Heidi (2015) Script

Heidi! Come on!

Hello, Dete.

I'm hot.

Is it far? Heidi, it's right at the top.

Hello, Dete.


Is that your late sister's daughter? Yes.

Come on, Heidi. We have to go. She's got so big.

Come on.

Where are you taking her?

To her grandfather. To the Alp-Uncle?

Good heavens!


He's godless and hates every living soul.

They say he even forgot how to speak.

Am I meant to put her in a home?

Or give her to some farmer we don't know?

You know that nobody wants an extra mouth to feed.

She might have been better off with strangers.

He even fell out with his own son. May God rest his soul.

And I'm sure he won't want anything to do with the child.

Heidi! Where are you?

Heidi, come here right now!


Hello, Grandfather.

Hello, Alp-Uncle.

This is Heidi.

Your grandchild.

I've found a position in Frankfurt.

So now I'm bringing her to you.

She's your own flesh and blood affer all.

Go! And take her with you.

I've looked affer her for five years.

But I can't do it anymore. Get out of here!

Heidi, listen to me.

There's nothing to be scared of.

I'm sure Uncle won't hurt you.

Right, now go.


God forgive me.

The child! Take the child with you!

Go on, go with her!

But she doesn't want me either.


Good morning, Grandfather.


Thank you. I'll take you to the parson.

He'll know what to do with you.

Open up.

The child is strong.

And healthy.

She won't be much trouble.

She can't stay with me.

Okay, fine.

I'm going to Maienfeld in three days. Maybe a farmer has a use for her.

Otherwise, it's a home.

But she has to stay with you until then.

I'll bring her down then.

It's your Christian duty to look affer your grandchild.

Here, off you go.


Should I sleep in the stable again tonight?

Sleep wherever you want.

You only have one chair.

And only one bed.

What's that up there?

I want to sleep up here in the hay. Am I allowed?


I'd rather not go into a home.

Good morning, Grandfather. Drink your milk.

Stop there!

Good morning, goats.

Little Bear! Little Swan! Come on!

Come on! Chop chop!

Good day, General Goatherd.

Take the girl with you out on the alp today.

She doesn't know how things work in the mountains.

Hello. My name is Heidi.

Right. Thank you.

Come on.

Did you hear him? You have to do what I say.

Yeah, yeah.

What's your name? Peter.

Are you living with him now? Yes, he's my grandfather.

Your grandfather?

Why don't you live with your parents?

Because they're dead.

My father is dead too.

I was living with my Aunt Dete in Bad Ragaz until now.

I had to sit inside all day.

But here is much better. I can be outside!

Hey, stay with me! Yeah, yeah.

What's that little one called?

Snowhopper. Will you show me how to make a fire?


Hey, Peter.

Did you eat some of my cheese and sausage?

What, me?

No, that wasn't me.

Who else could it have been?

I don't know. Maybe a goat?

A goat?

Hey! Stay there.

Little Swan, Thistlefinch! Stop it, stop!

Get away! Stop that!

Just you wait! Leave him!

Do you never listen? I said stay over there!

Stop hitting them! They stopped fighting.

They need to be punished. They give less milk if they fight.

If you stop hitting them, I'll give you half my food.

Half of it?

Every day?

But you're not allowed to hit the goats anymore.

Do you promise?

Every day. Half.

Do you see? Look. I can see.

Look. Ouick, get down!

Now your turn.

Me? Yes.

Heidi? Yes?

Maybe don't mention the food. I won't say anything.

In the village they say he killed someone once.

Thank you.

I'd rather sleep in the stable affer all.

Did Peter tell you stories about me?

And you just believe him?

Is it true what he says?

People like saying nasty things.

You have to decide whether to trust your own eyes and ears or what other people say.

Goodnight, Grandfather.


I know my way around up here.

I'll show you tomorrow where the edelweiss grows.


I'll be gone tomorrow. Grandfather is taking me to the parson.


I'm on my own with these stupid goats again.

Shoo! Move! Come on.

Go! Move it!

What on earth do you look like?


Is the chair for me?

Who else?

But I'm leaving tomorrow.

You're going out on the alp tomorrow.

And the next day too?


Don't ask so many questions and go and wash your face.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Peter! I'm allowed to stay!

Today is the last day I'll be here. Why?

I have to go to school.

When are you coming back?

In the spring, I think.

Not until the spring?

You can come down and visit.

Grandmother will be pleased to see you.

No more eating, you've had enough!

Come on!

May I go to school too?

Come on, eat.

Look who's there.

That's unbelievable.

He shouldn't be allowed to take care of a child.

He's looking over.

Good day.



What do you have planned for the girl?

That's nothing to do with you.

In a year she'll have to go to school.

She doesn't have to do anything.

Be sensible. Every child must learn to read.

She can't come down from the alp on her own in the winter.

Come on, child. You go outside.

Alone the whole winter, up on that alp.

A child of that age needs friends. She has all she needs.

It's against the law.

I'm not interested in your laws.

Come on.

Such a pig-headed fellow.

Here, look.

It's finished.


Thank you, Grandfather.

If only it were spring again.


Thank you.

When it gets dark, I'll come and pick you up.

Hello, is Peter there?

He's at school. But come inside.

Mother, we have a visitor. It's Heidi.


Child, she can't see.

Come a little closer, Heidi.

Can you see nothing, Grandmother?

With my eyes, nothing at all.

But with my hands, it's different.

Heidi! Peter!

Thank you.

You're not missing anything. School is so boring.

You just say that because you still can't read.

You can't either. What good does reading do up here?

Eat your food!

You can have mine, Grandmother.

Thank you, Heidi, but it's too hard.

I hardly have any teeth leff, you know.

Then I'll take it.

Grandmother can't see. Did you know?

And she can't eat any stale bread at all.

We're lucky, aren't we Grandfather?

Whoa there!

Uncle? Hello.

I've got some good news.

I've found a place for Heidi, with friends of my employers, in Frankfurt.

It's a well-respected family, and Heidi could even go to school with their young daughter.

It's a wonderful chance for her.

Say something at least!

When you're finished, you can go.

But I want to take her with me.

Heidi is staying here.

In the village they say you don't let her go to school.

Because of your obstinacy, she won't learn to read or write!

You want her to turn wild up here?

Why do you care about her all of a sudden?

Uncle, last time I had no other choice.

There's nothing more to say.

If you don't let her go to school, they'll take her away from you and put her in a home.

I'm taking her today. With help from the villagers, if needs be.

Where is the child?

Heidi is mine.

Now get out of here.

Heidi! Dete?

Aunt Dete! Heidi, my child.

Come here.

Have you missed me lots?

Boy, go back to your goats.

I have to talk to Heidi. Come on.

Sit down.

Listen to me.

How would you like to live in a big, beautiful house?

The Sesemanns, very kind people from Frankfurt, are looking for a friend for their daughter.

But I like it here.

But the girl in Frankfurt is so looking forward to you coming.

I'd rather stay with Grandfather.

Heidi, Grandfather wants you to come with me.


Child, we both just want what is best for you.

Come along. The train is leaving soon.

But I have to say goodbye. We don't have any time.

Is it far away? No, no.

And what if I don't like it?

Then you can come back home.

I promise.

Come on.

Come on, hurry!

Where is Heidi?

Go, hurry!

Hop on.

Off we go! All right.

They've gone! You're late again, aren't you?

Keep looking.

It's a miracle the child is still alive.

Heidi, stay here.

Stay here!

Heidi, come with me. Come inside.

Are you free?

The Sesemann mansion, please.

Come on.


Get out.

Good day, ladies. Good day.

Welcome, ladies.

Miss Rottenmeier is waiting for us.

Please follow me.

Heidi, stop it!

I'm introducing you to Miss Rottenmeier now, okay?

That's the young lady's governess.


She's a very distinguished woman who looks affer Miss Klara.

So behave yourself!

Miss Rottenmeier will see you now. Right. Come along.

Unfortunately, I had no time to change her clothes.

What is your name? Heidi.

Heidi? That's not a Christian name.

Her name is Adelheid, like her mother.

God rest her soul.

The child seems very young to me.

Indeed, she is quite small for her age.

I'm eight. Eight.

No, that won't do at all. Come with me, Dete.

Adelheid is exactly what Mr Sesemann wanted.

An unspoiled child from the Swiss countryside.

And now I want my side of the deal.

What should I call you? Heidi.

I'm Klara.

Were you excited about Frankfurt?

Grandfather and Aunt Dete wanted me to come, but if I don't like it, I'm allowed to go back home.

You're the most curious girl I've ever met.

Are those boys' clothes?

It's practical on the alp. Especially for climbing.

Oh, climbing...

Can't you walk?

No, sadly not.

So you always have to sit in this? Yes.

Feel free to push me.

How do you like our house?

It's big.

I'm sorry.

What happened?

I rode into the table. I wasn't paying attention. I'm sorry.

Right. It's time for supper.

Let's sit.

You look a bit like Peter the goatherd.

Pardon? Adelheid.

Don't talk like that to the servants.

In this house we use cutlery.

She doesn't even know the very basics.

Sorry. I'll get a rag.

A rag?

Sit down, Adelheid!

Tinette. Silence!

Can I have two?


"Can he please pass me two rolls?"

Can he please... give me two rolls?

"Pass me two rolls."

Pass me two rolls.

Two rolls.

Two rolls, please.

In this house there are rules, Adelheid.

You are to refer to the servants as 'he' or 'she', and conversing with them is forbidden.

Breakfast is at 7:30.

Lessons will take place in the study and commence at 8:15.

At 12:30 we take our lunch.

Then two hours of rest.

At 7 it's bed time.

In this house there is no running, hopping or jumping.

We always walk.

We never raise our voices.

Miss Rottenmeier?

What are you doing?

You can't run around here like that.

Me? Yes!

Don't people wash up in the mountains?

Yes, we do.

I have heard that up there, there are mountain trolls and gnomes.

Have you ever seen one?

Stay still.

Now put those on, and when you're ready, come upstairs.


No, the butter knife.

Okay, Miss Adelheid.

Open the book at chapter one and read aloud.

I can't.


I can't read.

You must know the letters.

Which letter is this?

It's like a mountain.

Yes, it is.

Miss Klara, this is not funny.

Peter can't read either.

Peter? Peter?

He's my friend.

Peter said we don't need to up on the alp.

You don't need to?


Every person can and must learn to read.

Please excuse me one moment.

She doesn't know the alphabet?

A completely wild, uneducated creature has been brought into our house.

Maybe it would be appropriate for her to have a separate teacher.

You'd like that.

It can't be asking too much to teach the Swiss child the alphabet alongside Klara's lesson.

Certainly not, I just thought...

As soon as Mr Sesemann returns, I'll ensure Adelheid leaves this house.

Doesn't this window open?


I want to find out if you can see the mountains.

Miss Adelheid, would you be so kind as to retake your seat so that we can continue with the much-needed lesson?

Miss Klara.

Miss Adelheid, the mountain is called 'A'.

'A' for Adelheid.

' A'. Exactly.

Take me over there, Heidi.

Not so wide! We don't want to be seen.

I wanted to show you this.

Is that you? And my mother.

But you're standing up.


I only became ill affer...

Affer she died.

Father misses her too.

He's always travelling for his work.

And I'm always stuck in this house.


Goodness me! Young ladies don't creep up like that.


It's nap time, Miss Adelheid.

But I can't sleep.

You shouldn't sleep, just rest.

How can I be of service to the young lady?

Do you...

Does he know how to open the window?

Which one?

Here, mademoiselle.

Good gracious, not so far!

There are no mountains at all.

Well, you can't see any from up here, but look, you can see much further from the tower.

But now I have to close the window again and the young lady goes to her room.

Otherwise there'll be trouble.

Thank you and adieu.


We have to be back before the affernoon rest is over.



No, leff!

That's right. Along there.

Apples, fresh apples!

Fresh apples!

The tower.

Where is it now?

Heidi, I don't know right now.

Maybe he knows.

Heidi, you can't talk to a beggar!


This way.

There it is.

Bread! Fresh bread!

Fresh bread!

There. That's where you go in.

What about you?

Don't worry about me. Go on, hurry!


I hope miss is well rested.


I'm sure the young lady will like this.

How cute.

If you have a few pennies...

Don't just stand there. Search!




I can't find them.

The front door was open.

And? Maybe they went out.

Oh, right. Why out? Where?

I think we should look for them outside.

Good God!

Find the children, Sebastian.

Find them!

Where are the mountains?


Heidi, how was it?


They're so sweet.

We have to go.

Come on!


What do you think you're doing?

Back to the house, quick as you can.

Where on earth were they?

Not far. They just wanted to...

Get some fresh air. Exactly.

You took Klara out of this house.

Are you aware of how dangerous that is?


What would you have told her father if something had happened to her?

And your sash is all...

Oh, goodness! Those creatures must go.

No... Sebastian!

Can't we keep them? Absolutely not!


I can't breathe. The fur!

Oh God!

Get them away!

Those creatures must go!

Hurry up. Ouickly, Sebastian!

I'll look affer these little mites. I can't breathe.

Oh my god, take that one there! Hurry up!

Sebastian! Oh God.

Sebastian! The cat! It's attacking me!


Adelheid will have no supper this evening.

But... Miss Sesemann.

It is for adults to decide how children are brought up.

Stand over there.

With your face to the wall.

Get a move on!

With your face to the wall.

With your face to the wall, I said!

Next time I'll lock you in the cellar with the rats.

I have to go home.

Pardon me?



I just have to.


Adelheid. But why? Heidi!

Stop right there.

Heidi, wait!

I said stop! Heidi!

Don't go!

How dare you!

Dete said I can leave when I want.

Did she really?

Then she lied. There's no way you're leaving.

Don't you know how lucky you are?

I wish I had grown up in such a house.

What did you want to do with those rolls?

They're for Grandmother.

You stupid child.

Leave them there.

Heidi, what are you doing?

Look what you're doing to the young lady.

Now go to your room.

Right this second.




Where is Klara?

She's ill.

Sick! Because of you.

So, here's our little Swiss girl.

Don't be scared. I'm just the doctor.

Hiya. Hiya?


Is Klara sick?

The young lady is much better.

I think she'll be pleased to see you.



Am I so awful I make you want to leave?

No, that's not it.

I only have you, Heidi.

We could have such a nice time together.


You should be a little faster by now. 'O'.

It looks like a bread roll.


It's not a 'T' for tread, or a 'K' for kread, but a 'B'... A 'B' for bread.

And that starts with a...

'B'! What's wrong with you? How have you forgotten?

You've really dolled yourself up.

I haven't dolled myself up at all. How dare you!

Welcome home, sir. Sebastian.

My dear! Nice to have you here, Mrs Sesemann.

Father! Klara, my child.

My darling child! How wonderful, father.

Ah, so this is our Adelheid?

Good day.

I have a surprise for you.

Grandmama! Klara.

My sweet, sweet girl.

I'm only passing through, but I had to see you.

Let me look at you.

You look very well!


Good day, medeme.



Just call me Grandmama.

We were right to find a friend for Klara.

She's much better, so cheerful.

I'm afraid my news will dampen your spirits somewhat.

In my opinion, Adelheid shows signs of...

There's no other way for me to put it...

...not being in her right mind.

Not in her right mind?

What do you mean? Adelheid still can't read.

She can't even recognise the letters, even though Mr Kandidat is doing the very best he can.

This is seriously disrupting Miss Klara's lessons.

And her behaviour is impossible, downright wild.

Well, well. I'm going to make up my own mind.

And then we'll take it from there.

"When the young shepherd counted his sheep in the evening, he realised that the smallest one was missing."

"Where could it be?"

"Outside it began to snow and an icy wind blew."

That happened to me and Peter once.

We lost a goat.

Did you find it again? Yes. Thankfully.

There, where you come from...

I'm sure it's very different to here. Am I right?

How does the story continue?


"It got darker and darker and the snowflakes whirled through the air."

"But all of a sudden he heard the very quiet bleating of a little sheep."

Right, that's where I'm stopping.

But the little sheep. Does he find it?

You can read that for yourself.

But I can't.

Why ever not?

Peter said we don't have to read.

Peter did, did he?

You don't always have to believe what other people say.

If you could read you would know how the story continues.

And you like stories, don't you?


Well, then.

I'll leave the book there for you.

Heidi is a sweet and incredibly sensitive child.

I'm sure she can learn to read if given the right attention.

Thank goodness for that.

But I get the impression that she's not very happy.

She has all she could want.

It's something deep inside.

Living in this house goes against everything she is.

Klara has never been so happy.

I see.

And it stops you feeling guilty about leaving Klara alone.




What are you doing? What's in your hand?

A ghost! Don't you hear it?

There's no such thing as ghosts. There is! Listen.

Sebastian? Help! A ghost!

Nothing was stolen?

I checked the silver myself three times over.

And I locked the door.

I promise.

It was a ghost, definitely.

Poppycock, Tinette. What rot!

Sebastian, you're a sensible man. You must have an explanation.

Well, I have to admit that if Sir is asking me, then it certainly has to be said that things are happening, that, well... that are somewhat, how shall I put it, that appear somewhat supernatural.

Supernatural? Yes.

Right, then.


I'm going to put a stop to all these carryings-on.

Please make sure that the children hear nothing about this.


To bed. Goodnight.

In... the...

vall... ey...

"In the valley."

"In the valley, there flowed a small stream and in the clear water you could see the trout swimming."

Yes! Heidi, I knew you could do it.

I knew it. Superb.

Who would have thought it?

"The fish glittered silver, and frolicked around playfully."

"Here at this lov... lovely place, the shepherd wanted to rest and eat his midday meal."

Yes, she can do it!

I'm so pleased, Grandmama. Bravo, bravo, Heidi!

Every child can learn to read with a good teacher and some patience.

Heidi, I'm delighted.

Our little Swiss girl seems to be doing well here.

And that's why...

she should stay with us.

Forever? Yes.

Yes, my child, forever.

Goodbye, Mother. Goodbye.

Giddy up!

How long can you stay, friend?

I'll leave as soon as this business is cleared up.

I hope to see the ghost for myself tonight.

It would be my first.


What on earth are you doing here?

Don't touch her! You shouldn't wake sleepwalkers.

She's freezing cold.

Could you bring another blanket?

What on earth...


Please leave us two alone.

Don't be scared, Heidi.

It's me, the doctor.

Were you dreaming?

About Grandfather.

Are you in any pain?

No, only here.

This hurts.

My dear child, why did you save all those bread rolls?

They're for Grandmother. She can't eat hard bread anymore.

You miss your home, little Heidi.

Come on.

There, there.

Everything will be okay.

Homesick, you say?

The Swiss illness. Her nerves are in quite a state.

She must be sent home immediately.

She can't. She must!

I can't do that to Klara. Please.

Do all you can, okay?

I've given you my advice.

So? Did you see the ghost?

I didn't say anything.

Tell me everything, Father. Please!


The ghost... was our little Heidi.

Heidi? Heidi?

She sleepwalks because she's suffering.

What does she need? Her home.

So, my dear child, Heidi cannot stay here.

But she has to. You can't do that!

Please don't! What will I do without Heidi?

Heidi's illness will only be cured... I want her to stay here!

Klara. I'm sick and all alone too!

You're forgetting yourself. Calm down this instant!

Just go!

Go to your grandfather and Peter. Everyone, just leave!

Tinette, take me to my room right away.


Sebastian will take you home today.

You'll take the train at midday. Tinette will help you pack.

Home to Grandfather?

And Klara?



Please open the door.

Thank you.

Can you give this to Klara?

She has to come and visit me.


We'll see.

Giddy up.

Off you go!

Peace again at last.

Tinette! Tinette!

I'll call you Heidi.

My little Heidi.


People live up there...

Those mountains! It's so oppressive.

Come here.

It has been a great pleasure, miss.

Look affer the child well. I will.


Hey, look! What is it?

That's Heidi.

Hello, Heidi.


Nice! I want that!

Look at these shoes.

Heidi! Peter!

Heidi, I heard you lived in a palace. It wasn't a palace.

What is in there? Wait and see.

These are for you, Grandmother. Lots of soff rolls.

It's lovely you're back, Heidi.

A big sausage for you, Peter.

Thank you.



Morning, Little Swan and Little Bear.

Peter, I'm coming!


So, here's your half. Thank you.

Dear Klara, the village is now under thick snow.

Everything is white and sparkling.

We have moved into the village so that I can go to school.

At school, boys sit on one side and girls on the other.

Our pastor is much stricter than Mr Kandidat.

Sometimes there are even canings.

And poor Peter is always punished because he's always late.

Now tell me what you want to be when you grow up.

A goatherd.

A farmer. Farmer.

A blacksmith. Like my father.


I want to write stories.


I see.

What letter is this?

' A'? A letter 'D'!

Almost every day after school, I try to teach poor Peter to read.

Oh Peter, you did this yesterday.

But it's not really working.

Oh Klara, I miss you so much.

I think about you every day.

Please write to me.

"There's nothing I wish for more than for you to come and visit me."

"Yours, Heidi."

I didn't even say goodbye.

I don't believe it. I don't believe it. It's Klara!

Peter, Peter, Peter!

Peter, look! It's Klara. My dearest friend! Klara!

Klara! Heidi!

Heidi, I missed you so much. I missed you too.

Grandmama! Heidi!

My dear child.

You see, Klara was in such an awful way, I resolved to bring her here.

Do you think she could stay here for a few days?

For a fee, of course.

Klara is our guest.

Okay. Sure?


Heidi, you have to help me get dressed.

You don't need this. Heidi!

Or any of this either.

Look. I don't need them either.

Heidi, not so fast.

Little Bear, Little Swan.

They're just like I imagined.

Peter, come!

Peter, look. It's Klara.

Klara, this is Peter.

Hello. I've heard so much about you.

Are you coming?

No. Why? Let's go with him.

How will that work? You can't walk.

Peter! Come on, let's go.

I'm not leaving Klara on her own.

Move, go! Peter!

He'll get over it.

We're going! Move!

Heidi, I'd love to go up there with you two.

Come on! Move!


Go home on your own.

You stupid bunch of goats.

Come on, get a move on! Go!

Did you see that? Yes, a shooting star.

Now we can wish for something.

I wish that... No!

You're not allowed to say.


Come on, goats!

Where is the wheelchair? Heidi, where is it?

It's not here.

It's not here either.

It can't just disappear.

Grandfather, it's not here. What? It's gone?

Impossible. Did you look everywhere?

Now I have to sit here all day and can't do anything.

Grandfather will think of something.

He'll be getting a piece of my mind.

Little Bear?

Thank you.

There you go.

I know what you did, General Goatherd.

Your bad conscience is probably punishment enough.

Now look affer the girls until I come back in the evening.

Do you understand me?

I'll go and get Peter. Yes, do.

Come out.

I don't want to.

Then don't.

He'll come for sure. As soon as there's food.

They're beautiful.

It's just like you said. See? And now you're here.

I'll fetch some blueberries.


Holy Mother of God.

Come over here!

Come on.

You can do it.

Try it.

I know you can do it!

Good day.

I'm here to collect my daughter.

Hello Alp-Uncle. Hello.

Mother, how could you bring Klara to a place like this?

Just look at it!

This is no place for a sick girl.

This hut, these rocks everywhere.

You must excuse my son.

I want to see my daughter right away. Where is she?

Father, here I am.



My child.

You're walking.

Please forgive me.


You're walking. Klara.

This is a present for you, my dear child.

Thank you, Grandmama.

There's nothing in it.

Because you'll fill it up yourself.

What's wrong, child?

Everyone laughed at me. Why is that?

Because I want to write stories.

Is that right?

They just don't know any better, Heidi, because they only know this village.

But you've seen more of the world, haven't you?

If something in life brings you joy, then you simply have to do it, regardless of what people say.

It was so lovely to see you.

I'll miss you.

I'll miss you too.


Heidi, goodbye.