Heaven in the Dark (2016) Script

When I arrived, Chief Chan had already stripped off his shirt

...to show off his tattoo He bragged about fighting 10 men at once in his youth He even wanted to take off his pants!

I stopped him, of course But it got worse, he started trashing the room In the end... the faculty dinner turned into a strip show... then a drunken orgy Orgy? Just my thing!

Your thing?

I was trapped there all night!

I wouldn't mind

Marco, continue My drink is empty I need a refill Leaving us hanging?

Look who's talking

...as usual

Pastor Tol

Call me Marco You are...?

Paul Michelle Pastor Tol

I'm her husband Pleased to meet you, cheers

Sorry, Michelle doesn't drink No problem Did you know... we both graduated from Princeton?

I was just ordained and I'm back to preach in Hong Kong Luckily, Michelle agreed to come back with me I'd be lost without her Which church do you preach in now?

I haven't been to church in ages Really?

Come to our congregation... meet our child

You have a child?

Mira is almost one now Congratulations

Excuse me, I need more wine

Let's just leave him be I want you to be happy

Please enter I know I should forgive him, but...

Think of God's grace


Hello, Mr. Cheung Hello How do you do?

Slide to the corner here... and then slowly...

We almost did it! Let's try again That's okay, from this side...

Marco Sorry to interrupt but I have a piano recital at 8:30 Come and offer some pointers?

Kids... we're stuck in the maze now Let's play next time?

I don't know much about music I couldn't tell if you made a mistake I need to practice, I'm a little nervous Perhaps you and Michelle can catch up?

It's been so long since you last saw each other

At least four... five years I've been too busy to keep track Michelle can accompany you I have wine for that It's alright She can tell you... all about Mira I prefer to practice alone You two catch up, I'll call you... when the recital starts See you

He's a good husband Thanks I met him in Boston He's patient He taught me to read the bible... pray and live a spiritual life Amen

You must be hungry, let's go eat

Where's your table?

Pastor Tol What should I say about the incident?

I've always imagined if we...

Perhaps it's better left unsaid Just pretend we're old friends... catching up?

How have you been?

Good, I'm a wife and a mother now And you? What have you been doing?

Just returned from Yunnan, I'm flying to Xi'an next I fly back and forth But you seem...

Old, tanned and ragged That's what it's like doing business in China Golfing with bosses, dining with officials... smoking and drinking before closing a deal It's hard to imagine a pastor doing business You'll soon get used to Marco the businessman You should at least go to church

I haven't touched the Bible in 4 years

5, 4, 3...

My main concern is safety The audience must be asking the same question Are expired drugs safe to use?

Before 1979 drug companies didn't need to set an expiration date In the same year, to protect consumers in the US... regulations were introduced, requiring all drug products to list the expiration date Pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide naturally followed FDA guidelines But the new regulations presented a big problem for the US Army In 1979, all expired drugs in its inventory... were to be destroyed and replaced For the post-Vietnam-War US army... it would take a huge financial toll So they conducted a study... to find out how long it takes for drugs to lose their potency Ms. Cheung, take a guess?

3 years, 5 years?

15 years Are you suggesting the pharmaceutical industry misled the public?

This is a systemic problem that was inherited If drugs don't really expire people no longer need to discard old drugs How can County of Fellowship carry out its mission?


Among all the hideous men... he's handsome, isn't he?


Forget it

Have you figured out your bus route to work?

Not yet, I just take the MTR and a mini-bus Just don't be late Okay So COF is asking people to donate... drugs that don't expire The purpose of charity... is to give what you can spare... to those in need At COF, we have no reason to refuse... drugs that have not yet expired Thanks for watching today's program Thanks to our guest, COF President...

Pastor Marco Tol Join me again tomorrow at 9 pm for "All Sides of News"

Thanks for the interview You're welcome It's hard to get you here It took us a long time Thank you anyway I should listen to you preach next time I'm free Are you Christian?

No, but I'm interested Do you need referrals to join a church?

Not at all Many followers like to window-shop We see new faces every week Just come by sometime Our church is small but welcoming Thank you Listen, I happen to know Tung Kin Hospital...

She did a hair flip

Keep in touch... Thank you, bye

Another one down Where's Mr. Tol's water?

You drank it Get another one!

Go find the nearest vending machine!


You can still make the meeting with the Hospital Authority Who's going with me? You?

Where's my water?

Corning Jenny, cancel my dinner plans for tonight Jonathan is going with you He's at the coffee shop now I'll join you at the meeting after Leave my card with Ira Cheung Okay

Why bother?

Can I ask a stupid question?

Go ahead Why do you address Pastor Tol as Mr. Tol?

A loving, forgiving pastor who quotes from the Gospel of Matthew... can't run such a big NGO The roles are conflicting That's why at the company he's Mr. Tol, understand?

Susanna, I'm your pastor, of course I'll help you But you must tell the truth...

...before God I know

I spent time in Thailand last month...

but not with my husband

How complicated You know God doesn't approve But I believe...

God chose him for me

Susanna Pastors can sign wedding certificates

But they can't sign divorce papers

Why don't you... give Ken a second chance?

Ask him to come here with you No!

Why not?

The other man is Ryan Which Ryan...

Our youth leader, Ryan?

Marco, given our relationship you being the last to find out... must be disappointing

I know the church doesn't approve But I just hoped you... would understand

Heavenly Father

You teach us to wear the crown of thorns... not give into carnal temptation because the flesh is weak

Pastor Tol The service is starting; there's a change Give me 3 minutes Okay

May your light shine on Susanna

Good morning

Pastor Cheung Today's answer hymn has been changed to "So Good to Me"

What happened?

May, the vocalist has a sore throat... she wanted an easier song

"So Good to Me"

I'll remember, thank you

Welcome, are you here with a friend?

No It's fine The service has started, take any seat you like Follow me Thank you

Today's topic is "Temptation"

The charm of temptation... is that it's unpredictable It can knock at our door at any time... triggering fantasy and expectation The first temptation mentioned in the Bible... was the Forbidden Fruit What's strange is that... the fruit is never identified in the Bible Most people just assume it's an apple Why?

Because apples are pretty, bright red They smell good They're crunchy, sweet and juicy Tell me Who brought an apple with them today?

The sister at the back, can I borrow your apple?

Please It's a small apple...

If I ate a bigger one, I couldn't eat dinner I'm sorry but you won't get it back When a red apple... suddenly appears in our life Most of us will grab it... smell it... tap and listen for crispness Then close our eyes...

and take a bite

It's really sweet It's a pleasurable experience But... take another bite...

and another...

If you swallow... the core and stem... the apple loses its appeal Someone might say:

Pastor Tol... who would be stupid enough to eat the core and stem of an apple?

But if temptation... appears before us in another form... such as money, power... or carnal desire It's not that easy to see... the core and stem That's why...

Hallelujah God seems to agree with me That's why we must nip temptation in the bud Because humans are weak We think we act rationally but the truth is... many have died choking on an apple That's why God warns us... to avoid temptation... lest we be tested


When did you start coming to this church?

I'm just visiting...

I wanted a change of scenery The people here are less boring It's been so long...

So much has happened A week after you left...

Dr. Ko suddenly resigned Everyone in the company was shocked Oh, I didn't know My new job keeps me busy You should visit more often we can go for coffee Susanna Ken's here He's so sweet, he picks you up each week Of course, we visit his parents afterwards Please take care of my coworker, Michelle Sure Give her a tour of our church I'm off now See you Bye Hi Michelle, I'm Yee You're Susanna's coworker?

No... ex-coworker I work at COF now COF?

Pastor Tol is the CEO!

Do you know him?

I'm just an employee Pastor Tol!

What is it, Yee?

I want to introduce a new friend, Michelle

Welcome You two carry on, I'll get the form Okay

Thanks for the apple

We've... met before but I'm not sure where

No, that's not what I was suggesting No Welcome to our church But I must go, until next time?


I'm sorry...

I didn't know Thank you Thank you... Bye Bye

Where's Pastor Tol?

He left Thank you

ls everything here?

Yes, it is

But it's not my decision It's the job of HR department, so it's out of my control Anyway I should be going I hope to see you soon in the UK Sure, it could never be a problem The project will carry on nonetheless Talk to you soon Goodbye Bye Macro Sam, please hold Jonathan, I'll give you a recap later Okay, let's go


What's the situation?

Sam He talked about his big plans for the drug... recycling project again Here we go again Just be careful

Marco, Patrick will join the WHO Executive Committee Apart from you they're considering candidates from the US and Thailand But you're the frontrunner The board is quite keen on your drug recycling project The Thai candidate is Mr. Penchom If he's elected, resources will be diverted to South Asia American policies are too conservative You must win The next few weeks are crucial Show them how capable you are, get more international exposure Understood, I'll update you Always think a step ahead!

No one saw Ban Ki-moon coming before Annan retired We Hongkongers must stick together Marco, you never know! Bye Bye

I'm sorry to rush you But next week...

Can our colleague please wait outside?

Go She's new I saw her at my church on Sunday You know the rules You should brief them Be more careful Okay, sorry You need to approve this

You handle the communication Okay I'll put Michelle in charge of the hospital contacts

Why don't you speak to her first?

Pastor Tol said he saw you at church It was my first time there, is there a problem?

Mr. Tol prefers that our staff does not attend his church Mr. Tol, Pastor Tol, Mr. Tol... you get what I mean?

In this company, no one attends Mr. Tol's church I just wanted to learn more about Mr. Tol to learn more about my boss for work I should have religious freedom...


It's just a suggestion from Mr. Tol Do whatever you wish Just remember I made this matter clear to you today


It's broken again?

Yes, electronic ballasts break easily I left the repairman a message but he hasn't replied What if it burns out tomorrow?

Use candles if necessary Do they still sell old school lamps with starters?

How many times has it broken down?

The second time It's my fault; I thought... the new models would be better It's human nature to prefer new over old New over old...

Susanna said your prayers gave her strength God has chosen another person for her

Someone from here

You think it's me?

I hope not

I'm not allowed to say

Don't tell me I understand

Mr. Chan, it's me, Pastor Cheung...

It broke down again... a voltage issue?

Do they still make old lamps that use starters?

I prefer the old...

Your turn Okay

Don't show me

...unless you don't know who it is Do you know who it is?

Don't look! You can't let her know Okay, sorry Please carry on

It's for you No,thanks I'm not thirsty I see That's not how it works You have to secretly watch over her without her knowing Understand?

Um...not really

Pastor Tol! Yee Are you free?

We started a new group, come say hello

It looks like fun Hi, everyone Hello I'm Pastor Tol, welcome to the Church Of Truth You're having fun, what are you playing?

"Secret Angel", care to join us?

"Secret Angel"...

I travel constantly, so there's... little chance for someone to watch over me This game is for you youngsters Pastor, you get the special prize:

No one's watching over you You just watch over someone else No one to watch over me, how sad?

Join us Alright

Pastor, you don't even know their names

Now I know But it's a secret Alright, carry on Group leader, how do you watch over someone?

Alright, I'll go over it again It could be a glass of water, a morning greeting... or a prayer As long as it's appropriate It should be a secret with a bit of surprise I'm known for surprises As a pastor, my job is to pray for people

Alright, carry on Bye The male lead was supposed to be dead After the commercial, they said he was alive Can you imagine how I felt?

It was like dating someone for 20 episodes then discovering that he never loved me I was so mad, I felt tricked!

Pastor Tol!

I'll ask him to give you a lift!

Get in...

...all of you

Ready? Yes

Oh, red wine!

Can't pronounce the name This wine is called "Coltibuono Cetamura Chianti"

It's from Italy Pastor, you promised to treat group leaders to dinner at your house Have you forgotten?

I haven't forgotten You also wanted a lesson on wine But I've been very busy Anyone here like red wine?

I had it once at a wedding banquet I can't drink; I'm allergic to alcohol What do you mean?

After half a glass, I'll experience... dizziness, shortness of breath, a rash... and start to babble That means you get drunk instantly

Pastor You car doesn't sound right, drive safely Okay I heard it too, please be careful Okay, I'll get it checked tomorrow...


I have work matters to discuss let me give you a ride Okay Bye...

Where did you work before?


I admire him, he has vision He's just a little uptight I heard he resigned and now... works for the government

Susanna works at PBC too, right?

Yes, she greeted me at the church But we aren't close

It'll get better, you're church sisters now

Do you know her well?

I'm an Honorary Pastor I know many people

Mr. Tol, what did you wish to discuss?

If you want me to resign, just ask me directly Resign?

Why would I want you to resign?

You want me out of your church...

No. You "advised" me not to attend your church Listen I have no right to bar you from any church I just want to separate my work and personal life Previous staffers attended my church but accepted the company policy and stopped I don't accept Paul the Apostle once said:

When I was a child, I spoke as a child I understood as a child I thought as a child but when I became a man, I put away childish things Are you saying..-

...I’m immature?

I'm saying you're direct I'm direct, and silly You're direct and silly and stubborn

This car really doesn't sound right


Sorry Bye, Pastor Tol

Thank you Bye Bye Bye


We only discussed work Discuss work...

I'd love to discuss work with her too!


Why bother? Just buy a new one Fix it Just two more weeks before I leave Where to?

Get your things first

To the UK I might move there So the chick last night is dumped!

Brother set me up with her

Keep the wine Don't call her "chick"

She's a decent girl Decent?

Decent chicks... dig roughnecks like me!

Let me share a truth

Men... need women And women... also need men It's that simple

Hmm, that's deep

You're a father of two You're past such things You know St. Joseph, St. John or any... prestigious school with a "Saint"?

Help my kids get in Education makes a difference Look at us Today“.

You're moving to the UK I'm moving to North Point I'll do it Which grade is your girl in? Grade 1?

Fishing will do!

Fix your car then ask her to go fishing at night Fishing is good It's quiet and you can talk Fishing, for sure


You think I want to date her?

It's just a suggestion!

When was the last time you got laid?

You're about to burst!

Call me when the car is fixed

Friday night... I won't call!

When I saw you again I sensed you were avoiding me But a little voice told me to talk to you

Must be your husband

No It's God He gave me the confidence to talk it out with you

Let it go, Michelle I'm done with your God It happened so long ago No need to dwell on it What happened can't be changed You still can't face me

You talk as if we're ex-lovers We aren't ex-lovers But we were once close friends... co-workers , and fellow church members Close friends, fellow church members...

How about boyfriend and girlfriend?

Where do we draw the line?

Good morning, Mr. Tol

Good morning Good morning

In my view it's too soon for a media announcement considering how our last soft launch on TV... failed to generate a response

I also wonder if operations could handle... such a grand scale project now?

It's risky at this stage

Perhaps you've heard... the military saying:

When you hear the first cannon fire... forget all previous strategies and start anew It's called "playing it by ear"

If we resort to old campaign tactics we won't achieve anything, why?

Our opponents are too powerful The government, drug companies; we also need to win over the public Why did our soft launch fail?

Because we're too polite This is an ideological war!

I don't see why we should... dump perfectly good drugs

I don't see why... developed nations can't give its surplus to the third world COF will launch its first cannon strike this time!

Okay, let's contact the editors-in-chief...

I don't want editors-in-chief!

Worry about the media later

Our first task... is to target the hardened drug companies and the unresponsive Hospital Authorities

This is not a local or an Asian campaign... but a global campaign Be more aggressive!

Let's all work hard

Jonathan, I'll start drafting the schedule Don't do anything yet; let's wait

Does he think I'm just a little lamb... willing to follow the shepherd anywhere?

You're sacrificing me just to move higher up?

After making so many enemies, who would hire me then?

Michelle! Yes?

This is your first big project!

Drugs are essential to relief efforts If the world gets on board countless lives will be saved

Do you still go to the Church of Truth?

How is that related?

It's time for lunch, let's go It's not related It's your project now Take the lead!

Good morning

Jenny took the day off I'm like an orphan...

I can't even find a cracker


Thank you

Water Thanks

Lucky for you

Next month our church is hosting... an event called the Faith in the Dark It's introduced by the visually impaired...

Don't mix business with pleasure


Salmon always stinks after reheating You like fish? You sound like an expert Yes, it's less fattening How about fishing?

I like that too, it's quiet

Mr. Tol Have you had lunch?

Yes, thank you I should go

Mr. Lam, how are you?

Are you here to see Mr. Tol?

Yes, we're going fishing Join us Fishing?

I would but I know nothing about fishing There's nothing to know Just drop the line in Fish are stupid They always take the bait It's easy... for the willing to get hooked Exactly Where are you going to fish?

Sai Kung I searched around before finding this spot...

Mr. Tol You were talking? Yes I won't stall you, I have a date So...bye Bye What did you tell her?

Nothing important What?

I told her... about your dirty past The robberies, thefts, assaults... and just a little about your sexual history I'm a pastor now!

Watch your mouth!

Why so anxious?

You want to bed the pretty girl as much as me!

You think I don't know you?

I'm warning you...

Forget it, give me the keys!

You left it open...

Close the trunk!

What about fishing?

I'm sorry to make you come back It's alright I'm off, Mr. Tol Bye

We have a shot if the Minister agrees to come

Chairman Cheung is British He doesn't care about local programs He just wants to show off his British accent Hitting the International platform means... being more confrontational and critical Will this upset our relationship with the government?


What's more important, helping the needy... or keeping up a front?

Where's Yuen Yuen?

She went to a conference in Thailand She's taking a week off after that She put me in charge of this project That's right, I forgot

Then you do it Call Scott Mackenzie, the Editor-in-Chief

ls Mr. Scott Mackenzie in, please?

Yes, Mackenzie speaking This is Michelle Chan from County of Fellowship Oh, County of Fellowship, how may I help you?

I think we have an issue here that might interest you Okay, what's that about?

It's about government resistance to a world saving project Okay, what's the resistance?

It's the Hospital Authority Sounds interesting So, should we do like a debate?

A debate will be excellent, something like... Crossfire Sounds good Who's gonna initiate the invitation?

Please hold Who should issue the invitation?

They should

I think it's more official from your side Okay, sure, let me pass it on to my secretary Great Nice talking to you, Michelle Thanks, it's nice talking to you too. Bye Bye


You didn't love me?

I didn't love you

Say you never liked me I never liked you You liked me, you wanted to go... to the UK with me I never thought about being with you What makes you so sure?

Because... Because you had status, education, a house...

...and a car? You're too proud You think you're the most eligible bachelor and every woman wants to be Mrs. Tol?

You came into my church to find me Your actions spoke louder than words!

You're conceited; you worship yourself!

Not true! You do!

It's you...You made me You were blind and... think you liked me! ...arrogant!

Mr. Lee wants to remind you his recital starts in 30 minutes Please take your seats Yes, thanks

Whether I liked you or not it doesn't matter anymore I forgave you long ago I no longer blame you Come back to church Me, Paul, Mira, all brothers and sisters truly love you


What did you say?

You forgive me?

For what?

I already made it clear...


We wasted too much time talking about vague details We need to clear the air What did you forgive me for?

What exactly?

That incident?

Until we get to the bottom of this... neither of us leaves

Congratulations, Marco Once you arrive in London, you'll stay at a hotel Remember to send me your contract You must tie up all the loose ends... before leaving Hong Kong There's no turning back for unfinished business Alright, call me when you're free

Pastor Tol

Hi, Yee Pastor!

Your "master" is in a good mood today Did the Secret Angel complete his mission?

He did...

A glass of water, a morning greeting and a prayer That's all?

You're a pastor, make an effort What kind of effort?

I was only joking I'll go back to work

At the Missions Prayer Meeting next Wednesday Pastor Chan, a missionary in Africa... will share his experiences and talk about his work

Come in You were looking for me?

Sit down, Michelle

This Bible is for you it's a prayer edition When I was studying in the US 20 years ago a Taiwanese pastor gave it to me But it's too special...


I want you to read the Bible and pray more You want me to grow up and "put away childish things"

I know If you study the Bible well...

I'll finally meet my match I can never be a match for you Don't be so certain It's a keepsake for you Next week I'll...


Michelle, why don't we... continue next time?



Yes? You're still here I'm leaving Let's go together?

Did something happen to Susanna?

Everyone knows... she's getting divorced The third party is allegedly from our church Really? Yes Who could it be?

Could it be...

I shouldn't talk about others You praise Pastor Tol so much and he's single How can you not be interested in him?

You want to know?

Many of the sisters had crushes on him He was nice to them all But he had no interest in them In the end, they all left the church Maybe they got the wrong message?

Pastor Tol is kind to everyone But it takes two hands to clap

I shouldn't say more Luckily, he's not my type

Well, you left me here alone Stop at the next corner, please Waiting by the phone Do you feel me

Now I'm just a dream a memory Can't you see me?

I don't understand you say you're just a man But I felt you hold my hand Now I'm just a grain of sand as the ocean washes over me

Thank you Thank you...okay Ten years

COF has helped... thousands of people over the past ten years Improving the lives of many in poverty Many children were finally given the opportunity to go to school Most importantly... many people continue to live because of your efforts On behalf of those who received your help...

Thank you

I'll soon go to the UK But it doesn't mean that I'm leaving you Because of your selfless devotion... and willingness to help those in need Because of your passion... no matter where I am or how much time has passed...

...you will always be with me I will never forget you Thank you, everyone Thank you

I haven't finished yet

Our Drug Recycling Program... had a strong start

I hope that you continue your efforts to expand this into a global enterprise... from the HK headquarters, alright?

Yes! Thank you, everyone

He just jets off to the UK... leaving us behind to pick up after him Bravo...

What's wrong with you?

Another "hair flipper"

Mr. Tol, I miss you already I've learned so much from you Look me up next time you're in London I'll do that the next time I'm there Just email me It's a deal Bye Pastor Tol Michelle I mean, Mr. Tol Never mind

How's the food today?

Delicious Pastor, as a token of my appreciation... let me treat you to dinner before you leave No need I'm just happy that you came today

I wanted to thank you personally

Alright Set it up with Jenny Mr. Tol, take a picture with us?


Michelle, why did you have to ruin me?

Did you think Susanna and I were having an affair?

Or because I didn't take you to the UK?

Pastor Tol Listen to yourself You don't have an ounce of remorse!

Michelle Now you have... a loving husband and child That incident is in the past You moved on, I couldn't!

I lost everything My life ground to a halt; I don't know how to face myself

I don't know what to do

I just want you to help me remember what happened No ulterior motives

l suppose... we remember what we want No My memory is in fragments; you can help fill in the gaps


I remember the date was June 8

...a week before I left for London Your job kept you busy But you were happy that night I remember We were relaxed at dinner It was the first time I had drinks with you

Remember what happened before we paid?

No, l don't I saw a customer comment card on the table So I said:

Miss, care to comment on tonight's dinner?

You said:

I enjoyed it but don't know what to write I said, just pick up the pen... and write...

"We had a lovely evening"

We had a lovely evening...

Shall we look at the nightscape?

Try it

This wine... this Australian wine... any good?


You don't know the first thing

About this Australian wine...

first take a sip... savor before swallowing... I want to throw up I want to throw up

Hold your head up

It won't come?

It won't come out

It'll pass



Michelle There must be a reason...

What did I do wrong to deserve such a horrible fate?

I kept going over the incident... everything that happened between us What did I do wrong?

Where did I do wrong... when... how?

In my heart...

I knew the answer

I didn't say "I love you"

I think you've got it all wrong

Let me explain...


After we kissed...

Do you love me?

You asked me if I loved you I didn't say it, I only said I liked you?

You didn't like me!

You were kind to me because you were my secret angel!

Good morning!

Good morning Water Thank you

What Secret Angel?

My game partner was a man

I was kind to you because I really liked you

Mr. Tol!

Mr. Tol!

Are you alright?

It's Monday, what are you doing?

Your article is due Waiting for Mr. Tol to show up before getting to work?

What's wrong?

Hey, hey Where are you?

Here's your ID card back Please describe what happened in detail

Someone drove me to the peak last night I was plied with alcohol... then molested Do you know that person?

His name is...

Pastor Marco Tol I'll get a female officer to help you

Could you be mistaken?

How could I be mistaken?


Miss, please come with me

Here you go Thank you Hello, Marco Sorry to trouble you

How could this happen?

I don't know what happened Did you say anything to the police?

I said nothing Very good The police just informed me... a Miss Chan accused you of molesting her... on Kowloon Peak on June 8

Molesting?... ls there a mix-up?

What's your relationship with this lady?

We work together So it's a superior-subordinate relationship, correct?

Then you could be charged for both sexual harassment and breach of trust I didn't molest her

It's not what you think I don't think anything But I know what the prosecutor will think Can we just settle this out of court?

I can call Michelle Don't even try That's obstruction of justice; you'll go to jail for it Let's post bail first Ivan, go back to work after this Okay Marco and I are old friends; we need to talk

I don't know how this place survives; it's always empty when I come

The perfect spot for lawyers to make up ideas

Marco Lawyers don't make up ideas What we say or do is based on the facts Whatever you say or don't say... we can't make that up I'm sorry

But I really didn't molest her; I remember...

Listen to me first Listen carefully On the night of the incident, you two were alone, correct?

Yes Okay

So what did or didn't happen... is based on your memory, correct?


Take two days to think it over... before telling me anything, okay?

Francis, I'm a pastor I'm compelled to tell the truth You know how many people are eager to cash in on you?

The press wants to sell papers The Justice Dept. wants a high profile case Anyone else in your company or church who wishes you harm?

But I really didn't do it You may think I'm naive but if I didn't do it, I should be fine When these things happen people get nervous Take two days to think it over before telling me what happened, okay?

I developed insomnia I couldn't face my family I ran away to Boston Although I knew I would pay a hefty price I decided to take you to court I think you know the reason


I really don't know

I still don't know why you destroyed my life

Let's invite Mr. Lee to perform

Paul is performing

Someday, God will tell you the answer I don't want God to tell me I want you to tell me Our reporters are still unable to contact...

Pastor Tol at his office or his church Do you know Pastor Tol?

Pastor Tol... a little He often buys magazines here...

I know him well Hey!

Eat something first What kind of magazine he bought?

"Pastor Claims Alleged Kiss Was By Mutual Consent"

It's all fake, why watch it?

According to members of the Church of Truth Pastor Tol also advised a female church member to get divorced...

I told you not to watch it!

Those bastards, I'll get each and every one of them

Prosecuting attorney, are you ready to proceed?

Your Honor, I'm ready What's your relationship with Pastor Tol?

I'm a member of his congregation That simple?

Since the beginning?

You didn't specify the timeline

We were once a couple On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate the relationship?

Five Does "five" represent... holding hands, kissing, caressing... or sexual relations?

Kissing and caressing

Five years ago, we shared a consensual French kiss But you went crazy the next day and reported me!

French kiss takes two Did you not use your tongue?

Let me repeat what I said in court If you remember...

I said I used my tongue to block yours It slid into your mouth by mistake!

Alright, I remember But a French kiss is harmless

The definition of "harm" varies from person to person

You knew a French kiss could destroy me That's why you lied to the judge in court You lied to your God As a Christian... do you consider kissing and caressing as premarital sex?

Not necessarily But those acts are intended to be... foreplay, do you agree?

Objection, your Honor, the question is irrelevant Your Honor Since the defendant is a member of the clergy... held to higher moral standards his fellow clergyman's interpretation of... pre-marital sex is absolutely relevant to this case When I taught Law in university as you may remember, I often said...

"Law is common sense"

Objection overruled; answer the question I don't see how common sense and a former teaching post at law school... are directly related to this case The entire argument doesn't hold up

The two of you... in the front row

You two stand up!

Remove your hat in court!

How dare you play with your phone?

This is a courtroom!

Don't let me catch you again or I'll have you thrown out!

Sit down!

Overruled; answer the question

If you use the word "intended"...

Yes, they can For a devoted Christian or clergyman... is premarital sex considered unacceptable?

Yes But... Your Honor I have no further questions

Are you ready?

Complainant, are you ready to testify?

I'm ready Do you wish to adjourn the hearing?

No Defense, you may proceed

According to his secretary's logbook before the accused was scheduled to leave HK... you arranged 5 dinner dates with him, correct?

It was actually one date It was rescheduled repeatedly... because Pastor Tol was always busy Don't you think the accused was trying to reject you?

No, I don't You don't In that case...

Do you think that your previous boss...

Dr. Ko Wing-chi, whose wife...

Mrs. Ko, called you repeatedly begging you to stop ruining their marriage... because she had nothing better to do?


My relationship with Dr. Ko was strictly platonic Dr. Ko liked me but I rejected him many times Let me borrow the prosecution's rating system On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate your relationship with Dr. Ko?

Also, how would you rate... your relationship with the middle-aged professor... who you had an affair with at university?

Based on the complainant's dating history, I've come to this conclusion The complainant is attracted to mature, successful men who were in positions to advance... her academic or professional career Putting it politely she has a "father-complex"

Putting it bluntly she's an "opportunist"

She used her beauty to seduce middle-aged men Not true!

Your Honor My client cannot continue her testimony due to her emotional state I request an adjournment Objection...

Your Honor, I think the witness uses her emotions... to manipulate I request that the hearing continue

Adjournment granted

Mr. Tol Even if you replace Mr. Lee, you'll be charged the same fee You'll lose if you represent yourself Let's just change our strategy?

Hey, rookie, since when do you discuss strategy?

Marco, you've seen how it works they will continue to attack you After they discredit you, they'll convince the judge that you're a sex maniac If you're painted as a sex maniac while she's a chaste virgin, you'll lose But treating a woman like that in court...

I'm a pastor

There must be another way The key to winning in court is "attack"

They'll attack even if you don't l believe in justice I'm confident that I can prove... we kissed by mutual consent

Okay We can leave now

Marco I must remind you...

the court doesn't always dispense justice

Now that you've crossed paths with this godmother-and-son... beware

Good luck!

Sorry, Francis

Both the accused and the complainant have confessed to intimate contact The key issue is whether or not the complainant consented

As a respected pastor, the accused should know better... it was inappropriate for him to take a female coworker to the peak Thus the actions of the accused were deliberate and premeditated As for his character references it may represents his past history... but not his personal conduct I hereby find the accused Marco Tol... guilty of molestation and sentence him to a $20,000 fine with criminal record

He's coming!

Pastor Tol, please comment Pastor Tol, what is your response to the verdict?

I defended myself in good conscience;

I may have erred but I haven't sinned I plan to appeal Will you resign from your position?


What? Back off!

You can't hit reporters!

You asked for it!

Pastor, please comment...

Are you going to resign from the church?

Any words for your congregation?

O Lord I was lost until...

I received Your blessing My joy, my happiness... only you know best Lord, I honestly did no wrong I have faithfully followed your guidance, making myself worthy Now that I've fallen into darkness Lord, you no longer seem to care or even hear my prayers Once I thought: has Satan come for me?

I would rather the devil came for me than be forsaken

Father, your wrath and punishment... are meant for the corrupted But I have not been corrupted I accept the pain... but I cannot bear the shame O Lord lam already an outcast in your kingdom I never imagined what my final prayer would be

...but I know it will be my last

You should thank me

If it wasn't for me... you wouldn't have met your husband


Did you lure him by pretending to be drunk again?

I told you that I couldn't drink

No one... gets drunk that easily Save your acting... for your husband


Will you be satisfied if I start to... babble and break out in a rash?

Will you believe me then?

Thank you Mr. Lee for your wonderful performance His performance is over You can leave now Perhaps you should let me finish the story, about that French kiss at the Peak Otherwise, you'll never have closure You wanted to know the whole story, to fill the gaps of your memory Let's see if I can help you remember the parts you've forgotten See if you can recognize the truth!

That evening at the peak after you kissed me...

I asked you if you loved me

Do you love me?

Did I say something wrong?

I asked you, why did you kiss me?

You just talked about your apple...

You said, I was the red apple!

Do I love you?

I see through you

You want to be Mrs. Tol No, it never occurred to me Starting from the day you came to my church with an apple... you planned everything No! You kissed me You're good!

You're Satan's spawn Do you know what you're saying?

I'm a messenger of God You're a pastor...

You must know where to draw the line Seducing me like this... makes you no better than a prostitute You're just a prostitute You kept repeating that I wanted you and... planned everything to seduce you

...that I was the devil's spawn!

Then you told me not to stop you from becoming the next Ban Ki-moon

To me... it was just a test I should have listened to Yee...

I should You can't stop me believe her... from becoming...

She said you treated all women the same

...the next Ban Ki-moon I belong there!

Just a fucking prostitute... Open the door! Open the door!


It was so unfair... so I brought up all the bad things that you did to other girls before me Then you kicked me out of your car!

Please, Michelle, say no more

I was alone... walking down the hill in high heel shoes I was so afraid

Still, it's not as bad... as being kissed by someone I admired then told that I brought it onto myself...

...that I was no better than a prostitute

Amidst the darkness, I had a revelation from God...

"He's fooling the world...

"He's fooling the world and must be punished!"

Pastor Tol You must have kicked yourself for falling at the hands... of such an ordinary person, over just a simple a kiss But you didn't know God was on my side!

No matter how insignificant I am... I'm willing to carry out God's will I'm not afraid of your power!

Because the truth is on my side

Pastor Tol, I advise you...

I advise you...

Repent now, for the end is near If you're cast into the lake of fire on the Judgment Day...

I will feel pity for you

Have mercy on me, O God, according to your unfailing love... according to your great compassion blot out my transgressions

Can I ask you a question?

Yes About the Judgment Day...

The Judgment Day?

The Bible says, the book of life will open a great white throne will appear All the dead, great and small, will stand before the throne, awaiting trial...

God knows everything, every thought that has ever crossed our minds!

Michelle, let's not think about it let's just go home to Mira?

No, I want to ask... where will you be standing on that day?

I will be wherever God has arranged for me to be

I hope you'll be by my side

l hope... you will be... where I can see you