Harlock: Space Pirate (2013) Script

In the distant future or perhaps in the distant past...

The human race has spread across the galaxy, founding colonies on distant planets.

Their population increased, until it exceeded billions of inhabitants But resources were exhausted, the birth rate collapsed, and the human race is now in an era of decay A movement began that advocated a return to Mother Earth.

But the planet did not support repatriation A huge conflict for the right to return started, known as "The Homecoming War"

And a governmental structure was born, the "Gaia Coalition", to end the war.

The Gaia Coalition declared Earth to be "a sacred place" where no-one was allowed to enter.

The planet became a symbol to view from a distance, even as the colonists on planets were dying out.

There was, however, a man who resisted... and continued to venture into the depths of space.

A space pirate, immortal in the last century, and challenging warships of the Federation.

Wanted by the Gaia Coalition, code S-00999 His name is-

Kids these days, they don't know any better.

Always chasing after goddamn rainbows, thinking there's something out there for 'em.

Velda's shutting down. I hear they've started evacuating.

The entire planet's gone in the crapper.

It's not the planet.

The whole human race is doomed.

Hope that can wait until I finish this bottle.

Another retraction ship?

No, hear that?

It's a battleship.


We weren't any different in my day.

Just dove in head first like lemmings into the sea.

The Arcadia...

Hurry, before it leaves!

But space is a monumental beast.

The human race?

"In the vastness of space and the immensity of time", we are less than a tiny speck.

Maybe even less.

What were we looking for out there?

We crossed the solar system, passed the Milky Way...

It didn't matter where we went.

We found nothing.

We thought lightspeed travel will change our lives, but it only made us realize the sad, hard truth.

That we humans... are all alone.

We heard you're looking for recruits.

We want to enlist.

We only need one of you.

Tell me this.

Why do you want to sail with us?

For honor!

For...For riches!

For freedom!

Your name?


Don't ever forget this.

Freedom is what unites this ship.

All hands, prepare for departure!

You look after the new kid.

Why me'?

You chose him.

He's your responsibility.

The human race is on the decline, and there's no one out there to help.

No matter where we go, what we do...nothing's gonna change.

And yet, there is one man...

One man who will never stop moving forward.

We have a positive sensor reading!

Object of increasing mass detected in low orbit over MX-201.

Red Alert!

So it's coming here...

Captain, target has attained superorbital velocity.

120 seconds until trajectories cross!

Dark matter detected.

Deathshadow-class Grade 4.

The Arcadia!

Captain Harlock!

I'll take the helm.

The captain has taken the wheel!

Time to earn your keep, you bottom-feeding bastards!

Move it! Outta the way!

What's a patrol doing on this rock?

What about me?

What CAN you do?

I've had ballistics training.

Then find a goddamn open gun!

Move, move, move!

Incoming! Fighters launched!!

All fighters, use extreme caution when approaching!

Hmph, a pirate ship. Not even a fighter plane to face us?

Watch your speed! It's coming at us!

What the...

Shit, that's fast!

Goddamn phantom ship!

Who is that in Section 13?

The new guy, sir.

Well, what do you know?

Targets have turned 180 degrees!

They're fleeing!

Engines 6 and 8 were hit! Thrust reduced twelve percent!

Captain, signal received.

It's from F-Triple-One.

Hurry up! Head to the hangar deck and suit up!

We're going hand-to-hand! Move your asses!

Gravity field is disabled! Go show them what you've got!

Party time...

Don't move.

It's a retinal-affixing scanner.

Stings like hell.

Give it four or five minutes.

This is the closest we've gotten.

Just don't mess up.

Thank you.

Watch yourself, rookie.

The bridge is secure.

What the hell are you still doing, Kei?

Take a wild guess!

Wait, you!

What are you doing without your armored suit?

Gravity field restored.

Arcadia will now change course and evacuate this sector.

All hands safely home!

We need to shake the Federation pursuit.

Activate dark matter engine.

We're going to IN-Skip mode.

Yes, sir!

All sectors, prepare to activate dark matter engine!

A patrol fleet in the MX Quadrant has filed a report.

One of their ships has encountered the Arcadia.

Operative F-Triple-One is on schedule to complete his directive.

Has he found them?

He should very soon.

Once he does, Harlock will no longer pose a threat.

That outlaw has defied the Gaia Communion for a hundred years.

Make certain he is eliminated!

The Gaia Legion shall not fail you.

Your operative...

Can he be counted on?

Most certainly.


His Excellency, the Imperial Father, is most pleased by your dedication.

I am deeply honored.

We await propitious tidings.

Throwing his own brother into the fray...

Shameless behavior, really.

There's a reason he became Praefectus of the Legion so young.

Who knows, if he hadn't had the accident, he could have been Prime Minister.

But fortune eludes those who are ill-equipped.


Why. Ezra?

Why send Logan?

Is that an objection?

He made the decision.

He went of his own will.

Praefectus, the tactics meeting is starting.

I'll be there.

I don't want to be a soldier.

I want to work with plants, like my Morn did.

Impressive, isn't it?

Bet you've never seen a ship that can repair itself.

No matter what hits her, she won't go down easily.

And that's not all.

Thanks to the dark matter engine, it never stops ticking.

This baby never needs to touch down, repair or refuel.

Dark matter engine?

Behold, the mother lode.

It's a relic of the Homecoming War.

It was created by the ancient Niflung and runs on infinite energy.

We don't actually have any idea how the thing works, but fortunately the last surviving Niflung is...

...right over there.

The only other intelligent race encountered by humankind.

But damned if she...or it...says much.

Can I ask you something?

Is it really true that Harlock is more than 100 years old?

Well, heroes gotta have ~legends' surrounding them, right?

You better learn to keep your nose out of things.

Everybody on this ship has records. Or skeletons.

Bet you've got a couple in your closet as well.

But you know, what gets us going is all that Gaia Communion B.S.!

And the human race wastes its final hours worshipping a planet it can't even return to?

Being born into a time like this...

We can't just sit around and do nothing!

Everything checks out?

Yes ma'am, no problem, but...

What? Just spit it out!

Where does he hide them?

The central computer...

Old friend, our journey's almost over.

What you seek is not here.

The time will come.

The decision is yours.

Why have you brought him to us?

Surely you are aware?

You're looking for something.

A miracle, perhaps?

You might laugh at me.

I am not one to judge.

I'm just an observer.

The 8th planet of the Gorum System.

We will be arming No. 99 on this planet.

Arming what?

A dimensional oscillator warhead.

This planet is the site of a failed human colony.

You all know the risks.

It's not going to be a walk in the park.

Anyone willing to show us what you're made of?

What's wrong? Anybody?


You will not.

You don't even...

There's a first time for everyone.

Meet me on the hangar deck in 10 minutes.

Why the hell did you volunteer?

To survive on this ship...l need to show I've got guts.



It won't hurt to get noticed by the captain.

So, where do they keep that dimensional what's-it-called, anyway?

Hold your horses, kid.

Optical camouflage...

A dimensional oscillator warhead.

This is No. 99?

What exactly are they supposed to do?

Don't ask so many questions.

Locking coordinates at 32.7 North latitude and 126.4 West longitude, on the Southern edge of Gimlus Valley on the Eastern Vydar plains.

Roger on the coordinates.

Commencing descent.

We're ready to configure the oscillator.

Watch your time on the suits.

The air on this planet is highly corrosive.

These suits will last an hour, tops.

Let's make this quick.

Don't stare at them too much.

Nobody can figure out why they do that.

Apparently, there was a biologist who tried...


He went mad in the process.

I'm feeling a little mad myself.

That's why we need a fresh start.

A fresh start?

Humans have searched the universe for so long... but there was nothing that could replace Earth.

Now, we all just want to go home.

But the Gaia Communion made Earth a restricted sanctuary, so there's no home for us to return to.

Nothing we can do...a mass pilgrimage would ruin Earth for good.

But we all know the human race is an endangered species.

If we're going extinct...

Don't we deserve to spend our final hours at home?

We do have one option though...

Reverse time, to an age when humankind inhabited Earth.

And how would you do that?

By unraveling the Nodes of Time, and winding back the clock.

The Nodes of Time?

There are points, throughout the universe, which hold the seams of time together.

By unraveling the shackles of causality, space-time is no longer bound by linearity.

But for all this to work, we have to locate each of the nodes, and loosen them with a high-energy blast.

A blast using the dimensional oscillators.

We've planted 98 oscillators across the universe, and we have 2 to go.

Detonate them all at the same time, and the Nodes of Time will unravel.

Well, that's the captain's theory, anyway.

That's some theory...

I don't know.

Starting all over from scratch?

Couldn't that end up destroying everything?

I trust the captain.

Whatever happens, it can't be worse than dying out here.

We've got to try something.

What was that just now?

Our crew didn't detect any earthquake activity.

What's going on?

That's not solid ground.

They've set foot on a Muldauwd worm!


Are you okay?

Yeah, I think so...

Let go of me!

Are you stupid? Do you want to die?

I can't leave him behind!

Corrosive gas clouds are gonna blow any minute!

But I can't just leave him!

It's too late...



They're all dying!

These too...why?

That was the best we could do, Logan.

But it's what Mother wanted!

To see these flowers from Earth to bloom again on Mars!

Logan. Stop, the system is already overloaded!




Don't come any closer...

I was...just...

I was...just...

Please, Ezra, I'll do anything!

There has to be something I can...

Be my legs.

Walk for me.

Run for me.

Fight for me.

That will be...

My atonement.


There's a cloud of corrosive gas coming your way...

It's no good.

We'll have to manually disengage.


I don't get it.

You know I'm with the Gaia Legion, so why...

While you're aboard the Arcadia, you are one of us.

Are you insane?

I'm here to assassinate you, and take back the oscillators!

But is that what you really want?

Even if your mission is a success...

...you'll die alone, far away from anything that you know or love.

It seems a strange fate to choose.

Are you sure that's what you want?

Any word from the captain?

Radio and laser communications are silent!

Can't confirm any Iifesigns!

He's nobody..why?

He would do the same for any of us.


We can't do this without you...

Why am I doing this?

This is crazy!

You said you believed in freedom, didn't you?

But I only...

If you meant that, you must find your true oppressors.

Then, if you still want to kill me, use this.

You may just be the one to put me to rest.

I thought I'd beat you to death myself.

Oh well...

I guess that can wait.

Find your true oppressors...

That takes care of No.99.

The last oscillator will be placed at galactic coordinates latitude zero, longitude zero.

To our home...

To Earth!

To Earth.

To Earth.

...to Earth.

The Arcadia? On a course for this Solar System?

The time has come.

What about your operative? What happened to him?

We have lost contact.

That renegade must not be allowed near Earth!

If I were granted authorization to utilize the Photon Converger Matrix, I could guarantee the Arcadia's destruction.

The Photon Converger?

Used to harness photon energy by imploding neutron stars.

Only the Imperial Father can authorize its use.

But what if Harlock activates the oscillators first?

Until he positions the final oscillator, the Nodes of Time are safe, and Harlock's hands are tied.

There's no better opportunity to act than now.

One misstep and the entire universe will be in danger!

How can we allow this? After all that talk about the operative...

Your Excellency, we await your decision.

Use of the Photon Converger Matrix is granted.

He must be stopped.

Aren't you concerned about Logan?

You've lost contact with him.

A good strategist does not overlook such contingencies.

You knew he would never make it back.

You've never forgiven Logan, have you?

Direct orders from the Armada of the Imperial Father, to all vessels of the Gaia Legion.

All ships, scramble!

Repeat! All ships, scramble!

All vessels, set coordinates to rendezvous point, and engage dimension engines.

Plot course 45 degrees! Flank speed!

Prepare to enter IN-Skip!

This is Oceanus; the new coordinates are locked in.

This is Levary, Commander of the Main Fleet.

This operation commences on Admiral Ezra's order.

All ships, prepare for IN-Skip mode!

Prepare to engage!

Sir, on your command.

We must repel the Arcadia and hold the Solar System Defense Line at all costs!

Commence operation!


Skip-Out coordinates are set;

Outside Solar System Defense Line over Pluto.

All vessels, prepare to activate IN-Skip mode.

This is our last flight, my friend.

Second thoughts?

That's unlike you...

Red alert! Enemy ships approaching!

Multiple enemies detected, 36 AUs straight ahead.

They've taken positions on the Solar System Defense Line!

More blips detected to the rear, distance 64 million.

Rapidly approaching at 0.24 semi-lightspeed.

Damn, they've got us cornered!

Should we change course, sir?

All ahead full!

They're in my way.


Dark matter engine, full power!

Crew, prepare torpedoes.

Activate main gun and anti-aircraft systems!

This is quite a welcome.

We have the Arcadia in our sights.

It's on a course straight for the Solar System Defense Line.

They're going to smash straight through!

Dark matter shields detected.

All ships, target the Arcadia with all main guns!

Admiral, requesting firing orders!

Hold on.

Let him come closer.



All ships, fire at will!

Multiple hits on our vessels!

Cease fire! Cease fire!

We are being hit by a friendly fire! What the hell happened?

A hologram?

Why does this not surprise me?

The Arcadia detected at the orbit over Saturn.



Second fleet: IN-Skip!

136 enemy ships have materialized over a radius of 7400!

They're practically on top of us!

They knew we were coming.

They're not as dumb as we thought.

Your move...

Sir, we're getting a signal from the Arcadia, using Gaia Legion encryption!

Put it through.


I see you're still alive and well.

Call off the fleet.

Harlock poses no threat to the universe.

The council only tells half the story.

Is that all you have to say?

You disappoint me.

Cut the line.


Configure the Photon Converger Matrix!

The Con verger harnesses the photon energy of compressed neutron stars.

A single concentrated beam, and the Arcadia will be wiped out.

Second fleet deployed around Arcadia at 84 through 93.

Time to end the hundred-year reign of this phantom ship!

4 enormous gravity fields detected outside the ship!


An enormous...force...projected onto us!

Critical radiance!


Debris incoming!

Deploy shields at full strength!

Long-range sensors inoperable; heavy electromagnetic interference.

Estimated recovery time: 2 minutes!

Get a visual reading, anything, dammit!

No sign of the Arcadia, sir!

What the hell is going on?

I don't know, sir. It's like they were never there!

Was it another hologram?


How could they have known?

Sir, it's the Arcadia!


We don't have time to put up our shields!

Heavy cruiser Neraid is down!

Ares is critical!

Regroup all functional vessels!

Fill in the gaps!

The Arcadia! Brace for impact!

The Arcadia...is heading towards us!


97% of the fleet destroyed or immobilized!

Only 17 vessels are functional!

Our defense line cannot hold any longer!

Engines 1 and 3 immobilized!


It's no use resisting.

You've humiliated the flagship of the Gaia Legion.

Why not just put it out of its misery?

Nice try, but we need the Oceanus on display to show that we have hostages.

Behold the strategist.

You were a good teacher.

But you were never that good a student.

Certainly not one to know how to access information about our location or the battle plan.

So, it was Nami.

She's not to blame.

Harlock is the best shot we have.

If the Nodes of Time are unwound, humankind will have a second chance.

Then, all of us, we can...

A second chance?

You believe whatever you're told.

Approaching Earth space.

Entering the Sanctified Zone.


It's so beautiful.

One hundred years...

The Earth, our home... and also the last Node of Time.

We can finally start over.


If we detonate the warhead here, there may not be much of a planet left to go home to.

Has the captain ever steered us wrong before?

He must have a plan.

Harlock has deceived you, every last one of you.

No matter, we've almost reached the Sanctified Zone.

You'll see for yourself.

Wh-What's happneing?

A hologram!

The Earth's an illusion?

What...what the...

What...is this?

This is Harlock's legacy.

The Earth was a satellite-projected hologram?


100 years ago...

Humans began their journey back to Earth.

And a war erupted over the privilege to return home.

The Homecoming War...

But the slaughter caused disillusion, and the teachings of the Gaia Communion emerged as a unifying force to end the conflict.

"Earth is our holy land, and no one shall desecrate the planet."

During the war, an elite wing of the Gaia Legion was tasked with defending the Earth: the Deathshadow Martyr Fleet, led by Harlock.


There were four Deathshadow-class ships with dark matter engines, an unstoppable flotilla.

The lost alien technology was rediscovered by Sheffield, a Gaia Legion engineer.

Sheffield was Harlock's closest, some say only, friend.

Sheffield did all he could to save my endangered race.

We returned the favor by sharing our technology.

Harlock defended the Earth with his life, however...

The final peace accord allowed only the diplomatic elite and high planetary officials to immigrate.

These were the terms of the peace agreement.

Wars do not end without ~compromise'.


Harlock was enraged.

"Earth is our holy land..."

Harlock fought for this very principle, so he rose up against the Gaia Communion's hypocrisy.


And the Gaia Communion wanted to punish Harlock's treason.


With his back against the wall, outgunned and overwhelmed...

He ordered me to release of the dark matter, to form a layer around the Earth, and create a true Sanctified Zone.

But the risk was too great.

I should have stopped him.

The dark matter was an uncontrollable force, beyond Harlock's imagination.

It ended up consuming Earth in fire and darkness.

It was over.

Or so they thought...


Harlock was resurrected, as an immortal monster hexed by dark matter.

With his transformed ship that imprisoned the Niflung and Sheffield in its black machinery.

5 years after the war, Harlock raided the Gaia Communion, plundered 100 dimensional oscillators, and disappeared.

An ancient Niflung myth revealed what Harlock was planning: the destruction of the Nodes of Time.

Even the Gaia Communion could see it coming.

The burden of his sins has taken its toll.

Harlock wants to end everything.

Is that what you want too?

What will happen to the cosmos if we unravel the Nodes of Time?

The universe is an ever-expanding balloon, and the Nodes of Time are its plugs.

Remove the plugs, and it will return to nothingness... to be born again.

We'll all die? This is what you mean by starting over'?

There is no other way.

Man is nothing but a quick spark that will fade away in space.

That we exist...

That we existed...

None of this will matter once we are gone.

Once humans realized their fate, they tried to rush back to Mother Earth, wanting to return to a place and time that seemed to offer infinite hope and possibilities.

But Earth as we knew it, doesn't exist anymore.

We have to start over.

It's why I was granted this haunted ship and this accursed immortal flesh.

This will be my atonement...

No, this can't be right!

If you knew it would end like this... why save us and bring us back here?

Why the hope?


Fire the dimensional oscillators.

That's an order.


You will never be free... until you accept what you have done.


Wh-What the...

We're moving away from Earth!

That's impossible! Nobody's at the helm!

Old friend, you want to betray me too?

The tractor field holding the Oceanus is shutting down!

Engine room! The prisoners are rioting!

What's wrong?! Answer me!

The bulkheads won't close!

Where did they get all these weapons?

Don't let them onto the bridge!


Kei, you said it yourself.

If we're going to die anyway, we've got to try something.

We are more alike than I thought.

Our reliance on taking the easy way out, but I'm through with all that.

So this is the answer you found.

I suppose it's futile since your flesh is immortal.

I have known death. There's a part of me that dies every day.

Interstellar Fugitive S-00999, Captain Harlock:

I hereby place you under arrest for violation of Clause 62 of the Solar Federation Regulations.

This is the Gaia Information Administration.

The following declaration from the Hall of the Imperial Father concerns all devotees.

Notorious disturber of the peace and century-long evader of capture, Space Pirate Harlock, was taken into custody, along with 40 subordinates, by the honorable Gaia Legion.

You stay here to keep an eye on things.

Ezra, I'd like to see Nami.

That is my wife you're talking about.

Why did you betray me'?

You don't have to answer.

I've known for a long time that you were always partial to Logan.

You still don't know me at all...

How I wanted to repay your kindness.

...and free you from your own hatred!

Don't insult me!

Look at yourself!

Who do you think did this to you?

Who turned you into this?

Why him, of all people?

I finally see...

Logan's not the one who torments you.

It's me.

You deserve the truth.

I've always loved Logan.

I've heard enough!

I never loved you, not even...

Stop it! Shut up!

...not even for a moment.

Shut up!

I lied.

I'm sorry, dear Ezra.


I love this place...


...you know that I love you.

You fool!

You fool!

You fool!


She left this for you.

She breached the military network to contact you.

I'm told that caused her life-support to malfunction.

I'm sorry.

You lie!

Ezra, how could you...

Look, Logan.

These flowers only bloomed on Earth before.

But now, see how strong and beautiful your mother's blossoms have grown here.

I nagged Ezra to build this greenhouse for me.

I wanted you to see the flowers for yourself.

There was a time when I was so angry with you.

You took on the weight of the world; blamed yourself for everything.

If I could move, I wanted to yell at you and shake some sense into you.

It was your brother who brought peace back into my world with his kindness.

He was always there beside me.

That is why I chose him.

So please, don't blame yourself any more.

I can hardly wait for your return, perhaps with someone special of your own.

We're family. Remember that.

You're weakening, just as we anticipated.

Your execution takes place at noon today.

You could have freed yourself from your curse, by dismantling the dark matter engine, the source of your immortality.

Why didn't you just die alone?

Did you really believe you could start everything over?

Some illusions...

...you just can't give up.

Everybody has one...

...if you are a human.

Congratulations. You'll finally be free from it.

The time is now solar noon.

In a moment, the infamous Space Pirate Captain Harlock and his associates will be sentenced to death by the mercy of Gaia.

View the proceedings on the Gaia Interstellar Network.

And we now see His Majesty, the Imperial Father, taking his throne.

Hail the Gaia Communion!

Peace and order!

Peace and order!

Our Home, our Mother...

Blessed Earth.

May your children, wherever in all the cosmos they may be, gaze upon your eternal brilliance, until their dying breath.

Even if it's all an illusion?

Go to hell, you hypocritical bastards!

You're the one who's a hypocrite.

I'm having a hard time believin' you didn't know about this.

Knock it off, losers!

What did you call me?

We all came aboard this ship because we had nowhere to go.

You must be happy now.

What do you mean?

Now you can die with your sweetheart captain.

Logan was right.

We are all bottom feeders!

We have no right to complain, you or me.

We're nothing but maggots feeding off of Harlock's despair.

10 minutes until the execution.

All personnel, evacuate the premises.

Repeat! Evacuate the premises!

Hurry up soldier, we don't have much time.

What's With him?

Forming degenerative force-field.

Activating singularity sustainment shield.

Osmotic pressure of gravitons, quantum hypercomplexity: maintained.

Boosting spatial degeneration to specifications.

Degenerative force-field and spatial degeneration close to critical.

Enactment in T-minus 10 seconds.








Code Red! Explosion in the Arcadia cage!!

Dark matter energy leak!

Let's go!

What's your game now?

No, I was just wrong.

Too late for that.

Not just me.

The Gaia Communion and Harlock...

We were all wrong.

I found out, on Earth.

There's something I need to show you, all of you.

And you expect us to trust you?

There's no time to talk.

The guards will be back soon.

All hands on deck!

How can we possibly trust the bastard?

We don't exactly have a choice, do we?

Son of a...

Ship cameras, now!

What's going on up there?

A mutiny.

The execution has been sabotaged.

We've cancelled the broadcast!

Take care of this immediately!


All units, equip full armor hardsuits.

Shoot on sight! Kill them all!

Get the hell out!

You're trespassing!

We must set sail now. Let's go!

Captain, it's time to fight back!

This ship will not move without you at the helm! C'mon!

Get up! Captain!

You may have destroyed our home, but you also gave us a new one!

This ship!

This is the only home we have left!


Look at this.

I found it, blooming on Earth.

Hey, what's going...

Earth is trying to revive itself.

It's not over yet.

It may just be the new beginning that you wanted.

Even if we all perish, this flower, the world that gave us life, will continue its fight to be reborn.

Even the human race might...

Each spark is a link...

in the eternal cycle.

This is...my freedom!

Old friend...

It's no good, the dark matter's out of control.

We can't keep it suppressed!


Where are they going?

Arcadia's course is set for the Sanctified Zone.


Assemble every fleet in the system.

Earth will not be touched by the likes of Arcadia!

What's the status of the Oceanus?

Not fully repaired, sir.

We'll have to make do. Let's go.


The ship has a mind of its own...

Arcadia is taking us to Earth...

We're heading to the Node of Time again!

Yulian, get us into Gaia's communication network.

Find a hyperspace link for an interspace simulcast.

We are going to destroy those hologram projectors and expose their lies.

Once people know the truth, the Council will lose their power over them.


Tell them what you found on Earth, and set them free!

They've gone IN-Skip to jump to the perimeter.

They won't get any closer.

All ships, prepare for battle!

Damn it! There are too many of them!

Destroy the holograph projectors.

Ignore the rest.

Yulian, are you in yet?

Why does everyone think this kinda thing is so easy?

They're targeting the holograph projectors!

Stop them! Intensify fire!

Port side centerplate, direct hit!


Yes, yes!

We're in!

We have invaded the Gaia Intergalactic network!


They're coming!

This is the Arcadia.

To every man, woman and child... who wishes to some day return to the home planet...

We have all been deceived. What you see here is what the Gaia Communion has held hostage from us: the true face of Mother Earth.

Long ago, a great war broke out, and transformed a once beautiful planet into this.

This blasphemy must be stopped!


All is not lost!

Mother Earth is alive.

The recovery is gradual, but life has taken root.

A fleeting spark of life, but more than that.

For each spark is a link, in an eternal cycle.

Let's stop relying on illusions and face the truth.

Freedom always awaits us there.

The human race is not alone in this universe.

Even if we cease to exist one day, another form of life will carry on.

So let us beign the every last second of our lives count...

For life resides within all things, for all eternity.

What foolishness...

They seek to undermine what little order we have.

The Arcadia must be stopped, before it's too late.

You know what must be done.

Prepare the Jovian Accelerator.

The Jovian Accelerator...

The Jovian Accelerator?

The protoype ultimate weapon scrapped after the Homecoming War...

The Arcadia is in Earth's orbit.

Earth will also be targeted!

We must depict a beautiful, blue Earth as the Holy Land.

We have no use for any other truths.

Please, Your Excellency!

Pull back your fleet, Ezra!

The Gaia fleet appears to be backing off.

But why?

You think that broadcast killed their will to fight?

Wait, one ship is approaching us fast!

The Oceanus!


All hands, brace for impact!

They're just pushing us! Why?

They're firing anchors!

They're boarding us!

Those copycats!

That's what WE do!

Kei, can you walk?

C'mon, no time for R&R! Get to the hangar!



Wanna piece of this?

We're just getting started!

Ezra, where are you?

Get out of my way!

Ring alignment complete. All systems are go.

Rotation veolcity check. Firing mode engaged.

Plasma beam conversion commencing.

Jovian Accelerator at 60% capacity.

Boosting rotation velocity.

Jupiter is distorting...

Upper limit attainable in 180 seconds.

The Oceanus is locked in with the Arcadia.

If we fire now...

Ignore them.

They are expendable.

So you think you're the savior...

...taking away the sins of the world?

Where are you, Ezra?

You failed the one you loved, so now you're going to save all of humanity?!

Give me some handicaps for this game.

You never learn.

Just like Mother's flowers.

Always dreaming of the impossible.

But the flowers...they bloomed!

It's too late now!

She is dead.

YOU killed Nami!

The beam fired from Jupiter will leave nothing behind.

Not the Arcadia, not the Earth...

You knew about this...

Captain, you must go.

Mimay, I need your help.

"To protect Earth..."

You are the only one who stayed true 'till the end...

How could it misfire?

The weapon is over 100 years old.

That was its first use since the Homecoming War.

What do you expect?

Hurry up and realign the rings!

High velocity plasma recharge in progress.

Reached 95% threshold.

System check complete. Ring alignment in progress.

Gate ring attitude control thrusters engaged.

Engaging core thrusters. Releasing trigger lock mechanism.

Hyperspace gate linked to target quadrant.

Target lock on the Arcadia. Automatic guidance system initiated.

Have a last look at the Earth...

An illusion is all we needed.

It's not as if any of us will live forever.


Are you certain of this?

I'm afraid so, Mimay.

Forgive me.

There's nothing to forgive.

I am not sad.

Death and rebirth...

I know they are part of the eternal cycle of life.

Unleash the dark matter.

Well, this sucks...

What happened?

The Arcadia changed its position, removing Earth from the line of fire.

The Oceanus...

It was Ezra!

You rammed the Arcadia to redirect the beam away from Earth?

But why?

I wanted to see Nami's flowers.

It's beautiful...



Earth is recovering.

Humans will soon flood this planet again.

Perhaps we should undo the Nodes of Time before there is another Homecoming War?

I'm out of dark matter.

You may be able to kill me now.

How about it?

If I must.

This world is a gift. From Nami and Ezra.

Perhaps you're right.

But if humankind fails again,

you know what to do with this.

This curse, too, forms an eternal cycle.

As long as mankind exists, so will the myth of Captain Harlock.

Perhaps for all eternity...

This is the Solar Federation.

This is a warning.

Surrender your vessel immediately.

All survivors, abandon all weapons and exit the ship.

Silence will be interpreted as defiance.

We will not hesitate to open fire!

I gave my life to Harlock.

I live for the Arcadia, and die with the Arcadia.



The human race is on the decline.

And there's nothing out there.

Nothing's gonna change.

And yet, there is one man...

...who, for whatever reason, will never stop.