Heavenquest: A Pilgrim's Progress (2020) Script

When Lord Aamon hears about this, you'll all be punished.

He knows what I've done for the Southern Kingdom.

You cannot treat a Judge of the King like this.


You will have your word when we reach the castle, Judge of the King.

No, please stop!


Lord Aamon!

And who is this one?

Lord Aamon...

These guards have crossed the line.

They've taken me from my home in Gamor and have yanked me throughout the treacherous woods.

They've made a grave mistake.

They do not know of my allegiance to the Southern Kingdom and how I've served you with all my might.

Did you not know of his allegiance to the Southern Kingdom and how he served me with all his might?

Who are you?

I'm Vangel of Gamor, Judge of the King of the South.

I've served Gamor with pride and vigilance for years.


I didn't know this was Vangel of Gamor, Judge of the King of the South.

Lord Aamon, have I done something to offend you?

I don't know.

But let's find out.


You're more than what you say, aren't you, Vangel?

You've seen it. Seen what?

What have I seen?

What are you speaking of?

Take him to the Fires of Mauna, find out what he knows.


I've done nothing wrong to the South!

Find out what he knows and then dispose of him.

You... you have the wrong man.

This is just a misunderstanding.

It's nothing I can't clear out.

I just need time!

Please! No!

Lord Aamon, no!

Lord Aamon, you can't do this!

No! No!

Bring in the next one.

Keep it moving!

Get up!

Come on!

Hasten your pace!


Get up, judge!

The Fires of Mauna await you!


That way.

Rest here.

I need water.

What's the matter, Judge of Gamor?

Never got your hands dirty?

It might surprise you, I wasn't always a judge.


Then what were you before?

Manager of your rich father's mistresses?

Nah. No, no, no.

I was a people watcher.

I observed their habits, their manners.

You could tell a lot from someone just from their expression, their insecurities, their desires.

I learned a lot how about people can be bent to do what you want as long as you can expose them.

For example, your father, he never had a woman on the side.

Hell no.

My mother would castrate him immediately.

There you go.

But his father, he did.

What was that?

Oh, your father kept other women, did he not?

That's why you fell silent when he made a joke about rich fathers running around.

The look on your face.

The look on your face.

It's like he dug it all up from where you tried to bury it all.

You... you bloody rich prick!

I'll teach you some manners...

Your mother!

She was one of the mistresses, wasn't she?

You bloody liar!

I'm no liar.

I speak the truth.

The truth about what I see.

After all, I am a judge.

Am I not?

I say we kill him!

I say we kill him now and tell them that he died on the way!



Get off!

One more time!

My Lord.

The prisoner, the Judge of Gamor.

Where is he?

We don't know.


Find him.

Is this Vangel of Gamor worth the search?

What if he's not the prophesied one?

How can we be certain that the prisoner is one of the Five?

He's seen the vision of the North.

Why would the North choose a wretch like him?

Are you questioning me?

Lord Aamon, forgive me.

My men and I will search for him high and low.

We will not stop until he is found.

Bring him back alive.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Easy, easy!

How'd you get your chains off?

Rock over there.

What's your name?




Where were they taking you?

Fires of Mauna.

Me as well!

My whole village was captured.

No reason.

Now what town are you from?


Gamor, huh?

Gamor's no better than this wretched place.

Judging by your accent and calloused, coal-ridden hands, I'd say you were dragged from the mining town of Warda.

What are you?

A thief?

A swindler.

That's it, isn't it?

Swindled your way to the top of that god-forsaken city of scoundrels.

You know, there's a saying where I'm from.

"Remain in the pits or trample others to get out."

There is a reason they arrested you.

Someone overheard me saying I was leaving it for the North.

Were you?


Serves you right.

Why would you do something like that?

They say the North is beautiful.

It flows with life, with wonder.

All I knew my whole life was mines...

Fairy tales for commoners.

If... if you're so important, then why are you stuck here in this awful forest?

There's been a mistake.

And I'm going to clear it up.


I'm going to Aynor where they know of my reputation and they'll clear my name.

You're a fool!

With those things on, you won't make it past the city gates before they throw you into the dungeon.

So how do we get them off?

There a blacksmith in these parts?

No heat could remove these.

These are crafted by dark power.

Then what do we do?

If we want these off, we need a light-bearer.

Someone with the power of light.

Light-bearers have been appearing in the Northern Kingdom.

People have been experiencing supernatural things.

It's a sign of the times.

My friend, these are fairy tales.

Fairy tales or not...

I don't know about you, but I'm getting tired of these.

If I come with you to the North, will you get these bloody things off?

How far is it to Aynor?

Just south of the border.

If we go together, you have a better chance of making it.

I killed that guy, just like that.

I'm a killer.

You didn't kill that guard.

I didn't kill that guard.

I have a bad feeling about this.

Did you notice?

I haven't seen a fox for days!

Back in the woods of Warda I would see foxes every day.

At least once.

Sometimes twice.

Sometimes three, four, five in a day.

You can eat fox.

Not recommendable, but you can.

I guess it doesn't matter.

Sometimes three, four, five in a day.

You can eat fox.


Shackles are getting heavier.


What is that noise?


What's happening?

What is that noise?








Oh, oh!

Oh, please.





These are getting heavier.

Look at this.


These are getting heavier.

Vangel, Vangel.

Okay, stop.


Found it.



Are you lost?

Are you okay?

What's happening to us?

It's the forest.

It has been cursed long time ago by the Dark Order to keep the pilgrims escaping to the North.

I can't feel my hands.

It's okay.

I have a cure.

My family has been living here for a long time.



I can give you shelter.

I can take care of you.


Please eat.

Sit down.

Drink this.

It will make you feel better.

What is your name?

I'm Vangel of Gamor.

Bandy of Warda.

Are you lost?

We're going to the North.

If you're heading to the North, you must walk the path to enter through the Wicked Gate.

Come with me if you want to live.


What was that?

That woman, she's a witch.

She's one of the many spies of Aamon.

Those who try to head to the North will encounter them along the way.

Who are you?

I am Elder, servant of the King of Eos.

There is no one King over all of Eos.

Maybe you're the delusional one, Vangel.

We've all heard the legends.

Well, definitely not from the South.

Oh hell!

You think you can just figure everyone out.

Can you believe it, Elder?

This man was Judge of Gamor.

I am Judge of Gamor.

Once I get these shackles off, clear my name in Aynor, I'll be reinstated.

Judge of Gamor, there's nothing left here for you.

And you.

Do you want to see with your own eyes?

King Apollyon's shadow is growing.

His army's on the move, taking over once free lands, destroying everything along the way.

What is this?

What does it look like to you?

An army?

King Apollyon's army.

Why would the King of the South be building an army?

To prepare for the final battle to end the war with the North, once and for all.

A war of this size, it would destroy all of Eos.

If you choose to remain in the South, you will serve Apollyon in his army.

And he's not ready to lose this battle.

There still is hope.

Let's have camp for the night.

What happened?

How did they get away?

Elder's with them.

Powerful man.

He blinded me with his light.

For years, you've never failed me.



I can forgive this one mistake.


Yes, please.

But tell me where did they go?

I told you...

I told you...

I told... ow!

Tomorrow, you set off at dawn.

To the bright seas and rolling hills, finally.

I always thought these were just stories.

The Judge of Gamor finally gets it.

If the South is amassing an army of this size, there's got to be a reason.

I don't know what to believe anymore.

There is so much you were never told, Vangel.

This war has gone on long enough that our own history has been forgotten.

Before the war between the North and the South, our world was one, the Kingdom of Eos.

The land was fruitful, their king ruled with honor, and the people loved their King.

There was a man named "Apollyon" who served under the King.

His curiosity and desire for more power, however, led him to the creation of the dark powers.

He launched an attack on the king.

But failed and was cast out of the kingdom.

Soon after, he gained a following by attracting and seducing men and women to the realm of dark powers.

Apollyon eventually acquired an army and began to take over the territories from the Kingdom of Eos.

Our world was divided between the Northern and the Southern Kingdom, and the people of the Southern Kingdom began to forget one true king.

A prophecy was made by the Interpreter of the North.

The Interpreter spoke of how the Five gifted ones will be called and gathered, and their coming would be a sign of the times.

That the final battle will begin, and the North and the South will be united again.


You are one of the Five, Vangel.

You have been called by the King to do great and wonderful things for his kingdom.

We have searched high and low in the Southern Kingdom for you and now we have found you.


You've got the wrong man.

The only journey I'm goin' on is to get my life back.

And me?

What about me?


You're nobody.

But even nobodies are called by their king.

This... is the Record of the Ancients.

Read it.

It reveals the true nature of our world, about the light and the darkness.

So Elder, you shall take us to the Wicked Gate, see us through to the North?


I am only a guide.

I can show you the path.

You are the ones who must walk it.

Where are you going?

What an interesting guy!



It's almost dawn.



The Northern Kingdom you told me about...

Beautiful land.

Flowing with waters and light.

I've seen it.

You've been telling me they were fairy tales.

In my dreams, I've seen it.

How was it?

It's unlike anything I've ever seen.

You're lucky.

All I ever had were stories.

So uh, you're coming with me?

Or you're still heading back to become Judge of Gamor?

There's nothing left for me back there.

War is coming.

No one's safe.

Let's go North.

How did you become Judge of Gamor anyway?

Come on!

You expect me to believe that you got to be Judge of Gamor just because you're good at what you do.

That is exactly what you should believe.


We all know the only way to your position is um, through the back door.

I've heard of this place.

They call it "The Lake of Doubts".

Sure about that?

You're jesting!

Shall we?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Is there no other way?

Bandy, it will take half a day to get around this thing.

Straight shot.

Can you swim?


It's shallow.


It's actually not that far.

Straight shot, eh.

It's water!

Come on.

I have a bad feeling about this!

It'll be fine.

Follow me.





Stop, stop!


You're not well.

Don't move.

Good, it's healing.



You can't stay here more than one night.

The longer we linger, the more endangered we become.


Or stay here and die.

Where are you going?

Who are you?

Sleep now.


Feel better?


Thank you.


You'll need this.

Keep your wits about you.

It's time to go.

Let's go!



We don't have time to stop, we have to keep moving.

Please, just tell me who you are!

Even just your name.


I'm help.

That's your name?

It's not my name.

It's who I am.

What does that even mean?

You're worse than this book.

It's supposed to be a guide, instead it's just full of riddles.

If you knew what you were carrying, you wouldn't be so casual with it.

And what is that?



Let's move.

How do you know my name?

Hey, how do you know my name?

You said you were help.

Who sent you?


The King.


No, the King of the North.

The King of the North died centuries ago in the Battle of Pike.

Haven't you ever read a book?

The King is not dead.

Have you seen him?

Did Elder speak to you about the prophecy?

I think there's been a mistake.

I'm not the one that prophecy speaks of.

I don't trust that guy, Elder.

Left me and my friend to die in the wood...

Don't speak of things you don't understand.

Elder is a man of great honor and humility.

He lost everything fighting this war.

They call him the "Great Heart".

Elder was the first of the Five to cross through the Wicked Gate.

I was the second.

He was my guide.

He was defending me when Samael took his son and slayed him right in front of us.

You really believe in the prophecy?

I do.

I do.

They were here.

Tell Lord Aamon we're close.

He's really not dead.

The King?

You've seen him with your own eyes?


How can you believe in something...

I don't have to have seen him to know him.

You'll see once you go into the North.

He's in everything that's beautiful.

He's in the trees, he's in the light.

You'll see him in the citizens of the North.

And once you've felt him, you realize he's everywhere, even here in the South.

You speak as if he's a real person.

He is.

What's he like?

He's strong like a hurricane wind.

But he's gentle.

He's kind and he's just.

There's no other king worth serving.

You'll understand when you get to the gate and you meet Elikai.

Who's Elikai?

He's the Prince.

The presence of the King is strong with him.

They chose me.

Of course, they did.

Not all of us are so pure.

I wasn't always like this.

What were you like before?

Another time.

But know this, everything that Elder told you, everything that you dreamed about the North, it's true, Vangel.

It really is that beautiful and it will change you.

Guess I have to see it for myself then.

Of course.

You will.


My name.



We have to run.

This way.

This way.

This way.

This way.

We're almost at the edge of the perimeter.

We just...



Hear that, let's go!


I've always been with you.


Oh, hello there, friend.

You took a bit of a tumble.

Come on.

Let's get you up.

There you go.

Come on.


These are interesting accessories.

Found ourselves in a bit of trouble, have we?

Uh, no matter.

Come on, let's get you on your feet.

What's your name?

My name?

You, Sir, find yourself in the grandest of company.

Wiles Pratt, your worldly wise man.

You're a lucky man, my friend.

Do you know that, friend, that I happened upon you rather than some other person or creature with nefarious intent?


You're in very safe, very capable hands.

You'll be happy to know, there is a town, not far from here, where you can find sanctuary from whatever it is that you're running from.

Uh, name of town?

Oh why, the City of Deeds, of course!

Yes, Deeds, where hard work is valued.

Where by the sweat of your brow and strength of your back, you can build a new life for yourself.

Start anew.

Find peace, find healing.

Start again.

Does that sound good to you?

Of course, it does.

Yes, Deeds, is where we are headed.

What about... What about my guides?

Elder and Ezera.


Oh, they're probably already there!

Oh, did they not tell you?


It's just like them.

All travelers must pass through the town of Deeds in order to reach the Wicked Gate.

That is where you're headed, is it not?


Well, there you have it.

Yes, I'm sure they've already arrived I'm sure they... They filled your head with all this nonsense of having to go your own way, create your own adventure, did they not?

That's just like them.

They do that to everyone.

No, Sir, you will find a better life, a new life in Deeds.

Let's make haste.

Come on.

You're doing well.

This way.

Are we almost there?

Oh yeah, it's just up ahead.

Watch your step.

There you go.

Oh, wait, wait, wait.

Stop, stop!

These are getting heavier and heavier.

Oh, not to worry, friend.

In a moment...

You won't even realize they're here.

Come on.

Ah, there it is!

Welcome, my friend.

The town of Deeds.

There you are!

Be quiet.

Or die.

Oh, what did I tell you?

Stay quiet.

What happened?

Wiles Pratt said...

Wiles Pratt is a mercenary.

He works for Apollyon.

Well done.



He uses dark power to conjure the illusion of sanctuary.

You were foolish to listen to that Wiles Pratt.

You should've held on to this and stuck to the path to the gate.

Let's go.







Bandy, hey!





Hey, let's go to the North.

Let me get you out of here.




Oh, Bandy.



I'm sorry I left you.

You go to the North.

Vangel, I'm sorry.

We have to go.

Wait, wait!

Ezera, that thing is still tracking us.

He won't stop.


Oh, no, no!

No. No.

She'll join us soon.

She likes a good fight.

You must reach the Wicked Gate.

He's as good as dead.

Go, go!

Let's go.


The prophecy cannot be fulfilled.

The North must be stopped.

They will never unite the Five.

I swear it.

Then destroy them and you shall join me in the rule over all of Eos.

Yes, Master.

I came all this way for nothing.

Go back if you still can.

You're never gonna make it.

You... you're never gonna...

You're never gonna make it.


I give you.

Not the peace the world gives to you,

my peace, I give it to you.

I once stood where you are now.

Wondering the same thing.

Is it all worth it?

Is it?

It's beyond compare.

So what do you want to do?

To go back is death.

I wanna move forward.


Get Vangel to the gate.


Finally, today you meet your weakling boy.

Right in the open grave where I left him.

Get away, demon.

Come on!

If we can get just over that hill.

You're almost there.

Come on, old friend.

I know all of your tricks.

Why don't you try me?

Let's go.

Let's go!

Come on, come on, let's...

Get ahead, get here.


Never again.


It's been a long time.

I've missed you.

You shut up.

Have you missed me?

You shut up!

Shut up!

A lot of men in the Southern Kingdom who have missed you.

Your talents.

I didn't have a choice.

Is that what you're telling yourself?

You shut up!

Still beautiful.

You're still so beautiful.

You don't know me.

You don't know me.


I really, really do.

Does he?

Please don't... Please don't tell him.



Please don't tell him.

Have you met Ezera?


Don't listen to him.

Allow me to introduce you.

Don't listen to him, he's a liar.

This is Ezera.

She's a murderer and a whore.




That's not who you are!

That's not who you are.

The King freed you from that darkness, he choose you, remember?

I know who you are.

You're a warrior of the King.

Daughter of the North.

You are free.

You're free.


You came for me?


Take me.


Please help us.

Prince Elikai?

I don't understand that.


You dwelled in the light, but you choose darkness.

I understand.

You understand what?

Your pain.

You understand nothing!

Don't talk to me about pain!

You speak, but you just don't hear.

You look, but you don't see.



Remember your father.

Don't talk about my father.

Remember the man your father wanted you to be.

Talk about my father.

Your father, he served the light, so you wouldn't be in the darkness, Aamon.

And he's gone!

You see?


This is not you, Aamon.

This is not you.

Let go.


I've seen you before in this exact spot.

Those visions were given to you as a glimpse into the Northern Kingdom to give you hope.

I've been with you the entire time.

The arrowhead in the mountain pass, the cool breeze in the desert, the appearance of Elder and Ezera, I've always been with you and within you.

I've known you for so long.

Even before you were born.

And watched you all these years.

And I have longed so much for you to be able to know what's in the North.

Still it was your journey and I could only point you in our direction.


Specially, here.


You will soon understand.

Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Eos.

I've seen this before... in my dreams.

The Interpreter sent them to you.

Visions, that would lead you here to me.

Why me?

There are thousands more deserving people.

My father, he chooses whom he chooses, Vangel.

Your father?

The King of the North?

The King of all of Eos.

So it's true.

He still lives?

He never was dead, Vangel.

I don't deserve the King's mercy.

No one truly deserves the calling of a king.

I have wronged people.

I have sent people to death that did not deserve it.

Vangel, you were given a gift.

You used this gift for selfishness.

But he knows you can use this for good.

You are the speaker of truth, Vangel.

What you did for Ezera, you broke her out of darkness with truth.

And you can do this for many, many more.

You made it.

I don't know how to thank you, Elder.

Thank you for what you did on the hill.

For what you said about me.


Will you stand with us?

I will.