Helix (2015) Script

- Good morning, Vancouver, It's another hot one out there today.

- Scientists confirm that global temperatures have risen dramatically over the last three years.

- Flooding continues worldwide as the U.N. struggles to contain the worldwide disaster.

- With resources becoming increasingly scarce, we're slipping closer to another global conflict...

- This city has never seen a level of violence like this.

-All this after twelve days of rioting...

- Major flood walls are being expanded and fortified to surround and protect what is now being called Sector One.

- Crime and violence still a major concern.

- Helix is being dubbed as the best weapon yet.

- Helix has slashed the city's unsolved crime rates.

-...created a two tier system.

- No outsiders to the Vancouver free territory.

That is the beauty of the wall and the perfect Helix system.


Where's my photo?

No, no, no, no... no!






Don't you know not to run from a cop?

Cop? Ha! That's a joke. You're a frigging security guard.

What? Did you get your Mama to sew those badges on?

Activate! Ugh...

Ah, my hands. I can't move my hands!

Your never cuffs should do fine.

-Thank you.


Ah, don't you leave me like this, man.

-Come out from there, sugar.

-Get out. Come here...

So, you're like... some sort of guard or something?

-I'm a Cop or something.

-Officer, may I report a break in?

It's my attic, they cleaned me out. Can you help?

So, what is the problem? You got broken into?

Yeah. Where do you live?

-Old Kits.

Did that guy have any photos on him?

-Look, you live in Sector 3.

It's not my area. Contact your local police.

-We don't have any cops!

Listen, I'm sorry about your place, your photos or whatever, take this. It's a lot of money, and just... be careful.

Do you want some shorts? Would you run away and be my girlfriend?


Um... Oh, hey, Ellie, you're here, huh?


I'll be over there, when you're done.

-Awe, come on.

Impressive. I'll have to remember that. I finally have a use for you.

I have no idea what you're talking about.

Sugar? Yeah you can.

What can I get you? I... will grab a bottle of your finest...

-Of V.L.T.?

-Well, hey now, Mr.Big Spender, huh?

It's been a great day for the Getting Over The Wall Fund and I am celebrating.

Really? Why would you wanna go there?

It's awful.

-It's awful?

-Do tell.

My... my aunt lived there until last year. She told me all about it.

Besides, you wouldn't want to leave us all alone here, would you?

Hey baby... Don't bother. I'm a cop.

Oh, well, he's a cop. Well, cops have lots of money, sugar.

Hmm? Nice government job.

-Ow! And who can resist a man in a uniform?


-Back to work, you two.

-Stop! Freeze!



-The guy up here called it in.

It's sector 2.

One of their community's security projects.

-Oh, great. Rent a hero.

-Oh, and he's been drinking.

Sir... uh, Officer Aiden Magnusson, Sector 2 police, city core division?

-Office Magnusson?

Thank you for your hard work. Sir, you see...

I saw some... some tattoos and some scaring of...

Uh, Mr. Magnusson, thanks for your help, but... we really need to clear the crime scene...

There's important police matters to attend to.

I'm sure you understand.

- Okay... yeah, but let's not pretend this is the first time we've seen someone like that being caught over there. This is just a case that had a tragic outcome.

- He's disgusting, it's disgusting, The whole place is disgusting.

- Alright. I think we can see where you stand.

Thank you caller. For those of you just joining us, we are discussing the arrest of councilman Nicholas Bottello last night for an apparent rule in sector 2.

Our next caller... Transfer funds.

-...from Sector 2. Good morning, caller.

-Uh, hi, yeah, Seth here...


Mornin'. Hey.

Thanks... - Suzanne.

You can call me Suzie, or Anne. But don't call me Sue or I'll kill you.

-Alright, Suzanne. I gotta get going.

It was nice to meet you. Thanks.

- All officers in community service projects, please be sure...


You are busted.

Might as well go to his office right now.

Another man beckons.

Suicide? No, no, he just left.

You wait inside, young man. He'll be back to tan your hiney in just one minute.

-Shut up and sit down.

If this is about that guy with the cash, it's not the same thing as last time.

Is... is this about last night?

'Cause Sector One came in there.

And they... - Save it.

You're in night shift. But sir, can we talk about this?

I don't even know why I'm here! You've been upgraded.


What is this shit?

You've been upgraded. Yeah, you lucky son of a bitch.

That... uh... situation you called in last night or something, and you won the lottery.

Got your golden ticket. Some politician and some damn thing.

You're a total bastard.

Oh, man.

Cold water, hot water... clean clothes, clean women, Oh the pussy they keep behind that wall.

Where was I?

Oh, yeah.

The pussy.

-indistinct announcement.

- All sectors with documentations must be present while you graduate.

Please have documentation ready for inspections.

All identifications must be exposed.

-Must be upstairs.

Good stuff, huh? Yeah.

- All Class A and all Class B must be accompanied by corresponding PRHD.

All class C and other classes are strictly prohibited.

All Class A and all Class B must be accompanied by a corresponding PRHD.

All class C and other classes are strictly prohibited.

-I want to get in.

-I don't even need to ask.

What about you, Mr. Fancy, what'd your business here?

-Uh... I'm here for a job. I'm with police.

Applications from Sector 2 are not taken at the border!

No exceptions. - But sir, I...

I already have the job, I'm just reporting for... duty.

Do you have any documents? Uh...

-Speak up!

No, sir. They did not give me any documents.

It should be on my Helix, though.

Must have plenty of time to waste in line.

Waste enough of my time, that's for sure.

- ...documentation must be present while you graduate. Please please have documentation ready for intermediate inspection.

- ...documentation must be present while you graduate. Please please have documentation ready for intermediate inspection.

-Please remove all metallic objects.

-You're gonna have to see this one. Oh.

You'll fall for this one. Oh my God.

Please stop.

Please have your arms raised and your legs... apart.


Turn around... uh-huh. What's the problem now?

-...to sector two, hold the area.

-That's the guy from the news.

- Level 9 processing will be moved to level 7 until further notice.

-So you're the super cop!

Come to clean up our city, too, huh?

-Today's commissary session is...

Yes, sir. Another one for the collection.

Check out those. Ooh.

Oh! Oh! Please move on, sir, thank you.

-Officer Magnusson?

Officer Aiden Magnusson?

Hello, Officer.

So, I'm Victory Matthews. I'm a publicist for a fine Vancouver Police department.

Your name is Victory? Yeah, my parents were a bit optimistic.

Just call me Vic, alright? We've got to bring you right to the station.

Maybe a quick stop for some new clothes.

Who dressed you, anyways? My mother?

My mother!

Listen, this kid is photogenic. He's been on the news all night.


We are in an election cycle right now.

So, unless you want to lose this one for us, you better start working at it and do what it takes!

Where is Victory and that kid?

I know! I just want the mayor to get a bit of face time with him beforehand.

Play up the father-son feel to this... thing, whatever the hell it's becoming.

The mayor is waiting over here. I wanted you to meet him before we got this all started. You know?

Get to know him a bit?

What is this exactly? Victor, what is he wearing?

Yeah, I don't know, he just showed up... looking like that.

Mr. Mayor, sorry we're late. Problems at the Border.

So, is this another interview? I mean, I haven't even seen the questions.

So you better have some damn good answers for me.

No, sir, this is the presentation with the young officer?

We're at the Police Hall.

The Magnusson boy, sir.

-Oh, Vic.


I knew your father.

-Well, that went well.

Oh, dear.

Girls, can you make him a little more presentable, please?

-Who... who was that exactly?

Christine? Yeah.

-She's the mayor's... uh, number 2.

She's his right hand...


Good afternoon, ladies, gentlemen, members of the press, who we know are no gentlemen or ladies, without adieu Vancouver, your mayor, Ted Brower.

Thank you. Thank you all very much for coming today.

Now, before I introduce to you a very bright young man, a shining example of what we do best in this city, I'd like to share with all of you first a little history.

Many years ago, our great city went through what I can only describe as a waking nightmare.

As those waters rose and swallowed up our lives, those same waters seem to swallow up our compassion as well.

But in those dark days, there were shining lights.

Those of us such as Dr. Aaron Magnusson, who worked tirelessly to ensure that ordinary people could make the transition to a new reality.

And while the doctor and I could seldom agree on the means, we both knew that the end, the single most important end, was to help people like these.

And the fact that I can stand here on stage with the son of my fiercest political opponent, is evidence of that.

So I would ask you to give a warm welcome to a very brave young man.

Mr. Aiden Magnusson. Aiden, come on up here, son.

Now, in recognition for your work in getting a very dangerous criminal off our streets, we, the citizens of Vancouver Free Territory commend you and offer you a position of the Central Force.

In Sector one.

How's it feel to be a hero, son?


Couldn't get them to stop talking back there.

- Mr. Mayor, what was your relationship with...?

Now... Mr. Mayor, what are you gonna do now.

Officer Magnusson's had a very long and tiring day, so I think any other questions should be left for a more appropriate timing?

- Mr. Mayor, what was your relationship with...?

Thank you for coming. Thank you. Mayor, Mayor.

Officer Magnusson... What was your relationship...

-Mr. Mayor. Excuse me, Mayor.

-Officer Magnusson, what do you think...

-Politics are for politicians.

Do they think I need more budget?

Uh... What I don't need is more new recruits. -Uh, sir, actually, I'm on active duty, I was at...

-I don't want you here.

So you... are going to be a quiet little thing.

A goldfish.

Every now and then I'll open your tank and feed you.

And that's all I will hear from you.

And if you cause me or my men any trouble, I will personally drive your sorry ass back to the wall and put you through the door.

Do you understand me? Yes, sir.

Have Constable Mercer and Miss Duluk come here immediately.

Constable Mercer. Corrin.

This is Aiden Magnusson, he's our newest recruit.

-Hello, Corrin Duluk.

Hi, I'm Jeff. Heard about you on the news. Welcome.

-Mr. Magnusson is a friend of the Mayor's.

He's formally Sector 2.

Now, he has some patrol experience, and I want you two to bring him up to speed on how a real police department functions.

Constable? - Yes?

-Constable Mercer...

I am assigning recruit Magnusson to you for guidance and evaluation.

Miss Duluk is our department coordinator.

She'll fill you in on the day-to-day operations of the department and also take care of your lodging situation.

Alright. Let's get going. Stop wasting time here.

-This is our forensic lab.

Most of our new field equipment is linked into the system, making this obsolete.

-You mean making me obsolete.

Always trying to find a way, Brian, but you keep hanging on.

Dr. Walcott is largely responsible for our citywide cataloging system.

Doctor, this is Aiden Magnusson.

Yes, I've read the news. I know who Mr. Magnusson is. Very pleased to meet you.

I knew your father. I knew him well.

But Corrin, this is much, much more than a catalogue system.

This is a web that touches all of us.

It connects us, keeps us safe.

You know, the possibility of a crime going undetected in this city...

Doctor, I know this is all very exciting for you, but Aiden has a lot more to see today.

-Oh, yes, yes... of course.

You're welcome back any time.

I knew your parents; I knew them very well.

-Here's the kitchen, the living area, You have everything you need.

This beautiful city view, it's nice. I think you'll like it here.

- Today, an in depth look at the fallout from the shock arrest of Nicholas Filtano.

Aaron Magnusson's Anti-Wall party falls at the hands of his own son.

-Can't get enough of it, huh?

This really is bordering on gloating.

Follow me, I'll show you the rest.

-Garbage bag?

You tell me you've never run out of clean laundry?

- ...three and area we're seeing mainly clear skies and above seasonal temperatures, still 13 degrees, right now and the sea wind...

- But where did he come from? You know, I'm tempted to think that the mayor has a team of people following his opponents around day and night.

That's ridiculous, that's ridiculous, mark.

-Waiting to set them up!

- Can't you set politics aside for one second and see that this is more than just a petty crime?

I'm just saying it has the Hallmarks of...

- Hallmarks of what? A movie script? Let me... let me finish, okay?

Now, look, all... all I'm saying is something doesn't sit right.

I think that anyone can look at this grotesque political theater this afternoon and see something is wrong.

- I see some theatrics, but they're not coming from Mayor Brower.

- Ah, but who is this guy? Who is he? He's... he's a..a Sector 2...

He's the son of a terrorist. What?

- Think about it. That's ridiculous.

What info do we have aside from his original Helix? A work record?

We... we placed a call this afternoon to sector 2 four's and got a glowing recommendation from a Chief Kruspe and I quote "Yeah, he's a good kid." Yeah.

- Yeah, hardly fitting for someone who just today was receiving an honor in our city.

Full systems's match, full systems's match. No, that's not... that's a...

- No, that means 100% accurate DNA match to all records.

That and the eyewitness account of this young hero.

We were discussing the recent shock arrest of Nicholas Buchenan.

-Have you sent any arrest order?

-Yeah, I'll do that right now.

What is he doing?

-Excuse me, please.

Officer Magnusson, can we talk? Oh, yeah, sure.

What are you doing?

Uh, this guy here says he saw five guys leaving the apartment.

Hmm, and our guys were scouting here for over an hour.

I don't know. He sounds pretty certain he saw five.

-I see.

Well, we've already sent in the arrest order, now if you want to bring it up with the chief when we get back, file an alternate report.


Nah, it's not necessary. I mean, he's probably just confused, right?

Thank you very much for your time, unfortunately he's new to this force and...

-So, bro, you ready to do this or what?

-Listen, don't worry. We talked to Mercer, he's not gonna be around. We'll get you into something.

-Or someone, whichever you want, huh?

Let's do this.

Hey. Please, aren't you... that super cop guy or whatever?

Oh, man that's awesome. I can't believe you're here. Can I buy you a drink?


-Huh? Huh?


Here it is... okay...

-Aiden, you have a message.

Ooh, a girly computer, huh? What else do you got over there?

Playback, please. - Aiden!

Hey, fool, it's Barrett.

Ha ha... can you believe... Ah, boring.

- ...I have to call you from the station? You're restricted from my phone.

I know, why don't you show me around your house?

- So you're gonna have to call me next time.

You better! Because you are gonna get me out there Friday night, or else!

Other men won't shut up about it. I'm serious this is creeping me out.

Just looking at me funny. Ah!

Okay, now, I pay my taxes. I wanna see what I'm getting for my money.


Come on, Aiden.

Discipline, obeying the orders, isn't that what you're all about?

Drop 'em.

Ha... oh, my... you're a cop, Aiden, not a soldier.

No need to stand at attention.

I know.

Policeman's blah.

Dance, baby, dance.



Perfect. Yeah.

-What are you doing?


I got what I came for.

Honey, you... you don't think we were gonna...?


No, no, no... you see, this here, this is a filth free zone.

Sort of been a little misunderstanding. I...

...thought you knew where you came from.

- Like we were supposed to believe this super cop couldn't catch Filtano himself? The guy's like, fifty or something.


...Hamilton, -Mercer?

Who's your new partner? Hey! It's Dr. Funky!

-So, who's your new friend?

We found this little cockroach sneaking through a break in the wall.

-Like we just wouldn't notice you!

Can you believe this? They're like rats!

We get rid of the little ones and the real ones start coming through. This wall isn't doing shit.

-Man, I can smell it from here.

They all stink. It's too bad, though.

Looks like it should be a lot of fun if you cleaned her up a bit.

A little too much open sewer, if you ask me.



What are you guys gonna do with this... uh, skunk...?

-Ha! Skunk?

You got a load of this guy?

I don't know.

Man, let's get the soap.

The mayor will just...


-She's not breathing!

She's not breathing!

Mercer, you gotta call medic or something.

Well, he's... this guy's... she's fine, man.

Everything's gonna be back on in a minute. -She's not fine. Mercer, call medic.

-I don't know, guys, maybe we should call medic.

-Meds don't have time for shit like this.

She'll be fine. What the fuck's wrong with you, Jeff?


Don't look now. You really got to watch where you drop your pants.

That's gonna trip you up one day.

-Hey, Jeff... if I...want to get back to sector 2 for something, would that be hard to do?

-Well, uh...

You got your police badge, so that might get you across without too much trouble, and it's all run on system, so, technically, you know...

-And the Filtano arrest, I want to take a look. How do I go about doing that?

-The Filtano arrest?

Why would you want to... don't worry about it, kid. This will all blow over in a couple of days.

Ha, ha, ha, ha...


That's it.

-Here. Got a key.

Twenty times speed.

Stop playback.

Resume playback.


Enhance scan.

Repeat scan.

Upload files.


-Have I seen a ghost? -Huh?


I like the new cloth.

I almost buy the badges this time.

-Hey, I was trying to help.

It was just that you... -Yeah, big help. Big cop.

Big pig.

I was thinking how you must have helped when I woke up in a pile of rocks out here.

-I had nothing to do with that.

-Yeah, but you had nothing to undo with it either, did you?

-What were you expecting?

You just broke through the wall.

-Maybe I came to look for you.


-Attention, this checkpoint is now closed and will resume processing at 8 AM.

-Welcome back, Mr. Magnusson.

-Keep walking, Constable.

-Sir? -Magnusson.

How does unauthorized work hour visits over the wall constitute staying out of my hair?!

-Sorry, sir, I had to grab something from my old place.

-Alright, little goldfish, that's your first warning. Don't count on a second.

Leave, Magnusson!

-Oh, hello, Aiden. -Hello, Doctor.

-I'm glad you stopped by.

Now, what can I help you with?

-I'm not sure exactly. Can I ask have there ever been any kind of... incorrect... situations with the system?

-So it appears he is his father's son after all.

Aiden, I have worked with this system for twenty years, I have worked on it for over thirty years, and I have never been witness to any...problem, as you put it.

To put it simply, by gathering bio information on everybody here...

-I understand, I got that, I understand the principle, I just...I think that I have a video clip here.

I'm not sure what kind of analysis you can run in it.

-What is it? Where did you get it?

-Uh...off the system, standard read.

-Uh-huh...you managed to convince the chief to let you do that?

Well, that's quite an accomplishment.

You may have a little bit of that politician in your blood after all.

-That's not something to be proud of, I don't think.

-Oh, I don't know about that. There are some good ones.

Your parents. -My father was an idiot.

Put politics before his family. -Oh, well, now that's not very fair.

-With all respect, sir, you didn't have to live out there.

-There's nothing on this.

No, there are no files on this device.

-I don't understand; I tested this.

-Well, don't worry, just go speak to the chief, bring me another copy, and I'll be happy to look at it again.

-Yeah, okay, I'll do that.

I got to get going. Thanks doctor.

-No, call me Brian, and, uh, my door is always open


I'm sorry about earlier; I didn't mean to.

-Screen on.

Reference Filtano personal or media files.

Is there a helix sample?

Restricted by who? -That information is not available.


Sector One access Aiden Jasper 34 Echo.

Bring up recent arrest files for any state council members.

Bring up over the last two years.

Three years.

Reference Aaron Magninsson

-I hope you're not just here to tease the guy.

That would be cruel and unusual punishment. That is still illegal here, you know.

-Don't worry, I wouldn't do anything you guys wouldn't.

-Yeah, that's what I'm worried about. Right over there, through that door.

Mr. Filtano, you have a visitor.

You have twenty minutes. -You won't need it.

-Mr. Magnusson, I hadn't expected to see you here today.

Through accepting medals in my honor?

-Mr. Filtano...

I just had a few questions about your case.

-Yeah, well, I've got a few questions of my own if you don't mind.

Like "what the hell are you doing here?"

Come here to win yourself another promotion?

-No, I've...been looking into your file and I've noticed... a few things...not quite right.

-"Not quite right." That's rich.

'Cause I'd say there are a few things that are quite wrong.

I'm in prison!

-Sir! Sir! -Guards!

-I just need your help to understand a few things.

Maybe I can help.

-Well, you certainly can't make things much worse, can you?

-I looked into the checkpoint records. It has you passing through several times.

The dates and the times match up.

So, I need to know, from you, why you're in Sector 2. It's...

It's unusual.


let's just say that there are things that one can do and get out there that would offend our Puritanical little city.

Is that what Brower wanted to hear?

I've never been an idiot.


-Aiden, there's an intruder. Building security has been notified.

Calm preset activated.

Would you like anything else, sir?

-Open the door!

Open the door!

We know that you're hiding!

-Remember me?

Here's something you won't forget.

Nice, Peters, be nice.

Hello, Constable Magnusson. How are you feeling?


-So, we've done a quick look through your place and secured the system until the unit has been compromised.

You will have to speak with someone about that.

So, that leaves us with a scan.

Guys, can we clear out for a scan here?


Now, the process is pretty straightforward, the scanner is connected to the system at all times, there's not much for you to do except drive it, really.

Now, first we do an auto scan, there's some advanced filters to ignore the data from dust, which is mostly dead skin.

But otherwise, this picks up everything, from fingerprints, to hair, to blood.

Anything the body spits out, the scanner will pick up.

So, let me just eliminate the officers and the security, so, that leaves us with Valeri Konstov.

Oh, well, that's it. Cooper!

Let me get an arrest order right away. You guys, let's pack it up.

Let Mr. Magnusson get back to it.

-Oh, wait a second.

I don't understand. Who is this guy?

-The guy that attacked you.

-No, there's no way it was him.

Uh, who is he?


I don't know what you've done. He's Sector 2. That's your turf, right?

A middle-level game boss.

So, whatever you bring it, it has nothing to do with us.

-Wait, what are you gonna do about security?

-Nothing to worry about. You got your guy.

Okay guys, drop your cards, spit up your socks, let's get out of here.

-Big guys can be strong, too.

-And what? he took a little wheeze break after he climbed twenty-two floors to my balcony?

-The system doesn't lie.

-Yeah, well, not deliberately, anyways.

-Aiden, good to see you.

I was afraid maybe last time I had maybe just...

God, what happened to you? -Yeah, that's, uh... kind of sort of what I'm here about.

-What is it? -It's...uh...

I need you to find out who that is.

Or isn't.

-Oh, exciting.

Allow me to dust off my equipment.

-Come on, doctor, you got this all polished up for something just like this.

-So, how are you finding your new home?

And your new job, too, I suppose?

Boy, you know, that's a lot of sudden change for one person to take.

-Actually, I'm...I'm going back tonight, I need a little decompression time.

You're more than welcome to come, if you'd like.

-Boy, I haven't been downtown in... must be fifteen years.

Aiden, it looks like you're the proud owner of one Mister... Valeri Konstov.

I don't follow. Who is this man? -Doc, this can't be right.

-Well, it's a match under all conditions.

There's really no doubt.

You know, to be honest, I'm feeling a little nervous.

I...uh, hope nobody recognizes me.

- All sectors with documentations must be present while you graduate. please have documentation ready for intermediate inspection.

-This is my old cop shop.

-This is a police station, is it?

It was never meant to turn up this way.

I want you to understand that.

You know, when things first started turning on for the worst ,it was crime so much crime.

Some terror and violence

at the wall... or...that's what you could have called it at that time.

That was just good people, okay? good neighbors.

Defending their neighborhood.

Keeping away all that... romping violence.

Your parents were right.

They were right.

And I know you don't wanna hear that.

-No. No.

I know.

-Who is it? -Uh, hi, it's the police.

Is this Mrs. Filtano?

-Yes. What do you want?

-I just had some questions regarding your husband's case.

-At this hour?

I thought you guys always traveled in pairs.

-Yeah, uh...

-Oh, you, huh?

I suppose you think I should thank you.

Well, I won't.

You think I didn't know he was seeing those women over there?

-That's...that's not why I'm here. -Why don't you go talk to him yourself?

I'm sure he's give you his undivided attention.

-I've been to see your husband, and I need to ask you: what happened to his hand?

-Oh, I see...

You try and take my life away from me and now want me to help you do it for good?

I don't think so.

His hand was cut open days before you arrested him.

So why don't you try to fit that into your little story?

-Hey, is...is there a hospital record? -Go fuck yourself.


-Uh, I'm here to see prisoner Fultano again.

-Mr. Fultano is not receiving visitors today.

-Since when are prisoners making those decisions? I need to see him.

-He's restricted access, sir.

-I thought you just said he wasn't seeing anyone.

-Yeah, well, whatever it is, you're not seeing him.

-Sorry, doctor. I'm sorry sir. Can you bring up some files?

All the print matches from the Filtano case.

-Yeah sure, let me get that.

Oh, you're in luck.

They took several full hand prints from the body.

-Ha! -What? I don't see anything special.

-Yeah, nothing.

Filtano sliced up his hand a few days before the arrest.

Badly. He's still bandaged up.

-But how can you be certain that didn't happen while you were pursuing him?

Or even after that? -I checked the hospital. It's on record.

-I had an analysis on that sample you gave me. There's a problem/

It's a perfect match.

See, our body undergoes constant assault from everything around us.

It damages our cells, our DNA.

Now, the body continually repairs what it can, but judging by this sample, Konstov has either lived his entire life in a lead box, or he's only a few days old.

-I...I don't understand; why wouldn't the system pick that up?

-The system has to be adaptable.

Why would we set it to react when it's a perfect match?

This is too good to be true.

-Do you think somebody is stealing this infant samples?

-Oh, I can say with some certainty, no. No.

Now, the amount of material we gather is one hundredth of what you scraped up from under your fingernails.

-Who has access to these samples?

-Oh, unfortunately, that list would be in the hundreds.

Even thousands. With official permission, that is.

-And who gets this permission? -Well that would be...

High level police officials for police access and...uh...high level city officials for everyone else.

-So, not you, huh?

-No, I...I can access these samples, but beyond that, I am purely decoration.

-The chief.

Hello, Corrin.

-Good afternoon...Aiden. What can I do for you?

-Actually, there's two things you can do for me.

And you gotta choose one.

One- let me see who has been accessing helix samples.

Or two- tell me where they keep this data.

-Do you have any sort of official request? You know I don't have access to that information.

-Come on, he'd let me peak at the names.

You work for the city and the department. All of the requests go through you, I know it.

-They don't, and I won't.

-It's for an important investigation. It's for Dr.Walcott.

-I'm sure it is.

-Alright, then tell me where the Chief is.

-He's taking the day off. Now, that's all you get.

If you don't mind... -An address would be nice.

-Goodbye, Mr. Magnusson.


Sir! -What the hell are you doing here?

This is completely unacceptable. This is my home. My home!

-Sir! I need...

-Whatever this is about, can wait until Monday morning..

...when you hand in your badge. -No, sir. It can't.

The doctor and I found a serious breach in the system.

-A breach?

-We need your permission to see who's been accessing Helix catalogue.

-What kind of breach, and why are you here and not one of our senior officers.

-You know, that's a good question.

-Yeah, well, I'm calling security.

-Sir, there are innocent people in prison.

I know Filtano couldn't have done it.

Somebody is using the helix catalog to fake evidence.

The whole system's been compromised.

-Mr. Magnusson, what you're telling me, is that some, possibly all of the prisoners that we have, are in there because our system is broken? -Yes.

-And that it took a washed up old hag and a second-rate security guard to bring it to the attention of an entire professional police force?

Just leave, Mr. Magnusson, leave now.

Before I have you arrested.

-Aiden, it's me, Geoff . Open up!

-Constable Mercer is at the door. Would you like me to let him in?

-Aiden, this is not a joke. Open up!

-Alright, open up.

-Aiden, Aiden, you need to leave now. They have a warrant out for your arrest.

-He actually called me in? What an asshole.

-No, Aiden. Dr. Walcott is dead!

-What? -And they want you for his murder.

-The doctor's dead? -You have to get out of here, now!

They found his body this afternoon in his place.

They came looking for you when he ducked out this afternoon,

You gotta get out of here, out of Sector One.

And if you can; further.

-I can't. They're gonna scan me at every checkpoint.

How am I supposed to make it over that wall?

-I may be able to get you under it.

-You got to find the man who attacked you.

The man with the tattoos.

You gotta prove this was a setup.

-Is that a cop coming out of our tunnel?

-You gotta be kidding me.

-Who's the sarcastic bastard now?



-What? Hello?

Who's there?

-Barret, open up, it's me.


Is that you, man?

Just a sec. Just a sec.

Are you sure you can stomach our water there, tough guy?

Thought I lost you over there, man.

What happened?

Look, I think I know a spot, alright?

You can lay low there, get some sleep, or whatever, alright?

Cool, yeah? -Yeah.

-A lot of these higher apartments aren't safe to live in the full time, so they're just gonna leave them empty, and Ihappen to have the keys.

Some of them.

Check it out.

Real keys. Remember those?

Here it is.

Oh, man.

My little getaway.

Welcome to paradise.

Mi Casa es su Casa, my man.

It's great, right? All vintage.

-I found it just sitting here.

-Nice little trip down memory lane, huh?

-Vintage, eh?

-Oh, yeah, you'll like those.

I mean, I'm sure it's nothing compared to the classy ass you've been seeing lately, but it will do in a pinch.


I'll let you sleep.

-Okay, thanks man. -Yeah.

It's nothing.

-What's up?

-Oh, hell. They're back.



-The friends I was telling you about.

-Come on, man...

You just left me here.

-I told you I'd get us in there.

He didn't leave me any choice.

I gotta look after myself, too.


Ellie's pregnant.

You know what?

Fuck you.

You think this is funny? Say something!

-Stop talking.

-Nice, Aiden, real nice.

How long have we known each other?

-Seven years.


-You must really piss some people off.

Sometimes, I don't like your job.

But today isn't one of those times.

-Fuck you!

-Get up!

Ah, super cop.

Greetings from the Mayor's office.

-I'll look into that.

-Go check that out.




It's okay, it's okay.

-Did you...did you...


-Oh, thanks. -I'm gonna check his pockets.

I'm gonna check the other guy.


-Oh, shit. Look at this uniform.

Let's get out of here. These guys stink.


-And the search continues for Aiden Magnusson.

Sector One's most disgraced cop.

-Here give it to me. I think I know what it is.

It's too cold.


No, no, no.

No, no!

Damn it! You did it! -Shut up!

-Ellie? Everything alright?

It's Thomas, from next door.


Ellie, I need to know everything's alright.

I don't want to have to break the door, now.

Ellie! -Hi, hi...Hi, Thomas.

I'm fine!

-Ellie? I'm going to have to ask you for the safety word.


-Don't make us do this.


-Alright. Alright, you fuckers.



-It's pony!

-There are too many cops here.

Come on!

Let's go! Go to the city!

I know someone who'll help us/

Okay, cover your nose and mouth with this. This place is loaded with light.

-What's in there? -Bug drug.

-Who's here with you?

Are you okay?

-No! I know it's wrong.


I will give message to the boys and they will take care of it.

So you don't have.

I'm telling we'll find him and I'll fucking kill him myself!

If must.

I'm sure it's Roman who frame me.

I think he works at city.

Okay. Give love.

Yeah. Bye bye.

Suzie, my little one.

So, who is this guy?

-This is... -Andrew. Hey.

Nice to meet you. -Valeri...Valeri Konstov.

-Valeri Konstov.

-Look, I get already tough day.

I don't have time for chitchat, so what's bring you here, with your friend, Andrew?


we have police trouble.

-At the city. -Oh, no, no, no!

That's enough. I already get enough trouble with those peeps.

I just get from the jail for something I'm not even doing!

And I'm not going back. Enough.

-Larry...you know I wouldn't ask for something unreasonable.

-First of all, I'm not doing any business with anybody who I don't know.

In one moment, Mr. Andrew, you will put your hand here, for scanning.

Where are you, piece of shit?

Ah, there we are.

Put your hand here.

-Identity Andrew Banks.

-Hmm, Suzie.

You must go out of city.

Suzie, come here.

Mr. Andrew, why not go, join the party?

-I think I'm just gonna hang out over there.

-Thank you.

-Susan, take this... for good luck.

And Mr. Andrew, you have nice bracelet.

-So, how are we gonna get out of here? Because I can't swim.

-What was that?

-I was hoping you were gonna tell me. -I saw the face. It wasn't yours.

-I'm still trying to figure that out.

-What is that, Aiden?

-I don't know. Why don't you ask your friend? He seemed pretty interested.

-Well, if I listened to him, then I wouldn't be here with you.

-I don't know what it is, okay?

-Unit 251410 transmit on tech. What's your message?


-This is the checkpoint he told us to go to, right?


-Okay. I'll go through first. If I get through, maybe you can just follow.

-Take this.

Good luck.

-Warning, unreadable helix.

-What the?

What are you trying to pull?

You can just go through.

-We're having problems with the machine tonight, so you can just go/

-Thanks. -You, too, Miss Hanbrook.

-Hey, Suzie, let's stop.

I can't do any more tonight.

They're like never ending fireworks.

I'm sure I remember going to them as a kid. My parents used to take me.

It's kind of ironic, because it used to mean summer is here.

Now that doesn't end either.

-They're so nice. Your parents, I mean, not the explosions.

Do they live in the city? -No.

They don't live in the city.

I grew up with my aunt.

-I'm sorry.

What happened to them?

-Well, they were both...uh... pretty active in community and politics. And...uh, when the wall was going up, a bomb went off and...didn't do much to the wall, but my dad got fingered for it, so he had to disappear.

I got shipped off to my Aunt Dressie's.

What about you? -Oh, me?

I had a photograph of my parents.

But I lost that, too.

Um, but...I was raised by my uncle Bill.

I don't really know if he was really my uncle. He was a seagull.

A mean, drunk, bastard bird.

-It's beautiful.

-Yeah, well, You didn't have to live without it.

-Wait! Suzanne, where are you going?

I told you, I can't swim! -Keep heading east!

You'll find them out there. -Find who?

-They'll help you find who you're looking for!

-Come back! -I can't!

I promised I wouldn't go with you, Aiden.

-This is insane! Where am I supposed to go?

-Go east, Aiden!

-Don't move!

Don't you go anywhere!

I'm not gonna rob you, but you could be robbing me.

I got something you're really gonna like here.

That's a little...trade secret. Always start with a laugh.

I should charge it a little bit, but I won't. Perhaps an fine gentleman such as yourself could use an old-fashioned photo album.

-Is there a house nearby that you got this from?

-I think I resent that. Yeah I resent what you're implying.

-This house, is it close to here?

-Ah, yeah, yeah, that's...that's about a click down that direction, but you'd be better off going in that direction. There's a...there's an old art supply depot with some direction for you, so... you could go.


-Where's the tattooed man?

-Take him outside.

-I owe you half, yeah? I owe you half.

I owe you half? -Fair and square.

It's half, yeah?


-Where'd you get these?

Who gave them to you?

Who knows this guy? -Uh...I will look at this.

-This "A", does it stand for Aiden?


That's me.


your dad always knew you would come.

-Dad? Do you know my parents?

Know him?

He made us. We were a bunch of disorganized lunatics before he came.

-Where is he, then?

-??? -Hmm?

-A big man.

We've worked with him before. But not recently.

He always seemed a bit concerned with his own interests.


Frequencies interfering combined.

Forcing assaults in this specific pattern.

So, what are the helices screaming at us this time?

-Well, it's definitely a map.

It's telling us to go here. -What?

It's just a garbage dump.

-You have to take me.

Fillarri obviously wants me to go there.


This message was made for us.

Fillarri would expect us to eliminate anyone we didn't know carrying them.

-That's a digestor.

I'm not going anywhere near it.

-I know what this is.

-I'll scout it tonight. -Well, I'm going?

-What is it that you're doing?

-You might need these to get in or out.

Or who know?

Small explosives.

Your father taught me how to do this.

-By candlelight?

As long as it will take us together.


that could take some time.

-What the hell is that?

-I don't know. It happens pretty often.

The bacteria they've created to digest the garbage.

But if it gets out, it's pretty much anything. Completely.

-That's him!

-Yeah, that's Roman. He's hired gun.

-I need to get in there. -We've got.

I bet he has access to it.


-There's a high value target in there.

I think I might know what that is.

-Okay, keep going this way.



-We've got a situation. -Hey!

-Subtle. I like it.

-You alright?


You? -No!

-You got us an unexpected ???.

What have you got?

-Aiden, you're up.???


-Let me, Magnusson.


-Agent Lohman, get out of here!


-Where are they?

You are giving me a fucking headache!

Just stay put.



What the hell is this doing here?It's scaring the shit out of me. ???


-You take the tables, I'll go get the screens!

-Get your ass over here!

What are those screens doing out? That should be first!

Get all those bracelets and preload. I want somebody ready to dump him if needed.

You, I want all set, one data, purged Brower, Simmens, Fultano.

Get ready to wipe it if I give the order.

Actually, stop that.

The guys that escaped couldn't got far, there could be more. I need you to go to the North chamber.

Could you at least fucking nod at me? Get over there, now!

When you're done in here, make sure everything is locked down. Alright? All of it!

Fucking idiots.

-Stop deletion! Cancel! Cancel deletion!

-This is becoming a habit showing up like this.

Look, I obviously made a big impression on you.

You remembered me. I knew you would, and I told you.

But really, what the fuck are you doing here?

You were surprised there.

You know, I just wanted to discuss this with you. You gotta go ahead and revert the fight!

Yeah, I forgot, super cop.

You're a quick little fucker.

Look at me.

Look at me!

Look at me!!

Okay! Okay!

Did you walk out, you son of a bitch? ???

-I didn't kill anyone!

-When the order hits, they're already dead. I just... make a dream come true.

-For who? Williams?


Is it Fillarri?

-It's not Fillari. That piece of shit ain't worth it.

-I don't care about this shit. Where's the doctor?

Who was with you in the alleyway? I saw them.


Cops. -Sector one.

You did a good job for him chasing me, Filtano.

You made me work a little.

-Why drag me? -Drag?

It was an early birthday present for you.

Brower had a heart on for your pops or something.

It was political!


We took on all those Anti-wall pussies.

-It's time for a little demo of this digestion.

Fuck you. ??? Where are we going?

You don't make the plan you're no use to me.

-You see my scars, right? You think this scares me?

-Hey, Roman, it's Christine.

What's going on?


-That's her. -Roman?

-Come on. -Can you hear me?

-Let me help you.


There you are. What's going on out there?

Roman, why are we getting alarm alerts?

And why are you wearing-?

-Does that not seem a bit obvious to you? I mean...

I mean, I'm sure it would lead to a lot of questions using that route.

-Don't concern yourself with that.

There will be plenty of questions after the fact. These will be the least problematic.

However, I do think

-Who is it?

I don't know. I left instructions not to be disturned.

Roman? -What?

I told him never to come here.

Well, let him in before somebody sees him.

-Roman says hi, -What do you want?

-I just came to return my badge.


Let me show you guys my new toy.

Check this out. I've got a...

Some lawyers. some...uh... city councilmen, and...uh...

Nicholas Filtano ?

And...uh...Valeri Konstov.

-Yeah, that's real cute. -Actually I haven't even shown you the most interesting one.

Now, the funny thing is, there's none here for you, Christine.

Do you want to do some digging around?

You know, do a little police work?

Here's a map. -Aiden, wait!

You don't need to leave your badge.

We could really use your help in breaking this case.

And I think a new position for you in the city.


-You know...

I think your men will continue to do a good job.

You don't need any help from second rate security guards.

Now, if you guys excuse me, I gotta go home.

-In recent days there's been much talk and rumor about a breakdown of the very system which keeps our beloved city safe.

The Helix.

Now, I wanted to speak with you today to assure you that they are only rumors. That there's been no significant breakdown.

But what we have seen is simply an anomaly.

The human error has once again neared its head. ???

However, because of the hard work and diligence of our police force, headed by police chief Williams, the problem was discovered and dealt with so that it could never, ever happen again.

Now, what I want you to remember as we move on from this better and safer world we were before.is that this was not a lapse.