Hell Fest (2018) Script

That guy is so creepy, you guys.

He keeps following me around.

Okay, can we just, like, can we go home now?

No. I wanna do one more. This is the last one.

Yeah. Let's do the last maze.

Get your scares while you can.

Orange Grove Community Fair Horror Night is coming to a close.

I don't know why you're so freaked out, you're with us, don't worry.

This better be worth it.

Okay, just stay in front of me. You go first.

Get your scares while you can.

Orange Grove Community Fair Horror Night is coming to a close.

That thing is so cheesy.

You guys, it's a dead... End.


It's not funny.

Enter if you dare.

Great. It's a dead end.

Shit. Another scare?


You're the one that's been following me all night, aren't you?

Okay, stop!

I'm scared, okay? Is that what you wanna hear?

Now, leave me alone.

Thank you so much.

Nat? Oh, my God!

What? You're here!

What? Oh, my God!

How are you? I'm good! How are you?

I'm good. Yeah.

Yay. Wow, why is she here?

Well, hello, Grade School.

It's good to see you. How's life?

It's great. Mmm.

Yeah. Why are you here?

Oh, she didn't tell you?

Dude, I live here now. It's awesome, right?

I'm so glad you're here.

I was just telling Taylor how I hoped you'd make it.

Such a surprise!

Huge surprise.


Why is it surprising?

Well, I mean, just last time we talked, you said you were studying. So I didn't know if...


Dude, it's October, it is fun time.

You save that for December.

Well, some of us have scholarships, Taylor.

Kinda need to keep mine. Mmm-hmm.

You kinda need to get laid.

Brooke, your bestie needs to get some, and lucky for her, Gavin's coming tonight!

You remember Gavin. Brook already told me you've wanted to ride that D since you first laid eyes on him.

Wow. Yeah. See, I listen.

I really wish you didn't.

"Ride that D," huh?

Her, of all people? God, she's never liked me.

I don't know why you would tell her about Gavin.

Hey, can't stay mad.

Can't stay mad.


She calls me "Grade School," for God's sake.

I think it's endearing. No! It's not endearing.

It's bitchy, maybe.

No, it's not.

Look, she's not replacing you.

Nothing could ever replace you, okay?

Please tell me I don't have to hang out with her all weekend.

Uh... Tonight she's coming, but that's it.

And then, it's just you and me. Promise.


Unless what?

Unless, you know, you and Gavin want some alone time this weekend.

What did you tell him? Nothing, I promise!

He's just the one that got us the VIP passes to Hell Fest.

What is that?

Dude, it's so fucking dope! Okay?

Like, it's a traveling horror night.

People totally lose their shit in there. It's really fun.

You're not selling me on it.

No, it's great! It's gonna be fun!

Tickets sold out the minute they went on sale.

But your boy Gavin came through and got some tickets for us.

Okay, we don't need to do this dance now.

And he's been asking about you.

Really? He was like...

"Hey, Brooke, is your hot friend coming this weekend?"

Wait, he called me hot?

Apparently, someone made a great impression on him this past summer.

Why is that surprising?

He was like, "Hey Brooke, uh...

"You know, I should get

"an extra ticket for Natalie, right?

"She's coming. She's coming, right?"

"Hey, Brooke, I know this is, like, "really awkward and shit. But, like, "do you think that after Hell Fest, "Natalie will sit on my face?"

Shut up, he did not say that!

Did he? I don't know!

But, um...

You're not wearing that, right?

Why? What is wrong with what I'm wearing?

Nat, it's Halloween!

It's the one night out of the year you're allowed to let out your inner slut.

Yeah, I don't think I have one of those.

Hey, babe... Oh. Whoa.


I didn't think you were gonna make it. Can you knock?

Hi! Yeah, no, I'm here.

I don't know why everyone thinks I'm not gonna be here.

What? No. I knew you were coming.

Brooke was the one who was like, "It's iffy."

Can you not do that?

What are you in here for? I'm just... I'm ready.

You guys ready? You ready for Hell Fest?

You look ready. Baby, we need 10 minutes.

We have to meet Gavin at will call. We're gonna be late.

Babe, you gotta go. I need 10 minutes.

Okay. I'll see you in 30. See you in a bit.

Love you. Okay, so...

We need to find you something good.

And make up for lost time.

This is dope!

Oh, my God! This is awesome, guys!

I know! It's gonna be fun!

Nat, don't worry! I will totally protect you from being murdered.

Oh, thanks. I didn't realize that was a possibility, but...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Do not be flippant.

It happens, like in Orange Grove.

Oh, yeah, that was fucked up.

Wait, what?

Oh, well, a couple years ago, a girl got completely gutted in a haunted house, like, for real.

The killer left her body in the park for three days.

No one found her until she started to stink.

They thought she was a freaking prop!

Wait, that's brutal! Man, what can I say?

Some people are just evil.

I mean, they're monsters.

To them, every single day is Halloween and they dress up, so that we don't know.

Know what?

That they walk among us.

Nat, they're fucking with you!

Okay, dude... Are we?

Oh, yes, you are!

Okay, murder twins, we get it. It's scary. I know.


Oh, my God! Quinn!

Welcome to Hell Fest!

Hell Fest! Hell Fest!

Yes, I'm excited. Okay, let's go, let's go.

I'm so excited! Yes!

Hey, murder twins, wait up!

Welcome to Hell Fest!

All right. Let's go.

Beyond these gates, your inner fears will come true!

Whoa. Is that her?

Asher's here? Yeah. Come on.

Oh, yeah.

You might actually have to pretend you have game tonight. Asher!

Hey, boo.

Asher, this is Natalie. Natalie, Asher.

Hello, pleased to meet you. Nice to meet you.

Why didn't you tell me you were coming?

Hey. It's been a while. Hey.

You look great. It's good to see you.

Hell Fest! Welcome to VIP, bitches!

VIP, bitches!

There you go. I can help you put yours on.

Oh, thank you. You're welcome.

Thanks. Yeah, Brooke tells me I have you to thank for this.

So... Yeah, no. No problem.

Thank you. No problem.

No, she said you were coming to town, so I just...

I wanted us to do something fun.


Hey, you guys ready? Yeah.

You guys ready?

Hell Fest, guys! Let's do this!

Hell Fest!

Look it, work it for me, baby! Work it!

Oh, shit! Okay!


Oh, shit!

Good Lord!


And then there's that.

And then there's that.

So, just so you guys know, fear is an aphrodisiac.

Yeah, it stimulates something...

The more you know. Deep in those lizard brains and it reminds you that life is short and an organism's only true purpose is to, uh, reproduce.

Okay. That's great. Thank you.

It is. All right, I will let you guys think about that and I'll be back later.

All right. Thanks for the master class.

You're welcome!

I'm starting to get the feeling our friends think something's gonna happen between us.

Really? No, I didn't notice that at all.

Oh, really? Mmm-hmm.

You don't get that vibe at all?

No, I don't. It's very subtle.

Just you're picking up on that.

Yeah, it's just me.

Hey, well, I'm actually... I'm glad you came.

I think it's gonna be fun.

It's been a while since we've hung out.

Yeah, I was bummed that I had to bail.

I just had a bunch of shit that I...

Jesus Christ! That came so close to my face!


You're good, this is it.

It's not that bad.

It's just... Not the worst thing, I guess?

It is time for shots! Shots!

Yes! Shots!

Please, let's go! Come on!

Raise your arms.

You're good.

Why do you always switch them?

Thanks, man.

Asher! Hurry up with those shots!

Whoa. Shots! Yeah!

Nice! So we got VIP tonight, so lines aren't gonna be an issue. We are here, but we need to focus our shit, 'cause I'm trying to hit everything tonight.

Let's do the Zombie Maze.

Boom. Why?

Yo, Gav, what are you, five?

We didn't come here for slow.

If you want that, go trick-or-treating.

We came here to be terrified!

The Zombie Maze is fucking scary, it's...

I'm good with the Zombie Maze. I am.

No, I wanna do Deform School because I've been a very naughty girl.

And I hear Deform School is one of the scariest mazes outside of the Deadlands.

Wait, what are the Deadlands? What?

No, it's a part of the park where they can all touch you or something. Right?

Wait. For real, they can touch you?

Yeah. That's where shit's gonna get crazy.

Sounds fun, right?

Plus, it's the only way you get to go into Hell which is the scariest maze, so...



Come on.


To Hell Fest! To Hell Fest!

Oh, my God! Dude, you don't scare me!

Go back to the other freaks!

I just wanna go back home...

What is up with all these assholes?

You think you're scaring me? Ooh, you're so scary.

No. Move.

Wait! You guys, what the fuck?

Come on, come on!

You don't have to run, like...

I don't like being fast. I don't like being...

I don't like that. At all. I can't see anything.

Okay, we can do this. It's okay, we got this.

Fuck this shit!

Oh, my God!

Okay. Hi, thank you very much!

Oh, my God! Holy shit.

Brooke! Okay, okay... Go, go, go!

Oh, my God! It's everywhere!

That was so stupid!

Picture, picture, picture!

He got her more than me. Thank God.

Let's go.

Cobwebs. You go, you walk first.

Dude, the more scared you seem, the more they're gonna come after you. You gotta like...

You have to play it cool. Just relax and...

Yes. You... Shit!

Oh, my God!

Yeah, no, just play it cool.

I'll remember that. That's great.

No, that... I have a very specific phobia of demon clowns.

These are my people.

Jesus Christ.

Come on, come on, come on!


Sucks to be you.

Okay, I'm sorry. VIP band, just showed it off.

Tay, they pace it out so we each go on our own.

Oh, can we go? Can we go?

And, wait, wait.

Go, go, go! Thank you!

Okay. Are you ready?

Yeah. You that ready?

Yep, I'm ready.

Go, go, go!

See? I didn't need that in my life.

Don't do that! Oh, my God!

You know what? He deserves at least some dignity in death.

Let's give him a boner. Definitely.

Oh, God! The last thing I need to do is relive high school.

She can keep me after class.

Ow! Hey, Gavin.

You like paddles, right? You said you had a fetish or something. She's got a paddle.

I've never said that in my entire life.

Oh, freaky.

I don't like paddles. They're fucking with you.

I mean, if you do, man.

I never... You don't like paddles?

You're such an asshole. Hey, guys.

I don't think everyone here is completely dead.

I mean, part of this guy is very much alive.

Are you sexually harassing a zombie right now?

Because I feel like that's just a lot.

Look, all I know is I definitely know how to make the dead rise.

You know how to make everything rise, baby.

I guess we're going that way. We're going that way.

We're supposed to follow that?


Hurry up!

I'm trying. Hold on.

Oh, shit!

Oh. All right. No.

Ruined the damn photo.

I'm scared.

Oh, God! One of these guys has gotta be real.

Oh, yeah! Yep.

If you could go first, that'd be great.


Okay, you have to look at their hands. Why?

Then you can tell which one is real, if you look at their hands.

Okay, but I don't like looking at the hands, because then you can't see their skin and their faces.

Yeah, that's the one. There you go.

Busted, sir. Or, ma'am. I can't really tell.

How dare you assume?

I don't know, honestly. They're all kind of...


Oh, hey.

This place is kind of lame.

Yeah, bummer. I like all the art...

Fuck! Come on!

Nope! Okay, go!

Did they just ditch us? What the fuck?

Oh, my God! Of course they did. Wait.


Wait, wait. Don't you spill my tequila.

Wait, no, no, no! I just figured it out.

Look, she just came out of here.

Somebody else is gonna come out of here and freak us out.

Oh, great, thank you for confirming.


Look, and then she's gonna jump out here, too.

Yes, thank you. Thanks!

You're ruining this for me.

No, I'm telling you. Now someone's just gonna come out of this door right here.

All right, let's see. Let's see.

Stop saying things at the same time.

And Grade School overthought it.

And, three, two... Shut up.

Three, two, one.

Help me! He's following me.

Please! Oh. See, your timing was off.

And location.

Please, help me. Please.

Oh, my God! He's coming!

Okay. Well, I was still kind of right.

So melodramatic.

Oh, hi, buddy.


He got the...


Class deceased.

If at first you don't succeed, die and die again.

He's got the wonky eyeballs.

He's been through some things.

Yeah, you're not scary, dude.

Okay. Did you see that?

Okay, just get back on script, guy. Your girl's over there.

With the big arrow.

Where it says, "Don't look." She's in that thing, you should...

No, no. Just stop! Please.

Help me! Please! Please!

No, no, no!

Stop it!

Yeah, no, fuck that. I'm good.

Yep. Let's go.


Stop it! No!

Okay, just do it.

That was fucking insane.

I know. Now you know why I wanna come here.

Yes, I get it. This is fucking...

I know! Jesus Christ!

Hey, you good?

What took you so long?

That was really fucking real in there at the end.

Mmm-hmm. Yeah! Really intense.

You need some?


Go Grade School.

Shit! Jesus Christ!

I love this place so much!

Come on. Let's go.

She just, like, walks away?

You ditched us. What do you want?

Looks like you made a friend, Grade School.

Well, at least I wasn't crying like a baby in there, College.

Okay! All right, I might like you.

Let's keep going. Keep it up.

I like this sassy side.

Wait, does she still snore like an outboard motor when she's drunk, because...

Like a fucking buzz saw.

You two are getting a little too close, all right?

Well, you can't stay mad, so...

Oh, one night at Hell Fest, and you're coming out of your shell.

It looks good, right? It suits her.


Look, is that the same guy from the Deform School?

Hey! Don't do that.

Why? Jesus Christ!

He's an actor. He gets paid minimum wage to follow us.

But he's only following us. It's stalker-ish.

Yo, let's go. Keep it moving.

Yo, guys, this is the same dude from Deform School.

Nat, he's just an actor. They fuck with everyone.

Seriously, ignore him. He'll get bored.

It works with Brooke.

Yeah, no, no, that's great advice.

That always works with stalkers. Thanks.

Hey. Listen.

If he gets too close, I'll fuck him up for you.

Oh, my God! That's adorable. I got it.

You guys are gonna handle this one?

Yeah. Yeah, of course. We got you.

Dude, I told you it'd be fun with her here.

I know! You're right. She's awesome!

This is amazing. This is dope!

Oh, crap.

Oh, look, it's you. It's your future, Ash.

Okay. No, no, no!

Oh, shit.

Come on, girl, let's go win you some cheap-ass prizes.

That is so antiquated of you, Ash.

They have funnel cakes! Off we go!

Have fun, you two.

Hey, Gavin...

Great. That's...

Thanks, Quinn. That was so subtle of you.

Thanks for that.

I'm sorry. Um...

Here. Let's play a game.

Are you ready for this? I am. Are you ready?

Ready as I'll ever be.


You are really close. Maybe it's just your...

I just need to stop overthinking it.

No look.

What you wanna do? I'm doing it, too.

Prize time. Dang it.

Are you sure you're not left-handed?

Who won? Who won? Yes!

Oh, wow.

Let me show you how it's done.

Well, now I just wanna keep this.

For my queen. Thanks, babe.

Oh, wow! Shit!

You definitely took that somewhere.

I'm sorry about that. Ready, one...

Two, three... Go!

This is painful, bruh.

Okay. Thanks. It's not that bad.

It's pretty bad.

That was close! It was. Thank you.

It was... Yeah.

No, no, no! No, I got another one It's more than okay. It's really not.

We don't have to... It's been, like, five games.

You know how good you're gonna feel when you have a teddy bear of your very own?

Sometimes you just have to accept that it's not for you.

I'm sorry, I'm so shitty at ring toss.

It's okay.

I was honestly trying my best.

But I think my game of choice is the one where you're like, "Here's five dollars."

And the guy's like, "Here's a pretzel."

So you pay for things?

Yeah, but at an incredibly fast rate.


I think that's my game of choice. Hello.

Oh, hello!

What? Can I? May I? Thank you.

Wow! It's so coiffed.

It really is. It's so beautiful.

I think you should get one of those.

I was gonna say I think you should.

Well, I can't, so...

So what do you think so far?

Of the pretzel?

Uh, no, not the pretzel. Good. Could use mustard.

I do want a piece of this.

Oh, you're a mustard kind of girl? Mmm-hmm.

I meant of Hell Fest.

What do you think? Like hanging out? Two of us?

I like hanging out with you. Okay. Good.

I'm sorry that I've been so flaky actually.

I've just been having a really tough time with school and work, and life, so...

It's just nice to be here.

Nice to be in Hell. Yep. It's nice to be in Hell.

It's the best place to be. Yeah.

Come here. Yeah.

Oh, God! But that was a perfectly good pretzel.

I'm sorry. It was not salty enough.

Oh, God, I am so bad at these things.

Oh, we have to pay under here.

Yeah. Okay.

What do we... Um...

Smile. Just smile like an idiot.

Not that you're an idiot.

No, that's really the only way I know how to do it.

Uh, drunk face?

Uh, sure, okay. I don't really have a drunk face.

I don't, either. I'm a stoic drunk.

Yeah. I'm a very composed...


No, no, you don't touch it. Just your...

Well, I didn't know if I was supposed to...

With my tongue? What do you want me to do?

How could you not know that I was going for the nose-tongue picture? I don't know how many people... How dare you.

I didn't know there was a type of picture you take.


What the fuck? Hey!

Is that Brooke?

You sure? Was that Brooke? Brooke?

What the hell?

That guy just took your photos.

What? Babe, here.

Whoa. Whoa! Hey!

Brooke. Babe!

You guys, come on! Hey!

What's going on?

Did you two just... Come on, let's make fun of him! Take pictures together.


Oh, so you're hiding now?

You gonna scare me?

Hey, I told you to...



When did you become a tough guy?

Listen, I scared him off. Let's go.

Did you? Did you get the photos?

No, but he's gone.

Here, take this.

That's gonna consume her.

It's a pleasure to meet you.

Hey, guys! I found Nat's security guard.

Hey, did you get the pictures back? What happened?

I took care of it, like I said I would.

Is that what you did? Yes.

It's the same guy, right?

Wait, Deform School guy? Yeah.

He's just going for Employee of the Year.

He's doing pretty damn good.

I mean, look at both of your faces right now.

All right, fuck this place anyway. It is Deadlands time.

I wanna be touched.

Yes. Thank you! Let's go, let's go.

All right. Deadlands. I'm in.

Yeah, you guys go and then I'm gonna catch up with you, okay? What?

Just go, and then I'm gonna catch up to you guys.

What, what are you... Just go.

I wanna get her a toy.

Just go really quick, and then I'll meet up.

Do what you gotta do.

Okay, do you want company? No, no, no.

Me and the bearded lady, we exchanged this look.

I think she's gonna give me beard lessons.

So, I'm gonna go get her number.

That's not a thing. I can just come with you.

It's totally a thing.


So, we'll meet you in line then?

Yeah, dude, if you're not there by the time we get to the front of the line, I'm going to Hell without you.

Yeah, I'll meet you there.

Just be really fast.

'Cause she really likes you. You know?

And, she thinks you're really hot.

She doesn't wanna do Deadlands without you.

That wasn't uncomfortable at all.

We're going. Let's go. You're not hurrying!

All right. Bye.

Let's go. Let's go. Come on.

Excuse me? Hey, um... We're VIP, can we just...

Babe, this is VIP.

This whole thing is VIP? Yeah.

Hey, don't worry about Gavin.

He's probably pooping or something.

Okay, I did not need to picture that.

What? Everybody poops, Nat.

Birds poop, bees poop. Honey! That's where it comes from.

No more drinks for you.

Hey. You remember me? Earlier?

I was here playing the ring toss?

And you were terrible at it?

That was me. Thank you. Yeah.

Um, hey, listen, I spent like $50.

Could you just help me out and give me one of those?

Nah. I'd lose my job.

All right. Hey, thank you.

Thanks so much.

Wait, what actually happened with that guy that you chased?


It got real intense, so I just bailed.

I can't figure out what his fucking deal is.

Me either.

But, hey, no, you're having a great time, Gavin's totally into you, you're stepping out of your comfort zone...

He's cute, right? Hell yeah!

Hey, are we good on stock?

Yeah, we got plenty of stuffed animals back in the locker.

We're good.

It just slipped out.

Uh, why do we keep waiting in line for rides?

I thought we were doing mazes.

B, this is the ride that takes us to the Deadlands.

It's the only way to get there.

Why are we signing a waiver?

I mean, they can touch us and liability is a bitch.

That's really extreme.

Extreme is what we want, Nat. That's why we're here.

Plus, if you don't sign you can't go in.

Oh, come on, Nat, just sign it.

I was just starting to like the new you.


Just let me text Gavin and let him know.

You sign. I'll text.


Okay, Asher.

Oh, yes.




That's good.

Oh, shit!

It's you again? Seriously? You're following me now?

Nice. All right, you take your job way too seriously.

Hope you know that.

You know, actually, it's great that you're here.

Can I get my pictures back? Or...

All right.

Dude, drop the character, you're offstage.


What the fuck is your problem, man?

Come on, come on, come on!


Thank you! Yes!

Wait. Nat, where is he?

I don't know.

Just text him again. Okay? Come on.

Come on.

Come on, guys! Yeah, we're coming!

Sorry. Wait, slow down!

Nat, come on!

I'm coming.

Beware! Night Bumps leads to the Deadlands, where no soul is safe.

Night Bumps! Yes!

Wait, wait, wait.

Nat, come on. You gotta get on or you lose your place in line.

In or out?

Sucks to be Gavin.

Great to be us. Okay.

Let's go. Come on, come on, baby.

Wait, Brooke. Oh, um...

What? Hey.

We should wait. No. No, no, no.

No, Gavin assured us, he would be there.

It's fine. Come on. No, wait.

He'll be right here. Wait. Really?

Nat, I don't wanna split up, so...

Gavin'll meet us on the other side, okay?

Yeah. He will be there. I promise.


Yeah. Love you.

See you in the Deadlands.

Beware the things that go bump in the night.

Night Bumps!

I hope she's okay.

Babe, she'll be fine.

Thank you.

Night Bumps!

Oh, okay. Hey!

Oh. Yummy.

I don't like that.


Oh, my God! Wow!

I'm so scared! Oh, shut up.


Okay! Did you see the head on that thing?


Fuck you, man!

Jesus Christ!


Okay. Great.

Well, there goes that mood.

Are you shitting me?



We are currently experiencing technical difficulty.

Please remain calm while we attempt to fix the ride.

Excuse me?

Do you know how long this is gonna take?

Please remain calm and try not to lose your head.


Hello, there's somebody in here.





Help me!

Okay... What was that?

Yo, did you guys hear that?

Yeah. It sounds like Grade School freaking out.

No, she's not just freaking out, that's beyond.

She's just getting into it.

See? Here we go. Oh.

You are now entering the Deadlands.

The Other will guide you on your journey.

That's awesome. That's brilliant.

Are you kidding me? No! No, no, no!

Nat, it was part of the ride, get it?

They fake breaking down and then they climb in with one of the single riders.

That's awesome! This has been terrifying, you asshole. Terrifyingly awesome!

No, it's pretty good. Nat. Relax.

Get that out of my... I hate you all.


Asher, Asher!

Oh, shit!

Ah, it's so cool!

What the fuck is this?

The hell is that?

Oh, shit! That girl got wrecked!

I hope that washes out.

So, guys, uh, what do we do? Do we just wander around?

I don't know. I feel like we should wait for Gavin.

All right, Nat, real talk.

I don't want to ruin it for you.

But Gavin is out getting you one of those stupid stuffed animals.

He's just gonna take a while.

Because he sucks. Right?

Damn it. Really?

Yes, he likes you, okay? He's gonna catch up when he does, but we're here now. So let's have some fun, all right?

Hey, guys...

I think we gotta check this thing out.

He likes you and we know he's not pooping.

Oh, that's nasty.

I think they're in there.

Step up, Q. Yeah, nope.

Go for it. No.

No. No. What?

You're such a wuss, Q.


You okay, Ash?


Then hurry up, man. You look good.

I'm good. Hold on.

Come on, baby.

That's gross. That's in there.

That's why I didn't do it.

Okay. Hold on.

That's nasty.

I think I got something.

Does he always make those noises?

I'm almost there. You find it yet?

Oh, shit!

Oh, shit!

Holy fuck!

He got you! Look at your face.

Shut the fuck up. Take the stupid map.

Shit! Oh, shit!

Okay. What the fuck? Hey!

Let me down! What the fuck? Put me down!


What just happened? Asher!

I don't know.

I'm gonna need her back, dude!

Hey, Taylor.

Tay! Taylor!

I get touching somebody, but picking them up and taking them away from their entire group is kinda fucked up.

Taylor! Tay!

I'm gonna barf.

That guy smelled like a hobo's asshole.

Wait, how do you know what a hobo's asshole smells like?

Because it smells like Quinn's mom.

Oh! Where did that guy take you?

I know, that's why I know what I'm talking about.

They smell so bad, I'm gonna die.

Oh, shit.

Mmm-mmm. Mmm-mmm.

Um... I guess we're going with them.

It's all right. We can do this.



All right.

This is awesome! Hi.

Um, maybe somebody should text Gavin.

Guys! Oh, yeah, he's not...

Where the hell is he?

I can't see anything.

I know.

Yo, this is dope.

Welcome to your first trial.

Will you conquer your fears or will your fears conquer you?


Okay, bye. Thanks for not killing us.

That was creepy. Right?

Okay, guys, I think this is the triple maze.

Sleep Like a Baby. Very Bad Dreams.

Your Worst Nightmare.

Your Worst Nightmare! Sleep Like a Baby.

Tay, wait up.

We'll see you girls on the other side.

Hope Gavin catches up. Whoo!



There is no way the girls' maze is better than this one.

Is that a baby face? Yeah, where is that...

On the ass?

This is so gross.

Shit! Go, go, go!

Yo, yo. They changed.

How did it do that?

The girl. Look at the girl. The veins.

Whoa. Detail.

This is gnarly.


Oh, now that is just awful.

Oh, shit!

Damn! She got me!

Listen, I'm not going first anymore.

Go, Taylor. Stop laughing.

I don't wanna go first.



Whoa. Be careful. Okay, this is really cool.


That's crazy!

This is dope.

I like all the swirlies.

This is so dope.

Like, this is insane.

It's probably...

Shit! Jesus Christ!

What is that? Oh!

Shut up, Taylor.

Oh, damn!

All right.

Just look at the hands.

Hey, Taylor, you should go first.

Oh. I hate you so much right now.

What if I just... No!

Just keeping you on your toes.

Yay. That does not look comfortable.

Okay, is it just me or is it getting...

No, it's definitely getting closer.

Yeah, but are the hands longer or are the walls just...

Maybe both.

The walls might be closing in.

All I know is think little thoughts.

Think little thoughts.

All right, you know what?

First of all, woman. Second of all, not that bad.


Let me go!

Get off!

Wait! Brooke! Taylor!

Yo, man.

Yo, my flashlight went out. What about you?

Mine too, dummy.


Q, it's probably a part of the gimmick.

Whoa. Wait, wait, wait. Whoa!

That thing's not slowing down, man.

No. I know, I know... Oh, shit!

Ash! Wait up, man!

Leave no bone unturned when looking for illumination on the way out.


Leave no bone unturned when looking for illumination on the way out.

Leave no bone unturned when looking for illumination on the way out.

Leave no bone unturned when looking for illumination on the way out.

Yo! What took you so long? That same fucking guy was in there.

What guy? What are you talking about?

The guy! The guy from Night Bumps.

Well, news flash, he's been everywhere.

Remember, we saw, like, 20. No! No, not that.

The guy that I was telling you about before, he was in there, he was fucking taunting me.

He was banging against the Plexiglas.

Nat. Hey.

Look, when Asher gets out, we'll go find someplace else.

Yeah. Just give him a second.

Knowing him, he's probably having the time of his life.




Oh, shit!

Just get the fuck off me!

The fuck?



Hey, it's okay. Just breathe.

I'm just, like, I'm done.

I know. You've made it through the majority of the night.

Of the fucking night?

You've gotten through a lot, all right?


Oh, shit!

Fuck me!

You got Brundlefly'd!

What the fuck is that?

That's awesome!

Well, that's kind of funny.

Oh, really? It's your shirt, so, fuck you.

Damn! Shut up!

Let's go to the bathroom.

Oh, shit!

This isn't how I wanted the night to go.

It's just been a long time since I've seen you and I wanted it to be like it used to be.

I knew this place was gonna be creepy, I just didn't know it was gonna be that intense.


But, hey, are you...

Are you good?

I just worry about you.

And I love you.

And I miss you.

I love you, too.

I'm sorry I haven't been around lately.

We gotta see each other more.

Let's go to Spain.

You're not serious. I'm serious.

We've always talked about it.

Let's just do it. You wanna go to Spain?

Yeah, you said I need a break.

You're probably right. So...

You wanna go to the Prado and get tapas?

Sounds like you're saying "topless," but...

I mean, we can do that, too.

You can do that. No thanks.

We're going to Spain?

Yeah. You promise?

I promise.



I'll meet you out there.

I love you. I love you, too.

We're going to Spain.

We're going topless in Spain.

Ugh. Gross.

I'm calling the cops!




What's wrong?

Yeah, I don't know what to tell you. It's empty.

No, I'm telling you that he was just here!

I just had to crawl under this thing to get away from him!

He was grabbing at me! All right, look...

I know the scarers aren't supposed to be in the bathroom, but if you can't even identify him, I don't know what you want me to do.

I don't know. Shut down the park. Call the cops.

Do something other than this! Are you hurt?

What? Did he physically hurt you?

I mean, he grabbed at me. I'm not injured.

Unless there is an actionable charge, there's nothing I can do. What?

No, you're not understanding a thing that I'm saying!

This guy has been stalking us since the second we got here!

Which guy? The guy with the mask from the Night Bumps ride!

You just described 15 people that work in this park.

You know how many complaints I get like this a night?

Great. Well, mine's valid, so what are you gonna do with that?

Holy shit! What?

It's the photos of you and Gavin.

Oh, my God. Okay, no, no, wait.

Who's Gavin?

He's our friend that was supposed to meet us, like, an hour ago.

He must have Gavin's phone.

Yeah, I think your friend, Gavin, is pranking you.

All right, look, you came here to be scared, right?

I can't arrest people for doing their job.

Welcome to Hell Fest.

We've got to find him.

Quinn. Quinn, we need to go.

Now. What?

We need to go. Now. Why would we leave?

I'll tell you later. Where's Asher?

I haven't seen him.

Then where's Taylor?

She volunteered.

Welcome, children of the night!

Are you ready to leave the land of the living and enter into the darkness?

Into the world of monsters?


In order to open up the gates of Hell, we must spill the blood of...

Wait for it, wait for it,

a virgin.

So, about that whole virgin thing, I think we might have a problem.

What is your name, child?

Taylor Ann Smythe, your honor.

You're accused of doing the Devil's work.

What say you?

Totally did it. And what are your crimes?

Well, how long do you have?

'Cause I've actually done laps around the seven deadly sins.

Oh! Impressive.

But you must pay for your transgressions.

Ooh, what is it?

Your head.




Oh. Okay. Well, bye-bye.

Something's not right. What?

Something's not right.

What do you mean?


That's him.

That's him.

Wait, the guy from the bathroom?

Yeah, that's...

That's him. Oh, God! Taylor!

Nat, wait!



Nat, it's okay. It's okay.

Oh, my God, that was so much fun!

Hell Fest!

Hey, can someone get me out of this thing?

Hey, you got her?

Please exit the stage area.

Oh, hey. Sorry about the, uh, screaming girl.

Yeah, that's my best friend's best friend.

She doesn't really get horror, so...

What can you do?

Can you get me out?


Yes! Awesome, thank you.

Ow! What the hell, man?

I said out, not forward.


And not tighter. Dude, did you just skip training day?

'Cause you're really not doing this right. It's...

Okay, that's really tight.

This isn't a funny joke.

Ow! Okay.

Jesus, can you not hear when I say "Ow"?

This is not comfortable.


Okay, too tight.

This is really not funny. I don't like this.

This is really uncomfortable.



Somebody help me!

Are you happy now?

'Cause now we're gonna have to call the cops on you.

Yeah, no, that's exactly what I want you to do!

Two of our friends are missing!

No, two of your friends are somewhere in the park, drunk.

No, they're not!

Help me!

Shit! Quinn!

Come on!

Oh, my God, someone help!

Help me!

Help me, please!

Please help me! Please!

Help me! You suck at this shit!

Guys, I think it's Taylor. Who's...

Hey, where are you... Fuck out of my way!

We got a situation in the Deadlands.

He's trying to kill me! Get out of the way!

Get out of the way!

Somebody, help me, please! Help me!

Please help me! Please!

Get out of the way, he's trying to kill me!

What are you doing? Don't...

Hey, man, what are you doing?

Quinn, Quinn! Brooke. Brooke. Brooke!

Quinn! No! We gotta go.

Brooke, we gotta go.

Get down on the ground!

We got him! Got him!

Nat! Are you okay? You okay? Yeah.

Please find the nearest exit.

Come on, we gotta go. Come on, we gotta go.

Due to unforeseen circumstances the park will be closing.

Please find the nearest exit.

Due to unforeseen circumstances the park will be closing.

Nat, over here. Okay.

I think this is an exit.

You are at the entrance to Hell.

It's another maze.

Welcome to Hell.

Can you make it out the other side?

We gotta go, we gotta go.

Welcome to Hell.

You are at the entrance to Hell.

Can you make it out the other side?

You are at the entrance to Hell.

Can you make it out the other side?

You are at the entrance to Hell.

Can you make it out the other side?

Welcome to Hell.


Wait, wait, wait. What? What?

Look, these are triggering the rooms.

This is what's making the noise.

Come with me. No. Nat.

Brooke, I'm telling you...

We gotta go that way.

Shh, listen, you have to trust me, okay?

Listen. We have to go.


Okay, come on.

Come on. There's a closet back here.

I can't get reception.

Me neither.

It's not working.


Come on, come on, come on.

You are at the entrance to Hell.

Can you make it out the other side?


No, this can't be happening. No, wait, wait. Wait, wait.

Please, somebody, help! Please! Please!

We're gonna have to go through, okay?

Listen. Shh! We're gonna have to go through.

We can do this. Together, okay?

Okay. Okay.

We can do this. Okay.

We gotta go.

Fuck. It's all fake.


Okay. Okay. You okay?


We can do this.

Okay. Okay.

We left that open.

We left that door open.

He's not in here.

Fuck. Fuck.

Okay. Okay.

Don't look at their faces, Mommy.

More dolls.

Let's just get the fuck out of here.

Don't look at their faces, Mommy.

Don't look at their faces, Mommy.


It's a dead end. It's a dead end.

Clever, clever.

You've found the hidden path to Hell.

Clever, clever.

You've found the hidden path to Hell.

Brooke, go!



Nat! Help me, please!

Please, no, please!

Why are you doing this?

Please, please, why are you doing this?

I won't tell anybody! Please!

No! Wait, wait! Please!


Go to Hell!

Hey, back up!

He was right behind us.

We looked everywhere, but we couldn't find him.

Wait, what?

No, no, no, he was right there.

Don't worry. We're gonna keep looking, okay?

They're gonna find him.

Tragedy at Hell Fest tonight.

Police believe that the suspect may have entered the park anonymously with the rest of the attendees.

Four fatalities have been confirmed with two of the bodies being hidden within mazes inside the park.

All of this leads police to connect tonight's murders to the killing of a girl at an Orange Grove haunt just a few years ago.

If you're just tuning in, tragedy...

Daddy, you're home!

Did you bring me anything?