Hell Is for Heroes (1962) Script

Kolinsky, you seen Homer?

Not since chow.

I sent him to get a pen and paper about an hour ago.

I got paper, but I'm using this.

For how long?

When you got kids, you have to write something special to each one.

You got a pen?

What's to write?

If I say we're coming home, they'll censor it.

Hey, who's that?




Yes, sergeant.

Come here.

Whose truck is this?

It was just sitting here.

It needed fixing, huh?

She's running a little sloppy.

What was wrong?

Well, I'm not sure.

Do me a favor. Put it back together.

Hey, Corby .

Oh, good afternoon, sergeant.

You still charging 5 bucks a fountain pen?

They're 7.50.

7.50 now.

8.50 with ink.

I need a volunteer for detail.

For you, they're only $5.00, sarge.

That purple ink's very passionate.


I'll take it.

See me payday.

You dirty... hey, Homer.

Homer, come here.

Yo, Homer!

Hey! Over here!

Come here.

Where you been, goofing off again?

No goof. Get paper.

Not Homer's fault.

Big trouble. Fall down.

wait a minute.

Come here, Kolinsky.

What happened this time?

he didn't goof off.

He did what you told him.

He bought the paper and pen.

A Jeep sideswiped him.

He fell in the mud.

He lost the pen.

Lost pen. Lost pen.

Uh, turned the mud upside-down, and he couldn't find the pen.

Me ashamed lose pen.

I gave you $3.00. Where's my change?

No money. Lose, too.

That's a crock.


I'll lay you 10 to 1 he spent it on a bottle.

No bottle. No drink.

All right, all right.

Homer, forget it.

You better get cleaned up, especially if you want to see the captain today.

Wonderful. We go see captain.

I'll take him to the fountain and clean him up.

Sergeant, wait a minute.

You got a size 40 field jacket?

What's wrong with the one you're wearing?

It's for him.

What kind of outfit is that?

He's not a soldier.

I guess it'll be ok.



This pen broke down between "yours" and "truly." that's a very sexy pen, sergeant.

Maybe it got bored.

On the square, when do you think we'll go home?

I don't know.

Sergeant Pike don't know.

I asked him.

Could be anytime, J.J.


1st platoon, 2nd squad.

Take it easy, soldier.


You 2nd squad?


It's about time they're sending us some new men.

I'm Henshaw . I'm a little greasy.


2nd squad?

End of the hall.

Reese, huh?

You're three days late.

I met a friend.

Where, at the bar?

Where do I put this?

Pick a spot anywhere.

How would you like to buy a sterling silver punch bowl?

It's a genuine antique.

I'll throw in 36 cups... and a ladle.

What do we have here?

A brand-new market, sarge.

Hey, how are you, buddy?

As you can see, we eat very well around here.

If you need anything, I'm the guy to see.

If I don't have it, I can get it.

Beat it.

Excuse me.

I didn't recognize you, general.

I think sergeant Pike's coming to the 1st squad.

Ready to go, Corby ?

Just about.

Might be it, sarge.

Could be.

What's the word, sarge?

Larkin, saddle up. We're moving tonight.


Where's the boat leave from, England or France?

They might fly us.

Oh, I like that.

Assemble the company at the church.

Move your squad there by 2100. we'll be waitin' at the church for you Right. We'll be there. waitin' at the church New man report in yet?

He just got here.

His name is Reese.

That's him sitting in the corner.

...the church on time whoop doo we're gonna go home we're gonna go home hallelujah, gonna go home whoop-dee-doop dee-doop-do Yeah, I know him.

Sergeant Pike?

Captain Loomis wants to see you on the double.

All right, you globetrotters, start packing your gear.

Tell the captain it's got to be planes.

I get seasick.

Macht schnell!

Let's go.

1st squad, over here.

File it over here, Thomas.

Dump it and flake out, you guys.

How am I supposed to sit?

That is your problem.


Kind of rushed earlier.

Didn't have time to say hello.

You're still rushed.

How are you?


The town's off-limits.

Hey, sarge.

I can't keep my guys together unless we get some space.

How about getting a detail together?

Bottle of brandy.

I am sorry.

Tonight we are off the limits.

One pack or two?

We are not allowed to sell to soldiers tonight.


It will not be good for you when the mps get here.

They patrol this section.

There will be trouble if they find you here.

Lady, the whole world is full of trouble.

You are right. So much trouble.

Let us both drink to better times.

I drink to you and to the American army.

How long ago were you drinking with the Third Reich?

I do not like the Germans.

You don't like me, but you're drinking with me.

People are the same all over the world.

Go with the tide.

You are wrong.

Wrong to think I had any dealings with the Germans.

And wrong to think I do not like you.

A man who is not afraid to break the rules, I find this interesting.

You do?

I do.

But still, I'm worried about the MPs.

Perhaps if we could take the bottle somewhere else, they will not find you.

Like your place?

My room is here in the back.


Welcome to the peace talks.

Let's go, Reese.

Well, it's up to you, buddy.

Say when.

You haven't changed much, Reese.

That's right.

I was surprised you turned up in our outfit.

You and me both.

I haven't had time to check your papers.

Where did you transfer from?

The outfit I came from was a dilly.

There was a general, a major, two captains, two lieutenants, and me.

There's a squad.

Sounds like a court-martial board.

Thought you hadn't read my papers?

Last time I saw you, you were a master sergeant.

That's what makes a good soldier.

You are very observant.

Let's call it a night, buddy.

One for the road.


The long road home.

Guess you'd rather go back into combat.

Like I said, you haven't changed much.

Finish your drink, and let's get back.

Sometimes a brass allows false rumors to go on so there won't be a leak.

Keep this to yourself until we move out.

We're not going home.

We're going back on the line.

Back to the line.


Yes, captain?

Was that man in town?

Yes, sir.

I want him on report. What's his name?

John Reese. He just transferred.

Oh, yes. His papers say he won the DSC.

Yes, sir. We were together in North Africa.

Until recently, he was up for a battlefield commission.

He stole a Jeep, almost ran down a colonel.

I know how he acts behind the lines, but he's a good soldier.

Well, I don't know, sergeant.

I'll take your word for it.

Beats me, a guy who cracks up when the pressure is off.

Make sure he stays in line.

Yes, sir.

Hey, sarge.

We'd better take him to see the captain.

Look pretty good, huh?

Fine, Homer.

About taking the kid home.

He's busy.

Got to see now. Clean now.

I said he was busy. Now, drop it.

Too busy?

Homer not go states?

Hey, Corby.

Can't you forget about that loot?

You're in a church.

This ain't a church no more, sergeant.

Even if it was, so what?

You ought to have respect for things that used to be.

What, are you bucking for chaplain or something?

I got respect, sergeant, plenty.

But it's not for somebody I can't see.


Yeah, kid.

Corby, you... you plenty smart.

You figure out the way Homer go to states with squad, huh?

I'm sorry, kid.

I wish I had some room in the bag.

You new man.

Maybe you got new ideas, huh?


I Polish DP.

No place go.

Get out of here.

All right, you boys get it outside.

Ok, let's go.

Squad leaders, draw ammo outside.


Why, if we're going home?

We're going back on the line.

Now, get the lead out.

Snap it up, Morgan . Get your men rolling.

They could have told us.

Yeah, they let us think we're going home.

Like fattening up a turkey for Thanksgiving.

Be good soldier. Make Captain Loomis say okay.

No, Homer, you can't go!

I good fighter. I come up to line.

Show up on the line, I'll blow your head off.

Fall in outside.

Come on, shake it up.

Shake it up.

What's that?

A butcher knife.

Okay, let's go. Move it along.

Captain Loomis?

Yeah, that's right.

Captain Mays. Hope your troops are fresh.

We got a week's rest. We'll need replacements.

We're a third short.

We've been cut to half, and we only got our foot in the door.

God forbid we'll replace you in a week.

God willing, we'll get both feet in the door by then.

I'll brief you.

1st squad, peel off. Fill up those foxholes.

Let's go, Larkin.

2nd squad, cover this pillbox area.

Let's go, Thomas.

3rd squad, follow me.

All right, come on, fill in these holes.

Why don't I take this pillbox?

It would be a great place for storage.

Come on, move.

Corby, you have room in that foxhole for you, too?

If I need any help with the plumbing, I'll call you.

Command post, Company "L."

Captain Loomis needs six more trucks for "L" company.

You sent for me, captain?

We're pulling out, Pike.

Tonight, sir?

We've been ordered north to stand in battalion reserve.

They expect a German counterattack tomorrow.

They want backup from us.

What about replacements?

There won't be replacements.

We're going to leave this entire section open?

I can leave one platoon.

Yes, sir.

You'll have to spread your squads over an area that requires a company.

We'll move out before dawn through the woods.

If we're lucky, the Germans won't spot us and realize how thin you are.

Yes, sir. If we're lucky.

That's all, Pike.


You hear anything about a move?

What are you talking about?

We're open on both ends.

1st squad.

1st squad.


Hey, sarge, what is this?

Where did everybody go?

There was 100 guys here last night. What happened?

I saw Pike moving out the 1st squad last night.

Larkin, what is this?

Cumberly, get a blanket and toss it in the air.

That box has got us nailed down tight.

The krauts must be dug in behind that row of trees. Look at the smoke.

Breakfast time.

You guys are covered here, but walk carefully beyond this point.

Walk? Are you crazy?

I'm going to dig a subway.

Did you see that blanket?

Hey, sergeant, what gives?

Where's the company?

What's going on, Pike?

The company went north for a day, maybe two.

It depends on what develops.

The hell with the north. What happens here?

The six of us have to hold this section?

That's about it.

Any more good news?

The 3rd squad's a half mile that way.

1st squad's the same distance north.

You'll have to cover this area.

You're spread thin, but put two men on each flank and try plugging up the middle.

Little thin?

Kolinsky, Henshaw, take the left flank.

Fill in by that tree.

Corby, you get Cumberly and take the right.

This side of the bend.

Ok, sergeant.

That's a good spot for Reese.

You'd better take the other side of the box.


On the level, Pike, what do you think?

It's hard to say.

The krauts probably heard our company move in last night.

Let's hope they didn't hear them pull out.

It's pretty quiet down there.


Any movement?

Belts from the pillbox.

What are they using?

9 millimeter, light.

Chances are they got a couple of listening posts down in those ravines.

They're going to think we're a quiet company.

Pike, if they make a push... we're dead.


What about these guys?

They've all had experience.


He can take and give orders.

He's a good man.

He'd better be.

Cumberly, are you sure you feel all right?

Never felt better.

Now I know you're cracking.

When things seem bad, I concentrate on something worse in the past.

You should try it.

Not me.

You have no imagination.

I got too much.

I can imagine what's going to happen when those krauts discover there ain't nobody here but us campfire girls.

Do you think maybe they heard us?

They just want to say good morning.

It shouldn't last long.

Hiya, fellas!

Man, who in the hell are you?

Uh, uh, Driscoll.

J-James, E.

Sergeant, which way is it to division headquarters?

I couldn't say, but it ain't that way.

It's supposed to be in Thionville.

Never heard of it.

Well, I'll show you on--on the map here.

What are you doing here?

Huh? Oh, I--I was in Metz to requisition these typewriters.

H-here it is.

Now, if you show me where we are.

Well, we just happen to be here on the Siegfried Line, my dear.

We are?

Well, then the division must be 20, 30 miles away.

That's right.

Only, which way?

See, I--I'm due back by 5:00, and--

A Jeep like this might come in handy.

Yeah. It sure would.

We have this major, and he makes us stand Reveille every morning, rain or shine, which just gives you an idea.

We could make it sound like lots of Jeeps.

Run it in low, it sounds like a truck.

Henshaw could rig it to backfire, sound like a tank.

I'll send Henshaw down here.



Sergeant! Wait a minute, sergeant.

Uh, sorry, Driscoll, we're taking your Jeep.

The Jeep?

Yeah. For a day or two.

This is Major Winston's Jeep.

Combat emergency has priority over everything.

If you take it, how do I get back to division...

You don't.


Oh, sergeant-- come here.

Sergeant, wait.

Don't worry about Major Winston.

He'll be happy when he hears you volunteered for combat.

You don't understand.

I went to typist school.

That's all I've ever done in the army.

We're going to give you on-the-job training.

What's up, sergeant?

Take this man to that foxhole next to Reese and teach him how to shoot.

With this? It might get dirty.


You heard him. Move!

Here. Audition for me.

If you're going to hold a gun that way, make sure the safety is on.


That lever. Just pull it.

Not the tri--

He--he wouldn't.

You want to bet?

Look, dumb-dumb. Up here, this gun's your life.

It's like when you were a civy, see.

It's what you own that makes you who you are.

Now, let's try it again.

That way.


How we doing?

Splendid. He can't hit anything yet, but he loads like a genius.

That's enough for now, Driscoll, James E.

Take him over to that second hole past the box... and stay with him.

That makes me feel real safe.

Come on, deadeye.

This is it.

Tea will be served at 5:00.

You see anything out there, Reese?


They're bound to send a patrol up here tonight.

Oh, yeah.

Then again, they might not.

If they think we have a full company, they won't risk getting close.

Let's quit horsing around.

An hour after nightfall, they'll make sure there's no company.

What do you mean?

Patrols-- not theirs, ours.

If we were full strength, we'd have a 10-man patrol down there tonight, Larkin.

Yeah. You're right.

The krauts would hear them.



You tired?

You're kidding. I'm having a ball.

Sergeant Pike says there's a supply dump

3 miles down the road.

I want you to find three spools of wire.

What kind?

Signal corps wire.

The big spools.

Also, load up on some gas for our tank.


How long will it take?

About 40 minutes?



Go round up three empty ammo cans.


That's right! Empty.

I'll go first to the left.

You take the center.

You take the right.

See you, kid.

Good luck.








Ha ha. It worked.

All right. Go back to your positions.

Hey, Larkin.

What's the matter?

Funny thing. We strung three wires.

We got four now.

Look. And it goes straight across to the Nazi lines.

Let's find out what it's hooked up to.

Here it is. Down here.

It goes right into the pillbox.

Come on.

I can't see a thing in here.

Let me get this lamp lit.

Hey, that's better.

Here it is.

What the hell is--


That was a German mike.

They got us bugged?

They probably planted it during those back-and-forth actions.

They put it in the right spot-- next to the field telephone.

That's not very cricket.

You've got a gift of gab.

Make like you're talking to command.

Command? What command?

Fake it. It's worth a chance.

I'll try to spare somebody to relieve you.

Yeah. Okay, sarge.



Uh, Temple Red, uh, to Able Six.

Temple Red to Able Six. Come over.

Able Six? Temple Red here. Over.

Oh, yes, sir.

The entire patrol came back safe and sound.

The activities of the patrol were quite successful.

Although we did not take prisoners, we at last know the position of all the enemy camouflaged emplacements.

That's right.

We know exactly where they are.

Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

Sergeant Larkin says I'm supposed to relieve you.

Uh, I'll call you back, sir. Over.

There's a German mike hidden in there.

There is?

Don't say anything you don't want the Nazis to hear.

I just as soon they didn't hear anything.

You know, Driscoll, you're a lucky guy.

This is the safest place on the whole ridge.

It is?

Go in there, and fake me some reports.

What kind of reports?

Haven't you been in headquarters when they arrive?

I've told you. All I've done is type.

Right. We're Temple Red, and command is Able Six.

Beyond that, say anything that comes into your head.

Like, "help"?

Go ahead.

Uh, uh, hi.

Uh, Temple Red to, uh, Able Six.

Uh, this--this is Lieutenant, uh, Driscoll, the, uh, entertainment officer.

Uh, a-about the morale, sir.

Uh, it's--it's been rather low.

Uh, the main complaint seems to be about the evening movie.

Yes, sir. I've had to show Road to Morocco five evenings in a row.

Well, the men are beginning to get a little surly, sir.

Yes, sir. They know all the lines.

Oh, and about the amateur--

The...the amateur hours are going very well, sir.

Uh, we--sir, could you hold on just a minute?

Yes, sir, I have a call on the other line.

Right, sir. I'll be right back.

Temple Red. This is Lieutenant Driscoll.

Well--don't--don't send them up here.

Sir, I have five men in each foxhole now.

I--I don't have any room for any more, sir.

H-have you tried Charlie Company, sir?

Oh, I--I see.

There's still a war going on in Japan, you know, sir.

You might send them over there.


It's me, Homer.

I said to stay away.

Had to, had to come up.

K-kill krauts.

Show Captain Loomis I good soldier.

I give plenty help.

You like Cal--Calvados?

Now, now I, now I stay, huh?

Hi, sergeant.

Bring plenty good things--

Eggs, Calvados, all for you.

Forget it, kid. You can't stay.

Please, give Homer a chance.

Poor kid. Work in labor camp.

Now, just knock it off.

Hey, Homer, how did you get here?

Hitch rides, walk long way.

Just want to be with buddies.

We're in a tight spot.

It's rough on experienced guys, let alone a green kid.

Hey, sarge, we were glad to get Driscoll.

Ok. You can help pass out the extra ammo.

I do what you say, sarge.

I'll go relieve Kolinsky.

He'll show you what to do.

I do good.

You better.

Hey, uh, Homer, if you want to unload anything, I mean, feel free to dump it right in my foxhole.


I think I better go over with Henshaw.

What say you, Homer?

Oh, got plenty work to do.

I put stuff in here?

Sure, sure, sure.

We've got nothing but vacancies in this hotel.

I cannot be sorry I stay.

Going to kill plenty krauts, shoot them all up.

See you later, friend.

Oh, boy, if you were my son...


Is that right, sir?

Major Winston's Jeep.

Right, sir.

We'll certainly be on the lookout for it, sir.

A PFC, you say, with--with a load of typewriters in the back.

Well, if we see him, we'll contact you, sir.

Uh, Blankey the cook is working out rather well, sir.

Well, one problem, his vichyssoise taste a little too much like potato soup.

Oh, they're supposed to taste like potato soup.





Why you no-- no like Homer?

I your friend.

You shouldn't be here.

The heinies catch you here, they'll torture you.

You'll spill everything you know.






Homer, get down.

Hey, Cumberly.

Kolinsky, bring that torch!









Move him into the pillbox.

Get Driscoll to rip that mike off the kraut wire.

Cut the kraut mike.

He had a great system, sergeant.

He just never worried about anything.


He's still alive.

Move him into the pillbox.

Homer, Driscoll, give Kolinsky a hand.

Then check the remaining bodies.

Drag them beyond the road.

Cumberly, too?

All of them.

Any more out there?

Not now.

Think we got them all?

No, huh?

I figure two, maybe three got back.

Think they know how many men we got left?

If you come up on a weak spot, you'd send a report, right?

When they get that report, they'll send a platoon.

We got to hold off.

They won't send a platoon if they're too busy.

Let's hit the pillbox.

They'll figure it's an attack from this end.

Yeah. If that pillbox goes-- they'll wait in case there's a full attack.


No. The field around that box is mined.

We could blast through, but we'd need 10 guys.

I'd only need two.

No, we stay here.

We wait, we'll get plowed.

We're ordered to hold.

To stay alive, we got to hit that box.

It's a chance.

Better chance than we got against a platoon.

Might work... but Pike says to hold.

Pike's gone.

He's still in charge.

He's got to know about any switch in plans.

If he okays it, we move.

Get back to that flank.

I'll go see if Pike is with the 1st squad.

Don't make it long.

Henshaw, you're in charge until I get back.


Did you ever take a pillbox like that?


Is that your charge?


How much?

30 pounds.

I saw some 40-pounders back at that supply dump.

Good. We'll need them.

Yeah... providing Pike says ok.

He knows what he's doing.

So does Larkin.

Every man can't follow his basic nature, Reese.

They trained him to follow orders.

And you?

I trained myself to make things work... not burn them up.

Here I am.

I don't know what's right.

I don't know.

Why the hell are you here?

I came from the dump.

I got some satchel charges... just in case.

What did Pike say?

I left you in charge!

I know.

I got started talking with Reese--

Let's go!


Speak English.

Don't talk like dumb Polack.

I teach them.

Where are flamethrower?


Put that down, and get out of there.

Kolinsky, get back to your position.

What about them?

Reese will guard them.



Get in there.

Watch them.

What did Pike say?

Forget Pike. I've got something to say.

What are you doing trying to run my squad?

You watch them.

You're a good soldier.

You can point out my mistakes, but while I'm wearing these stripes, nobody goes over my head.

What about Pike?

He wasn't there.

Loomis sent a Jeep for him.

Rumor is the company's returning.

Rumor is.

You'll carry out orders, understand?

Wave that finger again, and I'll take your head off.

You'll have that chance, mister.

The minute this ends, I'll square off with you anytime.

That's the best thing I've got to look forward to.


All right.

Let's get ready.

Is that the company?

They're coming back. Where's Larkin?


Anybody else?


Where are the rest?

Out trying to take that pillbox.


Aah! Aah!

Get that weapons platoon set up right away!

Fire when ready. Range 800. Use smoke.


My guts!

I can't run.

Oh, my guts!

Oh, my guts!

My guts.



Get that Jeep up here!

My guts!

Cease fire!

Get his head up.

He's drowning in his own blood.

My guts.

Give him a hand.

My guts!


My guts!

Keep his head up!

I got to see! Do I have my guts!


You go back to the states. You go home.

If you go-- if you see my wife, don't tell her it was like this!

Medic! Morphine!

You go home.

Easy, easy, easy.

He's dead.


Yes, sergeant?


How close did you get?

About 200 yards.

How did it happen?

A minefield.


Yeah. He tripped a mine.

He was carrying a torch.

Lit up the countryside.

Put us right on the block.

Were you right?

How the hell do I know?


Who gave the order for that attempt on the pillbox?

Who gave the order?

I did, sir.

You had orders to stay here.

You knew that.

What about Kolinsky?

What about the man you left in the field?

You gave the order?

Reese, you're a private.

You don't give orders, you take them.

We're attacking at 0600 tomorrow morning, or I'd court-martial you right here.

You hear me?

You can wreck a Jeep and get off easy, but now you'll face a court-martial that will pin your ears back!

2nd squad!

Keep it down.

I'm afraid this is it, sergeant.

Join up with 1st squad.

Come on.








When the barrage lifts, we go.

Captain Loomis is on our left.

Lieutenant Jacobs is on the right.

Our job is that pillbox.


Let's go!

Move up on the line!

Move out!



Weapons platoon. Pike.

Put the knockdown tank on the dragon's teeth.

We're held up by a minefield.

Blow us a path through. A wide one.

Up two turns.

Left 5-0.


Let's go! Move left.

Move up on the line.

Move out!



1st squad, take the right side of the pillbox.

We'll cover. Move out!

Cover Reese.



Burn it!

Burn it.