Haunted Road 2 (2017) Script

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Where is the money?


Guests to Casino are mostly gamblers Casino is full of ghosts Let's get out of here!


Even such a large hotel is fully booked, this is so unbelievable!

Did someone jump off the building?

Why take things so hard!

Please go Go Is today a public holiday in Malaysia?

How come it is full house everywhere?


Isn't it supposed to be hot in Malaysia?

Why is it so cold here?

This is a highland, that's why the temperature is lower No wonder

We also need this lady's passport


Thank you

Here is your document This is your key Room 808 Ok, thanks I want this room for tonight!

A murder case just happened here Stay in the room You!

We have an agreement with that man I will get you another room right away

One One Seven Four Die one by one Die together Can you give us another room?

Sorry, this is our last available room We are fully booked tonight We'll die if we go down the hill when it's raining One plus one plus seven plus four is thirteen thirteen is very unlucky Superstitious!

A few numbers scared you until like this

Then if I tell you This is the most famous haunted hotel in Asia Wouldn't you be scared till you faint?


Who knows whether it is true?

Jun Let us go down the hill right away Not a good idea It's raining heavily And we are unfamiliar with road conditions

Don't scare yourself So what if there is a ghost?

A ghost also has to respect human!

Moreover This is an era where human are scarier than ghost


Jun Did you notice The expression of that old woman Like she'd seen something

Don't be cranky

1174 This way Let's go!

What happened?

There's a small girl and a lady

Mind your own business You must be tired Let's go

What are you thinking about?

She's crying and looked very sad We did not even ask

Darling We are now in Malaysia This is not our country Let's be less nosy Talk less

Be happy We are so lucky tonight

You see What a lucky day?

Let's play roulette Black jack Slot machine We're winning in whatever we played Winning has never been so fun!

Darling I love you I love you too We must always be together

Marry me Then we will always be together

Haven't take a bath yet

Hi, everyone

My boyfriend and I came to Malaysia


He proposed to me

Ok You should have a rest Talk to you later

It's me Why are you so nervous?

Who else is in this room other than myself?

It's ok Just the pulley is broken So many problems with this room

Call from Gao Maybe urgent


"Rest in peace"

"Can't believe you have gone just like that"

"Ling, come up to the rooftop, urgent!"

"Rest in peace Yi"

Can't balance it no matter how I tried What's the problem?

Assistant Accountant Ling Let's have our meal first and continue later Ok Supervisor Jun

So blissful I'm so envious of this

Supervisor Jun Luckily you're still here Our photocopier at the marketing department is giving problem again I'm rushing for a big case The agreement must be done tonight Can you help me out?

You go on first. I will be there in a while Thank you very much Sorry Ling I need to borrow your lover I go first

I heard that you guys are going to The branch office in Malaysia next month One month's assignment?

What a coincidence I'm also going there to settle some thing I go to Kuala Lumpur frequently So quite familiar with that place I will show you guys around Supervisor Jun See you later


You men seem to like women like Yi?

Nonsense I like women like you

Darling You know There's no one like you Accompanying me for overtime Have dinner with me I have thought about it When I make enough money We will get married You will then be tied together with me the whole life time The whole life time Ok Jun What if you can't do that?


Gastric pain again

How about I'll go with you to the hospital tomorrow!

If I can't do that I will die a horrible death


Is that you Jun?


Jun, where are you?


Who's there?


What's the matter with you?

There's probably no one in there!

Why don't you go and ask at the front counter

It's all right It's me It's me!

It's alright!

Where did you go middle of the night?

I went to find the service staff The internet signal is not good

Are you from China?

Yes You too?

I'm a local I often stay here Your room

What about our room?

Let me tell you this room has been vacant a long time Some time ago there was a woman Who lost a lot of money Jumped out from this room After that those who stayed here Will see her in the middle of the night

Checked out at night So it has been left vacant and no one stays there I'm curious how come you stay here What you have said is true?

It's true!

I stayed here a few days in a week There's no point lying to you Actually

I didn't say anything I didn't say anything!

What's wrong?

Sorry We really don't have any more room I'm sorry I don't care We want to change room!

It's ok

It's already mid-night just go to sleep!

Here When we wake up we will leave I don't want to be here anymore


Someone jumped off the building over there Please go and help!

Where's she?

Where's she?

I really saw someone jumped off the building!

Sometimes our eyes will play trick on us Go back to the room and sleep Don't bother it What do you mean?

We really saw it!

Trust me Go rest Nothing has happened here

Jun Let's get out of here!

This haunted place I wouldn't want to stay another minute

Oh no!

What should we do?

Our money is still in the room!

I don't believe in all these!

Hold it

Why does the lift open when there is nobody?

This hotel sucks A grandma and grandchild had come in

What happened? Help me Hurry up!

Let's go!

Yi Let go of Jun He's mine!

Forget it Reverse the car!

Jun Can we go home now?

Our work here are almost done I will talk to the company To send us back to Beijing!

If not I will go crazy!

Ok We go back to pack our luggage and leave Here Set the GPS back to Kuala Lumpur

What was in the lift a moment ago?

How come I didn't see anything?

There was an old woman and a child

Looked like grandma and grandchild

You don't think I made it up, do you?

No I believe you But You saw Yi?

I can't think of anyone else but her

You should know better than me

Strange This is the opposite direction

Jun, turn around We are heading the wrong direction This is going to the East coast


Even the GPS is not working

"Karak highway"

We ran out of gas

What should we do now?

Call the car rental company

Oh no My phone has no signal

Mine also

I saw a gas station So. Wait for me. I will go and find it No I will come with you It's too dark Wait for me here I will be back soon!

Stay inside I'll be back


I know something is up there Please help me!

Get out and run over here Don't look back!

Let me out I can't leave Jun behind I must save him!

You can't even save yourself

Please lie down! Let me go!

You have been in coma for a day I want to go and find Jun!

Please lie down Don't stop me!

Doctor, the patient is up!

I want to go and save Jun Don't stop me Police Police!

Based on what you told us We did a search We can't find your fiance's body Also didn't find the bag of money you told us We checked the immigration record There is no Jun The information showed that you came to Malaysia alone How was it possible?

I came with Jun We won a lot of money at the casino Many people can confirm that How is it possible there is no immigration record?


Must be that lady That ghost She did all this!


That lady It's her Who killed Jun You are sure you saw a ghost?

Of course!

She jumped from the 11th floor and fell to her death I saw it She is a ghost Ok I shall record your statement At the same time We'll give you a psych exam Hopefully the doctor will be able to help you What do you mean?

I have mental problem?

I don't I came to work in Kuala Lumpur with Jun And to find some time to sight see You can check with Amber Court We checked You checked in alone

Don't be nervous the doctor will help you find the answer Wait!

There's a person who can prove that I didn't lie!

Why didn't you tell the truth to the police?

If I told the truth They will think we have mental problem What is your motive?

If you didn't take away the key to room 808 We wouldn't have stayed in room 1174 And wouldn't have met the female ghost Did you do it on purpose?

I'm here to help you Help me?

Jun gone missing I'm about to be sent to the mental hospital You are here to help that female ghost, right?

Trust me Leave this place now I will not trust you I'm going to find Jun Dead or alive Ling!


A lot of resentment follows you A lot of resentment follows you A lot of resentment follows you

Jun Is that you?

Get out of this hospital Fast!


Mum, why are you here?

You're in trouble Can I not be here?

Mum Jun...

It's ok Don't think so much Get well Mum will take care of the rest

I saw Jun

He wanted to tell me something

But He is gone Ling You had a concussion Will be particularly sensitive to sound and light Sometimes hallucinations will occur But don't worry It will be ok after a while Come I'll give you a shot

Have a good rest Ok Listen to the nurse Mum will take care of you Come, lie down



How do you know I wanted a swimsuit?

Didn't you said wanted to go to the beach?

So I prepared for you


What are you looking at?

Come and help! He's drunk

Jun Why you drink so much?

Didn't you know he has gastric problem?

A severe one He can't eat raw cucumbers, lettuce And tomatoes

Reading scriptures Won't make you good girlfriend


You see This is your favorite dates Mum bought specially for you Whenever you were unhappy You took them And it will cheer you up Do you remember what it's called?

"Happiness Fruit"

When I was young After eating this I will forget all trouble

Eating it will make you forget Yi Forget Jun Forget all unhappiness But there is one thing You must never forget Mum will protect you forever If you call mum in your heart I will be there for you

There is no such fruits in Malaysia Did you bring them from home?

Mum will give to you Whatever you want Go sit over there I will wash these first

I know who you're looking for Sorry, I don't understand Follow me Ok?

He follows me from behind?

That day yes Now no Where has he gone?

I can't see him all the time

But I can hear his voice He said If you don't find his head and bury it in three days He will never be reborn And he will disappear from the universe

You only have one day left Did he say where to find his head?

Perhaps, this man can help you...


Only one day left

You're looking for me?

You really can help me?

Actually you have the answer Otherwise you wouldn't come to see me You...

Who are you?

Someone who can help you Promise me You must trust me How do you want me to trust you?

Think about it We were in the accident together Why don't I have any injury?


Actually you too Take off the bandage You will understand


What you saw is not real You chose what you wanted to see You will understand in future follow me now

Ok I will believe you for the time being

What is written on this paper?

That Malay lady said She can help us find Jun Shaman king I know this place Bring me there Let's go


Where are you going?

It's time to take the jab Ling Forget about the Shaman King

Be good Let's have the jab

She's not human I have fought her many times Always using this same tactic

Let him go

Ling I will not allow these bad guys hurt you anymore Mum I... She is not your mother Your mum committed suicide when you were 12?

Don't listen to these bad guys and leave me Mum will protect you

Mum, you want to eat dates?

Forget about Yi Forget about Jun Forget about the money


let's go

Are you human or ghost?

It doesn't matter whether I'm human or ghost The most important is you don't let me to die here Promised that you will trust me Ling Come back to my side Don't trust what you see She is not your mother Your strong resentment had brought her out If you still wish to see Jun You must leave this place immediately I...

I can't Just because of what you have said I have always been hanging here I don't understand what you are saying

Do you remember what is this?

Marry me and we will be together forever

Go away I want to save Jun

Ling You don't want mum anymore?

Mum I don't want you to worry about me Forever staying by my side

Please go I'm big enough

I will be alright You really want to leave me?

Those bad guys will hurt you I'm worry for you


I know you love me

I really appreciate your love

I have grown up

I'm brave enough to face everything I won't run away


Please go Let me kill this guy Then she will still be able to stay with us

Let them go

Ling You may leave

You're braver than me

Thanks for the dates, mum

Bye mum

Shaman king

Shaman king

Good afternoon Is shaman king in?

Shaman king

Who are you looking for?

Show your true self

Show your true self

Show your true self

Show your true self

Talk to me if you have something to say




How is it, Shaman King?

"The past heart is not available"

"The present heart is not available"

"The future heart is not available"

It's a verse in the Jing Gang Sutra

What is he trying to say?

Don't be afraid, I will accompany you to go




I can't do it

Can you help me?

I can't help you You must do this yourself Believe in yourself Moving one step forward

Yi You get out here!

Yi Give me back Jun!

Sorry I can't go to Malaysia with you It's ok Take care of your health Ling I'm afraid Knock it off It's just cancer

You will be alright after surgery

Doctor has promised me To operate on you first We can pay the bill later

Don't worry about the money

Promise me We will get married When you recover

Wait for me


It says here Malaysia had a horrifying supernatural case On the way to the casino Female ghost was killing people This also you believe!

What's to be afraid? So much fun!

It is also stated Asia's Top 10 Haunted Hotels, Amber Court is here too Why don't we stay a night?

Maybe we bump into a ghost Don't want, you can go by yourself And there is a shaman king There's black magic in Malaysia?

Let's go home

Let's go

Coming Who's that?

It's you again Can you let me in to look for my black bag?

You have searched three times, It's not here It must be here!

You are nuts!

I said it's not here Mum, call the front desk to report trouble!

Let me in!

Get out! Let me in!

Sorry We have searched many times Didn't find you bag

My bag was lost in your hotel You just said you didn't see it Want me to go away just like that Isn't that irresponsible?

This place is real fun I told you so We come again next time You guys stay in room 1174?

Can you let me in to search for my bag?

Don't be nosy, let's go Please! Pity her Should we help?

Dear I think we have taken other people's handbag by mistake

Ling Hospital just called Jun had passed away

Ling Did you hear me?


Don't scare me Ling

Jun had left me There is no reason to hold on anymore Forget about it Let's end it now Wait for me I'm coming after you

Don't worry about it We will try our very best Thank you doctor Ok

Are you Ling's friend?

I'm her cousin Who are you?

This is my name card

"Psychiatrist Dr. Chen"

I have a general understanding of Ling's situation If you don't mind I would like to hypnotize her What you saw Are not all real You chose what you wish to see You always think that You can't forgive yourself The nurse was your own creation for self protection To avoid reality

Don't worry She will recover soon

The patient is confused with everything she had experienced seen or heard before This is the so-called space-time disorder Her brain will rearrange memories according to her needs Transforming it into new memories Making her to believe those memories are true To make herself feel better Three Two One Wake up

Cousin Why are you here?

Ling You're ok now That's good!

Thank you If not for you I don't know when she would be awake I'm the one who should be sorry Sorry Ling I took your bag by mistake Ling He didn't take your bag on purpose It was only a mistake Your documents were in it He has sent the money back to the company I called your boss He said since the money has been returned So he won't hold you responsible Ling Let it go And start over



Get in!

Jun was an orphan There is no one else to help him but me You can let go I will settle all his medical bills

No need I can manage!

Can you?

With that little salary of yours You think it's possible?

I remembered It's not totally impossible You know accounting You can rob your company's fund or go gamble at the casino If you are lucky You!

What Don't blame me Blame your own self Because you're a loser

Anyway, I'll go back the day after tomorrow I will take good care of Jun

Sorry I can't lose him

Call the police I'm responsible For Yi's death

Let's go out Let her calm down

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