Hawaii (1966) Script

Ever since our island people could remember, Bora Bora had been the home of the gods.

Home of Kanaloa, King of the Underworld... of Pele, the little mother of volcanoes... of Ta'aora, god of the ocean waters, god of the winds and the storms, of Mano the shark, who guided his children through secret pathways of the sea when they were lost, and of great Kane, father of the universe and all that lived therein.

And so it remained until in the days of Kanakoa the King there came upon the people of this island the most terrible anguish that can afflict the spirit of man... a time when the gods began to change.

For in that day there arose a new god whose appetite for human sacrifice heaped the altars high with his dead...

Oro. Oro whose eyes were the eyes of death.

So King Kanakoa called together his people and said, "This new god, this Oro, is a god of vengeance and wrath.

Let us run away from him."

The State Canoe of Bora Bora was the swiftest vessel in all the oceans of the world.

They filled it with roots and seeds to plant in a new land which, legend told them, lay far to the north.

From its holy place they took the sacred stone, the image of gentle Kane, and guided by Mano the shark, set out through uncharted seas towards the unknown, until at last they approached the shores of a land never seen before by the eyes of men, the glowing land that was Hawaii.

For over 30 generations they lived in that land, remote from the rest of the world, content in the worship of Kane, until you came, and my people found themselves once more in a time when the gods were changing.

You who have trained for your ministries here at Yale College, and only yesterday received your diplomas, cannot begin to imagine what that can do to the human soul.

Even the Reverend Dr. Thorn finds it unbelievable that only 43 years ago, when the English Captain Cook arrived in Hawaii, my brothers stood for the first time face to face with a Christian world whose existence they had never even dreamt of.

We beheld your weapons, your tall ships, your way with books and numbers, and we could not doubt the greatness of your Christian God.

In less than one generation we leveled our temples, burnt our pagan idols, and stood like waiting children for the revelation you promised to send us.

But instead of sending God's words, you sent adventurers to steal our lands... pestilence to ravage our countrysides, strong drink to devour the manhood of our sons, and devils in the shape of whalers to despoil our daughters and cast them aside like little wounded animals... to die in torment of that disease for which we had no name until you came.

We hunger for the word of God.

Yet in the four years I've lived among you, no one yet has said to me, "Keoki Kanakoa, I will go with you to Hawaii to save the souls of your people."

I am coming, I am coming!

It's past 3:00. I'm sorry, Reverend Thorn.

You said the lists were closing tonight, and Brother Hale and I decided to volunteer for Hawaii. You have? Come on in.

Why did you not stand forth with the others at a more appropriate hour?

I wasn't sure of my worthiness, sir. I asked Brother Whipple to stay with me and pray for God's direction.

I assume the Lord has spoken to you again?

He has, sir.

When Prince Keoki spoke tonight, I heard the voice of God commanding me to go to Hawaii and bring His word to the heathen.

It was clearer than the personal revelation I experienced when I was only 15, that mystical...

Yes, I remember.

I am very pleased that you are volunteering, Brother John.

I'd always thought that as a doctor you were more interested in medicine than in theology.

Tonight I realized I could serve God in both capacities.

You should hear from the board of commissioners within the week.

Thank you very much, Reverend Thorn.

I promise I will... Your case will take longer.

Why? Your teachers tell me that you were somewhat proud of your sanctity.

The Lord God Jehovah is not your uncle, Brother Hale.

He is your Creator.

But every day I repeat the biblical injunction against pride.

Proverbs 16:5: "Every one that is proud..." Yes, I...

I know the verse.

I presume that like most of our young volunteers, you are still confronted with the problem of finding a wife.

No, sir. My cousin has agreed to marry me.

I don't understand. You must have a wife.

We do not send young men to live among the naked savages without wives.

At your age, you probably have some dedicated female in view.

No, sir.

I haven't.

No one at all?

No, sir.

I'll pray on the matter.

It will require more than prayer, Brother Hale.

Sir, I beg you to accept me on this mission.

I promise that if you bestow upon me the holy privilege of saving those poor souls in agony, it will be a commitment to the... You will be hearing from us.

Now, I really must insist on bidding you good night.

I assure you, I have heard this call clearly.

Yes, Brother, you will be hearing from us.

No, no, no, no, I simply will not have it.

The least you could have done was consult with us before you wrote Jerusha.

It might not be a bad thing, Abigail.

Jerusha seems willing to meet the boy, at least.

My dear sister, the fact is you have a daughter who is 22, and she grows more confused and depressed each day.

That's not true!

It's only since Captain Hoxworth she's had these... depressions.

But that's the point!

All this mooning around over a damn sailor she hasn't heard from in almost two years, it's unnatural.

But this Hawaii, we don't even know where it is.

Charles, are you willing to send your daughter...

My dear, the only thing I'm not willing to do is abandon my child to fits of depression and religious mania in a small upstairs room!

If she can find love and a rich, new life in Hawaii, It's a damn sight better than she's doing here in Walpole, wasting away over a sailor who's long since forgotten her.


Shouldn't we give the young man a chance?

If she doesn't like him, she can send him away.

I promise.

Abner! A letter! A letter!

"Dear Brother Hale, as a result of careful inquiries, "the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions

"is happy in the will of God to announce

"that you have been chosen for mission duty in Hawaii.

"Your acceptance, however, is provisional, "since there remains the matter of obtaining a wife to accompany you.

"To this end, you would be well advised to present yourself in one month's time

"at the house of Charles and Abigail Bromley in Walpole, New Hampshire, "there to meet their daughter, a Christian girl of 22.

"May I also take the liberty of suggesting that in the interim

"you work in your father's fields each day with your hat off.

Yours in Christ, Elifaleth Thorn."

Do you think she will accept you, Abner?

If God wishes it.

Let us pray together.

Almighty God, look down with pity on this miserable company of sinners, conceived in lust, delivered in evil, and slaves to every loathsome appetite the flesh is heir to.

We have held fast against atheism, Romanism, Unitarianism, and a score of lesser evils.

And we thank Thee that Thou has chosen one of us to carry Thy holy word and the precious light of John Calvin to the wicked and benighted heathen of Hawaii.

Amen. Amen.

Welcome to Walpole.

I trust you had a reasonably pleasant journey.

Yes, yes, indeed.

The Reverend Abner Hale, Mr. Charles Bromley.

I'm deeply honored. My pleasure, son.

Come on. I want you to meet the family.

Yes, but I had... I'll take care of your baggage.

Fine. You're a lot browner and tougher than I expected you'd be. I always was tough, sir.

Reverend Thorn!

A packet of delayed mail and a letter came for the Bromleys.

Would you take them along? Thank you.

That's him, isn't it?

I think so.

But he's so tall! It's not that he's tall, he's just so skinny!

He's not very handsome, either. Do you think?

No. He's got an awfully big nose.

They're coming in. Come on.

Don't push! Quiet!

Mommy doesn't look as if she likes him.

Papa's using his funny voice.

Yes, how do you do, Reverend?

And this is my daughter, Miss Jerusha.

I'm pleased to make your acquaintance, Reverend Hale.

Oh, dear!

Did I spray?

No, no, no, not at all.

Well, what did you think of him?

I rather took to the lad myself. He is simply dreadful.

Oh, Abigail. And what you are doing is shameful.

If she accepts that scrawny weed of a man, it will be out of despair.

My dear sister.

We must leave it all in the hands of the Lord.

Come in.

You have a very kind nature, Miss Bromley.

Thank you, Reverend Hale.

But then, I have always admired the character of Jerusha as set forth in Holy Scripture.

I think particularly on 2 Kings 15:33.

"Five and twenty years old was Jotham when he began to reign, "and he reigned 16 years in Jerusalem.

And his mother's name was Jerusha, the daughter of Zadok."

It's a lovely verse. Yes, it's beautiful.

Thank you.

Thank you.

I often think...

Save the soup!

Oh, my raggedy, taggedy, little old scraggedy wishing doll I'd see two fleecy clouds caress And they become a snow white party dress For my wishing doll And every rainbow way up there Becomes a silken ribbon for the hair of my wishing doll And then one day...

Reverend Hale.

Are you feeling better?

Oh, very much better, thank you.

Will you stay a week if it takes that long?

What takes? If you don't ask her, the captain will.


All right.

Only this morning as I awakened and looked out the window, I thought with... with Virgil, "Here is Spring eternal!"

Will you have sugar?

If you please.


Or with Theocritus, "It is Spring everywhere, "and in the pastures the udders are swelling with milk and the lambkins are suckling."

Cream, Reverend Hale? Thank you.

One is also reminded of the divine Milton...

Let... let... let me...

I have no graces.

I'm strange and awkward in... in... worldly surroundings.

But until now I've always thought myself at least an honest man.

I have no taste for poetry.

I memorized those lines to make you think better of me.

I even... Iooked up your name in my Bible concordance.

My little sister's remark about a certain captain...

I think I should tell you that two years ago I fell in love with a New Bedford man who came here on a visit.

However, we've not corresponded since that time.

I'm now quite free.

He was a whaler, a strong man, somewhat rough in his ways.

Yet also gentle.

And very handsome.

Miss Bromley...

You will find someone else.

When that happens, I pray he'll be the strongest, gentlest man on Earth.

And the handsomest, too.

I'll be going home tomorrow.

I cannot think it right for a young woman of your breeding to travel across 18,000 miles of stormy seas to a savage land...

I know all about Hawaii. Prince Keoki lectured at our church.

It is horrible.

My life will be one of work, poverty, bad food... living in a grass hut surrounded by filth and savages.

Why do you try to make Hawaii seem even worse than it is?

Because I will not spoil your life, Miss Bromley.

You are so beautiful, and I am of such little consequence, that I put the idea of marriage completely out of mind the moment I saw you.

Am I so little to you, then?

You are more to me than anyone can know.

My feelings for you are of such a deep and tender nature, so profoundly affectionate, that l... I...

I dare not mention them.

But you have dared.

And in doing so you have dishonored me.

But, Miss Bromley!


No gentleman would explain his feelings so explicitly to a lady without previous proposal of marriage.

But I...

You wouldn't think of going to Hawaii with a man like me.

Would you?

Not if he wasn't my husband.

Goodness! I certainly didn't mean to imply that!

I would protect you... and cherish you... and love you all the years of my life... if only you could find it in your heart to... marry me.

It is in my heart.

"There is a prince and a great man fallen this day in Israel."

I looked your name up, too.

Mom, he did it! Mom!

You have set forth as one family in Christ.

Everything you possess, both now and in the future, belongs to that family.

You will receive no salaries, neither will you engage in any enterprise for personal gain.

I have no doubt that you would do conspicuously well in business, but you have been called to serve the Lord, and it is to this business that you must attend.

You are directed to accomplish two divine missions... to bring the heathen to the Lord and civilize him.

You will lift up the heathen, step by step, until he stands with you, and before you leave the scene, the pulpits you erect will be filled by him.

You are to spend yourselves in Christ so generously that in later years it may be said of you, "They came to a nation in darkness, they left it in light."

Ready, Captain Janders.

Reverend Thorn. Land the gangplank!

Let go forward. Let go forward, sir!

Let go aft!

Let go aft, sir!

Blest be the tie that binds Our hearts in Christian love The fellowship of kindred minds Is like to that above

And you must submit your will entirely to God's keeping.

You are correct on that, Reverend.

If you're ready, I'll be proud to count you the first.

I'm not half ready, Reverend. I love to hear you nag.

We haven't had such a fine gab in many a passage.

He's at it again, Captain.

Reverend Hale!

I thought I told you to leave those men alone.

You forbade me to enter the forecastle.

But you did not forbid me to bring them the word of God while they are at work.

What word were you bringing to young Cridland?

He kept the whole watch awake last night hollering in his sleep about hell fire and damnation.

I reminded him briefly of his sins and read certain passages from the Holy Bible.

To an ignorant man, the Bible can be a terrifying book.

More than the profane novels I observe in your cabin?

Do you think that Smollet and Defoe and Voltaire are profane?

They are damnable. Have you read them?

Must I commit murder to judge it a sin?

Why is it with so many attractive young people on board, it's always that mangy scarecrow that's well enough to eat with us?

Raise your spirits, my dear friends.

We are a full degree nearer the equator.

When will this dreadful rocking cease?

Come, Brother Quigley. You'll have your sea legs soon.

Perhaps you'd care to shave.

I can fetch you some hot water from the galley.

I don't know what we'd do without your comfort.

We are a family in Christ, my dear sister.

Would it compose you if I were to read to you?

Sister Urania?

Abner, no good cheer, I beg you.

Why, Brother John.

I should think you, as a doctor, would be the first to prescribe a cheerful face.

As a doctor, Brother Abner, I accept the truth.

And the truth in this case is that we are, all of us, except you, fit only for pickling.

Mrs. Hale? Reverend Hale, I'm so sick.

You must pray. And try to swallow back more firmly.

I do try. I know.

It's Sunday again.

Forgive me.

You must be ready for services.

I can't even raise my arm.

I'll pray while you attend services.

God's word will give you strength.

Also the excellent pork and sea-pie we are having for dinner.

"Hear, O earth: Behold, "I will bring evil on these people, because they have not hearkened unto my words, nor my law, but rejected it.

I have seen thine adulteries and neighings."

The Lord has marked your presence, Brother Quigley.

You may go below to say prayers with Sister Hale.

"I have seen thine adulteries...

"and neighings...

the lewdness of thy whoredom..."

That sounds like fun, don't it?!

God will punish you for that!

God will punish you for that!

Perhaps at Cape Horn.

We will soon be at the cape.

Is it there that the day of reckoning will come for those who refuse to heed God's word?

Will tides as high as mountains engulf you and seawater fill your nostrils and your lungs?

Will your eyes drop from their sockets at the bottom of the sea?

Captain Janders, since you have permitted blasphemy, I will dispense with the benediction.

We will spend the rest of our Sabbath in the main cabin, where Keoki will continue his instructions in the Hawaiian language.

Dutchmen and Spaniards have done it.

Some of our own whalers have managed to get through.

Why is it so difficult?

It isn't, until the end. See those rocks?

The Four Evangelists?

The Westerlies from the Pacific pile up tremendous waves all the way along the exit from the passage.

In trying to break out, they throw you onto the Evangels.

Captain Janders!

The Evangels are two points off the starboard bow!

Mr. Collins, we're having a go at it!

Aye-aye, sir!

Steady as she goes. Aye-aye, sir.

Help! Reverend Hale! Your wife!

Mrs. Hale!

Mrs. Hale. We're lost!

Let me die. Please let me die!

What are you saying? God, let me die!

Mrs. Hale! Let me die!

You must not blaspheme! Please let me die!

I'm afraid, too, my dear wife. We must not despair.

God is with this ship.

She's slipping, sir!

The Evangels are dead ahead!

Send the gaff topsail!

Loose the gaff topsail!

Haul away!

Haul away!


Help him, God.

Help that man.

Help that man!

Strengthen his hands!

Haul away! Haul away!

He is with us.

He's with us!

The Lord of hosts is with us!

He is with us!

Are you sleepy? No.

Forgive me.

I'm not sleepy.

I'm just relaxed.

I felt so good after my bath, I... brushed my skin with oil of lilac.

I smelled it.

Moses forbade the use of perfume.

Proverbs say that "Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart."

Isaiah cursed the woman who used perfume and abased herself unto hell.

Esther perfumed herself for a whole year.

She was under compulsion.

I think she just liked the smell of it on her skin.

Skin is but flesh, flesh is corruption incarnate.

The flesh was given us by God, too. As a burden, as a temptation.

The temptation you are to me at this very moment.

That's one of the purposes of marriage, isn't it?

Not when it drives the thought of God from the mind.

I begin to feel that... that I'm utterly depraved.

I think of nothing but your loveliness.

Is it possible for anything to seem lovely without God having wanted it so?

Get away this ship. We got too much preacher-man here.

What's he saying? What's he saying?

He says his daughters are the best...

Are they his own daughters?


Look there! There they are!

Who are they? Keoki's parents.

Lahaina, here, is the capital of the island of Maui, and Keoki's father, Kelolo, is the king's deputy here.

His mother is Malama, and Alii Nui of all the islands.

Where does the king live?

In Honolulu, on the island of Oahu. Break out the sling!

Why did you kneel to your mother?

She is the Alii Nui. She is a sacred person.

It's from her our mana flows.

It is from God, not from any Alii Nui that you receive your spiritual consecration.

I understand, and so will they when they become Christians, Brother Hale.

I was referring to the old religion. I think it would be better if from now on you referred to me in the old way, as Reverend Hale.


We agreed as a family that we're all brothers and sisters.

That applied only to ordained ministers and their wives.

Ordained or not, I shall always be your sister Jerusha.

Hoist away!

Aloha, aloha!


Gently, gently. Don't drop her or we'll all be massacred.

Aloha! Aloha!

My mother, Malama, says welcome.

These are the first lhaole women she has ever seen.

Haole is our word for people of the white race.

She says that until now you have sent only sailors and troublemakers.

But since you bring your women, your intentions must be good.

Please express our thanks to the Alii Nui.

Tell her that in order to help her people we intend to establish missionaries throughout these islands.

I know little bit English already.

How you meaning help my people?

Help them to know God. And reading, too, and writing.

Writing? This is good. It is our need.

In one month time, I learn plenty writing.

But first you must learn about God, without Whose grace all writing is useless.

First write. Then maybe I listen your god.

She says you are adorable, puny women.

Will you tell her that she and your father are very handsome?

And that Lahaina seems as lovely as New England, though in quite a different way.

Alolha nui! Alolha nui!

Alolha nui means love intense.

I like you here. You stay Lahaina.

She teach me write.

Alii Nui. I'm not assigned to your island.

My mission is in Honolulu.

Where you go, I not care. Her stay here.

But Mrs. Hale is my wife.

She your wife? Yes.

I let you stay, too. You come now.

We can trade, Brother Hale. Jephtha and I can go on to Honolulu.

You and Sister Hale can stay here in Lahaina.

Her got plenty much mana. Her one time wife with Kamehameha.

Kamehameha had 21 wives.

My mother is Alii Nui. So she's entitled to other husbands as well.

You mean... she was married to Kamehameha and your father at the same time?

She had to marry my father because he is her brother.

The Alii Nui may only have children by her brother, otherwise her mana would be profaned by outside blood.

Water! Please bring water, somebody!

Reverend! Reverend! Reverend?

My name is Fredericks, I have a little grog shop here and a few acres of farm land.

I hope we are going to be friends.

Grog shop?

We'll discuss friendship when you stop debauching my people with drink.

Just one moment. Just one moment, please.

I will not permit us to be separated.

Now, teach me write.

Sit here, start teach.

Perhaps we should begin tomorrow.

We begin now!

Well, I...

In English, we have 26 letters.

But in Hawaiian... I need write letter you people, not mine.

Teach English.


Well, we'll start with your name.



It is our family shrine. We call it "heiau."

It's for the Great Chiefs only.

The center stone comes from a temple in Bora Bora.

It was brought here by my people over a thousand years ago.


Reverend Hale! Reverend Hale!

What is the meaning of this?

I had to stop you, Reverend Hale. No touch!

It's an evil place drenched in blood. It must be destroyed!

It is not that kind of a temple.

This is the temple of Kane, a gentle god.

A god of love and mercy. No touch!

This place is an abomination.

It is, but until he understands, we can't ask him to destroy it.

Who is that naked female?

Her my small, little daughter named Noelani.

One day she grow big and be the Alii Nui the time when Malama die.

Then she's Keoki's sister?

One day her marry with Keoki. Together, they get keikewalhine.

Make one more Alii Nui.

Reverend Hale? This is my sister Noelani.

Do you realize that your father expects you to marry this girl and have children by her?

I will explain this to her later... No, now, make it clear now.

I understand English, Reverend Hale.

Then you must also understand that your brother is a Christian and any lustful union between you is a damnable sin and must not take place.

I wish I had been given a little more time to prepare her.

Could I go now and come back tomorrow?

No! While we waste time, lhaoles who know how to write can steal this island.

I'm sorry, I feel faint.

This one baby not come for long time yet.

Better you sleep. I make you work too hard.

Rest, rest, rest. Oh, rest.

Jerusha is not a strong woman. She'll not bear up well under pain.

I'll try to be here when the baby comes.

If not, this is the best book on midwifery in existence.

Keoki says the native midwives are excellent, use them.

Good bye, Brother Hale.


I guess we better...

Abner. Yes.


What is your name?


You may go home now, Iliki.

Apparently she's been... given to us by that woman.

Do you suppose they actually give children away?

I'll ask her tomorrow.

You may stay here if you wish.

She's placed in our care by the hand of God.

She will become the first member of my church.

From the utter darkness, I will lead her into the light.

I've already waited three weeks!

I must see her.

What is it? This baby, she was gonna bury it alive!

Let us through, please, let us through.

This baby got evil spirit.

It isn't an evil spirit, it's only a birthmark. Look!

And see how fat and healthy he is!

Bad thing. More better he die quick.

Does this killing of innocent children go on all the time?

Only sometime they little bit sick, like this one.

If such children are not wanted, we will establish a home for them.

They must not be killed!

A wise Alii Nui would make that a law.

Too much law make people mad.

She not kill him, Hale walhine. Only feed him.

We sit down, now. Make another lesson.

Alii Nui. If I may have a moment, I've been trying...

I learn English now. Go away.

It would only take a moment, Alii Nui. He wants to talk about some land.

Land? You want land? Yes, I must have land in order to...

I beg your pardon?

No land! No like it!

Every lhaole come here want land. You go now.


If you will only permit me... No! Go away!

He doesn't want the land for himself.

And he doesn't want very much land, either.

Just enough to build a church on.

You like it, him build this church? Yes, I would like it very much.

I tell Kelolo find little bit piece land, give men, help build him his church.

Now teach me.

Makua Hale!

Makua Hale, the Kahunas say you put door bad place.

The Kahunas!

They come for help new kind god.

He's not a new god, he's the only God!

And the Kahunas have nothing to do with His church.

They say more better no make wall. Keep every side open.

This make strong when whistling wind come.

Whistling wind? What are you talking about?

The kind wind come when Alii Nui die.


Makua Hale, I know this place. Many time I talk with the spirits live here.

We will put the door where I say. And there will be walls.

Whoever heard of a church without walls!

Makua Hale! Makua Hale!

You come see!

I have something for show you. You read.

"To James Monroe, President of America in Washington.

"I send you 'AIoha' from Lahaina on island of Maui.

"Some men from America, too much do they want land.

"Also too many sickness do they bring.

"I think you like do something about it. I write this with great love.

Malama, Alii Nui."

It is a remarkable accomplishment, Alii Nui.

I think so.

Little one.

For thanks because you teach me write, I give you nice valley by Waiakoa.

Got stream with fishes. No, you mustn't give away your land.

Makua Hale like land.

You have already given us this land, to build a church for Almighty God and His flock.

We are very grateful for that. But for ourselves we want nothing.

I think maybe this writing not enough. Time now for teach me about your god.

I'm pleased that you want to learn.

Tomorrow we'll begin.

We begin now!

Tell me, this god, how he look?

God is a spirit.

He cannot be seen with the eyes.

He's seen only in the heart of those who have found a state of grace.

In one month time I find grace!

No, it cannot be done that way.

To be saved you must first confess that you are evil, corrupt, and sinful.

I evil, corrupt, sinful. What is "sinful"? What it mean?

It means "bad." I bad?

No! They bad, not me! I am Alii Nui. I cannot be bad.

In the eyes of God, there is no difference between the Alii Nui and her meanest servant.

God think they equal to the Alii Nui?

God doesn't think, He knows.

You have the sin of pride, Alii Nui.

To find grace, you must become humble.

Humble? Humble.

Are you humble?

I think maybe you proud, too.

You find grace, then I find it! You show me where right now!

That I cannot do! Until you stop living in incestuous marriage with Kelolo, you will never find grace.

Why Kelolo?

Because he is your brother.

And God forbids you to live with him as his wife.

But Kelolo is good. No better men all this island like Kelolo.

No, Makua Hale, I be too Ionely send him away.

Reverend Hale, if I may... Please.

If you don't give him up, you will burn throughout all eternity in the blazing fires of everlasting hell.

How hot this hell?

Hotter than the fires of a thousand volcanoes. It burns incessantly.

Its pain is horrible beyond imagining.

Many years before I die. Of Kelolo we talk another time.

Up we go.

No! No! Come back!

Mr. Morris! Mr. Morris!

Yes, sir?

I'll have that one there.

You... No! That one there!

Over here. Mr. Morris, that one definitely, there.

All right. What the hell, Mr. Morris.

Send them all to my cabin! Yes, sir.

You want her for yourself?

Who the hell does he think we are?

How can you do this to these innocent children?

Have you no mothers at home, no sisters?

May God in His mercy forgive you.

Come back, Reverend, I'll buy you a drink!

Go home, you wicked creature!

I no do nothing bad! Go home!

Let that girl go!

Let her go!

Dillon! Let her go.

That's enough! Stop it! That's enough.

Stop it now.

Rape is a rotten sport at any time.

But in Lahaina, it's a downright waste of energy.

Now get out of here and find yourselves some cooperative ones.

This is the daughter of our Alii Nui.

My compliments to the Alii Nui. My apologies to you.

Are you alright?

You bear the responsibility for the depredations of your men.

I do.

As God's instrument on Earth, I order you to take your sailors back to your ship!

My men are not sailors, Reverend. They're whalers.

And for over three years, they've been on this voyage and they haven't touched land in eight months.

Now, the females of Lahaina have got the warmest blood in the Pacific, and my men have neither the strength nor the inclination to fight them off, neither, might I add, have I.

If you'll excuse me.

Iliki came in crying... Jerusha!

Rafer! Jerusha Bromley!

What are you doing here?

You're supposed to be in Walpole waiting for me there!

L... How could I have waited?

You didn't write, I had no... Write?

I wrote from Canton, from Manila, from Santiago, from Honolulu...

Jerusha, I've never seen anything so beautiful...

Captain, you may not behave in that manner!

Shut up! I'm speaking to Miss Bromley.

Rafer, I'm married.


Oh, my God, not to him!

What did he do, pray you into bed?

For two years now, I thought of nothing but you, night and day, on sea and land, nothing but you!

I'm not going to let you go a second time.

Abner, don't!

Stop it, Rafer!

Rafer, I'm expecting, I'm with child!

Go away, go away! Leave us alone!

I wanted you more than anything else on this Earth.

I could have taken you by candlelight in your father's house, and you know that.

May the Lord strike me dead if I ever pass up another virgin as long as I live.

What a damn fool!

What a God-abandoned fool!

He's right. It's wrong for the girls to swim out to the ships.

Girls in Boston not swim out?

Certainly not! Water too damn cold?

Not at all!

But the Alii of Boston have made it against the law, just as you should make it against the law here.

I think missionary like stop everybody have fun.

There's no fun in the disease these girls catch from the sailors.

There's only death.

I think about it one more time.

To think about it is not enough.

You must make laws to protect your people.

Laws against killing, against rum, and laws against the damnable sin of adultery.

Adultery? Yes.

That what he mean.

What kind adultery you not like too much?

What kind?

There's only one kind of adultery, and it is a mortal sin.

Got 23 kind adultery going on this place all the time.

Married man sleep with another married walhihe. That one kind.

Married man, he sleep with wife his brother, that two kind.

Married man sleep with wife his son...

If we say there shall be no adultery without saying which kind, everyone would think, "They don't mean our kind of adultery, they mean the other 22 kinds."

On the other hand, if we list all 23 kinds, somebody will surely say, "We never heard that kind before, let's try it."

Father sleep with daughter, that 11 kind.

Mother sleep with son, this 12 kind.

Married walhihe sleep with brother, this 13 kind.

I think I see the problem. I'll pray on the matter.

Makua Hale! Makua Hale!

What is it?

Hale walhihe say you run fast to house.

What's the matter?

The baby! Him wanna come out fast!

Better you make run like hell!

Have the pains started already? Yes.

Brother Whipple isn't due for another three weeks.

I know.

Have you counted the pains?

Nine or ten. Are they regular?

No, not yet.

Do they make you want to bear down?

Then your water hasn't broken yet. No, be careful.

Then we have plenty of time Yes.

Try to lie full length this way.

I'll get everything ready. Tell me when the next pain begins.

Light the lamp.

Give it to me.

Tie these to the foot of the bed.

Tell me when it's over.


It's going away.

Who is it? It's Keoki, Reverend Hale.

I've brought the midwives.

They have medicines to kill pain and stop bleeding.

Keoki, I do not want them.

They have delivered many children, Reverend Hale.

I will not surrender my wife or my child to heathen practices.

Tell them to go away.

Bring in a basin of boiled water. Boiled, Iliki!

Then help Mrs. Hale into her nightgown.

Don't bear down anymore.

I can't help it.

You must hold back on the next pain.

What is it? Is something wrong with the baby?

Nothing's wrong with the baby.

Listen to me carefully.

It's in the breech position. You remember what that is.

You must hold back on the next pain.

Pant, breathe through your mouth, anything!

But hold back!

I can't! I can...

Listen, listen to me. Jerusha, listen to me!

I've got to try to turn the baby around.

The book said if it is not delivered within three minutes, it will die.

Do you understand?

All right.

All right. When the next pain comes...

It's coming now.

Scream if you want to!

Hold back!

No! No, don't push!

Hold back!

Iliki, hand me the towels. Quickly, Iliki!

It's a boy, Jerusha.

Is it normal?

He's a strong, healthy boy.

You may go, now. Sleep.

You know the kind way Hawaiians do when baby come out wrong end like that?

Number one midwife, she kill the baby, then she pull them out.

Go away, Iliki.

I love you, Jerusha.

I love you.

When I was a boy and found God, I thought I could never love anyone as dearly as I loved him.

But I was wrong.

I love you more than I love God.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you more.

I love you more!

But I always liked the name David. It's so sweet.

But Micah is a name strong in the goodness of the Lord.

When we are gone, he will carry on our work here.

He will need such a name.

All right.

Try to forget what I said to you last night.

It was blasphemy.

I placed my love for you above my love of God.

I will spend the rest of my life seeking His forgiveness.

Micah. Micah.


In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, I baptize you Martha Iliki Pupali.

And I receive you as a member of this church.

The first fruit of my ministry.

Is she going to do it? Yes, she is.

At first she threatened to cancel the whole affair unless I allowed her to become a full member of the church.

Brother John. Very fine sermon, Reverend.

Thank you, Captain. Mrs. Hale.

When I mentioned Kelolo she had the effrontery to swear she had sent him away.

Well, she has. He lives in another house now.

Yes, he sneaks back into the palace every night, she admitted it.

Her desire for grace is quite overshadowed... by her lust for Kelolo. Don't call it lust, Abner.

It must be terribly hard for her to understand that a form of marriage she's always considered holy, is thought by us to be a deadly sin.

I find it sad. Sad?

Yes, I find it sad that after all these years together, two people should have to stop loving each other in order to love God.

This day new laws are made for us of Maui.

Because these laws are made for two people, I speak them in our two tongues, English first and then Hawaiian.

First law: In this place, everyone will serve God.

Everyone will love Jesus.

Next law: There will be no killing of people.

No grown people, not children, no sick babies will be killed.

Next law: No more will girls go to the ships.

Next law: When the sun goes down beneath the water, the sailors will go back to the ships.

Next law: No more will the grog shops sell the rum to my people.

Next law: There will be no more sleeping together in mischief without getting married.

Next law: Here, Kelolo will be chief of the policemen.

He will beat with sticks the breakers of these laws.

He will put them in the jailhouse here in the fort.

Let us now obey these laws.

Then no more will people laugh at us how we live in Lahaina.

The four of us speak for every ship in Lahaina harbor, ma'am.

For over two years my men have been at sea, and they will not be bound by a curfew.

We bring lots of custom to this place.

It used to be the best port in the Pacific.

We live in a small place, but we change with new times.

You will obey my law.

This afternoon our men are coming ashore. They will remain ashore tonight.

There'll be no rape, but any woman willing to trade her favor for a yard of calico will have the opportunity of doing so.

If you come, you will be arrested.

Try that and there'll be trouble.

Then there will be trouble.

You no walk this place, go more far!

We're coming ashore.

Touch one of my men and you'll smart for it.

You get thrown in the jailhouse, damn lhaole.

You're harder to see than the Empress of China.

A man has to fight every inch of the way.

I love you, Jerusha.

I love you, I love you.

There are a thousand whales running off Japan, and I...

I left them and I sailed half an ocean just to...

Why, he's made an old woman of you.

No, he hasn't.

But he's made a damn good try.

I'm taking you back to New Hampshire.

Can you imagine Walpole in the autumn, with the leaves beginning to turn? And the first snowfall on its way?

Oh, don't, don't!

And the logs on the hearth?

But who needs a fire in this godforsaken place?

And a piano? Someone singing?

And you, Jerusha. I'll never see Walpole again.

Yes, you will, you will.

You'll see it with me.

Look, I don't give a damn about my immortal soul.

But I do care about you.

One minute with you, one hour, one day with you.

Now, pack your things.

Wait! No, no...

Hale walhihe! Hale walhihe!

Our nice pretty church house!

I think them sailor men gonna burn them all up with fire!

Iliki, stay here, Micah is asleep.

Church more better now.

Burn him big holes in wall. Let plenty air come inside.

My people, it is good that you did not let the church die.

When you sleep, God will smile.

Now, will the sailors go back to their ships?

Jerusha, I promise you.

I won't touch you, I won't even look at you.

Please, please come onboard my ship.

I'll take you and your child to Honolulu and there I'll ship you both to Boston.

You'll have an even chance of staying alive there.

He'll kill you here, Jerusha.

He will kill you.

Good-bye, Rafer.

Good-bye, Jerusha.

Morris! Yes, sir!

Gather what men we have left and get them aboard.

I want my ships out of this port by sunrise.

Right away, sir.

What are you so mad about? Damn lhaole. Him no more good.

Him try burn the church house with fire.

Steady, steady.


Now, tell me.

How would you like to see the lights along Manila Bay?

Or Singapore?

Or the Irrawadi in Rangoon?

What that?

Very good, Luku.

I thought so!

What the devil do you want?

I've come for the young woman named Martha Iliki Pupali Who is illegally concealed aboard this vessel.

Get off my ship!

I will not leave without Iliki.

Why, you bible-thumping son of a bitch, do you want every female I lay my eyes on?

Mr. Morris!

Next time you let the preacher aboard this ship I'll hang you.

Maho. Maho! Shark! Shark!

Maho! Shark down there!

Over here, shark! Go get him!

He let him get away.

He was... a big shark, too!

Well, everything in these latitudes is a disappointment.

Mr. Morris, we weigh anchor. Aye, aye, sir.

Prepare to make way!

Prepare to make way!

Mele, take this mail to Hale, please? Immediately.

8000 hectares Hawaiian Land acquired by FLAUD Very Good!

Fraud is spell with an 'R' not an 'L'

Make the change and Print it!

This is for you..

And one for you too. Thanks.

If there be no further discussion, we shall now vote on that resolution calling for the expulsion of Brother Abraham Hewlett from his ministry.

Those in favor will let it be known by raising their right hands and saying aye.

Aye. Aye.

Those opposed will raise their right hands and signify by saying nay.

Nay. Nay.

Three. The "Ayes" have it, the motion is carried.

The minutes of these proceedings will be sent to the Board of Commissioners in Boston, and the congregations will be duly circularized.

Abraham Hewlett... it is the judgment of this meeting...

...that your continued presence in these islands is an embarrassment to the church.

And it is our decision that you leave here and live elsewhere.

It is not within your jurisdiction to advise me any further.

I shall live where I wish.

You will receive no sustenance from us!

What sustenance?

Those yearly barrels of trash and cast-off junk sent to us by the Boston Missionary Board and disguised as Christian charity?

My wife has brought me several thousand acres of prime land.

I shall work for myself, earn my own wage, and provide for my family here on these islands for as long as I choose.

You love Hawaiians as potential converts, but you despise them as people.

Having come to the opposite conclusion, I gladly depart from a Ministry in which love has no place.

We shall now look to that resolution censuring Brother John Whipple for performing the marriage ceremony whereby our lost brother fell into sin.

I'd say the ceremony was one whereby he fell out of sin.

As for the vote, save your time, Brothers.

I also take my departure.

Brother John!

Kelolo has something to say to you, Makua Hale.

Make you very happy.

I evil, I corrupt, I sinful.

You see? Already has he found grace.

Does this mean you are prepared to move out of the palace and renounce this carnal union with your sister?

He will not have to go away, Makua Hale.

He will be a Christian and I will be a Christian.

Many times have you said that marriage between Christians is sanctified.

A marriage between brother and sister can never be sanctified.

Then there is no way I can keep Kelolo without going to hell?

No way at all.

I am so filled with sin that in the wrong way do I love Kelolo.

Yet also do I love Jesus.

He was such a good young man with so much aloha, and they hurt him so badly when they killed him.

It will be sad when I die and not go to Him.

On the day you send Kelolo away, I will accept you into the church, and you will see Jesus.

I promise.

Now will I sleep for a while.

Aloha, Makua Hale.

Aloha, Alii Nui.

So King Tamatoa called together his people in Bora Bora and said, "This new god, this Oro, I do not like him.

"He is a god of vengeance and wrath. Let us run away from him.

"Let us cross the waters to another land.

"There, without fear, can we worship Kane, giver of life, Kane the gentle."

So they did that, and as they drove the canoe forward, this was their chant...

What's this? What is it, what's going on?

It's a chant that tells how our people sailed from Bora Bora to this new land beneath the Seven Little Eyes, guided by Mano the shark.

In a way, it's like the migration of Abraham in the Bible.

Dismiss the class.

You are dismissed.

How dare you compare a bundle of myths to the Holy Scriptures?

These Kahuna superstitions are dangerous, Keoki.

Your task is to spread the word of Almighty God.

I have waited eight years to spread it.

And you have not ordained me yet.

How long must I wait, Reverend Hale?

I'll answer you truthfully.

For the present I have no plans for ordaining you at all.

What do you hold against me? My dear Keoki.

You're too young.

I'm older than you when you were ordained.

Yes, but you must remember that I grew up in a Christian family.

I was... A white man?

If you wish to put it that way, yes.

For over a hundred years, my ancestors fought that this church might be established.

Some of them died for it.

I cannot wait 100 years, Reverend Hale.

I was the highest student in the mission school in America.

It was me and my words that brought you here.

That is correct.

I've been thinking lately that our church is ready for a board of deacons.

I'm willing to make you their head, Keoki.

You would move among the Hawaiians, find out who is smoking, who has alcohol on his breath, who is sleeping with another man's wife, that sort of thing.

Then each week you will hand me a list to be admonished from the pulpit.

I sought a way to serve my people.

Not to spy upon them.

Your mother will not be pleased that you have refused the deaconship.

My mother is dying.

Your mother is not dying, Keoki.

I just talked with her. There's nothing wrong with her.

She will die.

And then will come the whistling wind.

Who's the young boy?

King Kamehameha.

I could find nothing wrong with her.

But she is dying, there's no question of that.

She would like to see you both.

Hear me, for I speak to Kelolo.

Dear brother, dear husband, God commands you to be sent away from me.

Sent away to a faraway place.

No more shall I sleep in your arms.

No more shall you see me again in the sunlight.

I have said it.


I will need some water.

There is water beside me, Makua Hale.

Malama Kanakoa, having entered into a state of grace, seeks baptism into the Holy Church.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, I baptize you Ruth Malama Kanakoa.

Of Ruth it is written, strength and honor are her clothing, and she shall rejoice in time to come.

And Ruth said, "Wither thou goest, I will go."

Alolha hui.

Alolha hui.

My adorable little lhaole sister.

Hear me again, for I make a kapu.

If on some distant day, I shall die, let no one cut his skin or strike out the teeth from his mouth or pluck out the eyes from his face.

Obey this law.


Makua Hale?

Alii Nui.

I be too Ionely apart from Kelolo.

Before he goes, may I not touch him once more in aloha?

Stop this abomination!

I forbid it! I forbid it!

Let me go!


You cannot go through with this, Keoki.

You must not interfere with us here, Reverend Hale.

Your mother will curse you from her grave!

She is not in her grave, Reverend Hale.

In her last words to our father, she said, "For their own good, "my people must become Christians, "so let Makua Hale bury me in the Christian way as an example.

"Then dig me up and hide my bones in the old way, so that Kane and Kanaloa and Pele will know that I love them, too."

You are lying!

My mother's bones are hidden where no one will ever find them.

And her heart goes with our father to Bora Bora.

Backslider! Heretics!



Oh, God! Bring them low!

Punish them!

Send earthquakes! Plagues! Floods! Pestilence!

Destroy them!

Destroy them utterly!


The child is terribly deformed.

It is God's punishment.

Abner! They have defied God.

And God has visited his wrath on them, as I foretold.

Abner, don't you understand? The baby is in danger!

They can't accept a deformed child as Alii Nui.

They may even try to kill it!

Now they will see how God rebukes apostasy and incest.

All of them will see.

All of them!

All of them will see!

Because Noelani and Keoki lusted like rutting beasts in the field before your very eyes, because they broke the commandments of God and the laws of men, now has God punished them.

Take heed before it is too late.

Take warning, for the deformed offspring of that evil union was ordained by Almighty God Himself who has said, "I will punish the wicked for their iniquity.

"Everyone that is found shall be thrust through.

"Their houses shall be spoiled, "their wives ravished, their children also shall be dashed to pieces before their eyes."

He won't see you.


If only I'd had a chance to save it. You had that chance.

I mean its soul.

I mean the child.

I'm carrying too much whale oil to make a run back to the whaling grounds, and not enough for a trip to New Bedford.

That happens.

Make me a fair offer and the lot is yours.

Since Doc Whipple joined the business we've stopped buying odd lots of oil.


We'll store it for you, and trans-ship it with other odd lots when we have a full cargo.

Charge you a fair fee for the service. But we won't buy anything.

It's Doc's idea.

From now on, we don't own, we just handle.

Well, I'll be damned.

You don't put up a dollar of your own money, and yet you handle anything that passes in and out of the port.

For a fee, of course.

An honest burglar would use a gun.

Well, for people who came here to do good, you fellows have done pretty well, don't you think?

I believe the Reverend Hewlett in Honolulu is going in for the sugar cane business.

As a matter of fact, Doc's going there to open a branch for us to handle it for him.

You're worst than locusts.

When can I move my whale oil? In the morning.

I'm shorthanded as well.

I need a cook, seven or eight healthy kanakas at $5 a head.

We can supply the cook, but we don't handle native labor anymore.

Why not?

The practical reason, Hawaiians are becoming too scarce to ship from these islands.

The humanitarian reason, we won't use force to round them up.

Dr. Whipple?

Miss Hale want you come see what make Micah not feel good.

I'll be right there.

Excuse me.

What we make in handling charges, we lose in free medical services.

I'll bet. What about my deckhands?

Fredericks operates the press gang on the island.

If you must have them, go and see him.

Do we have to wear these again?

David, you know you do. Your father told you it's October.

But they're too hot. I know they are.

What seems to be the trouble here? Hello, John. Thank you for coming.

I put Micah to bed.

I'm not worried about Micah. I'm worried about you.

I've told you this before, and I'll repeat it.

You are working yourself to death.

Lucy, run along and play with David. Beans again? And salt pork?

In a place where fruit ripens the year round, and fish come fresh from the sea? Abner doesn't really like it.

I'll listen to Abner on religion, but not on diet.

You must go home, Jerusha.

You must go home for at least a year. Two would be even better.

Otherwise, you'll die here, you'll die young.

If you don't take it up with Abner this time, I will.

Oh, no, John, I will talk to him, I promise.

I've delayed this long because...

Well, about Micah. He's got a fever and his chest is covered with spots...


But measles is a child's disease. I can't understand...

To us, it is a child's disease, Abner, but to the Hawaiians, who have developed no resistance at all, it is a deadly pestilence.

The sailor who brought it ashore is bound to have infected dozens of others besides Micah.

Within three days, this disease will sweep like a raging plague.

Their fevers will go high, their deaths are agonizing beyond all imagination.

Our children will come through in good shape.

We can save a fair percentage of the Hawaiian children if we can separate them from their parents.

The adults are another story.

One month from today, one third of our population will be dead.

One out of four of the survivors will develop consumption.

One out of 7 will be deaf, one out of 12 will be blind.

I need all the help you can give me.

Captain Hoxworth has offered to organize a harbor blockade.

The only trouble is that many of the sailors have come...

What of Iliki?

What have you done with her?

I married her off to an English consul in Santiago.

With what you and I together have taught her, she'll end up a duchess.

Get out of Lahaina!

He can't get out of Lahaina, Abner, he's quarantined like the rest of us.

We accept your offer, Captain. And we thank you.

Get your mother home.

John, just give me a minute. No argument, Jerusha.

Get her home and keep her there.

Everybody go beach. Make lie-down in the water.

Try for keep cool.

That'll kill them. They'll catch pneumonia and die.

Rafer, help me.

Good Lord!

Go back to your homes, you must not stay here!

It'll kill you here, go back to your homes!

Go back to your homes!

No, no, too hot, burn like fire. Get cool in water.

You must come with me, Keoki. Let me help you.

You need warmth, blankets. Leave me alone.

Please, Keoki, if you stay here, you will die.

Then I will die. No!

Go away. Can't you even let us die in peace?

You must not die without salvation, Keoki.

God will forgive you your sins. An all-powerful God can forgive anything.

God no longer exists. Dear brother, don't blaspheme!

Not "brother," Reverend Hale.

Pray with me, Keoki.

God, take thy erring servant Keoki into Thy bosom...

I will not stay to hear it.

There's nothing you could've done for him.

When Captain Cook discovered these islands 50 years ago, they were a true paradise.

Infectious disease was unknown.

They didn't even catch cold.

There were 400,000 of them, now there are less than 150,000.

You and I may well live to see the last Hawaiian lowered into his grave.

With proper Christian services, of course.


We seem to have passed the peak of the epidemic.

Keoki is dead... of course.

He went forth unrepentant into hell.

They're burning... the bodies. It goes well.

Aside from that... there's nothing but the dead, and the dying, and those who mourn them.

I did not mean it.

No matter what I said, I did not mean it!

How could I have known God would scourge them so terribly?

God had nothing to do with it. It's a disease.

The Bible tells us nothing on this Earth can happen without God's consent...

Abner, do you believe every word in the Bible literally?


The Bible is God's holy word written exactly as He commanded, and I believe it all.

I believe in heaven and in hell and in original sin and in God's terrible, all-consuming wrath.

If I did not believe, I could not call myself a Christian.

Then I will no longer call myself a Christian.

I don't believe in your God of wrath.

I don't believe Keoki's in hell, either.

I believe he has found God, and Malama with him, and Kelolo, and those who died on the beach.

It's impossible for the unbaptized to enter heaven!

I've never seen a people more generous, more loving, more filled with Christian sweetness than these.

I will not believe that God rejected them simply because they haven't been baptized.

Not even that lost child whose birth you cursed.

These things are God's will... not mine.

What else but God's wrath has the power to annihilate them?

Disease, despair, our lack of love, our inability to find them beautiful.

Our contempt for their ways, our lust for their land, our greed, our arrogance.

That is what kills them, Abner.

That's what you must save them from.

They are already lost. I failed them.

I failed these people!

And God.

My ministry here is at an end.

Your ministry here is not ended.

You will stay here in Lahaina and shelter and protect these people.

You will win them to a merciful God with bonds of charity so strong, they will belong to Him forever.


By offering what you've always valued most and found it hardest to give, to them and to me...

your love.

Watch how you handle that!

I haven't carried this 16,000 miles to have you drop it.

That's the lot.

Hold it in the pier till I get back.

Hey, you up there!

Reverend Hale!

Go into the church, Micah, and wait for me there.

I wanna speak with you.

That's a house.

I had it built in New Bedford and taken down piece by piece.

But how can this... Shut up.

Every beam, board and plank is numbered.

My ship's carpenter will remain here till it is put together.

It's for Jerusha.

For you, too, I guess.

I want her out of that grass hut, I wanna put a decent roof over her head.

But I'm afraid...

I will not let her spend the rest of her life in that pigsty you stuck her in.

Good God, man, she's your wife!

Wouldn't you like to see her living in comfort?

Of course I would.


Good, then you accept. The house is on the pier.

No, I didn't accept, I can't.

I should've known better than to speak to you in the first place!

Where's Jerusha?

Well, where is she?

How did she die?

I killed her.

I simply killed her.

That's enough! Enough!


Go to your father.

I'll go for help.




He's over here, Reverend Quigley.

Why, it's Brother Quigley! Welcome to Lahaina.

You should have let me know you were coming.

It's only for a short visit. I'm just recently back from Boston.

Yes, I saw your grandparents, Micah.

Who? The Bromleys. They send greetings.

Micah, take Reverend Quigley's bag along to the house.

Thank you, Micah.

Come, we have much to discuss.

It's lovely back in Walpole.

I'd forgotten how beautiful the autumns can be there.

Did you get back in time for the Annual Meeting?

Yes, we missed you, Brother Hale. Well, I was unable to get away.

We are engaged in a great struggle with the sugar planters here.

Yes, I've heard reports of it. Their lust for land grows every day.

I finished helping my Hawaiians draft a petition to the king that no more land be sold to the planters or any other foreigner.

Indeed? Yes.

And also we are assembling regularly in meetings of public protest.

In your church? Yes, of course!

What purer purpose can our churches be put to than to protect the Hawaiians' land?

Their land is their life, Brother Quigley.

Malama understood that.

Every church in the kingdom must stand forth as a bastion against those who would rob these people of their birthright.

And the walls are two feet thick.

As you see, of course.

I left the windows uncovered, though. It's cooler that way.

And the wind... can blow through.

Of course, there is no Alii Nui... left to die.

They develop shocking temperatures.

That's why it's unhealthy for them to work in the cane fields.

I've seen as many as 40 Hawaiians hitched to ploughs.

Sugar is a curse on these people.

We reviewed the whole problem of sugar at the Annual Meeting.

Came to some conclusions about it.

Very good, excellent! Tell me.

It is felt the time has come for our missions to become self-supporting.

To that end, we voted to authorize members of our ministry to invest in plantation lands and sugar mills and to operate them also, if they have the skill.

But we are a family... in Christ.

Dedicated to poverty.

It has cost us 20 years of poverty and sickness and sometimes death, to win these people to Christianity and make them literate.

If we now desire a competence for our old age, a heritage for our children, we have every right to earn it.

We are taking the land of the people whose souls we came to save while they are dying.

A whole race is dying before our eyes.

I'm afraid that is true.

But the Lord's ways are not our ways.

And the only answer that I can find is that perhaps the Lord intends for these islands gradually to pass into other hands.

May God forgive you!

There is a feeling that you've worn yourself out in God's service, Brother Hale.

The church wishes to reward your labors with something more substantial than gratitude.

But l... reward?

The Board of Commissioners has appointed you to the pulpit of Regents Church in New Surrey, Connecticut.

Forgive me, I don't quite...

A comfortable residence adjoins the church, and the stipend is quite reasonable.

You are taking my church... away from me.

Not at all! You are simply being called to a better one in New England.

Brother R.S. Bonham has been transferred from Kauai to succeed you here.

You are taking my church... away from me.

Passage on the Bigahtihe Eueka has been arranged for you and your family.

She sails Tuesday afternoon for Boston.


I'm afraid the decision is already made.

The Annual Meeting commissioned a tablet to be placed in this church commemorating your ministry.

My ministry here is not ended.

If I no longer can preach in my own church, I will preach somewhere else.

In the streets, if necessary.

But I will preach.

You understand, of course, you'll get no sustenance from us.

Yes, yes, I would certainly understand that!

Very well, I'll arrange passage for three instead of four.

Three? The children.

Since the death of Sister Jerusha, they must have been a heavy burden for you.

They are good children. They comfort me.

The time has come for them to complete their education in New England.

Micah, yes.

He's well prepared for Yale.

But David and Lucy...

No, Brother Quigley, they're too young.

Their grandparents in Walpole have offered them a home.

They'll get proper shelter, food, education, a chance for happiness.

With no support here, what can you offer them?

What will happen to them?

I will pray on the matter,

Brother Quigley.

May the Lord go with you, Lucy.

Good-bye, Father.

May the Lord go with you, David.

Bye, Father.

I don't like to leave you, Father. Please let me stay.

When you have been graduated from Yale, you will return here and take over my ministry.

God help you, son, and guide your steps.

My hopes go with you.

Your mother's, too.

You are so like her.

Go along, go along.

I wish you would reconsider, Brother Hale.

You'll be alone here, no church, no support... no friends.

In this place, I have known God...

Jerusha Bromley, and Ruth Malama Kanakoa.

Beyond that, a man needs no friends.

Good-bye, Brother Hale.

Don't cry, Lucy.

Don't cry, little girl.

Makua Hale? Yes? Who are you? What do you want?

I'm Jonah Kiimalo.

I've been going to school in Honolulu. You probably don't remember me.

No, I don't.

I've come to ask if I can be your assistant.

That's impossible. I no longer have a church.

I know.

You'd better talk to the new minister when he comes.

Reverend Bonham.

But I want to help in your work, Makua Hale, not his.

What do you mean?

I mean that I want to stay with you and be of service to you.

You... you're... Oh, you...

You are...

I remember... Of course, I do remember!

I remember!

Do you remember that little child...

You remember?