Heaven (2002) Script

Follow the terrain.


Keep it perpendicular to the ridge.

That's it.

Under real conditions... you might have to compensate for the wind here.

Now, maintain your height.

Watch your height. Careful.

In a real helicopter you can't just keep flying higher.

How high can I fly?

Are we taking the elevator? All the way up.


Hello. I have an appointment.

He is busy at the moment.

May I be of assistance?

No, it's... an erotic matter.


How do they expect me to run a business like this?

No. I had a deal with Leonardo.

No. No. That's unacceptable.

Look, I gave you strict orders.

Why doesn't anyone ever listen? No.

Well, then we're just going to look somewhere else.

That's right, it changes everything.

Twenty-three, twenty-two, twenty one.

Twenty, nineteen...

Ulcom Electronics.

This is the reception desk. Your car alarm has gone off.

Can you come down? The noise is really unbearable.

Police precinct.

I kept calling, and you never did anything.

So now I'm doing something.

I put a bomb in his office. It will go off in... forty seconds.

Who is this?

Philippa. Philippa Paccard.

No, I can't make it before 7:00.

I've got things to do here, sorry. Wait for me.

All right. I'll meet you afterwards at home. Bye.

It's so high.

Too high.

Excuse me. I'll wait for the next one.

No, there's plenty of room.




What's this, you want to speak English?

What's this all about?

What the fuck are you playing at?

She's English.

So what?

She wants to testify in English.

We'll need an interpreter.

No, no, no. We don't need an interpreter.

She understands everything.

She understands every word. Stop playing games!

It's her right.

I don't give a shit about her rights.

You are going to listen in Italian... talk in Italian, and confess in Italian!

Excuse me...

I can translate.

I'm qualified.


Date of birth?

Place of birth?


Marital status?

You don't know whether you're married or not?

Did the court finalize the divorce?

So you're a widow.

You are accused of causing an explosion... in an office building... which cost the lives of four persons.


Yes, four.

The explosion caused an elevator to break loose.

There were four people inside.

A father with his two daughters and a fifty-year-old janitor.

Three of them were killed instantly.

The youngest girl died in hospital last night.

You are accused of belonging to a terrorist organization... whose intention is to undermine the state... and of the cold-blooded murder of four civilians.

Isn't four enough for you?

Which organization do you belong to?

Who trained you? Where did you get the bomb?

Who gives you orders?

What about your husband?

And how did he die?

Who did you call?

What did you want from the carabinieri?

And because of you, four people died yesterday!

That's got nothing to do with a dealer.

Wait a minute.

Listen, don't try to change the subject!

Answer the questions we ask you.

Now tell us who organized the assault?

Where is your base? Answer!

Your Honor...

Go get a doctor. Hurry!

Yes, what's up?

She fainted.

Come on.

Come on, wake up.

Pull up her sleeve.

No, I want this arm. Go on. No, but...

Get out. I don't need you.

And shut the door.

Hold still.

I had to come down to the police station.

Yes, they've got her.

I'll call you back later.

As we were in class waiting for our English teacher... the substitute came and said that she wouldn't come.

What's the matter, boys? Why such long faces?

How was your day?


He told me everything.

What do you mean?

About my English teacher.


What are you doing?

Washing. I wet the bed.

You wet the bed? That hasn't happened in ten years.

What's wrong?

Will you tell me?

I fell in love.

So, what you're trying to say is that this Mr. Vendice... the chairman of Ulcom Electronics... is selling drugs from his office?

Why should we believe that?

She says the carabinieri get a discount, too.

What the hell are you saying?

There is no record of any letter... no record of any calls. Nothing.

We'll check.


We'll take a short break.

Excuse me.

Hello, Filippo. Hello.

So, you've started working.

Yes, the fun is over.

You're following in your father's footsteps?


I need a diuretic.

Of course.

You kept the letters you sent to the carabinieri... in a green bamboo box?

In the top drawer of your desk?

Six letters to your husband, dated between 1994 and 1997.

Three letters, postmarked last year... from your sister in England.

Two wedding rings... and a postcard from a student sent three weeks ago.

That's all.


Signora. Sit down.

It was signed by Maggiore Pini.


Signora Paccard... we don't care about your fantasies... your telephone calls, your letters... your husband or your students.

We want to know your real motives.

We want to know about your organization... names and addresses.

We want to know who gave you the bomb.

Who helped you?

I've had enough of your games!

How did you get the bomb?

Answer me!

And their father!

And a fifty-year-old woman!

What's going on?

It's not the area. Just this building.

Go and see what's going on.

Aren't there any emergency lights?

Your pocket. There should be.

What's going on? I don't know, Maggiore.

Oh, good.

I put my hands under the dryer... and the fuse blew.

That will do for today.

Take her to her cell.

The letters aren't a problem.

We destroyed them before she even brought them up.

What's next?

I'm keeping an eye on her.

They still think she's just a fanatic.


Are we safe?

For now.

But it would be better if something happened to her.

I spoke with my brother.

He's 11 years old... and he's one of your pupils.

He told me that he likes you the most... of all the teachers.

He told me that you are a good person.

I believe that.

That's why I want to help you.

If you agree, please record that you agree... and leave the tape under the table... in the interrogation room.

There is a small shelf under the tabletop.

What was that? It's a tape recorder.

I can't understand anything! Wait a minute.

Let's try this.

I'm the one who translates for you.

I was there when the doctor treated you.

You squeezed my fingers tightly.

I agree.

Then, around 11:00, you'll feel ill again.

You'll return to the bathroom.

You'll hear the telephone ringing in the hallway... and it will stop ringing... because the guard will have picked up the receiver.

That's when you leave the bathroom.

You will get into the elevator and go down to the garage.

From there you can go up half a flight of stairs.

You will leave the building through a small door... that opens onto the rear courtyard.

Then you will go down a path... that leads around the enclosure, into the street.

Throw your sweater into the rubbish bin... and head straight for the train station.

I'll drive there in a car in the evening... and pick you up at the rear entrance.

And then we'll think of what to do next.

Because I believe there will be something...

And that it will be beautiful.


Now erase everything. What?

You heard me. Erase everything.

You're going to let them escape?

It's not a good idea trying to escape from custody.

You put your life at stake.

I doubt she'd make it past that back exit alive.

Aren't you afraid?

Yes, I'm afraid.

Are you feeling any better?

What did she say?

In the bathroom, I found a bag... a note... and a key.





Escort her to the toilet.

Police headquarters. Can I help you?

Extension 354, please.


This is the Lippi- Cardio-Vascular Center.

May I speak to Mr. Cassande?


I'll connect you with the doctor.

Please hang on. It may take a few moments.



Your Honor...


What's wrong? Isn't that her?

Yes, it is. How is that possible?

Hurry! To the main entrance!

Where are you? At the back exit.

No! She's escaping from the main gate!

Damn it!

Hey, you! Come out!

Excuse me.

Hurry! Come on, hurry up!

Check the railway station!

The translator! Find the translator!

Ulcom Electronics. Good evening.

Could I please speak to Mr. Vendice?

Who's speaking?

I have an urgent message from Maggiore Pini.

Mr. Vendice isn't in at the moment.

Would you like to leave a message?

Yes, please tell him to call...

Maggiore Pini at his office as soon as possible.

I repeat, his office. It's important.



The Maggiore had to step out for a moment.

Mr. Vendice? Yes.

The Maggiore wants to see you as soon as possible.

Now? Where?

Here, in his office.

I'll be there. Did you catch her?

Yes. She was badly wounded.

I know it's late, but I have to go there.

It's really important.

Don't wait up for me. I'll wake you when I get back.

I know, I know. Listen...

I'll see you later, OK?

Do you remember me?


If you're not even safe in a police station...

Do they think it was the woman who put the bomb in his office?

Who else? Women like her...

I'd like to strap a bomb to her myself.

But how did she escape?

Someone must have helped her. Well, I'm still in shock.

Is there insurance for something like that?

I don't know.

What a nice dress. Where'd you get it?

It's nice, isn't it?

I got it at...

My aunt owns this perfume shop.

Oh, a perfume shop. Yes.

You left the water running this morning!

I'll never forget that face.

It'll haunt me for the rest of my life.

Didn't look like a face anymore.

Like the stuff I buy at the butcher's for the dog.

Only... with a suit attached.

You've got a way of saying things!

I have to go to the butcher's today.

What do you mean, with a suit attached?

So, the dress is nice? Yes.


So when you leave the station... there's a bar at the corner...

The investigation into last night's murder... of Marco Vendice is now focusing on... the English woman Philippa Paccard... who had been arrested for the recent bomb attack... of Ulcom Electronics.

Ms. Paccard... who escaped from police custody before the murder... had stated that Mr. Vendice... was the intended victim of that bomb.

Ms. Paccard's former husband was a friend of Vendice's... and police are considering that connection... as a motive for the murder.

Although Ms. Paccard has been living in Italy... she was born in England.

Fearing that she may try to flee Italy... and seek asylum in her home country... police are now focusing their efforts... on international border crossings.

And now for the weather...

May I have your attention!

Today is a happy day for me.

My favorite niece Paola is getting married today.

I was the first one to know.

And now, please raise your glasses.

Listen now! Attention please!

As they say in "La Traviata," "Listen to the singer!"

Don't you recognize me?

What the hell have you done?

What have you done?

They flew over our farm with a helicopter.

Nice haircut.

Can we spend the night at your place?

They'll catch you.

I know.

Cesare Pavese Middle School. Hello?

Hello. My name is Ariel Fabrizi.

Could I speak to my son Ariel, please?

Just a moment. We'll call him.

Thank you.


Don't be afraid. It's Filippo. Pretend you're talking to Dad.

Yes, Dad.

Repeat out loud: "I'll be home a bit earlier, Dad."

I'll be home a bit earlier, Dad.

Now listen. Tell Dad we want to see him.

We're in Montepulciano.

We'll be waiting at the St. Biagio Church.

Now say, "All right, Dad," and hang up.

All right, Dad.

Bye, Ariel.


Look at you.

Papa, this is Philippa.

Let's go in there.

Sit down.

I've brought you some money.

You smoke?

There is a huge search going on throughout the entire country.

They've concluded that you haven't left Italy yet.

A roadblock was set up on the highway... just outside the city.

I don't think they've blocked all the secondary roads yet... but I'm sure they will soon.

You could still come with me.

It's worth trying.

I'm not going with you.

But I would very much like you to take Filippo with you.

He told me he loves you.


What about you?


I'm not going with you, Dad.

I know.

I do know you a little.

Why can we never do anything at the most important moments?

Give Ariel a hug for me.

Clear the table. We're going to eat.

Wait. I've got to finish my drawing.

I said now.

Wait. I have to show it to Grandpa.

Show him afterwards.

I was afraid you wouldn't come.

Come inside.

I made the bed for you.

I'll bring you something to eat later.

Thank you.

Thank you.