Head-On (2004) Script


Along the stream I wander Watching for the fish In the troubled water But I am troubled over you My beloved Saniye With your wind-blown hair I am saddened by your gaze That does not requite my love

But I am troubled over you My beloved Saniye With your wind-blown hair I am saddened by your gaze That does not requite my love.

Cahit, you okay? - Want a drink, Seref?

Yeah, a coke.

Gimme another beer, babe.

You're really thirsty today, huh?

That's right, bro'.

Then drink water.

I'm not a dog!

How was the concert?

Piss off, Maren.


Fuck you! - Motherfucker!

Hey, you!

Hey, you bum! I'm talking to you!

Such a cute chick and you tell her to shove it?

You a faggot or something?

You must be a faggot...

What the fuck are you doing?

Get outta here, Cahit! Go home!

Stop this shit! Go home now!

Go home now!

My old lady brought me here.

What does that make me?

But I got people, I'm telling you. I'll fucking show her.

What kinda people? - Guys who work security.

I'll show her, I tell you. She won't get away with it.

But Schiller's basically okay.

I saw him the last time. - You were ward in 13, too...

Cahit Tomruk, please.

There are a thousand other ways to kill yourself. Why drive into a wall?

Who says I wanted to kill myself?

There were no skid marks.

You can't smoke here, Mr. Tomruk.

Where does the name Tomruk come from? - From Turkey.

What does it mean?

No idea. - Their names have beautiful meanings.

Oh, yeah?

Much more than ours. At least the first names do.

If you want to end your life, end it. But you don't have to die to do that.

End your life here and go somewhere else.

Do something useful.

Do something.

Go to Africa. Help people.

Do you know the band "The The?"


One of their songs goes,"If you can't change the world, change your world". You want the record?- I've got it.

Should I tell you something, Doc?

You're off your rocker, you know that?

Are you Turkish? Would you marry me?

What? - Would you marry me?

Fuck off!

Nice to meet you, Cahit Tomruk.

Cahit Tomruk...

Sibel Tomruk...

Excuse me, can I help you?

A cold beer, please.

We don't have any beer here, but you can have a coffee.

The shame you have brought upon us is unforgivable.

Mankind's greatest gift is life.

There is no greater gift than that.

Who do you think you are to throw this gift away?

You should be happy that you're still alive.

Do you have the keys, Yilmaz?

See you later.

Can't you see what you're doing to him?

It's killing him.

Look at me!

Look at me!

If anything happens to the old man, you're dead meat.

Give me one, too.

What good would it do to kill yourself?

You're just making us and yourself unhappy.

Don't forget that. - I thought they'd leave me alone then.

Leave you alone? I never could teach you anything.

Don't say that, Mother.

Oh, Sibel...

How long are they keeping you? - Dunno.

Don't let the crazies in here drive you crazy.

How's it going, Cahit?

You won't die that way. - What do you mean?

You gotta cut along the vein, not across it.

Across is shit. - Aha.

You got a beer, babe?

If you marry me.

I only fuck men. - Really?

Y'know what? I'll get you a beer.

Be outside the clinic at midnight.

Where's my beer? - Come on.

Where do you come from in Turkey? - Mersin.

Mersin is supposed to be nice. Yeah, I know. I was born there.

We come from Zonguldak. Do you know Zonguldak?

Why do you want to die?

I asked you a question.

D'you think my nose is nice?

Touch it.

My brother broke it 'cause he caught me holding hands.

Now touch my tits.

You ever seen such great tits?

I want to live, Cahit. To live and to dance and to fuck!

And not just with one guy. Get it?

I'm not deaf!

You don't understand shit!

Will you marry me now, Cahit? - Forget it.


No, leave me alone!

Oh, shit.

Marriage? Girl, are you out of your head?

It not some kids' game! - It's just a pretence, get it?

No, I don't get it!

It's just an alibi for my parents. So I don't have to live at home.

We'll live together, I promise I'll be a good room-mate.

I'll buy groceries, I'll cook, tidy, clean the toilet.

We have separate rooms, we don't fuck, nothing. And your parents?

Your in-laws. You wouldn't have much to do with them.

What do I have to do with them?

Just visit them sometimes.

And then pretend to be man and wife or what?

Girl, are you mental?

And why me? I'm a bum! Because they'd accept you. You're Turkish!

What's going on here? - Get off! - What do you mean?

I said, get off! - Why?

Because there's no room for godless dogs like you on my bus!

Get out! You, too!

Hey, man, what's up? - What d'you mean, what's up?

It's not your bus. It's the city's. - Fuck off!

Hey, wait!

What's your name?

Her window faces the street

Her admirers throw gravel at the pane

My beloved is the girl with the most beautiful eyebrows

Find yourself a love, too And make of her your wife

Have you totally lost it?

Do you think you're an actor?

D'you want an Oscar?

You don't understand. The girl's up to her neck in trouble.

What do you care? - She says she'll kill herself if I don't do it. - The fuck she will. And you believe her?

Women are like that.

They make up stories to trap you.

You know what getting married means? - No, I don't.

Problems! Look at me. I never married.

I don't owe anyone anything. And I have my peace and quiet.

Liar! You did get married!

That was different! That was so I could stay here.

Well, this is the same thing.

So get married, for fuck's sake! God bless you!

I'll come and dance at your wedding.

There was one more thing... - What?

Birsen? - What?

Do you know this man? - No, but our daughter does.

Our daughter knows him.

How can you give our daughter to a stranger?

She's already made so many mistakes. This could be a change for the better.

She's made mistakes because of how you raised her.

From childhood on.

When are they coming? Tomorrow, whether you like it or not.

So soon?

Then let them come, damn it!

You're dragging me into the same shit you're in!

What city are we from again?

Mersin. - Mersin?

Not Malatya? - No, man. It was Mersin.

Mersin! - Fuck your Mersin.

Friends, what's going on?

None of your fucking business.

You don't have to yell at each other! Just get on with it, will you?

I'll do you in a second. - Do me? What do you mean?

I didn't mean it that way.

No problem then.

Is there alcohol in the chocolates? - No. - Are you sure?

Are you pulling my leg? - You sure?

Damn it, there's no alcohol in them!

Fuck you and your alcohol! They're more expensive with alcohol.

You don't need to scream at me. I was only asking.

You've already asked a hundred times!

Which house number? - Eight.

What's with your hair? - It's modern.

This is a marriage proposal and you look like a fag!

They'll never give her to you like that.

What was the name again? - Güner.

So you are...

Cahit's uncle?

Yes, I mean... I'm his youngest uncle.

How many siblings are you?

Um... hold on... there are lots...

Seven. - Yes, seven.

My respect. - You and your nephew are so similar.

Yes, maybe. - Where do your parents live?

My parents... are dead.

My sympathies. - Thank you.

Do you have any brothers or sisters?

I have a sister in Frankfurt.

Do you see each other?

Now and then...

Your Turkish sucks. What did you do with it?

Threw it away.

That was just a joke.

There's no alcohol in those, is there?

No, of course not.

Where are you from in Turkey?

Malatya. - Mersin. Mersin.

I mean part of the family is from Mersin and part is from Malatya.

They moved from Mersin to Malatya.

A scattered family! - Yes, exactly.

Thank you. - I hope you liked it.

Where did you meet my sister?

Well, I work in the hospital.

Cahit visits me two or three times a week.

And when he was there, he saw Sibel.

And then we decided to buy chocolates.

And you're the manager of a factory? - Yes...

No, I'm the manager of "The Factory."

It's a venue for concerts and culture.

I'm the boss there. - I'll visit sometime.

My pleasure.

Isn't he a bit old for you?

I like him.

Couldn't you find anyone better?

Thank you for your hospitality. - My pleasure.

Let's get down to our reason for coming.

We have come, God be willing,

for my nephew Cahit to ask for the hand of your daughter Sibel.


Yes, Father?

Is your mind made up?

Yes, Father.

What can one do? When two young people have come together, and are in love with one another, what is left for us to say?

God bless you both.

Thank you.

Cahit, kiss your father's hand.

Thank you.

I'm coming, damn it!

Are you fucking crazy? - Hi, Cahit!

D'you have any coffee here?

The coffee maker is fucked.

A Turkish wedding is fucking expensive.

Who's gonna pay for it? - I've got the dough.

Where from? I always thought I'd run away some day, so I saved up.

And why the fuck didn't you do it?

For my mother's sake. - Ah, yes.

Is your sister coming, too? - No.

Why not? - None of your damn business.

Who'll be your witness? Your brother?

My cousin Selma from Istanbul. She's great... I don't give a shit.

She'll bring a horde of Turks, I bet.

No, she's coming alone. She's divorced.

We can do that, too. Then I'll be outta your hair. Good idea.

Here! - What the fuck is that? I guessed on the size. Hope it fits.

Good guess.

Sibel! I've missed you! - How was your flight?

They searched me again.

Where's my brother-in-law? - He's busy.

Let me look at you. Your butt's gotten nice and round.

How did you meet? - It's a long story.

Tell me! - Where do I start? - At the beginning.

Selma. - Cahit.

Take care of her.

Thanks. - What do I do? Kiss you? - Later.

What? - Later.

Sibel Güner, born June 16, 1983 in Hamburg, single, German citizen.

Is that correct? - Yes.

Cahit Tomruk, born August 25, 1960, in Mersin, Turkey, widower, also German citizen. Is that correct?

Yes, it is. - You may proceed to the ceremony.

How did your wife die?

Cahit! - Shut up, do you understand?

What's up? - I didn't understand.

Don't you speak German? - Sure. Ein Bier, bitte!

Ladies and gentlemen! We are gathered here to celebrate the marriage of Sibel and Cahit. Welcome!

Call the happy couple to the dance floor with your applause!

Cahit, we have to dance now! - I don't dance.

But we have to! - No way, no how. Alright?

Please, Cahit. I beg you. - Cahit...

...everybody's looking.

You lying cunt. - Yeah, that's me.

What's this? - This is your room.

This is where you eat. - Alright.

I'll come and get you in half an hour. - Alright, brother.

You want some, too?


Won't you carry me across the threshold?


That's for later.

Can I ask you something? - Sure.

What was your wife's name?

What the hell?


Piss off, God damn it!


I'd like another one. - I wanted to close up, actually.


Gotta happen sometime.

You know where I could sleep tonight?

How about with the groom?

He threw me out. - Great! Off to a good start...

Well, if you want... there's my place.

If you want.

You know you're stealing a bride?

You had so many alternatives. You didn't have to marry.

What alternatives?

You could have gone to university in another city.

Like I finished high school... You could've married someone else.

Not such a bum.

I'm too young to marry seriously. Should I become a housewife?

Come to me.

In Istanbul.

It's like a chick-bomb exploded in here!


I'll cut your dick off in a second...

What did all this shit cost?

Enough to make me broke.

And who'll pay the rent? - I don't know.

I'm not paying your share, just so that's clear.

Can't you hold still?

That's enough now...

You can't make a prince out of a peasant.



Go shower.

Do you need help, Maren?

You in a good or a bad mood?

So so.


You're welcome.

Who cut your hair?

My room-mate.

Since when do you have a room-mate?

Since the clinic.

Do you fuck? - No.

Do you? - No.

Is she nice?

She could use a job.

Hi, I'm Sibel.

You're Cahit's room-mate, right? - Yes.

You need a job? - Yes, I cut hair really well.

Well then...

Hello. I have an appointment at eleven. - Then have a seat.

Want to? - Yes.

Do you mind if she does it? - Sure, no problem.

Thanks. How do you want it?

Just trim the ends, please. - Alright.

Should I wash it for you? No, I just did it. It's still damp.

It looks fucking great! - Yeah, babe, yeah!

Next, I'm gonna get a tattoo! This big!


Maren is really cool! - Yeah!

She's got a great ass! - Yeah, I think so, too!

She's got a great ass!

Does my piercing look good? - Yeah!

It's great! Really fucking great!

I want to show it off. Let's go dancing. Naw. Don't want to.

Please. Let's go out.

I want to show you off, too. If I can choose the place. Okay?

Okay! - Yeah!

Punk is not dead!

Cahit, I'm gonna get laid!

Did you see the guy?

How many heads did you wash to pay for this thing?

Yilmaz got it cheaper through his connections at the workshop.

Do I really have to come?

We've been married 6 months and haven't been there yet!

I hate all this Turkish crap! - Oh, please, Cahit!

Fuck your "Oh, please!"

Your Turkish is really improving!

Whose turn is it? Come on!

Play one or draw one, man!

How could you give your little sister to this guy?

Don't interfere in our family affairs. - Hey, guys!

I was in "Pascha" last week. There were lots of new chicks there.

Scandinavian, African...

Any Turkish ones? - I got enough of them at home.

Play! Your turn, man.

Hey, brother-in-law, you should come with us some time.

Where to?

The brothel.

What would I want there? - What a question!

What's Michael Jackson's brother called?

Siki Ceksin! (I'm gonna fuck!) - Good one!

Why don't you fuck your own wives?

What did you say?

Why don't you fuck your own wives? It's your turn.

Don't ever use the word "fuck"in connection with our wives!

You understand me? - What?

Do you understand me? - Calm down.

My chair fell over. - Galatasaray will win.

They're gonna lose, you know? Four top players gone. No way.

What did you say before? I'll fucking smack your face in!

I'll smash your face in! - Sit down!

So... how is your husband?

Very loving.

And in bed?


Does he lick?

Like a cat.

You're lucky! Mine licks like an ox, and moos like one while he's doing it!

Hey, hold on a second.

You're not the manager, you just... collect empties.

Why did you lie to us?

Put yourself in my shoes.

You pick up empty glasses for a living.

Would you have given your sister to me?

You love her?


I love her.


I was looking at him... Can I get another beer?

Make it two! A buddy of mine's there and he says, Don't look at me like that! I say What's up with your eyebrows?

They were all burned. What's with you, man? I say. He says, I'm lovesick. And I said, But that doesn't explain it...

You want another drink? - No, I'm all right.

I can give you a couple of things to listen to.

Yeah? - Yeah. - I'd like that.

I got a couple of demos at home. - Yeah? - So if you want...

You live around here? - Around the corner. - Aha.




I don't believe it! Another double!

You're feeling good, aren't you?

What makes you think so?

You fuck better.

Marrying you wasn't such a bad idea.

I learned it from my mother.

Speaking of which... my mother asked about children today.

Let's make some.

If she keeps prying, I'll tell her you're impotent.

It's a good reason for a divorce, too.

You want to go to "Taksim" tonight?


A spritzer, please.

What's that?


Have you seen her? - Who?

My wife.

She's your wife? - So what?

What are you staring at?

I thought you two didn't fuck.

We don't fuck.

Why not if you're man and wife?

Where you going? - I want to go in.

Sorry, no unaccompanied men. It's funny, but my wife's inside.

It's funny, but I don't give a shit! - Yeah? - Right.

Fuck you, man! - Hey, stay cool, man. - What?

Stop! That's my husband!

Okay, he's your husband. But you calm down.

Cool it. Nice and easy, okay?

No trouble in there, okay? - Yes.

Alright. It's okay, boys.



I'm sorry I ran off before. I apologize.

That's okay.

I'm just a mental case, y'know?

Aren't we all?

Hey, babe, what's up? - What d'you want? You. Can't you tell?

Piss off! - Stay cool, girl.

Hey, that's my wife. - What? - Cahit!

Cahit? What's going on?

Your face isn't too bad.

I do what I can to keep my good looks.

Fucking Turks.

What? You're one of them.

I know so little about you.

Then get to know me.


Stop! Stop! Stop it!

I can't! I can't!

If we do it, then I'm your wife and you're my husband.


I'm in love!

In love!

She's bewitched me!

Stop it, boy!

Stop it! You've cut yourself!

Fuck your "In love," Take a look at yourself!

Do you even know what love is?

Love is a merry-go-round.

Put your money in and it starts to spin.

But it only goes in circles, and the horse you're on is made of wood.

You don't understand me!

You don't understand anything!

She was called Katharina.

She was such a happy person.

Like a child. Really funny.

She laughed a lot.

Everyone liked her.

I really liked her a lot.

What did she do? - She was a painter.

Did Cahit love her?

Very much.

What's going on between you two, anyway?

He's my husband, I'm his wife.

Do you love each other?

You wouldn't understand.

Yeah, I'm probably too stupid.

I don't understand it myself.

Cahit and I fuck sometimes.

Sibel! - Shit!

Hey! - What are you doing here?

I wanted to see you. - Why?

Niko, listen. We screwed. I wanted to know how you were in bed.

Now I know. You steer clear of me and I'll steer clear of you.

What? - Leave me alone. I'm a married Turkish woman.

Try anything and my husband will kill you!

Who's she married to?

What kind of fucked up husband are you?

Your wife whores around all over and you don't give a shit.

Do you even fuck her?

Oh, I get it!

You're her pimp, right?

Fuck you! - Niko, you talk too much.

Does her cunt bring in good money?

Tell me...

What does it cost if I want to fuck her in the ass?

Is 50 Euros enough?

I want to fuck your Turk the Greek way!



Call a doctor!


Listen, you can't stay here.

You have to leave in the morning so nobody sees you.

Or I'll get thrown out of here.

Do you understand?


Don't you have anyone to go to? Answer me!


God in Heaven!

And what are you going to do now?

They'll kill me. - Who?

My family.

Your family!

What do you expect? You fuck everything up and then cry, "My family!"...

Don't you have anyone in Turkey?

Yes. - Then go there.

What about Cahit?

What do you care about Cahit?

Can't you see what you've done to him?

You've ruined his life!

"What about Cahit?"...

Listen up.

Do you really love Cahit?


Then do him a favor.


My raven-haired beauty why do you cry?

Everything that comes to pass Will pass again one day Cry not...

Even if your lament Reaches up to Heaven above Everything that comes to pass Will pass again one day Cry not...

Whatever comes to pass Winter will be followed by Spring.

Everything that comes to pass Will also go again one day Cry not...

No exchanging any objects, no looking at any papers, and do not discuss the trial.

Please close the door behind you.

I'll wait for you.

Fasten your seat belt, Sibel.

Your hair looks good.

You hungry?


What are you plans?

Can you get me a job?

As a hairdresser?

Don't care.

We'll see...

Come on, smile!

How's it going? - Good.

Sibel, don't worry. It's just for a little while.

The hairdresser's supposed to call.

As soon as something comes up, he'll hire you.


Take care... I'm on my way.

Do you like the hotel?


Should I tell you something?

I'll be responsible for everything you see here one day.

I'll be manager in a couple of years.

Then you can work where you want! How do you like that?

You only have to believe in yourself.

Can I have a Raki?

Do you miss Cahit?

Come on, Sibel!


So I go to the meeting and get in the elevator.

It was, like, an old building with elevators from the 80's.

You get all the way to the top and you can't get the door open.

And there's this wall...

You're not from around here, are you?

How can you tell? - I just can.

Listen guys...

Where can I get some drugs?

Are you out of your mind?

Where've you been? - Out.

Where? - None of your business.


My beloved husband, I've been here a couple of weeks now.

Istanbul is a colorful city, full of life.

I'm the only one not really living here.

All I do is survive.

I'd like to discover it all with you.

But God is putting us to the test. God?

I don't know what I'm supposed to believe in after all of this.

You pulled the short straw, but jail is the only thing I can compare my life to here.

I clean rooms at the Marmara Hotel. Selma got me the job.

Selma, whom I used to admire so much.

Now I can only despise her.

I hope you are doing well. I kiss you, Sibel.

Looking for someone?

I'm looking to score.

Score what?


What's that?


Wanna try?

Give it here.



Come and work for me.

You can move in here, too, if you want.

Where to? - I'm moving.

Where are you going? - I made some friends.

What kind of friends? - Friends...


Don't go!

So I can be like you? Work, sleep, work!

That's why your husband divorced you!




Get out!

Hey, baby!

What are you doing out so late?

Have you lost your way?

You need a man?

Wait up!

Why don't you go fuck your mothers?

Stop laughing!

Fucking slut!

That's enough! That's enough!

You sons-of-bitches!

Is the best you can do?

Watch your mouth, girl! - I'm gonna fuck her up now.

Who're you gonna fuck up?

Is that enough now? Have you had enough now?

Fuck you and your families! - What the fuck did you say?

You faggots!


Come back!

Holy shit!

I think we've killed her!

Shit! God damn it!

Is that what you wanted? ls it?

Is it?

Run, brothers!

Get out of here!

Get out of here!

Do you like it?

It's good. Very good. - Isn't it?

They have good kebabs here. That's why I always come here.


Cheers, Seref!

What are you planning on doing?

I'm going to Istanbul.

To Sibel?


Didn't you learn anything?

Didn't Sibel do you enough harm?

Without her I'd never have made it.

Made what?

I'd never have made it through.


Take this.

What is it? - Take it.

I saved it up for you. Take it and fly to Turkey.

I can't. - Go on! Take it!

No, I can't. I'm sorry.

For fuck's sake! I am your uncle after all.

Or have you forgotten?

Come on. Take it and fly to Turkey.



Where is your sister?

I have no sister now.

You have the same mother.

What does your mother think?

We had to save our honor.

Don't you see?


Did you save it, your honor?

Where to?

I don't know.

If you don't know, how should I? - Just drive straight on.


Where are you from? - Hamburg.

Hamburg? You're from Hamburg?

Yes. - Hey, dude! I'm from Munich! Oh God, you're Bavarian?

In my last life I was Bavarian, but now I'm here.

Bastards threw me out.

Threw me out, see? Like the baby with the bathwater.

Why'd they do it? - Drugs.


We can't go straight much further.

I have to turn. Left or right. Say something.

Take me to a cheap hotel, yeah?

There's... there's the... I know!

I have just the thing for you, the Grand Hotel London. - Looks cosy.

Just between you and me... the place is haunted.

I like how they use the logo.

They had it at the top and large.

But in this mock-up, it's too small.

I'd like to have it big.

I don't like this font.

We have to choose one of these.

Do you have other samples?

There's someone here to see you. - Who?

Could we continue this later? - Certainly.

Hello, Selma.


Thank you.

Have a seat.

Thank you.

I hope you made it through alright. - Thanks.

How are you?


And yourself?

As you can see...

I'm still single...

Could I have a glass of water? - I apologize.

Bring the gentleman a glass of water, and a red wine for me, please.

This is for you. - You shouldn't have.

Don't mention it. - Thank you. Where are you staying?

At the "Grand Hotel London."

A nice hotel. - It's not bad.

Thank you.

Where is Sibel?

She's here in Istanbul.

Take me to her, please.

I can't. - Why not?

She has a new life. She's happy.

She has a boyfriend. She has a daughter. She doesn't need you.

I'd lost myself.

Do you understand that?


I'm not.





Cahit, I can't talk now. How long are you here?

As long as it takes to see you.


There's a call for you.

Cem has gone to Zonguldak for two days.

I won't be coming home tonight.

Can you look after Pamuk?

Sweetie, you gonna stay with me tonight?

I might not be back tomorrow, either.

But you'll be back sometime, won't you?

I hope you know what you're doing.

No, I don't.

Oh, Sibel!

I wish you all the best.

What are your plans?

Do you want to stay in Istanbul? Stay in Istanbul? Definitely not, no.

I'm going to Mersin, where I was born.

I'm not worried.

That's nice.

Will you come with me?

Let's go back inside.

It's me.


What's Pamuk doing?

Let me speak to her, please.

How should we do it?

We meet at the bus station tomorrow

and take the bus to Mersin from there.

You, your daughter and me.

What time? - At twelve.

Over there on the mountain

A beacon is burning

Falcons fly over its shimmering light...

Have all those who love And who have lost their lovers Lost their senses like me?

I am infinitely sad...

May my enemies go blind...

I lost my mind...

May the mountains rejoice in my stead.