Hatsukoi (2006) Script

What's the time limit on a wounded heart?

I suppose nothing lasts forever.

In the 60's, While the world restlessly searched for meaning...

I lived in an isolated shell.

Until one fateful day.

On December 10, 1968...

300 million yen was stolen in broad daylight on a street in Tokyo.

It happened in seconds. No one was hurt.


Don't you want to call anyone?

Not necessarily a parent.

Call a friend or a sibling, if you want.

We're concerned about you.

Well... there's no one to call.

She's my daughter's age.

A guy tried to assault her... yet she won't tell anyone.

Let it go. The girl wasn't hurt.

Yeah, but she shows no emotion at all.

Shinjuku, Tokyo



Extend my curfew.


I turned 16 today.


She's a bit young to be staying out at night.

Well, she gets that from her mother.

No doubt.

While the passage means "maidens who exult in life"... it also alludes to life being as ephemeral as a flower.

A venerable temple may appear ageless.

But eventually, it too will erode.

You again?

Stop dawdling and come in.

Found you a cute high school girl.



What? No interview?

When I came, you grilled me for hours.

That's because you're obnoxious.

Well, Ryo?

Do as you like.

I'll do it.


What do you want, child?


Say something.

I don't want to be an adult.

You pass. Right, Ryo?

Play this record.

Art Blakey.

You came. Relax. Take a seat.

Hear about Ryo?

No, what?

A photographer wants him as a model.

How much?

30,000 yen.


What have you got to lose? I say go for it.

Who asked you? Don't you have a show to do?

Get back to work.

Fine... I'm going.

But it's a good offer.

You should think about it.

We'll be at your show tomorrow.

Wanna come along?

You here alone?

This theater group is only six months old.

Yuka's their star.

She's a pretty woman but a little strong-headed.

Yuka As for the others...

Tetsu Tetsu's a fighter.

He'll take on anyone, even gangsters and police.

Yasu Yasu's in high school like you. He's in charge of comic relief.

He'll even laugh through Yuka's tirades.

Ryo! Where have you been lately?

That's our leader, Ryo.

Ryo Real ladies' man... from strippers to housewives.

He looks dangerous but... he's a softie at heart.

People gravitate to him.

And I'm Takeshi.

Down with the US-Japan Security Treaty!

I demonstrate with college students Takeshi but I'm still cramming to get in.

Still gets me chicks, though.

I'm secretly an aspiring writer. I plan to make it big someday.

Let's march!

That's my story.

What's yours?

You seem to have one but...

It's starting.

Beyond recollection... dreams of Xanadu!

Crossroads of fate... a plaintive lullaby!

And then there's Kishi, the oddball.

He hangs out because he's pals with Ryo.

But he doesn't do much. No stealing, no protesting.

Cast your warm light upon the blind!

Let's split.

What a dog!

Look who's talking.

You picked them up, Ryo.


No, I don't.

All I remember is she was gorgeous last night.

What'd you do last night?

Drank alcohol, cold medicine... smoked some pot.

Then I felt tired, so I dropped acid.

That explains the girl.


Sorry. Did I wake you? I'll call you.

Sure you will. Here.

Eat something.

Thank you.

She is gorgeous.



Is that you?


Shut up.

That's no way to talk to your mother.

Drunk again?

What if I am?

Why don't men ever come home?

Maybe they're busy.

Ryo's at it again.

Tetsu broke it up but...

Why don't any of you ever try to stop him? You, too, Kishi.

What's the point?

Ryo's always upset after seeing his mom.


Don't you remember me?

You're my brother.

Listen... if you're ever in trouble, give me a call.

But don't come to the "B".


Catching a flick?

How was it?

I don't remember.

You're a strange one.

Ryo says it's a good film.

Do you go often?



Where do you get the money to watch movies and hang out at the "B"?

Is your family rich?


Then do you steal it?

Hey, I'm only kidding, all right?

It doesn't matter.

I live at my uncle's.

Dad died when I was a kid. Mom took my brother and vanished.

Abandoned, huh?

Everyone at the "B" pretty much has the same story.

Ryo's late.


If you're falling for him, you're wasting your time.

Ooh, very nasty, Yuka. Is this a cat fight?

Hear that, Kishi?


What a stick-in-the-mud.

That's why no one likes Tokyo U. students. No fun.

What's wrong?

Where's Ryo?



The cops busted up a fight he got in with some punks.

He got tagged.

-Why didn't you help? I tried.

They didn't give a shit about me.

They targeted him.

What'll happen?

I have no idea.

Jail, I guess.

Kishi! Where you going?


Ryo's going to jail and he doesn't care?

Then promise me this.

Stop causing trouble for your father.

We'll see.

This is the last time.

Why are you here?

Worried about Ryo?

It's okay.

But he's going to jail.

I heard some people saying the police won't press charges.

He'll be out tomorrow.


Yeah. Don't worry.

Go home.

Yodobashi precinct, I think.

Ryo! You know who Ryo is!

Forget it!

No luck?


What's up?

Seen a ghost?

How'd you get out?

-Yeah, how? Prison break?

You had us worried.

Bring beer!

No, whiskey!


Go pour us some.

Yuka's crying.

Fuck you.

How many glasses?

Just bring a bunch.

The metropolitan expressway is open to traffic.

This should relieve some congestion on surface roads.

Thank you, Twiggy.

If women went on strike, the revolution would die.


If women stopped putting out, men would lose the will to fight.

Men are pitiful.

You sure are.

You sound like Yuka.

Hey, you! Hold it!

You're in high school, right? This is no place for you.

Where do you live?

Get back here!

Stop! Hold it right there!

Misuzu! This way!

In here!

Come on.

Don't move.

I could've sworn she was here.

I'll swing around from the other side.

Careful, mister!


What happened? Are you all right?

She's gone.

Let's check this way. Hurry!

Hey! The coast is clear!


You're pretty stacked.

What? Misuzu didn't fall for lover-boy's charm?

She's still 17. Hasn't yet developed an eye for handsome men.


You want kids?

I'm not asking you to marry me.

My folks want to fix me up with someone wealthy.

The family business went bust. But if we were to...


Say something.

You want me to say, "Don't go through with it."

Forget it. Make your own decisions.


Let go of me!

What's your problem? Don't run away!

Say something!

How about... if you get married, let's have an affair?

Fuck you!

It's cold.

Like bikes?

Wanna learn how to ride?

Kashiwada Motors


You brought a girl with you? What a pleasant surprise...

Cute, huh?

Yes... but not really my type.

Can you teach her how to ride a motorcycle?

You're not teaching me, Kishi?

Did I say that?



What? Don't like that outfit?

It's not that.

Well, it looks good on you.

Go ahead and try that bike out.

Release the clutch and go. After that, ...it's no different than a bicycle.

Got it?

Yes but...


I've never ridden a bicycle.

Well, just give it a shot.

Don't rev it that much!

Oh my.

Change gears.


Yeah! Check it out! Power to the people!


Back off!

Yasu, look out!

Let him go!

You must disperse! This is an unlawful assembly!


Please disperse!

You are in violation of traffic regulations!

If you do not disperse, you will be removed.

Damn that Yasu. He may never walk again.

Those pigs!

It was a lynching!

Can we sue?

You serious?

We can't win.

So we do nothing?

Stop griping and take them to court then!

I'm not flush with cash!

I ain't rich like you.

Where's Takeshi?

He went berserk and joined the radicals.

Yuka's home rehabilitating.


Free tomorrow?

The radicals must be kept from joining forces.

Our government merely wags it's tail for the U.S.

It's not what you think. I have to talk to you in private.

Come in.

What's wrong?

Sit down.


you can't repeat this to anyone.

Even the "B" gang.

Got it?

Don't worry.

I don't talk much anyway.


Can you drive a car?


No license, though.

How about one you've never driven before.


The old man has me drive many different cars.

I see.

I hate authority, too, you know... just as much as the others.

I could throw stones and bricks.

But that won't hurt those in power.

We've got to use our heads.

You have a plan?

Yes... I do.


I need your help.

Will you?

I need you.


But why?

Why me?

You're a woman.

And you can drive but have no license.

That's a plus.

That's all?

That's all.

Wait, maybe we should forget it.


I'll do it.

I've never been told I was needed before.

If you say you need me...

I'll do it.

What's wrong? Get in.

Here's the plan.

We have 2 months... little time.

We'll be robbing a car that's transporting a lot of cash.

Toshiba factory bonuses.

We'll hit the car at 9:10 on December 10.

300 million yen.

You'll be dressed as a cop on a police motorcycle.


Yes. That's your target.

A black Cederic.

License plate "5-6648".

The vehicle leaves at 9:09.

Like clockwork.

There'll be three men in the car.

The chief's in the back seat.

At 8:10, you'll drive to Fuchu.

A bike will be waiting.

Get there by 8:55.

At 9:02, you'll depart on the bike disguised as a policeman.

At 9:08, await the car's arrival outside Fuchu Prison.

The car will take this route.

Go south on this highway. Then turn right before the prison.

Once past the prison, the factory is close by.

The road here sees no traffic and very few pedestrians.

That's your target point.

This is where you'll wait.


9:18, turn right at the school.

Here's where you'll stop the car.

A bomb threat will be sent to the bank in advance.

You're highway patrol.

They'll stop for you.

Then you say, "You're with the 1st Trust Bank, right?"

"The home of a branch head was bombed. You're in danger."

"Please step outside."

As you speak, attach a flare to the car.

Get in and drive to the Kokubun Temple.

I'll be waiting there.

Listen carefully.

If even one man refuses to leave the vehicle, you must abort.

In that case, say, "Thank you for your cooperation."

And come to me.

Don't take any chances.

That's it.

Easier said than done, I know.

I can do it.

You sure?

You don't have to.

If it's too much.

It's not.


Then we're set.

We go ahead.

What's wrong? You're the one who said it had to be me.

So I did.

Then try to look happier.


I kind of like it.

It adds character.

You think?

It makes leaving here easier, though.

Maybe we... Don't say it!

I'm going to my folks. Say goodbye to everyone.


Let's have that affair, okay?

Pull over!

Park back there.

We were here yesterday.

Don't tell me you forgot.

This is a critical point.

You ready for this?


I just didn't recognize this building.

You've a bad sense of direction.

Or maybe it's your memory.

How'd you get by?

I'm sorry if I'm not as smart as you are.

Forgive me.

I'll think about it.

Are you... having your period?

What an asshole!

-Asshole! -All right!

Take it easy! That hurts! All right, already!

What's wrong?

You look bummed.


Take some drugs.

Radicals have blown up a branch manager's home.

This car may be booby-trapped.

Good. That'll work.

Well, of course!

We still have a month to work together.

I'm not at all worried.

You realize you'll be on your own during the real thing.

I know.


It'll be your call.

What if there's construction? Or your bike breaks down?

A lot can happen, you know.

I know.


If all goes well... what'll we do then?

You return to your studies.

And you?

Going somewhere?

For a while.

Of course.

I won't see you again afterwards, will I?

That's not true.

You will.


Known Kishi long?

Ever since he was a child.

What was he like?

You'd best ask him.

You taught him to ride, too?

I guess so.

He learned fast.

Why doesn't he ride now?

Hold this.

He got injured.

Can't grip the clutch.

An accident?

A tussle with the riot police.

Some injuries never heal.


Just you?


What's up?

You look down.


I'm fine.


Why come here anymore?

Everyone's gone. I'll be gone, too.

Where are you going?


I thought I'd get some work.

What is it? You okay?

Somehow... I get the feeling I won't see you?

Don't be silly.

Just call and I'll come running.

She hasn't been by.

I'm asking too much of her.

Nothing comes easy.

Still, you appear relieved somehow.

Shall we call it off?

Look, Misuzu... -No.

I'm doing this.





Can we sit here a bit longer?


December 10

December 10... rain. But rain or shine, we go ahead.

Only partners in crime share eternal secrets.

I believe in you.

8:55. On schedule.

6 minutes late. There's still time.

I won't make it!

Now nothing will change.

No way.

Pull over!


Radicals have blown up a branch manager's home.

This car may be "boogy"-trapped.

Please step out while I inspect the vehicle.

The car was checked this morning. There was nothing out of the ordinary.

Could be under the car.

Get out of the car! Hurry!

Here! I've found it!

Move away from the car!


You okay?

I goofed a line.

I said "boogy"-trapped instead of "booby-trapped."

You think it worked?

Of course.

Change clothes.

The old man's here?


Here's an update on the roadside robbery.

Authorities have serial numbers for some of the stolen bills... including 2,000 newly-minted 500-yen bills.

The police are making the numbers public in hopes of a quick arrest.

Extra police have been mobilized to conduct a house-to-house search.

This is big news.


I'm not sure, but it's just like you said.


Misuzu... pick one.


A villa.

My present to you.

Okay... that one.

The A-frame.

Let's get out of here.

Don't worry.

These homes are all vacant now.

Expect the fuss over this incident to continue for a while.

But you go cram for your exams.

They won't be looking for a girl, especially without a driver's license.

An apartment in Tokyo.

I rented it a year ago just in case I needed it.

I won't need it.

It can't be traced to me. And the landlord's a stranger.

Live there if you want.

Will you come?

Can I wait for you?

I'll be waiting.


I'll return as soon as I can.

Give me your hand.

Just for a minute.

I'm tired of being alone.

Very clever.

The new bills were sent with a note to the media and politicians... from the son of a government minister, no less.

We almost had a major crisis.

And a thief who people regarded as a hero.

You had us by the balls.

Your people's goal of bringing down the whole cabinet nearly came true.

"Our people"?

If you had said you acted alone, it would've really shamed the country.

We couldn't have that.

Take the money.

Disappear abroad.

I have some bad news, though.

The old man at the bike shop... is dead.

Damn you.

Just go and no one else will get hurt.

Who actually did the heist?

Never mind.

You're leaving tomorrow.

Don't forget you're being watched.

The 300 million yen thief

One year to Expo '70 to be held in Osaka under the theme...

"Progress and Harmony for Mankind. "


Where are you?


Let me suggest a mini-vacation.

For a delightful one-day trip sure to leave you rested and reposed... try Kamakura.

In June, the hydrangeas begin to change colors.

Thief Still at Large A primary suspect in the multiple shooting case has been arrested.

The suspect was caught breaking and entering into an office building.



The damn fool.

He'd gone around to temples buying up good-luck amulets.

He never said it was for you to pass your entrance exams.

There are all kinds of amulets, you know.

He told me to give them to you.

And that he was really glad you came to the ".'B'

Wait, ma'am!



My Ryo!



How can I survive now?

How can I survive?


Please, ma'am.

Come with me.

Wait here.

At 5:17, July 21st, Japan time...

Apollo 11 landed safely on the Moon.

Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin... steered their Eagle down in the Sea of Tranquility.

Package for Ishii-san!

Captain Armstrong's words... as he stepped out of the lunar module onto the Moon.

"That's one small step for man...

One giant leap for mankind. "

You're kidding.

Man goes to the Moon and then has to walk?

May 6, 1966

Today, I met a young girl.

With unclouded eyes, she looked at me and said...

I don't want to be an adult.

I fell in love with her.

The kind of love you feel only once.

But I can never tell her about it.

I couldn't bear to cloud those eyes.

Sometimes I think it's all a dream.

The idle time spent at the "B. "

The unforgettable events that rainy morning.

Painful remembrances of him.

But then something appears to ease my irreplaceable sense of loss.

A single real moment.

And so I wait.

I know that nothing lasts forever.

And that there is no time limit on a wounded heart.

Ryo was beaten to death by leftist student rioters.

He was 24.

Yuka got married, and divorced. She helps run her family brewery.

She lives in Hiroshima.

Takeshi became an award-winning author at 30 but died of cancer.

He was 36.

Tetsu became mentally ill from drug abuse. He killed himself.

He was 29.

Yasu wandered the country in a wheelchair. Died in auto accident.

He was 23.

Kishi's whereabouts are unknown.

December 10, 1975 The statute of limitations ran out.

The stolen money has never been used.