Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008) Script

Unit Christmas rations must be picked up by 0900 hours.

Armor group tree decoration team, report to the Engineering Depot.

My son , will you turn off that wretched puppet?

Brush your teeth.

Don't call him a puppet.

I beg your pardon.

Look, he's not a puppet.

Howdy Doody's real.

Well... He's real.

Mr. Deedee Doodoo will have to say good night.

Oh, no.

And remember, you have to be asleep when he comes down the chimney. lt's not even a chimney, Pop.

He has his ways.

Then I want to wait up. Watch him do it.


Okay. l want a story then.

Oh, no, no, no. No stories tonight.

Just one. And then I'll go to bed.

Right away.

Then I'll brush my teeth, I promise.

"lt is said that at the dawn of time, "man , beast and all magical beings lived together under Aiglin the Father Tree.

"But man had been created with a hole in his heart, "a hole that no possession, power or knowledge could fill.

"And in his infinite greed, "man dreamt of expanding his dominion over the entire Earth.

"The blood of many an elf, ogre and goblin was spilled in their war with man.

"And King Balor, the one-armed king of Elf land, "watched the slaughter in dread and despair.

"But one day, the master of the goblin blacksmiths

"offered to build the king a golden mechanical army, "seventy times seventy soldiers

"that would never know hunger and could not be stopped.

"Prince Nuada begged his father to agree.

"'Build me this army' the king said.

"So a magical crown was forged

"that would allow those of royal blood

"to command the Golden Army if unchallenged.

"'I am King Balor, leader of the Golden Army.'

"'Is there anyone who disputes my right?"

"And in his throne room no one challenged his word."

But, wait, what if someone could challenge him?

Would they have a fight?

Well, most likely.

A challenge must be answered.

But do you want to hear the end of this story or not?

Yes, please.


"So the world was changed, and the next time the humans marched, "they felt the earth tremble beneath their feet

"and saw the sky darken with monstrous shapes.

"The Golden Army had no remorse felt no loyalty or pain.

"And King Balor's heart grew heavy with regret.

"So he called a truce and divided the crown in three pieces, "one for the humans, and two for himself.

"In exchange, man would keep to the cities

"and the magical beings would own the forests.

"This truce would be honored by their sons and the sons of their sons

"until the end of time.

"But Prince Nuada did not believe in the promises of man.

"And it is said that he went into exile, "vowing to return the day his people needed him most.

"So the Golden Army lay dormant, "locked inside the Earth, waiting.

"And there it is to this day, "awaiting the day the crown is made whole again.

"Silent, still and indestructible."

Wow. What does it mean "industrable"? lndestructible. lndestruct...

It means no one can destroy them.


Go to sleep, my son.

But it's just a story, right, Pops?

Is it now?

Yeah, come on.

Those guys, they can't be real.

Well, my son, I'm sure you'll find out.

How long have you been there, my friend?

They're over there.

I bought them today.

I haven't fed them at all. l will go up first. You will follow.

And remember, Mr. Wink, don't be shy.

Next lot. Number 776.

This is an important votive figure, a fertiIity goddess dating approximately 15,000 to 10,000 B.C.

This was found in a loess deposit in a terrace about 30 meters from the Shannon River.

And we'll open the bidding at $300,000.

Three hundred thousand.

Three hundred and twenty-five, thank you.

Three hundred and fifty, thank you.

Three seventy-five.

Three hundred and seventy-five.

Going once. Going twice. Sold.

And now we move on to our next item, lot 777, a piece of the Royal Crown of Bethmoora.

The origin of this piece harkens back to the saga of the Sons of the Earth and the creation of the fabled Golden Army.

And here it is, our next item.

Lot 777.

Ladies and gentlemen, please keep your seats.

The auction will restart shortly.

I'm sure this is just a temporary loss of power.

Now, for the first time at auction, a piece of the Royal Crown of Bethmoora, coming to us from a long lost culture.


Not at all.

Forgotten by you, perhaps, but very, very much alive.

Who are you, sir?

Sir, please identify yourself. You can't just...

I am Prince Nuada Silverlance, son of King Balor.

And I am here, sir, to reclaim what is rightfully mine.

Security. Call security!

What do you think you're doing?

This is outrageous.

Take what you want. Please leave.

Anything, take anything.

Be quiet.

Sit down!

Proud, empty, hollow things that you are.

Let this remind you why you once feared the dark.

Fishstick. We have to talk.


Can't he get the meaning of the word?

Look, we are still government-funded.

We are still a secret, although a dirty secret, if you ask me.

Officially we do not exist, you see.

So that's the problem when we get these.

Subway. Highway. Park.

And he posed for this one and gave an autograph.

I suppress each photo. Cell phone videos.

They cost me a fortune and they show up on YouTube.

God, I hate YouTube.

Well, he just wants the world outside to know what we do, what he does.

He loathes me. l don't think so.


Target practice.

Oh, dear.

And then he posts them around.

Do you know how that makes me feel?

What's going on?

Oh, it's Friday. l tell you, Fishstick, he hates me.

He's out to destroy me.

My street cred is low.

Street cred?

My mojo.

Washington , they're wondering if I've got the stuff.

You think I have an easy job?

Do you think I enjoy being a pain in the neck?

l am medicated.

I mean, this is not candy.

This is... lt's an antacid.

Yes, it's an over-the-counter medicine, but this is medicine.

You see, I worry because, you know, I mean, I am, we are, after all, we're just humble public servants.

It's not about you. He's acting out.

Things are a little tense with Liz.

Tense? How tense? Tense how?

Well, you know, the usual.

A new couple making adjustments.

They argue. They argue, huh?

Sometimes. How bad?

Like everybody else.

They have good days and bad days.

I'm not done with you.

Hey, Abe.

Red, come back here!


Pick up your clothes!

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Put away your things!

Watch it, boys, she's on fire.

Then again, there are the really bad days.

I'm not afraid of you, you know.

You should be. Look at this mess. Look around.

I have one rule. Don't touch my stuff.

Oh, I get it. That's your rule. Okay.

The one and only. I'm easy.

How's that even possible?

Everything is your stuff.

The same CD, LP. lt's Al Green .

You can't listen to Al Green on CD.

But it's good to keep.

And an eight-track. An eight-track, Red?

Yeah, well, one day, the world's gonna realize its mistake.

Eight-track was the way to go, baby.

Come on, kids, you can come out now.

That's right, it's all over. That's right.

And what about me, Red? l need some space.

At least enough to find my toothbrush.

Toothbrush? Wait a minute.

It's right there.

Red! I can't live like this.

Security breach central Manhattan.

Oh, damn.

Gotta go. We all gotta go.

It's an emergency, right?

Security breach. Let's go.

Red. Red!

All personnel to garage area.

Hold on a sec.

Oh, jeez, it's Manning. Watch yourself, Liz.

Red. Red!


Manning. Hi.

We're going to downtown Manhattan.

Yeah, it'll be fun.

Downtown. Very dangerous.

Dangerous for you.

And for me.

Now, l know you dream of the outside world, but, trust me, it's not that great. lt's savage, as a matter of fact. Bad.

Come on, fellas, let's get this out of here.

These, on the other hand, are good.




Being seen?


Exactly. l confiscated a box of these, and I'll get you some more.

But you've gotta do me a little favor tonight, out there.

You have to be... You have to be very, very...


What? Thank you. Yes. You're welcome.


Invisible. In and out.

Really? Hey.

Hey, I can be discreet if I wanna be. l followed you and Myers, didn't I?

And then you had him transferred to Antarctica.

That's very discreet.

He said he liked the cold.

Like a shadow.

Red team, Red team.

Like a shadow in the night.

US Customs discovered a few illegally imported items. lt's a minor infraction. And a gas pocket.

They detected a gas pocket up there.

Now FBl agents, under my command, are going up there right now with special gas equipment.

Jeez, it stinks in here.

This is worse than my room.

Waiting for a report on that.

Say "cheese."

Let's go.

Whatever they called us for is over.

We had over 70 guests reported.

We have no survivors, no bodies.

Same story here, babe.

Don't call me "babe".

"Abe," l said. "Abe." Wrong channel.

Abe, I think Liz is still mad at me.

Still the same channel.


Can I ask you a question?


Now, listen. When we get home later, I'm gonna clean up my whole mess.

That's not the problem.

What is it?

Not now.

Abe, what have you got?

Oh, this is interesting.

Both boxes have the Royal Seal.

Only delivered at a time of war.

Red? We have company.

Come on, Blue, give me something to work with here.

Burrowing creatures.

How many of them? Many.

There are no corpses because there are no leftovers.

Have you noticed the floor?

Oh, crap.


All these things do is eat and eat.

Then poop, and then eat again.

Remind you of anyone?

Damn it, Abe. What are these things?

English, English.

Oh, they're Tooth Fairies.


No, no. Third century, Black Forest.

Feed mostly on calcium, bones, skin, organs.

But they do go for the teeth first.

Hence the name Tooth Fairies.

I bet you they don't leave money, either.

Oh, my God.

Liz, you're pregnant.

No, I'm not.

Yes, you are.

What have you got, Marble?

Think I may have found one.

But he's kind of cute.

Don't go near it!

lt's biting me!


It hurts! It hurts!

Red, we need you here!


Nasty little...

Keep firing, Abe. Keep firing!


Sorry, lady.

You should be running.

There's a safe upstairs.

How do we get there?

We need a clearing.


Up to the safe, now!

Abe. Up the stairs.

Come on, Liz, burn them all. Go. Go!

Yes, we're going!

Get in the safe, Abe. Get in the safe!

Oh, no, no.

No, no, no!


Damned beasts.

Fire is mine.

Fire is in me.

Red, stay away from the window!

Fire is me.

Stop biting me!

Fire is me.

World, here I come.

What have you done?

Guess we're out.

Hey, Hellboy, over here.

Your Royal Highness.

Before entering the council chamber, you must surrender your weapon.

I will not.

lt is protocol, sire, for peasant and prince alike.

For you, Sister, anything.

According to multiple eye witnesses, lives were, in fact, endangered.

There you have it, Hellboy.

But is he really on our side?

Do you have superpowers?

Well, yeah.

But, really, all I wanna be is just an ordinary person, just like you and you and everybody.

Hey, guys. You're missing this.

We're on TV.

Liz. Liz, are you all right?

Yeah, I'll be out in a minute.

You don't need to do that. You can trust me.

My readings are quite accurate.

Shut up, Abe.

Get your damn hand away from the door.

You have nothing to fear. ln spite of appearances, l believe Red would be an excellent father figure.

And what about this guy?

Walking around with a toilet seat on his head.

A toilet seat! lt's quite obvious it's a breathing apparatus.

Hey, I think we gotta lose the garbage truck.

Sends out the wrong signal.

You think that's our problem?


And this girl, we definitely have to find out what's wrong with her.

She's cute, though. We shoud get her on the show.

I hate it when people stare at me.

Makes me feel like a freak.

You had no right, Red. lt's Manning. Could you...

How many times do I have to tell you?

It's a gas pocket.

And a gaseous phenomenon that occurred...

Gas pocket. What an idiot.

You've murdered me.

You have murdered me.

You have ridiculed me.

And you have brought this onto yourself.


Washington is sending down a new BPRD agent.

A new guy?


To look after you.

Sire, please.

To set us free. All of us, Father.

A truce based on shame.

The humans have forgotten the gods, destroyed the Earth. And for what?

Parking lots. Shopping malls.

Greed has burned a hole in their heart that will never be filled.

They will never have enough.


Look at this place. Where is the honor in it?

Father, you were once a proud warrior.

When did you become their pet?

l have returned from exile to wage war and reclaim our land, our birthright.

And for that, l will call upon the help of all of my people.

And they will answer, the good, the bad

and the worst.

Perhaps I am. Perhaps they made me so.

We will not fade.

lt is.

I am sorry, Father.

And you, Sister, are you at peace with your king's verdict?

I am, my brother. I am.

Then very well. Death it is.

Now, for the final piece, my sister.

Where is she, Wink? Where is she?

Go find her. Now! Find her!

Elevator arriving now to section 42.

Elevator arriving now to section 42.

Pardon me, boys. Excuse me. Excuse me.

Is he here? Not yet.

I'm telling you, we don't need this guy.

Well, I think we do.

Evidently, this guy's quite the big shot in Washington.

What's his name?

His name is Johann Krauss.

Johann Krauss? Sounds German.

He's the top man in Ecto...


Yes, thank you. Ectoplasmic research.

Comes highly recommended by our European liaison.

Johann Krauss. "Liaison".

I love that word, don't you?

It's so hoity toity.

I don't like Germans. No fingerprints.

Here he comes. Germans make me nervous.

No photo. Dossier says, and l translate, "He has a nice open face".

Oh, my God.

Damen und Herren, Johann Krauss at your service.

I like him.

Look at that. Poor little thing.

Bought and sold on the black market.

Crammed into cargo containers.

Smuggled, abused.

He has very expressive hands.

The seal on the box worries me also.

A warring emblem.

Yes, from the Bethmoora clan.

The Sons of the Earth.

Your file says you're the brains of the operation, and I must admit, I'm impressed.

In my file, you'll see, Mr. Krauss, that I worked very closely with Abe in his training.

Ja, okay.

Let's see what our little friend here can remember.

Memory gets a little sketchy right after you've burned to death.

But maybe Saint Malachy can help.

Oh, no, no. No amulets, Mein Herr.


Plastic. Very modern.

Teleplasty by which an ectoplasmic medium, such as Dr. Krauss, can control inanimate things, organic, mechanical, dead or alive.

Take it, take it all in, mein Junge.

There we are. Get up.

Get up. Get up.

Now l have full control of its limbic system.

Let us see how long l can hold it.


Hey, you chewed off the tip of my tail.

Yeah, you do, you little... lt says you're rude, brutish and not very bright.


It seems our little friend here remembers market sounds and voices.

And a peculiar troll language spoken in the last place his cage was opened.

The troll market.

The troll market? Come on.

No one's ever found it.

That's because it doesn't exist.

Mr. Krauss? Dr. Krauss, sir.

Our little informant there doesn't look so good.

Back inside, you. There we are.

So, now we know where to begin.

Trolls dwell under bridges.

Wow. You're a genius.

By the way, there's over 2,000 bridges in New York City.

But Vladimir Vanya, 19th century occult historian, places the troll market directly under the east end of the Brooklyn Bridge.

We've already looked there.

Yes, you have, but not with me, Agent.

Not with me.

We're moving in.

Keep it coming, keep it coming. Hold it.

"Not with me, Agent". What an ego.

I like him.

Well, you can keep him.

I mean , am I the only one that thinks this guy is full of...

No, no, no, no, don't lean.

Lot 336, the Schufftein glasses. Could it be?

The three surviving pairs, and we will use them to locate the troll market.

Dr. Krauss, what a coup.

The Schufftein glasses.

You're my hero.

Hey. You Hellboy?


You're ugly, man.

Two more on the wall in front of me and then three on the alleys facing that way.

What do you think of Mr. Know-lt-All?

Don't know, too early to tell.

Hey, you're Hellboy.

I know, I'm ugly.

Forget it.

We'll talk about it later.

He's sure of himself, and I think maybe you're intimidated.

Intimidated. Huh?

Keep us up to date on the cameras, Over and out.

What's this?

Normally, we can't see fairy folk and trolls.

They generate a cloaking aura called "glamour".

But in 1878, Emil Schufftein designed and built these.

Four crystal diopters that penetrate that effect and reveal the true nature of things.

Oh, Dr. Krauss, they're more beautiful than I'd imagined.

You must try them on then. Oh, yes.

Try them on, Agent. They'll look good.

I love these tight little leather straps.


Mr. Kraut? Sir?

Krauss, Agent. With a double "S".

S-S. Right, right.

Listen, those gizmos?

How do you know they work?

I have a suspect.

Give me a vector, Agent Sherman. A vector.

B-1 2, the alley, northbound.

Well, track the target. We're coming down.

Keep an eye on her. I'll be right back.

This little old lady? Come on. lt's a Fragglewump, an ugly Scottish troll.

They're afraid of canaries.

Oh, my God. Canaries, huh?

What about the kittens?

She feeds on them.

Come on, then. Kitty, kitty, kitty.

That thing is a "she"?

Down, you fools.

What do you think you are doing?

She's gonna eat the cat.

You'll make her aware of our presence.

We should use the canary now.

She's gonna eat it!

We should use the bird, Dr. Krauss.

The bird.

She's going to eat the cat.

You will stay put and follow my orders.

I can't sit by here...

You are directly under my command, and you have to obey.

Stay put! Oh, screw this!

Hey! Lucy.

Come back here.

I'm home.

Oh, yes, dearie. Can I help you?

Give it up, nasty. We can see you.

You see me?

How? How do you see me?

We're looking for the entrance to the troll market. Any clues?

Come any closer and I'll rip your heart.

We're gonna have to get a little old-school, Abe.

Give me the bird.

Not a canary.

What, you're afraid of this little guy?

Who'd know?

No more, no more.

I'll take you there.

Come on, let's go, you dirty old troll.

Let's go.

Agent Sherman, we are going into the troll market.

Keep communication to a minimum.

Over and out.

I like him.

You see, this is a man who takes charge.

You think?

Yeah. He's efficient.

He's precise.

You add "resistant" to that, you got yourself a new watch.

Dr. Krauss is aware of the chain of command, and he...

Oh, brother!

He seems to like me.

Here we are.

Wow, that's some door!

It's a complex combination lock.

What do you think, Agent Sapien?

Not good.

With the number of symbols on the combination, we'll be here for days.

Well, not necessarily.

Let me try my technique.

Open it, Lucy.

I will not.

Pretty please.

Do as you may, demon.

Release the yellow beast.

Tear my eyes out.

Rip my insides and my legs and my tongue, but I will never open that door.

Is that your investigative technique? lt said "never."

It's unconscionable.

That means he didn't like it.


So, what, you're gonna show us how it's done, Mr. By-The-Book?

Is that it?

Yes, I think I will.

There we are.

Let me see. Yes.

Gentlemen, welcome to the troll market.

Red, there's something really important that I need to tell you.

Oh, Liz, you should be here. You'd love it.

Nobody's looking at us. We blend right in.

Agent, I said keep communication to a minimum.

You'll blow our cover.

You know? I think he's right.

I'm bringing you here for sure, babe.

The fishbow I wants radio silence. So...

Over and out.

The Royal Seal.

Brother Red. Red, do you read me?

Yeah, I read you, Blue, but I'm watching Sherlock at work.

I'll get back to you.

Excuse me, sir.

Sir, excuse... Pardon me. Sir, may I ask a...

I gotta tell the boys that one.

Excuse me, gentlemen.

Have you seen anyone purchasing this type of Tooth Fairy?

No one sells them down here, pal.

Over in Jersey, maybe.

Well, what about this, then?

Do you recognize this seal?

Make him go away. Make him go away.

No. We don't.

Please, dear sir.

You'd better go. Now!

We'll make it worth your while.

Don't waste your time. We will not talk!

What are you doing?

You're absolutely sure about that, huh?


You won't talk, eh?


Never, huh?

Never ever, ever.

Feeling a little chattier now?

We'll never talk.

Yes, yes.

We will, only don't hit me anymore.


Who bought the Tooth Fairies?

Prince Nuada.

They say Prince Nuada broke the truce, and now there is talk of war, a war with the human world.

Sorry, kid.

That's all right.

Nice baby.

I'm not a baby. I'm a tumor.

Yes, Red. I am following a lead right now.

It may turn out...

It may turn out to be nothing, but I will let you know soon enough.

What do you want? Tell me your name.

Follow me.

Your father left you this map. ln it, he said, lies the secret to the location of the Golden Army.

Move away! Quickly, Your Highness.

Can I help you with something?

No, thank you. I'm just looking.

You can't go in there!

Sir, why are you following me?

I... l was just hoping to find an old map chart of Algiers.

Why are you following me?

I was not.

Did my brother send you to steal the crown piece?

Your brother?

Oh, you're sorely mistaken, I assure you.

Then answer me truthfully.

Why were you following me?

My name is Abraham Sapien.

There is no such name.

Oh , I don't like it either, but I...


Give me your hand.

Your hand.

You are an agent for the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense.

And your name is...


Horrible, I know.

I'm Nuala, Princess Nuala.

Yes, I know.

Forgive me, Your Highness, but as you were learning about me, l couldn't help but learn a bit about you myself. l know that you need our help.

I'm afraid it's the other way around.

The window. Out now.

I will take care of this.

Oh, dear.

Go! Now go!

Get out of here, Blue.

Yes. Come with me, Your Highness.


Let me put this to you as delicately as I can.

My cigar, it was Cuban.

Now you pissed me off.

Oh, crap.


Now stay down!


A tooth. Happy?

Give it up, pal. It's over.

I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Wow. Told you.

Oh, mein gott what have you done, Agent Hellboy?

Look at this! Now we have to leave.

Red. This is Princess Nuala.


We should leave. Now. Now!

Let's go.

To wage his war, my brother needs this, the final piece of the Crown of Bethmoora and this map to the location of the Golden Army chamber.

The Golden Army.

The harbingers of death.

The unstoppable tide.

Howdy Doody.

Your Highness, if you hand the crown piece over to us...

No. Where it goes, I go.

My father died to uphold the truce with your world.

You must honor his noble intention.

The lady's in dire danger.

I take it you're vouching for her, Agent Sapien?

Most emphatically. Yes, I am.

Even so.

I am sorry, but we simply cannot assume such responsibility on our own.

The lady just lost her father.

What more do you want?

You may not care, but there are procedures, rules and little handbooks...

She's coming with us.

You got that, Gas Bag?

What did you call me?


You will pay for what happened to my friend down there.

Yeah, right. You take checks?


Born from a womb of shadows.

Sent to destroy their world, and you still believe you belong.

Are we gonna talk all night?

Cause I'm really sleepy.

No, Brother, no!

Kill him.

It's just a jumping bean.

It's going for water. Hurry.

Oh, dear.

No. No, no, no, no. No.

What the hell is that? Excuse me!

Stay back. Hey, what's going on?

We've got target in sight.

It's an Elemental, a giver of life and a destroyer.


A Forest God.

A Forest God, eh?

I'm gonna get me Big Baby.

Somebody help! My baby's... Help! Help!

How can I help you, ma'am?

My baby's inside!

Come with us, dear lady, please.

There's nothing to worry about.

We've got everything under control.

Please. My baby's still in there! Please!

Hey, little guy.

Homing in on target.

Hang on, kid.

Agent Hellboy.

Reach higher ground and shoot the weapon.

Shoot the weapon!

First praise the tail, kid.

You must shoot it in the energy ganglion.

The what?

The energy ganglion.

Scheisse. The head! Shoot it in the head!


Oh, crap.

You gotta trust me, little buddy. Okay?

You woke up the baby.

Agent Hellboy, take the shot!

Right now! Take it!

That's an order! Take the shot.

That's an order, Agent Hellboy.

Shoot it! Shoot the gun! Shoot the gun!


What are you waiting for?

This is what you wanted, isn't it?

Look at it. It's the last of its kind.

Like you and I. You destroy it, the world will never see its like again.

Shoot it!

You have more in common with us than with them.

It's breaking free.

You could be a king.

You will not disobey a direct order!

Shoot it! It's getting loose!

If you cannot command...

It will destroy everything!

That's an order, Agent Hellboy!

...then you must obey.

Shoot it now! Damn.

Shoot it!

Move back. Step back, step back.

It's beautiful.

...and this huge monster just came out of nowhere!

Yo, give the baby back, man!

Oh , what have you done to my baby?

The baby's fine.

You freak!

Hellboy, what'd you do to that baby?

The baby's fine.

Don't move. Hands in the air! Up!

He's got a weapon in his hand.

That is his hand.

Miss, stay away from him for your own safety.

He was trying to help. Don't you see?

He was just trying to help.

That's all we do.

That's all we've done all these years.

She's touching his hand!

We've just tried to help you. You.

You're a goddamn freak.

We don't need you around!

What a freak.


Let's go home.

...investigation of the BPRD and its promotion of intra-species marriage seen by many as a threat to traditional families, fuelled by federal funds.

I didn't touch you yet.

You did a good job out there.

Then tell me, why don't I feel so good?

I mean, I killed that thing. And for what?

They don't even like me.

I mean, they're afraid of me.

What do we do with that?

Red, I don't want you to freak out.

I'm gonna leave for a little bit.

I need time to think.

About what?

Can't you do your thinking right here?

Look, I'll be really, really quiet.

I'll get rid of the cats.

Red, why are you with me?

Do you need everyone to like you?

Everybody? Or am I enough?

Think about it.

You stay. We belong dead.

It's blank. No coordinates.

"Be near me when my light is low

"When the blood creeps and the nerves prick and tingle

"And the heart is sick and all the wheels of being slow

"Be near me when the sensuous frame is wracked with pangs that conquer trust

"And time, a maniac..."

Tennyson, "In Memoriam". A beautiful poem.

Forgive me, I didn't mean to startle you.

Oh, no. No, no. I borrowed this book.

I hope you don't mind.

Oh, no, no. Please, this is your home now.

You are safe here.

My brother will find me. He always does.

How could he?

Our location is a highly classified secret.

Yes, but I know of it now, which means that he does, too.

We're twins.

Even as children, a link has bound us one to the other.

Something I cannot explain.

No need.

You look different.

Oh, do I?

Perhaps my hair?


It's your eyes. I can see your eyes.

Yes. Just trying a new look.

Is that a map?

Yes, it was in the cylinder.

There are no coordinates.

Perhaps there's a watermark.

You were very brave vouching for me.

How do you know I'm not the enemy, bringing me here?

It's as you were saying just now.

From intuition maybe, a link.

Normally I'm able to read others quite quickly, but l've never met anyone like you.

Nor I, like you.

Good night, Abraham.

Good night, Princess. Your Highness.

Your Majesty. Your... Ma'am.


Gute Nacht, Agent Hellboy.

Look, Agent, I know you don't like me, but I could take away your badge.

Never had one.

Kept asking, though.

You will learn to obey me, follow protocol and stay fockused at all times.

Oh, that word "fockused".

Yeah, with your accent, l wouldn't use it that much.

I knew Professor Broom, young man.

You didn't know Professor Broom.

Yes, I did.

After my accident... Shut up. Shut up.

...he designed this containment suit.

A wonderful man.

And even then he was worried about your future. He...

Hey, Gas Bag, stop it!

Right now.

Or what? Are you threatening me?

Because I think I can take you.

Excuse me?

You heard me.

I couldn't hear you from all the way over there.

I can take you because you have one fatal flaw.

Oh, l wanna hear it.

No, you don't. You can't take criticism.

Try me.

Can't take it.

What's my flaw?

Your temper. It gets the best of you.

Makes you weak. Makes you vulnerable.

Oh, crap.


Johann? Johann?

Hey, Johann?

Come on, pal. Hang in there, will you?

Johann? Johann?



There we are.

Your temper, it makes you sloppy.

Try to control it, Agent Hellboy.

Before it controls you.




Hello, Red.

Well, you're up late.

What are you listening to?

Vivaldi. ll cimento dell'armonia.

I particularly like the last...

Hey, hey. What's that?

Just a remote.

This? Yes.

"Popular Love Songs".

Oh, Abe.

You fell for the Princess.

She's... She's like me.

A creature from another world.

You need to get out more.

She's alone in the world. I wanna help her.

I need to care for her.

You're in love. Have a beer.

Oh, my body's a temple.

Well, now it's an amusement park.

No, no, no.

The glandular balance of...

Just shut up and drink it, would you?

What track? Eight.

"Can't Smile Without You".

I know.

Yep, I'm gonna need a beer, too.

Well, see, I love this song.

And I can't smile or cry.

I think I have no tear ducts.

I wish father were here.

He'd know what to tell you. Us.

I can't smile without you I can't laugh and I can't sing I'm finding it hard to do anything You see, I feel sad when you're sad I feel glad when you're glad If you onIy knew what I'm going through I just can't smile without you

You came along Just like a song And brightened my day Who'd have believed that you were part of a dream?

Now it all seems light years away And now you know I can't smile without you I can't smile without you Nuala.

Good dog.

Security detail for the front gate, immediately.

lt's the last one.

Look at her. She's it, Abe.

She's it.

She's my whole wide...

You know?

Yeah. Yeah.

I would give my life for her.

But she also wants me to do the dishes.

I would die and do the dishes.

Why is she mad at me? lt's not because the room is dirty.

Something else.

Well, ask her, then.


Listen, Abe.


When a woman's mad about something, but she's really mad about something else, you can't ask because then they get angry because you had to ask.

Do you know what I mean?

Never mind, don't answer that question.

You gotta just...


...find out.

Very quick of you. The parchment.

It was of no importance.

The cylinder is very interesting.

We will find the Golden Army here.

As for the crown piece, I know it's here.

I can feel that much from you.

Father always tried so hard to shield your heart from mine.

But it's in one of the books, and I will find it.


You always look so beautiful in blue.


Poetry. "Love.

"Found then lost".

Only words. I will find it.

Listen, listen, Red.

I know what's going on with Liz.



I'm sorry. He has to know.


Know what?


Stay back. I'll go first.

Abraham. No, don't... He'll kill you.




I will kill you, Abraham.

And anyone else if that is necessary.


Then why don't you just start with me, Your Royal Assness?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Who put those there?

And your weapon of choice?

Five-fingered Mary.

You move and I'll kill your Abraham first.

Red, you mustn't harm the Prince.

What? lf you hurt him, you hurt the Princess.

You've gotta be kidding me.

Will you give me the crown piece?


The piece. No.


Red, I'm so sorry, but they're linked.

What's going on?

Red. Liz.

Red, behind you.

You may have mused in the past, "Am l mortal?"

You are now.

Abraham, many people have died for this crown.

He will, too.

If you want to save him and see her again, you will find the missing piece and bring it to me.

Jesus, Abe, pull the damn thing out! l cannot.

Every time I touch it, every time I come close to it, it moves closer to his heart.

I don't know what else to do.

The wound will not heal until the spear is removed.

We're running out of time.

Then we go after the Prince.

And we make him take it out.

Hey, Liz.

You were asking me.

Don't talk.

No, no, let me tell you.

I know what's important.

It's you.


I could turn my back on the world, all of it,

as long as you stay with me.

I'll stay with you.

You're the best man I've ever met.


"Be near me when my light is low

"When the blood creeps

"And the heart is sick and all the wheels of being slow"

The cylinder yielded coordinates to County Antrim, Northern lreland.

The Giant's Causeway. Right about here.

Great. So we know where he is.

What are we waiting for?

We should get going.

The Prince will demand the crown piece, Agent Sherman.

So we give it to him.

Dr. Manning?

I'm afraid it's not as simple as that.

Hold on here, what are you saying?

The Golden Army must not awaken.

So, what?

You're just gonna let him die, is that it?

I'm sorry.

We called Washington. We have our orders.

And what about you? He saved your life. l know.

l know this is difficult for you, but...

Well, l won't let him die.

Agent Sherman, may I remind you that I am the leader of this team.

Oh, there's no doubt about that, sir.

That is what you are, Dr. Krauss.

And if ever you were human, that time is long gone.

What's wrong with her?

You want me to call her back, sir?

Let her go.

I understand.

What about you?

You find anything?

No. Nothing yet.

Well, keep looking.

Absolutely, sir.

All of you.

But don't worry, sir, we know it's here, and we're gonna find it.

When Tom Manning gets on the case, things get done.

They get done. They get done!

100%. I guarantee that.

Even without the piece, we have to get him out of here.

We'll go to Antrim, and we will find the Prince.

Keep looking. l ask you, everybody, keep looking.


Just the two of us.

Yes. Yes.

Let's go.

We need to leave now, before they run our clearance upstairs.

Guten Abend, meine Freunde.

Do you have authorization to take that plane?

You're not gonna stop us, Johann.

On the contrary, l've been giving it some thought, and we should be able to save Agent Hellboy.

You say I'm not human anymore, but you are wrong.

I understand your pain all too well.

A long time ago, I lost the woman I loved.

And that was, in fact, the source of my present misfortune.

I will tell you about it one day.

But for now, the tactical advantage is ours.

Consider this, the Prince lacks the crown piece and without it, his army poses no threat.

So we have clearance, then?

Agent Sherman, Liz, screw the clearance.

We will take that plane!

It should be here someplace.

The entrance should be here.

I don't understand.

Perhaps there's a mistake on the map.

Hello there!

I bid you welcome, strangers.

How can I be of assistance?

We seek safe passage to Bethmoora.

And what does a nice little girl like you want in the nightlands?

We are looking for Prince Nuada.

Him, I know.

Trade me something, and I'll take you to him.

Here. I have a shiny belt.

But I have no pants.

Look, a wonderful set of magic eyes.

I already have binoculars.

But I see something special, something shiny underneath the bandages.

I want that.

No, you can't take it out.

Not without killing him.

Maybe I know someone who can.

Will you trade me then?

All right.

Very well.

Keep going. Keep going.

Oh, my God.

You should have seen this city when it was alive.

What happened to it?


As soon as the Golden Army was stored here, a plague of silence and death befell us.

And the world left us behind.

For a long time, I alone dwelled in the dust.

All right, little girl, the two of you come inside.

The rest of you, wait out here.

Hello, old friend.

I have brought you visitors.

And I have a favor to ask you.

I owe no favor to you, goblin. Leave.

But I have done so much for you.

I have brought you many souvenirs.

And he has something shiny.


Something mine.


Anung un Rama.

You know that name?

And yours. Elizabeth Sherman.

At last.

I have been waiting for you both many a winter moon.

I am his death, and I will meet him at each crossroads.

Good. But when can I have that which is mine?

Can you save him?

It is for you to decide that.

It is all the same to me.

My heart is filled with dust and sand, but you should know it is his destiny to bring about the destruction of the Earth.

Not now, not tomorrow, but soon enough.

Knowing that, you still want him to live?

So, child, make the choice.

The world or him?


The time will come and you, my dear, will suffer more than anyone.

I'll deal with it.

Now save him.

It is done.

I have done what I can.

Now, give him a reason to live.

Hey, friend, what about that which is mine?

Don't forget about me. What about me?



Listen to me, you big ape.

You have to get up.

Cause you're gonna be a father.

I become


Well, all this is very touching, but if you still want to meet Nuada, we have to leave now.


Here we are.

And there they are.

Seventy times seventy soldiers.

Sometimes I wish I'd never created them.

Bim-bam went the hammers!

Whoosh went the furnaces!

And one of those fires took my legs off, now.

This is as far as I can go.

I'm not very good with steps.

But if you're here to stop him, the Prince, l wish you luck then.

The Golden Army must not awaken.

Undo what we did.

We will.

You're here.

So I assume you brought the remaining piece.

No. We didn't, but we should discuss...

I'm not addressing you, Tin Man.



My sister is well as I promised, so...


What the hell are you doing?

You would do the exact same for Liz.

Agent Sapien, no!

I am Prince Nuada, Silverlance, leader of the Golden Army.

Is there anyone here who would dispute my right?

Kill them.


He lied to us.

Abe, old buddy, if we ever get out of this, we gotta talk.

Open wide!

lndustrable, my ass.

Hey! Throw me a bone here!

Oh, crap.

Well, I'm out of ideas.

I got one.

I challenge Prince Nuada for the right to command this army.

You challenge me?

Who are you to challenge me?

You are nobody.

You are not royalty.

Yes. Yes! He is Anung un Rama, son of the Fallen One.

He has the right.

A challenge must be answered.

Very well then.

Red, please. Red. Think about it.

Guys. Guys! He will kill you.

Don't do this, Red.

Don't worry, babe.

I'm not gonna kill him, Abe.

But I am gonna kick his ass.




Nice ride, huh?

You jumpy, slippery bastard.

I got you now.

Kill me. You must, for I will not stop.

I cannot. Sorry, pal.

I win.

You live.


The humans,

they will tired of you.

They have already turned against you.

Leave them.

Is it them or us?

Which holocaust should be chosen?

I never had a chance to tell you how I felt.

Give me your hand.

It's beautiful.

We die

and the world will be poorer for it.

Nuala, my sister.

All that power.

Don't even think about it.

No. No, it's nothing.

I told you, it's a dead end.

What are you doing? Go away.

Check the belt locator.

Check the belt locators, over there.

Over there.

You, you took that plane without an authorization, young man.

Hey. Manning.

Here to help as always.

What's going on? What's going on?

I quit.

What? Are you serious?

Looks that way, doesn't it?

What's wrong with you? You can't all just quit.

Watch us.

On second thought, I think I'll keep this.

Come on. Come on!

Johann, they can't do this. Stop them.

Dr. Manning, suck my ectoplasmic schwanzstucker.

So what you said before, about us living anywhere.

Guys. Guys!

Anywhere. You and me. Come on back.

Let's find a place in the country.

I said come on back.

Clean air. Green hills.

A yard with lots of room to grow in. lt'll be great for the baby.