Harvest Love (2017) Script

Tales of the Four Seasons

An autumn tale

It's really good, but my parents are supposed to supply the wine.

Would they mind if we served a few bottles of Magali's wine?

Let's say forty?

Shall I ask them?

That's be nice.

Mom, it'll complicate things.

No, it won't. And if it pleases your friend...

She's my mom's friend. Not mine.

I'm on bad terms with her.

This is a chance to make up.

Neither of us wants to.

It bothers me that my best friend won't be at my daughter's wedding.

She'll only come if we buy her wine.

Stop that, Emilia.

Anyway, wine or no wine, She won't come.

She never leaves her vineyard.

I doubt she owns a dress.

What a viper's tongue!

It's my business, not yours.

You needn't talk to her.

She won't even congratulate you.

Look, it's a chance for her to get out for a change.

She doesn't want to.

How do you know?

I won't say another word.

Why are you mad at her?

We had a fight two years ago.

I stupidly agreed to work in her grape harvest.

She has a lousy disposition.

Worse than mine.

See what you're in for?

Ok, I'll let her kiss my cheek.

No hard feelings.

Not one!


Not one... hard feeling.


I love you.


Hi How are you?

Hi. Hi Rosine... Isabelle.

Hi, Rosine Have a nice day.

Enjoy your bike! Right!

What did you think of her?

She's adorable. Who is she?

Leo's new girlfriend.

He didn't come?

He's not interested in vineyards.

But she is. Everything interests her.

She's a great girl.

Too good for him.

Too good?

Leo may be my son, But I'm aware of his flaws.

Mentally, she's 5 years ahead of him.

Oddly, she was in love with her philosophy teacher.

She likes older men.

I fear she picked Leo on the rebound.

Are we going to the vineyard?

If you want...

Get in, it'll be hot.

It'll be soon...

The grape harvest.

They're great, healthy...


They call me a weirdo... But look... Look at them!

They're superb.

I produce less than others.

I'm not after quantity.

I want a wine that ages well.

Your 1989 was fabulous.

Yes. What I want to do is to show that Côte-du-Rhône is wine that will age like Burgundy.

But I'm holding them to age them more... even though it's risky.

For how long?

I don't know.

Meanwhile, they're aging very well.

You don't have to sell me those 40 bottles...

That's not it...

It'll be an experiment...

I doubt if that wine'll get better.

Not that vintage.

That's my neighbor's property.

See how well it's kept?

Not at all like you.

There are no weeds between the vines.

What made you do it?

I got criticized this year, But I stuck to my guns.

I do it because...

Well, if you don't want weeds, you have to see herbicide, Which spoils the taste of the wine.

Won't they strangle your grapes?


Those aren't so great.

It's a bit rotten. I should have done more spring hoeing.

You can't do everything.

There are good sides too. There's some corn rocket.

Delicious in salads!

It stinks!

You don't like it?

I do, but it stinks...

What's that?

Wild snapdragon.

It's pretty.

What's it called?

Wild snapdragon.

Cute, eh?

Anyway, I'll have forgotten the name by tomorrow.

It's not my memory...

It's my attention span.

When I'm in the countryside I don't like to focus on things.

For instance, I hate looking for mushrooms.

What about wild strawberries?

That can be ok...

You'd rather hunt for books.

Not at al. You're wrong.

I'm a librarian. Not a bookworm!

I know. But by nature I'm a dreamer, in the city or the country.

It seems to me that country folk...

Dream a lot less than city folk.

You're wrong.

They do dream.

They dream of money!

Which is silly:

You don't make money in the country.

Not unless you're a really big shot!

Listen... You'll say I'm pretentious, But I think of what I do as a craft...

Not as a trade.

I hate that word trade!

I don't trade in the fruit of the soil, I honor it!

Get it?

You can see the Ventoux hills in the mist.

It's hot.

Where does that lead to?

It's steep, don't fall.

That's juniper, right?

No, it's cade.

Wrong again!

Are there snakes?

I've never seen any, I hear there are in the scrub.



You scared?

Sure, I'm scared of animals, Especially snakes.

What about bees and wasps?

Not as much.

You're wrong. They're the most dangerous.

That's nonsense.

Watch our! Don't move!

Forward or backward.


Don't worry, I know what to do.

Next time, be more careful.

Thanks, what dexterity!

Yes, but I've got no grip.

I'm bad at things that take strength.

You have delicate hands.

Luckily, there's Marcel.

But he's old, he's going to retire.

Ok make fun of me, but I need help...

Has the grape harvest started?

Since yesterday.

Magali starts next week.


Leo's mother.


That was nothing.

Too much. We made a pact!

To be friends.

Nothing more.

That wasn't more.

It was!

It's hard to be just friends.

The boundary isn't easy to see.

I know just where it is!

Our situations differ:

You have a boyfriend, I have no one.

You like it that way.

It's hard to find a woman at my age.


All your students are wild about you!

Where does that lead?

To regrets...

Or to friendships that are far from innocent.

You love that.

You thrive on ambiguity.

Not always.

Maybe for the tidbits of life, The part that is half dreamt, half lived.

But for the basics, And I don't say one's more profound than the other, I hate ambiguity.

If I live with a woman, she'll be younger than I am, But the age difference will be reasonable.

10 or 15 years?

I know you!

I'm not hooked on young girls.

You like older men:

This year you have a toy boy!

Leo's just a filler.

I'm flitting around, but it won't last.

It was a fun change, but with him there's no intellectual complicity, No affinity, or real tenderness.

I'd have dumped him, had I not met his mother...

You listen to mothers now?

That's not what I meant.

I'm more attached to her than to him.

She's the one I love.

I fell for her, not him.

You picked the son because of the mother?

Then I met her, it was love at first sight.


It isn't a mother-daughter relationship, Though in a way I'm replacing the daughter who left.

I'm not aware of any age difference.

Like with you.

I replaced you, not with my boyfriend, but his mother.

You'll make me jealous.

You should be.

What do you talk about?


More than I did with you.

She's very well read.

On things like nature, life, thoughts, She says more profound things than you ever did.


Indeed. That's the last thing I expected.

I'm more comfortable with her than with you.

Because there's no desire.

She confides in me, I in her.

You spoke of me?

No, or only vaguely.

Because of her son?

Certainly not.

Even if I wanted to, I couldn't talk about us.

No one would understand.

Our relationship defies categories.

Sit on my lap.

No, it's vulgar!

Because it can be categorized?

Yes. As what?

"Teacher seducing student."

When I was your teacher, nothing happened!

That's why I waited until I was in college.

You were no longer my teacher, but you still were.

By vulgarity, I mean it in the deepest moral sense.

If your fate is to seduce your students, Do it nobly, bravely.

Change girls every year, guiltlessly.

If you want a woman for life, Choose her for that right off.

And not among your students.


But where?

You figure it out.

All right.

But our friendship has nothing to do with that.

It does, because our situations differ.

For now, pure friendship is impossible.

I feel less able to stand up to you than last year.

You want me to say I love you. For life!

You don't believe that!

I shouldn't have come! That'll teach me!

Don't leave!

I'm leaving for a period of time which only you can end.

We won't meet again until you've found a woman.

That's a plan!

What if I no longer want to see you?

It'll mean our friendship was fragile, and needn't be pursued.


I'll be back late afternoon. See you later.

How are you?

I didn't make you rush?



It's lovely.

What's it for?

For you.

That's nice.

You liked it last year?

It was beautiful too How's the harvest?

It'll be a good year. But a lot of work.

Good, that'll occupy my mind.

You sound glum.

It happens. The other day I felt good, Maybe because of Rosine.

Don't tell me your happiness depends on her.

She's not ever your daughter!

My daughter left.

Mine, too. That's life!

Valentine meant more to me than Emilia does to you.

How do you know?

My feelings for Rosine are different.

She can't take her place.

A year ago, when Valentine left to live with her boyfriend, I thought Leo would take her place.

In fact, we grew further apart.

Then I met Rosine.

She doesn't fill the void, But she provides something else, But she provides something else, something calm, pacifying.

With Valentine everything was stormy, passionate.

Now... my sole passion is my work.

She made you suffer.

Yes, she did.

I never approved of what she did.

I hated all her boyfriends.


I don't feel that way about my future son-in-law.

I just hope he'll make Emilia happy.

You should think of yourself more.

I do.

I work to forget. To forget my loneliness.

Can I tell you something?


I don't think it's your children you miss.

There... we're in the same boat.

You mean a man?

Am I right?

Yes, I think you are.

Then it's simple.


It's the hardest thing of all.

At my age it's easier to find buried treasure!

But you're lovely. Why say that?

Men don't think like you.

They like young girls.

And all the men are taken.

Why should more men be taken than women?

You red the marriage ads in the papers?

Why should I? Do you?

Sometimes. They're funny.

They're all idiots or perverts.

Not all of them.

These days, many decent people are lonely.

You're not the only one.

So you want me to put an ad in the paper?

I'd never do that!

I didn't say that.

After all, why don't you?

It's just a scam. Not always.

I know a girl who got married that way.

Is she happy?

So it seems. As happy as I am.

Good. So miracles do happen.

For others.

I have to get going.

Wait, I'll get you some grapes.

I can't see myself meeting a series of men each more dreadful than the last...

With an infinitesimal chance of meeting Mr. Right.

I dislike the whole idea.

It's not shameful.

I'd feel I was selling myself.

I couldn't love someone I met that way.

It's not shameful, but...

Drop it, or I'll get angry.

I was just trying to help!

Thanks but...

Stop it.

You're sweet but...

You've hit a sensitive spot.

I need to meet a man, but I refuse to do anything about it.

I could help you.

Yes, you could.

You could introduce me to someone in your group.

You know lots of people.

I do, but all those I know are taken.

I have to think it over.

In my bookstore...

Lots of unattached men drop in, tourists...

I'm talking nonsense... I mean, it's tricky...

I can't say to them:

"I have a friend who's alone..."

I have to think it over.

We'll find a solution.


Have a nice evening.

I'll be thinking of you.

Thanks. You can go now.

Say. Yes to happiness.

I wonder if we shouldn't concentrate our guests on the other side.

But some people may want to be alone on this side of the garden.

Shouldn't we set up some tables?

What do you think?

Some tables?

Sorry, I wasn't listening.

My mind was elsewhere.

What did you say?

"45 year-old..." "widow..."

Leave a space. "Two grown-up children..."

Comma, leave a space.

"Fun-loving, lively, sociable..." comma.

"But living alone..." "in the countryside..."

"is looking for man..." "who loves..."

"...is looking for a man appreciative of moral and physical beauty."

I hope you don't get Gambutteau in Economics this year.

I hope you don't. I've been warned...

He'll put you to sleep!

Doesn't surprise me.

I still have to start with him...

But try... to avoid him...

You were looking for me?

More or less.

But you never answered, or Augustine said you were out.

You never call back.

True. Every time he calls, I answer the phone.

He's fed up with it.

I'll leave you two. Big hug.

See you tonight. Till tonight.

I'm so sorry.

Sit down.

Want a drink?

No, I'm not staying.

You could have called back.

You're out a lot, too.

I must find work before the term starts.

My parents help on the rent...

Let's live together.


Why not?

Because I'm too young to live with someone.

Seeing you now and then is fine.

Now and then? You mean hardly ever.

That's how it is. Vacation's over.

I have to study twice as hard, too.

During the day.

At night, I rest, I sleep.

You could sleep with me.


You don't love me?

As much as I can love anyone now.

Why now? Do you still love that teacher?

No. I haven't forgotten him, I don't want to either.

We've decided not to sleep together.

Or see each other for a while.


So we can meet as friends.

It won't work.

I believe it will. You must, too.

Or what?

Let's drop it.

I'm grape harvesting at your mother's.

You won't make a penny.

Who cares?

I've got nothing better.

And I love her. You could come too?

I don't like it. And my classes have started.

You could come at night and sleep over.

With you? Are you crazy?

Why not?

Last time I slept in your bed.

Did you dream of me?

I didn't dream, I was too tired.

I'd like to sleep in it again... Beside you.

No, it bothers me.

Because of your mother?

She'd be thrilled.

Don't let her bully you. She's a vampire.

That's not how I see her.

I don't want her to interfere in my life.

She almost wrecked my sister's.

She approves of our life.

Either way, it bothers me.

So we'll see less of each other.

See you Saturday?

Theoretically, yes.

Did you see? They're so pretty Makes you want to eat some.

This one's fun.

Which one?

Yeah. It's nice...

But there's one I prefer...

This one.

Isn't it better?

I look like a kid.


Who's that?

Your teacher?

He's handsome.

I can see why Leo's jealous.

Is he married?

No. But he has a 15-years old son.

And he chases his students?

I chased him.

He's a nice person.

Still... he could be your father.

But not yours.

So what?

What's got into you all?

Wanting to marry me off!

You don't want to?

Sure I do.

I want a man, but under a host of conditions, So many conditions, and I doubt he'd fill them, or that he'd want me.


Simply because he won't want a peasant woman.

You're not a peasant.

And he loves nature.

He has a country house with a garden.

And I'm too old for him.

You don't look your age.

He likes them young, OK...

But he wants someone who's young in mind and body, Not a girl of twenty who's fast becoming a dowager.

Some women never grow old.

I haven't said I liked him.

But you haven't said you didn't.

I'll bring him over, OK?

Warn me. So I'll look presentable.

I don't believe in such ploys.

It's not a ploy, it's an introduction.


But what's the point? It won't work.

What will Leo say?

He doesn't care about your life.


Your ex becoming his stepfather will bother him.

And bother you even more.

On the contrary.

I won't stay with Leo forever.

Let's face facts. You'll be jealous of me.

And I'll probably be jealous of you.

When I was younger his age didn't bother me.

I want us to stay friends.

That'll only happen if he loves another woman.

I see.

There's a lot at stake for you.

Yes, but let me add...

If I'm as friendly with this woman as I am with him, Then any desire I still feel for him will vanish.

He'll be taboo for me, and I for him.

That'd make me so happy.

You're dreaming! You worry me.

I have a right to dream!

You're crazier than I am.

Hi?! Hi!

If you hadn't called, I wouldn't have.

But I really missed you.

It's only been two weeks.

I thought many more would go by.

I sensed I'd miss you and that idea was unbearable to me.

It feels like a reunion after a very long absence.


You still don't feel we can meet as friends?

I do.

I'm not so sure.

You mean... you, too?


Don't imagine things.

It won't work until you've found someone.

I don't get it. Then why phone me?

To speed things up.

It'll take ages... months, years.

Not necessarily.

I may have found a woman who's interested in you.

How old is she?

A bit over forty, But she looks ten years younger.

As you say...

Doesn't she look like me?

She's a frizzy brunette, But her expression is different.

You don't like her?

I didn't say that, but I can't decide from a photo.

You don't have to decide at once.

You say I interest her. She knows me?

I showed her your picture.

Did you tell her about us?


How do you know her?

She's Leo's mother.

You're crazy!

Count me out!


It's obvious!

I can't be your father-in-law.

I'll have left Leo.

And his mother?

No way!

I'll keep seeing her.

Even more if you're around.

I can't be your friend's lover.

I'd rather you loved a friend than an enemy.

I'd long to cheat on her with you.

I want to dispel that longing.

You don't care, you don't love me.

I love you as a friend.


Then we'll do as I said!

We won't meet again until you've found a woman.

I found one, you don't want her.

Can't someone as smart as you see that this is a fantasy?

It's ridiculous!

Why are you, who are even smarter, So fearful of ridicule?

Don't you want to meet her?


With me.

I can't introduce my friends to each other.

All right.

If her son isn't present. So nothing happens.

It's you.

Weren't you expecting me?

We had a date.

You didn't confirm it.

I never do. My dates are definite.

I wasn't sure I'd be free.

I tried to phone you yesterday.

Where were you?

Various places.

Not at my mother's?

You called her?

There was answer.

She must've been in the vineyard.

Were you there?

I met Etienne in Montélimar. I won't hide it.

You said it was over.

We meet as pals.

Some pal! Find another word!

Friend, if you like.

I can have all the friends I want:

Young, old, handsome, ugly.

None of your business.

Since I met you, I've never seen Lisa again.


What would you say to each other?

What does he say?

Interesting things.

That I don't say?

They're in another vein.

You won't get philosophy from me!

Know what we spoke of yesterday?


Don't pout! Not our love.

Love in general?

No. Between him and someone else.

I'll tell you: You should know.

Swear you won't tell a soul.

I know no one to tell it to.

Maybe you do.

First swear.

You insist?

Yes. Say "I swear".

I swear.

"To tell no one."

To tell no one.

Can't you guess who this person is?

The one you may not tell, who he's in love with, or about to be?

How could I know?

It's your mother. Of course!

Mom? What's this?

He doesn't even know her!

They've only seen photos of each other.

Photos? What are you up to?

How dare you show them!

I took those photos!

I showed them to your mother, She spotted him.

Spotted him? What do you mean?

She thinks he's attractive. It's a start.

He found her attractive, too.

Cut it out! I hate pranks like this!

It's no prank.

I want to help Magali and Etienne.

Stay out of it, they're told enough to decide.

Let them decide, I just suggest.

I forbid you to.

What do you care?

I care a lot, you bet I do!


Because... it bothers me.


Kids shouldn't mess with their parents' lives!

I'm not his daughter.

I'm her son: I want no part of it.

I won't mention it again.

Anyway, it won't work.

If it did, we'd be in a real mess!

Your ex as my stepfather: It's monstrous!

Monstrous! I never thought of that!

I mean it: Monstrous.

It'd be monstrous if I was still in love with Etienne.

It proves I no longer am.

You believe me?


See you tomorrow.

Your ad is unusual.

I fit the bill. Gérald.

He's self-assured, and brief...

The others are so icky.

It's about the ad.

Yes. Yes.

Not in the evening.

Monday for lunch, OK.

You'll be in Pont-Saint-Esprit.

That's fine.



Have a seat.

I should've been more visible.

I saw you searching the room.

You could've waved.

I wasn't sure it was you.

I never imagined it was you.


On the contrary.

I didn't think a country woman would be so elegant.

I haven't always lived around here.

5 years ago, my dad died.

I took over his busi... his vineyard.


You know... I'm a winemaker's son.

I spent my boyhood in the vineyards in Algeria.

We moved back to France in 1961.

I studied law in Lyon, then worked for corporations, mostly abroad.

I recently came back to France after splitting with my wife in Egypt.

I live in this part of the country because I found a job here.

I know no one outside the office.

It's hard to get a life when you've lost contact.

And you...?

Why does such pretty, elegant woman need to place an ad?

I'm like you. I was born in Tunisia.

I came to this region when I was seven.

After high-school I got married and lived in a small town in eastern France.

When my husband died, I came back to my dad's, who later died.

Now I know no one.

For a while my two children kept me from feeling lonely.

Now they've grown up and moved away.

I'm surprised at you:

It's easier for a man to make contacts than a woman.

You're mistaken. Sure, I could find someone on the make.

But that's not what I want.

Have you ever placed an ad?

Sure... but it was drab and I got drab answers from drab people.

Shall we eat here?


Can we see the menu?

Like some?

No thanks.

May I help myself?

Of course.

It lacks body, no?

Not really.

Côte-du-Rhône? Tricastin?


On this river bank?

I won't say. I don't know you well enough.

I have to be cautious!

Then I'll be cautious, too.

No, I won't.

I'm a salesman for a company in Montélimar.

My work gets me around quite a bit. I'm very busy during the day.

So I suggest... we meet for dinner so we'll have more time.

Evenings are hard for me.


Because... there are deer...


A girl I know hit one.

I almost did once. It's quite dangerous.

I'd rather not.

I could come and pick you up.

You'd have to give me your address.


I'd rather we met during the day.

Do you know La Ga...

What's it called... La Garde Adhémar?

Yes. It's very pretty.

A nice place.

Let's have lunch there next Saturday.

Is it too windy?

It's fine if my hair's not tied.

It's more rustic here, no?


Sorry, I'm clumsy.

No you're not.

I'm better at big tasks than small ones.

Because of my big hands.

They're lovely, not at all chafed.

Because I wear gloves.

I wear gloves and I have a salaried worker and seasonal workers.

Lots of people.

How many acres do you have?


You manage with so little land?

I just added a new plot.

Makes it a lot bigger.

And I can't remember numbers.

It's the area's finest vista.

The Rhône valley must have been much prettier When there were fewer roads, cars, trains.

It's been spoiled.

Look at those factories.

One can see the power plant stacks.

I can even see those from my place.

Where exactly do you live?

Over there.

That's vague.

It's a clue!

Blue thistle... Lovage... Garlic...

Dandelion, nettle, onion.

Verbena. Odd looking verbena.

There's asparagus. Look!


That's wild snapdragon.

I know it because it grows between the vine plants.

Wild snapdragon? Right.

You're smarter than me.


Can't we meet one evening?

I told you I couldn't.


we could have dinner at my place. But it's poorly furnished.

Or at your place. I'll bring the food and cook.

Or we'll cook together.

Do I still scare you?

That's not it. My son's at home these days.

His classes haven't started again.

It's inconvenient, He's not used to me entertaining.

Then let's meet in Montélimar at noon.

I'll have more spare time.

In about ten days. Will you call me?

Sure. I'll call.

I like myself better than in the last batch.

There I look my age.

I was near your place, so I dropped by.


Sit down.


Am I intruding?

No, we're not harvesting today.

We'll do the other plots in a few days.

You're coming to the wedding Saturday?

You really want me to?

Stop it. You promised.

But I'm really into my work now.

I don't feel like dressing up.

It'll be a break. You needn't stay long.

I won't know anyone.

And I'm very shy.

Don't overdo it.

Come with Leo.

Many of his friends are coming.

You come too.


I was in Emilia's brother's class.


You must know many of his pals.

Yes, Justin, Bénédicte...

She was his girlfriend. For a while.

See? You can't turn us down!

I'm not.

I just said it was bad timing with the harvest.

It's no big deal.

How about a drink?


Hello, Gérald. It's Isabelle.

I'm calling to say it's OK for today.

This morning I'm going shopping in Montélimar.

Let's meet at 12:30. At the "Garden" in Carmes Square?

OK. See you then.


The bookstore called.


Marie... Yes, it's Isabelle.

It's in the reserved books, at the foot of the stairs, near the Hachette package.

I can't stop by now. You figure it out.

Mom, you work too hard.

I'll go to Montélimar for you.

No. I was going anyway.

I'll come with you.

What for?

I'll do the florist, you the bakery.

No, the wedding arrangements are up to me.

And I'm leaving now. You're not ready.

I'm fond of industrial architecture.

I find that in this area it blends very well.

The two stacks of the Tricastin power plant, They don't bother or shock me. They do me.

They're eyesores.

You can't ignore them.

But walking along the Ardèche river is very restful, A real contact with nature.

The Rhône valley is being destroyed by construction.

All the roads, the cranes, it's appalling.

No, I see a valley that's alive.

It offends me.

People don't have to agree on everything to live together.

What's that look?

You gauging me?

Gauging or judging you?


So...? What's the conclusion?

And yours?

Mine's not finished.

Mine is almost.

Positive or negative?

You speak first.

It's too soon.

You're confusing...

I can't quite place you.

Yet we've known each other for 2 weeks.

It's been long enough for me.

No, I'll help you.

Am I your type of woman?

I don't have a type.

We all do, more or less.

When we're young.

At my age that means nothing.

I'm looking for a woman I enjoy being with.

That takes time to find.

I believe in instant feelings.

The first time you saw me in that restaurant, You never dreamt I was the person you were meeting.

So I don't correspond to your expectations.

I had no expectations.

I was simply expecting... Someone less elegant.


No. Why?

I'm taller than average.

That's fine.

As a general rule... do you like smaller women?

I have no general rules.

All right. Were the women in your life as tall as I am?

No, none of them.

Weren't they too small?

No, and you're not too tall.

What's the point of this questioning?

Let me go on. You'll see.

Do you prefer brunettes?

I prefer them and marry them.

My wife was a brunette.

Do you prefer blue eyes?

Stop this!

No, it's important.

All I've ever known are dark-eyed brunettes.

I may feel like changing.

But to be perfectly frank...

I'm less at ease with blue-eyed women.

I don't like Nordic types, and that's not you.

In any case, all this is unimportant.

To me it is.

I like to be liked right off.

My husband did:

My height, hair, blue eyes.

And let me tell you, He still loves me as much after 24 years of marriage.

What do you mean? You said your husband was dead!

I lied to you. He's very much alive.

And I don't plan to leave him or cheat on him.

I don't get it. Why this whole act?

You want to know why I'm here?

As the envoy of a delightful black-eyed brunette, who's not very tall and who really is a winemaker.

I'm a bookseller.

Envoy? What does that mean?

It means I came for her.

Why didn't she come?

She's busy wine harvesting.


She could have waited to place her ad.

I placed it.

She doesn't believe in ads.

Is she looking for a man?

She thinks he'll just materialize.

Thanks to a good Samaritan. Nice of you.

I know, it's not exactly fair to you.

I swear you won't be worse off.

I've worked out a plan so you two can meet.

No, don't rush things.

I'm still a bit dazed.

Care to see her picture?

I want your first impression.

Its true... She looks interesting.

She's your type?

She could be... if I had one.

Anyway, more than I am.

With you it's unquestionable.

You insisted on bringing it up.

You really fooled me.

I was ready for anything but this.

You see, in a way, I'm relieved:

Something was fishy, but I couldn't figure it out.

But I'm disappointed, too.

Very much so.

I was already more than interested in you.

I don't want to shock you, but I wanted to love you, and I'm frustrated.

OK, stop this nonsense.

I'm suggesting you love someone who's very available.

I can see why you're hurt, But if it works you won't have wasted your time.

And if it doesn't?

Too bad.

Both for you and for me.

There's lots of ways to waste time.

This one is no sillier than any other.

It's a little game that amused me.

Even though it's a bit dangerous.

For me or for you?

Certainly for me.

It's quite risky to make romantic dates with an attractive man.

I could have fallen in love with you.

I'm not your type.

I haven't had a type since I found mine 24 years ago.

Now I'm more afraid of men who aren't like my husband, than those who are.

Am I so unlike him?

Not enough to be dangerous.

I doubt I'll find your brunette more appealing than you.

She'll come off second best.

Stop talking or thinking about me.

My role is over. I no longer exist.

It's up to you and Magali.

She's called Magali?

I like that.

Is Isabelle your real name?

That was no lie!

What does she say about all this?

I didn't tell her a thing.

She'd never take out an ad!

So when you introduce us what will you say?

I won't introduce you.

I'll arrange for you to meet accidentally.

At my daughter's wedding.

Come to the party. Magali will be there.

I'm not invited.

Now you are.

As what?

I don't have to justify it.

What about me?

No one will ask you.

If anyone does, say anything.

Not the truth, of course.

Magali's coming alone and will be as lost as you.

Just take it... as a lark.

It'll work even better that way.

You know... I'm a bit of a romantic.

I've lived an adventurous life full of far greater dangers.

So this doesn't scare me.

It's embarrassing to show up uninvited.

No one will ask you.

There'll be a crowd.

I'm well-known around here.

The bride was my student.

Did you chase her?

Of course.

She wasn't interested.

Is that true? Of course not.

Give her a present.

They'll know I came with you.

So what? I can bring who I want.

You're going with Leo.

No, he's with his mother.

If it bothers you, I'll go with Leo, you'll go with his mother.

First, I'd have to meet her.


Stick with her: They'll think you're together.

I'll introduce you and leave.


Turn around.

What is it?

That's Emilia's mother.

Did she see us?


Anyway... we're hardly a secret.

That's not what I meant.

Then what?

I didn't want to embarrass her.


You think she...

Forget I ever said it.

You have too much imagination.

Long live the bride and groom!


Cars to taste?

Why not?

I'll pour.


You know it?

Domaine de la ferme du Moulin. No.

Is it near here?

On the opposite bank. Over there.

Like it?

It has aged well. What year?


For a local wine, that's outstanding.

I agree with you.

As good as the Gigondas I had yesterday.

Forgive me for bragging. It's my wine!

I'm a winegrower.

My folks were, too.

Not here.

They returned to France from Algeria.

Mine from Tunisia.

They left me that vineyard.

Mine gave up winegrowing for business.

I work for a company in Montélimar.

But... I miss the countryside.

You know...

Few people can say what you said.

You delighted me.

Anyone can tell it's good.

But a connoisseur's opinion is flattering.

You think I'm childish?

Not at all. I like people who are proud of what they do.

Will you excuse me?

Of course.

You OK?

Been here long? I just got here.

Etienne, Magali.

You're her teacher. I've seen photos of you.

I used to be.

Too bad. They cut down the hedge that hid the factories.

Your place is nicer.

It's in the Ardèche, no?


Certainly a lot wilder.

No, it's cultivated.

Like real countryside.

You grow wine?

Yes, I'm a winegrower.

I'm a winegrower person!

Lady winegrower doesn't sound nice.

Right. Why not?

Must be a lot of work.

It is. Especially at this time of year.

I may have to leave quite soon.

No harvesting tonight!

I can't take my mind off it.

Sorry that you came?

Yes and no.

It would have been rude to Isabelle.

We could have harvested today, but it doesn't matter.

Tomorrow will be fine.

I'll get some rest at home tonight.

You've got time. It's not dark yet.

Yes, but the days are getting shorter.

Have you seen Leo? He's disappeared.

He went to watch a soccer game on TV.

He left? How?

By car.

My car! How will I get home?

Etienne! He'll take you home.

I can stay another hour...

Even two.

Aren't you hungry?

No, we already ate.

I'm hungry.

I'm going back to the buffet. You mind?

I don't know what's got into her: she's in a lousy mood.

She's not interested in me.

But she really liked your photo.

I think she really came for you.

Maybe you said the wrong thing... what?

You were here. You know I didn't.


You mind?

I was looking for you.

You saw her?

The tough part is over.

Come this way.

We spoke to each other.

The first contact was a total success.

She didn't suspect a thing.

Then why didn't you stay with her?

We were starting to have a nice chat When a young girl took her away...

To meet a man who was my age.

I know who it was.

Rosine, her son's girlfriend, and her teacher.

I saw them in Montélimar the other day.

They won't keep her long. You'll find her.

But she has to appeal to you.

Did she?

Let's say, she's a possibility...

Even a distinct one.


Whereas I wasn't one at all.

Of course not. You're married.

No. I'm tall and blue-eyed!

Don't say that!

You're not angry?

Yes. I want all men to love me, especially those I don't love.

Sorry, I'm talking nonsense. Too much wine!

Admit that I've got flair.

Yes. It could be a fluke.

It certainly isn't. It's all my work.

Any way, good luck.

Why the laughter?

I'm happy for you and for her.

You're making fun of me?

No. But you look so disconcerted.

She won't like your silly look.


Sorry. No. Run off and find her.

May I?

You're shaking.

You're not scared?

I am. Like when I was 18.

Who is it?

Come in!

You'll get me in trouble.

It was you who...

You, too... Go on!

Hurry off!

Where were you?

I looked for you at the buffet.

I'm not hungry any more.

Sorry, but your teacher wasn't interested in me.

I don't know He tried. You didn't keep up the conversation.


He was just being polite.

His heart wasn't in it.

What did he say?


He went off and talked to someone.

One of his former students.

I'm too old for him.

You're not.

I am.

You sense that at once.

Is Leo back?

I don't think so.

Stay a bit longer. Etienne will take you home.

No way.

I'll come with you.

I'm not in that big a hurry.

I'd rather stay here, but away from the crowd.

I don't mind being alone.

You don't have to stay.

I'm alone too, if that's any consolation.


I discounted your teacher.

Men who like young girls do it all their life.

As they get older, they pick even younger ones.


Etienne isn't like that.

I chased him, I tell you.

He's looking for a woman, not a kid.

He was eyeing that girl in red.

You noticed?

He went off to be with her.

She's older than me.

And much younger than me.

She was with her pals.

Drop it. It won't work. It's forgotten.

Forgive my abruptness, but that's how I am.

For now I only care about my vineyard.

Men don't interest me.

They're not mutually exclusive.

They are!

Since I took over the vineyard, each time I try to get interested in a man, it never works.

Either he disappoints me, or I disappoint him, or both.

If it ever worked out it would be totally independent of me.

No man will track you down to your vineyard.

Make the most of it.

Listen, You know that all the men here are taken.


You know him?

No. But he smiled at you.

Yes, perhaps... Well, yes.

We chatted at the buffet before you came over.

Go talk to him.

Sorry, I didn't know.

I have nothing to say to him.

If he wanted to talk to me he'd have stopped.

He may be waiting till I leave.

No. It was just a chat.

He's quite cute. You like him?

Right now I'm not interested in men.

He turned around again.

I'm sure he wants to talk to you.

Stop that!

Mind your own business.

I don't poach on other people's turf!

What other people?

Is he a friend of Isabelle's?

I don't know and don't want to.

Is that what you think?

If she wanted to introduce me, she'd have done it by now.

She wants to marry me off worse than you do!

You look thoughtful... What's on your mind?

I wonder if I should tell you...

Why not...

I've seen that guy with her.


Last week in Montélimar, when I was with Etienne.

They didn't see us.

What were they doing?

Talking, as he saw her to her car.

No harm in that.

I never said there was.

But when I bump into two people, I keep it to myself.

News travels fast.

My lips are sealed. And I never see a soul.

But you strike me as nosy.

Nosy isn't the word. I'd call it...


When I see a man with a woman, I imagine the worst.

Or the best, the best scenario.

Seeing that lovely, popular woman, I couldn't help wondering...

When I saw them in Montélimar, my first reaction was to turn around, not to hide, but so as not to intrude.

But it wasn't an intrusion since the guy's here today.


I talk too much.

In this case, yes.

Sorry. I don't like you to be sad.

I'm not sad. Who said I was? I have no reason to be.

I have two reasons, since two men are leaving me.

I feel like goofing off tonight to bug them.

Coming with me? I'm fine here.

You go have fun.

If you see Leo send him over fast.

I want to go home.

You don't want Etienne to take you?

No. I said no.

You sulking?

What's wrong?

Nothing. I'm fine.

I was watching the sunset.

It's behind you, over there.

Later I'll be facing it.

Your grounds are lovely.

We just call it the garden. True, it's big.

That's why we concentrated the guests over there.

So they wouldn't be spread out.

And so there were quiet spots for others.

I felt a bit hemmed in that crowd.

Now I live in the country, I'm not used to that.

I'll be leaving soon.

I'd have gone by now, but my son took my car to go off with his pals.

You really want to go?

Sorry... it's not because...

I wasn't being critical...

There's someone who is leaving.

He can take you home, it's on his way.

Come with me.

May I introduce you to someone?


Magali. Gérald.

We were at the buffet a while ago.


Can you drive her home?

I'd hate to bother you...

No bother at all... I have to leave anyway.

Her home's on your way.

I don't mind a detour. I'm in no hurry.

That's very nice of you.

Very well. Let's go.

You're a friend of Isabelle's?

Not exactly. We only met recently.

I've known her forever, or almost.

Since I came back to France. I was seven.

We were classmates.

We lost touch, then met again.

She's wonderful. So's her husband.

A good marriage that mustn't be threatened... now their daughter's leaving home.

You're implying I have designs on her. Why?

I'm speaking generally.


Sorry, I like to be specific.

Was it you who opened the living room door?

I didn't want to disturb you.

You should've come in.

We weren't up to anything. It was just friendly.

You have nothing to fear. I respect Isabelle.

Anyway, she's not my kind of woman, and I presume I'm not her kind of man.

I believe you.

The only amazing thing is that Isabelle, who never hides anything from me, never told me about you.


Since you say you only just met...

Three weeks ago, precisely.

I've only seen her three times in all.

For business?

Yes, in a way...

Something that's unrelated to our mutual feelings.

Does it concern a third person?

Not at all.

Forgive me for not saying more, but I swore I wouldn't.

But you needn't worry about my relationship with your friend.

Where exactly should I take you?

I don't know.

You don't know where you live?

I'm not sure I want to go home right away.

Then let's go somewhere for a drink. Or even for dinner.

It's too early.

I'm not hungry or thirsty.

Go through Pierrelatte.

So you're coming?

No, on the contrary.

Let's go to a cafe. It'll be easier to talk.

I don't want to talk.

Let's go to the station. The station?

What for?

I'll catch a train.

Where to?

To Orange.

I thought you lived near Bourg-Saint-Andéol?

I'll go see my daughter.

You never mentioned that.

I have now. I've a right to change my mind.

Sure you don't want to talk a bit?

I have nothing to say to you.

I do.

Keep it to yourself.

Sorry... this has been a trying day.

I'm in a foul mood.

And I may take it out on you.

There's the station.

If you want to go to Orange, I'll drive you.


Keep going! Go on!

What's got into you?

I want to be alone with my thoughts in the train.

Are you sure there is one now?

Yes. I know this line.

I hate to leave you like this in the middle of a conversation.

No. On the contrary...

It's better.

Today I'd just talk nonsense.

Then... can we meet again soon?

I don't know.

I won't insist.


Not dancing?

You want to?

Not really.

You have good taste. She's lovely.

A former student.


A very bright girl.

Studying for her Masters. She asked me...

For some advice. I know.

You about through?

You're the one who's never through!

Well, I'm through for tonight.

I'm leaving. Drop you at home?


Your mother left. What?

She went home.


Someone drove her.

She must be furious.

She was. You'd better go see her.

I'll phone her.

Why are you leaving?

Etienne's taking me.

Tonight I'm at my folks' house.

I can drive you.

Don't bother.

Forgive me. I thought I'd be back sooner.

You're forgiven. At least by me.

I don't know about Magali.

Have a nice evening.

Don't drink too much.

Don't worry, I'm driving.

I guess I'll go home, too.

Good night. Good night.

Why am I to blame? Maybe I was distant.

But she started it, before I said a word.

That's possible, but odd.

Tell me what she said about me.

Go on, it won't irk me.

Nothing, I assure you.

She said men didn't interest her right now.

And I'm not interested in women.

It'll be hard getting over you.

You hypocrite!

And the girl in red?

She's no one.

I'll never see her again.

You'd rather talk to her than a woman.

A woman who was instantly hostile!

It was nice of you to matchmake.

Nice, but childish.

I went along... See what happened?

You can't force people to fall in love.

Bourg-Saint-Andéol, you know it?

Yes, get in.

No, I meant Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux.

Wherever you say.


They'll understand. I'll tell them.

Thanks for calling.

All right. Good-bye.

Hadn't you left?

Yes, but I came back.

Isabelle, I have to know.

Who is that man?


He's very nice.

You didn't have a fight?

I want to know who he is!

How do you know him?

Just like that... He's really nice.

Through an ad.

What do you mean, I know lots of people.

That's not what you said.

I'm sure it was through an ad.

I'm telling you it wasn't.

If it was, you can tell me.

Nothing wrong with it.

All right, it was through an ad.

Don't worry, I placed it, he didn't.

Nice work. You did a good job.

But I think I've messed it all up.

What happened? Did you two...?

Not even...

I made an excuse and left.

I had to find out the truth, even if it meant destroying everything.

I had a hunch about it in the car, but didn't want to say it, as he'd have denied it, and I didn't want to make him lie.

And I was annoyed, even furious, at you!

I was afraid I'd take it out on him.

I had to know, to think it over.

So I left and now I feel relieved.

No matter that you hustled him through an ad.

What matters is that I noticed him without knowing it.

So you like him?

That's fantastic!

Don't get carried away!

Let's just say he's a possibility and even...

A distinct possibility?

Amazing, that's exactly what he said about you.


He did. Exactly.

But now...

I may have messed it all up.

No, he's a very smart, sensitive man.

He'll have understood your reaction.

You seem to know him well.

I've only seen him three times. But it's enough.

Know why I was so mad at you?

Yes. Because of the ad.


Even before I though of that.

No. Then why?

You can't guess?

I don't dare tell you.

I though... that I had caught you two in the living-room.

Kissing? And you imagined...

No, I couldn't even concieve of it, I was deeply shocked.

But very depressed.

That when I'd fancied a man for the first time in ages, It was you, my best friend, who had snagged him.

I'm shocked my best friend could think that of me.

You're so silly!

I only kissed him because he'd just told me he liked you, and things looked good for you two.

I was really happy!

I'm scared. I'm scared he didn't like me.

I mess up everything!

He must be revolted by me.

Don't, you're so silly. Stop it!

Careful! Here he is!

What does that look mean?

You came back for me or for her?

I don't like being led down the garden path.

You're not.

At least no more You came back for her. And she for you.

Isn't that wonderful?

I'll leave you two.

No, stay.

First, I came back for you:

I had thing to tell you. I'm not through.

Then I'll leave.

Good-bye, lady.

Good-bye, gentleman.

I apologize: I was hateful.

If I'd been in your spot, I'd have done the same.

In fact, later we both did the same.

We both came back here.

See you very soon.

The wine harvest is over.

But come for the blast!

The blast?

The end-of-harvest feast.

I'll be there.

Good-bye. Good-bye.

Good-bye. Good bye.

Why didn't you leave with him?


I'm in no shape to seduce anyone tonight.

If he cares for me, if I care for him, we'll meet again.

I'm going home.

I have to find my son. He has the car keys.

I hope he came back.

He's a real case...