Heartstone (2016) Script

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Guys! There's a huge school of fish under the dock. Come here.

Hurry up, Christian!

They are huge! Move your asses! Christian, come here!

Come on! We're going to be rich!

Protect the hole! -I do not have bait!

Hurry up!

Get out of the way! -We were here already.

No, we came first. Suckers!

Damn! I dropped the bait!

You got something? -Yes, it's huge!

This is gigantic!


Fuck it's huge!

Did you get anything? -No... Yes!

It's a stone fish. Damn, that is ugly!

It looks like you, Christian.

Do not throw him away! -Give it to me.

That's disgusting, it's repulsive. -Don't do that, man.

How did you catch such an ugly thing? Enough.

Guys, stop it. But why? He's already dead!

Stop fucking with the stone fish.

What are you carrying there?

What do you think? I caught them by the docks.

A whole school of fish came swimming right under there!

It's true!

Thor, did you steal them? Of course not!

If you want, ask Mangi, Gudjon and Christian.

You better not be lying. -Put it there, I'll deal with them later..


Thor, hurry up.

Calm down. Did you strip for Christian?"

Do not be childish. -Hafdis, help me.

Thor, we need to talk to you!

Cut it out!

Christian, help us! Are you afraid to kick your boyfriend out?

Stop it!

Open up, bitches! Fuck! This isn't funny!

Rakel, open this door. I'm goin to kill you!

Let go!

What's going on here?

Fucking whores.

Thor ...


Thor. Enough. No!

Fuck you!

Mother, you have to take the fish inside before they spoil!

Thor, I tried to open the door, but your sisters ...

I still owe you more. You'd better not tell anyone, or I'll kill you.

Stop it.

Closed. I'll be back at 15:00. For fuel, talk to Asgeir.

Stop this shit. Shut up!

Go back inside.

Do not touch me!


Aren't you going to talk to him? -No. Come on let's leave.


Christian, come see this.

What do you think happened?

They had to bite off their own paws to escape.

Poor little things.

One, two and ...

Look how crooked his dick is. Ha! Big dick.

Stop it!

You have small tits.

Have you got a pussy?

Fag! You're enjoying this. -Shut up!

You're such an idiot!


Thor! Red is coming.

Say that I'm your daddy. You're my daddy.

It's weird that Beth has slept with Red.

What do you know about it? Just what everyone is saying.

Do you believe everything you hear? No.


How's the happy couple?

Thor, I heard you had a mishap on your doorstep today.

Oh yes? Tell us what happened.

It seems like he got locked out while he was ...

I'll tell you later.

Hello, Beth, Hanna. -Hello.

I want a small order of fries. -Anything else?

A Coke. Sugar-free Coke.


Aren't you going to finish the story? About Thor?

He locked himself outside ... Asgeir, what is it?

What happened?

See you later.

That fucking Asgeir is going to tell them.

Rakel, get out! Why?

No reason, I just want you to leave me alone. The room is also mine, you know.

Are you shy all of a sudden?

No. Then why don't you get up?

What are you doing? It's not like you have much to hide.

Thor, you're a fucking pervert! -Get out! Fuck off!

Did something happen? Is something wrong with you?

Hello, Thor. come in.

Christian, Thor is here!

Hello -Hi.

There is no one in the field.

Did you hear what your father did to Gudjon's father last night?

Your father is crazy! -Outside the hotel.

But aren't they good friends?

Well, I thought so. You should have seen Gudjon's father ...

... and he burst into tears: "Do not do this, please." Bitch.

Whores (coughed)

Hello, girls. Where were you?

We just got back from the pool.

What are you doing?

Nothing special, just thinking of the countless possibilities.

We're trying to convince Thor to go to the pool. -I do not feel like it, that's all.

Because? -Just because ...

Are you afraid that we will see your little prick? You are stupid. Shut up.


Come on, Thor! You too sorry to take a shower with us?

Shut up, Mangi.

You see, Thor does not have any pubes yet!

Leave him alone or I will drown you both.

How disgusting!

There's pubes and dandruff in the water!

You're so stupid!

Should I tell Beth you like her?



I do not want to talk about it.

Do you want me to tell Hanna?

Why? -So at least she knows.

Do you think that will work?

You never know.

Where's the fish you caught, Thor?

Hush, calm down ...

What is it with you and Christian?

Do you have girlfriends?

I think they are happy to hump each other ...

It's true, I've seen them do it. -Fuck off, Rakel.

I just wrote a poem.

Sorry, but I do not feel like listening to poems right now.

I'd love to hear it.

I woke up this morning in the bathtub - where my blood flowed down the drain.

Bloodless, I walked to the beach, waiting for my life to come back.

Enough, Rachel.

Please continue.

Excuse me, Hafdís.

Tonight, they will devour my blood vessels.

They will use my hair for knitting and wear my nails.

Only my heart shall remain, For me to keep.

Why don't you just jump off a cliff and end it once and for all?

Rakel, why do you have to be like this? What? I'm just kidding.

Thanks for the food. -You're welcome.

Thor won't you help us clean?

We will take care of it. He should clean up!


Move it!

Guess who's in the park?

Hey everyone! Who wants to play Spin the bottle?

But isn't that a little childish?

Why? -Because we're not twelve anymore, Mangi Beth is very grown up. -I know, let's play weddings.

You are the ugly guy no one wants to marry.

Chase and catch each other! Starting now! Run!

No, Mangi!

Please do not do that.

So, I caught you! Now you have to kiss me.

Everyone come here!

Now Thor and Beth are going to get married!

Stop it!

I'll marry them. -Christian. I will kill you.

Trust me. I'd do anything for you.

Thor, Do you take ... -Wait. This is too stupid to me.

Maybe I will marry him one day, if he becomes a millionaire.

You heard it, she's a gold digger!

He's gone crazy.

Shhhh ... Do not move.

Have you heard about Berti, Gudjon's father? Shut up ... Hanna.

He is moving to the city. It is said that he is doing so because he is queer.

That cannot be.

It is true.

I heard that your father got into a fight with him because of it.

Why didn't he realize this before marrying Gudda?

Did you cut yourself? -It was a joke.

Do you want to sleep here?


OK, but you cannot leave the room and you must be silent when my parents are leaving for work.

Be careful and do not overdo it or you will look like a whore.

What do you think they are doing? -They're talking about us.

Oh, you're really horny.

Can we make my breasts look bigger? -No, try doing this ...

Lean forward.

Beth, truth or dare? -Dare.

Okay, so choose one of those present to French kiss.


Thor, truth or dare.


OK, dare.

Okay, so I want you to kiss Ha ...

... Christian. I want you to kiss Christian! -I wouldn't be caught dead!

Come on, it's just a game. We kissed.

But I do not want to.

If the two of you will not do anything, then give up now.

A regular kiss? -On the lips.

Come on, it's no big deal.

I don't want to play this game any more.

Beth ...

What is it?

I have to go to the bathroom. -No way, my dad will kill you.

What are you doing?

I'm just going to wash this.

You don't have to do that.

Where is Thor?

Where did you go so early? -Nowhere.

Do me a favor and throw away the fish.

They are starting to smell. I can not cook them like that.

Of course they stink! You did not take them inside.

Thor, will you please go and throw the fish away?

Thor, you okay?

Yuck ... Thor.

Girls, Fucking stop.

Stop this shit.

Release me Release me.

I do not know what happened.

You pissed yourself I didn't piss.

What are you rats whispering about?


I'm going out. -Where are you going?

I'm meeting some friends. -Christian, come on.

Why are you wearing makeup? -What, I cannot get fixed up?

It was not me. -Yes it was.

No, I swear, I do not know what happened. -You pissed yourself and then left me alone.

No ...

Fuck! I swear I do not know what happened.

I have to give something to Beth.

She will never talk to me again.

Beth thinks it was me.

Oh yes?


You pissed yourself and left me there!

Stop! -Only when you piss your pants again!

Then I'll also piss all over you, freak!

Get off me.


What are you doing? -Nothing.

Can you and Christian give me a hand tonight?

Doing what? -I'll pay.

(Bribery) won't work any more. -500.


This is stupid. -You promised.

No makeup! We look gay enoough already.

It's not like you've never done this before, Thor. -Shut up.

If you show this to anyone, you die. -We promise.


Christian, look at Thor and do not move.

Thor ...

Christian, we'd better go.

What if your parents see you in that picture? I can already see their faces!

And you didn't even go home last night!

I doubt they even noticed.

Will Berti really move to the city?

What about the kid?

I wish you had not fought with him.

Has the cat got your tongue?

Don't put your nose where it doesn't belong.

What time did you get home yesterday? -It was not too late.

Could you go today to Hakon's old house? and then to Sven's to give a little help?

Your father promised that he would. -But ...


Here you are.

I'll read you a poem.

Bloodthirsty wolves bite the hands of lonely woman trying to comb their hair.

They bite her chest and devour her heart.

The heart that beats to the rhythm of eternity and that is the desire of both.

The lone woman has forever an empty space in her middle.

What do you expect me to do?

Pretend to be a porcelain doll and never have a friend?

While your father lives with a girl a little older than you, Hafdís?

And I should just be alone forever, God be praised!

I will start to look like the other women here ... who grow old before their time?

So stop being ashamed that your mother has a friend.

Mother, we don't give a shit about what you do.

If it's the village whore you want to be, then fuck all the guys you want.

Are you insane? What the hell is wrong with you?!

Take it easy.

Rakel, let go of my hair.

I said let go!

Let go of mother!

There's something very wrong with both of you.

Are you crazy! -Rakel?

I hate you!

Wait outside.

What happened? -Nothing, it's just Rakel.

Should we go meet with the girls when we're done?

I don't know.

Do you think they still want to talk to us?

Of course, unless there's something wrong with them.


Sven! Sven!

Christian, come here. Thor, do not move.

Christian, the gun!

What happened? -Damned dog. Have you seen any new ones around?

No -Thor.

Christian, help me.

Did you manage to kill all of them? -No, the beast managed to kill the others.

What will you do with them? -I'll have to burn them.

Never eat what a dog bites.

Give me the gun.

How is your mom? -Well, I guess.

She gets tired of working

She is a very attractive woman.

A stunning woman.

Can we take them for a ride?

Yes, of course.

Can you give this to your mother? Tell her you were the one who found it.

She'll be pleased.

Dirty old man!

He will never stop trying. Are you going to give it to her?

No way. Here give it to your mother.

Do you think Beth would find it lame if I offered it to her?

Too late, now it's mine. -Give it back!

Hi. Hi.





Rakel said it was okay to wake you.


Wake up, Christian.

Stop it! The girls are here.

It seems that Hanna has a crush on you. -Shut up!


Want to sleep in a tent with us tonight? Next to Eidar.

Of course. -How will we get there?

We were counting on you borrowing the horses from Sven.

He's not home. Can't you get them anyway?

No way. He'd kill us. -Boys, don't be cowards.

I'm not afraid.

We shouldn't be doing this.

Come on. You can't back out now.

Hanna is really hot.

Of course she is, silly.

Do you think I should make a move?

Shut up ...

Wanna hear a joke? -Yes.

Okay, but it's really out there. Go for it.

Ready? There once was a cow sitting in a tree knitting marmalade.

Then an elephant flew by and the cow exclaimed. "Now I have seen everything."


That was a joke? -Yes, so bad it's funny.

Beth also has a weird sense of humor. -Excuse me, since when?

Beth, stop! -Don't wet your pants.

Here, in the middle.

No, here on the other side.

All around and then through.

Who wants to play truth or dare? -No, no games.

But why? -Because.

Thor, do you want to go for a walk?

Yes, maybe.

You and me?

Would you tell everyone if we kiss?

Not if you don't want me to.

Have you ever kissed a girl?


But it was during a game?

What are they doing ...

You want to come over?

Stop! What are you doing? -Wake up! Let's go to the lake!

It's very cold. -No, it's nice, I swear!

Come on, try it. -An experiment then.

Thor, you too. -No, I don't feel like it.

Why? You're not shy, are you?

What is wrong with you? -Come on, Thor.

Christian, your father and Sven are coming!

What are you doing there, Christian?

What's going on here?

Sorry. -Christian, come here!

Come on, Christian. Now!

Get out of there, damn it!

What the hell do you think you're doing?

Are you an idiot or what? Stealing horses!

Thief! My son is a thief. -Sorry, I will not do it again.


How can you be so stupid? -Take it easy, Sigurdur.

Take it easy. Calm down!

The kids won't do it again.

It doesn't matter.

Do not stand there like an idiot, boy! Help him.

We'll talk at home

Christian, are you okay?

Christian? -Don't touch me!

I have nothing to say to you!

If you touch him again, we'll leave and you'll never see us again. I'm serious!

He stole the horses! I barely touched him.

Thor! Come on.

Leave it there.

Check to see that the stable is sterilized before you're done!

Beth asked if we were going to the dance. Let's have a drink before.

I do not drink. And you do not either.

I've gotten drunk.

Yeah, right! When?

Once ... When I went south to visit my father.

I'm sure. You have not seen your father in years.

He is not even interested in seeing you.

At least he does not hit me.

Don't say that again!

It is true!

Are you crazy?

Do you think Beth will want to kiss you like that?

Come on, kiss me.

What? -What is wrong with you?

Nothing. I'm just joking.

It was just a joke.

It was just a joke. Take it easy.

Hi. Hi.

Don't be long. I'll be Waiting in the back.

The door is locked. You can not enter.

What should we do?

Thor, do you think we can get some alcohol at your house?

And why don't you get it yourself? -And why don't you mind your own business?

Or do you own Thor?

No. -I thought so.


What the fuck do you think you're doing? -Take it easy. Mom isn't coming home tonight.

I do not care! What is Red doing here? -Calm down.

Try to have fun with us.

Beth, are you going to have a drink?

Do not be afraid. Come on, come dance with us. do not be so stiff, relax.

Hey guys.

Come here and see this!

Are you kidding me?

It's Thor and Christian. Are they freaks or what? -What are they doing?

Give me the picture. -What are you going to do about it?

Give it to me and go! -Will you finally come out of the closet?

Do not touch me!

Get out of here, damn it! All of you. Stupid fucking ...

Fucking shit hole.

The party is over. Everybody out of here.

Who did this?

Out of here!

Sven's asleep in mother's room. -Seriously, Sven?

She has no self-esteem. -Must have a bad image of herself.

After so many miserable men in her life ...

Who can guess? -Don't go, Thor.

Why not? Let him go. It's not like he ... -shhh.

He just spent the night here.

It's not that we're together or anything.

Awesome! As if that was the only thing that matters, What's he doing here, Mother?

He is an old and disgusting foreigner.

What will people think?

This family already has a bad reputation because of you.

Rakel, please. -Please what? I'm telling the truth.

And you always back out the moment mom arrives.

Rakel's right.

What will people think when they find out he was here?

Would you mind leaving while I take it from here?



That red-haired bastard. I can't wait to see that retard.

I'd love to give him a beating, fucking faggot!

Mangi and the boys are in the field.

Yes. I don't feel like it.

Are you okay?

Thor, Christian's father is here.

What does he want? Should I tell him that you are not at home?

So then Hafdís continues to dream of being an artist?

And you two are her main subjects.


Let's wait a little. I do not want you to fall!

Do not you go near the edge, boy.

I can ...

Here, put it on. No need to be afraid.

Thor, you don't have to ... -Christian.


No stress. We'll take it slow.

Do not look down.


Be careful with the loose stones.

Checks all the holes. Get your hand in there.

Okay, you can lift me now!

All right, we're pulling!

No ... no ... Thor!

Thor, you okay?

We've got you!

Pull, boy.


Stop ... come here. Christian!

Thor, you have visitors. I don't want to see anyone. Not even Christian.

Where are you going?


Tonight, I just want to be alone.


See you around, then.

Yes goodbye.

Christian ...

Stop being so weird.

Everything will work out.

Weren't you scared?

I thought I was going to die.

I'm sorry.

It does not matter.

Don't you want to try it?

Yes, of course.

Let's do it, then?


Is Thor home? -No, I think he went to Beth's.

Are you okay?


Would you like to come in and wait for him?

Take this.

I'm sorry that everyone saw the picture.

It does not matter.

Christian, do not get me wrong.

I tell you this because I care about you. But ...

If you were gay, it wouldn't be a problem.


Christian it was said with the best of intentions!

Have you seen the snow outside? -Yes.

Today is a special day.

I can not believe it. Winter is coming.

Go home, Thor. Your mother is looking for you.

Let me go, leave me alone!

What's it?

Thor ...

Christian had an accident last night.

They took him to the hospital in Reykjavik.

He'll be okay?

I do not know dear. I hope so.

He's a tough kid.

Why don't you know? What aren't you telling?

Nobody knows anything.

What kind of accident was it?

No one knows very much. -Mother!

What kind of accident was it, Mother?

They say ...

Christian tried ... committing suicide.

I do not know for sure what happened.

It remains for us to think positive thoughts.

Can you see anything?



Shhh ... let him be.


I think it's time to go outside. You have to get some fresh air.

Come on, the sun is shining again.

Get up.


Thor ... you have a visitor.

I'm not home.

Hello ...

My mother heard that Christian comes back today.

Are you sure? -Yes.

I stole it from my father.

You are all black around the mouth. -You too.

Why do you think Christian tried to kill himself?

I do not think he did.

But what if he did? Do you think Christian was afraid to be ... gay?

No! What is wrong with you? Are you and Hanna lesbians?

How can I be sure? You are always together!

Fuck you, Thor!

She asked me to tell you that she just wants to be your friend.

Large order of fries, half a liter of Coke and a pack of Lucky Strikes.

Hey, Thor! What was Christian thinking? Was he desperate for attention?

Did he want everyone to feel sorry for him? -What's wrong with you?

Nothing, what's wrong with you? -You are so stupid.

Why else would he do it? It is what people are saying.

Who? You and your stupid friends?

Shut the fuck up, bitch!

Get up!

Where is your courage now? -Walk away, Thor!

Thor! -Come on, do something!

Do something!

Come on, do something!

No! Stop!

What the hell are you doing? You are very strong and brave, aren't you?

Let me go! -I told you, apologize!

Go on, get lost ... trouble maker.

Is Christian home?


Christian cannot see anyone for now.

Goodbye, Thor.

Thor ... You all right?

Leave me alone! -Thor ...

Leave me the fuck alone!


You do not have to be afraid of him. -I'm not afraid.

Did you see Christian at all? -No.

What are you going to do?

I do not know.

My mother told me that they are going to move to Reykjavik.

Why do you say that?

I think the parents are getting a divorce.

Can you help me?


Hello, Elizabeth.

What are you doing ...?

I just wanted to say that we ... we all like Christian very much.

Is everything alright?

It's getting better.

Are you going to move? -Yes.

I can go and visit you in Reykjavík

What happened?

Christian, why is the door locked?

Open the door, please, Christian. Do not do anything stupid.

I love you. Open the door, boy! Christian, your father is coming soon!

Christian ...

Christian, do not do this.

Fucking stonefish!

Dedicated to my dear friend and stepfather.