Hard Luck (2006) Script

Some people say luck... ain't nothing but karma in work clothes.

Cause and effect.

You'll get us killed, motherfucker.

You get the fuck out of my car.

This is my car. Hell, no!

What are you, on crack?

Stop the fucking car!

Look, now get out and let me drive!

Get out!

Oh, yeah. You have to go to a hospital.

Yeah, you're wondering, how the fuck did I get here?

I made some bad choices.

If it hadn't been for prison, I never would've met Philomene.

Knowledge is power.

I'm Cape Verdean.

Got me expanding my horizons.

Classic falling-for-your- caseworker, you know.

Philomene wasn't having it or me.

All I could do was read and watch movies.

Anything but gangster flicks.

This shit reminded me too much of my past.

And I was determined to make sure my past... would not be my future.

You know, I worked odd jobs... and Philomene finally took me seriously.

And we put what we had together, bought a nice little place down south.

And as luck would have it, she couldn't have kids.

So we got a dog.

She wanted to name him Lucky, after me.

I said, hell, no. Give the mutt a chance.

We called him Scraps.

For a moment, I thought my luck might have changed.

Now, ain't that a bitch?

All the bullets I done caught over the years and I get diverticulitis.

They said they had to operate right away.

Maybe luck is a matter of timing.

When I woke up... seemed like time had run out on all of us.

Anybody down here?

Shit. What the fuck is going on?

At first, I thought the rapture had come and... and...

Like those end-of-the-days preachers are always talking about.

And J.C., he had come down and taken everybody except me.


Hey, come here, boy. I repeat:

Come here. This has been a class-five hurricane.

Yeah, Pops. Hurricane Katrina, class-five.

Authorities are now urging everyone... to make their way immediately to the Superdome.

Don't you trust them. Don't go.

Don't go.

We are told that the National Guard is on its way.

But we have conflicting reports as to when that will be.

Maybe Mother Nature... was trying to give us one last wake-up call.

Or... maybe it's like my grandpa said:

"If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all."

Say, hi, Daddy.

No Philomene, no Scraps... no house.


Roger. Another looter.

Ninth ward, Sector 8.

Situation, Main and Parrish, request backup.

I'm on it.

Two years ago, Hurricane Katrina underscored... the deep economic and class divide that still exists in this country.

I figured I could be another brother waving for help from a rooftop... or take my ass back to New York.

It ain't easy being king of the city.

I've got that book. Holiday cheer, right here.

I got what you need.

Look, a black reindeer.

I got that for you. I've got watches. I've got your Kwanzaa needs.

I've got your Hanukkah needs. I've got what you need.

I've got the ties. I've got the coats.

I've got some panties. Anybody need panties?

I've got panties. Ain't that what's-his-name?

Used to run 135th Street?

Hell, no, that ain't him right there, man, you bugging.

That's him, son. He died a while back.

He got popped for no telling.

We out of here, man. You too.

Look at them, I got the glasses for you now, baby.

You know what I'm saying? You can see how it goes down.

All right, beautiful, right? I've got them.

Two for 5. Two for 5.

How's this? Better.

Oh, whoa, okay, hey, hey. Cass?

Would you watch it with the 1 K, because you're flaring me out here?

Could you be a little louder? I wanna go deaf, like Pete Townshend.

I told you not to point it directly at the camera.

Pardon me if I'm not up to the standards of your professionalism.

Okay. Just pan the 650 15 degrees to the left.

My left or camera left?

No, it's always left cam... Camera left, Cass.

It's not really that hard to remember. Stage right, camera left.


So this is one of those days when I can't do anything right.

Love is when you... and all the fucked-up shit you ever did in your life... and the fucked-up shit that you're probably gonna do in your life... and every little thing that you could possibly think... that would embarrass the living shit out of you on any day of the week... to any other person on the face of the universe... but to this one special woman.

She takes it all.

And she kisses the feet you walk on... without judgment, without anything.

Someone that you know that you can shit, fuck, piss, crap, cry.

All of that, you know. That's what love is, now.

You know, or kind of like going on an odyssey. Know what I mean?

It's like a fantasy voyage or something, you know?

And, like, I'm like James T. Kirk... and she's like Princess Leia or something, I don't know.

And, like, we're going where no couple has ever gone before.

Hey, Lucky. Hey, man, what's up?

Yo, open the door. I'm coming in.

What's up, baby? What's up?

Fo' shizzle, my nizzle. What's up, dog?

Yo, man, when you gonna teach your man to talk?

All right, man. Yeah, he's all right.

You only saying that because you're on his payroll.

What you got there?

Well, can't have my employee of the month rolling up to my birthday party... wearing some Swahili-Afro-boogie bullshit.

Shit. I'm not your employee.

My bad. My top associate.

Got to represent, you know?

Better not be that fantasy pimp shit...

...that you like wearing. No, baby. Tasteful.

I got Sean John, a.k.a. P. Dizzle.

It's nice. Well, can a brother get a thank-you?

"Well, yeah. Well, thank you, my Hebrew homes."

Afro Hip Hop Youth Day?

What the fuck you do with my printer?

Yo, well, just consider it like your donation to the community.

Hey. Hey, the ink is expensive, man.

Yo, let's get to business.

All right. All right.

I got the latest diamond-encrusted Rolex.

I got the new, gold, baller necklace.

Don't wear that too long. Your neck will turn green.

I got some sunglasses, some Rays.

I got everything in here, man. Sol.

What's up? Why you do this shit, man?

What do you mean? What I mean, your family got paper.

Your uncle owns the jewelry store.

You're robbing your uncle.

Why you do this? What do you do this for?

Why did you do it?

I mean, you were one of the biggest hustlers in Harlem, man.

Mr. Untouchable?

Hey, you was poisoning your own people.

Yo. Yo. No offense, bro.

I mean, it's the American way, right? We all want more.

Even Donald fucking Trump wants more.

More... More power, more money, more bling.

More punani.

Yo, listen, it's real important to me that you be on time tonight, you know?

I'll send the fellas. I want to talk about that.

What's up? I'm not gonna be able to roll, man.

What are you talking about, man? You know, that's your thing, man.

I ain't... Oh, but it's my birthday party, man.

We'll have a crazy time, son.

Look, I got all this shit for you. You're gonna love it, man.

That's you, right there.

I get to wear this? Yes, you get to wear this.

I don't know, man. I don't know.

No, man. That's your world.

This is my size.

He likes it, he likes it. Yeah, baby.

She starts screwing around and has no idea whose kid she's having.

Well, that's how she sees it.

Don't get knocked up. Excuse me.

Can you help me? Just saying, it's not fair to the kids.

Got it.

I'm going back in for the picnic table.

Hey, babe. Smile for the camera.

You know how we do. Oh, yeah.

So you tell them about what we're gonna do later on. All right?

I think they ready, sir.

Oh, yeah. They ready. You see that today?

Oh, yeah, I saw that.

Hey, look, Mr. C., about those flyers and everything?

Ain't gotta worry about that. I got that for free.

My man hooked me up and everything...


You'd think by now that people would understand... that you reap what you sow.

Would you rather have your kids in a dance group or a gang?

Dance group. Without question.

It seems the government's more interested in building prisons... than investing in the kids.

This is gonna be our last show.

They've taken away our funding, so we've gotta close the place down.

Yeah, I know.

But don't you let this unravel all the good work you've done.

For this place, for these kids.

Most of all, for yourself.

You've turned your life around.

You stayed on the path.

I was really looking forward to this, you know?

Really looking forward to it.

All right, Mr. C.

Good luck to you, young brother.

Hey, you know how we do.

We're in the trenches, baby. In the trenches.

The bitches in this piece.

Sir, you're here with the Rosenbaum's party.

Right this way, sir.

Putting it down. New Booty Room, to your right.

We got the Oom-Boom Room.

We've got lap dances for $25.

30, if you're a good tipper.

And on the stage right now... we got Carmen, all the way from Cuba.

You gotta love Castro.

She swam over here for you, ladies and gentlemen.

You know what? We gotta pay for that education.

Go in your pockets. No food stamps. No coin.

Just stuff that folds.

Carmen putting it down for you.

Right here in The Cadillac Lounge. This is DJ Big Cat.

Yeah, go on, girl. Get triple-X with it.

Money to share.

Oh, shit. Yeah. What's up, dog?

Come on, you gotta admit it. I'm as pretty as new money, right?

You look like Tony Montana on crack.

Yeah. Well, you would know.

What's up? Happy birthday.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

I dressed you well. Look at you. Yeah, yeah.

Very nice. Very nice. Let's drink.

Oh, shit. You know what time it is?

It's time for some more Cristal in this bitch.

Happy birthday toast to the birthday boy.

So, basically, what's your flavor?

You know, you like vanilla, chocolate, mocha? Some swirl?

No plastic.

No plastic. Oh, okay.

All right. Brothers like some genuine junk in the trunk.

I know, I know.



Don't you pretend you don't know me. It's me.

You know, excuse me, Benjamin Franklin?

You know, come on. See, my associate over here... he ain't never been to Cuba.

Why don't you take him all the way to C-U-B-A?

Everybody hold their positions.

We move on my command. Roger that.

I'm in love with a stripper.

I'm in love with a stripper, that's why I'm working here.

Oh, yeah.

That's him right there. In the black suit.


You can hold my stick too.

You wish.

I thought she liked me.

I mean, baby got ass like a Shetland pony. Right.


I want you to meet the owner. Why?

Well, you know, he's just a friend. You know, like that.

No, come on, yo. It's...

I mean, you know, make me look good here, you know?

It's my birthday. Come on. Make you look good?

Yeah. Dude...

I got... I got a little deal here, okay?

You know, I figure with you here, you know... everything goes right, you know? Who's gonna mess with me?

Mess with you? Why don't you take your boys?

Oh, come on, man. Be serious.

Listen, Lucky, okay?

I'm in deep here, you know?

So, come on, just, I'm not telling nothing, okay?

Please, Lucky. Come on. You know?

Who's getting you back on your feet? Me.

Who trusted you when no one would?

Me, okay? Now help me.

Okay, you don't gotta say nothing or you don't gotta do nothing.

Just stand there. Just be there with me.

Okay? Please. Just this once, all right?

What do you say? Oh, man.

Look who it is.

Now I believe in reincarnation.

Holy shit, I thought you were dead.

Yeah, well, so did I.

Come here, man.

Keeping it together? I am, I am, I am.

Gentlemen, I believe we have some business to transact.

Jesus. Fifteen years?

Lucky, please stay. Yo, man.

Don't let me interrupt. Handle bu...

Have a seat. I'm just...

Please. Join us.

You need something, baby?

As requested.

250 thousand dollars.

Each case.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, Lucky. Lucky, Lucky, please stay.

I'm just gonna take a piss, baby. No, no, no.

You're my guest. Please. We're gonna have a little drink here, please.

Sit, sit, sit. Please.

You gotta teach your pet Jew boy some manners.

Now, I showed you mine.

Four cases, 100 per crate.

The minivan's parked out back.

Beretta Cheetah.

Magazine capacity... thirteen, as requested.

Let's get out of here, man. What?

Jenny, how about some champagne?

He's a rat.

Let's get out of here, man. Come on.

Yo. Sorry, homeboy. You know how it is.

Gots to get paid.

Everybody hold until we confirm the goods.


Yeah, the Berettas look good. The merchandise checks out.

Bravo. Bravo. Successful business transaction.

Police! You're under arrest!

The guest of honor should do the honors.

For old times' sake.

Yeah, that's a good idea. No problem.

You never cease to amaze me.

Oh, I try not to, baby.

Big baller. It's good to see you, my man.

Yeah, yeah.

Back in the life. No, no, no. Not me.

No? I'm just a hostess.

There you go. Gino, why don't you go ahead?

Wrap up things outside.

Hey, hey!

What the fuck you doing, man? What am I doing?

Oh, shit! Oh, my God! He's got a fucking wire! Oh, my God!

There comes a point in life when you just gotta say, "Fuck it."

You gotta play the hand that life deals you... and let the chips fall where they may.

Don't shoot!

Where's my fucking money?

Who is that? Whose fucking red Mustang is that?

The Latin chick. Carmen.

She goes by the name Carmen.

Telling you now, you piece of shit, I go down, you're going down with me.

Move out, let's go!

What the fuck is going on? Get on the ground.

What are you, fucking crazy? Get down on the ground.

Hello? Who's there?

Who is it?

Get down. Get down.


What are you, on crack?

He's heading downtown. I'm right behind you.

Who is this fucking guy?

You'll get us killed, motherfucker.

Pop this fucker.

This is my car. Hell, no!

Shoot him! Shoot him!

Headed south on Waterman. Cut him off at the tunnel.

I'm three blocks away.

Get your ass there now!

Stop the fucking car!

This fucker's out of his mind. He went in the tunnel.

Take the Thompson Street over-ramp and block the exit.

We'll get him from behind.

You need to go to a hospital.

Hold on.

Seal the exit! Seal the exit!

Get there, now! I'm right on top of you.


You need to go to a hospital.

No hospitals. No hospitals.

Bring me a towel with some hot water on it.

And don't forget the soap. Bring the soap.

Look, you want me to help you, you gotta put that thing away.

Okay. Take your clothes off. Are you fucking nuts?

It ain't like I ain't already seen you naked. Take your shit off.

Look, this way I know you're less likely to bounce.

Take your shit off.

What, what, do you need a beat?



That's your dance name, right? What's your real name?

Angela. Okay.

Angela, who's probably not from Cuba, listen.

I have no intentions of hurting you.

Just don't make me get stupid, all right? Just be cool... do what I say, everything will be all right. You feel me?

Yeah, I feel you.

Here. Help me get this off.

It's showtime.

You should be a nurse, girl.

What? And leave my good-paying job as a stripper?

My mother was a nurse in Puerto Rico. Minimum wage.

Do I believe this story? Why not? It's free.


Heal, heal, by the butt of a frog.

If it doesn't heal today, it'll heal tomorrow.

Try it. It's good luck.

Okay, well, now that you're all bandaged up...

I should let you rest.

Yeah, we both should. It's a good idea.

Come lay down next to me.

Look. As much shit as I've done in my life...

I've never housed a woman for some pussy.

And I don't plan on starting now.

Just lay down.

Other side. Away from the door.

Just humor me.

What you doing? You want some?

You got a lot of game, huh? I was referring to the lip-gloss.

So how long are you gonna hold me hostage?

Good question.

Why are you doing this?


Stop tape.


It's your turn. I did it the last fucking time.

It's your kid, babe. I'll handle it from here.

Mama. I'm coming, baby.


Oh, honey. Here. Let's take the mask off.

That's okay, baby. We'll put it right back on.

Here. Okay. Come on. All right. Come on.

That's a good boy. Come on, sweetie.

Here. You sit down, right here.

Oh, yeah. It's okay. We'll take this off just for a minute.

I wanna be Spiderman. Oh, we'll see. We'll see.

I wanna go trick-or-treating. I want candy, Mama.

Baby, you can't go out there. Here are your meds.

Here are your meds. Take that now. Good boy.

Okay, that's good. I wanna go trick-or-treating, Mama.

I know, baby. I'm... Mommy's gonna sing to you.

Mommy's gonna sing to you now. Okay?

I finally get my hands on a half a million dollars and it's wired.

Gotta be bank money or cop money.

No one else would rig it up like that.

If I try to keep it, we're both in danger.

She doesn't even know.

It doesn't seem fair.

Only one way out. That money was our lifeline.

What? Gino.

It's for you.

Yeah. Hey, look.

No problems, no questions.

Return all the money and then everything is cool, right?

Where are you? I'll call you back. No!


Are we dead? Yes.

Okay. So we have the most wonderful thing for you tonight.


The most beautiful little rat.

I had a pet rat when I was in junior high.

But sometimes rats get hungry.

What the fuck? Stop the tape.

I think she's dead, Walter. You're shitting me.

I can't find a pulse. Fucking Jesus-fucking-Christ.

Okay, get away from... Get a...

Gee, she's probably got that bird-flu thing.

Yeah, sure.

Check that out. What is it?

Bitch had a fucking heart condition, is what it is.

I suppose that's my fault.

None of my picks ever dropped dead on us.

So all of a sudden you're the health expert.

You can tell if someone walking down the street has a heart condition.

Look, you gonna help me with this?

You were sleeping. What are you doing?

What the fuck is all this purple shit? The security dye in with the money.

How would I know that was in there? Why are you rummaging...

...through people's shit? People? Nigga, what people?

I don't see people. You held me hostage at gunpoint...

...and nearly tried to rape me. Rape you? I don't even want you.

Okay. What about, "Oh, take off all your clothes and lie down with me"?

Would you... Look at this shit, would you? Look at this shit. Look.

You need to buy me a new fur.

If you don't get that fake shit out of my face...

Man. That money was our bargaining chip.

Bargaining chip? Look, whatever. All I know, there's another briefcase.

If that briefcase is full of money, just break me off my share... for of all of my troubles, and I'll be on my merry freaking way.

What is wrong with you? It's an identical case.

There's a security device in that one too.

You need a special tool to de-rig it.


You know what? That's a good idea. You wanna bounce, just leave. Take...

So wait. You get to keep it all for yourself.

What story am I supposed to believe?

I'm sorry.

Mommy, he's purple like Lord Krishna.

The old-man mask is $7.99.

And I'm gonna need to price-check that.

Can't I just wear it? Sure.

After you take it off and pay for it.

Matt? I'm gonna need a price check on the old-lady mask.

Price check on three.

Still waiting on a price check on three on an old-lady mask.

It's a dye. It's not gonna come off the money. That's the point.

Oh, hell no. I'm gonna clean this bitch off and I'm gonna spend it.

Shit. Why does this shit always happen to me?

And I just got my hair done.

Turn around. Why?

So I can do your back, okay?

Be gentle, please.

Here, café con leche.


Who's gonna pay for all this? Money was rigged.

Come over here. Look at this tub. Who's gonna clean that?

Yeah. For what?

Yeah, tell him I'm on my way.

Captain wants to see me. I'm talking to you. Come over here.

Look at the tub.

These little Mad Cow burgers are the bomb.

Excuse me.

Did you blow one? Oh, shit.

You're the one who paid $60 to stick your face in my ass.

I should have gave you incense and stuck that up your ass.

Protected the crime scene. Like you never fart.

Shit, I don't fart like that.

These are good, but Mickey D's fries are better... because they fry them in some crazy beef or silicone or something.

For real. Did you see that flick on it?

Yeah, Super Size Me.

Listen to that harmony. Listen.

Excuse me. This is my car. That's my demo. This is my world.

Look, if I'm delaying you from your pursuit of happiness... fame, fortune and your meeting with Puffy, fine.

You and your demo can bounce, all right?

I mean, I'll de-rig the money and I'll send you some of it.

Oh, you'll send me some of it. Please, you're cheap.

I saw you tip the waitress. I'm ch...? I'm broke.

Yes. No, you're cheap. I wouldn't trust you to send me shit.

So you wanna go solo? All right, cool. Then option A... de-rig the other briefcase and break me off some hush money.

Or option B, I don't know, maybe I could... run to the nearest police station and say:

"I just saw this black man and he was running with a briefcase... because he robbed a bank and he went that way."

We've got to find a closer place.

Sure. Why don't we just stick them under the floorboards like Gacy?

Like if they ever came to the house there wouldn't be enough evidence.

A tape doesn't prove anything. How does anyone know what's real?

Have you heard of DNA?

You don't think they'd find a spot of blood somewhere?

We're bonded for life, pretty boy.

You hungry? The diner?

Oh, let's go get cleaned up. Yeah.

Franklin's here, sir. He's clean. Cool.

You finish up with our friends at Homeland Security.


Hey, Frankie!

What's up, player?

Did you read the paper today? No.

Some crazy shit, man.

They got an article... about high school kids having oral sex like it ain't nothing.

Like kissing used to be. You got a daughter, right?

Yeah. How old's your baby?

She's 14. Mine's 13.

Statistically, what the trip is, it's the white kids from suburbia.

They're more into the oral sex. Blacks, Latinos, Asians are all fucking.

But the white kids got them beat, per capita, on blowjobs.

You think I'm fucking with you, huh?

Check it out. Right there for yourself.

Right under the article on the dirty cops.

Yeah, another Rodney King-type shit.

They got some knucklehead cops... beating up inmates and taking their jewelry, man.

Now, who wants some pimpy shit like that anyway? Am I right?

But you know how it is, man.

Dirty cops anywhere kind of...

Kind of makes us all look bad, don't it?

Captain, I can explain.

I'm not an idealist.

I know we put our lives on the line daily for inadequate pay.

Criminals make more in a month than we will in a whole damn year.

So the temptation's always gonna be there to say:

"Fuck it. Let me augment my retirement fund a little bit."

But you took it to a new level. There's a miscommunication.

That money was used strictly for... Motherfucker, please.

You took the money from the evidence room.

You set up a deal to buy some contraband.

When the deal goes down, you bust them.

And you put the money back before anyone knows the difference.

You sell the contraband or you keep it.

That shit ain't original.

Only difference was, this time I rigged the money.

And apparently, this time, you lost it.

So why am I out here instead of an IAD review board?

Like I said... dirty cops anywhere make it hard for all of us.

I'm prepared to offer you an out.

I'm listening. Good. One... you write up a report on the busted sting.

You take the hit on the lost money, I sign off on it.

Two, I want all those Berettas put in the evidence room.

I don't want that shit on the street. Three... you and your cockroach friends submit your resignations... which I will accept, effective immediately.

And you will retire with your pensions intact.

Lastly, Lee.

Detective Lee goes with you right now.

You hand over any surveillance tapes... audio or visual, that have Lucky on them.

Lucky? Lucky.

You forget you ever saw his ass.

Lucky's my problem now.

All the tsunamis, earthquakes, floods.

Man is a virus and God is finished with us.


We're the ones raising temperatures with greenhouse gases, not God.

That's why we got more category-five hurricanes now.

It's so much bigger than that, babe.

I'm a serial killer! So are we.

You go trick-or-treating, now. Bye.

All right.

If I could get you the New York fight back...

...would you make a deal with me? What's the deal?

If you win, you win. And if you lose, you quit.

Go sit down, honey.

Order some vegetarian to go for Eugene. I'm gonna wash up.

In this world of plagues and killer bird flus... you find being hygienically conscious amusing?

Hey, you go when you go. Look at you.

Always with the fingers in the face. Spreading germs. It's disgusting.

Eugene was always special. His father couldn't handle it.

Left before his fifth birthday. What was I supposed to do?

Wait for Mr. Perfect?

Wait for someone to rescue me and my son? Life didn't give rebates.

I gotta get some food in me. I got this low-blood-sugar thing.

All that psychosomatic shit. I don't believe in all of that.

Like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and all that.

Hey. I know a guy who died of that. Yeah, right.

Nobody's ever died of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

He couldn't even get out of bed to eat. It was really sad.

Must have been a white guy. Yeah, so what?

White people got a lot of free time on their hands.

Black people, we ain't got time for all that shit.

Okay, Dr. Phil, so, what about Latinos?

Mi madre always said there are three kinds of people in this world:

People who watch things happen... people who complain about things that happen... and people who make things happen.

I got a lot I wanna do in my life.

I think men just slow you down.

Where's the bathroom? Through there, to the right.

Great. Catch up.

You got the salt and pepper? Ketchup?

Look at this guy. Look at this guy.

Hey, hey!

Stay right there.

Good afternoon.

You trying to run out on the check? No, no, no.

Waitressing is tough enough without having to pick up...

Hold him right there, officer. What are you doing?

This man has been trying to run out since I got pregnant.

And I know it's his, no matter what he says.

I haven't even been with another man since last my period. Not even one.

I saw him exiting the back door of the restaurant, okay?

I thought he was running out on his bill.

Me? We haven't even ordered yet.

And you know I'm starving. I'm eating for two.

You enjoy your lunch. Hey, thanks a lot.

Hey, we gotta roll.

You want me to quit fighting for good.

For us. No, I can't promise that.

Where you going? Why don't you just pay up?

I'm gonna go outside... and I'm gonna make a couple phone calls... and I'm gonna see what I can scam up.

That was truly fucked up. You were just gonna leave me here?

Look, you were better off without me. I just saved your ass.

Look, from now on... From now on... you gotta do exactly what I tell you to do. Okay?

No more clowning around.

Feel me?

I'm gonna call a friend of mine. He owes me.

See if he'll let us stay at one of his cribs... lay low for a little while.

Damn. We gotta get rid of this car too. capture of the so-called Sawtooth Killers.

Captain Davis had this to say.

There have been some new developments in the case.

We're following numerous leads.

We're asking any citizens in the area to please call our help line.

1-800-COP-TIPS. Thank you.

You look like you just saw a ghost.

I'm... I'm so sorry. Can you repeat that, please?


Move. Move! Have a little respect, please!

Stop the van! Stop the van right now!

Stop the van! Stop the fucking van right now!

What the fuck? What kind of fucking shit...?

I'm gonna fucking kill you! Rainn! What kind of fucking...?

I'm gonna kill you!

What is this, National Impulse Day or something?

Remember the time we did a couple? That's not the point.

We eat at that diner, for chrissakes.

Sometimes you just have to be spontaneous.

I'd appreciate next time if you'd give me a little warning.

I didn't even have time for the camera.

I feel so fucking alive right now.

Oh, jeez.

What are you gonna do to us?

Blue. Blue.

Blue, blue, blue is for you, miss. True blue. Thank you very much.

Blue. What are you gonna do to us?

Roland? Roland?

So it worked out. Babe, when you're right, you're right.

I knew you'd like that little punky girl.

Would you wait a minute? Shit. You don't even know the guy.

Which is why it's fucking important to make a good first impression.

First impression, huh? Yes.

I'm impressed. Whatever.

Who is it? Who is it?

Lucky's here with a guest.

Let me see your bag, miss.


And cut! Cut!

Oh, yes.

Hot set!

Oh, my God.

Heaven has sent me an angel.

Since when you walking around with a freaking Venus, Lucky?

Well... Oh, look, she's blushing.

What's your name, sweetheart? Angela Maria Guzmano del Lopez.

Angie for short.

That means singer.

Look, Mendez... You have something for me?

That's my demo.

Don't touch that!

This is you, honey? Yeah.

Sherman! Move Breakman to 4.

Lucky, Angie.

Look, Mendez, so... Angie, come. Angie, come.

You too, Lucky, come on. Come, come.

Lucky, sit. Angie, sit right here. Sit, sit. Lucky, sit, sit, sit.

Don't touch that!

Picture, picture, picture. Lucky, please.

Lucky, come on, come on, come on.

Okay. Lucky, don't smile.

Yeah! Okay, okay.

I'm gonna put you both in a movie right now.

I'll pay you $1000 each, cash. Mendez, you ain't gotta do that.

What, what, what? Come on, man. Just do a scene with her.

You do it for free anyway, might as well get paid, right, honey?

Head back. Is that better?

Shake your head a little. That's it, shake your head!

America's so fucked up racially, right?

Latinos are the new exotic.

I mean, look at some of the Hollywood pictures.

The dirty cop one, Training Day. They put Denzel with...

Eva Mendes. Oh, my God. Gorgeous Latina.

And then the one with the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air kid.

What's his name? Will Smith.

Yes, yes, yes. They put in the same Latina with him.

And then the Catwoman with... I know this one. I know this one.

Benjamin Bratt.

He put fine in fine.

You put a black guy with a black girl, what you got? Black movie.

White with white? Been there, done that.

You gotta mix it up. Make it sexy.

You know, we all fantasize about the other, right?

All right, cut. Antonio. Antonio, come here, quick!

Quick, quick. Antonio, picture, picture, picture.

Picture. Look in the camera.

Okay? You got it? Okay, get the fuck out.

Latinos are safe, you see.

White folks love us, black folks live next door to us.

Who wouldn't wanna bang a hot Latina?

Unless, of course, you was a fag like me.

Hey, hey, hey, look. Mendez, Mendez. Hey.

I need a car, man.

I need a car and I need a place where we can hole up.

Do I owe you or do you owe me?

I'm... I'm just fucking with you, okay?

Look, what are you, her protector now? She can't speak?

Come here, come here. Hey.

Come here. Please!

I got a guy in there, mamita.

An actor's an actor. Come on, act like you're enjoying yourselves.

Look, honestly...

I can't do anything today that I won't be proud of tomorrow.

Did you hear that shit? Yes, girl.

Do you believe that shit?

I didn't know they still make girls like this!

You gotta keep her here, Lucky. Keep her, okay?

Sherman, how's the transmission on the old Eldorado?

It's fine. You deaf prick, go get the keys to the Eldo... Go!

Go get the keys. And to the country place too.

I got just the spot for you, okay?

It used to belong to my wife's mother... back then when I still needed a wife.

Look, when you get back, do me a favor, okay?

I want you to consider letting me be her manager.

I'll take 10 percent. Legit.

And you're never gonna have to worry about me trying to get into your pants.


Ain't that the truth, Lucky? That's the truth.


Roland? You okay?

Baby, you're not even... You're not even tied up.

Come on. Hey, untie me, okay?

Listen to me. They tossed my handbag in here... when they brought us in.

You remember the pepper spray that you gave me?

Remember the pepper spray? I still have it.

That's my superhero. If we're gonna fucking die... let's just let it be on our own terms, okay?

Hey, hey. Who you calling? What, are you my man now?

I gotta pee.

Well, I guess you better roll the window down... and back your ass up to the crack and piss out the window.

I don't see any toilets, and I ain't stopping.

Roland, you just gotta untie me.

Sorry. I'm sorry. I've never been strong enough for you.

No, you are strong enough.

Please, just untie me.

Okay? You remember the pepper spray that you gave me?

Remember the pepper spray? I still have it.

Pepper spray. That's original.

Still, you have to give her points for spunk.

Crazy motherfuckers.

Stop! No!


I gotta pee. You've gotta stop the car. I gotta pee really bad.

I gotta pee, I'm serious. Please, stop the car. I gotta pee.

All right.

I'm gonna pee all over the car in a second.

Please, stop the car. Just stop the car.

You gonna be real chilly if... Stop the car. Stop the car, please.

I gotta pee.

Oh, God.

Don't look.

You've reached Solly Sol, the man.

Time is money, so make it quick, money.


A friend of yours just came by to visit.

Who might that be? Lucky and his new girlfriend.

What a doll.

No more cellphone. What the fuck?

GPS. Could be tracking us.

From now on, we going off grid. They wanna track us... they can track that shit up to Canada.

Thank you, folks, for coming.

All the ballistics at the strip club have been accounted for.

Meaning what? It seems Lucky didn't shoot anybody.

Not yet anyway. What about the Canadian border?

They didn't show. Neither did the girl.

It's got mayonnaise in it, man. I told those jokers you wanted soy.

Well, check it out next time, will you? Shit.

What about Franklin? Still tracking his every move.

Hey, can I have your sandwich? Yeah, yeah. Knock yourself out.

I think I better change your bandage, Kojak.

Bandage is fine.

You was fucking Sol, wasn't you?

Say what? You was boning him, right?

That night, you was supposed to be the getaway driver, wasn't you?

No. We didn't need a getaway until you fucked things up.

I didn't fuck things up. The whole scenario was a setup. Sol was a fink.

Gino was in with the cops, and they was running the shake-and-take.

Don't worry about Sol returning your phone calls.

What? They popped him. He's dead.

Let's go. Let's go.

Sometimes in life, it seems like if you don't have bad luck...

...you don't have no luck at all. No.

No, I did not sleep with Sol and no.

Whatever. It don't matter. What? No, it matters to me.

I know that you think because I'm a stripper... that I sleep with everybody, but that's not the case.

Sol was just an acquaintance. Or just a friend, right?

Yes. I mean, you know, he gave me paper every now and then... but to tell the truth, he was more intent on impressing you.

He used to say that you were a true player.

You know, an original gangster.

Original gangster. Player.

Well, the frog's in a well, and rat's in a cage.

What does that mean?

It means all of these player gangsters out here... they get so caught up in their own fantasy... that they can't see the real picture. See, they think they running shit.

They ain't running shit. More likely they running in shit.

They just can't smell it though.

Look, I did things. I was grimy. I hustled, I scrambled, I did all of that.

At one point I thought the world was mine.

And then I realized, oh, man, I got caught in a trick.

Trick had me killing my own people, killing myself.

Probably killed more black people than the Ku Klux Klan.

So you're trying to find your way out of hell.

I can't find my way out of shit.

And anybody who follows me is foolish.

Including you.

And now authorities are offering a $200,000 reward for the capture...

- ...of the Sawtooth Killers. Just pick one.

Fuck you. Life's too short to be evil.

Wait up, bitch! Shit.

How much further? How the hell should I know?

Probably could have been there if you hadn't given the damn car a seizure.

What? What?

Put that shit away.

My ankle.

Can you come help me, please? I told you about them cute-ass shoes.

Just help me up, please.

You can't walk at all? No.

Damn. Come on.

Oh, wait. Here.

Here, you hold this. Okay.

I'm watching you.



Keep going. Come on.

You hear something? Like what?

I thought I heard something.

Maybe it's nothing.

Don't start freaking me out, Lucky.

Seriously, I don't like that Blair Witch-type shit.

Yeah, but I bet you like biscuits.

It's gotta be around here somewhere.

Here, I see something.

I think...

I think this is it. You're kidding, right?

Look, you just stay here, all right? I'm gonna go check things out.

Wait, Lucky. Seriously, this doesn't feel right.

Damn. No light.

Okay. I'll see if I can find a light.

See if that telephone works.

I should've left my ass in Jersey.

No, there's no dial tone. There's no dial tone.

Where are you going?


I'm almost positive I've seen it here before.

A blue van.

I would've called earlier, but Fred said, "Don't get involved."

He's got irritable bowels. You know how it is.

Yeah, yeah, I know how that is. Well, Ethel, I wanna thank you.

You know, you may have saved a life.

And, Fred, I wanna thank you too.

Did you hear that, Fred? The young man said I was a lifesaver.

Whose wife? Oh, come on.

Why is it as women get older, their hair gets shorter... and their jewelry gets bigger?

Yeah. Yeah, captain, it's Lee.

You in the field? No, I'm in the office.

You wanted me to notify you when we had any movement on Franklin.

Yeah, so where is he? North, at the old Sawtooth mill.

You're positive. Yeah, yeah. You want me to handle it?

No, no. I'll do this myself.

Fellas, you call me if anything comes up.

Anything, all right? You got it.

All right, tough guy.

Pull up some paper there. I'll go out and get the firewood.

Leave the lamp.

Oh, and the briefcase too.

Humor me?

I always wanted to go sledding as a kid.


Like in Citizen Kane? Who?

Forget it.


Put the paper in first. No, you put the wood in first.

No, no. You put the paper in first. No, the wood.

Dumb black guy don't know shit.

What? Exactly.

So don't go acting all high and mighty just because you saw a couple of films.

I'm bilingual. You're just uno Ebonical.

Okay. See, keep it up, I'm not gonna let you sleep with me tonight.

That's fucked up. You're trying to scare your way into some pussy.

On the contrary, baby. I don't want none.

Oh, really? Oh, really. Yeah.

Because you way too much drama...


Yeah, I'm looking for something for us to eat.

Will you let me whup you in some checkers later?

It's... Get down.



Okay. You're gonna be all right, baby.

I gotta get you some help. No, don't leave me.

Look, here.

You keep this with you.


Now, I saw a farmhouse nearby.

I'm gonna go there and use their phone... call for an ambulance. Okay?


Yeah, I got you, baby. I got you.

Leave the briefcase?

I wanna know you're coming back.

Of course I'm coming back. Of course.

But I mean, what if somebody else shows up?

Then you're passed out and then the money...

Come on. Well, I think I'll...

I'll hide it somewhere. Please?

Okay. Okay.

I'll be back.

You just said, "The ass of a rat."

You teach me later.

Don't go nowhere.

Babe, I'll tell you what.

You can fuck her first.


Flip for it?


I'm in a watching kind of mood.

Then you can have the first cut.


Just imagine the worst possible things you can imagine.

When we're done, you're gonna know how poor your imagination really is.

Shit. Hey, babe? Babe?

What? We gotta deal with this.

Eugene's blasting the TV. This joker's gonna know someone's home.

Don't people know any better... than to just drop in like that?

Please. I'm so sorry to bother you.

We just had an accident in my place across the way and the phone's out.

Could you call an ambulance for us?

I thought that belonged to that mobster. Mendez?


Well, he just let us borrow it for a while.

I really need your help.

Come on in.

Thank you very much.

I'm so sorry.

Have a seat.

Would you like a cookie or some tea? No, thank you.

I'm kind of in a hurry. Of course.

I'll get the phone right away.

Hey, hey, hey. Are you out of your fricking mind?

Go with me on this one, Walter.

Lee, I passed the Sawtooth mill twice, man. What the fuck?

I... I don't know, captain.

Franklin's truck's gotta be there.

GPS says you're right on top of him.

Thank you.

Here you go. Thank you very much. Thank you.

I really appreciate this.

This is not working.

That would be because I disconnected it.

Now, this I do not understand.

Police. Put your gun down.

Put the shit down!

Where's Lucky?

Probably in Mexico by now.

First... there was a note.

Then there is no note.

What the fuck is going on?

They killed Roland.

They can hear everything you say. All in your mind.


Because I have had a bad fucking day.

And all these motherfuckers are gonna do is keep pissing me off.

Illusion. There's never a need for name-calling.

What is meant to be is meant to be.

We're all the children... of the universe.

Breathe deeply.

They set us up to escape and they just came right in... and they slit his throat. He's a fighter.

We were supposed to go to New York. And they just killed him.

Hey, hey. Look. You're gonna have to keep it together now, all right?

Just keep it together. Hold it together.

Hey, what's happening? What's going on?

That's right. Turn up, look at me.

How you doing, black? What's up, man?

What's going on?

Oh, you looking... What? What?

What? Don't you know what time it is, bro?

I don't think you know what time it is! Don't you know what time it is?

It's showtime, motherfuckers!

Your loss.

What the fuck is this?

Hey, hey, hey. Are we in Mexico?

Man, if you want an audition...

I can get you audition in WWF or something, man.

You need to let me go, man.

Two points!

You're not turning your punches.

Stop tape!

What are you talking about?

You're not pronating your punches.

Listen, man.

I've studied martial arts for 17 years.

So don't you fucking criticize my technique, okay?

Always with a guy tied to a chair?

Oh, yeah. So I suppose you want me to let you go, right?

If you were a man, you'd untie him.

Oh, shit!

Bill is back in the game! Check that out, Cass.

That's so cute.

Where are we going?

I'm getting you to a hospital.

That fucker said he was going to get help.

He left me.

No, haven't I tried? Have we done that before?

You know, it's cool because...

If I can get him to knock this chair over one more time...

I can be free out of this motherfucker.

No. No, they will not. Oh, yes, they will.

I was saying...

Hey, look. Before you introduce me to Mr. Pinkie there...

I don't suppose I could interest you in a... suitcase full of money, could I?

Well, I guess not.

You wouldn't be interested in the money... seeing how you and your friend get your kicks.

Coupled with the fact that a suitcase full of money and a black man...

Yeah, it's highly likely that there'd be a strong police presence.

In the not-too-distant future. Ignore him, babe.

Yeah, yeah.

Why don't you let Bruce Lee Light call all the shots?

Do not provoke me.


I got a shitload of money in a suitcase.

I stashed it in a pickup truck.

Cut, cut, cut!

What is the first fucking rule?

Do not let these tricks get to you, babe!

Don't talk to me like that.

And they've got all those dead cars out there anyway.

Yeah, yeah, Bruce. What do you gotta lose?

Go check.

I'll tell you this, bro.

You got a lot to lose, man.

What are you gonna do? Torture me?

Oh, there's torture.

And then there's torture.

You think this is my week away from the family?

I know you but you don't know me.

How many times have we passed in the mall?

You listen to that gangster-rap shit... thinking you're hard.

And you, with that little, punky hair... always with the cruel remarks.

"Look at the bitch with the retarded child." All of you.

Hurting Eugene all the time he was a baby.

But I make you pay.

Don't I?

Do you ever fucking learn?

You think you know pain?

Abu Ghraib ain't got nothing on us.

I'll show you pain.

She's so intense.

Hey. What about the money?

Yeah, what about the money? The money?

Yeah. Remember?

The truck. Five minutes away, outside?

What the hell do you expect to get in return?

Well, sh... Look.

Hey, you let me go and I'll get you more of it.

How about I take the money, kill you... and don't worry about if there's any more?

Underneath the hood.

So, what is it with you and Lucky?

We got a little history together.

I got time.

Your boy, Lucky, ruined a lot of lives.

A lot of lives.

Justice was never done.

This time it will be.

Combination? It's not locked.

Oh, wait... Wait a minute, babe.

Let's get this shit on tape.


Are you ready yet? I'm all set, babe.

Holy shit, Walter. I think it's real.

No, wait a minute! Wait a minute!

You expect me to beg? No.

I expect you to scream.

Yeah. Lucky just called TIPS.

What? Yeah. He wants to speak with you.

Run a trace. I'll try to keep him talking.

Put him through. Hey, Davis.

I got something you want.

No more fucking deals this time.

The Sawtooth Killers.

You know the Sawtooth Killers?

Yeah. I thought that might shut you up.

Well, I got the motherfuckers.

Why should I trust you? Why should I trust you?

Come here, you'll see for yourself.

Bring an ambulance, all right?

Yeah, where are you? Oh, man, come on.

Come on, man. Sh... like you don't know.

Lee, got that? You won't believe it.

He's back where you came from. What?

The old farmhouse, five minutes away, north of the mill.

Can you get there? Yeah.

All right. I'll get the guys in motion. I'm on it.

About time.

Look. The Sawtooth Killers?

You wanna see?

Right over there.

Yeah. Right there.

That crazy bitch. And the Mexican.

They murdered my boyfriend.

They were gonna kill us next. Who are you?

Rainn Bentley.

This man saved my life.

Look, they even filmed their shit.

All the crazy shit they do, they got it on tape.

They got it caught on tape. Right in there.

I gotta go. Hey.

Hold up.

Think this makes things even?

Look, hey, man. Look, I got a woman I gotta go to.

Who's that, Angela?

She's outside.


Crazy motherfucker!

All right.

I'll have the charges against you dropped.

I'll get you an ambulance.

Go on.



Hey, it's over. Come on.

Come on up. It's over.

It's over, all right?

Okay, come on.


I trusted you and you didn't come back.

Baby, I was... Where's the money?

The money? I was... It was... Oh, you're purple! Hell, no!

Well, when I look back on it... that was the luckiest day in an unlucky man's life.

Tell them about the money, baby. Oh, yeah.

And as luck would have it, me and Angela... collected that $200,000 reward money too.

Oh, yes.