Hell on Frisco Bay (1955) Script


Oh, darling.

I told you to get a divorce.

I wanted to wait for you.

And did you? Like a faithful wife?

I was going to tell you about it, Steve, believe me.

I'll bet you were.

Hello, Steve. Hello, Dan.

Take her home. I'm gonna take the bus.

Hey, Steve. I'll ride with you.

About Marcia... Forget it.

Who do you think remembered to send you that suit you're wearing, and that coat?

Who wanted you to come out looking great?

Forget it, Dan.

Let's talk about Frank Ragoni.

What have you got to do with Ragoni?

He sent word to me in prison. He wants to see me.

He knows about the Doneto killing. What?

Remember? Somebody killed him, but it wasn't me.


I've got bad news for you, Steve.

Ragoni's disappeared, over a week ago.

I'll find him.

We have it under investigation. The lieutenant has two men on it now.

Good old Neville.

Well, just tell him he's got three now.

Wait a minute. You're not on the force anymore.

Take my advice. Go home to Marcia and stay out of it.

How about coming over to my place? I'll fix you something to eat.

Later. Here, take care of this.

Don't stir up any trouble.

The way I feel right now, I want trouble. I need it.

Well, hello, Steve. Hi, Phil.

Well, you haven't changed much. Five years older.

What'll you have?

Oh, a couple of answers. Yeah?

What do you know about Frank Ragoni?

Don't jam me up, will you?

Come on.

One of Amato's men? Yeah. Hammy. He used to be a fighter.

Look, Phil, Ragoni disappeared.

Brought his fishing boat back, but he never got home.

Uh, all I do is serve food and coffee. I don't hear nothing.

Why did he disappear? He was a family man, a steady man.

It just doesn't make sense, Phil, I...

Who are you supposed to be?

The question-and-answer man? Yeah.

Hammy, this is Steve Rollins.

Oh, heh.

The tough cop that got sent up for manslaughter.

You sent plenty guys up there. How was it in the can, copper?

All right. Don't start anything, will you, Hammy?

Go wash your dishes. Everything's gonna be all right, Phil.

What'd they do in Quentin, soften you up?

Yeah, I guess so.

"I guess so. I guess so." You talk like somebody's kid sister.

Go on, you crumb, get lost. I don't like ex-cops any better than I like cops.

Get out of here. Now, Hammy, take...

It's okay, Phil.

I'll see you later.

They're all alike.

Chicken. Yeah?

Very good. Steve, come in here.

Come here, Donnie. Show Donnie how to block a right.

All right, you throw it. Okay.

Now you try it. That's it.

All right, everybody to the showers. Come on, boys. You too. Hurry up.

Pick up your towels, boys. Hurry up. Get going.

Come on, no stalling, Dick.

Close the door.

You got a pretty good stable this year.

We took a shellacking from St. Anne.

They weren't as good as when you were training them, Steve.

Oh? It's good to see you.

Good to see you.

When did you get out? Today.

I'm honored, Steve, making me one of your first social calls.

Father, Frank Ragoni was in your parish.

All his life. Heh-heh.

You remember his nephew, Battling Terry, the 72-pound terror.

You trained him. Heh-heh.

The kid with the two left feet.

When was the last time you saw him, Father? Some time ago. Must be almost two weeks.

He knew who killed Doneto. He told you that?

He sent word to me in prison. I tried to find him, but...

What happened?

I run a church, Steve, not a police station.

Well, did he ever say anything about me or the Doneto killing?


Even in confession?

You know better than to ask me that.

I'm sorry, Father.

Have you seen Marcia?

Oh, she can get along without me. She's very good at that.

Steve, listen to me a minute. Ah.

Don't give me a sermon, Father. After you've spent five years in the cage...

...all you wanna do is find the lice that put you there.


"Vengeance is mine", sayeth the Lord.

And, Steve.

Yes, Father? Keep your left up.

I'm with you.

Does this look great.

Yeah. Me and my ravioli.

Marcia and her pot roast.

You know, Steve...

...you were pretty rugged with her this morning.

Let's drop it, then.

I'll get some coffee.

Marcia loves you. Now, don't turn your back on her.

All right, so she made a mistake. Who hasn't?

Why wouldn't you let her visit you or answer her letters?

Because I made up my mind when I got out, I was gonna find the guy who framed me.

Either kill or be killed.

And either way, Marcia ends up a widow.

Oh. Why didn't you tell her that?

She doesn't need me. She found somebody else to talk to.

Yeah. After three years.

Dan, this I gotta handle alone.

Steve. Yeah?

Things around the Bay are different.

I'm afraid at the next election Fiaschetti is going to get voted out.

Maybe you don't know it, but there are a lot of new people.

Amato's people? Yeah.

I met one.

I'm warning you, Amato will go after your scalp.

I hope he does.

Yes? Is Lou Fiaschetti home?

He's not here right now. He was 10 minutes ago when I telephoned.

It's all right, Francina.

On the porch.

Hello, Lou.

Steve. Here, sit down.

Why did you hang up when I mentioned Ragoni?

Have a drink, just like the old days. No, thanks.

In the old days, you wouldn't sit in that chair and let Amato squeeze you out.

I'm far from out.

When you can't protect your own, you're on your way out.

I do what I can.

In an armchair?

A man gets older. Yeah, and scared.

You know, a man your size can't hide himself in a bottle.

Yeah. Yeah, I am scared.

Ten years ago, I'd have gone to Amato with a baseball bat...

...and he'd tell me what happened to Frank Ragoni.

And now?

Being tough, stepping up and swinging at Amato's rackets...

...cost you five years of your life.

Did it pay, Steve? It will.

When I find the guy who pinned the Doneto murder on me.

I'll make it pay.

You've got a long life in front of you, Steve, don't throw it away.

What happened to Ragoni?


Come on. Come on, what happened?


Oh, you were right, Steve. It's not like the old times.

It all belongs to Amato now.

I'm sorry for you, Lou.

Really sorry.

All right. Next.

Mr. Mario, I'm all ready to go fishing.

Tony, Tony.

You know I no can speak very good English.

When in Rome, Tony, do as the Romans do. No understand.

I got a boat, first class.

But I need the money to buy new traps, gurdies, and maybe the hoist.

Would maybe come to about $400.

We'll take care of you. Just put your mark right there.

Speak English, Tony. Speak English.

Oh, excuse me. What I sign?

Security. Chattel mortgage on your boat. And we buy your catch. Good price.

Tomorrow you stop in the store and get fixed up with the gear.

Please don't take my boat.

You take my boat away, I can no buy food for the children.

I can no buy nothing.

You wanna fish? Oh, fish, si. Sure, yes. But to lose boat, no.

Goodbye, Tony. Where I go?

Should I tell you?


Signor Mario, I'm a friend from your uncle long, long time.


Yes, Uncle Vic?

Clear everybody out. We're having company.


If I wanted to tell you, I would have.

Now, you leave too. Go home to your aunt. Makes her feel good to have you around.

Oh, uh, play her something on the fiddle.

Anna thinks he's a musical genius.

I made a date tonight, Uncle Vic.

You can pass it up for one night.

If I say go home, I must have a reason.

Now, go on.

Can he really play the violin? No, just soft stuff for toe dancers.

See if he's cleaned house.

They are moving.

Think the old man will be getting here pretty soon?

Why? You got something better to do?

I didn't say so.

That broken-down movie star waiting outside?

She's retired, not broken-down.

Sensitive about that tomato, ain't you?

Oh, Kay's all right.

Good looking? So-so.

That where you were? Her apartment? Yeah.

Doing what? Having dinner.

For instance, like what? What's the difference, Vic?

Couple of martinis and steak, if you have to know.

Martinis. Steaks.


Just like one of her old movies.

Pretty soon, uh, you're liable to be hearing wedding bells.

Not me, Vic. Good. Now, stay smart.

Boy, you've got the life, Joe.

Not like it was in the death house.

Please, Vic, lay off.

Those guards told me how you used to pray every night.

Get down on your knees like you were in church.

Why'd you do it?

I don't know. The place softens you up.

Ought to get that face of yours fixed up. Twitches all the time. Looks lousy.

I know, I know.

Doc says I do it because I got things on my mind.

Thinks you're nuts. Cut it out, will you, Vic?

You shouldn't have worried in the death house. Didn't you know I'd spring you?

Well, time was running out.

So you wasted it praying to the wrong people.

You just keep praying to Vic Amato. Things will keep working out.

Come in.

Fiaschetti's at the end of the dock.

Alone? Sure, just like you told him.

Oh, Joe, about Rollins, better figure something.

All right.

That guy couldn't lick his upper lip. I can take him anytime.

Take him where? To a movie?

No trouble at all, Vic. Just give me the word. Tie it off, Hammy.

Come in.

Well, you look like you need an oxygen tent.

Eh. A long walk. Got my wind. Heh.

Oh, Joe, give him a drink. Oh, thanks.

You know, you're no spring chicken anymore, Lou.

You ought to be soaking up the sun down south...

...and be collecting a nice pension.

Oh, I'm not ready to retire yet.

I thought we should have a frank talk, Vic.

Get things straightened out so we get along. You know what I mean?

Well, you're talking, I'm listening.

Well, first of all, we don't have to fight each other.

There's lots of room on these docks.

Some of your boys been pushing my men.

No sense to a thing like that. It's got to be stopped.

Okay, you stop it.

It's your people that need the stopping. I don't hire that kind of goons.

You tell them to leave us alone. My men are clean and satisfied.

They don't want killers telling them where to fish and how to vote.


That's pretty strong language from an old man.

What else would you call it?

Frank Ragoni didn't just disappear.

You're talking pretty stupid, mister.

So you think we killed him?

I didn't say that.

But you know Frank was warned to stay off the Bay...

...to stop talking about the elections and the Doneto killing.

Listen to me, you old washed-up slob.

You came here to beg for your job, not to make noises.

All I was trying to... Shut up!

Elections are next month.

And the boys, my boys, will decide who takes over.

If you behave yourself, maybe I'll let you be the janitor.

Oh, wait a minute, Vic... That's all I gotta say. Meeting is adjourned.

Can't we sit down and talk this out? I said the meeting is adjourned.

You're a drunk and a slob, and I'm tired of looking at you.

Here, take yourself one for the road and get out.

When he's finished, take him home, Hammy. I can take care of myself.

Don't be noisy.

Here, keep yourself neat.

Let's go.

Oh, Vic. Yeah?

You don't mind if I stop and tell Kay, uh, I have to drive you home?

You don't really wanna drive me, do you? Oh, sure I do.

No trouble? Oh, of course not.

Where does she live? Oh, the hill near Crestview.

Well, pretty fancy.

You're flying high, Joe. Well, it's her place, not mine.

What's she use for cabbage? She hasn't been in a picture in 10 years.

She was smart about her money.

Must be 40 years old, that has-been. Maybe more.


Be back in a minute.

What is it, Joe? What's the matter? Nothing at all.

Joe, darling, I... Look, I'll see you later. I gotta drive Vic home.

Oh. Has he been riding you again? I just have to take him home, that's all.

I'll wait for you, no matter how late.

I know, baby.

Oh, Joe.

Good evening. Are you alone, sir? Yes, thank you.

I have a table for you right over here.

And I forget to do

The little ordinary Waiter.

Take care of the gentleman.

May I have your pencil?

Thank you.

I'm living in a kind of daydream

I'm happy as a king

And foolish though it may seem to me Thank you.

Yes, sir. Thank you.

The mere idea of you

The longing here for you

You'll never know How slow the moments go

Till I'm near to you

I see your face in every flower

Your eyes in stars above

It's just the thought of you

The very thought of you

My love

Miss Rollins, the gentleman at the first table sent you this note.

Steve, I'm so glad you came.

Give me a key. I wanna pick up my clothes.

I'll leave it under the doormat.

It's your key. It always will be.

I won't need it.


...got the rest of the night off.

Don't I deserve some kind of break? Maybe.


Steve, you don't know what I went through when you wouldn't see me.

Will you let me tell you about it?

I won't make it sound pretty. You know me better than that.

I thought I knew you.

You left me nothing, not even the right to visit you.

I tried to wait for you, Steve, I really tried.

Good fight, Mom, but you lost.

Yes, I lost.

I lost because you wouldn't give me the help I needed.

You needed something, but not me.

Can't you understand how something like that could happen?

Not one word from you for three years. I was lonely and miserable.

You could understand the reverse, couldn't you?

A man could be lonely and miserable enough.

That'd be okay. That'd be different.

Don't go.

I'll see who it is.

Hello, Mrs. Rollins.

We're looking for Steve, honey.

Hello, Joe. Hello, Steve.

What do you want? Just some answers.

I come friendly. No gun.

You're a hard man to locate.

There's some talk you got stupid in jail. We thought we'd check on it.

Easy, easy.

Give you one of them IQ tests.

Like how come you're living in a rooming house...

...when you got a little kittie cat like her around?

Do me a favor, Joe.

Get your butcher boy out of here.


Hey, we ain't asked the questions yet.

Tell Amato some other time, some other place.

Right here is good. I like it here.


I'm talking to you!



Any questions, Joe?

Some other place, Steve, just like you say.

All right, come on, get your pig out of here. Come on, Hammy.

Joe. Yeah, Steve?

Tell Amato I don't live here.

Sure, Steve. And, Joe...

...if you ever come here again, I'll kill you.


Steve, you really wanted to kill him.

That's right.

Yeah? Rollins?

What is it?

Like to talk to you.

I'm Connors, 31st Detectives.

I, um...

I took your place with the 31st when you got sent up.

You're a tough man to follow, Rollins.

Bianco used to say you were a cop's cop.

What's your problem?

Well, you know, Rollins...

...things have changed on the Bay.

It's peaceful.

A man who starts trouble, he won't have any friends.

I guess you understand that, huh?

Yeah, I understand it.


And now, what about you, Rollins?

Got any plans for a job? No.

I might be able to help you out.

Yeah? Yeah.

You see, when you killed Doneto...

When I what?

Now, if you wanna claim it was a phony rap, fine.

But the record says that you slugged Doneto in a bar and he went outside and died.

And I know, you claim you pushed him away...

...and outside some goon beat him to death with a blackjack.

Only the eyewitnesses told it differently to a judge and jury.

Only who? Oh, you mean it was a fix?

Now, that's water under the bridge, Rollins.

The point is, when Doneto died...

...the association went to Amato, and Vic appreciates the favor.

Maybe he did himself a favor.

You know, cracks like that can make trouble for people like you, Rollins.

I know. What's your proposition?

Well, there's a job for you with the association, and the dough's real good.

How much does Amato pay you?

Rollins, you better add yourself up.

You're an ex-cop and an ex-convict. You got no civil rights, nothing.

You can't drive a car or carry a gun.

If you spit on the sidewalk, we'll throw you back in the can.

You're a big zero and you're still making with the mouth.

You know, Connors, I've known cops like you before.

And they all end up in the gutter.

Now, listen, you...

You listen to me.

You tell Amato I've got a job.

I'm gonna find Ragoni and he's gonna tell me who killed Doneto.

And then I'll be around to see Amato.

I was just trying to help you out.

Finding Ragoni won't be hard. Just buy yourself a morning paper.

I saw it in the report before I left the squad room.

He was fished out of the Bay.

Fished out of what? Yeah. The knife was still in his back.

Hey, you really have hit bottom, haven't you?

Hey, what's the matter?

Couldn't you and the little woman patch things up?

Patch what up?

Oh, didn't she tell you about the boyfriend? The sad-eyed crooner?

Get out. I was only...

Get out.

Hi. Hi.

Does Pasmonick live here?

Why? I got a message for him.

What's the message? It's kind of personal.

You can talk. I'm Pasmonick. Heh.

Where's your father, Junior? I'll show you.

He ain't done nothing, you know. Yeah.

Hey, Pop, there's a cop here to see you.


Are you Pasmonick?


What do you know about Frank Ragoni?

Don't you guys ever lay off?

You better go on, Georgie, you'll be late for school.

Uh, I forgot my notebook. Hurry it up, you hear?

I told the Homicide boys everything I know, which is absolutely nothing.

You and he were partners in a fishing boat, weren't you?

That's no secret.

Did he ever mention a fellow called Rollins?


Did he ever say anything about the killing of Joe Doneto five years back?

No. You're sure?

I just said so, didn't I?

Did he say anything about a fellow called Rollins...

...being framed for the killing of Doneto?

And that he knew who the real killer was?

Look, what Frank knew, he knew.

We fished together, that's all. We never had time for a lot of talk.

You don't know anything, do you? That's right.

I wasn't even working the night he was knifed.

You see, my name is Rollins. Steve Rollins.


Who took your place on the boat that night?

How do I know? I was out sick, with a virus.


Long enough for somebody to get at your partner.

Look, mister, I don't have to take this kind of talk from you.

Frank Ragoni was as close to me as a brother.

Do you think for a minute I thought he was going to be killed?

No, not killed.

Just a going-over.

Because he talked too much about Doneto. What do you mean?

Who told you to get sick? Nobody.

Now, you listen to me.

My wife died a few years ago, and now I got Georgie to look after.

You got any family, mister? No.

Well, if you had a wife or a kid you wouldn't go around asking questions or answering them.

They... They take it out on everybody.

Wives or kids.

Yeah, I know. Sure, you know, but you got nobody.

Oh, it's real easy for you to stand there and tell me how scared I am.

But there's no shame in being scared, you hear?

It's the only way I can go on living.

How do you live? Like a mouse, maybe, but I live.

Frank wanted to live like a lion. Maybe he died that way, I don't know.

So, what did he leave his family? A lot of memories.

How much spaghetti do you think those memories will buy...

...for his widow and kids now?

Then you won't help me? I can't.

Now will you leave me alone?


Georgie. I gotta go, Pop, I'll be late.

I know.

I don't want you to be late. Go ahead.

Hey, mister.


I was scared. I mean, worried I wouldn't catch you.

My pop ain't yellow, mister. Honest.

I'm sure he isn't.

It's only on account of me.

He worries about me.

That's the way it should be.

Pop should've told you, but he was scared.

Well, I'm not scared.

It was Vic Amato's nephew Mario. He told Papa to get sick...

...and to stay sick till he heard different.

Who took your father's place in the boat?

You won't snitch on me? And it ain't because I'm scared.

I know. It was Brodie Evans.

He's a tough monkey from up north.

Here, you buy yourself something. No, sirree. No, thanks.

I don't take dough. Only stool pigeons take dough.

Okay, will you take this?

Hey, Jimmy, throw me a sinker.

Nice shot.

Jimmy, come here.

Steve, I was just wondering... Watch it, Neville's outside.

Why don't you catch up with me in my place? We can talk there.

Thanks, I'll see you later.

I want to see you, Rollins.

What are you doing here?

Something personal.

I asked you a question.

I know you did. You always ask questions.

You know what I think of you.

Or any man that smells up the reputation of my squad, so don't make me get tough.

Look, the man who killed Lou is in there.

You're crazy.

There's no proof that Lou Fiaschetti was murdered.

He was an old man. He'd been drinking.

Maybe his ticker stopped, or he took a bad fall over that sea wall.

Maybe he died from laughing at old jokes.

Look, I'm getting awfully fed up with you.

Either you haul your freight to some other part of town or...

Or what?

Can I say something, Paul? Yeah, what?

Well, I mean without you blowing a gasket? All right, all right, what is it?

I... I'd swear Steve took a lousy rap.

You should've been on the jury.

Hello, Daddy-O.

Cool beat. Wanna improvise?

No, thanks.

Why not? You slumming, or square?

I've got rheumatism.

Best thing in the world for what ails you.

What's the message, Daddy-O?

Just keep it going till I get back.

Hello, nephew. Hi.

Hey, what is this, Rollins?

Say goodbye to baby.

Well, what's going on?

Didn't Mario tell you? We're going steady.

Come on, nephew, let's powder our noses.

Can I drive you home?

You got a car? No, man, a whip.

You're crazy, Rollins. You can't get away with this.

Don't try to be polite.

How much did you pay Brodie Evans to knife Ragoni?

What kind of cockeyed talk is that? I wouldn't be mixed up in any murder.

How well do you know Brodie? Just barely.

What do you mean, just barely? Oh, around the docks or the club.

Only to say hello to. You know how it is.

Where does he live? I don't know.

Where does he live? I told you, I don't know.

Look, where can I find Brodie? I told you, I don't know! Oh!

Now, let's do it again.

Where does Brodie Evans live? No!

Brodie! Where? Twenty-seven Marcy Street.

Answer one more question and I might not drown you.

Did your uncle tell you to hire Brodie?

You're crazy, Rollins. You can't get away with this.

You can't go around accusing me or my uncle of being killers.

We're no punks you can push around and say those things to.

You'll get yours, you'll see. You'll see!

Look, nephew, you're in trouble that even your uncle can't fix.

That's all.

You didn't forget something?

He said I was in the kind of trouble even you couldn't fix.

About Brodie and Ragoni.

You told him nothing? Not a thing. I swear, Uncle Victor.

I told you everything about his trying to drown me and all.


Did you hit him back? I forget. What could I do? He might've killed me.

Rollins? Heh.

He isn't tough.

Ain't that right, Hammy? Trouble was, I wasn't loosened up.

Maybe because I've been drinking around a bit.

You'll take him next time, huh? Next time, Hammy.

Sure. Next time Rollins will kill you.

Come on in, Anna.

Can Mario go to bed now, Victor? He's tired and upset.


I did the best I could, Uncle Vic. Yeah, you did fine.

Now, do like your aunt wants you to and go to bed.

She's sure spoiling that kid, ain't she?

Joe, give Hammy $500.

What did I do to earn this much cabbage? You didn't earn it.

That's your severance pay.

Vic, you can't... And shut up.

You wanna vote on things, maybe? Be democratic.

You know what killing old man Fiaschetti can cost me?

It was an accident, Vic. All I did was belt him and he fell down.

Well, you're lucky I'm letting you quit.

What's it gonna look like when I take over the Bay...

...and the papers sound off about hoodlums and killers?

I can't afford a stumble-bum like you.

Now, get out and stay out.

This ain't a fair shake, Vic.

It ain't on account of the old man. It's that crumb Rollins.

You think I'm no good because he took me.

I told you how that all happened. Don't crowd your luck, Hammy.

You heard what Vic said.

Don't let me see you around here again.

All right, I'm going.

And I ain't sore. That's great.

Go on, pick up your dough and get out.

Rollins got a phone? Yeah. Payphone in his rooming house.

Well, call him and tell him to get over here right away.

I don't think he will.

I'm not paying you to think. Of course he'll get over here.

That's why he roughed up the kid. Go on, phone him.

Whatever you say, Vic.

For the kid?

He told me a man hit him tonight. Can't you keep him safe?

Well, those things happen, Anna. They mustn't happen to Mario.

He's all I got. You know that. Sure, I'll take care of him.

He's not strong like other boys. Or rough and wild.

He should make something out of himself, not be working for you.

He could be a fine violinist...

...or a teacher, or a priest.

He'll be okay. Now, stop worrying.

I try not to worry.

You don't know how hard I try.

He'll be here.

You gonna see that broad of yours tonight?

Well, it's pretty late.

Can't you answer a simple question? I know it's late. There's the clock.

Yeah, I'll see her, I guess.

She got a lot of holy statues and prayer books around her place?

I never saw any.

Must have 20 statues in this joint.

How'd you get to know her?

Friend of mine introduced us at the track. I drove her home...

...and, well, I started seeing her, that's all.

Well, you must have hidden talents.

You ain't the best looking guy in the world, you know.

Oh, I get along.

Maybe it's those prayers of yours being answered.

You prayed in the death house, but God didn't get you out.

Guess those prayers went into a separate account for lover boys.

Stop needling me, Vic.

Well, talking about it shouldn't bother you.

You ashamed of praying? I didn't say so.

I can arrange for you to start praying again if you like it so much.

There's that Donaldson killing still hanging over your head.

Why should you send me back? I do my job. I'm with you all the way.

Yeah, that's right.

I depend on you, Joe.

I'm just sour right now.

That Anna's a walking rosary. Gets on my nerves.

Uncle Vic is real sore at me.

Only your Aunt Anna understands you.

In the whole world, only your aunt.

I never knew the happiness of a child all my own.

And you are as mine. My Mario.

So go to sleep and no more worry.

I'm always here to watch over you.

Hello, Amato. Well, it took you a long time, Rollins.

You could've taken a cab. I'd pay for it.

I did, but I had to stop and mail a letter. Just in case of an accident.

Sit down.

You figure you got reasons not to trust me?

Was I wrong? One hundred percent wrong.

Hot coffee? We don't keep anything stronger in the house.

No, thanks.

Well, no point in sarcasm.

I try to be decent to people and I expect people to be decent to me.


Everybody knows what a decent, generous guy you are.

Now, did you come here to make cracks or talk?

To listen.


Now, the way I see it we both made mistakes. Dumb ones.

I turned Hammy loose on you and then you roughed up my nephew.

So the two mistakes cross each other out.

Okay? It's your arithmetic.

I fired Hammy tonight.

I made room for you in my organization.

The man's a comic.

No, no, no. I'm not being funny, I'm serious. This is strictly legitimate. That's my way.

Now, the job pays 200 a week and it's got a future. Well?

You're wasting your time.

Now, carrying grudges will get you what? Will it pay your bills?

Now, this way, my way, you put money in the bank.

You have security. You start living in style.

How's that sound to you?

What are you smoking?

Looks like you'd rather be a hard guy.

Rather make trouble. Bother me.

How long do you think you'll last? What's your guess?

I don't have to guess!

You're a real tough mister, huh? Like to make trouble for Vic Amato.

Now, let me tell you a little secret.

You're just a big mouth. A lousy, big mouth slob.

And I'm telling you to keep out of my way.

You put your nose in my business and I'll break it off for you.

Now, you forget about Doneto, about Ragoni...

...about everything about my business, if you want to stay alive.

Doneto. Why should I forget about Doneto?

Because I say so!

Now, you do like you're told or I'll have your head blown off.

I'd like to kill you so bad I can taste it.

You'll die for this, Rollins.

No matter what it costs, you're finished.

I'm gonna figure out something special.

I'll bet.

Steve, where you been? I've been looking for you.

What's on your mind? Listen, I've been needling Neville.

I think I can bring him around and get him to step in and help us officially.

Why don't you learn? What did I do wrong now?

Stay away from me.

What do you wanna do, louse yourself up with Neville?

Never mind about Neville. I've made up my mind.

Oh, Dan.

I said I've made up my mind. All right. All right.

But look, take this. I'm not allowed to have it.

Where did you get it? Friend of ours.

Who? Joe Lye.

My guts is on fire. Did Amato send you after me?

My guts is on fire. Who killed Ragoni?

You didn't have to shoot me, did you?

Who killed Ragoni?

I don't know. I swear I don't know.

Did Brodie Evans kill him?

They say so, but I don't know.

Where does Brodie live?

Marcy St... Marcy Street. Not anymore.

Where is he now?

Come on, Hammy, where is he?

Ask Bessie. His girl, Bessie Coster.


Eldridge Apartments.


I ain't gonna make it.

Just a minute.

Okay, what is it?

I'm a friend of Brodie's. I gotta talk to you. Well, okay, friend, talk.

It's private.

Where'd you know Brodie? At the club. And up north.

All right. Bring in the milk and paper while you're at it.

Yeah. Sure.

I'm sorry I had to wake you up.

Yeah, so am I.

Okay, what's the score?

I gotta find Brodie.

Why? Well, I...

What do I do with this?

Over there, any place.

Come on, sit down.

Let's get with it. What's so important about locating Brodie?

I have to see him.

Oh, is that so?

Now, look, mister, I don't go for jokers. Are you a cop or something?

I just got out of San Quentin. My name's Rollins.

Does that mean anything to you? No. Neither does your face.

Brodie would know.

You see, I loaned some dough to a guy called Ragoni.

Ever hear of him?

Guess we move in different crowds.

Ragoni's dead.

He was killed about the time Brodie checked out from his old address.

Meaning what?

Well, maybe he knows how I get my cash.

How'd you find out I knew Brodie?

Well, it's all over town that he thinks you're kind of something special.


Yeah. That's my Brodie, all right.

He's a talker. From way back.

You know, he might have your money at that.

It'd explain a few things.

Whenever he gets himself a bundle, he disappears.

Spends it on assorted dishes.

You know, blondes, brunettes, redheads.

Then when he goes broke, he comes home to Bessie.

Right now, I haven't any idea where the louse is.

None at all?

None at all.

If you did, you... You wouldn't tell me, would you?

I'd give it some thought.

Okay, I'll ask around some more.


Yeah, you do that.

When you locate him, you give him a message from me.

Tell him to throw away his key, I'm having the lock changed.

I'll do that.

So long.

Hey, babe. What's new?

Brodie. You lost your marbles or something?

Honey, there was guy at the place asking for you. He smelled like a cop.

Didn't I tell you never to come here? Didn't I?

Baby, I was only trying to help.

Well, what did he want? You.

What'd you do, drop a trail of breadcrumbs?

You're going downtown, Brodie.

You take me, copper.

You're gonna see Dan Bianco. Come on.


Let's go.

I'll tackle Neville as soon as I unload laughing boy here.

The next step is Amato.

Neville wouldn't stick his chin out for me. Not an ex-con.

Well, what kind of pinch is this? Shut up, jerk.

How about breaking up the jam session? I got rights.

You take me inside, let me call my lawyer. You're going inside.

And you...

You better wear a bulletproof vest. I got friends. Big friends.

I'll call you at your place as soon as I get word, Steve.

Make it the old number. The apartment.

Much nicer number. And good luck.

May I come in? Yes, of course.

Did you come for the rest of your things?


I came to ask you to leave town for a couple of weeks.

That's odd. I mean, I'm planning to leave in a few days.

Where you going? Chicago.

My agent thinks it's a better job.

You do what your agent says... just like that?

Not quite.

He's wanted me to leave for the past two years.

But I thought there was something more important to wait for here.

I'm expecting a phone call.

May I get it here?

Yes, of course.

I have to go and see my agent about signing a contract.

Can I get you a drink or something?

No, thanks.

Why did you want me to leave?


Never mind.

I'd like to know.

Well, I haven't been making friends lately...

...I just don't wanna get you in trouble.

That worried you?

Kind of.

Oh, listen to me, Steve.

You think I had a royal time while you were gone.

I didn't.

I was scared.

Because I couldn't imagine what life would be without you.

You figured it out fine, didn't you?

It's a waste of time to go on hurting me, Steve.

If you knew me well enough, you'd know you've hurt me enough.

If I could just have seen you once...

I met him three years after you told me to get out of your life.

He was a young man who drank too much.

Could have written a great big book on loneliness.

Why don't you put it to music and sing it at the club?

Oh, Steve, it was so unimportant. Please believe that.

I'm not saying it wasn't wrong, it was.

We're supposed to pay for our mistakes.

Well, I have.

I'm in love with a man who looks at me as if I'm something loathsome.

Isn't that some kind of payment?

Are you finished?

Yes, I'm finished.

I won't crawl anymore, Steve.

I won't bother you again.

Yeah? The lieutenant wants to talk to you.

Rollins? Well, Dan sold me a bill of goods.

Now, here's the setup we're gonna try, that is up to a point.

We'll pick up Mario and throw him and Brodie together and see what happens.

If we can make a case against them, I'll go all the way. No matter how high it goes.

Thanks, lieutenant.

Where is Mario?

Probably took one of his broads to dinner. Mario doesn't run after girls.

No? What's he supposed to be, a monk or something?

Why do you talk this way about the boy?

Well, as far as I'm concerned, I don't have to talk about him at all.

Good evening, Mrs. Amato. I'd like to talk to your husband.

The office is the place for business, Connors.

This couldn't wait.

Mario and Brodie Evans have been picked up in the Ragoni squeal.

Who did it? Lieutenant Neville.

He's playing ball with Rollins.

Where they holding him? At the 31st? And they're squeezing him.

How did they connect Mario and Brodie?

Mario mentioned Brodie the night he got pushed around.

A nice, dependable relative. Hm.

Told me Rollins got nowhere.

Mr. Sedgewick there?

I don't care if he's in the middle of dinner or anything. This is Vic Amato.

They do any talking? Brodie's been around too long for that.

I don't know about Mario. I didn't hear. Is that what I pay you for?

Counselor, when I call, I don't wanna be told that you're feeding your belly...

...and can't come to the phone.

Never mind the explanations, just get over quick to the 31st Detectives.

Just nab two writs. Two.

Mario and a guy named Brodie Evans.

What's his first name? John.

John Evans. Let's see some action.

Now, you go back to the squad room and see what you can find out.



Evans will be released in a few minutes.

Stay with him until he's checked out. Very well.

Thanks a lot for getting me out, Uncle Vic. Was it bad?

No, I could do it standing on my head.

Did you tell them anything? Me? Not a thing, Uncle Vic.

Take a taxi home. I need the car. Oh, it's too early to go home.

Never mind all that.

Your aunt's good and worried. Now, you go straight home.

All right, I'll see Aunt Anna, then step out a bit.

Now, look, Mario, as a favor to me, you go on home and stay there.

We'll have a lot of things to do in the morning.


Favor to Uncle Vic.

Sure thing, I'll stay put.

Thanks again for everything, Uncle Victor.

Mr. Amato, here's Brodie.

Go back to your dinner, counselor, I wanna talk to him.

As you say. Good night.

Good night.

How come you got picked up?

Don't you know?

I asked. Vic, you're asking the wrong party.

You ask Mario. He knows?

Who else? He mentioned me to Rollins. Rollins called in the cops.

The next thing I knew, I'm being pushed around.

Look, Vic.

Look, I don't like to say this on account of, with you, blood has to be thicker than water...

...but, well, Mario just ain't my kind of people.

You'll be okay. I'll have a talk with him. I won't be around to hear it.

I'm heading right back north tonight.

Just like so, you're leaving town? Without permission?

Just leaving, so the police can start asking more questions?

Well, you want me to stick around, is that it?

You try going someplace without permission and an undertaker will bring you back.

Well, sure, Vic. Whatever you say.

That's right. Whatever I say.

Good evening, sir.

What's the number of Kay Stanley's apartment?

6A. I'll have to phone up, sir.

Do you know if Mr. Lye, Joe Lye, is up there?

I wouldn't know, sir. Guy with a scar on his face.

Who shall I say is calling?

Tell her it's Mr. Lye's boss, Mr. Victor Amato.

Miss Stanley.

There's a Mr. Amato downstairs.

Yes, ma'am, I will.

You can go up, 6A.

Well, that's real elegant.

Hello, Vic.

I suppose I should excuse myself for disturbing you.

Oh, that's all right.

Quite a layout you got here.

Well, that's the way these apartments come.

Well, thanks for the education.

Where's your girlfriend? In the kitchen.

Guess she doesn't wanna see me. It's a wonder I got past the doorman.

Oh, she'll be out.

We went to a late movie and she's fixing a bite to eat.

Something come up tonight?

You don't think I'd stop by to look at your pretty face.

You want me to do all the work while you hang here and play footsies.

Stop riding me, Vic. If you're not satisfied, maybe you ought to get somebody else.


Sure, then I send you back where you can catch up on your prayers.

Back where you can wear out another string of beads.

This is a wonderful surprise, Mr. Amato.

Well, it's my pleasure. Got, uh, quite a cute place here.

Thank you.

If I'd known it was this cute, I'd have stopped by sooner.

That is if Joe had asked me.

We've been wanting to ask you half a dozen times.

Now, what about a drink or some coffee?

Nothing for me.

I'll, uh, get my coat.

You leaving, Joe?

Sorry to break up your party.

I suppose it's important for Joe to leave?

In our business, Miss Stanley, we work around the clock.

Won't you sit down? Yeah, sure.


You know, I, uh...

I saw you in a picture once. Thank you.

Of course, that was quite a ways back. Yes, I'm sure it was.

Yeah, uh, you played a college girl who didn't wear any makeup.

That was Ladies of the Chorus.

Ladies... Yeah, I guess so. I ain't so good at remembering titles.

Anyway, uh, the guy that you liked couldn't see you for sour apples...

...so you got this job with the chorus and got all dolled up.

Then he fell in love with you.

And didn't even know that you were the college girl.

Sounds even sillier now than it did then.

Oh, I don't know. I figure he had good reason to fall for you.

You were nice, clean.

Real pretty.

Long hanging hair and everything.

Now, what else could a man want?

That was long ago, Mr. Amato.

Oh, not so long.

You know, some women when they got it, it sticks with them.

Kay, you better get the coffee cake out of the oven before it burns.

Oh, of course.

What is it, Vic? Mario.

You're kidding.

I didn't come here to crack jokes.

Mario got Brodie Evans and himself picked up on the Ragoni thing.

I moved in quick and got a couple of habeas corpus writs.

If the kid talked once, he'll talk some more. I can't use a walkie-talkie in my business.

Vic, this is awful rough.

He's home right now in his bedroom.

Anna will be in church.

Now, you gotta make it look like suicide.

Well, think, Vic, can't we figure something else?

You don't like it?


What time tomorrow do you want me to send you back to the death house?

I only asked if we couldn't figure something else.

We don't figure things. I figure them.


I'm ready when you are.

Kay. Yes?

We're leaving. What's wrong, Joe?


All right, Vic.

You handle the deal, Joe.

Now, I'll take up Miss Stanley's drink offer if it's still open.


It's getting late, Joe.

What would you like to drink, Mr. Amato?

Call me Vic, please.

A highball? Oh, no, no, no.

Not at all, not just now. It's getting pretty late for drinking.

You know, I'm glad you stayed.

I've been wanting to talk to you for some time.

Oh, that's mutual.

What will we talk about?

Joe would be furious with me for this...

...but why do you nag him about the time he was in prison?

Don't you realize what it does to him? Upsets him, hm?

I thought if I spoke to you, you...

You'd stop teasing him about the death cell and his prayers.

Well, I'm just looking for information from Joe.

What's he praying for? That's all I want to know.

If you won't be serious, there's no use discussing it.

No, believe me, I'm serious.

Maybe you know the answer. You and him are close.

Now, look, how come a guy prays when he's gonna die?

To what does he pray? To who?

You think those are screwy questions, don't you?

Well, let me tell you something. You like money, don't you?

Everybody does.

You give me some sensible answers to those questions...

...and I'll load you down with more dough than you ever saw in one lump before.

How come you ever got mixed up with a guy like Joe?

That isn't a very graceful way to put it, Mr. Amato.

You know, I could do more for you than Joe.

You're getting along in years. You're no kid anymore.

You need things solid. Security.


He's one of a thousand guys who does what I tell him to.

He ain't nothing.

Now, what do you say?

It's very nice to be flattered. All women like flattery.

Well, just give me a yes or no.

Of course, Mr. Amato, the answer is no.

You see, peculiar as this may sound to you, I love Joe.

Now, what kind of dopey talk is that?

Who turns down a juicy offer like this for a guy with a twisted face?

Get out.

Sure, why not?

You know, all of a sudden you turn out what you are.

A broken-down has-been broad.

You and Joe fit good together. You both got wheels in your head.

Get out of here, you filthy peasant.


Calling names, you.

In love with an ugly nothing.

Going with a twisted face.


Slob like you calling me names.

♪ Some others I've seen

Might never be mean

Might never be cross

Or try to be boss

But they wouldn't do

For nobody else gave me a thrill

With all your faults

I love you still

It had to be you

Wonderful you

It had to be you

I stopped to say goodbye before you leave.

Thank you.

Could we talk in the dressing room?

All right.

What time is your plane leaving?

I'm taking the 8:00 flight in the morning.

Well, couldn't you wait until I finish what I have to do?

What would be the point?

I don't know. I just thought it might make things a little different.

I don't think so.

It might work out.


We could live in the dark.

So I wouldn't have to see the hate, suspicion in your eyes.

It wouldn't have to be that way.

Five minutes, Miss Rollins.

When you're saying goodbye, you have to be honest, Steve.

You've changed. You're different.

Only because you don't see my side of it.

That's all there's been, your side.

With you, vengeance is a personal private matter.

Kill the men who framed you.

But don't go away, Marcia, stick around.

One of these days...

...I might decide to forgive you and take you back.

No, thank you.

I get the idea.

No, you don't.

My going away doesn't mean that I've stopped loving you.

Even though I've tried, I can't do that.

Why do you want to leave?

Because there's nothing here for me anymore.

You see, Steve, I've changed too.

I don't wanna spend the rest of my life on my knees.

I don't even wanna be forgiven.

I wanna be needed.

Goodbye. Take care of yourself.

I have no news yet, Anna.

They will bury him, Father?

The Church will bury him in holy ground?

Please, Father, he did not mean to take his life.

He did not mean to. I swear.

I swear by the Holy Mother.

Quietly, Anna. Quietly.

I'm doing all I can. You know that.

I'll speak to the bishop again.

Think that priest can help her now?

He'll tell her to be brave, and it was God's will.

I just wish it could've been handled some other way.

Now, shut up.

He looks awful.

Like wax.

Well, it was the only way.

He could've hurt me like I can hurt you.

Vic, I gotta talk to you.

Kay told me you got fresh.

Gee, women are funny.

Pay them a compliment as a gag and they take it serious.

Well, you didn't have to shove her around. She's not that kind.

No? She's a dirty-mouth broad.

Now, sit down.

Nobody calls me names without getting into trouble.

Either way, it's not important now.

What I'm saying is, I'm not working for you anymore.

We're gonna be partners. Everything split down the middle.

I don't like partners. You know that.

Doneto wanted to be a partner. Remember?

You better remember something too, Vic.

Kay wanted me to quit, but I figured out something else. A partnership.

Kay's ready to swear that she heard you tell me to knock off Mario.

If we go to the cops, that puts you in the gas chamber.

With you, Joe. Sure, it's a standoff.

You got the Donaldson killing on me and I got this one on you.

Well, that's a good clear picture.

You can hurt me and I can hurt you...

...so we figure to be friends.


Yeah, partners.

And I don't want you needling me anymore, Vic.

Uh, about my face or having wheels in my head.

Well, if you're that touchy about it, I'll go along with it.

Any more beefs?

No, absolutely none.

Just that I gotta get out from under you, Vic.

It's the only way Kay and I can go on.

Okay, you got a deal.

There's enough in it for both of us.

You know, with Mario gone, I got no one closer than you.

I think you better go now.

I ought to spend some time with Anna. Looks lousy, me sitting in here.

Sure, Vic.

I want you to know that as far as I'm concerned, you're still the boss.

Well, that's fair enough.

You can tell your girlfriend that I got no hard feelings against her.

I like a woman who sticks to her man.

Ah, I'll straighten her out. Heh-heh-heh.

Vic, uh, maybe when things get running easy again...

...the three of us can get together and have some laughs.

Oh, sure enough.

See you later.

Detective Connors there?

Yes, sir.

Friend of his.

Yeah, Connors here.

This is Vic.

Your end of the phone clean?


Now, I'm gonna make a hero out of you.

Yeah. You're gonna solve that old Donaldson killing all by yourself.

Yeah, I knew you'd like playing hero.

All right, now listen to me. Here's the rest of it.

The guy you arrest is gonna be with his girl.

They'll put up a big fight, so you'll have to gun them.

Oh, now wait a minute, Vic. I'm no two-bit torpedo, I'm a policeman.

Shut up and do as you're told.

You're gonna be a hero or you go to jail. Take your pick.

Sure, Vic, I just thought we might work something out.

Well, that's better.

The guy you're after is Joe Lye.

You'll find him at apartment 6A.

Yeah, 341 Hillside.

Kay Stanley.

Well, make it tonight. Later the better. Make it about 3.

And, uh, call me afterwards.

Right here at the house. I'll be waiting for your call.


Mr. Rollins.

There's someone waiting to see you in my room. A movie star. Kay Stanley.

I used to see her in all her pictures... Are you Mr. Rollins?

Yes. I was just saying...

...how I used to see you in your pictures. I think End of Glory was wonderful.

I saw it four times. Heh-heh!

I've got to see you. It's very important.

Excuse me, Mrs. Cara.

Well, yes, but you'll have to leave the door opened.

I guess it won't be necessary.

Miss Stanley's such a lady. You close the door if you wish.

Thank you.


I'm... I'm a friend of Joe Lye's.


He's going to be killed.


Joe said you'd know what to do. Amato's gonna have him killed.

Why don't you go to the police, not me? It's... It's the police.

The police are gonna kill Joe.

Now, wait a minute. You said it was Amato. Yes, Amato.

Amato sent the police to shoot Joe.

A man named Connors? Yes, that's it.

He came to the apartment while I was out. Joe got away.

Out back through the kitchen.

Let's start at the beginning.

I've got to get it straight if I'm gonna help Joe.

Help Joe?


No one can help Joe.

Not anymore. No one.

Look, if you weren't in the apartment, how do you know what happened?

Joe worries about me.

He telephoned.

People don't think that Joe worries about things, but he does about me.

He told me to come here...

...and he said you wouldn't let Amato hurt me.

Why should he hurt you?

Because Mario was murdered. Amato made Joe do it.

You're sure of that? I heard Amato order Joe to kill Mario.

I'd swear to that in court.

He made him kill Doneto too.

Miss Stanley, I'll do all I can to stop Amato, but you need police protection.

Oh, no, no, not the police.

They're not all like Connors.

You go to them, give them a statement. Joe would like that.

Yes, I know.

My poor Joe.

He's so frightened. He cries sometimes.

Come on, I'll take you someplace where you'll be safe.



This is Kay Stanley.

She can put Amato in the gas chamber.

Look, you call Dan. Tell him to get here right away.

And don't let anybody in here except the police, you understand?

Where are you going?

To find Amato.

Lock the door.

Hello, Dan, this is Marcia.

Can you come over right away? Kay Stanley's here.

Yes, but Steve said she's ready to make a statement about Amato.

She can clear up the Doneto killing.


You stay here. I'm going after Steve.

The man who's coming is named Bianco, and don't let anyone else in.

Hello, Father. Hello, Steve.

Mrs. Amato, where is your husband? Not here.

Please. Please, where is he?

I do not know. I never know.

Have you heard the Church won't permit Mario to be buried in holy ground?

You'll get permission. Steve, Mario was a suicide.

He wasn't a suicide, he was murdered. By Amato's orders.



We have the proof.

It's the truth?

Please, where did he go?

Victor was waiting for a phone call.

He was very nervous.

About 20 minutes ago he went to the club.

That's where he is.

Thanks, Mrs. Amato.

I'll see you, Father.

Hello, Vic.

I was just on my way to get you at your girl's house.

We gotta clear out, you, me, and your girlfriend.

I got plenty of dough here to take care of all three of us.

We'll grab a speed boat to Oakland, then be on a plane before they even miss us.

You shouldn't have sent a punk like Connors to do a tough job.

He wasn't good enough. I left him in the gutter.

Now, look, Joe, this is no time for talking and arguments.

We gotta hurry.

We've got time. Tell me about it, Vic.

I've got everything figured out down to a schedule.

If you and Kay want, we'll run down to one of those South American ports.

They got restaurants and nightclubs better than ours.

Lots of that Latin music and dancing. Kay will like it, first class.

I like to hear you go, Vic. That's the way I used to pray in the death house.

Not the same words, but the style was the same.

Why you praying, Vic? Who you praying to?

Look, Joe, this is no time to be stalling around. We gotta hurry.

You're praying to the wrong people, Vic.

I told you I got plenty of dough to take care of all three of us.

With this kind of ca...


Hello, Mrs. Rollins.

What's the matter? Don't you like me either?

You and me are going for a boat ride. Come on.

Don't get smart.

Amato! Hold it, Rollins!

Your missus and me are going for a boat ride. Stay where you are.

Let her go. It's me you want. Steve, he'll kill you.

Hear her good, Rollins. You'd like to kill me...

...but you haven't got the guts.

All your hired boys are dead.

It's just you and me now.

Steve, don't, please. Now, don't come any closer.

Let her go!

Lieutenant, Steve's in that boat with Amato.

The police boat on the next pier. Come on.

Skipper, prepare to get underway.

Let's go home.