called the cops...

Check the place!

Yeah! Yeah! Over there.

Alan, l've been after this bastard a long time.

You know, you're my guy now. l'll look after you.

Hospital! Right, right.

You'll get round-the-clock guard, so don't worry. l don't need it. l'll be all right.

Come on, don't be silly. lt's no bother. You do need it.

Wait over there. Thank you.

Where's the dispensary?

Oh, right over there. Nurse! Nurse!

Can l help you? My friend's hurt his eye real badly. lt looks real serious. l'll need his lD card.

Don't worry, he'll be all right. We can check him in here.

But we've been here for ages.

Sit down! Sit down! But we've been here for hours. lt's not your turn! Sit down!

Please, nurse, here a minute.

See here, the skin is already badly swollen.

Make sure that you clean it out very well. l don't want this patient's records left here.

Nobody's to know he's in this room, understand?

We know the Fox double-crossed you. He told Hoi's leftovers where the hell you were hanging out. He'll pay for that.

Oh, forget about it. l'll handle it.

Maybe you should get better first. l'll do it.

ls the Fox really a traitor? The Fox has two masters.

He works for the cops and us.

He told me about Hoi's warehouse.


He can tell about yours as well.

lt wasn't smart to tell him. l'll kill him. l'll kill that little dickhead.

Let me take care of him.

What have you told our friends, the cops?

l've told them nothing. No point in this.

You little fucker! You playing dumb?

lf you didn't squeal on us, how come the cops knew about the raid?

l wonder that.

There are more squealers than members in this gang. You know that?

Greg. He's a true friend. Right or wrong, doesn't matter.

He and l are both in real serious danger right now. ln my position, what would you do? lf he really was my friend, l wouldn't hesitate for a moment, whether he was right or wrong.

Even if l was still a cop, yes, l'd help him.

Such character. Not me, my old buddy. lt's the guy up there.

Foxy! Foxy!

What happened to you? Foxy, what is it?

Johnny Wong's arsenal, it's over... Where is it?

Maple... Maple... Maple Hospital.


Foxy! Hey, Greg, call my girlfriend for me.

Have her meet me at the hospital. Right.

Thank you.

Emergency. Who brought him in? lt's all right, nurse, l did. lnspector Yuen, ClD. l'll register him formally later.

Thank you. l'm responsible.

Hold it right there.

l'm sorry.

Nurse, blood pressure? lt's low, 80 over 50.

And his pupils?

Somewhat dilated.

Nurse, give him some oxygen.

Boss, that cop took Foxy to Maple Hospital. He's alive.

So what's going on? lt's about Foxy. Somehow he's still alive. l'll bet he ratted on us.

Let me take care of it. You? lt'll be all right. l won't miss this time. Kill that cop, too.

l'm not convinced. Put extra guys with him...

...just in case.

The guy was my informant. So, tell me, how's he doing now?

Luckily he had a lighter in his breast pocket or he'd be dead.

When can he talk? Not yet, he needs rest.

You all right?

Cig... What?

Cigarette. Hey, it'll blow up your oxygen.

Turn it off then. Turn it off.

You're half-dead. Give yourself a break.

All dead, l tell you.

Before l go, l want to prove l was the best.

You've already shown us.

Someone guessed?

Johnny's gun cache is in the basement of this goddamn hospital. Am l smart or what?

lf l crack this case, ten percent in it for you. l won't live to see it.

lt's up to you. The show's all yours.

You're full of it.

Now give me that, come on.

Now rest.

Who's smoking? No one.

Don't you know it's dangerous?

Yeah, that's why l put it out. Don't do it again.

Time for your hourly medication.

Hey, please, no injections, buddy.

They could try and kill me.

Relax, that's the reason l'm here with you.

The gentleman outside sent this for you.

Hey, where are you taking me? Somewhere safe.

One of my men's guarding a witness.

Which room is he in? Room 301 .

White roses again? Can't you be more original?

What's wrong with them?

For an undercover cop? That's irrelevant. lt's just my taste.

A rose is so obvious. Anyone would suspect them.

Where's Foxy? Put him there.

And where's Johnny's arsenal? l'm not sure l can say.

No time to waste. l don't like being bullied.

Tell me where that arsenal is.

l went through a lot of hassle to let Foxy escape.

Things ain't been easy for me.

When l'm a Triad, the cops try to kill me.

And when l'm a cop, everyone tries to kill me. l'm scared, guy. l just want to get this clear and close the case!

Why are you giving me this shit? You're not being realistic.

OK, you bust these bastards and then what?

The government gives you money and a new passport.

What are you gonna do with your life?

Where do you think you're going? You've got to have an operation.

After all you've done for them.

The police will never thank you, Alan.

Hey, l've known that all along. So then, wise up. Come.

Hey, what happened? lt's nothing.

Just get on.

Watch out for strangers, OK? OK.

Watch out!

We should go on up. l've got a rendezvous to keep.



Been here long? Come in here.

Got anything for me?

There's heavy steel reinforcements built into the basement here. lt took nearly four months to construct.

Fox said that before he died. Foxy's dead?

Yeah, l lost him.

Sorry, introductions.

This is my lady, Teresa. Hi.

All your flowers go here.

You have lovely taste. Oh, thanks. l'd choose anything.

Pity she can't bear white roses. Oh, that's not true. l like them.

Some minor discord? Trivial.

We all disagree from time to time. lt'll be all right.

Call Mr. Pang. Tell him to come over. You wait for me here.

Then, when you get my signal, get the patients out.

What is the signal then? Right.

Send her flowers. Flowers?

You'll send me flowers?

Good idea.

Got it from him. Thank you.

lt'll be approximately half an hour.

Understand what you're doing, right?

Can we go?


Mr. Pang, l'm at Maple Hospital. Can you get here straightaway?

Are you new here? Yes, sir.

What's your name? Yuen. l'd like to see a specialist. What's the problem?

Fever, l think.

Who've you got there? Let's take a look.

Oh, you don't want to. He's a mess.

Eyes hanging out, guts all around his neck, naughty bits missing.

Excellent timing on my part.

Better on mine. You could see. Sorry.

l'm sorry.

Teresa Chang, the doctor will see you now.

Can you let all these others go in ahead, please?

l don't want a doctor. l'm fine.

Madam, l'm sure the doctor can help... l said l don't want to see her!

You're supposed to be calm. You're a professional.

l left it in here. Where was it? lt was right over there. Where are the terrible twins?

They're down in the morgue.

See this? These are all empty.

J... one, two, three, four.

Are you crazy? How do you suggest we get out?

We're not leaving yet.

How's Alan doing? ls his cover blown yet?

The whole operation depends entirely on him. l hope that mortuary's got good feng shui.

May God keep him safe.

And Tequila's there.

Why don't you care about him? He's in danger, too!

That's favoritism! You're always on his case. lt's obvious you don't understand him one bit.

l'm sorr... l'm sorr... l'm sorry. l'm sorry. No, l'm sorry.


What's the arrangement? l wait for his signal.

When l receive some roses, we evacuate the patients.

Yes, madam.


Great idea, throw a tantrum. Always opens doors.

You do it. Go on.

Why are you such a dickhead? This isn't even your case. lt's got sweet FA to do with you.

l don't agree. ln my opinion, at this stage, it has everything to do with me. lf every cop was as self-important as you, Hong Kong would be dead.

Why not stop looking to blame, and let me open the door?

Which year did you graduate? Did you graduate?


Good. lt'd be interesting to find out who it was who trained you to be this jackass you've become.

Pang said you don't waste slugs. l don't waste them.

What the fuck?

Mr. Wong.

We killed Foxy, but Alan and that cop disappeared. l want you to get all units here right away.

Mr. Pang, it's time to get everyone out. l've just found the rose, here, in my pocket.

Get the team.

They're in the basement. Sorry, Mr. Wong. lt's all our fault.

You know what l hate? Two groups of people.

Effing cops and creeps who betray their old bosses.

You bastard!

But if your information is incorrect, then it'll cause a lot of panic and many patients could get hurt in the rush.

Who's responsible? The police!

You're responsible for law and order. You hunt people.

But l'm a doctor. l heal them. l can't risk their lives on the strength of some wild rumor.

Hey, what was that?

False alarm. Everyone back to their rooms.

OK, sir. By law, you're obliged to evacuate everyone if there's a fire alarm.

You told me it was safe!

Turn the gas on. Yes.

What's going on?

There's no room for failure now.

The innocent must die.

Time's not on our side. lnsist they move the patients. Do you understand?

That shit cop.

But l hold all the aces, and l'll play every last one.

What's happening? l'm a cop. Get everyone out!

Come on. This way Fast as you can. lt's all right, everyone. lt's only a fire drill, relax. Everyone, relax!

Calm down, calm down. Everything's all right.

l'm in charge, everyone, just keep calm.

False alarm. Go back to your beds. Hey, are you crazy? l'll arrest you if you keep on. And l'll sue you for abuse of power.

There's more than 300 lives at stake here! lf you obstruct me again...

l'll castrate you! Take it easy. Be careful.

All right.

Who's taking the babies out of here? There's only us. What can we do?

Bring her up and take her.

All right, all the guys have come.

You must leave immediately!

Well, doctor? Continue.

The cops are making it worse.

Cut the main. Stop them. Right.

Get these babies out!

Pang, they're firing at us! Gotcha.

Shut up! Take care they don't kill all the patients!

Doctor! Doctor!

Nobody move or you're all dead! Get back up! Upstairs!

Get out of here!

Are you deaf? lt's all right, ClD. Come back up!

Hey you!

Drop your gun! Police!

The cops have got us surrounded.

Move it! Come on, let's go.

Check the civilians. Check in the building.

Right, they've pushed me too far. Take the patients hostage.

A cop's just a human being with a gun.

He's not immortal. They've got guns, so have we.

They just have .38s.

Everyone out!

Fuckin' hurry!

Get out! On the floor!

Move it, asshole!

Keep down. Keep calm, keep down.

Get out. You get out. Leave all the babies here and go!

Didn't you hear? Get out! Move! Move!

Are you deaf?

l'd like you to shut up. You're scaring the babies to death.

There, there. lt's all right now.

The bastard's a nutter. Now he wants to blow us up.

How will you send the flowers?

Did it 20 minutes ago. Telepathy.

Guy goes through hell for a girl, but she doesn't realize it.

You believe you can get away from me?

Alan... l admired you like hell. l actually thought you were my friend.

But you betrayed me, and that gets me angry.

Well, it won't improve. l'll kill you whenever l can. l've been after you for ages.

Why'd you choose a hospital? You like killing innocent people?

Oh, l just use them. l've got more hostages than you've had hot dinners. l've got a serious arms cache down there. lf you make me cross, boy, l'll detonate it. Up it'll go.

Try it. Oh, l will. l can't wait to do it.

The next arsenal l have will be in a police station.

That should be fun.

There are many hundreds of patients and staff that are being held prisoner here.

So far, the police have not been able...

Don't do it! Shut up, bitch!

Unit number three! Tell them to stop. No pictures.


The wall's like ice. Must be the morgue in there.

Oh, good. That's handy. lf we die, they can just chuck us in.

lt's just the two of us here. Up there's hundreds of people in trouble, so drop the self-pity, all right? l started in this to help end crime.

But l end up killing the innocent.

l only wanted to be a regular cop.

When l started off, there was only one job...

...undercover and Triad brother. lt's all right, just keep calm.

Don't you have any dreams? Yeah. l want to move down to Antarctica. lt's freezing there. You enjoy the cold? lt's got a lot going for it. lt's always light. l'd like that after all this darkness.

Dreams are supposed to be attainable, like mine. l always wanted to be a musician, but l became a cop.

Life should be about fun.

Come on.

Don't move!

Get down. That guy's a scum cop.

Johnny, you're winning. Why not let the patients go?

You only hate the damn cops. You scared? l'm not scared. l've been around. Some things in life are out of line.

What's this about out of line?

Hold it!

You go and have a look. Yeah.

Keep still! Stay down!

Look, we caught a cop!

Hey, bring him on up. Move!

On the floor, cop!

Get down! Get down!

Watch out!

Get up!

Get going! Protect the patients!


l'll get the babies! l'll come as well. Right.

Ready? Yeah.

Wow, there's hundreds of them. Quiet! You'll scare them.

Let's put cotton balls in their ears.

Do we have to? Yes!

Quiet, quiet.

Over here!

Not me! l'm a cop.

You don't want this many kids, do you?

Yeah, sure, why not?

Stick that in your ear.

You ready? Yeah.

lnspector Yuen, ClD.

Assist madam. Get these babies out. Yes, sir!

They're over there. Be gentle with them.

Hey, l'm gonna help out. You're in charge here. Be careful.


We're stuck! The exit's on fire.

He's ours! He's ours!

There are more babies inside. Go in and help.

Take the curtains down. Yes, madam.


Take the baby! OK, let him go!

Get those babies to a safe place. Hurry!

You all right?

Can you make it? Easy.

Get in there!

l killed one of our own.


l saw his lD. He was. Bullshit! lt was! l saw his lD!

You're hallucinating! How many times do l have to say it?

You didn't kill a cop!

You're your own worst enemy! lf you can't conquer your own fears, how can you conquer anyone else?

Take this!

l shot a cop, you know. ln the teahouse incident.

Yeah, Pang told me. l didn't know he was a cop until afterwards.

How did you feel? Worse than you do now.

Was the guy l shot really a cop? Yeah.


Keep those babies moving!

Careful. l've got it.

Here. OK, got him. ls there no reaction yet?

See whose baby it is.

Over here!

Get reinforcements! OK, l got him.

Hold tightly. Gotcha.

Where's my baby?

Somebody's coming!

Fucking bitch!

We need help in the maternity wing.

The situation's chaotic. Urgent! Send help, please!

l'll go there. l'll fix Mad Dog.

Do it.

lt's all right. Don't be scared.


Be very careful. Teresa.

You go. Right.

l missed one of the babies! l'll get it.

You look after her. Take care.

Fill the hospital with them. Yep.

Hold on tight, madam.

Be quiet. Be quiet. Quiet.

Shut up.

How about a little nursery rap?

Rock-a-bye baby in a cup When the gun fires the baby will drop When the game's over the baby will fall Down to his mommy and daddy and all Last little sprout l've really got no doubt we'll get safely out

You know l can't sing, so stop pretending, little willy wing.

Hey, X-rated action.

A baby.

Excuse me.

Give me a smile... Coochie-coo!


Sister... Take the patients out.

Go. Faster!

No! Get down!

Are you crazy?

You didn't have to kill them! l kill whoever's in my way!

Don't you fucking question me!

That bastard!

Go on, then. Put that down.

Pull the trigger! l'll send the whole hospital up.

You coward!

Why don't we all go out together?

You're just shit. You can't get me.

Wait here! lt's much too dangerous.

Keep the baby safe.

You won't make it! Get outta here!

l need to do this.


Get the injured out of here. Don't waste any time.

Come here, your ticket to ride.

You saved the day there, you little piss-pot. Thanks a lot.

Hurry. Get them out of here.

No, you stay here.

Tequila, any babies left?

Excuse me. Excuse me. ls this mine?

Yes, yes it is.

Thank you very much. Oh, thank you.

Are you all right? Where's Alan? ln there.

One of ours is still up there.

You're dead.

Stand up. Get back!

All drop your guns! Everybody obey him.

Drop your guns. Drop them. l said drop your guns and back off.

The hard-boiled cop.

You made it.

Each side's lost some guys. We're about even so far.

But when l kill this one l win.

Do it!

Go ahead. Watch me blow his head off.

Don't shoot. lt's like you're impotent. l thought you were some kind of supercop.

But you're just a man like all the rest.

Slap yourself.

Now your left cheek. Jesus said.

Say you're impotent.

l'm impotent.

On your knees.

Put your gun down.

Whoever gets a chance to fuck around like this?

A .38.

Now take your pants off, cop. Bastard. Eat shit.

A present. l had forgotten.

Busy being a gangster. l don't know which me is real.

Hey, you're the only guy that remembered my birthday.

Don't forget that.

Don't you have any dreams? Yeah, l want to move to Antarctica. lt's freezing there. You enjoy the cold? lt's got a lot going for it. lt's always light. l'd like that after all this darkness.