He Who Dares (2014) Script

NEWSWOMAN: The Queen has used her Christmas message To reflect on a year of major events in the UK.

NEWSMAN: Eventually, the end came by an assault On the building by the Army's Special Services, the SAS.

NEWSMAN 2: The government is not officially releasing his name Or confirming that a Briton has died.

NEWSWOMAN: There's the prime minister Walking now with his wife, and we heard earlier That he said he was utterly devastated, and we know he is going to say... HOLT: Hello, Alice.

Hello, Alice. Hello, Alice. NEWSMAN: Not long after, Gunmen had killed two hostages.

It ended with three gunmen dead, one in hospital, two others...


Daddy, I'm being held...

By the National Alliance of...

There's believed to be many hostages Held within the building.

They wish for the release of several convicted criminals.

Appears to show Alice, the prime minister's daughter...



What's your name, sweetheart?


What a beautiful name.

Do you have a phone on you, Bethan?



Now, I need you to dial a number for me.


I'm really sorry to have to leave you A voice mail on your work phone, But I need you to get me out of this hospital.

I'm chained to the bed, and I've got a very big mouth, If somebody comes in here and starts asking me who I am And who funded our operation to kidnap Alice.

Get me out of here.

TERRORIST: (OVER RADIO) Approaching location now.

Keep in formation and stay alert.

This will reach Alpha Unit taking east route.

Gamma Unit, take the west.

TERRORIST: Turn the camera feed.

They're now blind. TERRORIST 2: Alpha Unit.

Reception area clear.

TERRORIST 1: Gamma Unit entering triage.

We'll be with you shortly.


HOLT: Boys, what took so long? Was there traffic?

NEWSWOMAN: With the leader of the terrorists, Alexander Holt, still at large after being snatched From his hospital bed by armed men, Resulting in the death of two policemen, Six hospital staff and four civilians, Dozens of grieving relatives will be hoping The report will name those that are responsible For the calamitous events following the decision To allow troops to enter the underground car park.


You know what?

I don't have any men left so I could use somebody like you.

Come on! Work for me!

Work with me and you'll be a rich guy Doing exactly what you're doing now.

LOWE: Thanks... but I'm a company man.


NEWSWOMAN: The events of last Christmas Eve Are widely considered to be the most embarrassing failure In the history of the British Security Services, Despite the operation seeing the prime minister's Eighteen-year-old daughter, Alice, Safely reunited with Mr. and Mrs. Holden.


The official report into the botched operation Is expected to make scathing criticisms of the SAS, Special Branch and Metropolitan Police, When it's released later this week.

Resulting in the death of 23 civilians, eight soldiers, Five police officers and all but one Of the 14 members of the...




What the bloody hell are you thinking, Coming here like this?





Big Ben?

Big Ben, because it's...

You're angry, okay, I'm sorry.

I'm frightfully sorry.

I mean, it's just ghastly manners Turning up anywhere unannounced, isn't it?

(SCOFFS) But, when you won't answer my calls, You preening fuckwit, I mean...

What the dickens am I supposed to do?

Why would I return your calls?

What have we to discuss?

I bankrolled your operation To the tune of ten million pounds.

In that operation, you failed.

The whole idea was to bankrupt that imbecile Holden So he'd have to resign.

Well, that didn't quite go according to plan, did it?

So, now, we're stuck with him And we'll almost certainly lose the election!

But certainly I appreciate your efforts, Holt.

Otherwise, I wouldn't have Had you removed from the hospital.

Nor would I have paid for you To have £50,000 worth of plastic surgery, Though what the fuck the doctor did for that money, I've no idea; you look every bit as ugly as always.

You need to lie low.

You need to bugger off somewhere nice!

Now, I can arrange for you to have some more money, But you cannot waltz in here When I have a house full of guests!

You cannot compromise me like this!

I'm the chief fucking whip, for Christ's sake!

I know that, Benjy.

That's exactly why I need you're Downing Street access card.





CASSIE: So, how does this all work?

I am so happy you asked that question, my dear.


Greed is everywhere.

And I have managed to find, believe it or not, Ten thousand greedy little buggers all over the world.

There's loads of them. (LAUGHS)

And I'm gonna give them £10,000 each.

Ten thousand people; £10,000.

That's 100 million pounds.

And because I'm such a stand-up guy, All they've gotta do is go to their bank And withdraw that £10,000 for me.

And they get to keep 25 percent of it.

All for just going to the bank.

But that still leaves a rather attractive Seventy-five million pounds in cash waiting for us At Los Angeles when we land.

Enough to buy you any bikini you want.

It's like my mother always said, "Put a little cash aside,"

And it soon adds up to a very...

"Very seductive amount."

Well, I was always more of a Daddy's girl.



Down, boy.


ANSWERING MACHINE: Leave a message after the tone.


Are you there? I guess not.

I was just calling to say that I hope everything goes okay this evening.

I'm thinking of you.

I know you've got to sort this all out, So just give me a call when you want to talk, okay?

I miss you.

Take care.


I love you. Bye.

HOLT: Got a lot of wrongs to put right today, gentlemen.

6.3 million, to be precise.

But in order to do that, we've gotta go somewhere That no one has been before.

Not even the IRA...

Has even dreamed of going where we're going:

Into the lion's den, Number 10, Downing Street.

The country's most secure building Is about to be in very unsafe hands.

And when you go, you're gonna burn it to the ground.

You are gonna take everything!

And this time we will keep it.

Questions? TERRORIST: Yeah.

When are we gonna get fucking paid?


Anymore questions?


Then tool-up.

Familiarise yourself with the floor plans, Because when we get there, we are on our own.

Do not let me down.

It's about to be in very...

Very unsafe hands.

NEWSWOMAN: London today, sees one of its Biggest ever organized protests, With an estimated two million people marching on the capital To protest the UK's involvement in the Middle East.

Demonstrations are planned at a number of landmarks, And outside key government buildings.

Police have cancelled all leave to marshal those taking part, But have admitted they are stretched to breaking point With their numbers spread so thinly around the...


Do you feel guilty for your actions, Major Lowe?


So, how have you been keeping, Major?

Very well, thank you.

WOMAN: They're all waiting for you.

I'm just gonna take you to the room.

Can I get you a tea or coffee or anything?

LOWE: No, I'm fine, thank you.

MAN: (ON RADIO) Cuttlefish en route through Whitehall.

Low maintenance crowd.

ETA at Downing Street: three minutes.

ADVISOR: and that will be your three o'clock.

And then after that, you have to finalize Your eulogy for Ben Aspinall, Ahead of his memorial service tomorrow.

You finished that yet?


Valued friend, hugely missed, integrity, loyalty, Family man, excellent chief whip.

And it's your monthly press conference at seven o'clock.

The events of Christmas Eve are gonna dominate that.

The lobby press have already received the Embargoed summary of the findings.

All the findings we want to hear about, huh?

Of course.

Look, Malcolm, they're gonna ask you a lot Of awkward questions about whether Chris Lowe Should he prosecuted for going in against orders.

I told you this repeatedly, Jeff.

I'm not gonna get involved!

I've a conflict of interest.

Be improper for me to wade Into an issue that sits entirely with the MOD and the Army.

If they wanna sack Lowe, or court martial him, Or promote him to Field Martial, whatever, that's up to them.

I'm not getting involved.

That makes you look uncaring and arrogant.

But unlike you, Mary and Alice, Malcolm, Forty other families didn't have a happy Christmas.

My Christmas Day was wonderful.

They had them both catatonic on tranquilizers.

I made myself fish-fingers and oven chips Followed by a rhubarb yogurt.

The only people I spoke to all day were Civil fucking servants.

Well, apart from the civil fucking servant bit, That sounds like an ideal Christmas Day in many ways.

Chris Lowe may be insubordinate, A loose cannon, and...

All those other things that generals lose sleep over, But he got Alice out of that shit storm alive, That's all I care about.

The man deserves a medal, not the sack.

Exactly. And that's what 73 percent.

Of the public think, too.

So forget the whining bit about the fucking fish-fingers.

Why don't you say that?

Because Alice has been through more than enough.

I'm not dragging out my families involvement In that fiasco any further.

Don't bring this up again.

ADVISOR: Sir, we're back.

MAN: (ON RADIO) Downing Street entrance secure.

We are go to receive Cuttlefish.



PM's car, clearing gates.

Approaching front door. All clear.

Closing gates.


Gates secured.


REPORTER: Is Major Lowe going to be Dishonourably Discharged from the Army?

And do you think we should step in?


Major Lowe to see you, sir.

Sit down, Major. Sir.

We're grateful for your patience While the review of the events Of last December 24th was being concluded.

And we must offer our condolences For the loss of your unit.

Now, we have concluded that in strictly military terms, This mission was a success.

Your goal was to recover Miss Holden alive, And you achieved that goal, And in doing so, you demonstrated great valor And you put yourself into considerably Dangerous situations in the process.

Unfortunately, we cannot consider such missions From a purely military perspective.

In terms of public relations for the armed forces, For the police and the government, This mission was an abject failure.

All the agencies involved were made to look like Absolute buffoons, live on national television.

(EXPLOSION) The casualty rate was shocking, And it's impossible for us to know How many more lives might have been lost If your unit had not entered the car park.

But it is clear from our review findings, That you exceeded your authority In ordering your men into the premises Without authorization from your superiors.

With all due respect, sirs.

At least my unit did something.

At least we tried.

Didn't see anybody else stepping up that night.

If it wasn't for me and my men, God rest every single one of them, Everybody, including the PM's daughter, Would have died that night.

Well, thank heavens that You're exercising "all due respect", Major.

However, the fact remains, That you did not follow your CO's orders About delaying entry into the premises Until a proper line of command Had been established up to Downing Street.

LOWE: We're going in, come on!

JUDGE ADVOCATE: Now, the high profile of these events Means that we feel we have no option But to order your discharge from the service.

However, the light of your own bravery On the night in question, And in light of your previous good record, The terms of your discharge will be honorable.

I would like to remind you, Mr. Lowe, That you continued to be bound By the provisions of the Official Secrets Act.

You are prohibited from making any statement Or revealing any details about the incident, And from making any comment About the findings of our review.

Is that understood? Yes...

Minister. Good.

Provided that you do indeed "speak no evil", We will see to it that you face no court martial or trial...

As a result of your negligence last Christmas Eve.

My negligence?

I'm not the one lying to the very people that elected me.

I mean, this rubbish about Holt being a terrorist.

He's nothing but a thief, plain and simple.

That was a bloody robbery and he's gotten away with it!

Get over yourself, Mr. Lowe.

The "rubbish" that Holt is a terrorist Is the only thing saving your sorry arse From being sent to jail for several decades.

The terrorism story means the MOD is able To classify much of the report And prevent your prosecution.

Everybody in this room is well aware That Holt executed a successful romp.

The prime minister is also very well aware That £6.3 million left his bank account, And that it took my colleagues in the Treasury and Home Office Several weeks to trace and recover that money.


We have to think what is in the best interest For this country as a whole.

We do not see any benefit in making Any of this information public.

The outcome of the reports will be enough To satisfy most of the public, And the media will move on in a few days.

So, everybody shuts up And everybody moves on.

And that includes you, Major.

Agreed? LOWE: Well...

Doesn't seem like I have any other option...

Other than to agree.

Not really, no.

Now, uh...

We'll be needing your Army ID card.

Just have a seat, Major.

I'll just make sure your car's on its way.

LOWE: Okay.

Major Lowe.

Prime Minister, I'm afraid it's Mr. Lowe now.

I'm not a major anymore.

Well, I'm genuinely sorry to hear that.

Mary and I owe you everything.

We'll never be able to properly express our thanks For what you did for Alice, or for us.

We don't underestimate the Sacrifices your men made, either.

We remember...

Every time we look at Alice.

Thank you, sir. I appreciate that.

I've never done anything like the job you do.

I know nothing about war.

The hardest decisions I take are those that...

Ask people to risk their life for the country.

I have to take my defence staff's advice On all military matters.

The Army and MOD conducted their review, And, as prime minister, I support their findings.

I had to leave matters in their hands So that I couldn't be accused of letting My personal feelings influence the outcome.

I've never done your job either, sir, But I'd like to think I had the courage To do what's right rather than What's most convenient for a bunch of...

Pen-pushers who have never seen A day's active service in their lives.

Still, let's agree to disagree, shall we?

Don't let that detract From the sincerity of my earlier remarks.

(CLEARS THROAT) Excuse me, Prime Minister?

The minister for education is waiting upstairs, patiently.

LOWE: Sir.


Like I said, Major, take a seat And I'll check your car for you.

Actually, can you point me In the direction of your bathroom, please?

Yep, straight down that corridor, Third door on the left.




TERRORIST: Guys! It's time.

Come on, what the fuck is wrong with you?

You were up for it a minute ago.

What the fuck?



ADVISOR: Well, I don't want you to tell them that, Just at the moment. I wanted to...

Not got a home to go to, Bob?

I'll be off in approximately one hour, eight minutes, sir.

(LAUGHS) Well, have a good evening.

Say hello to the missus, Bob. Thank you, sir, will do.

Cuttlefish is in his office.


Discharge me?


Chin up, mate.

It might never happen.

Next thing you know, you'll be guarding Drug dealers in the jungle, And catching thieves in the supermarket.

The world's your oyster!

It's literally days since I last walked Into a Whitehall loo and caught somebody Chattering to themselves. (LAUGHS)

It's the first sign of madness, you know?

Guilty as charged!

Sorry about that, mate.

You must be that Army fellow, The one who rescued young Alice Holden?

Well, yeah, I was...

Till about 15 minutes ago.

Now I'm the unemployed former Army fellow.


Rooftop to TV Center.

Can you confirm the front gates are still secure?

These protesters seem to be making a lot of noise, over.

Protesters at front gate still secure.

Copy that. Roof is clear.




Well, that's a bloody disgrace!

You did an excellent job.

This country would be completely screwed If it wasn't for chaps like you.

You did an exceptional job.

Everybody I've spoken to about that agrees.

Um, did you wash your hands?

(LAUGHS) Yeah.

'Cause I'd really like to shake it.

Walter Dugdale Chris Lowe.

MP for Wickley and long-suffering back-bencher.

No earthly reason you should have heard of me, But I'm really, really grateful to meet you.

Thank you, that's, uh... that's very kind.


This is gonna be loads of fun.

Excuse me, excuse me...


Oh, wow, this is great!

Excuse me!

Excuse me, I'm here to see the prime minister!

I don't think he's expecting me, And I don't think he'll be happy to see me.

REPORTER: I tell you, one day, We can report on something important.

Not just protesters and interest rates.


Excuse me, sir?

Sir. Hey, sir?

Couldn't we have just helicoptered in.

Yeah, we could, but where would the fun of that be?

HOLT: Showmanship, my dear, is so important.

CASSIE: You know what you are?

You're such a thespian. HOLT: Oh!

A thespian! Theatricality is an Important part of this process.

CROWD: (CHANTING) Troops out now!

HOLT: Sir, sir?

Hey, please, sir?

I'm a little bit offended nobody really recognizes me.

We are very, very dangerous.

IDs please.


TERRORIST: About time, lads. How was the stripper?

You stay with me.

The rest of you get upstairs to your positions.

Take out anyone you need to. Ready for phase two.

What's going on?

Perimeter breach, location seven.

Must be those pain in the arse protesters.

It can't be, They're all contained at the main gate.

Are you sure they haven't broken off?

Check the CCTV.

Are you in a hurry?

Have you got time for a pint?

(LAUGHS) I've got all the time in the world now.

But I'm unemployed, so you're buying.

Christ on a bike, Tory MP drinking with an unemployed man.

I could lose the whip over this.

MAN: (ON RADIO) All security personnel.

Amber Alert.

We have an unconfirmed internal incursion, But we have no visuals in the area.

Reindeer, this is TV Center.

We are showing a perimeter breach at location seven.

That's a perimeter breach at location seven.

Please advise, over. You've got no visuals Because we've cut your feed You fuckin' twat.


Um, visuals are sending through clear here, TV Center.

Uh, it's a false positive, but we can override it.

Maybe call IT down And get them to check your display logs, over.

Copy that, Reindeer.

Please confirm today's security code.

What's the code?

Come on, what's the code?

I can't tell you.

TV Center to Reindeer.

Please confirm today's security code.

What's the fucking code?

TV Center to Reindeer...

Please confirm today's security code.

Reindeer, this is TV Center.

Please confirm you're receiving signal.




What the hell was that?

That's gunfire.


B-but we can't stay in here, can we?

No, no, don't go out there, 'cause we don't...



LOWE: Easy, easy. (GRUNTING)



For fuck's sake!

Get Bob on the phone now!

Bob, halo, halo, halo...

Rear of building compromised.

Confirm Halo protocol?

MAN: Confirmed! Shit!

Halo protocol, halo protocol.

Sir, you need to come with me now!

Watch those two.

MALCOLM: What's going on, Bob?

Halo protocol?

Will you please explain what's going on here?

BOB: Front of the building, now.

Front of the building, now!




Walter, can you hear me?


I was shot by a policeman. (SOBS)

I don't think he was a policeman, mate.

(SOBS) Was he a pleb?

(SIREN BLARES) Have we any visuals at all?

Nothing. Still trying.

(SIREN BLARES) MAN: Phone lines are cut.

MAN 2: Get down on the ground.

Hands behind your head.

WOMAN: Halo protocol...

We're losing the cameras.

WOMAN: (ON RADIO) Halo protocol initiated, Castle is under attack.

They're cutting feed.

WOMAN: (ON RADIO) Intruders are in the Castle.

What the fuck is going on?

LOWE: I tried to stop you. (SOBBING)

(I'm so sorry. SOBS) It's...

It's not your fault. (PANTS)

The PM's bunker.

It's in the basement.

There's a stairway to it.

If he's alive, he'll be in there.

Go on, go on.

Go and be a soldier.

LOWE: Don't worry. I'll get help, Walter.

Ah, thank Christ.

Will someone please tell me what's going on here?


Where's the prime minister?

Oh, come on, tell me, I ain't got all day.

I'm busy, ain't I? Got stuff going on.

Fuck off.

(IN SCOTTISH ACCENT) Oh, you're a brave wee man, aren't you?

Where is he?

Talk to me, come on.

Fuckin' Boy Scouts. Listen to me.

Tell me where he is...

If you want it to be childish, son, I'll come over there and pull your bloody ears for you, Then smack your arse and send you home.

Look, you peado, with that tache, Who's holding the fucking gun?

Run off to mummy, sonny boy...


Fuck you. (GUNSHOT)

Fuckin' prick.

A couple of moments ago, We heard what sounded like gunfire from inside Number 10.

(CROWD CHANTING) HOLT: Wonderful news.

We'll see you soon.

Right boys, let's see if we can Step this protest up a notch.


Okay, well, there seems to be some kind Of a disturbance on the opposite side of the gate.


What about Mary and Alice, Bob?

BOB: They're being looked after.

We have to follow protocol. Please keep moving!


WOMAN: She just... MAN: Oh, my God!

MAN: I can't believe... (MACHINE GUN FIRE)


I mean, this is just historic!

Take it all in! (LAUGHS)

Well, I guess we better knock.

Let 'em know we're coming.

Oh, Jesus!

Front door's not secure. We need to go into the bunker.

Cuttlefish is going to the bunker, over!


Someone get me an outside line!


Was that completely necessary? (LAUGHS) No.

I do just like the visual.

That is gonna be on every news station for the next week.

Actually, we should smile, we're on TV.

Hi, we're the guys taking Downing Street!

BOB: Keep moving, sir.

We have to get you to a secure bunker.

Everyone, move, move, move!

You two, stay here and shoot anyone That comes down those stairs!




It's like the TARDIS. What?

Bigger on the inside. (CHUCKLES)

I've never been there.

Shall we?


(MACHINE GUN FIRE) Stun grenade.

Have that, you cunts.

Let's go.

Sir, to open the door from the outside Requires a level one access card.

You stand guard. Yes, sir.



You okay, sir?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Thanks for that back there, Bob.

Might be a bit premature to congratulate me just yet.

Can we get the COBRA team together?

Remotely, yes.

OPERATOR: COBRA team's assembling, sir.

We'll be ready to go in ten to 15 minutes.


Everyone, keep trying an outside line.





MALCOLM: What are they doing, Bob?

BOB: Don't worry, sir.

They can't get in.

NEWSMAN: We've just received this shocking footage...

REPORTER: There's just been this Massive explosion at Downing Street.

I can confirm it's a massive explosion...


REPORTER: which indicates, A breach of London's most famous house.


Ladies and gentlemen.

Shocking footage there...

Of what appears to be an explosion At Number 10.

I can tell you the door has literally been blown to pieces.

We don't have any reports of casualties at the moment.

We can't confirm, but believe it may be the terrorist, Alexander Holt, seen entering the building.

But we will keep you updated.

Please stay with us.


Please excuse me.

All right, Damian?


It's been a very busy day for us both, I think.

Mm-hm. It's been a very, very busy day.

Yep, but they are nicely tucked away in there.

Behind a big, massive, fuckin' door.

Mm-hm. But... (HOLT CHUCKLES)

There you go. Thanks.

How will we get them out?

Exactly, exactly.

You know what to do.

Do you need us to stick around, want any help?

Stick to the plan. We'll need a way out of here.

No worries.


Away we go.

Let's see if anyone's home.


Little pig, little pig, let me come in!

Or I really will blow your house down.

Listen, Holt.

These doors are three-and-a-half inches, solid, reinforced steel.

The concrete walls are a meter thick.

There's no way you can get into this room...

Unless, of course, you've got half a ton of semtex.

HOLT: I think you're absolutely right.

I have got absolutely nothing That can blast these doors open.

I do have a little, tiny piece of plastic That might just open it anyway.

Fuck! HOLT: I took it...

From a dead body of your mate.


See you soon. (GUNSHOT)


MAN: (ON RADIO) Initiating a fly zone around the city.

Only police and military now have eyes in the sky.

All government buildings are now officially on lock-down.

Cordon around Downing Street has been established.

Keep all personnel back from the building.

We've already seen one explosion, The whole place could be rigged.

Deputy Prime Minister.

Where the hell is everybody?

The PM, the defense secretary, The chief of the defense staff and the Army minister Were all inside Number 10 when this began.


We believe they're still there, We don't know if they're still alive.

Bloody hell, the prime minister could be dead!

We don't know, ma'am.

The last we heard, he was alive and in the underground bunker.


MALCOLM: Steady, Bob, steady!

We don't want a fire fight in here.

There's enough people died already.

Hello, Malcolm.

How's Alice? (LAUGHS)

Malcolm, come here!

To finally meet you!

I've heard so much about you, From my time with Alice, from...

Malcolm, don't be speechless.

Didn't your spin doctor tell you it's no good being speechless?

I mean, he can't tell you that now, We just shot him in the face.

He should have told it to you before.

If you get stuck, you know, You always have, like, key talking points.

I'm sure he told you that.

Malcolm, I'm feeling a little underwhelmed, Actually, to be honest.

I'm here, meeting the most important man In the country, and you are...

It's kind of a "Don't meet your heroes" moment.

I mean, if you're the best that this country has, then...

Bring back Maggie.

I didn't like her, I'm not even a fan, But I would have respected her in the room, You know what I mean, Malcolm?

I don't respect you, you left your back door unlocked.

You can't do that, Malcolm.

It's not the 1950s London!

Any lunatic could wander in.

There are 30,000 officers In the Metropolitan Police.

90,000 soldiers in the British Army.

They're not just sitting at home watching EastEnders.

Now, I don't know what the hell it is you want, Holt...

But you're not going to get it.


Well, Malcolm, it's Wednesday...

(WHISPERS) EastEnders isn't on on a Wednesday!

You see, if you're trying to do The whole man of the people thing, You've gotta know these things.

It's like the price of a pint of milk.

You have to know.

The detail, that always catches you out.

And the police... (CHUCKLES)

What a joke!

Malcolm, I just waltzed into Number 10, Downing Street!

The police did nothing!

You know what a better use Of taxpayers' money would have been?

It would have been to have Sting On the front doorstep with his lute.

I wouldn't have come anywhere near that.

The deterrent value in that alone Would have been worth it.

And stop telling me that I won't get what I want.

What if, Malcolm, I already have it?

What then?


And because you've been such a good boy, And surrendered so easily, I'm gonna let you be part of our key visual.


It's a really striking image, Like the Twin Towers collapsing.

You're never gonna forget it.

You know what I mean, don't you?

It's like, burned in right here, you see it all the time.

Ma'am, we have a link to the Downing Street bunker.

BARBARA: Okay, let's see it.


Who's gonna vote for you now? (LAUGHS)

Barbara? Oh, my...

(HOLDEN STUMBLES) Barbara, I didn't realize you'd be there so quickly.

You look beautiful.

Did I drag you out of some sort of evening engagement?

Oh, that's such a stunning blouse you're wearing.

Nothing to say to me? Barbara, don't worry.

If this all goes well, You could be in for a very, very large promotion.

Holt, what do you want?

I would like...

A fast car, an F-16 jet, 'cause I've always wanted one, Next week's lottery numbers.

I need a banana milk shake.

I mean, I could kill for a banana milk shake.

How crazy is that? You mustn't say "kill".

A lot of people have died today. Mostly yours.

So... No, I'm sorry.

Let's mourn, let's take a moment, shall we?

Can we say... You can do, you can do.


So, that's a tough crowd in that room.

I've read your psychological review.

Mummy issues and short man syndrome.

Just cut to the chase.

Well, if we're gonna get snippy about it, Barbara, I will settle for the very young, very sexy, The very nubile, Alice Holden.

I want her in this building in the next 60 minutes.

Don't forget, Barbara.

London's most secure house is now in very unsafe hands.

I'm the guy with a gun to the prime minister's head.

Why don't you debate that for a little bit?

Shut it off.

Get me all the information we have on this fucker.

Yes, ma'am.

We just heard from the COBRA Room.

The prime minister is alive And still in the Downing Street bunker.

Unfortunately, the bunker has been compromised And the prime minister Is being held hostage by Alexander Holt.

He's armed, And he's demanded that Alice joins them.

No! Absolutely not!


He's gonna be fine.

They'll never allow Alice back in this building.

Oh, really?

We've already discussed what would happen If you came back for her.

Well, why don't you get over yourself, Because it's not actually about Alice!

Then what is it about?

All right, I lied, it's a bit about Alice.

Let me ask you something, Malc.

Why didn't you tell anyone that when I kidnapped Alice, All I wanted was £6.3 million of your own money?

Why didn't you tell anyone?

You kept it a secret even when Christopher Lowe Heroically rescued your daughter, Which, I noticed, you hung out to dry later.

So, why didn't you tell them then?

Why didn't you tell them after your daughter Was rescued and your little bods On their fucking computers took the money back?

Out of my bank account!

Pretty sure that's illegal.

Don't think they can do that.

But you didn't tell anyone, so who's to know, huh?

But I'll tell you why you didn't mention it...

And I'll tell you why you hung Chris Lowe out to dry.


You think it showed that you had power, Whereas, in actual fact, you were impotent.


You had no control.

You didn't then, and you don't now.

Unless, like, you feel like you're in control, do you?



I... (SIGHS)

Need to pee.

You stay here, Malcolm.

Man up!



Shh! Shh!

Holt, come and have a look at this.


Oh, my God, turn the PA system on.


Christopher Lowe! (LAUGHS)


It's Alex Holt!

My God, it's good to see you!

You're inside this building?

How the devil are you? And what the hell Are you doing in Downing Street today?


Chris, you know what, seriously?

It's terrible what they did to you.

It's not right.

You risked everything, you lost men, Rescuing Malcolm's daughter, And what thanks did they give you for it?


You know what you should do, Chris?

You should come down here and rescue the big man himself.

I'm right down in the bunker, come down and see us!

It'd be great to catch up!

Listen, my offer's still open That I made to you, you know. I need a couple of guys.

(LAUGHS) Bless him

He's got every right to be angry.

Hung out to dry like that.

Such a shame, don't you think, Malcolm?

I don't know who's gonna kill you first, me or him!

(LAUGHS) Find him, kill him.

And my dear, make sure you have fun when you do it.

(SIGHS) I hope you're not gonna be a problem, Chris.

Actually, I've had a thought, Malcolm.

I've got some footage of Chris Killing what looks like a policeman.

Let's make him a star again, shall we?

Just need to find the right journalist.

It's all good. All right, darling. Okay...

There we are.


How we doin' here, girls?

It's gonna be okay, ladies, don't worry.

Everything's gonna be fine.

We're gonna have you home and safe before you know it.

All right?

Now, you all know where the exit is, don't you?

Yeah? Good.

You ladies are security, are you not?

WOMAN: Yeah we are, thank you.

LOWE: All right, now...

Ladies, I want you to get everybody out of here.

Do not stop for anybody, Even if they're dressed as a police officer.

Is everybody clear? Yeah, yeah.

LOWE: You know where the door is at the back.

Go, go, go, come on, let's go!

Quicker, quickly.


MAN: Looks like someone's coming out.

BARBARA: Is there anybody there to meet them?

POLICE CHIEF: We'll get someone.

We need those people debriefed immediately.

We need to find out what's going on in there.

I need you to put me through To the COBRA room within the Cabinet Office.

Authorization Code SAS 42-76.

WOMAN: But everyone here's been killed.

Okay, sweetheart, listen to me.

Listen to me really carefully.

I'm one of the good guys, and I have information relating To what's going on at Downing Street, And I need you to put me through To somebody in the Cabinet Office.

I need to speak to somebody in the COBRA room now.

Can you do that for me?

Okay, yeah, I can do that.

Good girl, well done.

This is Barbara Richards, who's that?

Yeah, I'm in 10 Downing Street right now.

I've got a status report on the situation here.

There are numerous casualties and fatalities.

They've executed one of the ministers already, And there are groups of armed...

Security and police on site.

They've taken a group of hostages Somewhere in the building, but I'm not entirely sure where.

Who the hell is this?

Forces, police, what?

Just a civilian.

I was here for a meeting when it all kicked off.

I don't buy it, who are you?

I'm Christopher Lowe, Formerly a major with the 22nd Special Air Service Regiment.

That's Lowe from Christmas Eve, right?

Yeah, that's correct, Deputy Prime Minister.

Hold the line.

What the hell is he doing in there?

(AUTOMATED VOICE) Please hold.

We know you are waiting. Your call is important to us.


Deputy Prime Minister, yes?

Stay where you are, Lowe.

Do not engage with these people.

We need you on the end of the line, Not playing Action Man, do you understand?

Major Lowe, this is Lieutenant General Civil.

Given the prime minister's incapacitation, You've just been given a direct order From the head of the armed forces.

Is that clear?

LOWE: With all due respect, Lieutenant General, I ceased to be a member of the armed forces About an hour ago when a bunch Of your mates sacked me, So I think a direct order's a little late.

Don't you?



As if this fuck up wasn't bad enough Without some bloody Rambo going off half-cocked.

It's certainly not ideal, ma'am.

Ideal? It's a bloody disaster!

WOMAN: (ON RADIO) Ma'am, we've just been given A heads up, some news is coming in.

I'll switch it to the TV.

Initial reports suggest that some of those Eight people seen running away from Number 10, Work in the prime minister's...

Sorry I took so long.

Home Secretary. Take a seat.

NEWSWOMAN: And I understand that we have Julia Griffith with some Further breaking news from Downing Street. Julia...

We've just received this first exclusive Footage from inside Number 10, Downing Street.

I must warn you, it's very graphic.

It appears to show Christopher Lowe, The SAS major who last year rescued The prime minister's daughter, Alice, From the car park siege, Attacking and executing a police officer inside Number 10, Before shooting out CCTV cameras.

At the moment, we're unable to verify the footage, But if Major Lowe is indeed one of the group Currently attacking Downing Street, We must presume this is his revenge For the disastrous car park siege last December.

Although the news is not due To be released officially until tomorrow, We learned earlier today that Major Lowe Was to be discharged from the forces due to his failure To comply with orders last Christmas Eve.

Lowe's working with Holt?

Surely that can't be right.

BARBARA: So, short of Lowe disembowelling The prime minister in the middle of Downing Street, Followed by Holt setting off a dirty bomb With a reincarnation of Osama Bin Laden Juggling with fire in the background, How the fuck could this evening possibly get worse?

Ma'am, we clearly cannot trust anything that Lowe said earlier.

He's gone rogue.

You must order a full military response immediately.

We have to take him out.

I don't have the authority to do that.

The PM is still alive!

Deputy Prime Minister, Without wishing to enter into a constitutional debate, It is clear that if the prime minister is still alive, He's acting under extreme duress.

He, therefore, cannot fulfil his duties.

You must now perform the duties Of the Office of the Prime Minister.

I have to agree with them both, ma'am.

My officers are being slaughtered in there.

You cannot allow this to continue.

You should send in the SAS immediately.


I'm sending nobody in there for the moment.

I want to know what the escaped hostages Have to say about Lowe, first.




We can't delay any longer, surely.

We can't work on any other assumption Than that he is in cahoots with Holt.

We must act.

We must kill them all Before they kill the prime minister.

Ma'am, it's Holt.

Put it on the screen.

Me again!

(CHUCKLES) Hi, everyone.

Right, let's stop fucking around, shall we?

I'd like 104.6 million in my account In the next 60 minutes from now.

If you manage to do that without fucking it up, You can have your prime minister back.

Why such a specific amount?

Oh, Barbara, I'm glad you asked.

104.6 million is the exact public relations Budget of Downing Street this year, Because that's what politics is, Barbara.

Don't you get it?

It's public relations and image management, Less about leadership and ideas.

It's a joke, a joke that a British tabloid newspaper Might appreciate when I report it to them.

Don't do it, Barbara!

Malcolm! On the contrary, Barbara.

Do, do it. And don't mess around.

I'm sorry, but that fat guy in the...

Has he always been there?

Because, he's kind of catching my...

Just in the corner there, And he looks really uncomfortable, Like he's that fat, he looks like He's uncomfortable sitting down?

I mean, that's not healthy!

I mean, he's in the COBRA Room!

This is like the pounce and ready to go room And he's just sitting there catching diabetes Or something, that's not right.

I mean, I can practically smell him from here.

I'm hoping he can't hear me.

Am I, like, on a loudspeaker?

Oh, yeah, but, I bet he has a great personality.

Look, Holt, what's Lowe's Involvement with all this?

Is he working with you?

Now, Barbara, that's for me to know And for you to find out.

But let's just say, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

TERRORIST: Fucking hell, Damian, these walls are a bit thick.

You'll have to give me another few minutes.

Ten minutes to go.

Soon as you're through, you let me know, We need to get outta here.


It's confirmed?

Okay, thank you.

The money's being transferred and it's in Holt's account.

Get me the link back to Downing Street.

Holt, you have your money.

You've got your ransom.

Now give us back the PM.

Now, I trust you that it's been done, But I wouldn't be doing my job If I didn't log online and just have A little ol' quick check.

And when you've checked?

Two things will need to happen.

Downing Street needs to be clear.

No police, no soldiers, no SAS, no 007s, No die-hards looking to be a hero inside this building, or it is not going to work. Fine.

And secondly, I need a helicopter.

I want a helicopter landed right outside The front door of 10 Downing Street, because...

Number one, a bad guy needs a helicopter, right?

And that's me.

And number two, it would make an awesome visual, you know, Just like me blowing the front door of 10 Downing Street.

Did you see that on BBC? It was great!

You just can't buy that sort of production value.

So, do that, fuelled up and ready to go, For a 150-mile journey.

Not gonna tell you the direction, obviously, Barbara, But if you do, I'll let the prime minister go.

And if you don't, I'll blow his fucking brains out on the front door. Agreed.

I'll contact you when everything's in place.

Don't be a stranger, Barbara.

MALCOLM: Let me guess.

A network of runners, Probably somewhere on the west coast of America.

Only half of them manage to get it right, That's what, 50 million or so?


Wow, there is a brain trapped inside there somewhere, But a completely wasted education then, Malcolm?

Let me put it in politician terms for you, shall I?

I can neither confirm nor deny the allegations.

(LAUGHS) You do know you're not Gonna get out of this alive, don't you?

Finally, something we agree on.

CASSIE: (ON RADIO) Cassie for Holt, come in.

Where is he? CASSIE: I don't know.

He's disappeared and he's killing all your guys.

Well, fucking find him and stay off the radio!

You're fucking insane.


Maybe I'm just gonna have to be insanely rich, Malcolm.

And I'm gonna leave the country.

And don't piss me off before I do, Otherwise I'll give Alice a lasting memory she won't forget.

HOLT: Damian, we think Lowe is close to your location, So be careful!

He's dangerous and I want that tunnel finished.

You know what, I'm coming to you.

TERRORIST: Told you I heard something.

Now give me me gun.






Oh, fuck.


Look, We don't need them anyway, all right?

We're still ahead of schedule.

We need everyone!

Every single one.

Don't tell me what we need.

You track him, you find him, and you kill him.

And you don't come back till it's done.


Get the helicopter ready, as he said.

General, make sure the pilot is SAS.

Yes, ma'am.

BARBARA: Clear Downing Street, Whitehall and St. James' Park.

Right away, ma'am.



That looks really, really painful.



Where is he?


Tell me where he is, and I will make it quick.





LOWE: (ON RADIO) Oh, Holt!

HOLT: Is that you, Chris?

How did you guess?

By now, you should have found your man In the gantry, shouldn't you, hm?

Oh, and I just took out your exit team, too.

Why are you doing this, Chris, hm?

Why are you so against me?

I'm the only one that's on your side, don't you see that?

You're coming to save the prime minister?

After you saved his little girl, the PM wouldn't even step in.

Are you serious?

Come and work for me, Chris.

Now, the pay's better, you can kill anyone you want, And you'll have miles more fun.

You just don't get it, do you?

I'm having fun.

I'm having fun coming after you!

Oh, you're coming to get me?

Well, guess what, Chris?

What stops me from putting a bullet In the prime minister's head right now?

Because you need him as a bargaining chip, don't you?

Because otherwise, he'd be dead already, wouldn't he?


I'm not coming after him.

I'm coming after you.

Well, good for you, Chris, 'cause you know what?

I can't stand the sexual tension over the radio.

Why don't you come face-to-face with me And I'll show you how I really feel.

Eh, nah.

You haven't got that many men left, Holt.

And when they're dead, you're next.

It's a bit like a, you know, a game of chess.

I'm taking you out, one piece at a time.

I'm so glad you mentioned chess, Chris, 'Cause I've actually just dispatched My queen to checkmate you.

You'll recognize her 'cause she'll Be the last thing you ever see.







That's for my sister.



TERRORIST: Sir, we've found something on CCTV.

HOLT: Is it Lowe? TERRORIST: Not exactly.

Why won't he just fucking die?

Fuck Lowe and fuck this!

Arm up the last set of bombs.

Start the countdown, boys, we're gonna bring down the house!


What the fuck was that?


No, you fucking prick!

You fucking dickhead!

He's just...

He just fucking destroyed our way out of here.

Stop the fucking countdown.

Ma'am, the panic room fire system's just been activated.

Barbara, we have to move now.

I agree, ma'am. You have only one option.

Okay, send the SAS in.

Take out Lowe if you have to.

Green light from turquoise.

Use deadly force on Lowe if necessary.


Well, boys, looks like we're going out the front door.

Way we came in anyway.


I need a change of clothes. Yes, boss.



LOWE: Sir, are you hit?

I'm fine, I'm fine.

You're sure? Yeah, I'm fine.

Let's just get this off. Yes.

Let's get you home, shall we?



HOLT: Christopher Lowe...

You have been a pain in the arse All fucking day!

Look at that surprised look on that stupid face of yours!

What, you thought that was me?

Do you think I'm that fucking easy?

That's what £50,000 of plastic surgery looks like!

That's a terminally ill guy you just killed, Chris!

Once again, you're here at the moment I'm trying to fucking make a getaway!

You're a little cockroach!

Showing up where nobody fucking wants you, Chris!

Even the fucking PM doesn't want you!

Anyone ever tell you you're a fucking prick, Holt?


No, Chris, you know what?

They have not told me that today.



Nice shot!

Ma'am, we've just received word.

He's safe.


Come with us, come on.



LOWE: Just got to face this lot now.




BARBARA: It's very good to see you, Malcolm.

It's not bad to be seen either, Barbara.

Look after Lowe, you know what to do.


MARY: Are you alright, Mal?

MALCOLM: I'll survive.

We're gonna have to find somewhere else to live, Though, for the next few weeks.

Maybe we'll have a blue door next time.


Major Lowe...

Barbara Richards.

Deputy Prime Minister.

I'm afraid I'm not a major anymore.

Yes you are, major.

You've twice demonstrated exceptional bravery In protecting the First Family.

If you want to stay, the SAS needs you To remain in your post, and the government wants you to.

Your discharge papers have not yet been processed, And I very much hope we will not have to process them.

What do you say?

Can I get a pay raise?

Don't push it, Major.

Ma'am. (LAUGHS)