Heaven Knows What (2014) Script




Please, please, I just need...


Ilya, please talk to me.


Ilya, I have to talk to you about something really important.

Please, can we go outside?

Ilya, please, don't make me talk about this in the fucking library.


What can I do for you to forgive me?

Ilya, what can I do for you to forgive me?


Would you forgive me if I die?




Excuse me, miss, would you spare a quarter, please?

Excuse me, sir, could you spare a quarter, please?

Fifty cents?

Would you spare fifty cents, miss?


Hi, um... do you have any razor blades?



HARLEY: Ilya dearest, I need you to know that I love you, baby, and I need you to know how sorry I am, really.

I never wanted to die.

I don't know what will become of you now, and I won't ever know if you'll really forgive me.

I'll always love you, even in death, and I'm so sorry that things had to come to this.

Love forever, Harley.


Goddamn you, you...


SKULLY: How much? EVAN: $600...

I paid 600 each for Madison Square.


Goddamn the fucking slash double fucking... (INDISTINCT)

But they were... Yeah, this is the... this is the first fuckin' album. This is the best album.

This is the best album of his.

Listen to this.

EVAN: Yeah, I'm gonna look up...

ILYA: I'll show you, I'll show you.


ILYA: I'll show you the fucking best.

ILYA: You'll see it, as it's going on. HARLEY: Ilya.

Yeah, one second, Skully, one second.

And you'll see it, but you have to read the word as you hear the...



I got the razor blades, okay.

I don't think you're taking me serious about this.

I'm sorry, okay?

But I am about to die right now, and I really want you to be there.

If you don't want to watch, just, please, just, at least read this after I die.



Stop, please, Ilya.


I've been listening to you for a long time talk about how you're going to do this, and I'm getting really fucking tired of it, so why don't you go fucking do it.


Go fucking do it, okay?

Fucking cunt.

ILYA: Fuck her, man. Fuck her.


Why would you want to get with some douchebag, black metal, fucking dirt bomb?

Honestly, my mother killed herself in suicide, okay?

On some serious tip.

That how you want to be, on the floor, dead?


I mean, why would you want to get with some fucking piece of shit that treats you like shit?

I need you.

Yeah? Yeah.

You need me? 'Cause you care about me?

Yes, of course, 'cause I care about you.

Why would I be here in the freezing cold, getting ready to go buy you some E and J?

I know you want that.

Promise you won't leave, and I'll go get us some E and J.

Yeah? Yeah.

You can pay for it?

Yeah. I'm going to steal it.

I ain't gonna pay for it.

All right, whatever works. All right.

You better fucking be back here though.

Don't disappear on me.

I'll be here, all right. I'll be right back.

ILYA: Harley!



Everyone told me that you were a fucking whore, that you're a sucking scumbag, that you're a fucking whore.

Evan, Jimmy, Dark Mark, even Skully told me.

Everyone told me that you're doing this shit again.

If you love me, you would have killed yourself by now.

You hear me?

If you love me you would have killed yourself by now.

You know how much you're killing me?

You know? Do you?

So why are you still here?

You want me to do it, Ilya?

Yes. Yeah?

Yes. Do it in front of me.

I want to see. I want to see you do it.

I want to see you do it. I'll do it right now, okay?

Please. Please, please, please, please, please.

ILYA: Yo, watch this shit, what this, watch.



Yo, yo, yo. She's got a razor blade.

I know, she's going to do it.

Come on, come on, come on.


Please, please, please.

Come on. Please. Please.

For me, for me. You love me?

Please. Please. Come on.


EVAN: You fucking idiot. What the fuck is wrong with you?

You're both fucking nuts, man.


I told you I'd commit suicide! Is this what you want?

Evan! Evan! Evan!

HARLEY: It hurts! Oh, it hurts!

Evan! Evan!

Oh, fuck... John, call an ambulance!

Call a fucking ambulance!

(SIREN WAILING) PARAMEDIC: Can you stay with me?

Can you look at me?

Can you look at me? Eyes open. Good.

Can you take a deep breath for me, nice and easy?

Harley, I'm not going in with you.

I can't go in with you.

Why? Ilya.

Ilya, please. Don't do this to me now.

I can't, I can't be with you. What?

I can't. Are you fucking kidding me?

Then why the fuck would you save my life?








SKULLY: Yo! Harley!

Yo! What's up?


Yeah, I was inside there, then they tried to kick me out.

HARLEY: Skully, how did you know I was here?

...looking at me like I'm crazy in there.

Where have you been? Where'd you get my stuff?

I thought you was coming out yesterday.

Why isn't this in the bag?

This was in the bushes.

You want this shirt, this nasty shit?

Take it to the fucking Laundromat and clean it.

No, this is all fucking moldy.

SKULLY: What are you doing with that?

You need like a quarter for that to clean it.

You got stitches?

Uh, yeah.

How many stitches you got?

HARLEY: Fourteen.

Huh? Let me see. Fourteen.

Show me, I want to see. You really want to see?


What the fuck?

What is wrong with you?

So what's up? How are you feeling now?

All right, I guess.

Show me some love, what's up?

I feel like you hate me or something.

I don't hate you, Skully, you know that.

Okay, so what's up?

We're gonna kick it today?

I got sticks.

I got everything you need.

Some liquor we can get.

I mean, I got a lot of stuff to do today.

And I'm gonna come with you.

SKULLY: Who are these people?

They're my friends.


They're my friends Friends? Nice friends.


Hey, what's up? Oh, you got out?



Guys, anyone seen Mike around?

No. Not since earlier.

Not since we talked with you hours ago.

Fuck, man.

MAN: He's probably at Starbucks locking himself in the bathroom.

Well, I hope he fucking comes to the park.

WOMAN: Yeah.

What's up?

Oh, hey, hey, you got a shot?

MAN: No.

Don't you owe me some from this morning?

Hey, Aaron, you seen Mike by any chance?

Oh, my God.

You won't believe that scene over there.

What scene?

Mike got his, like, ass kicked.


Like, two minutes ago, five min... how long it takes to walk from McDonalds to this side...

Just... Maynard, which McDonalds?

Right there, that McDonalds, the one right there, right there.

You know the McDonalds on like 70th Street... Right over there?

Where are you going?

SKULLY: Harley!

Yo, Mike!


Mike, Mike.

MIKE: Oh, my God.

What's up girl? What's up.

How you doing?

Fuck, I'm so happy to see you.

I was so fucking worried about you, man.

I was so fucking worried about you.

I heard what happened.

Fuck, I miss you. I miss you.

Are you all right?

Listen, I'll tell you all that in a minute just...

All right. All right. What's up?

Talk to me, talk to me, girl. Come on, talk to me.

I need you to find me two bags.

Come on. Let's go. Yeah?

Okay. Come on.

Just right here real quick.

Here, hold on, hold on. Right there.

One, two. There you go.


Now what you want to do? You want to hang out like?

I do... I got to... Listen, I got to go to Brooklyn, get my stuff from the couples' shelter.

Can I come with you? Come with... come with me, I'll be right out, okay? All right, I'm coming.

I'll be right out here. Yo, hurry up.

Yeah, I'll be right back.

I'm sorry. Excuse me, sir.

What are y'all doing?


Yeah, what is this shit, man?


Whoa, dude. What the fuck?

He wasn't by the hospital when I was there.

So what? I was taking care of fucking business.

Yeah? You were selling drugs to motherfuckers, okay?

You're fucking her life up. Whatever. Whatever.

Don't scream.

They'll gonna make that song about you.

♪ She's homeless ♪

♪ It's Harley Boggs ♪

♪ And she's rolling through the street with hepatitis ♪ Why are you laughing for all the time?

What's so funny?

You're fucking funny. You're a clown.

I don't see what's so fucking funny about that.

You're a clown. This dope, man.


Don't. Don't. Mike, Mike, Mike.


MIKE: Spin around for me.

Stop. Both of you.

Mike, you're acting like a fucking fool to me now.

Thank you. Now come on with me now.

No! Because you're acting like a bigger fool!

Can I talk with you? No.

Can I talk with you?

Can I at least talk with you for a second?

What do you want to talk about, Skully? One second.


What do you want to talk about?

All right. You know what? No, no.

Why you hugging him for and not me.

Get the fuck off me.

Why are you hugging him for and not me?

I don't want to talk with you anymore.

Just leave.

I ain't going nowhere. I'm coming to the shelter too.

We'll all go to the shelter, we'll have a grand time.

I ain't going nowhere.

What's up? I... I need to come get my stuff.

He with you? Ilya?

No, he's not with me. Look, look, what he did.

Hold on. Who are they?

Right in, right out. We're just helping her out.

One second, man, and we're in and out.

GUARD: All right, no problem. HARLEY: I'm sorry for fucking...

MIKE: Thank you, sir. Thank you, sir.

HARLEY: ...all the problems that we've caused, like really.

SKULLY: Thank you.

MIKE: What is Ilya's and what is yours?

HARLEY: This... this is... everything in that box is Ilya's.

Everything in mine, leave right there.

MIKE: All right. Give me all your stuff.

Give me all your stuff.

Throw all your stuff in this bag so we can get out of here.

HARLEY: Can we make it even at least?

Ain't gettin' rid of me.

Fuck that.

MIKE: Come on. Just ignore him.

SKULLY: Never get rid of me.

HARLEY: Skully, it's been fucking almost ten blocks already. MIKE: You gotta stop, man.

HARLEY: No, please.

MIKE: Forget about it. Come on. It's been almost ten blocks, okay?

MIKE: Come on. Come on.

HARLEY: You really have to chill the fuck out.

I'm not going nowhere. I am here.


HARLEY: I'm trying to fucking get away from you.

SKULLY: I'm stuck with y'all. HARLEY: All right?

Take this Metro card.

You need to take this Metro card. What am I going to do with that?

Because you need to leave. I got nowhere to go.

The reason we left you at that train station, so me and him can go to that train station, we don't want to be around you. I don't want to go nowhere.

Take this fucking Metro card, all right?

I don't want your Metro card.

Listen, you're not gonna leave?

Do you want a fucking key in your eye?

Wow, you're going to threaten me? Wow.

Do you want this key in your eye?

Chill out, chill. I'm out!

Then get out! SKULLY: Fuck you.

Calm down. Calm down.

Relax. He's gone.

You fucking bum.

Let's go. It's wrong, man. Mike, I'm sorry, SKULLY: Get the fuck out of here, bum. HARLEY: I cannot take repetition, and this kid is fucking driving me nuts.

SKULLY: Fuck you. Shut up. HARLEY: And you know what?

I don't even want this shit anymore, man.

I'm sick and tired.

SKULLY: Fuck you!

I'm tired of carrying it. I'm tired of him.

Cap this. Cap this.

Listen, I'm going to find a place to stash this, all right?

All right. All right.

SKULLY: Fucking bums.

HARLEY: What's up, piece of shit?

MIKE: Get the fuck out of here, you fat fuck.

Fucking piece of shit, faggot.

You got the liquor, Mike?

SKULLY: Yo, fuck you!

MIKE: Fuck him. Fuck him. Let's go. Fuck him.

Yeah, suck my clit, asshole. Fuck him.

Dude, just fucking wait for me.

All right?

Wait for me, I'll be there, bro, okay?

Meet me at the band shell in an hour and a half.

I got like four other people waiting for me.

I will be there.

You see these other guys just, like, these, like, they're just both one-way intersections, they're already, like, just barely wide enough for the cars, just, like, you can't go more than 40 miles an hour without bursting into flames...


ILYA: Yo, check that shit.

Fucking ground scored this shit.

MAN: Nice leather, man.

ILYA: It's a dope jacket, it's just ripped up on the inside.

WOMAN: You got to get like uh, uh, a t-shirt and patch that up.

ILYA: I'll find some... are you able, can you do that though?

WOMAN: If I had a leather needle and some...

MAN: Some dental floss, you can sew it up.

ILYA: That'll work?

WOMAN: Yeah, 'cause dental floss is thicker than thread.

ILYA: Well, I need help.

You guys have seen... you guys know this Carl Sagan?


MAN: Cosmos, the Cosmos show, I watch that every fucking Sunday.

You seen it? You seen it?

MAN: Like to watch it every Sunday, right, Beau?

Yeah. Do you watch it?

Dude, now the new guy, the guy who actually does... the Ferguson guy, he's the planetarium "courier."

WOMAN: He won the Nobel Peace Prize. MAN: Courier?

What the fuck do they call those people? Courier? Or corri...

WOMAN: He's an astronomer. MAN: Oh!


ILYA: Yo, you guys ever heard that Sagan quote, about the earth is a blue dot?

MAN 1: That one where he lists things?

MAN 2: Yeah, yeah, where he just says all the shit that we do, good and bad but that is all, you know, good because there's nothing else happening in the whole fucking place except right here, fucking love, you know, fucking hate, fucking, you know music...




MIKE: Do you want me to help you? HARLEY: Damn it.

I can help you. No, I got it. I got it sucked up.

I just wish we had a whole CC.

Dude, if I get arrested with you, I will never...

Just keep look out, all right.

You're not going to get fucking arrest.

All right, good call. Do it up.

Hurry up. All right.

You're going to give me heart attack, woman.

You saw it at the fucking scene too. There's fucking blood already in it.

Pull it back, do your thing.

All right. I am trying. Register, hurry up, and let's go! That's what I'm trying to do.

Push that shit in.

Boom, bang, you're good.

You good?

Oh, yeah.

Oh, I'm good. You good?


Yes or no, you good?

Thank fucking god.

Jesus Christ.

MIKE: Shit.





Isaac, what time do we have to leave?


When is that guy coming back?


He's going to be here at like 10:00, 10 something, probably right around then.

It's 7:00 right now.

Oh, shit.

All right.

We got to get the fuck up.


Mike. No!

Yeah, What? What?

We got to get up.

It's 7:00.

It's 7:00? HARLEY: Guy's coming back at 10:00.

That's three hours from now.

Yeah. Well, we got to do shit.

We got to get... we got to make it look like we got some shit done, yo.

Yeah, we got to... Oh, shit.

What do we got to do?

We got to get this up, we got to get cleaned up.

Got to make it look like nobody was here.

He can't know that anybody was here.

Oh, God damn it.

You got a smoke?

Yeah. Yeah.

Throw me one too.

Yeah, I got you.

Give me a swing of that.

I don't want any of that, let me just get a sip of that Coke.

Thank you.

Here you go.


HARLEY: I don't have any water.

MIKE: I need water, man.

Isn't there a water bottle around here somewhere?

I need water.

I'm gonna have to go get some water.

Don't you have one of those little water things?

Is there water in there?

No, there's no water in there. Just put it in the...

Get water from... in that sink.

Here. I'll get you some water real quick.

All right. Thanks, man. Christ.


That was a close one. That was almost a tragedy.

MIKE: So, Manny comes up and he's like, hey, Mike, let me get two bags.

So I hear he goes, here you go, two bags.

He hands me a little stack of singles, and as soon as I look at it I know it's not 20 bucks.

I don't even flip through it, I just kind of like take it and like spread it apart a little bit and I'm like, dude, this is not 20 bucks, and he's like, yeah, yeah, there's a 10 in the middle of those singles, bro.

And I'm like, look, bro, one, two, three, four, five, seven, nine, ten.

No, $10 bill. Where's $10 bill?

He's like, oh, dude, yo, yo, come on, man.

Yo, you probably pocketed it.

I'm like, are you fucking serious?

You gonna have the nerve to tell me I pocket it, I'm like, do you know how much I make a day, I am like $900,000 every fucking day.

I don't need your little measly $10.

All he had to do was say, Mike, I'm really hurting right now, I only got 10, I need two to get straight, you know, which is understandable.

HARLEY: I gave him some of my bags too.

MIKE: I would have did it.

I would have did it for him.

Dude, but when you try to be sneaky like that and fucking pull that slick shit, I'm not the one, man.


Let's go.

Let's go right now. Come on, let's go.

Let's go.

We got to do this shit.

Fuck, there's a letter to somebody.


Fuck, the trains coming. Hold it, hold it, hold it.

It's okay.

What the fuck is this?

P.O. box...

Oh, shit.


Fucking jackpot, Mike.

What happened? What'd you find?

HARLEY: 500 bucks.


Banana Republic?

We got to pick this shit up. We got to pick this up.

Don't leave it here.

I got it right in the pocket.

I get all...

What the fuck is this?

Yo, are you fucking kidding me?


Check it out, listen. Look, I got this phone for you.

It's got unlimited talk and text.

It's 50 a month. I got it covered. Don't worry about it.

Thank you.

We're square on the wake up, don't worry about that, all right?

You don't got to pay me back for that.

I was just looking out for you, don't worry about that.

All right. I talked to Diana.

Thirty bucks a night, we're good, all right?

You start coming up with your 15, and I got to come up with my 15.

Really, I got it.

And I can't carry you on this, you got to like...

Mike, I can make 15 bucks in like 20 minutes.

Get your bag, go spange. All right.

I got to re-up.

Could you spare a swipe, miss?

HARLEY: Excuse me, do you have a swipe by any chance?

Could you spare a swipe, miss? Do you have a swipe, miss?

Could you spare a swipe, miss?

Excuse me, do you have a spare ride, miss?

Oh, thank you so much.

I'll call you, all right?

You got a phone now. I'll call you.



RABBI: Excuse me. Excuse me, hello?

Are you high?

HARLEY: I'm sorry?

Are you high?

No, I'm not high.

It's okay to be high.

It's good, it's good, it's good to be high.


Yeah, yeah. It's okay. It's good. Are you high?

You high? Yeah, I'm high.

Here, here.

This is for you. What's this for?

For you, so that you can get high.


I mean, I am not Jewish or anything.

It's okay, there are mitzvahs for goyim too.

Okay. Enjoy, get high.

Get high. Thank you.



Excuse me, sir!

Sir, sir.

Um, do you think you could just get me some booze with this instead.

The store is right down the block, it will only take a minute.

Yeah, all right. All right.

Thank you.

HARLEY: Yo, assholes.

MAN: Hi. Look who it is. WOMAN: Hey.

Oh, she got it, she actually replaced it, that's awesome.

All right. There you go.

Awesome. Thank you.

You guys got chaser?

Oh, sure do. Sure do.

Good old Dr. Pepper.

I got lucky with that, man.

Right here, right here. All right.

Here you go, man.

Oh, cool. There you go.

Yo. What's happening?

Yo. Good.


Yeah, shit's not bad. It's good?

Yeah. All right.

Better be. Gotta go make more money and get more.

How do you... how do you like it?

Yeah, it was all right earlier.

I'm just fucking mad hungry.

You're hungry? Yeah.

So go get a burger.

Order your burger.

I don't have any money.

Don't have any money?


I thought you were... I thought you spanging all day.

I had a really fucked up day.

I don't even want to get into it.

You don't want to get into it?

Dude, we got to pay the rent.

We got to pay the rent. I don't have it.

You don't even got your 15 for the rent?

I don't even have money for wake up tomorrow.

Jesus Christ.

Hey, listen, I can only carry so much, HARLEY: This is very emotional for me.

...but you got to put some work in too.

Yeah. I'm out there hustling every day, putting my ass on the line. Listen, you give me a wake up tomorrow. Mike, you give me a wake up tomorrow, HARLEY: I'm going to go out, MIKE: What you do, HARLEY: I'll be there... MIKE: no offense, but what you do is nothing compared to me.

You're sitting on a corner with a sign...

That's fine. ...and people hand you money.

I'm putting my ass on the line, risking my freedom.

That's fine, Mike.

You need to come up with some money, Harley.

I'm saying if you give me a wake up, I'll go out at 8:00 in the morning.

Tomorrow, you need to get up early.

Yeah, so I can catch the morning rush.

You need to make some money.

I will.

You're going to prove yourself tomorrow.

All right. All right. All right. All right.

Guys, you guys gotta get out of here now, okay?

Why we got to go, man?

Yeah, why we got to go?

I know what you guys are doing in the bathroom.

MAN: Doing what? We weren't doing nothing.

EMPLOYEE: You guys all makin' up a whole bunch of noise inside here.

MAN: Nobody's been inside the bathroom for the last five minutes.

I'm gonna have to go get the manager.

You get your manager? How about this, all right?

Who's hungry in here? Anybody hungry?

Yo, if you're hungry, shout it out.

You're hungry? You're hungry?

Yeah, you hungry.

Can I get some cheese fries?

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine...

EMPLOYEE: Come on, man, you know you gotta go.


Twenty six, twenty seven, twenty eight, twenty nine, thirty.

Jalapeno sliders for everybody.

Oh, no. I'm going to get the manager, okay?

I'm getting my boss and I'll call the cops.

Okay? MIKE: Have a fiesta!


Yo, Mike. Shh.

What the fuck did I say?

Mike, please fucking wake up. Harley, shh. I got neighbors.

I am sorry. What did I tell you?

You can not do this in my apartment.

All right. Fine. Fine.

I'm telling you, you can not do this.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. All right.

We made an agreement, you respect it.

Mike, I want my fucking shot.

Come here, come here. Come here, come here.

Shh, keep it down, please.

Now they got a rule, my neighbors.

Doesn't that blow your mind?


These are the ones that judge me.

Shh, I don't want to judge you, you got to keep the noise down, okay?

You could stay here, you got to keep it down.

All right?



What? What?

What the fuck do you want?

Mike, I just want my shot, so we don't have to keep making noises.

Give me the money.

You said you had me tonight, remember?

Give me the money. Shh.

Mike. When did I say I had you?

In White Castle. Shh.

Come on, keep it down. Just keep it down.

What the fuck is going on?

This is... what's this on the floor?

You said you were going to spot me two bags.

I said I would spot you two bags?

Yes. Till when?

Till tomorrow.

Why can't you just go out and spange tonight?

Because it's 11:00 at night. So what?

Sit out there for 30 minutes, you'll make 50 bucks.

Mike, you know, you don't make any money at 11:00 at night.

I have.

Mike, you promised me.

And then you're not going to ask me for more in the morning?

You told me, you had me on a wake up.

So now I owe you four bags now? Remember the deal?

You were going to help me out tonight, I was going to pay you back tomorrow.

How much do I got to give you in total?


Four bags? Yeah.

Two tonight and two tomorrow morning?


And what time am I going to have my $40?

Ten in the morning.

By 10 o'clock in the morning?


All right.

All right? Fine.

Whatever, just fuck it. Thank you.

All right, here you go.


Of course I am.

MIKE: No fucking peace, I work all fucking day.

I hustle all day. I got to look behind my back all day.

I can't even get a nice nod and relax.

All night, people asking me, "Mike, can I get a bag?"

Waking me up at four in the morning while I'm sleeping.

"Mike, I just made 20 bucks, here you are."

Why don't you fucking buy it earlier, all at once?

DIANA: You got to move it now. Come on.

MIKE: Why? What, is this important?

DIANA: Yes. Yes, it is.

And it wouldn't matter whatever is in it.

If I want you to move it, I want you to move it.

Move it now.

Come on.

MIKE: All right.

All right, fine, I'll move it.

Just want me to move that box or everything else?

I'll move everything. DIANA: Well, move this one first and then we'll discuss the other ones with this one gone.

MIKE: Oh, okay.

Tell Kenna I'll bring up the fucking box.

Hey, Mike.

MIKE: Yeah, what?

Do... do you think I could have those two bags?

MIKE: Two bags? What two bags?

The two bags that you promised me for the wake up?

What... what... what are you talking about your wake up?

It's not morning time.

Why would I give you a fucking wake up?

It doesn't make any sense. Mike.

MIKE: I promised you a wake up, and you didn't even go to sleep yet to wake up.

Mike, listen!

I do two bags here, two bags here, two bags here.

I want to feel a fucking rush, okay?

Oh, so you want to do all four?

I just want to feel the fucking rush, all right? Yeah.

So can I just get the two right now?

No. No, no.

If you would have asked me for four bags to fill your fucking rush I wouldn't have gave you shit.

If you were going to give me two now, and then two in the morning that's four, right?

'Cause you just want to get super fucking high.

Yeah, I do. All right.

Well, I'm trying... Do you know how to do math?

Do you know how to do math?

Yeah, I'm not fucking retarded, all right?

Listen to me. Listen to me.

You said you were going to give me two now and two in the morning.

Yeah, it's not the fucking morning!

So what's the difference if you give me four right now, it's the same amount?

What the fuck is the difference, is that it's not the morning, it's night.

Look out the fucking window. Antoine!

Call fucking Antoine.

Get his two cents. Oh, God, I don't want to get in the middle of this, okay?

Say you're a dope dealer, and you say to me... it's night time, and you say to me, I'm going to give you two bags now, and then I'm going to give you two bags in the morning.

But then I come back to you, after you give me two bags and say, hey, can I just have... MIKE: I want to feel a rush.

Can I just have all four bags at once and don't worry about me in the morning and I won't... Just agree with her so she feels right.

Let me fucking talk. She'll say anything just to get her fucking way. Let me speak.

Does that make sense?

And you won't ask for that two in the morning if he gives you the two now?


Got to tell you there's no difference, Mike, just give her the other two.

Thank you. There's no difference?

You want your fucking two? HARLEY: It's the same thing, Mike.

Don't say shit to me in the morning when I'm getting fucking nice right in front of your face. I won't.

MIKE: Get your fucking rush.


TV: Pain, pleasure, indivisible.

Harley, you want some cereal?

No. I really don't feel good, Diana.

DIANA: You sure? I can make some oatmeal?

Please, I'm all right.

DIANA: All right.

How about you, Antoine, you want some?


DIANA: Yeah, okay.


Michael, you want some breakfast?

Hey, what's up, bro?

What's up, bro?

How are you doin'?

So, listen, 420 for the sticks, 20, 40, 60, 80, 1, 20, 40, 60, 80, 420.

That's for the sticks.

I got, 20, 40, 60, 80, 1, 20, 40, 60, 80, and I owe you 280, for this morning. Hear me out for a second.

I got a Banana Republic card.

This shit has $500 worth of clothes.

I'm not taking it, I'm not selling clothes.

No, no, don't sell it.

You want it for yourself, do you want it for yourself, to like...

I got clothes, I got clothes.

Dude, you can make 250 off that shit.

I'm not selling it, I'm not doing that.

I got things to do. It's not happening, bro.

I heard you, bro. So $100?


Get it. Call someone. Come on, man.

All right, listen, I got my friend who owes me money.

He's right up the block.

Okay. Wait for me, Please, brother, wait for me.

All right. All right.

It's 3:50 right now, you got five minutes.

Five minutes? Dude, I gotta go around the corner.

Just give me ten minutes, bro.

Hurry up, hurry up. Ten minutes?

Get going. You got me.

Don't bounce on me, brother.

I'm not. I'm not. Hurry up.

I'm running, I'm running. I'll be right back.

Go, go. All right.

Look, she's going to stay with you, all right.

Harley's going to stay with you. That's fine.

All right. I'll be right back.

I'll see you. All right.

That's a nice bike.

Thank you.

How long have you been riding?

Couple of years, four, five years.

You any good like, know any tricks?

Yeah, it's stunt bike. I could do a couple of tricks.

Why? You want to see some?

Yeah. Yeah?

Hold up.

That was fucking awesome.

Oh, yeah?

What are you doing right now? Come for a ride with me.

I've never been on a bike.

Yeah? It's not that scary. Don't worry, I won't go fast.

Put the helmet on, let's go.

All right.

MIKE: Yo, yo.

See, I got it. Good?

Yeah, I told you I'd be back, brother.

Here, one, two, three, four, five.


Listen, are you going to be around later?

Yeah, hit me up. Thanks, man.

Come on, you coming with me?

I'm gonna go for a ride, Mike.

Going for a ride? Yeah.

She's coming with me, yeah. She'll be fine.

Have you ever rode a motorcycle before?


Dude. She'll be fine.

You know how many people I know died breaking their necks, they're in a wheelchair for life because of this shit? Are you serious?

Harley, do not get on that fucking motorcycle.

I'll see you later, all right.

No, no, no.

Yo, Harley, I'm going to meet you at Diana's.

Yo, you heard me?


I'm going to meet you at Diana's.

Call me.


Yo, I'll meet you at Diana's.



Yo, why are you here?

Why are you... why are you in my spot?

HARLEY: Your spot?

In my spot.

All I'm trying to do is spange and read my fucking book.

Can you please go away?

What's that, in your hand? What's that in your hand?

Don't you worry about it. It's my fucking book.

What the fuck?

Yo, give me my fucking phone, Ilya.

This is your phone? Yes, it's my phone.

Who gave it to you?

I bought it!

You... Yeah.

Ilya, give me my fucking phone.

What are you doing?

I am going to fucking kill him.


You're going to kill who?

Michel, yo, yo. Yeah, yeah.

No, I'm here with Harley.

Yeah, yeah, I need, I need one bag.

Yeah, can you meet me in front of the Barnes & Noble like, like... yeah, 15... that's fine, that's fine.

Fifteen minutes.

In Barnes & Noble.

Okay, bro. Oh, thank you, thank you.

Seriously, seriously. Thank you.

Ilya, what are you doing?

Where the fuck are you going, Ilya?

Fucking bullshit.

I want my fucking bag back, Ilya.

What the fuck did you do with my bag?

Fuck, man.


Ilya, where the fuck is my bag?

Where the fuck is my bag?

Where the fuck, where the fuck is my green bag, Ilya?

Can you calm down for me, please?

I'm calm. Where the fuck is my bag?

You're calm?

Yes, I'm calm.

Then I will tell you.

It's on the south side of the street, just west of Amsterdam.

There's a black gate that is open.

Open the black gate and walk down the stairs, and your bag is on the bottom.


Fucking assholes.

Gotta be fucking kidding me.


Yo, did you see fucking Ilya anywhere?

Uh, no, he said he was going to be here to get two off me.

Fuck man. Why are you here?

Why are you here? Yo, he's not... dude.

Why are you here?

Dude, he's not trying to get fucking two bags off you, he's trying to fucking kill you.

He's trying to kill me?

Yeah? Yeah? Yo, I'm fucking serious.

So why were you just with him then?


I was spanging, Mike, he came up to me.

How does Ilya always know where we're at?

The last time we were in the park he just showed up?

What the fuck? You trying to set me up or something?

No, I'm not trying to set you up.

I'm trying to fucking telling you what's going on!

I don't know, he said he'd be here!

When's the last time you seen him?

86th Street. Well, that's where I'm goin' at.

He's going to kill me? I'm going to fucking kill him.

I am tired of this fucking shit. Dude, wait up for me.

No, no, wait for nothing.

I got to watch my fucking ass every day, and now I got to deal this shit.

It's fucking bullshit, bro. Like, seriously, You know what, no, it's done. Dude, I'm trying to fucking tell you...

It's done. ...what's going on.

Look at what he did to my fucking hand. Look!

No, no.

It's gone on for too fucking long!

I'm tired of his fucking clown ass. I'm tired of his ass, bro.

Let him try it to me right now.

Where's he at, man? We walked this way.

Where the fuck is he at?

Hey, how's my best friend?

Have you see Ilya?

Have you seen him? Where is he?

No, no, I don't have time for that right now.

Where is Ilya?

Well, Hal went that way with Erica, all right, buddy?

How long ago? Hal went that way with Erica.

HARLEY: Who'd you say? How long ago?

All right, just like ten minutes ago.

Ten minutes ago.

Mike, I know where he is, I know where he is.

No, I don't got time for that right now.

Come on, buddy.

I don't got time for that right now.

Is he over here or not?

Where is he? Where is he?

I don't fucking see him, where is he?

He's not here.

HARLEY: Maybe he's by the rock. He's not fucking here.

MIKE: He's by the rock, what rock?

Right there. Yeah, yeah.

Is that them? Is that them? Come on, let's go.

Let's go.

Let's fucking go.

You want what?


What's up, motherfucker, I thought you wanted to kill me?

Do you want me to kill you?

Yeah, let's do it. Come on. You do?

Do it up, let's do it, I'm ready.

Do it right now.

Oh, shut the fuck up and sit down.

Just shut the fuck up? Do it right now, motherfucker.

Kill me right now.

Get the fuck out of here.

Can you stop, please?

MIKE: Back off.

ILYA: Did you really do that, just now?

Yeah, I did do that, you motherfucker.

Kill me right now.


Come on, let's go.

Let's go.

Let's go.

MIKE: Let's go. Guys, stop this shit, man.

Come on. Let's do this.

Can you guys just chill out?

Come on. Come on, take your shirt off. Come on.



Hey, hey, stop.

EVAN: Ilya!

EVAN: Ilya!


ERICA: Ilya, stop it.

You done?

You're done?

Mike, stop it. Mike, stop it. Mike, stop.

Tap out. Tap out.

MAN: Easy, Mike!

Tap out. I will put you to sleep.

Tap out!


Mike! Fuck, bro.

Get off me. MIKE: You good, bro?

He's good, man. He's good. You good?

You gonna calm down, you gonna walk the fuck away?

You know, I'll fucking kill you.

Next time I'll take your fucking life, bro.

You want more or are you good?

Shh. No, I need to hear it.

You good?


Oh, what did you just fucking throw at him?

MIKE: Fuck!

This shit's fucking bleeding all over the place, man.

Fuck. Get this shit out.


Yo, Ilya, what the fuck? You, call a fucking ambulance.

What the fuck is this shit, man?

HARLEY: I need an ambulance to 91st Street and Riverside Park.

Fuck, man. Oh, no, he's bleeding.

Can you just please get here?

91st Street. Please, hurry up, please, please.

Mike, hold on. Yo, I'm fucking bleeding to death.

Yo, put something over it. We got to go. I'm bleeding to death.

I'm fucking bleeding to death, man. Let's go.

Mike, you told me to fucking call the ambulance, they're on their way.

Fuck! What are you gonna do?

I wasn't thinking. We got to go.

Mike, what are you gonna do?

I don't know. Yo, you're bleeding.

I'm gonna need to fucking stitch you up my god damn self, and I don't what to do that.

I'll stitch my fucking self up. Yo, where are you going?

Where are you even going? I'm not sitting in fucking jail.

Oh, this shit fucking hurts.

We should have went to the hospital, man. That needs stitches.

What a fucking weasel though.

I fucking... I let him up. I could have fucking killed him.

I could have killed him, and I let him up.

I asked him if he had enough.

He said he has enough and then he fucking sneaks me.

He's a fucking punk, man.

He's a weasel.

Fucking pussy, man.

You don't even care? He's like, fucking try to kill me.

Of course I care.

I think it's fucked up what he did.

You still love him though, right?

Of course.

What if I killed him?

What if I killed Ilya?

Mike, it's self defense.

Yeah, what if we both got into a fight, and I killed him?

I guess, I couldn't be mad at you, you know, but...

I think in the back my mind I'd always hate you.

Hate me?

So if I would have died today, you wouldn't, you wouldn't hate him?

I know he does fucked up the things, all right.

It doesn't matter what he does.

It doesn't...

It doesn't matter? I can't help that I love him, do you understand?

Dude, that kids gonna bring you down.

You don't see it now.

He already has!


That's it? You don't care?

You don't care.

What do you mean, I don't care?

Right. About what?

About how you do in life.

About, about Harley.

You just want to be his woman, your whole life.

Don't you want to be your own person?

You want everybody to look at you with a fucking crooked eye because of the shit he does?

You don't get it, man.

I think you don't get it, Mike.

I don't get it, look.

I'm not trying to put you down but...

I'm admitting everything you're saying.

You think you're gonna be in love with him forever.

You think you're gonna be in love with him forever?

I know I will be.

I think you're just infatuated.

I really don't think you, you know anything about real love.

I really don't.

I don't think you do.


I don't think you do.

Well, I already proved myself.

I proved that I would die for someone I love.

Yeah, for the wrong person.


I did for him, truly.

You know what?

Fuck everything, man, I'm out.



He... it was a homemade for, you know, the, uh, little razor blades.

Yeah, that you put in...

That you know that you buy... Box cutters.

Box cutters. Yeah, right.

He welded like six of them together to make a star.

I picked it up. He's got a lot a free time, I picked it up on the fucking ground. ...doesn't he?

I don't know what the fuck he does.

No, dude, you don't know how shitty my fucking day was, and I'm sorry I don't have the rent for you today.

How much do you owe me by now? Was it 15 or 10?

I forgot. 15.

And if you want I'll go, I'll go sleep on the trains or something but... No.

I've been looking through my stock and I have some really nice dream catchers.

Would you be interested in selling them, you think?

If I can find them.

I was just looking at 'em the other day.

I just saw 'em over here.

Oh, and there's some rocks.

Hey, did Mike come in?

Excuse me?

Did Mike come in? Mike came in, right?


He's in the bathroom with Antoine.

They're both in there? Yeah.

It's weird, and they shut the door.



What's up?

Um... nothing.

We're just hanging, you know?

He took mad fucking benzos.

All right, I just want to see ya.

But, I'm, I'm just trying to like look after him.

All right.

Ah, Mike, what the hell.

Have fun, I guess.

Hey, are you okay?

What do you mean?

Oh, do you... do you need one?

Would one even help?


Okay, wait a second.


Thank you, so fucking much.

Seriously. I try.

Okay, sweetie. I got you back.

DIANA: Hey, Harley, are you... where did you go?

Um, I'm just, uh, fixing my bandages.

I got to put some Neosporin on it.

DIANA: Oh, okay.

You're all right though?

You know, I was thinking about those dream catchers.


DIANA: Why it'd be really good if you sold them.

'Cause people are gonna have a memory of whatever conversation you two would have, and it would be a nice little memory.

Call 'em a "memory catcher" maybe.

Add it to the dream catcher, and you could add stones to them too.

You know, like rose quartz, Tibetan crystal, and, you know, have a little variety of each, and a few rings and bracelets.

It would be something to look forward to.

You even put in little jokes now and then like, "Life is rocky, so buy one." (HARLEY LAUGHS)

You know, make people laugh.

They always have a good moment when they laugh, that always helps in sales, I find.

Oh, yeah, you know, I was thinking about Ilya.

How do you spell his name?


That's how you say his name, Elya?


DIANA: You start off with the E or I?

I, Ilya.

DIANA: I heard you pronounce it differently.

It's Ilya.

Ilya? Yeah.

DIANA: Elya?





Yo. What?

I know you took that bundle.


He was passed out in the bathroom.

I did not take a fucking bundle, no way.

You took the fucking bundle. No.

So then want did you to take?

I only took two at the most, I'm telling you.

And you're giving me your last bag?

Well, the reason is because my mom has extra, and she's gonna split with me and you look dope sick so.

Really? Yeah.


Hang on. Who is it?


Who is it?

Erica, Erica, calm down! Calm down!

I cannot understand you.

Who's on the phone?

Who? Who?




Erica, it's Harley, open. ERICA: Harley?


What the fuck. I think he's dying.

I think he's dying. He was asking for you.

He was asking for you.

ERICA: Hey, okay, okay.

Wake up, Ilya!

Ilya, wake up!

Ilya. Ilya, open your eyes. Come on.

Ilya, wake up!

Oh, my God, he need space.

Harley, fucking do something!

I am! You're not doing anything.

You'll fucking make it worse. Okay, but just fucking...

Just shut up, all right.

Just stop, for a second.

Baby, come on, wake up.

Ilya, come on.

Come on, Ilya.


ERICA: Can I leave?

Ilya. Can I leave?

Ilya, open your eyes, come on.

Hey, come on. Wake up. Ilya.



Come on, come on, get up.


Baby, Ilya, look at me.

Look at me, Ilya.

Look at me.

Look at me.

Get up. Ilya, get up. Look at me.

Can you hear me?



Ilya. Come on sit up.

Sit up!

Raise yourself.

Raise yourself up.

Come on.

Keep your eyes open.

Open, open, open your eyes.

Ilya, look at me.

Ilya, look at me.



Baby, can you hear me?






What... what happened?

Is Ilya all right?

Yeah, he's all right.


Yeah, he's up. He's in the shower.

Just don't tell him I was here, please.


Do you mind?

Okay, sorry.

All right, I gotta go.

Um, all right. See you guys around.

Are you gonna be back?


Hey, miss.

Having a good night? CLERK: So far, so good.

You need help with anything?

Um, how much for these?

Those go for $6.99. Fuck. Shut up.

Okay, they're something like $10 at Duane Reade.

Yo, but, aw. HARLEY: Something nice.

Oh, shit.


Hey, Nigel, are you there?

ILYA: Oh, shit.

So you guys got too many toothbrushes.

Oh, fuck.

Excuse me.


Excuse me, sir.

I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.

I didn't do anything yet.

I haven't done anything.

I'm just looking at something.

I'm just looking.

Okay, okay, I'll leave. I'll leave in a minute.

I just... I need to find.

Here, maybe you can help. There you go.

I need to find... My teeth are very sensitive.

I need to find a very sensitive toothpaste, because my teeth are um, they're... (LAUGHING)

No, no, no, no, no, what is that, Pro-enamel?

Yo, fucking, get the shit.

Get your shit, get your shit. All right, I'm coming.

One more thing. One more thing. One more thing.

I'm fucking out of here. Wait.

Hurry up. I'm coming. Yo.

Gee, what the fuck did you say? Did you tell them you saw a rat in there?

Is it food?

Hurry up. Just chill the fuck out.

Get the shit. Come on.

I'm coming, yo. Come on.

Fuck them, man.


You need energy drinks?

We got 5-hour and Red Bull for a buck.

BODEGA CLERK: How many you got?

We got a lot, man. Like, we got packs.

500. 500, what?



Whoa. Got it? HARLEY: It's breaking.


Twenty-one, twenty-two.

Oh, come on grab it.

It's still 28.

Thirty. Right.

Is it 34? Yeah.

Yeah, there's two more of these.

That's it?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, bro, so come on.

ILYA: These bunnies are kind of, like, fucked up though, yo, because, like, they got two ears, but, like, honestly I just see, like, one fucking, like, boner from the fucking head.


Not suitable for children under three years of age.

Well, I mean like... Honestly the only person I want to give this to is under three years of age.

I love this fucking lights though, yo.

All right, let's get out of here.

Come on, let's go.


Why you laughing?

Well, seriously why you laughing? (PHONE RINGING)

Oh, shit. Stop laughing.

Stop, stop. Jesus stop laughing.

Stop laughing, get your shit.

It's funny. Hang on, hang on.

What the fuck is that? Fuck.

It's Mike? Yeah.

Yo, dude. What the fuck.


Fuck. Asshole.

That's funny!

That's fun.


HARLEY: Ilya, dearest.

At first you were a prince.

You were peaceful, and to me you were the sweetest boy in the world.

You had patience and there was an elegance about you.

You gave me many gifts,

and by that I mean you introduced me to many things, worlds I had no idea existed, a sweeter side within myself, one that I never knew was there,

and also of course a darker side, but even with that darkness that comes with knowing you, being with you, in the end, I need you.

You enabled me to grow as a person.

Everything that I am today, came from you.

(BEEP) Sorry, y'all.

HARLEY: Hey. What's up?

Yo, put that shit away, what the fuck you doing, yo?

You don't see all the cameras out here?

They're above you.

Fuckers are ringing my bell too, man, HARLEY: Thanks for coming out for us. ...at this time?

Yeah, sorry about that.

Hey, you think you can do it for 80 again?

You fucking crazy? Yo, it's a hundred.

Oh, come on, man, you did it for 80 the other time.

Naw, man. Yo, see what time it is? It's a hundred now.

Oh, seriously, seriously we feel bad, we feel bad.

No, I don't fucking care, y'all. You got me out of bed and everything.

ILYA: We don't have 100, yo.

That's all you got? Yeah, we got 90. We got 90.

All right, give it to me.

ILYA: Well, thank you. Seriously, man.

Thank you so much.

Thank you.

You don't even have to count it.

Take this.

Now get the fuck out of here.

Tommy, thank you. Tommy, thank you.

Shut the fuck up, man. HARLEY: Come on, babe.

ILYA: I'm coming, baby, I'm coming.

HARLEY: What the fuck?


I love you, baby.

I love you too.

We're trying to get to Florida.

WOMAN: You got your ticket already?

No, no, no, we ain't got nothing yet.

This Greyhound's closed, but go the Trailways, they'll do the ticket there.

Where is the Trailways? Right next to it.

Keep going. Keep going.

Uh-uh. No, no, no.

No, no, no, no. What?

Switch... just sit on this side.

Fucking, god damn it.

Yo, I want to get off.

Sir, you can't be up here while the bus is moving.

You got to return to your seat.

I want to get off here. Now.

DRIVER: Where are you going?

Headed north. Yeah, come on.

DRIVER: No. No, no, I'm with you. I'm with you.

Go ahead.

No, go ahead.





Ah, fuck.




Ilya, is that you?

I'm sorry.

Did you see a guy with long brown hair?

Blue eyes?

Excuse me, sir.

I was sitting right here with my boyfriend.

You don't know what I'm talking about?



Do you know what happened to the guy with blue eyes, long dark hair?

Sir, I was wondering if you could tell me where my boyfriend got off the bus?

I have no idea.

Well, I need to get off the bus. Can you please pullover?

No, I can't let you off on the shoulder, it's against company policy.

Then I'm gonna break the fucking door down if you don't pull over.

You got to fucking pull over. Miss, go back to your seat.

You can't be up here. Where's my fucking boyfriend?

Break this fucking... Miss, you can't be up here.


Pull the fuck over.

Ma'am, return to your seat, please.

Pull the fuck over. You can't be up here while the bus is moving.

Ma'am... Pull over.

Go back to your seat.

Sir, just pull the fucking bus over.

It's a safety issue, you can't be up here.

I'm not even joking.

Nobody's seen him?

You guys haven't fucking seen him?

Nobody's fucking seen this one person who's left the bus?

Fuck. Fuck.

Shit. Motherfuckers.

Fuck. Shit.


Pull the fucking bus over.


DRIVER: Come on, sweetheart. Let's go.

Oh, now you want me to get off the bus?

Don't fucking touch me. Are you're fucking kidding me?

Get the fuck... Are you fucking kidding me?

Get off me. Get the fuck off me.

You can't touch me like this.

Get the fuck off me. I'm not getting off.

I'm not getting off this fucking bus.


Look what you did to my fucking wrists.

You little fuck! I'm gonna fucking kill you!




Someone stop, please.



Please, I just need a little bit of help.

Can somebody come help? Please, just help me.

Somebody please tell me what's going on.



Help me.

Please, help me, please.

MIKE: I'm not gonna bust you down.

You're not going to demand shit from me.

And he's fucking... he's fucking demanding my cigarette and I'm like, listen, bro, I am not in the fucking mood.

I am not in the mood for this shit right now.

Just leave me alone, walk away, bro.

Leave me alone.

He's like, yo, who you talking to like that, son, who you talking to like that? He's getting all ghetto with me and shit, put my left hand around his throat, I'm choking him and I fucking... take my fucking right hand, and I just started pounding it out, bang, bang, bang.

I fucking walked down the stairs, and about seven or eight cops are walking right up as I'm walking down.

And I literally like, I brush right pass them, and they're walking up and they don't even... they don't even pay attention to me.

They don't even give me one look.

They fucking walk right up the stairs, MAN: Yeah, and they're looking for a dude in a jacket and hat. MIKE: And look around, and they're like, "No, no, doesn't look like he's in here, come on, let's go back downstairs." They go back downstairs, and I say, "Yo, Danielle, Sarah, "listen, I need your help right now.

"I just did something really bad. I'll explain it to you in a few minutes.

"Right now, I need your help."

And she had a duffel bag, Sarah had a duffel bag on her.

I said, "Listen, I need your duffel bag, please.

"Give me your duffel bag. Here, take my backpack, "put it inside your duffle bag. Let me take your duffle bag.

Here, take my coat, take my hat."

Yeah, yeah. So now I just have a shirt, and now I just have my long hair...

Just a shirt and a long hair-do.

Totally different look. Not a hoodied hood rat no more.

'Cause they gave the description of someone with a jacket and hat and a backpack... know what I'm saying?

You got to change up the look.

So now I'm a totally different look, no jacket, no hat, I'm walking down the stairs...

I told them, listen, I'm going to get the fuck out of here.

I just did something really bad outside.

Walk calm for a block and then run.

I'm going to get out of here, I will call you guys in 20 minutes and tell you where I am at.

I'm running down the street. I run like two blocks down.

I turn the corner. I run another block down, and...