Heer Ranjha (1992) Script

Deedo, what are you doing here? I was looking for you.

Heer, be quiet! I am praying to the saint.

What for?

Should I tell you? Yes.

I prayed the saint should side with me in our hide-and-seek.

You still won't find me. Why?

He's our saint. He'll help me!

Is it so?

Yes, it is. Well, try it.

Close your eyes first! Okay.

We'll have the same cook make those sweets.

I see.

Heer, what are you up to?

I'm playing hide-and-seek with Deedo. Who is Deedo?

He has come to the marriage. Look there!

Quite a girl, this one. Bonds with everyone!

Who wouldn't want to be friends with such a pretty girl?

She'll make a fine match for my son, Saida!

My Heer is just a girl. Let her grow up.

By that time you'll have received a hundred proposals.

We'll think about it then.

Another marriage involves us today.

True, but our guests have their hands full tending to Mauju Chaudhary.

Mauju Chaudhary was invited? Sure. Look there!

Mr. Chaudhary, every clan is proud to join..

..in your celebrations! Why wouldn't we? Thank you!

Deedo! Come here.


We're playing hide and seek.


Naughty boy. He can never sit still.

Your younger son, is he not?

Yes. (Laughs)


Heer, my daughter!

Brother. (Laughs)

Chaudhary, what are these people doing here?

They're guests, just as you are.

The other reason you're both here..

..is that I'd like you to shake hands and be friends again.

Isn't that right? I'll usher them in.

Come, sir. We were waiting for you.

Sister-in-law and the kids are already here.

But what took you so long?

We took so long, no doubt. But we'll be quicker leaving!

Sir, what do you mean?

Chaudhary, he's right!

Why did you invite both the families?

Because on the occasion of my grandson's marriage..

..I wanted to unite both of you and double the joy.

That is impossible!

Nothing is impossible in the world.

We will talk about that later. First, eat something.

Not as long as our enemies are here!

In our presence..

..that would not be possible anyway!

We're used to spilling the blood of your men!

Speak up! Whose blood do you offer today?

Yours, Kaido!

Hey, Latif! Get him!

Stop! What are you doing?

Both of you are dear to me. Why are you humiliating me?

Why don't you give up? Is he someone special?

Step back!

Your actions have not only insulted the feelings with which..

..I had invited all of you here..

..but also insulted my love for you.

You have insulted me!

I do not want such men at my grandson's wedding.

Go away!

We do not want to stay either!

We'll not stay where such scoundrels are invited!

Come, get up!

When will we meet again?

When the saint wills it.

I will pray to God.

Come, Heer! Come, Deedo!

'This tale of love is old.'

'But it is told in a different way during each age.'

'People have narrated it in their own style.'

'This is our way.'

'Love is sacred!'

'Only God knows the different meanings of love.'

Oh God!

Praying with the lamp again?

You're at it each morning and evening!

The poor lamp must be tired but not you! (Chuckles)

Tell me what you were praying for?

Someday I will. Be patient.

Me? Impatient?

I've seen this since childhood but I'm still in the dark.

And you think I'm impatient!

The fruits of patience are sweet, Bebo. Be patient!

I will tell you at the right time! (Chuckles)

What will you tell her, Heer?

Nothing, Mother. Is it necessary to tell you..

..what I pray for in front of the lamp?

Come here!

I will tell you what girls pray for.

For a husband, what else?

Papa! You're too much. (Laughs)


She's not a child anymore.

Don't pamper her so!

You'll spoil her!

Do not worry, brother Sultan. Aren't you still in one piece?

Don't worry.

I know how to pamper..

..and also how to discipline. Papa! (Laughs)

Come on, enough! Come.

Where are you two going?

Beyond the river. In the neighbourhood.

To meet Zeenat who's back from her in-laws' house.

Okay, Papa! Come back soon.

I'll be back by evening. Let's go!


I was thinking about our land in Chinchod.

I have learnt there is no one to tend to it.

I was thinking we should send uncle Kaido.

No! Perish the thought!

If he goes, he'll do only two things.

First, he'll ask the people to prepare cannabis.

Then he'll sow the fields with it! Let that junky stay here!

(Drum playing)


No matter how much you praise the one who created it, it's not enough!

If I could..

..I would plant cannabis in all the world's fields!


Wow! I would spend my life drinking it..

..preparing it and sleeping under its shade!




One sip gets me shivering.

Strengthens every joint! Fires the brain cells and boils the blood!

Only after drinking this am I wide awake.

I can't see anything but this.

Priest, where are you going? Come.


Priest, where are you off to?

Enjoy this God-given life.

What a brew these boys have made!

If in two sips you don't feel like God, then tell me about it.

Oh God! Now you've started making fun of God too. - (Laughs)

Oh my!

Tell me, Kaido, why do you drink so much?

Priest, this is my medicine.

Ointment for my broken leg.

It makes my pain go away! My sorrows dissolve!

Not your sorrows. But you will perish.

Look, this is why..

..you couldn't marry.

You still haven't mended your ways!

This loneliness will eat away your life!

What loneliness, when I have cannabis?

It will never abandon me as long as I live!

My principle now is to drink and live life, priest.

Leave the rest to God.

You will not mend your ways, Kaido!

These are the signs of despair.

Look Kaido, it's understandable if you lose faith in others!

But it is fatal to lose faith in oneself!

Got it?

I will go now. Goodbye.

Priest, what hopelessness?


Look there, my hopes are coming this way.

Many hopes, at that!


I say, gorgeous, look my way! If only as an obstacle!

Why just look? We have shoes for people like you.


Wonderful! At least you'll remember me.

It seems the cripple has had too much!

My heart leaps even to hear you call me cripple!

I feel ecstatic!

I can cure that as well! Shall I?

Please do. Poison by your hand is sweet.

Raise your shoes, all of you.

Thank God I swallowed your insult for your beauty's sake.

Or Kaido's venomous breath..

..can wither the world!

Great, uncle!

So you want to burn the world again?

Papa has told you so often not to drink so much!

As soon as you get high, right and wrong is the same to you.

You're fine ones to speak!

He lets his daughter wander..

..and has the hookah at home! Uncle!

Had someone else said this to me..

..I'd have shut him up properly!

Really? Yes!

Say such things again and I'll settle you! Let's go.



Really! May God keep you safe from evil eyes!

Zeenat, you've really bloomed after marriage!

Your in-laws must be surprised to see your beauty.

I'm sure Zeenat is the most beautiful one at her in-laws'.



The whole of Takht Hazara is talking about only one girl.

Who is it?

Our Heer!


But Zeenat, Takht Hazara is very far from our village.

Why is she is so famous over there?

I'm telling the truth, Bebo!

When the girls there came to know..

..I'm from Jung, they kept asking me what Heer looks like?

Her clothes, her hobbies?

When I said I was Heer's friend..

..they looked at me with awe!


What did you tell them?

I told them our Heer is so beautiful..

..she'll get dirty even if you touch her! (Laughs)


Is there really no girl there to compare with our Heer?

No. But the boys are handsome!

Really? (Laughs)

Yes! One boy in particular.

A hunk! He sings and plays the flute so well.

The town's crazy about him.

Who is he? Who is he?

The youngest son of the landlord there. Deedo!


What are you thinking about?



Look at her! She's blushing as if she's known Deedo for many years!


Maybe I do.

Wonder what he looks like!

(Flute playing)

(Laughs) (Flute playing)

Here, look at her! (Flute playing)

She claims Deedo sits here everyday to look at her. - (Flute playing)

That is why she has lost her senses..

..and dropped her vessel in the well! (Laughs)

Are we so ugly that...

...he comes here only for her? You're right?

I feel she comes here to see him under the pretext of filling water!

Why are you so jealous? He doesn't care for you either.

But we do care for him. Yes. - (Laughs)

Hey Kamo, shall we? Okay!

(Clears throat)



Haven't I told you not to interrupt me?

Have mercy on the sage, if not on us.

Don't play your flute by the sage's tomb.

It'll drive him insane with ecstasy!


Get your head examined first!

Only you can cure us!

Go to a healer for that. But you can give me some water.

You are the only medicine man for us!


I'll go right away and tell your mother.

God knows when you'll be married and I'll be freed.


Who's this young man?

Deedo, Mauju Chaudhary's youngest son.

Do you want to make him a sage too? He already is the greatest sage.

His forehead shows..

..he is going to be famous.

So famous, his fame will spread across the world.

And until eternity he will be remembered.

Oh God!


Our Deedo is here! Come!

Where were you?

At the shrine. We were waiting for you at lunch.

Here, eat this. Great, Deedo. Come here too.

Have this. Try this with butter. Here.

What are all of you doing?

Let him wash himself. I'll lay out his lunch.

How can he eat just bread?

Have it! Here, Deedo. Have some buttermilk.

And get fresh. I'll get your lunch.


More buttermilk? Yes!

Look, speak with him now so we can send the message in the morning.

What is it, sister-in-law? You can tell me.

My elder brother had come today to talk about your marriage.

My marriage?

What's this talk of Deedo's marriage?

The girl is my uncle's daughter. Elder brother suggested it.

Is she the only girl in the world for me?

Why? What's wrong with her?

Nothing. But I don't want to marry her.

Who will you marry?

Why are you all forcing me into it?

What's it to you?

Freedom from responsibility.

And you'll be cured of this loitering!

Loitering around? Absolutely!

All over the village.

We are ashamed of you. People tell us that..

..you stare at girls by the well the whole day!

They're lying! There's no girl in the village that's worth it.

So he thinks no girl is worthy of him!

Who does he think he is?

That I'm not worthy enough for the sister of my younger sister-in-law?

Let's see what Heer (queen) you get!

What are you thinking, Deedo?

You should thank her for getting you married to her younger sister.

Or else you.. Or else what?

Remain a bachelor all my life?

What else? Who would marry his daughter to a useless man like you?

I see. I've become a nuisance for you all.

You've been a nuisance since birth!

What do you do but eat free bread and loiter around in the village?

While we slave for you! Here, eat it!

Deedo, where are you leaving without having your food?

Which self-respecting man would wait here after being insulted?

Deedo, are you insane?

We are your brothers, not your enemies.

We always mean well for you. Come, have your food.

From now on I forsake this house.

Wait, Deedo! Let him go.

He has threatened us before.

He'll be back by evening.

(Flute playing)

Oh righteous God!

You will not get any peace here.

No matter how many tunes you play.

You'll not get the answer.

A part of you was lost, long ago, in some world.

Now you're searching for it.

Yes, sage.

There is a feeling of searching and of incompleteness too.

Now only you can show me the path.

I feel that everything is useless. Oh righteous God!

Your search has the answer to your peace.

Go, search! Keep searching!

It seems you have some relation with people..

..on the other side of the river Chenab.

Continue searching.

Travel on the path of your incompleteness.

Have trust in God!

If he wishes, then on the other side of the river..

..you'll find new meaning in everything.

Go! May God bless you!

Whom are you waiting for at the door?

It's almost nightfall, but Deedo hasn't returned.

He never stays out this late.

Where has he gone?


..he must be sitting by the shrine playing the flute.

He'll be back.

He hasn't eaten anything since morning.

How long will he stay hungry? Please, bring him back.

Fine. I'll look for him.

Wait! I'll come with you.

Sister-in-law, don't worry. We'll bring him back.

The nights are so cold!

Abdul, have you seen our Deedo?

No. Why? Where has he gone?

You worry about the one that God has made carefree!

I don't understand, sage.

But he did.

And he went away. But where?

Towards his destiny! His goal!

What destiny? What goal, sage?


Does anyone know where seekers go?

Only God does!

Just him!


So you are here to buy goods! So am I.

Which place is this? It's a mansion!

But don't dare go near it.

Or you'll be sent back to your place in a bad state.


Because it belongs to the arrogant Heer, the landlord's daughter!



What happened?

Was this your mischief? What?

Did you do something to wake me? No.

But the way, you woke up surprised, made me laugh.

I don't know when I fell asleep.

Suddenly I awoke feeling strange.

As if someone shook me. You must be dreaming.

That's bound to give you a scare. Come, let's go to the mansion.

Where are the rest of the girls? Forget them!

Today we'll go boating. Let's go!

The boat ride was so much fun.

Why were you teasing the boatman? Him?



Who dares to sleep on my bed? Who is he?

Only devils and sinners are so shameless.

Don't joke, Bebo.

Go and bring that darn Lutan here.

Is this how he guards my mansion? (Laughs)

Go, quick! I'm going.

Till today no one dared to intrude so..!

Who are you?

It seems the sage helped me locate you.

Deedo! Yes.

Lift your eyebrows..

..and shine your light on me.

I've been groping in darkness for long.

Let me glance at my goal.

It must have been this magical beauty..

..that drew me here.

Oh God!

Is this chance or destiny?

My heart is slipping out of my grip.

I cannot believe..

..my restless search will end in such beauty!

The conclusion of restlessness would be so beautiful!

An ordinary man like me, destined to be with such a beauty!

You are the grace of God..

..and it's my duty to respect you!

It's my duty to worship you!

Enough! Before I grow vain of my fortune.

But I am proud to have you in my destiny.

My heart and my thoughts were lonely without you.

With you by my side, the beautiful world's mine.

Come on in!

Oh God!

Nobody should know who you are and where have you come from!


Who is that man? Where is he?

Here he is.

Did he say where he came from? I'll make him.

I'll beat him till he babbles his family history!

I've heard his story. Speak for yourself!

Is this how you guard my mansion?

I'm not lying. I don't know where he came from.

I'll spare you. But not next time! Okay!

Come, Bebo!

Madam, at least tell me how I should punish this vagabond.

He's a traveler.

He lost his way and landed up here.

Arrange for his stay.

Come, we will leave. You spared him?

Sir, do you have a death wish?

What do you mean? You'd have gotten us both killed.

Do you think you're very courageous?

Come, I'll make arrangements for your stay.


A tavern outside the village. Come on!

'Heer. Be quiet.'

'Don't you see? I am praying to the saint for something!'

'What for?'

'I prayed that the saint should side with me in hide-and-seek.'

'You still won't find me. Why?'

'The saint is ours. He'll help me!'


"It took just one gaze for our hearts to meet."

"It augurs days of agony."

"It augurs days of agony."


"One look took my soul away."

"There was no appeal."

"There was no appeal."

"For lips were sealed."

"It augurs days of agony."

"It augurs days.."

What's this wine your eyes reflected upon me?

When will I get over it? I am not myself. I am intoxicated.

(Flute playing)

No. Do not fall upon this silence.

Play your flute.

Let the music take over me!

As high is the flight of your tunes..

..the depth of your silence is deep.

Let me feel it!

You are the soul of beauty..

..my tunes mirror you.

Expression of my silence!

My imagination starts with you and ends with you.

You are my beginning. You are my end.

Only you!


"Come, my beloved!"

"I call you."

"God created you for me. And me for you."

"God created you for me. And me for you."

"He made us one soul and two bodies."

"Your heart beats for me. Mine, for you."

"God created you for me. And me for you."

"He made us one soul and two bodies."

"Your heart beats for me. Mine, for you."


"We were destined to meet."

"We were destined to meet."

"It was inevitable."

"It was inevitable."

"It was the order of the Lord. I was helpless."

"God created you for me. And me for you."

"God created you for me. And me for you."


"Love is the heart's creed."

"Love is the heart's creed."

"It is God's gospel."

"It is God's gospel."

"We've promised our souls to each other."

"God created you for me. And me for you."

"He made us one soul and two bodies."

"Your heart beats for me. Mine, for you."

"God created you for me. And me for you."

Son, if you take all the servants away, who'll do the work here?

Papa, you've bought land in other villages..

..so don't complain about it.

In fact, we don't have enough servants to manage all the land.

That's why I had asked uncle Kaido to.. Don't even mention his name!

He'll look for servants if he gets time from his cannabis!

Papa, Lutan said.. Yes.

A man from the other side of the river was seeking work here.

Didn't you call him?

I have. He'll bring him here today. Really?

Sir! Here I am, master.

Salutations to all. Salutations.

If I'd known earlier that madam wanted me to..

What did you say? That you need a servant!

What can he do? He looks so weak.

No, sir. He's a good oarsman!

Whatever work you give him, he'll do it.

Really? Yes.

To look after animals you have to become one.

We need a herdsman for our buffaloes.

He is an animal, not a man!

Did you have cannabis with Kaido? Let him speak.

He can also talk. Come on! Say something.

What's your name?

My name is Ranjha.

Where are you from?

My parents are dead. I live with my brothers.

Their wives instigated a quarrel. So I ran away.

Let's hire him.

We need him and where else will he go?

Yes! Okay!

Sultan, explain the work to him..

..and arrange his stay in the stable. Go on!

Thank you, sir. Let's go!

Come on!

But this food!

Greetings, junior Chaudhary!


Who was the young man with Sultan? Our new servant.

Does he look like a servant?

Why, uncle? Do servants have a particular look?

No but a man's face betrays his profession!

And you look like a cannabis addict! Brother, don't speak of it! - (Laughs)



I had heard of heaven.

But my heaven is in your arms.

Ranjha, your presence makes my embrace feel like heaven.

And my existence is because of your love.

Without you, I'm worthless.

You're like a mirror to a person who is anxious to look at himself.

That's why I always stare at you.

I look for myself in you and you in me!

After reuniting with you, I feel..

..that I was a part of you.

Without you, I was also incomplete!

Now I feel I had left home to unite with you.


(Door knocks)

Oh God! Who could that be?

It's our first test.

I'm very scared. What if mother finds out?

Hide behind this! (Door knocks)

I will see who it is.

(Door knocks)

(Door knocks)

Mr. Chaudhary? Is everything all right?

We'll soon find out. Don't worry!

Move aside!

Do servants have a particular look?

Sir, tell me what are you looking for? I'll find it.

Don't act too smart! I'll show you right now!

Where is she? Who?

Do you think we are fools?

We came here on this junkie's bidding!

We should've checked Heer's room first!

Didn't you check?

How could I? He gave me a shock!

I thought of it since she's not here!

You imbecile!

Let's go. Listen..

(Door knocks)

Papa! Mother! Is everything alright?

Yes, dear. Everything's all right except for your foolish uncle.

What happened to uncle? Is he on a high again?

Or did he have a nightmare?

I was really scared! You go to sleep.

Let's go!

Okay! Chaudhary..

Fool! Listen to..

Okay, uncle, go to sleep and don't be scared.


Today you've insulted me in front of my brother.

But my name is Kaido!

And nobody can deceive me!

So Heer and you went to the mansion all alone!

Something fishy is going on!

Everything is fishy!


It means Heer will belong to someone else. She already is!

Tell us who it is. I do not know.

Come on, tell us!

You should see for yourself. Where will we find her now?

At the mansion!

(Flute playing)

Why did you stop?

Listening to your music..

..I had floated away to some far off land.

I stopped playing so that you could come back to me.

Don't go far away from me even in your thoughts.

I'll be lonely.


Without you, my thoughts will be empty.

And dreams will be incomplete!


There she is! We were looking for you everywhere.

And you are here!

(Clears throat)

May God have no mercy on you, shameless girls!


We'll deal with it if he punishes us. Now watch what we do!

Let's take her to my place. Come on!

Come or we'll force you! Come!



Among those beautiful girls, my beloved is the most beautiful.

(Laughs) Finally we caught you.

Shameless girls! Show some modesty! (Laughs)

You should be ashamed!

You used us as an excuse to meet Ranjha. Let me go!

What spell has Ranjha cast on you that you've forgotten your friends?


Tell us the truth! Is the feeling mutual?

Or is it just a one-sided love?

I'll tell you! She thinks of Ranjha day and night!

In his love she has forgotten the world.

Heer, is it true? Is it?

Come on, tell us.

Come on, tell us!

"On one side is the world."

"On the other, there is Ranjha."

"A sea of fire between us."

"I have decided to cross it."

"Oh Ranjha! Heer has become crazy about you."

"Oh Ranjha! Heer has become crazy about you."

"From today call me Ranjha. Don't call me Heer."

"Oh Ranjha! Heer has become crazy about you."

"Oh Ranjha! Heer has become crazy about you."


"I've lost my senses about the day and the night."

"I've lost my senses about the day and the night."

"In love, day and night seem the same to me."

"I have no sense when I wake up and when I sleep."

"Oh Ranjha! Heer has gone crazy about you."

"Oh Ranjha! Heer has gone crazy about you."


"Sometimes I burn my finger. Sometimes I lose my ring."

"Only God knows why I have lost my senses!"

"Sometimes I burn my finger. Sometimes I lose my ring."

"Only God knows why I have lost my senses!"

"I'm thinking about my lover and yet I'm a bit lost."

"Oh Ranjha! Heer has gone crazy about you."

"Oh Ranjha! Heer has gone crazy about you."


"Oh Ranjha!"


"In this strange game of love.."

"..I feel like I am getting married."

"Don't ask how much I cried then!"

"Oh Ranjha! Heer has become crazy about you."

"Oh Ranjha! Heer has become crazy about you."

"From today call me Ranjha. Don't call me Heer."

"Oh Ranjha! Heer has gone crazy about you."

Your father is being deceived.

People come to know first when you get disgraced!

You come to know when everybody taunts you.

But uncle, everybody is taunting you.

You're out to malign our family!

If that is true, then wait.

At nightfall, I'll prove everything to you.

It's not right to spy in your own house at night.

Heer knows very well that I'll kill her if she does something unethical.

I'm sleepy. I'm leaving. Good night!

Good night!

You son of a gun! Good night!

When you see what I've seen..

..you'll lose your sleep forever!

Or else I will blacken my face with this ash!

Ash? (Chuckles)


This ash still has the spark which can destroy him!

Now only Heer should pass over it.



What is all this? A reply to uncle Kaido's trap!


(Laughs) How come?

He spread ashes in our path!

Forget him. (Stick rattles)

Right now, I just want to embrace you.

And forget everything but your love.

"Please take care, God."

"Please take care, God."

"So that we may never be apart!"

"So that we may never be apart!"

Without you this place is like a dungeon!

Now it's like heaven!



With you, even hell seems like heaven.

It was killing me to wait for you.

I was relieved as soon as you came.

You waited too long, didn't you?

I live to wait for you.

Meeting you is a gift of life!

Ranjha, you are very grateful!

There are no favours in love.

In love, both are equal.

The one who loves and the one being loved.

God has created love in such a way that..

..the more you share it, the more it increases!

It's almost morning.

First, the evening used to come between us.

Now the morning is going to separate us.

I'll leave now.

I'll be back.




Dear, come quickly!

Come quickly and look what some fool has done.

Look here! Look at the porch of our house!

Some enemy is trying to cast an evil spell on us!

May he be ruined! May the Lord show him no mercy!

Just look at it!

Let me see! Over there too!

Don't worry, sister-in-law. I've done all this..

..not to ruin this house..

..but to prove that at night, the ghosts of love dance here!

If you look carefully, you'll find their footprints!

Footprints of ghosts? Yes! Of ghosts!

You may think of me as a drunkard. But I've seen some life too.

Now my brother will realise that Kaido has been loyal to him.

Look at the footprints in the ash! Look!

You're right!

But it seems the ghost was a cripple!

She's right, uncle.

After I left last night, did you have too much cannabis?

What rubbish!

I think so as well!

You're the only man here who walks with a stick.

As these prints suggest!

But.. Do you want to prove anything else?

Sir! What happened?

Why is ash spread over here?

Mind your own work!

Listen! Did you see anyone here last night?

When I woke up this morning to feed the cows..

..I saw the young master here.

I thought he was taking a morning walk. So I didn't enquire.

You liar! How dare you! Why are you scolding him?

You don't remember anything! Don't drink so much!

You can go.

You should be ashamed of yourself!

People try to shield their children from being disgraced.

You are ruining the family name!

Oh God! Heer, come inside.


Come, Papa!

It's not his fault, but it's the cannabis! No!

Don't listen to him. He'll straighten himself up. Let's go.

Go away! Such habits are tough to change!

Brother! Shut up!

How can you change me?

I know too many secrets about this family.

The moment I sober up, this house will be destroyed!

Chaudhary, I'll strike..

..when the iron is hot.

Your food is so tasty!

If angels get a whiff of it, they'll come down to earth!


That's why a clever angel has already come down here.

But until now he has talked more and eaten less.

But I'm eating! What?

Someone is headed this way. I'll hide.

God, may my misfortune strike you! What kind of a sage are you?

Why do you curse the Lord?

Why shouldn't I?

If I could also get such nice food..

..I would also praise the Lord! Uncle!

If that's your complaint, then take this.

But don't curse the Lord! Thank him.

Why wouldn't I thank him? Along with him I'll also thank you!

Thank you, Lord!

Ranjha, why did you give your food to him?

Why? What happened?

He didn't eat the food! He kept it in his sack!

He was no sage, but uncle Kaido in disguise!

Kaido? Yes Oh God! Who knows what he'll do back home?

What should I do?

Wait. I'll be back.


Bebo, come fast! What is it?

A catastrophe! What?

Uncle disguised himself as a holy man and took the food!

Come on. We must do something before he creates a ruckus at home.

Ranjha is a fool! Where's uncle? He is headed that way!

Let's go! Let's go!



Uncle seems to be up to something new.

Come on. I'll teach him a trick or two!

Come! Come!

Oh God! It looks like a wild animal!

Let's chase him away or he'll destroy the crops!

Give it to me. Here, take this.

These small pebbles are not enough. Pick up a big stone.


You've disturbed a sage today. Oh sage, please forgive us!

We have a few questions.

Would you answer them? I have no time.

How can a sage speak like this?

Very well then. Ask.

Not like this, sage. Let us sit together.

It's a question of life and death!

Let's sit in the shade! Come!

The sage is lame! Come!

Come. Sit here.

Okay, ask your questions!

Tell us, will Shaddo get a deaf groom or a lame one?

She'll be fortunate to marry a lame!


Okay, will Gamo marry a dumb or a deaf man?

After marriage, he'll go dumb. Then he'll become deaf!

Let me go! Enough!

Oh, sage! Just one more thing.

Heer has a very cruel uncle named Kaido. When will he die?

He'll not die so soon.

He'll kill many before he dies. Oh God!

Why do you want to get my uncle killed?

Because that cripple always blocks our path!

He drools like a dog! May he suffer great agony!

Sage, give us a spell to break his neck!

And we could get rid of him!

You can't get rid of him so easily! Why?

Because his death will bring ill luck to his family.


Don't force me to reveal dirty secrets.

But very soon your friend will run away with the servant.

I will leave now! Oh God!


Tell him clearly. We can't think of Heer's marriage before Sultan's!

Saida's father understands. But not his mother!

She keeps sending messages through people!

Thank God we didn't agree.

Because if we talk to Heer about marriage, she goes on a fast!

She may go on a fast!

But you'll lose your senses if you heard this.

Who let this madman in? Who are you?

Now your brother Kaido has become a stranger!

Kaido, why are you dressed like that?

Who blackened your face? I did!

Before your daughter humiliates us all, I did it myself!

You too prepare for it! What rubbish.

I used to talk rubbish!

You treated me like a dog! You think I'm always on a high!

The way your daughter deceives you, you might be the drunkard!

You're smoking your hookah here.

And your daughter is ruining the family name in your fields!

Every day she prepares this delicious food and feeds the coward!

What is this? It's food.

It was!


Is this food? Have you had one too many?

Where did you get this dirt from?

Mend your ways!

Blame my daughter again and I'll be severe with you!

Get lost!


Who's this?

Uncle, what's all this?

Papa, did he have too much cannabis? He has gone mad!

He has gone mad or he's high on cannabis!

He showed us dirt, calling it food!


'Ranjha, your presence makes my embrace feel like heaven.'

'And my existence is because of your love.'

'Without you, all is dreary!'

'The ghost was lame?'

'Is this food? Have you had one too many?'

'Where did you get this dirt from?'

'Mend your ways!'

'Blame my daughter again and I'll be harsh on you!'

'Get lost!' (Slap)

(Pot shatters)

What do you want to say?

Now what is left to say, sir?

I just wanted to tell you that I couldn't sleep last night.

I kept wondering what had happened to me.

What were your conclusions?

I realised that you're right! Yes.

I'm crazy! Cannabis has scrambled my brains.

That is why I keep suspecting my virtuous child.

The past is dead. Let it go.

But.. No!

You did the right thing by slapping me!

Or I wouldn't have come to my senses!

Forget it, uncle! Tell us what you intend to do.

First, I would get myself mentally treated.

I have heard that a very famous doctor lives near Rangpur.

He cures the mentally ill.

If Sultan takes me there, then not just you..

..I'll also get rid of this illness.

Thank God you thought of treating it. We stand by you.

Sultan, go with him. Take him to the doctor.

And stay with him until the treatment lasts.

Okay, father. Okay, sir.

Forgive me. Forget it. Now go.

It seems he had a change in heart!


I cannot believe it!

Neither could I, until I saw him leave with Sultan.


So it's medicine instead of..

..drugs for uncle!


And your Ranjha, he will dream about you day and night..

..and take your love to greater heights!

Shameless girl!


"In my courtyard.."

"..an unknown stranger has come!"

"..an unknown stranger has come!"

"The bud bloomed into a flower."

"Trying days lie ahead."

"Trying days lie ahead."


"Love is a form of God."

"Let me pray for something."

"Let me pray for something."

"May we never separate."

"Trying days lie ahead."

"Trying days lie ahead."

"Trying days lie ahead."

Look at it!

Your own daughter has betrayed you!

Can you still deny your name has been ruined?

I have burned in humiliation.

Now it's your turn.

Betrayer! I'll.. No, Sultan.

Mother, let me go! I'll kill them both!

No, Sultan. People do not know about it yet.

If you kill him, everyone will know.

This treacherous girl has already disgraced us!

You scoundrel! Get out of here!

No, mother. It's not his fault.


I wish I could kill you for your sin!

I wish I had believed Kaido!

But your love and affection had blinded me!


No sir, she's innocent! But..


Father, don't hit him! Come on!

Mother, take this shameless girl home.

I'll take care of this rascal! Come!

Do not hit him, brother.


Rascal! If I see you here again..

..I'll kill you!


Father, I beg of you. Accept it as my destiny.

Your father is finished! You have disgraced him!

Your immoral behaviour has brought his downfall!

Don't say that, father. Kill me, but don't say such things!

If you were so worried about him, you should've killed yourself!

How will you show your face in society?

Admit that she's a disgrace to the family!

What will you do? Live with the shame or kill your daughter?

My dreams have died with my love.

I'm broken and confused!

You decide what to do with her!


Sister-in-law, firm action must be taken.

Think of a solution!

Saida's mother had sent many proposals.

What if she refuses now?

No, Mother. Have mercy on me! Don't talk to me!

Betrayer, our relations are dead!

Before the news gets to Saida's house, we should agree to the alliance.

Come with me! No, Mother!

Don't do such a thing! Don't call me mother!

You chose the coward over us!

No, Mother. He's not a coward.

Then who is he?

Tell me, who is he?

Mother, promise me! You'll not tell anyone.

He's Ranjha, the youngest son of Mauju Chaudhary.


Yes, Mother.

Oh God!

Mother, he stayed here as a coward for me.

You've revealed this to me, but keep it a secret from others.

Or else they will kill you both!



I think you should leave this place.

Too many people here.

Come home with me to plan further!

Lutan, I can't think of anything.

I feel everything is finished!

My friend, this war has been fought since ages.

Love has always won.

And you've already given up!

The first blow is always the hardest to endure!

Then it becomes a habit. Such talk is a sign of weakness.

Friend, don't make it a habit to tolerate everything!

No, Lutan.

There's a fire burning inside of me!

One sign from Heer..

..and I'll take on the world!

But I am worried that something might happen to Heer.

Here, eat something.

Have it! And get used to it!

This is your age to be happy.

Look what you've done to yourself!

You ruined yourself and our honour.

Now we're like living corpses!


Mother, don't say such a thing! You know me very well!

If I had, I'd never have let it happen!

We wouldn't have been disgraced like this!

Your father who was a proud man..

..is now hiding in shame.

He neither eats nor drinks.

What can we do?

Our kin has betrayed us.



Let it be. Let there be darkness!

I feel ashamed of myself on seeing your face in the light!


I'm your culprit.

Punish me but..

..don't do this to yourself!

It was fate to have lost everything.

Father, your tears will destroy my world!

You're all I have!

You have shaken my foundation, girl.

You've shattered my hopes.

I was a proud man before.

Today, I can no longer face the world.

My own daughter was betraying me!


I have betrayed no one.

Believe me, Father!

Bonds of trust are stronger than blood ties.

Blood ties are emotional.

But trust is God.

If you have trust you have God. Otherwise you don't.

Believe me, Father!

I am innocent!

Forgive me! (Wailing)



"I couldn't leave my beloved!"

"I have given up the world instead!"

"Though I knew love is a disease, I fell in love!"

"No one knows what stuff lovers are made of!"

"These crazy humans don't even fear God."

"I'm a lover. To love you is my religion."

"I can give my life for love."

"I'm a lover. To love you is my religion."


"Forsaking the world,"

"Forsaking the world, I've fallen in love with you."

"Either I'll die.."

"..or marry you."

"I want to live with you."

"I want to die with you."

"Love is just a drop of dew."

"But every drop is a storm."

"I'm a lover. To love you is my religion."

"I can give my life for love."

"I'm a lover. To love you is my religion."


"In this village lives Heer."

"The fate of Ranjha is bound to hers!"

"I am a prisoner of beauty."

"Love is what binds me."

"My soul is wounded."

"My heart's drenched in blood!"

"I'm a lover. To love you is my religion."

"I can give my life for love."

"I'm a lover. To love you is my religion."


"In love, I can achieve the impossible!"

"Life without Heer is a disgrace."

"I will kill myself chanting Heer's name."

"Let the world test me."

"I'm a lover. To love you is my religion."

"I can give my life for love."

"I'm a lover. To love you is my religion."


Chaudhary, there's no hurry.

Why can't you work something out?

The people from Rangpur are my relatives and so are you!

Saida had received many proposals.

But his mother is..

..keen on Heer!


There's no need to request.

You are our elder. The Rangpur people are good folk.

A girl is meant to marry.

Heer is blessed with a good match.

The proposal has come from them.

You should be happy about it.

But you look grave.

Sir, my daughter is my only wealth.

Just the talk of handing her over to someone else feels strange.

That's why I feel this talk is just an incident and not reality.

It's a beautiful dream..

..dreamt by father and daughter both!

I am that dream, sir!


Your death has brought you here!

I'll kill you!

Go away, you rascal!

If you care for your life..

If your goal is pure, death becomes martyrdom.

My love is my goal. I can lay down my life to acquire it!

Why did you come here?

They'll kill you. Go away!

You worthless slave!

No, brother! I am not a slave.

If not then who are you?

No, Father! Nobody!

Go away! For god's sake!

Consider me dead!

We'll meet in another world.

I beg of you, please leave!


I would rather die at your father's hands.

Instead of turning back like a coward..

..I'd rather die at your doorstep!


Before I silence you forever, tell us who you are.

Say something! Who are you?

I'm Deedo, son of Mauju Chaudhary from Takht Hazara.

(Gasps) (Gasps)


So Mauju has found this way to take revenge on us!

But for ruining our prestige, I'll behead his son!

No! Get aside!

Mauju is dead. What's the use of killing him?

Chaudhary, let go!

He is my enemy's son. I'll kill him!

Come to your senses.

Like your son Sultan..

..Mauju's son is also dear to me!

You can't kill him while I'm still alive!

You'll have to kill me before him!

Behead me! Kill me!

Father, kill me! You'll have no more problems.

My dear, for God's sake, don't aggravate this matter!

Oh God, what kind of revenge is this?

My enemy's son comes to my house..

..and disgraces and destroys my family.

And I can't do anything!

How shall I tolerate it?

(Sword rattles)

If it's a sin to be Mauju's son then I'm ready for the punishment.

But our enmity died with my father.

Why fight now?

But kill me if you must.

Father, have mercy on me!

My life depends on your decision!

I beg of you. Give me your consent. (Crying)

Where pride ends..

..love begins.

To end an enmity..

..you require feelings, not violence.

Let go of your hatred.


I've never bowed before anyone, but God.

For the sake of their pure love..

..I bow to you now! No!



Tell this shameless boy to go home..

..and send his elders here.

Unless they come with the proposal, my consent is worthless!

Everything should be as per tradition.

Come on.

God bless you!


Shame on you! Have you no self-esteem?

You're allying with the enemies of the village!

They crippled me!

And you're giving away your daughter to them!

You'd better kill yourself!

Mind your tongue, Kaido!

Or else.. Else what?

I lost my leg in your service.

And I'm trying to forget this pain with cannabis!

That's why I'm still unmarried!

You're marrying your daughter off to your enemies!

Listen to me very carefully!

The entire village opposes those scoundrels.

They are with me!

If the marriage procession comes here they won't go back alive!

Thank God you came back alive!

In spite of that, if you don't suspect their intentions..

..then you're a fool!

Chochak Chaudhary has changed thanks to..

..his daughter's love and Adam Chaudhary.

I can see that from your wounds!

I can't be wrong.

I've seen him melt.

Deedo, had you not returned safely from the enemy's home..

..we would've never forgiven you!

We can fight later. First, solve this problem.

The only solution is..

..to send them the message of revenge instead of a proposal!

They'll have to pay for every wound of his..

For God's sake!

Don't let your enmity interfere with my love!

Waiting for me..

..every second must be agony for Heer!


"Beloved Ranjha."

"Beloved Ranjha."

"Beloved Ranjha."

"Beloved Ranjha."

"Come, my heart calls you."


"God created you for me. And me for you."

"God created you for me. And me for you."

"He made us one soul and two bodies."

"Your heart beats for me. Mine, for you."

"God created you for me. And me for you."

"God created you for me. And me for you."


Greetings, Mr. Chaudhary! Greetings!

Are you Chochak Chaudhary? I am. Who are you?

I've brought a message from Mauju Chaudhary's sons in Takht Hazara.

Fine. Sit down.

Someone get some water for him!

'Chochak Chaudhary, we respect your shamelessness and cowardice.'

'Your daughter must've inherited this shamelessness from you.'

'The girl who can betray her father, will she spare us?'

'In spite of our enmity..'

'..how could you think of marrying your daughter to our brother?'

'We'd never dream of forming an alliance with you!'

'With malice, your enemy's sons!'


Father, what happened?

What is it? What happened?

What are my orders, Mr. Chaudhary?

Had it been any of Mauju's sons instead of you..

..I would've killed him!

Get lost, before I kill you!


It's a lie!

It's a conspiracy!

He'll sever his blood ties and come.

Mother, make father understand.

He shouldn't decide in haste.

I'm too broken to decide anything.

Only God knows how I've hidden my humiliation for your happiness!

I have never lost a battle!

Because of you, my enemies defeated me in my own house!

He has disgraced me!

I'm being punished for being your father.

Father, God is testing us.

Please support me.

Someone has played a dirty trick by sending this letter.

He will convince his brothers.

Just give us some more time.

Dear, you've taken a big step. Have some more patience.

How can I?

The wretched Kaido is instigating the community!

If he gets them all here, what will I say?

I am helpless!

Completely helpless!


Well done, Bhaggu!


To disarm a fighter means half the battle is won.

You're absolutely right, master.


What more can I do for you?

I'll call for you. Leave from the back road!

Remember! Yes.

Till I call you, stay in hiding.

Fine, master.

It's the right time for the community to strike.


Chaudhary, on one hand is your crazy daughter.

And on the other, the age-old enmity with Takht Hazara.

Tell us.

Will you go to your enemies with your daughter or support us?

Tell us, Chaudhary!

I'm so overcome with emotions..

..that I'm unable to answer.

The sad part is..

..my own have betrayed me!

We have betrayed you?

Why don't you say you've become a traitor?

Uncle! Be quiet, Kaido.

We've been called, so we shall speak.

Yes Chaudhary, tell us.

Are you with us or with your daughter?

God, what dilemma is this?

On one hand is my daughter..

..and on the other my cruel brother wants a price for his loyalty!

On one hand is my community and on the other is the family.

I'm alone, God!

No father! I'm with you!

The only difference is that I know my destination! Let go!

Go inside, you shameless! Show some respect!

How dare you come here?

Go in or I'll hack you to pieces! Go on! Stop Sultan!

We're not outsiders.

She's like my daughter. I'll talk to her.

Dear Heer..

..for such actions Sohni was killed by drowning.

Sasi was killed in the desert for this.

Learn something..

..from what happened to family rebels in the past!

Or the same fate awaits you!

This is what I regret, priest!

Your thinking is so outdated!

Conscience keepers like you had killed Sasi and Sohni due to hatred.

Today, you sing their songs of love!

You recount the tales of their suffering.

And now you want to do that with me?

Foolish girl!

God hates vanity!

Your pride and arrogance will kill you.

Oh unfortunate! Be sensible!

Only the fortunate get such a good life!

Before taking your advice..

..I ask all protectors of society here..

..is there anyone who hasn't had a beloved..

..whom he hasn't loved the most?

I announce in this city of cowards..

..that I've loved, not sinned!



I will bury you alive!

No, let me go! Come with me!

God's wrath will strike wherever daughters are treated like this!

He will never forgive you!

Let me go!

What a shame!

She's not a daughter. She's trouble! A disease!

God forbid! Her craze will destroy us!

Our daughters may also protest tomorrow.

She has humiliated us today!

Tomorrow, our daughters will do it!

It's high time now.

Before this storm ruins this family and village..

..Chaudhary, marry her off immediately!

But with whom? With Saida.

There couldn't be a better match.

They will agree immediately.

Oh God, please forgive me!

Maybe this is good for everyone.

Fine Kaido. I agree.



You've lost your senses living with those cheats!

You're abandoning us for the daughter of the enemy!

You're still wounded and you want to risk your life again!

I think my life is at risk here.

My life must be waiting for me there.

Living without her..

..will be worse than death for me!

I can wait no longer.

God knows what she must be going through.


This procession looks like a funeral service.

When the priest is corrupt, it will look like one.

May Kaido rot in hell! He did this.

I think everyone is involved.

That's why they forbade us from being with Heer.

Why not? They must've been ashamed to force her!

I don't think she will agree easily.

Why should I agree?

Because you want it?

This community wants it? The people want it?

It's my wedding! It is my right to give my consent!

I disagree! Wretched girl! I'll slit your tongue!

No! Will you agree or not?

No! Kill me! Poison me!

But don't ruin my love!

Love! A result of wild desires of the heart!

A consequence of young blood!

A declaration of revolt against the Shariah!

Look, it is not your personal matter anymore!

Disrespecting the Shariah is an insult to the entire community!

No one can save you from the punishment for this!

I accept every punishment in the world!

But I don't accept separation from my Ranjha!

I will bury you alive!

I accept!

I will get you torn by mad dogs!

I accept!

I will make you sleep on a bed of fire! I accept!

We'll burn you in the fire of hell! I accept!

I will.. I accept everything!

Even those punishments which you don't remember.

But I don't accept going with the Khedas!

Girl, you do not know how strict our laws are!

Oh, blind people!

How do I convince you that my love is true?

You worry about this world. And I worry about another world.

You're not yielding and I can't help it either!

Stop it!

Either you will go with this wedding procession..

..or your corpse.

My corpse will go! I won't.

Sultan, call your father.

This shameless girl will ruin us!

God! What an insolent girl!

She disrespects her religion and Shariah!

Why do you defame the Shariah after selling your honour their name?

Love is my Shariah, my religion!

The foundation of all religions is love.

And no religion is greater than love!

The love which is not for god is a sin!

Priest, love turns a human into God!

Ranjha has become my God!

Let me worship him!

Anyone who hinders my worship is an infidel!

You'll be damned!

You called me an infidel!

Where is Chaudhary?

My daughter is unwell. That's why she's late.

You may be right, sir.

But there is a limit to my patience!

My wedding has become a joke.

No, son! Don't say that.

Chaudhary, we can't wait longer.

Even if we have to go back.

Don't be so cruel. No!

Father. Please come here.

I'll be back.

Things look grave.

If anything goes wrong, we'll punish these rascals while leaving.

Father! Please save me! (Crying)

I have no one but you!

Please save me! (Wailing)

I had come to beg you to save me.

I beg for your consent!


No, father!


No! (Wailing)

Your father is a beggar on your doorstep.

My honour is in your hands.

Rest is up to you. No!

Disgrace me or help me live with respect.

No father! (Wailing)

No! (Wailing)


Either you marry or I die.




Father! (Wailing)


Oh God! Do not delay it!

Just assume that she has agreed.

Go and announce her consent. Or the Khedas will leave!

But.. No time for ifs and buts!

If this wedding doesn't happen, who'll respect you?

Hurry up! But we need a witness!

We have Sultan as witness. Lord!

Don't waste time. the Khedas will leave.

Take this. Go!


Congratulations! She has given her consent!


(Indistinct chatter)

'Oh God, doomsday must be better than this.'

'One can at least hope to be free.'

'Here, there's only fear of being trapped!'


..cry as much as you want to cry!

You may never get another chance.

Tell him this was my funeral procession, not my wedding.

The Khedas took away the corpse. I'll wait for him in my grave.


Congratulations, Mother! You have saved your honour.


But your conscience will never spare you.

Even if you cry all your life.

You lowly man who trades Shariah for money! You'll have to answer God!

Oh God, if you exist..

..show him the mirror of my true love!

So that he sees how ugly his intention is!

Wow, brother! Brothers have always been protecting their sisters.

But you changed that too!




One day, for my happiness, you had consented..

..against your wish, for my wedding with Ranjha.

Today, for your happiness, I've fallen silent against my wish.

In this very life, we are even!



"If we will face any atrocities.."

"..God, don't separate us again."

"Love gave us life in every era."

"This world killed us every time."

"They called us Shireen and Farhad."

"Or Laila and Majnu."

"This world has given us so many names."

"This world has given us so many names."

Ranjha, you've come now? Where were you? Why? What happened?

Is everything all right?

How is Heer? Have you met her?

No, and I never will.

Why? You never returned.

And Kaido set a trap.

The Khedas have come with the procession.

She must've been married by now! What?


Bebo, where is my Heer?

You've come now? When all is lost.

But where is she?

She asked me to tell you it wasn't a wedding but her funeral!

The Khedas have taken her corpse away!

She'll wait for you in her grave.

Oh angels of God!

Set forth your rivers of fire!

Burn everything!

Let there be darkness everywhere!

Douse the light forever!

Tear the sky into pieces!

Destroy this earth!

Spread your arms to shelter me!

I'm shattered. Please save me!

I'm ruined!

Give me some place at your feet!

Give me some place at your feet! (Crying)


Your insolence has become more famous..

..than the accounts of your beauty I had heard!

I had heard of your escapades with your servant.

But I forgave you thinking it was a blemish in your past.

But seeing your shamelessness, I now feel I've married a prostitute!

I'm not a prostitute, but you can make me one!

You are a man. What is a woman to you?

Show your strength! Dishonour someone else's woman.

And make me a prostitute.

Stop this nonsense!

You could've said this to your hypocrite parents..

..or that evil priest!

What's my fault? I have committed no sin!

You have fallen in love.

Your parents married you off to me.

The priest read the vows.

The lawyers and the witnesses have done their job.

Your near and dear ones have forced you into marrying.

I've not played tricks or snatched anyone's rights.

Why am I responsible for all this?

You agreed to marry me in spite of knowing everything.

This wouldn't have happened had you refused.

You thought about yourself, not me!

My love is the Almighty's wish.

Don't go against God by separating us.

I beg of you. Give me to Ranjha.

How can I? Should I get humiliated in the community?

Bring disgrace to my family?

My own people who had danced at my wedding will doubt my manhood!

The entire village will make fun of me.

No, never!

Nothing can be done.

Forget him! Consider this as the decision of God!

It'll be a compromise to live your life like this.

My decision to get married to you was also a compromise.

And if the need arises, I'll compromise again.

But you'll have to consider me to be your husband.

My misfortune is that while your love was mutual, mine wasn't.

Otherwise I'd have never accepted leftovers!

"The jewel of my beloved shines on my forehead."

"The jewel of my beloved shines on my forehead."

"Bring the auspicious henna."

"Bring the auspicious henna."

"I'll apply it to my hands."


Sister-in-law, what happened?

Is everything alright?

Don't you like my brother?

I didn't like this world.

My life is full of mourning.

Go! Go sing songs of happiness.

Enough of happy songs.

Tell me what's the matter? Did Saida say something?

When my fate has ditched me..

..it doesn't make a difference what one says to me.

Even if it's wrong.

Everything looks the same to me.

Is it that you've lost your heart to someone else..

..and you got married to someone else?

Sister-in-law, sometimes in the dark..

..even a small glow of light shows us the right direction.

Where did Saiti go? Has she eloped with her Murad?


Who is this Murad?

Murad! Who Murad?

You're hiding your love and are trying to find mine?

Sister-in-law, are you in love with someone else?

No. Don't lose hope! Perhaps..

..I'm the ray of hope in your path of despair.

Just pray to God to take care of your lover!

Every breath of mine prays and waits for him!

God be kind to him!


"..this story of love has come to an end."

"The palanquin of Heer has left."

"Ranjha has become crazy."


"The world has robbed me."

"The world has robbed me."

"I don't want to live, I want to die."

"God sided with the world."

"I want to die with this complaint."

"I don't want to live, I want to die."


"I would've destroyed the sun, the moon and the stars today."

"I would've destroyed the sun, the moon and the stars today."

"If it were possible.."

"..I would have set this world on fire."

"This world is so cruel."

"The people are so cruel."

"I don't want to live, I want to die."

"The world has robbed me."

"I don't want to live, I want to die."

(Thunder crashing)


"I'll bow to you, but won't pray."

"I'll bow to you, but won't pray."

"Now I'll not ask you for anything, my Lord."

"I've lost my beloved, now where do I go?"

"I don't want to live, I want to die."

"The world has robbed me."

"I don't want to live, I want to die."

"God sided with the world."

"I want to die with this complaint."

"I don't want to live, I want to die."

"I don't want to live, I want to die."

"I don't want to live, I want to die."

Dear, who are you?

What troubles you?

Sage, I have lost my God.

Have you seen a man who has lost his god?

No! Look at me!

No, son. God never forsakes his loved ones.

But like the color of henna, he always remains with them.

Perhaps your love was lacking.

Nothing is lacking in my love.

She is in my heart yet so far.

In the custody of a stranger!

Beyond my reach.

My luck has forsaken me.

Perhaps my urge to get it back has brought me here.

Without her I have no identity.

I want a new identity.

One which no one else recognises.

When I call her, only she should hear it.

Your words indicate some other god.


I'll throw some light on the one responsible for your sorrow.

Is there anything lacking in my prayers? Are you deaf?

Tell me.

Have you also changed, my lord?

How do I worship you? How do I pray..

..that at least Ranjha hears me if not you?

Worldly desires ruin our soul.

Concentrate on God. You'll get peace.

My mind is on my Heer.

Even I want to reach god.

But my path passes through Heer.

She's the first step of the ladder to god.

The first turn to heaven and the first letter of his name.

If I lose her, what do I do with God?

God has bestowed his grace upon you, sage.

Please bless me.

Be optimistic, sister-in-law.

God helps those who help themselves.

Destiny can change any time.

Even I had not imagined..

..I'd get a letter from my Murad today.


Actually, I had come to tell you..

..that I'll be free today.

Now we will have to separate.

I wish your Ranjha had come.

We would have gone together!


I'm happy for you..

..but I'm sad of being left alone.

Oh God, my only ray of hope..

..in this darkness is leaving too!

Show me a way too! Show me a place..

..from where I can call my Ranjha.

(Crying) Ranjha, where are you?

Where are you lost?

I'm tired of waiting for you!

I'm tired, Ranjha! (Crying)

(Wind gusting)


"Fire, wind, soil and water."

"This world is so old."

"What is the oldest thing in this world?"

"People say it is the stone age."

"Our love is older than that."

"Come to me!"

"Come to me!"

"Come to me!"

"Come to me!"

"Come, my heart is calling you."

"Come, my heart is calling you. Ranjha!"

"Come to me!"

"Come to me!"



Praise the Lord!

Go and beg somewhere else!

You're so healthy. Why don't you work for a living?

Aren't you ashamed to beg like this?

I have not come to beg.

I'm here for my right. Are you out of your mind?

You beg and ask for your right! Why can't I claim my right?

All this is God's fault.

I don't know why he gave my share to the world.

I'm gathering what he has strewn!

I don't know in which corner of your house..

..on which grain, my name is written.

I will take only that.

I don't want anything that's yours.

If you have such faith in him, why don't you ask him?

Why are you begging over here?

This is also his wish.

Then get lost considering it his wish!

Neither do I believe in him nor his wish!

You are angry with yourself and life too.

Nobody can stop believing in God so easily.

You've married someone else's woman.

You'll destroy your house.

Mend your ways, or else you'll destroy yourself!

So, those scoundrel villagers have told you everything!

Tell them, by dawn..

..if I don't cut that lovelorn woman to size..

..then I'll be damned!

Take your alms and get lost.

Take this sage.


This sage never takes alms from a house..

..where poor people live.

Who is shedding tears here?

Whose wails echo from every corner?

What is this burning fire of love whose flames I can feel?

Stay here. I'll be back.

Sister-in-law, he seems very learned. Come.

My sister-in-law. She has lost all hope. Say something to her.

There's a long story behind her hopelessness.

She loved someone but didn't get him.

She promised to live and die with him..

..but she left him in grief.

I left the world for you, Heer.

My beloved, Ranjha! (Wailing)

Life was a curse without you.

And the world was like hell!

But you have suffered more than I.

Take me away.

Take me away!


Saiti, where are you?

Mother is coming!

Coming, Mother! Wait for us in Kala Bagh.

I'll bring her there.

Sister-in-law, let's go.

I'm here, Mother.

I'm so happy!

My daughter-in-law has smiled today.

God, I thank you.

Mother, thank that sage.

His blessing has brought back her smile.

He has said..

..lf she goes to Kala Bagh before the rising of the full moon..

..and soaks in the moonlight, she'll always be smiling.

If the family can be happy with this, what more can we wish for?

Both of you in the evening.



(Bells tinkling)

Who is he? He is a lover like us.

It is god's grace! Shall we leave?

Wait for some time.


Don't waste time.

Go away as soon as possible.

Or else Saida will not spare us.

You're the light that showed me the way out of darkness.

I'll never be able to repay your debt.


Bye. Bye.

No! Ranjha!

No! Get lost!


You rascal! No!

Today, I'll kill you. What's all this?

Why are you killing him?

Who are you?

I'm this girl's husband.

No sir. My real husband is Ranjha.

I had married this shameless woman.

Who is right and who is wrong..

..will not be decided here.

That'll happen in our king's court.

So, on one side there's marriage and on the other there is love.

Shariah versus rebellion.

A worldly issue on one hand..

..and spiritual on the other.

The matter is clear to an extent.

Still, before the decision..

..if you want to elaborate on this issue..

..then you're permitted.

Your Highness, this man is a demon in the guise of a sage.

He is a disgrace to the clan of sages.

He is the sinner of both worlds!

If he is not punished for his crime..

..people will lose their faith in justice!

Speaking loudly..

..doesn't make a lie the truth, Saida.

Truth is the truth and a lie is a lie!

Your Highness, nobody could face the truth of our love!

People supported his fake marriage in the name of Shariah!

If it's a sin for Heer and me to elope..

..then wasn't it a sin to marry Heer in spite of knowing of our love?

In this world, all that goes against its customs is seen as a crime.

I ask you why can't two hearts, two bodies..

..two worlds meet on their own free will?

What's the need for the permission of the Shariah..

..the community's consent and the priest's seal?

I'll tell you, young man.

Greetings to the great king!

I'm the priest..

..who had married Saida and Heer.

Keeping all the aspects of the Shariah in mind..

..and in the presence of witnesses, this wedding was held.

And now, Saida is Heer's husband.

I only want to say that this man is a traitor!

To be a traitor is a crime in itself.

But he has also committed the crime of insulting..

..and disobeying the Shariah!

Highness, I ask this caretaker of Shariah..

..whether what he did to us was not a great crime?

Wasn't it a crime to forcibly marry me to an unknown man for a bribe?

And his biggest crime is..

..in spite of my refusal he took a bribe and announced my approval.


Such insults! Such accusations!

Your highness, you will get proof of this girl's perjury..

..from the testimony of her family members..

..in front of whom I had married her.

And she had agreed! Not at all!

First, present the witnesses.

My first witness is Kaido Chaudhary.

He is this girl's uncle.

Your Highness.

Did this girl agree to marry Saida out of free will in front of you?

Yes. No, it is a lie!

I'm surprised why she took this wrong step.

If she wasn't happy with this alliance..

..she should've refused then.

Second witness!

The second witness is Sultan Chaudhary, her brother.

Did this girl agree for the wedding in front of you?

Answer me!

Your highness, with your permission..

..I would like to tell my brother..

..to listen to his conscience before saying anything.

And look into his sister's eyes once.

Because it's not about what you say..

..but about a brother and sister's relationship.

About a sister's faith in her brother.

If this faith is broken today..

..the relationship of a brother and sister will end forever.

For the sake of our relationship..

..speak the truth.

Highness, this girl is trying to mislead her brother in front of you!

Emotionally blackmailing him! She's compelling him to lie!

I don't know.. No, your highness!

She was stopping me from lying!

Yes, your highness!

She was telling me to speak the truth.

The truth is..

..we had got her married forcefully.

Now, even god will not forgive us!

God will not forgive us!

Would you like to say anything else?

Your highness, so what if by seeing her cry..

..a brother has turned hostile?

There's Kaido and me. The entire community is witness to this.

No power in this world can refute..

..that Heer had been married to Saida.

If like her..

..I start playing with truth and lies..

..the Shariah will become meaningless.

In every house, every girl will fall in love.

Have you ever fallen in love?


I don't understand!

I want to know, were you ever in love?

No, Your Highness. How can I?

Why? Aren't you human?

Yes, I am. But I've never fallen in love.

Not even with God?

What? With God?

Yes, I love God.

So then, did you meet God?

I think I had met him.

I do not like vague words.

Yes or no?

Yes, Highness. I met God.

Does anybody else know that you've met god?

God is god, Your Highness.

How can somebody else know about it?


It is said when true lovers meet everybody knows about it.

When they met, the entire world knew about it.

And you met God and nobody knew?

I was..No! What do I know?

Only God knows his ways.

Then God must know that you're lying repeatedly to hide your one lie!

Forgive me, Your Highness!

I was making a futile effort to prove my lie to be the truth.

I'm the culprit of both the worlds! Forgive me!

Please spare me!

Forgive me!

I'm sorry to say, rather than guiding others, you've gone astray!

I don't have the right to forgive you.

These innocent people have the right.

Had you understood their love..

..you would have found a way to meet God.

The beauty of true love is that it makes God out of a human.

And sometimes it brings God in front of a human.

Such holy souls come down to earth very rarely.

Together we should honour them..

..and also arrange for the worldly custom of their marriage.


"My dear, your groom is here."

"My dear, your groom is here."

"He has come with the wedding procession."

"He has come with the wedding procession."

"My dear, your groom is here."

If God is so proud of his love..

..then today I will break it.

I'll put a shroud of mourning over these celebrations!

Even future generations will pass from here in silence!

Go away.

When I sit with Heer, bring the plate of sweets.

We are completely prepared, sir.

Pick up the sweet ball with a silver foil from the top of the plate.

(Drum playing)

The procession is here. I'll leave now.

(Drum playing)

"My dear, your groom is here. He has come to take you." - (Laughs)

What's this, uncle?

Are you still unhappy?

How can I be happy if you don't forgive me?

What for, uncle?

This was a fight of our principles.

My principles are killing me.

I will not get peace until you forgive me.

Please forgive me. Forgive me! Uncle!

What are you doing?

Don't embarrass me.

I had forgotten all the grudges..

..when Ranjha and my marriage was decided.


Really? Yes, uncle.



I am delighted!

You have given me new life.

I'll die of happiness!

Why Chaudhary?

Have sweets first! Yes. Why not?

Sweets are nice. Yes.

But first tell me, who has sent these sweets?

People from Takht Hazara have sent these sweets..

..and dry fruits for the bride.

Then the first person to taste them should be our daughter.


Take this. Uncle, you eat it first.

No. Your Ranjha has sent them. You have to eat it first.


I'm very happy today!

I'll go crazy with happiness!

Uncle! I'm also very happy today.


What happened? (Coughs)

What's happening to me?

I can't breathe!

What has uncle given me to eat? Call somebody.


Heer! Mother!

What happened to my daughter?

Something's happening mother!

I won't survive. But what happened?

Kaido has given her something to eat. What? - (Coughs)

May he rot in hell!

Go child! Quickly call the doctor!

I won't survive.

O god, take me but save my child.



My dear!

What's wrong with her?

Kaido has given her something to eat.

I'll not survive.


Please call Ranjha quickly.

I want to look at him.

Ask him to come soon!

I have very little time.

Why are you staring? Go quickly! Bring him!


No, dear.

Ranjha, meet Heer quickly!

Kaido has poisoned her!

Your Heer is gone!

No Sultan! This cannot happen!





Ranjha! Yes, Heer!

I think the sage..

..has made our childhood's hide-and-seek game a reality.

But you find me.

I'll wait for..



(Wailing) My dear!


"These flowers could not blossom here."

"These flowers will blossom there."

"We could not meet in this world."

"We will meet in that world."

"God has written your destiny with tears, oh love."

"The five rivers wept a lot."

"Then Warish Shah wrote the story of Heer."