Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988) Script

What is your pleasure, sir?


Jesus wept...

We have such sights to show you...

No, don't do that! Go to Hell!


Ah, the Suffering... the sweet suffering.

Welcome back. Where am I?

This is the Chanard Institute. It's a psychiatric hospital.

Psychiatric? Remember? You and your boyfriend...

Steve? - Yeah, don't worry about him, he's ok. We sent him home hours ago.

He had some story to tell. Who the fuck are you?

I'm sorry. This job sometimes makes me forget my manners.

Ronson, Homocide. I was at your father's house.



Would you talk to me!? And please, this time no demons, fairy tales, huh?

Fairy tales... fairy tales...

My father didn't believe in fairy tales either. What?

Some of them come true, Mr Ronson. Even the bad ones.

I'm sorry, I...

... I don't understand.

Do you have a family, Mr Ronson ?

Yes? Cooch here sir.

We just found another one. Thought it suffered a little accidental damage.

Anyway, just about the only portable evidence we got around here apart from the human remains is a mattress.

It looks like someone was messed up real bad on it. Can we send it downtown?

Cooch, it's evidence. Tag it and move it.

The mattress...


The mind is a labyrinth, ladies and gentlemen, a puzzle.

And while the paths of the brain are plainly visible, its ways deceptively apparent, its destinations are unknown.

Its secrets still secret, and, if we are honest, it is the lure of the labyrinth that draws us to our chosen field. To unlock those secrets.

Others have been here before us and have left us signs, but we, as explorers of the mind, must devote our lives and energies to going further. to tread the unknown corridors in order to find ultimately, the final solution.

We have to see, we have to know...

Dr Chanar, the new arrival is awake, and appears very distressed. My part in this is over, tidy for me will you? Kyle, come with me!

Now, this case, Kyle, interesting but delicate, a very traumatised girl, a witness to multiple murders Involving members of her own family. The police brought her here hours ago but she was lost beyond reach and now she's back.

What tales I wonder will she bring us from the other side?

She'll probably be suffering... - No, Kyle. a speculative mind is an invaluable asset to the analytic man. but... all diagnosis begins with Examination? - Precisely. You must win from them their trust, Draw from them their story, and take from them their pain.

Easy! Ah! No... don't let it... Dad!

Listen, they're gone, Whatever you saw, they're gone!

I saw it and I saw him And then I got the box and then I solved it and then they came!

Who came? The cenobytes, the demons...

I'm Dr Channard. Ronson.

My assistant Kyle Macrae. and this must be Kirsty.

I've read the boy's statement, quite the adventure they believe they've had.

I'd like to talk to her alone, do you think?

Yeah, ok. More in your territory than she is in mine anyhow.


Dr channard will be taking care of you from now on.

Maybe we can talk tomorrow. Ok?

Wait! That mattress, you've got to destroy that mattress!

See Julia died on it, and she can come back now like Frank!

Yeah, ok.

You have got to destroy that mattress! You have got to destroy that mattress!

Mind her.

Detective, I'll be able to help this girl but I'll need your assistance.

I'm Kyle Macrae. Call me Kyle. That cop didn't believe me.

Maybe not. But that doesn't mean you're not telling the truth.

I'm sorry, Kirsty, I have to attend to one of my patients.

Kyle will give you something to help you sleep. We shall speak tomorrow.

Oh Jesus, I'm sorry.

Sad, huh? She's been here six months, she's a complete mystery.

No family, no visitors, she's completely alone.

The nurse named her Tiffany What's her real name?

She never speaks, all she does is solve puzzles. - Why puzzles?

We don't know, but Dr Chanard thinks it might be a good thing. Maybe beneath her withdrawal she's putting something in order.

Or opening doors... what?

Doesn't matter. Anyway, let's concentrate on you for the moment. I want you to take a couple of these.

I'm not crazy Kyle. Those aren't gonna help. - they're only to help you...


I am in Hell. Help me.

And how are we feeling today? Better? Good, good good good.

Pleasant day? Pleasant day...

105 years, and he still doesn't know my name!

Please! Get them off me!

Kirsty? Kirsty, Are you all right?

I had a visitor. What? Here? Who?

It was my father, he's alone and he's still suffering.

Kirsty, your father's dead. My father's dead, and he's alone and he's still suffering!

Dr Channard, I'll get Dr Chanard. You take it easy, I'm sure he can help.

He got a ticket to Hell?

Officer Cooch? Yes, Dr Channard. You've spoken to Ronson? Yes, that's right.

The mattress. No, I'll meet you by the side entrance. No no, my house.

Yes, let me make that clear. The house, not the hospital. Yes. Fine. Thankyou.

Dr Chanard...

This... all must have been going on forever.

Kirsty... The part I know about... The part that destroyed my family.

That must have started with my uncle Frank...

I'm brother Frank. It was him and my father's wife...

It was Frank and Julia. I don't know when, but they must have been with each other.

But there's more... There was a box. It was a puzzle box.

And Frank must have solved it.

It was a gateway... Hell was what he wanted.

And Hell was what he got.

Somehow... I don't know Franck came back to life.

It was Julia, that bitch... She brought him men to make him stronger.

So she could have him again.

Kirsty, it's Frank. It's Uncle Frank. You remember?

Come to Daddy! No! Let go of me!

And I made a deal: I'd lead them to Frank if they left me alone.

And I ran to warn Daddy to get out of there Out of that house...

...but when I got there, oh God, they'd murdered him.

Frank and Julia, they'd taken his skin and given it to Frank.

Come to Daddy!

But Frank betrayed her and left her to the Cenobytes.

Nothing personal baby... she died on that mattress, And the Cenobytes came....

Do you believe me? Am I crazy?

That is not a word I choose to employ, Kirsty. But clearly there is much we must discuss.

Much we must investigate...

Much I have to do.



Jesus Christ... Jesus Christ!

Please! Get them off me!

"Children of the Vortex: Puberty Link with Psychic Phenomena?"

"Is Death the 4th Dimension?"

Jesus, he must have been into this shit for years...

What is he doing?

What is this?

Get them off me!

Come Mr Browning.


Get them off me...

Please, sit down.

Get them off me!

Get them off me!

Get them off me!

Help me...

Help me...

Help me...

Do not be scared of me.


I'm cold.

Well? Yes... yes, you look...



Nightmarish? -No, no...

You look...



Well. -Well?

Now all we need is skin.

What's wrong with you?

It's all true...

Get dressed. I've got to get you out of here.

Shit! I'll get your clothes.

I can do that. I'm a doctor.

She was horrible... she had no skin! No skin!!

Julia doesn't deserve to come back. It's not fair.

I need that box.

Chanard has boxes. Like in my story?

Yes. I'm going.

Wait a minute! What do you mean I'm going? To the house?

Are you crazy? Well, I don't know Kyle, you're the fucking expert!

Well think about this! -Kyle, when I think, I hurt. OK? Now I'm going.

Why? -Because I'm going to get my father!

Two seconds. Just two seconds, don't move.

OK, let's go.

Kyle, you don't have to do this.

I know.

Kirsty ! Now we're not going to do anything until I check the house.

Wait for me here. alright?

I'm sorry I startled you. I had to stop you going in there because I knew you'd cry out...

It's just terrible...

Is it still there?

I don't know.

Was I right? Is it terrible?

Yes... this is terrible...

Oh you poor boy, you look awful! Come here.

Come to mother.

What's your name? Kyle.

I'm Julia.

Kyle ?

Kyle !

Not again...

Kirsty, you have surprisingly good taste in men...

They didn't tell you did they Kirsty? They changed the rules of the fairytale.

I'm no longer just the evil stepmother. Now I'm the evil queen.

So come on! - No!

Take your best shot, so what!

Julia ?

Now it's my turn.

You're sure this is what you want? It's what I've always wanted.

I have to see... I have to know...

She's done it!

She certainly has...

It's coming...

It certainly is...


No! No?

It is not hands that call us...

It is desire...


Daddy? Where are you?

Say something! I don't know where you are! Daddy, I'm coming!

Help my daughter, help my daughter...!

Help my daughter...


Somebody please help me!

Ah.. Kirsty... We thought we'd lost you...

So sweet of you to come back... How can it send us back, child, We're already here... and so are you!

I didn't open the box! Didn't open the box... and what was it last time? Didn't know what the box was?

And yet we do keep finding each other, don't we?

Oh, Kirsty. So eager to play!

So reluctant to admit it!

Perhaps you're teasing us. Are you teasing us?

I've come for my father!

But he is in his own Hell, child, and quite unreachable.

I don't believe you!

But it's true! He is in his own Hell. Just as you are in yours.

And what about you? We have no more surprises.

We've always been here but please, feel free, explore.

We have eternity... to know your flesh...

Come. I have such sights to show you...

You must have opened the box, didn't you, and you've got to close it.

You know how the puzzle works. Get us out!

Look. We're alone in all of this, and we have to help each other.

We have to help each other!


Oh my God...

No, this is mine. The god that sent me back.

The god I serve in this world and yours.

The god of flesh, hunger and desire.

My god, Leviathan! Lord of the labyrinth!

Help me doctor! Help my daughter, can you help her?

But this is what you wanted! This is what you wanted to see.

This is what you wanted to know. And here it is!

Leviathan !

Help me! Why do you think I was allowed to come back?

It wanted souls. And I brought you!

And you wanted to know!

Now you know.

And I wanted everything!

Now everybody's happy.

Goodbye doctor...

The house, that's my father's house!

Tiffany, Tiffany... I'm sorry, but I have to go in there.

Look, I want you to wait for me but if I'm not back soon, real soon, I want you to get out and I want you to get home.

"I am in Hell. Help me" Dad...

What's the matter, Kirsty ? It's only Frank, it's only Uncle Frank.

Didn't you get my message?

Oh, Kirsty, so ripe in your confusion so lucious in your pain.

No it can't be! O come on, Kirsty, grow up!

When you're dead, you're fuckin' dead!

Don't be naughty, Kirsty, or I'll have to punish you first... perhaps you'd like that.

Now would you like that?

Oh, don't be shy, beautiful. Ghosts aren't jealous.

This is my Hell and they're here to tease me, and they promise forever and never deliver.

That's why I sent for you, Kirsty!

Ok, ok! don't hurt me, I'll do anything!

I'd rather burn!


No, not my skin!

No, not my face!

Well, well.

Family reunion? Julia!

Frank. I knew you'd come.

You knew? - You're a girl who always keeps her promises.

Oh, I do.

I do. - I know just how much I mean to you.

Come here. Kiss me. and then we'll have a real family reunion.

Come here. You belong to me.

Nothing personal, babe.

Which way, Tiffany?

Hang on!

And to think I hesitated.

You never could hold oin to anything for very long, could you Kirsty?

Tiffany ! Reach for my arm!

Reach for my arm! Tiffany!

No... no Tiffany, don't trust her! Tiffany, no!

Daddy, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry...

Tiffany, we're getting out of here.

Oh, Jesus... So many of them!

The doctor... is in. shit!

I recommend amputation...

Oh... no boxes! Such a shame.

No more delays Kirsty, No more teasing.

Time to play.

Time to play. Wait!

No more deals Kirsty! It is your flesh we want to experience, not your skill at bargaining! No deals. Just information.

Just information! Go on!

But trick us again, child and your suffering will be legendary even in Hell!

What is this?

Someone else you think escaped us like Frank?

No, this one didn't escape. It's you!

Nonsense! I... It's you!

You haven't always been this way, You were human.


Remember all your confusions... Think!

Enough! Wait.

I... remember!

You were all human...

Tiffany !


Come... Tiffany...

I'm your doctor. I'm here to help you.

Ah.... good! A fight.

I'm taking over this operation.

You girls will be my first patients.

I have to go back. I have to finish the puzzle.

Tiffany what are you talking about? they remembered and they got better.

Tiffany what are you doing? What is this thing? what does it do?

Oh my god...

It's alright, my child. I'm gonna help you now.

Can you help her? These puzzles are consuming her life.

Help me, doctor? Can you help my daughter? Can you help her?



Tiffany I see now. It's a puzzle, isn't it?

It's a puzzle...


Ah, girls! And how are we feeling today?

You have your whole lives behind you now, No anaesthetic at hand. Shame.

Surgery is open, Tiffany. What's today's agenda?

Ah yes... evisceration!

We knew you'd come back.

Your case is closed, Tiffany! I'm afraid it's terminal!

Trust me!


Tiffany! We've got to get out of here!

Whose is all this shit?

Not our problem!

Hey! Take a look at this!

What is your pleasure, sir ?