He Never Died (2015) Script

Oh, I...

Thank you. How you doing today, Jack?

What time is it?

It'll soon be 2:00. Yeah.

How about the day?

Excuse me?

What day is it?

It's the fourth!


No, it's Tuesday.

All right.

Now you take care. I don't think you're...

Seven, six, five, four...

...for main engine start, main engine start.

America's first space shuttle, as the shuttle has cleared the tower.

♪ He's got the whole world in his hands ♪

♪ He's got the whole world in his hands ♪

♪ He's got the whole world in his hands ♪

♪ He's got the whole wide world in his hands ♪

♪ He's got the wh...


How long have I been asleep?

I don't know how I would know that?

Makes sense.

So, how've you been?


That look good to you?


Hey, I heard through the grapevine that, um, you used to work for Miller?


Well, is that true?


Really? Yeah.

Well, um, I just wanted to tell you... that my internship is gonna be over in two weeks and...

I'll find another intern.

Where are you gonna find another intern?

Money... people like money.

Alrighty then, worked on me.

Oh yeah, I actually won't be able to do Thursday.

So, maybe we can connect tomorrow? You know, same time?

Okay. Thanks.

You know, discreet's the way to go.

The whole reason why I can't do Friday... is my sister has this big orientation thing and you know, I gotta be...


Uh... uh...



How was your meeting with Jeremy?


Wow... great.

Oh, okay... okay.

So... you and Jeremy meet often?


Oh, yeah, well, we're looking for him... so maybe you should join us for a ride.

I'm okay.

Oh, yeah, you know what? That's not really an option.

Don't. What?


♪ You want trouble you got it ♪ Aw, my balls!



♪ If you want trouble ♪

♪ And if you want trouble ♪

♪ When you want trouble ♪

♪ If you want trouble ♪

♪ Trouble If you want trouble ♪

Hey, Jack.

Oh, my god, what happened to your hand?

And your eyes?

Um... pepper spray.

Somebody maced you?

Yeah, mace.


It was an accident.

My landlord thought I was robbing my own apartment.

Really? Isn't your landlord, like, 90 years old?

Yeah, but she's spry.

And then, uh, I fell on a glass.

Hm, can I get you some ice for that?

No, I'm fine.

Um, do you know what you want to order?


That's it? Yeah.

Do you have anything on the agenda for later tonight?

Nothing... sleeping, so, no.

Um, something to drink?

Hot tea.

Right... okay.

♪ If you want trouble ♪

♪ If you want trouble Trouble ♪

♪ If you want trouble ♪ Hello.

Jack? Is that you?


Why are you calling me, Gillian?

I remember hating you.

Shut the fuck up! I need you to go pick up Andrea... before she gets into a car and...

Who's Andrea?

My kid... she came by your place earlier today.

I'm hanging up.

No, no, no, she just called from a pay phone... and she said she's coming home soon.

I don't want to her driving drunk. You're the only guy around there I know.

Gillian, I don't know what you're talking about.


Repeating the name doesn't help.

Andrea, you dumb fuck, she said she saw you this afternoon.

Hello? Hello?

She was here.

I know. But she's out drinking now, because you said or did... something that sent her up the fucking wall.

I opened the door and she ran off. That's it.

You fucked it up, Jack.

I don't even know what I did.

She just wanted to meet you.


Take a guess.

I hate you.

Fuck you, Jack.

Abortions cost about $300. You could afford one.

Just pick her up, please.

Where is she again?

Do you remember that bar, Crackles?

What do I do with her?

Just don't let her drive home drunk as shit.

She's got a habit of doing that. She's had her license suspended, she's...

Andrea's the name?

Yes, Jack, Andrea... Jesus Christ.

All right... never call me again.

Hi, there.

Have you seen a young lady with a lip ring in here today?

What does she look like?

A young lady with a lip ring.

You her dad?

She was here?

Yeah... you her dad?

Do you know where she is?

Are you her dad?

Yeah. Excuse me?

Yes, I'm her father.

She left with Tim. Who's Tim?


Who's Tim?

He's a mailman.

Where is he now?

No idea.

Where does he live?

No... no idea.

What's his last name?

Dell. Dell?


You're about 35.

What do you want?

Is Andrea there?

Ugh, fuck off!

Hold on.


Your mother called. Oh.

You're intimidating.


Nervous, it's a big thing for me. I have this thing with alcohol, actually.

I feel bad, because you probably were just worried...

Please stop. So you're fine?

Yeah. Then I'm leaving.

Don't die before you get to your mother's.

So, that's it?

Sure... I'm done.

Well, I feel like we should just... you know, um...



What do you want to do?

I could eat.

Oh, um... do you mind if I stay over?

So, what happened to your hand anyway?


Someone shot me earlier today.

Seriously? Someone shot you? With a gun?

That's how you get shot.


I actually don't know.

Hey, I keep coming back here to.

Somebody' here with you. Hi, there.


I just never seen you here with anyone else, so...

I'm Andrea.


I think I want the eggplant parmesan.

Does he come here a lot? Oh, yeah, about everyday.

Wow... I guess that's...

Just visiting Dad.

Your dad?

Okay, so, you never mentioned a daughter.

Um, yeah, I don't know why.

Um, do you know what you want to order?

I want the eggplant parmesan.

I will have, chicken Caesar salad.

All right, I will be right back.

I, uh, don't have money, so...

Then how did you end up inebriated?

Vaginas are like coupon books for alcohol.

So, eggplant? Not chicken or veal?

I don't eat meat.

Really? You look like the kind of guy who'd eat meat every chance you'd get.

If it had blood, I don't eat it.

So, you're a vegetarian?

I guess.

Why? Bacon exists.

No reason.

That's noble.

So, are you married now or a like, girlfriend?

We were talking about bacon.

No significant other?

We just met a few hours ago, knock it down a peg.

Sorry. It's a little intense.

Sorry, I was just curious.

Are you still staying over tonight?

Uh, is that all right with you if I did?

How long?

Two days?

Ah, hot tea.

Okay, hot tea.

Oh, god. What? What, is everything okay?

It's nothing. Go back to sleep.

Yeah, okay, I just forgot where I was for a minute.

What was that?

Nothing, go back to sleep.

Yeah, he picked me up last night.

No, he found me at the diner.

Yeah, yeah, well, I was planning on finding a motel... and then just coming home in the morning.

No. Yeah, I'm fine.

He's fine, so far.

What time is it?

Hold on. I don't know, I don't wear a watch.

Who's on the phone?

Mom, eh, Gillian.

Sorry, anyway, I'm with him now and we're fine...

Good afternoon.


Where'd you end up going this morning?

I took a walk.

What, to clear your head?

Must be something finding out I exist.

I'm late. I'll be back in a minute.


Let's go.

Talk to me.

We're here to help you, okay?


I think maybe you went too far.

That's all? Huh? Is he okay?

Don't cry, buddy.

Oh, wow, you.

Hey, guy, how about you turn around and get the fuck out of here, all right?

Get out of here, asshole, get out!

I need the man you're killing.

Oh, we're not kidding around. Would you get this guy gone?

Oh... shit, my eye! Oh, fuck, man.

Where are your keys?

Oh, fuck, my leg. Just get me to a hospital, please.

Where are your car keys?

I... I don't know. Jack, please.

Please, Jack, just get me to a hospital.

Are these them?

Um... Are these your keys!

Yeah, yeah.


Okay, who are you?

What's up? Someone just dropped him off.

Hey, where'd you go?


You left the room and showed up two hours later.

You went somewhere.

I had to get medication.

Oh... I won't ask, because I know most people don't like... to talk about their personal medicine stuff.

Like, I used to have this tiny addiction to Adderall... and I know I wouldn't want to talk about it.

So, what do you want to do today?

I'm doing it.

So, are we gonna do anything today?

I'm still doing it.

Ooh, do you want to get drunk and complain about Mom?

I don't drink.

Oh... no, that's good.

It's a good decision. No meat, no alcohol, what about smoke? Do you smoke anything?


Wow, Jesus Christ, you're boring. I mean, what do you do all day?

Nothing much.

Nothing's... good.


Is there a way to walk back to that bar... because I left my car there and...

What time is it?

Almost 6:00.


How often do you come here?

At least three days a week.

Well, how many times do you win?

Eh, once a month.

Four. Here... take this.

$20, please?

And how much money do you get in that month?

First game is regular bingo or four corners... $50, $50.


How much did this cost?


That doesn't pay off, then.

No, no, it doesn't.

Then why do you play bingo?

Because these people don't distract me.


For something to do. I play for something to do.

Keeps me occupied.

Caller's announcing.


Just a line anywhere?

And the four corners.


And B-1, B-1... anybody got B-1.

So, I've noticed that we only have two bingo cards... but all the other senior citizens have like ten.


I never play with more than two.

I don't want to keep track of more than that.

Oh. I-17.

O! O-64. O-64.

Oh, ah, thanks.


And the rotation continues.

Well, that was something.

It passes the time.

So does drug use.

You don't even think when you're playing bingo. Your mind's on autopilot.

No, you're definitely a professional bingo player.

Here they are.

Do you like bingo?

The room full of seniors bingo?

Yeah. I can't say I ever played.

Well, would you consider it?


You should come with us sometime?

You play bingo?

You don't look like the type.

I'm less than a hundred.

Um, yeah, I'll go. I work tomorrow, but I'm off the day after.

Nice, well, we don't do anything, so we're also open.

All right, um, are you ready to order?

Um, I'm gonna need a minute.

Okay, I gotta work on this table and then I will be right back.

I was ready to order. There you go.

Where I go? You got a date.

It's bingo.

Yes, even bingo counts, when's the last time you were with someone anyway?

How old are you?

19. So, 19 years.

Oh. Yeah.

You'll be fine. No, she's nice... and you'll have fun.

Do you know him?

Don't look at him.

What? You can see him?

Yeah, why wouldn't I see him? He's solid.

Just ignore his existence, even if he speaks to you.

Should I ask who that is?

Not at all.

Bad guy? Yeah.

All right, fuck.

You all right?


You're kind of out there, aren't you?

Probably. Yeah, that's okay.

Me, too.

Can I talk about Mom for a sec?

What happened between you two?

Do you know how long your mother and I were together?

I can't say I do.

A month, no, less.



Were you married before Mom?

Yes. Really?

More than twice.

Are you guys ready?

I am, are you?

I've been ready.

Cara! Yeah?


Ugh, yeah, I'll be right there.

Sorry, so did you guys play bingo today?

Sure did.

Anybody win?

Nobody wins in bingo.

I could go for being buzzed.


Can I borrow your car?

Yeah, you should ask that after the buzzed comment.

I can?

I don't have a car.

Right, what do you need a car for when you only go three places.

That's the idea.

You all right?

Yeah. Yeah.

I don't see anything. Let's go.

Where are you going?

Be back in a minute.


Jesus fucking Christ, that's gotta be a fucking record.

I saw him drink it.

I'm just glad he didn't kick it at the diner.

All right, let's go.

Aw, man, he's heavy.

The metal we fucking wrapped him in doesn't help.

Fucking tired, been up too long.


Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, did that just fucking happen?

Whoa, no, no, he's gonna come back up, all right?

Come on, Larry, asshole. Swim back up.

Swim on up, asshole!

Fuck, what do we dive in after him?

You fucking dive in.

It's fucking freezing, man!

They're gonna be askin' us what happened to Larry.

What are we supposed to say then, Steve?

What are we supposed to say fucking happened to Larry?

You gotta dive in!

No. No, I'm not doing it.

You're right, I'm sorry. I've been cruel to...

Get the fuck in the water, Steve!

Agh! My eye!

Whoa, whoa, is that him?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Oh, come on, it's not him.

Who the hell else is it gonna be, you dickhead.

It doesn't even fucking look like him!

Why are you even questioning this? Of course, it's him.


You gotta be fucking kidding me.

He's gotta be on uppers or bath salts or something.

All right, go shoot him. I'm not going out there.

There's no way I'm stepping out of this vehicle. My eye...

We should go, we should go, we should go.

Oh, god, why is he looking at me like that?

Oh, god, oh, god, chill out, chill out, man!

No, no, no! Oh god, oh god, oh god.

What happened?


It's not raining.

It was about three miles west of here.

Where were you? I mean, The Weather Channel said nothing about water?

I took a walk.

When you left, you didn't say where you were going and I mean now...

You have to go now.




Yes, now... in the next 60 seconds.

Wait, what's going on?

Get out of my house.



I don't understand, why? What's going...

Get out, you un-aborted brat.

I don't want you here. No one wants you.

Go on... fuck off.

Fuck you.



It's extrememly rude.

Shut the fuck up, bitch! You're at my door every goddamn day!

Leave me the fuck alone! I turned it down!

I turned it down! Leave! Goddamn it! Jeez.

I pay my rent over here! What else do you want from me, huh?

See you later!

Adios! Get the fuck out!

Fucking suck a dick, bitch!

For god sake! Hey, Lou-boy!

Fuck off, douche!



You know, you're an hour early?


How long you been here?

What time is it?

About 9:00.

I've been here since 6:00.

All right.

I-17... I-17 O-75... and B-1! Does anyone have B-1?

Hey, if you're an alcoholic or something, I can get you something else?


Oh, man...



♪ I'm a melancholy man That's what I am ♪

♪ All the world surrounds me and my feet are on the ground ♪ Hey.

Here ya go.

Shouldn't be carrying so much.


Shit happens.

♪ When all the stars are falling out onto the sea ♪

♪ And underground an angry voice is carried on the wind ♪ Whoa, man. Sorry about that.

♪ And you'll remember what's being said ♪

♪ By all the good men this world's ever known ♪

♪ A number man is what you'll see ♪

Oh, fuck, man!

You just go an' do that?

You just fucking got shit all over me.

Man, I should fucking lay you out.

You better give me money for all the shit you just ruined.

Yeah, you should give us everything you got.

You look 14.

Man, suck on these nuts.

And give your shit before you start bleeding.

You. How old are you?

He's old enough to fuck you up.

I'll take it.

Hello, Jack, I couldn't find your last name.

I just wanted you to let you know that we are going to kill Andrea K. Huntsmen... if you don't show up at the docks.

See, you decided to kill an associate of ours, so... we went right ahead and kidnapped her earlier today.

And killed a Mrs. Gillian Huntsman in the process.

I didn't mean to do that.

But you know, these things do happen.

Midnight at the docks, don't call the police, blah blah blah.

And see you then. This is just for your information.

Bye... when do we kill this fucking bitch?



Loser Syndrome?

Loser Syndrome.




What's going on?

I don't know. Nothing.

It kind of looks like something.

It's nothing. I'm fine.

What was that this morning?


You just kinda ran out.

That's right. Sorry.

I just... my head was in a bad place.

Oh... how are you now?


That's good.

Cara! Yeah.

You've got a call.

Who is it? Who do you think?

Just let him know to stop calling?

I do, but he's a lunatic.

I don't care... take care of it.

I, uh, I gotta take care of this, so...

Real quick, what are you havin'?

Steak, rare.


What about Ted? I mean, I know he's skinny... but you know what they say about skinny guys, right? Cara... your boyfriend is outside.

He's not my boyfriend.

I still don't care. He's causing a disturbance.

Oh, shit, shit, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Don't be a nob.


Oh, they're really going at it.

Is there anyone else?

No, it's just the two of them, but I'm calling the police.

Oh, come on!

Look, they're gonna start throwing at each other, Norm! Fuck.

Cara... what the hell's wrong with her?

The guy seems borderline retarded.

Yeah, you would know. Hello?

Yeah, I'm at Times Square Diner, I've got...

I got it.

Oh... um... cool.

Give it to me!

My own goddamn car back! God!

Give me my goddamn purse!

Uh-huh, here you go. Take it!

You? What the fuck, dude?

I'm talking to...

You better cut that shit out, or I will fucking floor you! I swear!

Jack! Get the fuck out of here, just leave!

Now, Jack! Please.


I just get...


I'm taking the car!

Well, I am gettin' it back!

Well, whatever, bitch! Go be a whore!

Oh! How am I a whore, huh?

Tim, you do not take that car!

Do not take the car!

Goddamn it! Fuck!

What? Why did you do that?

You're dating Tim?

No... I mean, well, I was... but we were miserably hating each other... because we co-own a car which we both need.

Oh, my god, you know Tim?

A little.

Oh, Jesus Christ, why did you do that?

It seemed appropriate.

No, it wasn't... but... thanks... I guess.

Look, I know, you walk all the time.

Yup. How far are you going?

It's about 12 blocks.

You'll be all right.

Yeah. I'll be fine. Well, see ya.

Take care. Shit.

So we live like six blocks from each other.

Looks like it.

Do you have the time, by the way?

Oh... it's 12:48.

Do you have a middle-of-the-night appointment?

I had something, but... it's over now.

Oh, right, too busy getting punched in the head?

Well actually, it was probably better than the alternative I had planned.

That was amazing, by the way.

You won a fight by not doing anything.

Did you used to box or something?

A little actually.


So, what do you do anyway?

I mean, I see you almost everyday and then other than your name being Jack...

I don't really know anything about you.

I didn't know you had a daughter until recently.

Where is she, by the way?

She's probably with her mother at this point.


Well, I grew up with split parents.

She'll be all right, she seems resilient.

I like to think so.

And honestly, if I had to pick what your daughter would sound and act like...

...it's pretty much Andrea.

That's a shame.

No, no, that's a good thing.

You guys have like this... bantery report.

I don't know, that stuff's important.

I didn't have that with my mom or my dad... and I wish I did.

Did you have it with your parents?

Jeez. You're kind of out there, aren't you?

Someone just told me that.

Well, you are.

It's the normal ones you have to be careful about.

That's the truth and a half.

So, what do you do?

You never talk about yourself.

I don't do much of anything anymore, but when I did...

I did a little bit of everything.

Like what?

I was kind of a bodyguard for a while. Then I sold antiques... which probably made me the most.

I owned a few businesses.

Uh, construction for a while. Truck driver.

Teacher for a while, history most of the time.

Military took up a good part of my life.

Manager for a whole slew of businesses.

Landscaper. Fisherman. I bootlegged for a while.

Wreck diver. Minor... for coal, silver, gold.

Stunt man for movies for a while. Nurse.

I was a medic for a while.

That's when I was in the military. Cook.

Prison. There's a good amount of prison in there.

Professional gambler... horse breeder.

Potter. I made pots for a while.

Tinsmith, then a blacksmith.

Retail for almost everything.


Wow. Yeah.

That's just a lot.


You're like a Jack-of-all-trades.

Oh, god... um...

Well, I went to business school for four years to be a waitress.

What did you want to do?

I wanted to own a coffee shop and I did for a while.

And it failed, and then, um, I got divorced.

And I became a waitress to get back on my feet.

And I guess I still am, because I'm still at the diner, which I hate.

But I do enjoy the lack of responsibility.

I was never a waiter.

You'd be terrible at it.

You're right, I would.

That is the most I've heard you say, by the way.

That's the most I've said in years.

Well, I'm glad I was here for it.

This is me, by the way.

God, I am such a wimp. You walk to the diner everyday?

I like walking.

Walking, bingo, and getting punched in the head. I know three things you like now.

That sums me up.

Well, thanks again.


This could be bad.


If you're not expected to be here... then you're not coming in.

Let me in, Gary.

Jack? Yeah.

Haven't see you in a while. Yeah.

If you're not expected to be here, you're not coming in.

Open the door! Hey, take a walk!

You're not coming in, especially this early.

Go ask Tom if I can come in.

Tom's dead! Tom's dead?

Yeah, he sure as hell is.

Yeah, he is dead.

Who's in charge then?


Go ask Alex.

He's getting ready for bed.

Then he can talk.

All right.

Hey, man! Outside!

We need to talk.

Hey, Jack. Wow.

I see you found your way in.

Come on, man... we're going back outside.

No, it's all right. Get some sleep.

You don't need me around?

That's all right. We're fine. Jack, you need anything?

Smoothie? No.

See? Look, we're good, all right? Good job tonight.

Okay. See you tonight.

Hey, you, ah, leave that door open?

I didn't close it.

Fucking Jack.

Hm. So, Jack what'd you think of that new door?

It's the best we could do to replace your security.

I think if someone wants to get in, they can get in.

Oh, heh, so where've you been?

I mean, you seemed to fall off the map... after you "retired" is that the word?

I really haven't done much of anything since I stopped working for Tom.

Yeah, Dad was devastated when you went and did that.

I don't care.

Did you order a kidnapping on an Andrea Huntsman?

Excuse me. Who's that?

Friend of the family.

Ooh, family. Never heard you mention family.

Was beginning to think that you just crawled out of the ground.

Answer my question.

I don't know her, all right?

And besides, that stuff was my dad's racket.

I just own this club now.

Is that a no?

Yes, that's a no, Jesus, Jack!

Do you have anything besides being ambiguous and hostile?

Have you heard about the kidnapping? Anything?

No, no, I've never even heard of...

Andrea Huntsman.

"Andrea Huntsman!"

All right! Until you brought her up. Same thing with you.

You weren't even on my radar... until Gary mentioned your name like 30 seconds before you walked in.

...drugs, or push anything!

I just run the place.

Seriously. All right.

Aren't you gonna ask about Dad?

I heard he was dead.

Nice to hear that your finger's on the pulse. Hm?

His cardiac pump fail?

Yeah, must have died out a short time after the car ran him over.


Hey, if you need work again, I can get you a bouncer's gig.

All right? If not here, somewhere else.

You'll never see me again.

All right...

Good luck! With... everything.


Hey, he's coming.


What's happening?

Um, coffee?

No. What? No.

No, no, no. Oops, sorry.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.


I'm gonna go to the bathroom.


Are you ready to order?

Sit down. No.

Sit down.

What is going on?

Please sit down.

Oh, god, holy shit!

Huh? Your back...

Oh, my god, Jack, you're bleeding. Are you okay?

Yeah... ice pick.

Sit down. No, no...

No, I... I am gonna go get you some towels.

Cara... sit down.

Sit down.

You were supposed to be off today.

Uh, yeah, um, Georgia called in sick.

Oh, my god, what is going on?

Don't worry about it.

Are they here because of you?

Yeah. Yeah, I think so.

Okay, who are they, Jack?

I don't know. some kind of low-class mafia, maybe.

And what do they want with you?

I don't know.

They showed up a few days ago, and we had interactions.

Oh, my god.

Did you get your car back?

Um, yeah.

Can I get a ride?

Now? Yeah.

Okay. Good.

Now you should go sit over with your co-workers.

Why? You'll understand in a minute.


See, I told you! What did I tell you?

Get off me! Let's go!

Not the time for that.

What the fuck is going on?

Oh, holy shit, you need an ambulance.

Come on! No, I...

Hang tight for a minute.

What? Jack... Jack!

What in god's name are you doing?

Will he fit in your trunk?

Put him down.

Can he fit in your trunk?

No, you are not putting him in my trunk!

Why not? He's not dead.


They have Andrea.

Your daughter? Yeah, my daughter.

They have her, and she maybe already dead, but I have to try.

No, no, I don't believe that.

Why not? God, I don't know.

I don't know. We need to go.

No, no, no, fuck you, Jack!

Cara, you said you'd give me a ride.

Uh, well, Jesus Christ, I was confused and terrified.

I'll give you one million dollars, cash.

Where do you have a million dollars?

I have one millions dollars. Honest.

One million dollars?

Life-changing money.

Is that my tool box? Yeah.

Can I use your too... Could you just not look at me?

It's just the... you know, the blood and the holes in your head.

Oh, god, just don't look at me!


Can we go now?

What the fuck are you doing?

If I leave the bullets in, it'll heal over... and I'll get migraines.

But you... god, you have no problem doing that?

I have pliers in my head. It hurts.

I don't... I don't know how that works.

How come you're not brain dead or something?

I should be.

But I'm not.

Oh, god.

Can we go?

Jack? What are you gonna do with him?

Talk to him.

Well, he's unconscious.

Not right away.

What are you gonna do when you do...



You wouldn't know where Ben has been, would you?


The young man who lives across from you.

Uh, no, no.

Well, I haven't seen him for a few days and well, I was wondering... if he'd gone to sleep at a friend's home or... maybe gone away on vacation, but if he did, he should tell me.

If I see him, I'll let you know.

Thank you, take care then.



Ugh, take it easy, man. Ah, fuck.

Remigny, 1914.

That was France.

I had a hard time readjusting to the language.

It changed quite a bit since the last time I needed it.

This is you?


It's not your dad or your granddad?

I'm not even sure if I had a father.

This person, in this picture, is you?


From 1914?


I don't believe that.



I don't know. What do you mean, you don't know?

I mean, I don't know.

That doesn't make any sense.

I didn't say it would.

Wine is supposed to mature with age... but I think 450 years may make it bitter.


It's British.

And that wasn't wine.



Nope... it is not possible.

You just saw me put pliers in my head to pull out a bullet.

Old age was never a concern of mine.

That means you're over...

150 years old.

Not even close.

How old are you?

I have no idea.

But I'm in the Bible, if that means anything.



It is pronounced "Cayenne"... but I'm known as Cain.

I think I'm gonna throw up.

I'm going to go interrogate the man in my bathroom.

Your money's there.

I can just leave?

I don't see why not?

You'll never see me again.

Oh, man, what are you doin'?

I'm not a fan of nine millimeters.

I prefer something that can go through me.

Yeah, okay.

Is Derrick someone worth speaking to?

I... I don't... I don't know.

Do you do illegal activities with Derrick?

Uh... ah, yeah, yeah. What are you gonna...




Then why in the holy fuck are you handling a phone... that's not yours, where's Steve?

He's tied up in my bathroom right now.

Tied up in... who are you?

Where's Andrea?

Who are you?

Where's Andrea?

Are you that Jack scumbag that's giving me trouble?

I'm Jack.

- Motherfucker! Put Steve on the phone.

Where's Andrea?

Put him on the fucking phone, you fucking fuck!

Do you know what I'm talking about?

Yeah, yeah, the girl... the girl with the lip thing?

That's her.

Yeah... that was us.

Why? I don't know.

We were hired, I think. I mean, I'm kind of new.

I'm not really the guy to talk to about that.

Where is she?

I don't know that, either.

We just dropped her off to the guy that hired us... so...

You weren't at the docks last night?

I don't even know what that means.

I got a call, that if I didn't show up at the docks... at midnight, they'd kill her.

Oh, yeah, last night, right?


Yeah, no, we... they dropped her off earlier than that.

Maybe around 5:00?

To who? I don't know, man, please?

I'm sorry. Please don't kill me.

Yeah. Never hold me on the phone.

What's wrong with your fucking head?

This isn't a fucking game. I'm not playing.

Who did you drop Andrea Huntsman off to yesterday?

Stop fucking interrupting me, you fucking fuck! What the fuck is wrong with you? I...

Derrick again.

Can I talk to him?

What are you going to say?

I'm gonna tell him that I am fine and he should leave you alone.

You'll do that?

Yeah, I don't want to die.

Put him on the fucking phone, you fucking fuck!

Hey, it's me, Derrick. No, no, it's Steve.

No, just talk slower, okay?

No, he hasn't hurt me... again, not since the diner.

Could be worse. No, no, I don't think that's a good idea.

No, that's a bad idea. That was bad, no, no, don't do that.

He... he hung up.

What's happening?

They're sending someone over.

Here? Yeah, I'm sorry.

They're right outside?

Yeah. Do you know who they're sending?

Personally? Yeah.

Yeah, I mean, a little bit. I mean, it's Vinny, he plays pinball, right, so...

Would you be broken up if I murdered him?

Are you gonna kill me?

Probably not. Then I got no problem with it.

Ugh... he's here.

Oh, fuck, man, I'm sorry.

How did you find me anyway?

The guy we dropped the girl off to, he gave us your hang contact info and hang out areas.

You know, we were... they were, uh, mad about the dock thing.

Good to know.

Yeah... yeah, thanks. Holy, fuck.

Here he is!

You were supposed to leave.

I needed a minute.

Shut up.

Let's go, Jack.

All right, leave her behind.

Fine, whatever... come on!


I know. Oh, my god.

Are you good to go now, because I'm leaving?

Yeah, are you sure I can have this?

Go nuts. I'll sell something if I need the money.

See you around.

What, are we done? You're not gonna...

Looks like it.

Leginum... Convictio...

Scientia... V er titia.

Hey, up.

Oh, wow, Jack. What's shakin'?

Those mobsters you owe money to, do you know who they are?

I don't know what you're talking about.

The mobsters who split your leg?

Oh, yeah, hard to forget.

Do you have any idea who they were?

No, I've never seen them before. I think they're more like hired goons.

Are you supposed to be in here?

Sure. Where'd you take the loan out from?

I met up with some guy to give me a loan... to pay off my student loans.

It was at some bar-like thing.

What's it called?

Um, Arcudi's.

The head honcho there, last name happen to be Miller?

No, no, no, no, Arcudi.

Yeah, I think his name was the same as the bar.

Does a first name come to mind?

Alex. Alex Arcudi.

I didn't think he'd ever do something like that.

But, uh, Jack... I never got a chance to say thank you.

You know, I...

No! No! You said I would never see you again... and here you are, an hour later.

I need a car and a driver this time.

You're a murdering lunatic. Go steal a car.

I need someone to take Andrea.

You know where Andrea is?

I think so. Fuck! Fuck.

If that's the case, I need someone on standby when things come together.

No, I am so fucking screwed up from tonight, Jack.

If you do it, I'll give you this duffel bag... and your family, and your family's family will never have to work again.

I don't know what you don't understand about this. I refuse.


You're probably just gonna go kill another room full of people.

You are? Probably.

Come on! Fuck!

So, you're like a vam...

Can we not speak of it.

Are you telling me that you guys exist?

Yes, but I'm it.

How come you don't have the... teeth?

Why would I need them?

Um, that means that you...

No, don't, don't. Stop... please.


So, the... the Civil War... what was that like?

I don't know. I was in China.

Here we are.

You can stay here. Yeah, I was going to.

Give me your telephone number, so I can call and let you know what's going on.


Okay. 609...

I got it.

Right, of course you do.

Is that a finger?

Let me in, Gary.

Not tonight, Jack. Fuck off somewhere else.

Open the door.

Not happening, Jack.

Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, where do you think you're going?

Hey, buddy, where you going?

Hey, asshole, I'm talking to you!

What the fuck was that?

Did you fucking shoot somebody?

Man, didn't you hear that shit?

He just fucking murdered Gary!

Who? That dude!

Who the fuck did you shoot?

Also, that dude!

I don't get it.

You might want to clear out.



Are you Derrick?

Yeah, motherfucker!

I'm gonna have to call you in a bit.

Where's Andrea?

Where's Gary?

Do you really want to slow this process down?

Fuck! Agh! No!

It wasn't supposed to play like this!

What does that mean?

Oh, god, that's right. You're strong.


Don't go anywhere.

Those are called books, Jack!

Shut the fuck up.

Get away from me. No, don't.

Andrea... it's me, Jack.

I'm getting you out of here.

Can you walk?


Okay, okay. Stay here.

I'll be right back.

Shit, I didn't get anywhere!

Ow, agh.

I have Andrea.

Meet me outside the front door. I'll be right there.

I have to say, I'm shocked... shocked that you came back for her.

I didn't... you're not the reason I'm here, either.

All this is for me.

What the hell you doing?

I want you to stay put.

No, no, no!

No, no, no!


I'll be back.


Oh, my god... she needs an ambulance.

No... she'd be the last priority if they came here.

Now, hold on, what do you want me to do?

Take her to the hospital, forget you ever knew me.

No, no, Jack, she's really hurt.

Oh, my god, no. I need help.

You'll make it. Okay, what are you going?

I'm staying.

Jack, what the hell does that mean?

It means I'm staying, now get her out of here!

No, Jack! Jack! Jack! Fuck.


Oh... ha-ha-ha.

Is there anything I can say to make you leave.

I've killed nine-year-olds for no reason at all.

What makes you think you have a chance?

Heh-heh... oh, fuck!

What was the camera for in the bathroom?

Oh... we were gonna beat the shit out of Andrea and mail it to you.

Why would you do that?

Piss you off.


Because, Jack!

You're special, and shooting you just doesn't have the same impact... as it does on a normal person!

You kidnapped and tortured Andrea to get to me?

You put it together, Jack. Yay.

Oh, come on!

Agh, my fucking ankle!


So you hired outside contractors... so you could claim anonymity.


And then I guess you found out I was involved... when I helped Jeremy out with his loan thing.

Oh, fucking Jeremy.

And then you told them where to find me... and they found out about Andrea?

I thought she was some weekend prostitute or something along those lines.

I was shocked to find out you actually had a kid.

Didn't really work out.

No. No, it didn't.

This grudge we have, I'm assuming it's from me murdering your father.

Fucking aye, cockhead!

How'd you find out?

Really? Day you left, Dad died, everyone had an alibi.

Ruled you in. Was it really that much of a stretch?

Well, I like to stay under the radar... but your dad had other ideas.

So, that's that.

Were you gonna kill Andrea?

And refrain from lying.

How would you know if I'm lying?

You'll say no.

Then there's your answer. Hmph.


Jack, do you know my blood type?

Jack! Huh? What's my blood type?

You know my blood type?

Nope. Not yet. Agh!

Jack, Jack, I hate you. I hate you!

I was doing pretty well for a while.

I was walking the tight rope of sobriety.

Then your revenge stunt made me fall right off the wagon.

I'm going to kill you. I want you to know that.

But I want you to know, I'm going to eat you.

I am literally going to tear you apart and eat you.

Keep in mind, it's not because I want to.

I don't know why... but I have to.

It's the way it's always been... always.

It keeps my mind straight.

But how sane can you be in the first place, if you have to fucking eat people?

I don't know.

What? Why?

Why now? For him?

That man's a murderer and he's aware of it!

The world would be a better place if I killed him, right now.

I've tortured thousands of innocent people to death... and you weren't around for them!

You weren't even around for Egypt. Or Walachilla!

I impaled thousands of people in Walachilla just see them die.

Look at me. Look at me!

Fuck you! I hate you!

I hate this fucking place, all of it!

Who are you talking to?

You can't see him?

Now I have your attention?

What the hell's the matter with you?

Why are you doing this to me?

Is it because of that prick Habal? Fuck you!

Why is that murder so fucking significant?

We were barely men back then?

Did I really start it?

Would murder not exist, if I didn't kill that little shit?

No one else goes through this.

I don't deserve this. I don't deserve this!

Fuck god, because there isn't one!

If there was, she wouldn't let this happen!

All I see is you walking around.

Let me fucking die. Let me die!


Jack, we need help. What?

Please, God, help me.

Uh... um, I can't... I can't get Andrea to the car... and I am doing more damage trying to get her there so, I need help.

But... But what?

What could you possibly be doing that is more important?


Stop fooling around with that asshole, Jack, and get out there and help your daughter.

She's your family, for God sake.

I don't even know what there is to think about.

Please go.

Nothing, I guess.

So get out there.

All right.

Agh... Jack...

One day, you'll see who I was talking to.


♪ You woke up and I was gone ♪

♪ There aren't words for what went wrong ♪

♪ It's wrong ♪

♪ Wrong hoo hoo hoo ♪

♪ Oh my lover ah-ooh hoo hoo ♪

♪ Got a hate in my heart for you hoo hoo ♪

♪ Oh my lover ah-hoo hoo hoo ♪

♪ Got a hate in my heart for you hoo hoo hoo ♪