Haut les coeurs! (1999) Script


Does he seem normal?

He's perfect!

Like a fish in water.

Is it your first child?

The first.

Know why I hate your reaction, Simon?

I have no one to rejoice with.

You decide alone, then wonder why I resist.

Weren't you moved when you saw it on the screen?

I wish I could have chosen to take on a 20-year sentence.

The kid is for life. As for me, no one's forcing you to stay.

I'd be just fine on my own!

You mean it?

You always get to play the good guy.

How are you, Olivier?

Stupid question?

How did your interview go?

It lasted two minutes.

Did you have another fight?

Pregnancy is making your sister pretentious.

It's society's fault.


Bombarding us with images.

Radiant pregnant women, devoted fathers.

When they're just becoming stupid and conventional.

Don't worry.

It won't happen to you just yet.

It can happen sooner than you expect.

I'll look away. Good idea.

Here we go. Stop!

Okay, ready?

Breathe in.

Perfect. I'll take off the tourniquet.

Don't move. Unclench your fist.

It's pathetic but I hate needles.

Are you okay? I'm fine.

Does it hurt when I press here?

A little. It's mostly when I sleep on it.

Lie down.

Have you had it for long?

I haven't noticed. I've been working.

Do you think it's serious?

I'll do a needle biopsy. Then we'll know fast.

What are you looking for?

Who can say?

I think it's a small cyst.

It's best if I operate, say... on Thursday.

In three days? That's right.

With a general anaesthetic?

Of course.

Worried about your baby?

No risk. He'll go to sleep and wake up with you.

There's no point putting it off.

Look at all these dishes!

Should I tell Mom?

Spare me! Your mother can wait.

Okay, here goes!

I dreamt about the baby.



It was really weird...

He had vampire teeth and tentacles for arms.


Monster! You'll pay for this!

Why didn't you come the other night? You promised.

I hate this pregnancy crap...

Not when it's mine!

I need my little brother right now.

Why do you say that?

No reason.

You're hiding something.

I can always tell.

Not at all!

We never had secrets.

I have no secrets.

Only normal. You have a new family.

I'll get used to it.

You're right, as usual.

We didn't want to worry you.

What's wrong?

Nothing. It's just they found a cyst on my breast.

They did some tests.

A cyst?

It's no big deal. Cysts are really common.

Come on, I'm not dead yet.

Don't say that!

Some dumb little cyst's not going to do me in. I'm strong!

Let's go get a drink.

I hate parties and I feel sick.

Some other time.

Don't leave me again!

I'll come back when it's quieter.

The results are tomorrow.


From the tests on the cyst. Call me if you can't come.

You'll call?

I'll call.

Look after yourself.

Bye, little brother.

Have a good night.

Call me.

Excuse me, how did it go?

Just a moment.

I'd like to talk to her.

You're awake.

Feeling drowsy?

I'm a bit...

I didn't do the operation.

I got the needle biopsy results.

I did a biopsy when you were under anaesthetic to make sure.

Unfortunately, the cells are malignant.


I'm never sick. Right now, I'm tired.

What makes treating you difficult is that you're pregnant.

I'm going to have to suggest that you abort your pregnancy.

I can't do that.

The treatment you need will harm the fetus.

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy cause hormonal imbalances, like chemical castration.

There's a huge risk of malformations.

Can't you operate on me?

I'm afraid not.

Not yet anyway.

First we have to shrink the tumor.

Come and see me in two days.

Bring your partner with you.

I'll have the new results.

We'll know where we stand.

I'm really sorry.

I have cancer.

I can't keep the baby and have treatment.

You'll have to call Mom and Olivier.

I'm not up to it.

He also said...

you have to come to my next appointment, so we can talk about what to do.

The baby didn't bother you for long.

Stop it.

I can't stay.

Sorry, I feel like throwing up.

Fine. Go home then.

See you. Yeah, right!

What's wrong?

Don't get all worked up. It won't help.

Calm down.

Get some rest.

I just felt my baby move.

I can't keep it.

You don't know for sure.

I'm sure.

Dr Laland said so.

If he said so, it's true.

Maybe not. There are all kinds of cancer.

You can always have another baby.

I don't want another one, I want this one.

You have to get some sleep now.

Stop thinking about it.

It's over now.

Thank you.

I don't like that doctor. I can't stand him.

I don't care, I'm not aborting. Just to piss him off.

We'll find a clinic. I'll get through.

The baby means nothing if you're gone.

I want you to live, then we'll see.

Get better first, then...

What if I don't?

With Chemotherapy, people keep on dying!

Cut it out!

You want to leave me all alone?

You're staying, you hear me?

You're staying.

You hear me, Emma?

I'm scared.

You have cancer at an advanced stage with lymph gland involvement.

You need treatment immediately.

You'll need to abort your pregnancy.

I'll refer you to a doctor who'll take care of it.

He'll X-ray your pelvis to situate the embryo.

Then you'll go to Curie Hospital and see Dr Andšs.

You're sure we have no choice?


Anything else would be too dangerous.

I've thought it over.

No doctor is pulling out my baby alive and throwing it in the trash.

I can't do it!

I understand.

You'll be under anaesthetic.

Later, you'll see it was for the best.

Am I going to die?

Not if you do as I say.

We'll pin up mammographies instead.

We need to get a second opinion.

What for?

I think we should.

You have an appointment? With Dr Colombier.

The name's Emma Stern.

I'll need your healthcare card.

Here's a form to fill out.

Is this your first time?

Yes, it is.

It's a long wait.

The first time I came, it took 7 hours.

I nearly went crazy.

I hope it will be faster today. I'm just here for a check up.

Don't give up hope. I'm nervous.

Did you come alone?

I'm here with my boyfriend.

He wouldn't wait?

He's downstairs. Mine too.

He'll be smoking.

I bet he's chain-smoking.

They worry more than us.

Mrs Berthe Richard, cubicle E.

Mrs Lucie Drot, cubicle F.

Mrs Emma Stern, cubicle G.

Can you help carry her things?

I'll show you to your cubicle.

Do I take off everything?

Whatever's breast... best.

It's not funny.


Have a seat. Are you warm enough?

I have Dr Laland's biopsy results. It's a tumor.

Before we start, are there any precedents in your family?

Not that I know of.

Do you smoke? Take the pill?

I don't smoke. I started taking the pill at 16.

You're 4 months pregnant...

Nearly 5 months.

Is it your first child?

Dr Laland said we can't keep it.

Dr Laland is a surgeon, not an oncologist.

Let's continue.

You're 30, never had a serious illness.

Show me your breast.

I can feel the tumor. Tell me if it hurts.

Did my pregnancy give me cancer?

You've had it a while. There's lymph node involvement.

We always work as a team here. A doctor never decides alone.

There's a chemotherapist here, a breast specialist called Dr Morin.

Are you ready? Coming.

I saw your file. Let's have a look.

I'd say...

8 by 4 centimeters.

Is that big?

How pregnant are you? Nearly 5 months.

Your baby's organs are formed, they function.

We can treat you.

You mean I can keep the baby?

It's surprising but nothing in the literature proves chemotherapy harms 5-month old embryos.

I've successfully treated four women like you.

Are you sure it won't be malformed?

Have they done long-term studies?

Trust me. Nothing in the literature...

Can I see this literature?

Stop it!

He's skeptical because Dr Laland said the exact opposite.

He probably meant a treatment of both chemo and radiotherapy.

There'll be no radiotherapy until you give birth.

I'd like to believe you.

Can you be my doctors?

If you like.

But we have to start now.

Show me your arm. Let's see your veins.

Perfect. A delight to behold.

I'm so glad you like them!

It's important.

The pace of the chemo sessions depends on white cell regeneration.

You may give birth early.

It depends on your resistance and the side-effects.

The first time, you'll be very tired, you'll feel nauseous.

Expect to lose your hair a week after the second session.

You have to get to six months.

Longer, if possible. Then it can go in an incubator.

And after chemotherapy?

After the birth, we'll do a mastectomy... to remove the sick breast.

Then 6 weeks of radiotherapy, and breast reconstruction.

It's worth a try. The chances are 2 in 3.

They know what they're doing.

But he was a surgeon, not an oncologist.

Mom, don't cry, please.

Don't worry.

I have to go.

I'm coming!

Have you heard from Olivier?

No reason.

I'm sorry, I take it back.

No, I'll call you.

I love you too, Mom.

Wet your hair for the freeze helmet.

What's that?

No one told you?

It slows circulation and reduces hair loss.

Is this helmet for real?

It's not cancer ward initiation?

It works. Just a little.

Don't send me on a wild goose chase. I'm onto you.

It's really cold.

Here goes.

Stop it!

Can I buy one? Do they sell to civilians?

You're not first in line.

Gorgeous. It really suits you.

Cut it out.

I'll put in your IV line.

I'm scared.

That's normal but try and trust me.

What do you do?

I'm a musician.

What do you play?

Double bass.

Do you like it?

Clench your fist.


Breathe deeply. You have to relax.

I'll tell you before I jab.

Breathe like this, watch.

It's done.

When's the baby due?

It depends on the treatment.

Are you a musician too?

I chase wild geese.



Good job but look...

It's fine.

How long will it take?

About two hours.

When it's all gone, I'll bring another bag.

I'll cover your skirt.

It's cold.

Everything seems fine.

How are you?

I'm fine.

Can you tell if it's a boy or a girl?

It depends on its position.

You see the two labia? It's a girl.

It's a girl!

They say girls are stronger. Maybe she'll hang in there longer.

How's life, kids?

Mr Benfaršs!

I wanted you to know. It's a girl!

It's a girl?

Isn't that great?

That's great.


Check you later, Yankee!

When will you celebrate?


When she's bigger.

What are you doing?

I'm the boss here.

You're so dumb. You've already...

No way!

Get lost!

You're hopeless!

It's cold before I add my sauce.

You haven't even reheated it.

Shut your trap.

You piss me off! This is your fault.

Go sit down.

I'll get my gear off...

When's it due?

Early November.

You know where you're giving birth?

Take my advice, avoid conventional medicine.

We gave birth at the Lilas Clinic.

It was wonderful.

We did sensory stimulation first.

No epidural. That was great.

My wife felt all the emotions of childbirth.

To bond with the child, it's vital.

Babies feel everything, deep down inside.

All their mother's emotions are amplified during pregnancy.

That's nature.

Will you breastfeed? I don't know!

Fortunately, I'll be giving birth the conventional way.

Fuck nature!

You did this last time.

You'll have to replace me for rehearsals and the tour.

We can't do that now.

Are you sick?

In fact that's it.

What do you mean?

I'm sick.

I don't know much yet but I'll be in hospital a lot.

Is it serious?

Pretty serious.

It's cancer.

Shit! Are you sure?

I'm afraid so.

Now I feel okay, pretty much.

But pretty soon, I'll be unreliable.

Anyway, I had a favor to ask.

I was hoping, if you replace me, you'd take either a man or a really ugly, obnoxious girl.

That way, you'll miss me a little.

Where are you off to?

My second chemo.

Wake up.

Answer it!

It's downstairs!

I can't get it!

Thanks for the offer.

That's right, volume 3.


Whatever suits you.

Okay, no problem.

Who was that?

A girl in my class at college.

She has books I need. We're going to study together.

What's with the sugary voice?

"Whatever suits you..."

Does she have big breasts? Nice hair?

I hope you're not jealous.

You're not answering me!

This is work, Emma. My work.

I have to talk to someone. It bores you.

Want me to pass?

You need to earn a living.

If I drop dead and you're stuck with our baby...

But maybe she'll help out. She can replace me, do her braids...

Be my guest!

Drop it. I'm about to lose my temper.

What'll it be? Shave it off.

That would be a shame. I could...

But I don't want to watch.

Are you sure?

Here goes.

Isn't your head cold?

I'm fine.

What a surprise! It's my brother.

How are you?

Where have you been?

Looking for a job.

Did you find one? Not yet.

We're keeping the baby.

I changed doctors.

Isn't that great? We're over the moon.

Why didn't you call? I was so pissed off.

You forgot the answer machine.

I tell you what, from now on, I'll remember.

You'll have no excuse.

Sorry, I feel dizzy. Come inside.

As soon as I get some air...

I'm like an old lady.

I can't stay.

Leaving already?

An interview.

Come tomorrow night.

It's Mom's birthday.

I'd really like you all to be there:

Simon, Mom and you.

She won't bother you.

Okay then. I'm going.

Where's my kiss?

I don't have the plague.

I don't believe this guy!

See you tomorrow.

If you need any... I have money.

Listen to you! I didn't mean money.

I offer help and look how you react.

Sorry, I was wrong. Thanks for the offer.

I want you to be happy. Yeah, thanks!

All in one go!

Who made the cake?


I knew it.

Big or small piece?

Here's to your birthday.

To Emma, the baby and Simon's thesis.

And Olivier. Olivier!

What's your thesis about? I forget.

You've forgotten again.

It's about the novel in...



That's it.

I've found a job.

You mean a real job, that's paid and everything?

Yeah, a job.

The only problem is it's abroad.

I have to go away.

What's the problem?

I won't be here when you need me.

Don't worry about that.

I just want you to be happy, have a job...

Will you be back when she's born?

I hope so. Only... maybe not at first.

Why didn't you tell us?

It's a surprise!

I'm so happy.

So happy.


What happened? Nothing.

Why are you doing that? I wanted to help.

You'll cut yourself.

Leave me alone. I'm not disabled. I can do it.

You can do it tomorrow.

I'm sorry.

The damn tumor has shrunk by 2 cm.

The chemo is working.

So can I keep my breast?

It's too early to say.

I was worried at first.

The ganglions, your lymph gland...

Let's program another session.

Is Thursday okay?

Are you still holding up?

I'm okay.

Compared to the possible side-effects, it's not too bad.

Is the baby still moving? If it stops, go to hospital immediately.

While it keeps growing, you'll continue.

How long until she won't need an incubator?

Another month.

A month!

That's cute.

Now we're getting somewhere.

A 2 cm reduction is huge.

I'll put in your IV.


I'm sorry.

Your veins are worn out.

I'll start again.

We don't have a choice.

Breathe deeply.

This time's okay but you have no good veins left.

You need a venous access line.

What's that?

It's a silicone tube with a tap.

For chemo, we'll hook onto it. No more needles.

It won't hurt anymore? Exactly.

How are you?

Remember me? I came yesterday.

Here we go.

It's on the French novel.

From Saurel to Diderot. Saurel's not well known...

You're not going in?


How many months are you? Seven.

It's getting serious.

You're really beautiful.

That's nice to hear. I feel so ugly.

You're wrong. Thanks.

It's been ages.

Great haircut.

Very Sinead O'Connor. I love it.

Still touring with the group?

I stopped working. I'm pregnant.

You're pregnant? Congratulations.

Cool! That's my dream! I can't find the right guy.

My Australian's waiting. I have to go.

Don't let her drink too much.

See you later.

What do you do for a living?

I'm a general practitioner.

You're a doctor?

What's so funny?

Doctors love me at the moment.

I didn't recognize you. What have you done?

I felt like a new look.

Frankly, I preferred the old one.

It reminds me of concentration camps.

Sorry about before. I wasn't myself.

Don't worry about it. It's fine.

But I don't understand.

Was it a bet, or what?

You were pretty, now you look naked.

Stop it!

It's no fashion statement. I have cancer. Ever heard of it?

You had chemo?

Right! Six sessions, then a cesarean and a mastectomy.

Know what that is?

Get off my case!

Was I too hard on him?

Anti-alcohol campaigns pale in comparison.

Do I scare you?

I'm a doctor.

I love a serious illness.

Each to his own fetish.

You didn't say you were leaving.

There I was, alone in the street with my big belly.

Something could have happened.

What's wrong with you?

If it's because of that guy...

It was no big deal.

I'm sorry.

I don't know why I did it.

I feel ugly.

I'm scared we'll stop making love, you'll leave me.

You think you're the only one scared?

You can't fuck me over because you're sick!

You're hurting me.

The chemo has stopped working.

Your body's used to it.

The baby's stopped growing.

At over seven months, the baby's perfectly viable.

We'll do a cesarean next week.

Is early next week okay?


We'll remove your breast at the same time.

I'll come to the birth so you can stay with the baby.

I'll have an anaesthetic for both?

The joy of birth will lessen the pain of losing a breast.

It will be a sort of consolation.

It's fantastic to have come this far.

We've talked it over. You have to do it.

I don't feel ready.

I'm not ready for that.

Couldn't I have an epidural?

For the birth.

So I'd see the baby.

Then knock me out and remove the breast.

Normally, we prefer one anaesthetic to two, but just this once...

Even though the chemo

isn't shrinking the tumor, it's containing it.

Couldn't we...

Couldn't I keep the baby until its eighth month?

Until my eighth month of pregnancy.

I'll do one more chemo. It's not clear but... with one more, I can keep the baby for another month.

Then she won't need to go in an incubator.

If Dr Colombier agrees.

We can do that.

In that case, we'll do the cesarean...

November 27. Is that okay?

Dr Colombier? It's Emma Stern.

I'm sorry to bother you on a Sunday.

When I last saw you at the hospital, everything seemed so final.

It happened too fast, and once I got home, I started thinking.

Isn't there some way I can keep my breast? I can't...

There's no other way?

Thank you. Excuse me.

You're not a stripteaser. You never wanted to be.

I love you without your hair, breasts, ass...

No, not without your ass.

It's your soul I love.

My soul is bruised.

Beautiful bruises.

Very beautiful bruises.

Olivier? No, it's Mom.

I'm calling from Iceland.

Put Emma on.

It's Olivier. I'm on my break.

How are you?

I'm going in to give birth.

Can you come back?

How's work?

Mom wants to know if you're not too tired.

I work and sleep, that's all.

I even got a bonus.

Icelandic people are nice. They don't talk much.

Except when they drink.

I'm flat out. I have to go.

Take care. Love to everyone.

Ready in two minutes.

Dr Colombier, if the baby's not normal, I'd rather not keep it.

Everything will be fine. Relax.

I'll start the cesarean.

Don't worry. You'll feel us pushing and pulling, to get the baby out, but it won't be painful.

They're doing the incision, then it will be over fast.

Look at her!

She's not that small.

She's a big, beautiful girl.

You have lots of hair!

Is it clamped?

There you go!

Let's say hello to Mommy.

Here she comes.

They'll warm her up.

Is she normal?

They'll test her reflexes but she seems fine.

I'm happy for you.

The battle was worth it. I hate to be the bad guy, but I have to remove your breast.

I'm ready. Now I've seen her, I'm fine.


Inhale some oxygen.

Breathe in.

You're so beautiful.

Is it still okay if we call her Juliette?

I don't know.

I thought of Frog, but if you prefer Juliette...

Isn't she pretty?

You did a good job on her.

She's not bad.

How's it going, Brains.

Think she'll like it? It'll be a nice change.

I'll get some beer.

You'll be fine, darling. I'm sure of it.

Stop it, Mom. We don't know yet.

Be brave. Brave!

Come in.

I'll leave you alone.

Thanks for coming.

I had to see her.

She's gorgeous.

My wife knitted something for her.

Want me to open it for you?

It's pretty and just her size.

Thank her for me.

Did you come by bicycle?

As usual.

I used to ride a bicycle too.

She's really pretty.

I'm so proud.

It's a real success story.

As far as the baby's concerned.

But for you... it's not over yet.

We'll know when we get the results back.

I may not get better?

We don't speak of cure, only remission.

You have some good years ahead of you, I'm sure of it.

But beyond that... no one knows.

It varies so much.

I have to get back to work.

I'm so pleased.

She's gorgeous.

See you soon back at the hospital.

What's wrong, darling?

I'm going to die.

Did he say that?

My little girl.

These words keep going round in my head.

"Some good years ahead of you."

What do you do with them?

Sorry, I needed to get it out.

Who ended up replacing me?

We followed instructions.

It took weeks but it was worth it. She's really ugly!

She doesn't play the double bass too badly.

She's no virtuoso, not by a long shot.

I brought you a tape.

Tell me what you think.

I will.

I have to go.

See you soon.

She's really pretty.

If something goes wrong, can I count on you to watch over her, take care of her and give her what Simon can't?

I won't need to do that.

I know, but if you agree, I'll feel better.

I promise.

What's her name?


Get some rest.

Did you choose that pink yourself?

It was Farid.

She thinks it's too much. Pink and yellow...

Introducing the self-adhesive mammary prosthesis.

You can dress as you wish, wearing any type of bra, or none at all.

Put your fears of losing your prosthesis behind you.

All your movements can be carried out with complete confidence.

It comes in two parts: the silicone prosthesis which is identical to a breast in terms of weight.

It's me. How's it going?

As you can see, it's a bit dated.

Which breast is it for?

The left.

That's 2,800 francs.

2,800 francs?

A swimsuit, a prosthesis and three bras.

2,800 francs.

Covered by healthcare?

You get back 457 francs for the prosthesis.

Not the bras?

That plastic thing is no use without the bras to go with it.

It's up to you.

I'll take them.

Olivier, you're back?

Can we talk?

Did Emma say I was here?

I saw your results. Fantastic.

You know, it's not over yet.

You're pretty smart. Why all the compliments?

I mean it.

Tell me about Iceland. You know cods inside out now?

Can we talk? Sure.

What did you do all that time?

I stayed home. I covered the windows.

I didn't empty the mailbox. Nothing but junk mail!

Why all the lies?

I can't explain. I couldn't stand seeing her like that.

You must think I'm pathetic.


It's her first photo, just after she was born.

It's hard to imagine it was inside my sister.

What do you think of her?

It's a bit abstract.

Juliette's no abstraction. Especially at night.

How are things for you?

It's not easy.

Maybe it suits me that she's sick.

Before, all her energy suffocated me.

Now, I love her more. In any case, we're closer.

I don't know if it's love or being needed.

You know, I admire you for taking it on.

I'd like to apologize to Emma but I'm scared.

I'm scared to tell her.

You don't have to.

You mean it's too late?

I may be a bit thick but I don't understand.

You went to Iceland. We were all happy.

Your Mom trusted you again. It helped Emma a lot.

Now you say it wasn't true but you've changed.

Everything you didn't do this summer, you'll do now.

What's the point upsetting everyone by saying you lied?

And the truth? Which truth?

When you said you'd changed, it was a lie but now you really have.

Why bother us with a lie that's become true?

You should go into politics.

Got any money?

Let's go shopping.

You have a visitor.

I don't want visitors.

That's too bad.

I don't want to see anyone.

How nice to see you! Why didn't you say so?

How are you?

This is our Juliette.

Meet your uncle Olivier.

Isn't she cute?

Let him hold her.

How are you?

You look good.

You seem different.

Think so?

Hold her head.

She's looking at me.

Of course. You're going to be best buddies.

She likes you. Normally she cries in the arms of strangers.


Want me to take her?

I brought presents. Presents!

What's this?

Aquavit. We'll drink to you.

A sweater for the baby.

It's so pretty!

This is for Simon.

Their wool is warmer than ours. This is for you.

I'm really touched.

Presents bought with the fruits of your labor.

I'm really happy.

Sleep, my princess.

Go to sleep.

I want you to know that I wasn't sick because of you.

I was sick before but I didn't know.

It was you that gave me the strength to pull through.

We can talk about this again later but only if you want to.

I'm so happy you're here, that you're well.

So happy.

My colleagues and I suggest a new treatment that will increase your chances.

We want to give you stronger doses of chemo.

We can't because the immune system would suffer.

But there's an option.

It's what we call a bone marrow auto-graft.

The idea is to take some of your generating cells, freeze them and treat you inside an isolation unit.

We do the chemotherapy, your immune system breaks down but we stop you getting infections.

Then we re-inject the generating cells and little by little, the immune system builds back up.

What do you think?

You're proposing this because the tests on the tumor weren't very encouraging.

I don't think the mastectomy eliminated all the diseased cells.

This is a new treatment.

I'm confident, but we don't have the benefit of hindsight.

It's up to you.

I don't really have a choice.

What do you think?

I think you have to do it.

With no complications, it's five weeks minimum.

Five weeks!

Can I see my daughter?

It's better if I say no.

Babies carry all sorts of microbes.

The fewer the risks, the sooner you'll get out.

When do I start?

As soon as possible.

We have ten units like this.

One of them is free.

What about Christmas and the new year?

There'll be others.

I wanted to thank you because without you... there'd be no baby.

You often told me things that were hard to take, but I asked you direct questions.

Maybe too direct.


I like you a lot.

I like you too.

There you go.

Not bad. Want to look?

No thanks.

I was so happy it was growing back.

I want to ask you something.

Would you spend your life with an Amazon?


I can't face having breast reconstruction.

I don't mind, but I think you should do it.


For you, but also for me.

We can't stay together because you won't get undressed in front of some guy!

Do you know how it works?

Are you sad? Me?

Not at all.

Why would I be sad? Not at all...

I can't wait to go to hospital.

Watch me dance before all of Paris!

I'm delighted to go into the isolation unit.

I'll be heaven, by myself.

For weeks on end.

I understand.

Cold? Want to go home?

I want you to sing to me.

In the grass, in the grass, in the grass I fell asleep And I had a dream, A dream, so sweet I dreamt of you, dreamt of you so you'd think of me


It was your husband's idea.

Don't worry, I sterilized it.

Maybe later, you can start playing again.

How's your baby?

I think she's fine.

Yesterday, she smiled for the first time.

It's hard missing out on that.

It's hard being hooked up to all these tubes, being locked up. Sometimes, I want to tear away, cast off my chains and be free.

You can't do that to me.

Get some rest.

I'll come tomorrow.

It's me.

How are you?

How's Juliette?

Did she finish her bottle?

I'm giving it to her now. So far so good.

I think she prefers when it's you.

She's fighting to stay awake.

It's empty here without you.

We'll have Christmas when you're back.

We'll put up tinsel in the courtyard.

We could wait for spring.

We'll dress up Benfaršs as Santa. He'll love it!

She looks like you, only with hair.

Just like you.

I'll call you tomorrow.

Sleep tight.

I love you.

I love you too.

Talk to you tomorrow.