Haywire (2011) Script


What the hell are you doing out here?

I had to drive all night.

I'm hungover as shit.

And you're really starting to cut into my vacation time, so can we go, please?

We'll take my car. Come on.

I don't think so.

Why you making... Why are you gonna make this difficult?

What's difficult? He turns himself in. Then it's easy.

Turns himself in. Why would he do that?

What exactly did he say I did?

He didn't. He just said to come pick you up.

Nothing else? Nothing about Barcelona?


Nothing about Dublin? Nothing about Paul?

Hi. Can I get you something?

Need a minute? Y'all have beer?

No, I wish.

Just a coffee. Black.

Okay, if you got something to say, say it.


Have you even seen him?


You're really not getting in the car, are you?


Thank you. Have you got any...

You need to get in the car, Mallory!

You got a car? You got a car? What?

Which one? This one.

No, no, passenger side. Give me your keys.

Here. Keys!

What's happening? Where are you taking me?

Put your seatbelt on.


What's your name? Scott.

I'm Mallory. Hi.

You're gonna fix my arm while we drive. Okay, Scott?


Okay. Here. Ready?

Okay. Now take two of the dry packets, put them on the one you already have in place.

Yeah? Now take the tape, wrap it around the gauze so it stays on my arm.

Tight. Yeah.

Sorry. Couple times around.

Watch your arm. Yeah.

Okay, now tape... Use the scissors to cut it.

Okay. Okay.

That should be good for now.

Jesus Christ.

I'm hyperventilating. Scott.

Thank you.

Yeah, sure.

So, who...

Who was that guy?

I mean, honestly. Aaron?

Someone I worked with.

Was he your... You know. No.


Where did you work with him?



I don't mean to, you know, get personal.

Are you in the drug business? No.

Are you with the government?

They contracted a company I work for.

Private company.

Wow. That's actually real?

Yeah. That makes sense.

So what do you do? What's your job?

Barcelona. Separatists?

No, no. It's clean.

Negotiations broke down, just need somebody to go and get the guy.

Okay, whatever.

In four points, a better immunity language, more access to intelligence, this fee structure is unacceptable.

I ntelligence?

Y eah, I need parity with Rodrigo here and all his people.

You're with State, right?


You like it?

I like the idea of me doing my job more than the idea of someone else doing my job.

All right, now the immunity language is as good as we can do.

Fee structure... A number?

Yeah, we need to adjust the overall payment in order that we can address things like hazard bumps.

I'll make a list. But also how the installments are spaced.

Fewer steps.



What, am I first?

Yeah, Victor will be here at 4:30, and Jamie's running late.

There's always a cash flow problem.

This is a short timetable, Kenneth. Should I be nervous?

If it will make you feel better, you can get the people that did the Mexico job, Alex.

Look, I know it's more efficient if we wait for everybody to get here, but you want to start going through this? I've got some ideas.

You're right. It's more efficient if we wait for everyone to get here.

This should be fun.

Your kit's under your bed. Yours check out?

Good to go. I'll check later then, thank you.

There's no smoking in here.


It's a phone.

Tell me about Kenneth.

What about him?

How long have you worked together?

Three years.

Not so long.

It is in this business.

You said four points.

You have Mallory Kane as an essential element.

Is that a problem?

Not a good precedent for me, for my business.

Well, it doesn't work for us if she's not involved.

She's not available.

You mind if I call and check on that?

I didn't realize your interest extended to personnel.

No, no. No, when somebody's good, it comes to my attention.

It's come to my attention you're spreading yourself a little thin.

Kenneth, I don't want your B-team. She's value-added.

Only reason we came to you.

All right, I'll free her up.

And I'll forego the hazard bumps if you remove the essential element clause.

That important, huh? Do you want her in Barcelona or not?

Explain it to me then. So I can understand it.

How are we not light?

So we have a man in the car, we got a man at the door.

Leaves you two to breach with.

You're going hot on a hostage rescue.

There's two rooms inside.

So, the way I read it, you're either two men short in one room, or you're one man short in each room.

Anyone else think we're light?


No way.

Good to go.

Good to go.

You tracking me with the names?

Repeat them.

Mallory. Kenneth. Aaron.

Jamie. Victor. Rodrigo.


Hostage name.

Yang. Jiang.

Shit. Jiang. Jiang.

Don't speak. Walk in front of me.

If I touch you, drop to your knees. Do you understand?


They all gone?


When that guy took off, why'd you chase him?

We already had Jiang in the backseat.

I don't like loose ends.

Is this your idea of relaxing?

Wine and gun maintenance?

There's another glass in the kitchen.

You gonna leave your name and number afterwards?

Why? You want it?

You're gonna leave Kenneth?

I left Kenneth six months ago.

I meant the company.

You're gonna leave the company?

Company, I left an hour ago.

How come?

'Cause I'm not going down with the ship.

Are you?

If he's paying, yeah, I'm staying.

If you stay...

I don't know, maybe...


What are you doing here?

Gate key still worked.

I didn't change everyone's locks, just mine.

Hey, I came by 'cause you weren't picking up.

I just landed. Yeah, two hours ago.

I've been away for nine weeks. That was my third job in a row.

Give me a break.

You wouldn't know what to do with a break.

You think you know me?

I know you.

I bet he's just like his books.

What? Your father.

I bet he's just like the characters in his books.

How would you know?

You've never read one of his books and you've never met him.

I'm just going off his photograph.

What do you want?

The usual. I have an assignment.

Well, your timing sucks. I haven't even unpacked yet.

This'll take no time at all. It's like a paid holiday.

This will take no time at all starting when?

Well, tonight.

I mean, you would have to leave tonight.

Well, if it is a paid holiday, then it doesn't have to be me.

I'm overqualified.

The client has asked for you.

Mallory, it's Ml6. It's a new in for me. I can expand.

Yeah, sounds great. For you.

Let me turn the volume up a little here.

You probably heard me mention the name Paul.

Paul. Never, not once.

Well, Paul, he's one of us, but he's freelance.

Actually, I was hoping you might convince him to come aboard, but that's secondary.

Paul has managed to get close to a curious character named Studer, and our client wants to take advantage of this.

Studer is a French national residing in Ireland.

It's tricky, they want a light footprint.

Well, you've got Paul. I've got Paul, but Paul...

Paul has presented himself as one half of a power couple.

This is your pitch?

You want me to be eye candy?

Ml6 wants me to be eye candy?

Mallory, you are the eye.

I don't even know how to play that.

I don't wear the dress.

Make Paul wear the dress. Well, I'll ask.

Look, do this and then we'll go away afterwards. We'll go to Majorca.

Majorca? Not like before, as friends.

You can take a break.

It's literally two days.

Paul. That's Paul.

You guys would be like the perfect couple.

So he'll know you.

I need this to happen.

Hi. Hi.

My better half. You look great.

Mind if I freshen up first?

Presumably, you'll need more time.

Go ahead.

All yours.

Wow. You look fantastic.

Can you zip me?

Of course.

I'm leaving my gun. Me, too.

Shall we?

Russborough. Remember Russborough.


Who's Russborough?

Not a who. A what. A place.

It's where we were supposed to meet Studer.

Not your natural habitat, is it?

Wrong side of the tracks.

Kept getting into fights.

Bleak future.

Kenneth knows how to put trouble to good use.

I'm empty.

You have family? Both parents, still going strong.

T eachers.

Two brothers and a rather adorable niece.


They know what you do? No.

I can never lie to my dad.

Then he must worry about you.

I tell him not to.

Still keeping tabs?

I hate babysitting jobs.

That guy just recognized me.

Who? Gray shirt, gray tie, goatee.

You sure? Yeah.

Why would he know you?

'Cause the last time I saw him, I was in Baghdad in my hotel room.

All right. Here comes our friend.

Well, it's obvious you're newlyweds.

Still talking to each other instead of the other guests.

I'm sorry. Are we being rude? No, no.

Katie, Eric Studer. Hi.

Listen, I had some brainwave. What are you two doing afterwards?

Well, I don't know. You're jet-lagged, right?

No, I'm sorry. I mean tomorrow, this week.

No particular plans.

We were going back to London. London?

I may have better than this.

We're going to Saint Moritz.

"We"? Yeah, some friends.

It'll be fun. We'll fly in, put you up at a Suvretta.

Well... Do you ski?

Snowboard. These are the Alps, they're pretty steep.

Like the prices. We'll discuss it.

No, no, no discussion. We go.

I'll send the itinerary to your hotel.

Wheels up at 11:00.

Okay? Okay?

You locate Goatee. I'll take Studer.

Myself and a few friends are heading to a nice little village.

Maybe you could come and join us.

Sounds good. Yeah?

Bet you look good in white. Fluffy, little bunny.

I should think Sunday.


Maybe Saturday, if we're lucky.

Then let's be lucky.

Mrs. Hillier. Hi Katie.

Katie. You haven't promised to come skiing.

I can't even find my way around here.

Richard is in the other room. I just left him.

Well, actually, I was looking for the...

They're in the back of the library.

So much wine.

So much to look at. Yeah.

You've only seen the inside. I should show you the maze.

Isn't it a little dark out there?

Perfect time.

I get claustrophobic, even in the daytime.

No, the whole point is to relax and lose yourself.

I'll take a rain check.

This is Ireland. Won't be long.

And to find your way back, retrace your steps.



Where are you? In the bathroom.

I'm not used to drinking so much.

My friend from Baghdad has a date. Well, a couple, actually.

I think it's the paid-for kind.

Where are you?

In the main room.

I spoke to Studer briefly and made our apologies, told him we'd discuss Saint Moritz in the morning.

I think we should get back to the hotel and talk to Kenneth, don't you?

Thank you.

Mallory, you're in way over your head.

Think this through.

You've been out of control since you've arrived.

You need to call Kenneth.

Excuse me. I should take this.


So, is the divorce final?

Paul, are you there?


Hello. Dad, it's Mal.

Things are kind of screwed up here and I need to come home.

It may take me a couple of days, depending on what happens.

Don't worry about me, you just get here as quick as you can.

I'll try.

Keep your eyes open.

I haven't shut my eyes since you were born.

Just be careful.

And watch your six.

I will.

I'll see you at the house.

Can I get this cell phone? It's 42.50.

There you go.

Come on, let's go, let's go. Get over there. Let's go. Come on.

Rodrigo. Hi, it's Mallory Kane.

Mallory Kane. I hope it's not too late.

I just landed in New York. Do you have a minute?

I just felt like I had to call. I was going over my report, and I realized I never thanked you for all your help.

It's really not necessary. It's not even customary.

Well, it should be.

But I just wanted to verify one thing with you before I actually file my report.

Was it you or Ken neth who sold the Barcelona job to Studer?


What are you working so late for? It's what, past 8: 00, your time?

Yeah. Listen, Mallory Kane just called me.

I thought you should know.

Wait, she called you at home? Yes.

Was that a nice conversation?

Yeah, yeah, very nice. Brief, but very nice. Yeah.

She thanked me for my assistance.

She still in Dublin?

She said she just landed in New York.


Good. Well, why don't you stay off your house line, and I wouldn't go outside till I call you back.

Or your family.

I see. Thank you. All right.

Rodrigo, you take care, all right?

Yeah, sure. Bye.

Tyler, the activity log for the number that I just sent you, I want you to connect me to the last incoming call.

Who is this?

Mallory, hi. My name is Alex Coblenz.

I was with Kenneth and Rodrigo when the Barcelona deal went down.

Who else besides you knows about this?

No, only the people that need to know in order to fix it.

The people who thought up Barcelona.

Mallory, we did not think up Barcelona.

No, you just helped.

Can you bring me in? We can, yes, but I'd like you to keep doing what you're doing.

We want you to bust Kenneth's budget, you know, see how he reacts.

Everyone he reaches out to, you know, it's like another layer.

What do you think he's into?

Well, whatever it is, Kenneth is not at the top.

It's just not possible. We like Studer. We think there's something there.

You gotta get me off the watch list.

Mallory, I cannot do that.

You know, while Kenneth's watching, he'll know we spoke.

I promise I'll do everything I can to convince him to meet you.

Then you can find out what we both want to know, which is why this is happening.

I got a fake I D in London, came in through Canada, and crossed the border.

Coblenz helped me set up a meeting with Kenneth, but Aaron showed up instead.

And then I met you.

There's some water in my backpack.

Have some.

Don't mind if I do. Thank you.

You want some? Yeah, please.

Help me. Yeah, sorry.

Good? Yeah. Thanks.

What's going on here?

Random road check?

All right. Hold on.




I just got this car, like, a week ago.

Yeah, well...

Whoops, more LEOs.

What's a LEO?

Law enforcement officers.


Shit! Watch the car!

That was nice. That was nice. That was really bad.

I thought that was gonna be really bad for a second.

I thought I was gonna have a heart attack. Oh, my God.

Jesus Christ! You are a great driver!

Are you okay? Yeah, are you?

Yeah. Oh, my God! There's a deer in the car.

Jesus... Yeah, I know.

Should we run? No. Don't.

We've done enough.

Show me your hands.

Freeze! Don't move! You, behind the car, step forward!

Hands in the air! Turn around!

Turn around, punk!

Unit three.

Unit three.

Proceed with suspects to 2345 Clearview.

Repeat, 2345 Clearview, and hold.

Federal agents en route.

U nit three, copy.

You must have stepped in something.

Y eah.

Excuse me, Deputy Cross?

Deputy Cross? Hi.

You were in the Corps, right? I was a devil dog.

Listen, this might sound a little funny.

I'm a private contractor on a 10-24 operation, and these guys you're about to meet are not federal agents.

I mean, follow your protocol and all, but you should really keep your distance.

Use your radio and your loudspeakers in order to confirm who these guys aren't.

Really, I'm not joking.

You can look me up, a New Mexico license for Mallory Kane.

I'll confirm the number.

You need to sit back.

Look, an innocent civilian will be killed if you do not listen to me.

Hey, Wonder Woman, you said your piece. Now sit back and shut up.

Jesus, are you... Get down!

Just keep your head down a few more minutes and you're out of this.

Great, great. How are you gonna get out of this, may I ask?

I'll just dump the car. I'll find another ride. I'll catch a bus.

Great, good luck with that.

I can't wait till Coblenz hears about this.

What is that? Listen, when we split, I'm gonna give you a number to call.

I was supposed to be sleeping in late today, not getting carjacked.

Scott, you still with me?

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, a number. Just tell them everything.

Tell the police, too, tell them everything I've told you, okay?

Yeah, okay. You did great.

You're gonna be fine. Yeah. Okay.

This is the trouble with the private sector, Kenneth.

You got that macho takedown, but where's the due diligence?

Where's the follow-through?

Now, we got ourselves a real twizzler here.

And for eight figures, I don't accept excuses, explanations or rationales.

Now I don't even know why the hell you're standing here.

You should be in her father's living room, explaining to him, telling him that his daughter is a fugitive with ties to terrorists.

That she killed a man in cold blood in Dublin and killed four cops.

You tell him.

Show him.

He'll come at you like he's government, make me seem like a monster.

Play like you're shocked.

The guy with the broken arm, Aaron, get in his head.

Keep bringing up Barcelona.

Get him arguing with Kenneth.


My fault. I should've seen that one coming.

You did.

Hold up a sec, Mal. Let's analyze your options.

We could leave right now, disappear.

We could be in Buenos Aires this time tomorrow.

I'm not gonna run anymore.

Mr. Kane, these were taken by the police. They're pretty graphic.

Her prints are all over the room.

The security video shows them coming in together and her leaving alone.

The guest downstairs complained about the noise.

Paul fought back, but she obviously had the element of surprise in her favor.

She choked him out and she shot him in the head.

Add that to the four police, and that is five dead in three days.

Where was she last seen? Upstate New York, 36 hours ago.

Was she alone? No, she was with a boy, 19.

She grabbed him at gunpoint. Used him as a ride and a shield, so we can add aggravated kidnapping to the murder charges.

No, I'm sorry.

This doesn't sound like my daughter.

She ever mention the name Kenneth?



He runs the company she worked for.

They were in a relationship for over a year, and yet she never mentioned him to you?

What do you know about her?

Really, at the end of the day?

I raised her.

And denial is a very effective parenting tool.

She was a Marine. She does something, there must be a reason for it.

Mr. Kane, she is no longer a Marine. She is a murderer.

She is a public threat. She's on a killing spree.

Now, you are the on ly person that she can trust.

You're gonna help bring her in before she kills again.

Without you, she won't survive this.

I heard from her.

Ten days ago.

She texted me, said she was going to Barcelona.

What did she say exactly?

"Going to Barcelona. Call you after."

Six words, that's it?

Well, it was enough for me.

And she didn't mention Dublin? She didn't say anything about this?


Who was he?

He was an agent with British Intelligence.

Now, whether this was a murder-for-hire or a crime of passion, we don't know.

Well, she would never kill someone for money.

There must be an explanation.

Didn't this all start after Barcelona?

Maybe that has something to do with why she's a fugitive.

Something must have happened there.

Aaron. I'm on it.

It's overseas. Prepaid phone. Yeah, that's gotta be her.

Wait for the track.


Talk to her.


Dad, don't say anything. Give Kenneth the phone.

Just be careful.

Mallory, I hope you've decided to turn yourself in.

You can tell me right now why you sold me out and what you're into with Studer, or you can tell me in ten minutes, when I have my hands around your throat.

You need to think for a minute, Mallory.

You need to stop pretending you can achieve a desirable outcome in this situation, and turn yourself in.

Do it for the sake of your father.

Surrender now if you wanna live.

I'm sorry, Mallory, that's not possible.

All right, Kenneth. We'll do it your way.


She's here.

Here? Where?

In the house. Track says she's in the house. Go, now. You sit down.

You knew about this? You knew she was here?

No. I told you, I haven't heard from her since she texted me.


Do we need to have a conversation about Barcelona?

Aaron, you were in Barcelona. You know what happened.

We rescued a man.

Did we? Aaron, you need to focus right now.

You were in Barcelona?

I'm confused. She works for a private company.

Breaker box. Get on it. Lock the doors.

What if she's inside? Then we'll pressure-cook her.

We'll find her.

I don't mean to tell you your job, but isn't there someone you should be calling, Agent Milgrom?

Other officers of the law, to bring help?

We can handle this.

Go. I got this. Watch him.

Did you hear that? Yeah.

Get on it.

Tom's down. IED in the breaker box.

We need to get to the car. I'm not sure if that'll help.

But she can't outrun a car.

She can if it's not running.

Well, then let's find out.

Be my guest. Go ahead.

You should see this.

Who did that? Her?

Yeah, probably. That's why we're here. Doesn't make any sense, man.

Aaron, let's not discuss this right now. No. We're gonna talk about it.

Calm down. Don't tell me to calm down.

What did you do? I did what I was contracted to do.

We were contracted to rescue somebody.

It seems to me, you auctioned him off and tried to burn her.

That's not what happened. Really?

No, I can explain. Then explain it, and try really hard.

Don't give me a reason.

No, just go help her!

Kenneth! He's gone.

You better run.

I'm so stupid.

Can't believe I met you a week ago.

Eight, eight days.

We were in Barcelona eight days ago?

I'm trying to focus on my breathing.




It's okay.

In the auction business, they have an expression called "the halo effect."

You know what that is?

It's when an object or work of art is more desirable because of its prior ownership.

Very rare when it happens, you know? Maybe once in a lifetime.

Gotta catch it when you can.

Look, I got plenty of drama in my own office.

You were his contact.

No, I was his employer.

There's a very big difference, trust me.

There's only one person I trust.

Your dad, yes. He okay?

He's fine. Thanks for cleaning up.

Well, I told you you can have Kenneth alone at the house. I promised you that.

It should at least make me a colleague, if not a friend.

And if something happens to you?

Well, then you're screwed.

One friend's not a lot.

It depends on who it is.

And the kid who helped me? We'll fix the ding in his car.

Okay, I will buy him a new car.

What is that, an incentive?

It could be.

You gotta admit that this type of life appeals to a certain kind of person.

You know? You're off the grid, you never answer to anybody.

Always looking over your shoulder.

And you got Kenneth out there with all his contacts.

Makes you pretty vulnerable.

Where is he?

Well, Mallory, that is a valuable piece of information, isn't it?

We think he's crossed the border.

Possible sightings in Veracruz.

But what would be nice to know is what he gave everything up for.

So we're back to the government option.

Pays less, taxes are taken out.

But you get your good name back.

I'll let you know.

When? When I have him.



He's not available.

I'm good.

Just going for a walk.


Who did I extract in Barcelona?

You mean who did you kill in Dublin?

Tide's coming in.

It was a journalist, a dissident.

A dissident journalist, a scientist, what does it matter?

It mattered to someone. Who?

You were excited on the phone. What do you have?

A unique alignment of conditions.

I know this man, Jiang, has been a problem for you, leaking information and so forth.

Restricting your movements.

I also know this Kane girl is about to leave her employer and take all his business with her.

Which he won't survive.

So when I get word that Jiang has been staying in a safe house in Barcelona, I see an opportunity for everyone to transcend their circumstances.

You mean hire the girl to rescue Jiang?

And I deliver him to you.

The story will be that she's gone rogue.

Sold out on the Barcelona job and murdered a man for money at Russborough.


He won't be in a position to.

Put a bullet in him, plant the broach on him, and then kill her when you get back to the hotel.

Self-defense. Of course.

I'm assuming the motive of everyone involved is strictly professional?

Paul, the motive is money.

The motive is always money.

What about Kenneth? Can he guarantee delivery?

It's a two-for-one deal.

You take Jiang out, Kenneth takes the Kane girl out.

T o close the loop.

With no one looking.

Yeah. You're right.

She does sound perfect.

You only have to look at her.

What about the girl?

What about her? Can she handle herself?

I'm sure you'll cope.

I've never done a woman before.

You shouldn't think of her as being a woman.

No, that would be a mistake.

What's in this for you?

Besides my money.

A new life.

And a new wife.

That's everything I know.

That's everything I know. That's it.