Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth (1992) Script

Resync by: jHenG

You want it?

Is it yours?

No, not mine.


How much do you want for it?

Whatever you think it's worth.

Exactly the figure I had in mind.

Take pleasure in it.

'Most nights, this inner city emergency room

'would be a chaos of blood, panic and grace under pressure, 'but, tonight, as you see, 'it's as if death took a holiday.'

It's a mystery to me, a mystery how those assholes at Assignment knew it.

This is Joey Summerskill, for Channel 8, Emergency Room.

Very bored, no story, no life, really, really pissed off.

Break it down, Doc, it's a wrap.

Joey, rein it in, kid. They couldn't have known.

I know, I know.

It's just so... neat, isn't it?

My first gig that isn't kindergarten kids or diet gurus is taken away from me.

Well, like you say, it's a mystery, but that's all it is, a mystery.

Not malice. You really think the station bought off every accident victim in the city?

Speak. 'Doc, 24th and Cedar - fast.

'Hostage situation.'

Joey's here. Can we go together? 'No need. Martin's there.

'Hurry. We got an ambulance to beat.'

Better hurry, Doc. A real story with a real reporter.

Joey, look, can I take you home? I can go by your place.

You'll miss the money shots. No. I'll catch a bus. Don't worry.

OK, but be careful.

And lighten up. The story of your life could be around the corner.

It is the story of my life.

Let's go! 10mg IV!

It wasn't my fault.

Ever seen anything like this before? Sure.

Help me.

It's got nothing to do with me.

What are you going to do? Don't hurt him!

Oh, God!

Wait, I'm a reporter. Tell me what happened.

Sorry, you can't go in.

Wait! Wait, please. I need to talk to you.

I wasn't even with him! Look, lady, I told you, it's not my problem.

I was just there, right?

Where? The Boiler Room.

Can I go now? What is the Boiler Room? Where is it?

Stay away from him! Get away from him!

'Tell us about your book.'

'Tell us about your book.'

See? This is what I mean.

Your technique, it's all wrong.

What do you mean, technique? Hardly any thigh.

An inch more flesh, the boys upstairs get hot - bingo, you're an anchorwoman.

Oh, come on, Brad, give her a break.

This may be a surprise to you, Brad, but I want to do this the right way.

Tight stories not tight skirts.

Right, right. Like last night's news. I know what I saw.

This is TV. No pictures, no story.

There is a story out there.

$10, please.

Excuse me.

Can I help? I'm looking for a pretty girl.

JP Monroe. That way.

I'm looking for a girl. She's got dark hair, dark eyes, about this tall.

She's really pretty. That doesn't help.

I heard she might be JP's girlfriend. It could be Terri.

If so, JP will be in the restaurant.

Pout. Come on.

Excuse me. Pout, baby, pout.

Oh, yeah.

Excuse me. Oh, yeah.

Do you own this place?

And everything in it.

Right. Um...

Listen, there is this girl, maybe Terri.

Young, pretty, jet-black hair.

I think she's a regular here and I need to find her.

I don't think I'm your type. I'm out of grade school.

Where are you going?

My daddy's still alive! He's still alive!

Come! Come back and save my daddy!

Yeah? 'Hi, is this Joanne Summerskill? '

This is Joey. Who's this? 'You left me your card at the club.'

Right. 'Right, Terri, so, what do you want? '

I want to talk to you.

Look, don't hang up, OK? I met you the other night at the hospital.

'Yeah, well, I'll make a deal with you.

'My boyfriend threw me out, so you give me a place to crash and I'll talk, OK? '

Yeah, sure. You mean tonight?

'Of course, tonight. Is that a problem? You got a guy there? '

No, no, that's fine. Come now.

I was having bad dreams, anyway.

So what was your dream?

What? You said you were having a bad dream.

Oh, yeah.

Well, it's not a nightmare or anything.


Well, I know what it is. What is it?

Why are you so interested?

Sorry. No, it's OK. It's my father.

Oh, right. Well, did he used to...

No, no, nothing like that, no.

He died before I was born. Vietnam.

We don't know the details, but I dream of death and... trying to save him.

Man, that's great.

Excuse me? I don't mean about your dad or anything.

It's... just, erm...

I don't dream. Never have.

Maybe it would help if I slept some time.

I'm just kidding.

No, it's just really neat for me to hear about dreams. I'm jealous.

It's like everyone has another world except for me.

It's just... me, my bag, and a series of shithead boyfriends.

Be nice to see something else, have a night-time world.

Hey, this is great, isn't it?

I mean, just, er... two girls, talking, having a conversation.

Good coffee.

You got a cigarette? Uh, yeah, just a second.

Great, thanks.

Are you going to have one? I'm trying to quit.

Go on. What the fuck, huh?

Do you think you're going to live forever?

Oh, you want to talk about that, huh?

Something awful happened to that boy and I have to know what it was.

Look, I don't know anything, all right?

I come out of the club, the kid's already lying in the street.

Did you know him? No.

OK, I've seen him in the club a couple of times.

He's a punkhead. I never really danced with him or anything.

And he was a thief. He must have taken it from a statue.

Taken what? That thing.

He's lying in the street, moaning, and pointing at it.

But the chains, where did they come from?

That's what I'm trying to tell you.

He said it came out of this.

Oh, what the...

Get off!


Did I sleep through an earthquake? I thought I'd make breakfast.

Oh, that's really nice of you, Terri.

Can I ask, is it always this exploratory?

Uh, I don't know.

It's my first time. I'm a kitchen virgin.

I'll boil some water. No, I'll do it.

No, no, it's OK. I like boiling water. It's a speciality of mine.

Look, why don't you go watch some... some cartoons?

This is a really great place.

This is yours? You, like, own this?

Well, the bank owns it, but I'm working on it.

I haven't even had a place of my own since I was 15.

Ow, ow.

What a great view. This is a great view. Would you look at this?

Well, actually I'm pretty familiar with the view. But it is good.

You know, over to the left, you can... see...

I love it here.

I have to solve this thing.

I have to find out what's going on.

You mentioned a statue. Yeah, I found it.

I knew he'd like it. Oh, wait a minute. He, who? The kid?

No, JP, my last boyfriend.

He owns a club. You know, you were there.

He bought the statue. That you found.

What do you mean, you found it?

Well, there's a store. It's really hip. Lots of weird shit in there.

I don't know, I saw this statue pillar thing...

I knew he'd love it. You've seen the club.

Would you know the place if you saw it again?

Sure. Why? We're going shopping.

Maybe they're closed today. Closed every day.

Owner's in Hawaii. Been there about a month.

Bull. My boyfriend bought something here last week.

Couldn't have.

Are you sure? Sure. Lived here 20 years.

I see everything. Come on.

Dead end.

Still, there's a back door, right?

Five seconds, we're browsing.

Wow. I didn't think this place would be like this.

These places are always all show.

Do you break into a lot of art galleries?

I break in anywhere if it's raining and I need a place to sleep.

So what are we looking for?

Anything. Contacts, clues...


Oh, this is going to take forever.

How much do you think your ex paid for that?

Whatever it took. Why?

Because this place is a scam.

Half the stuff was picked up for pennies. School art classes, bankruptcy sales...

And closed-down lunatic asylums.

Property of the Shanard Institute.

Hey, Joey.

Yeah? Check it out.

It's the box.

Ooh, ouch, hubba, hubba...

Hi, baby.

Welcome. You're JP Monroe, right?

Right. And this is your club?

Right again. Great club. I love it here.

Thank you. Thank you for the rose.

That's a prize. You won it. I only award that to a woman of exceptional beauty.

Lots of girls here are better looking than I am.

No, no, no, no, no. Don't do that.

Don't put yourself down.

If you have a quality, you should be proud of that.

Let that define you, whatever it is.

It's Joey Summerskill again.

For half an hour you've been dicking me around about this tape.

I know it's late. I don't want to have to get my station manager involved.

So, for the last time, please get me whoever is in charge of the Shanard video archives?

Thank you. Of course I'll hold.

Dr Fallan, how nice of you to take my call.

Can you hold on for a second?

Terri! What are you doing?

Can you just wait two seconds?

Dr Fallan, so sorry.

Michael? We need the Kirsty Cotton tape.

Your assistant has all the details.

OK, thanks a lot.



So, you got what you needed.

So, I guess we're all done.

So, uh...

So long.

Where will you go?

Look, you know there's a spare room and you can always stay.

If you want. You're more than welcome to, really.

Uh, wow, um...

That's great.

Um... I'll do breakfast.

So cool.


Wow, you've got great taste.

This really says it, you know.

It's really... It's really dark.

Don't you think? Mm-hm.

Do you mind me talking about your stuff?

If it bothers you, just say so.

Doesn't bother me. I'm just not interested. Oh.

Like I'm not an interesting person?

But you gave me a rose.

And tomorrow, I'll give one to somebody else.

Now, get dressed and get out of here.

You shit.

Who do you think you are?

I'm JP Monroe, right?

You stupid bitch, give me back my shirt and get the fuck out of my life.

I can't fucking believe you.

You bastard! You get me in here and...

Like you were at fucking gunpoint, you stupid...

You think you're some goddam prince or something!

With your shitty little kingdom out there and all this ugly shit!

Jesus Christ!

Not quite.

What did you see? The same as I?

Appetite sated, desire indulged, a miniature of the world and how it will succumb to us.

You enjoyed the girl.


Good. So did I.

And that's all.

No, it's not the same.

I just know, what you did, that was fucking evil.

Oh, how uncomfortable that word must feel on your lips, "evil", "good."

There is no good, Monroe. There is no evil. There is only flesh and the patterns to which we submit it.

You will help me to...

Oh, no, no, no, no, no. No fucking way, man.

No fucking way.

Oh, how touching.

That is the gun you used to kill your parents.

I understand. Their fortune was so tempting, their affection so conditional, what else could you do?

Fuck you.

Now, can we talk sensibly?


Don't flee from yourself.

If you have a quality, be proud of it. Let it define you, whatever it is.

By helping me you will help yourself.

Oh, yes, you want to.

You always have.

With your paintings, your sculptures...

Look at these tawdry representations and then imagine a world of the body as canvas, the body as clay.

Your will and mine as the brush and the knife.

Mr Monroe!

Mr Monroe, are you all right in there?

Mr Monroe! There is a place at my right hand for you.

For a man of your tastes.

Tastes I can help you to indulge.

Flesh, power, dominion.

Mr Monroe!

I heard some shots. Are you OK?

Everything's fine.

How do we start?

It has already begun.

Hey, Joey.

Wait up. Where are you going?

Oh, I need to get some fresh air. I've been stuck in the office all day.

This just came for you. Something for your story?

Erm... I hope so.

This story, Joey, if I can help in any way, you've got my number, all right?

OK. Thanks.

'I don't know what the box is, but I know what it does.

'I've said all this before.

'I saw it open. I opened it.

'And I saw what came out.

'I don't know what else to call them. Demons.

'Demons live in the box.

'It's a gateway to Hell.

'Look, I know you don't believe me.

'I know how it sounds.

'What else? What else?

'Can you turn that fucking thing off?

'Again? The box.

'I don't know what it's for

'or who made it, or why.

'I only know what it does. It hurts.

'It hurts.

'It kind of... opens itself.

'Your fingers move and you learn.

'It wants to open, that's the thing, 'and it helps, and then they come.

'The demons.'

'She's telling the truth, Joey.'

What the...

'... and then they come, the demons.'

Man, Joey must have polished you up some.

She must be weirder than me.


Not quite.

JP? Alive and in the flesh.

How are you doing, baby?

What do you want? I'm just concerned.

I'm just checking in.

How did you get this number? Will you relax, honey?

Your girlfriend left cards all over the club, remember?

'Uh, yeah. Well, I'm fine.'

Joey's going to get me a job at the TV station, and I'm meeting a lot of new people, it's really great.

Now, come on. You can't tell me you haven't thought about me.

Course I have. I mean, I've thought.

God, JP, you were really horrible.

I am a bad guy but I try not to be, I really do, and I really miss you.

I miss you, too.

Good. Why don't you come over here?

'Nothing heavy, just a little drink, maybe, see how we both feel.'

No, I can't.

I just can't.


Shit! Shit!

'This is Joey. Speak.'

'Hey, Joey, congratulations.

'You may not have heard, but you got that job in Monterey.

'Now you're going to have to sell me your condo.'


"Enjoy Monterey, you liar."

Come on in.

Not a good neighbourhood.

People disappear.

So, feel like home? It's just like you left it, baby.

Not quite.

That wasn't here. This?

Well, as you can see, I'm having some work done on this.

You found a real treasure for me here. I just hope I can show you how grateful I am.

Yeah? Well, it looks different.

A girl I know helped to smarten it up a bit.

She put her heart and soul into this.

What a girl. Anyone I should know?

No. Honey, now that you're here, it's like she doesn't even exist.

You know what I mean, right?

Yeah, right. Look, JP...

Terri, Terri, Terri, Terri...

You know it's got to be ticking away in both our minds.

Is it going to happen, isn't it going to happen?

Come on, baby. Come on. Come on.

You know we gotta get this out of the way.

Then we can relax. We can talk.

I don't think so.

Not yet.

Sure. Sure, I understand.

I'm just not ready yet. Registered.

It's cool. I mean, hey, we got all night, right?

Joey, welcome.

'You have to help me.'

What a bitch.

She was obviously just using you.

She was ready to dump you... No!

She wouldn't.

Come on. I must have done something wrong.

I tried, I just fucked up something...

You didn't fuck it up with me!

You know that and you know how sorry I am.

I'm sorry to see you upset like this. God, I hate to see you in pain.


Yes, I just want to hug you.

I want to hold you, tell you it's all right.

No, no, no, baby. It's better that you come to me.

It's not fair that I come there.

On the bed.

Come on over here.

Come to Daddy.

Come on... Come on...

No, I can't.

Bring her to me, boy.

You're really making this hard on yourself.

Watch your head on the steps.


Why run, Terri? Why run?

Do you know where you are?



You are at the door to dreams, Terri.

Now, there are two keys in this room.

One is in the pocket of this fool.

You could take it out without me reaching you... probably, and let yourself back into that world you've always known, banal, hopeless, dreamless.

And the other?

The other? Oh, Terri, the other is the key to dreams, to black miracles and dark wonders.

Another life of unknown pleasures.

And it's yours, Terri.

Complete the pattern and you solve the puzzle.

Turn the key.

Where is it?

It's lying bleeding at your feet.

Hell has no furies for a woman scorned.

Terri, no!

'Well, that was Tony Boyd and his band, burning it up with an old number.

'Now, as we in London are ready to go to bed, 'and Big Ben strikes midnight, 'we'd like to send this final tune out to all our lovely boys in the trenches.

'Sleep well, chaps.'

'Go to the window, Joey.

'Go to the window.'

Now what?

I'm here.

I just walked into madness for you.



Joey, how kind of you to come.

Wait. Wait!

You have to help me. I don't understand. Am I dreaming this?

You'll have to help me.

You will understand, and, no, you're not dreaming.

Forgive me. My name was Spencer, Elliott Spencer.


Joey Summerskill.

Well done. Brave girl.

You've probably never shaken hands with a ghost before. Am I right?

Captain Spencer, uh, Elliott... what the hell is going on?

Hell is exactly what is going on, Joey, and we have to stop it.

Will you walk with me a while?

A dream of one war is a dream of all wars.

Your dreams of finding your father let me find you and bring you to this place, this limbo between Heaven and Hell.

I can't act in your world, Joey, but you can.

What do you want me to do?

There is a monster out there, Joey, and it's me.

'The war destroyed my generation.

'Those that didn't die drank themselves to death.

'I went further. I was an explorer of forbidden pleasures, 'opening the box my final act of exploration, 'of discovery.'

'I found the monster within the box.

'It found the monster within me.'

For decades, I served Hell with no memory of my former life.

I still don't... Monster as I was, I was bound by laws.

Hell has its commandments, too, you know.

The box had to be opened to let me out. The truly innocent were safe, until a friend released me.

Kirsty Cotton.

Yes, but if your soul was freed...

My evil was too strong.

'It hid, 'it waited.'

Well, no longer, Joey.

The shell of the beast has been fleshed.

What I was is out there in your world, unbound, unstoppable.

Then what can we do? There is something we can do but it will require great courage.

I don't know that I have... You just stepped through your window to another reality.

You're stronger than you think.

Tell me what to do. There is a gateway to Hell through which he can be taken back.

He wants to close that door forever.

Where is it?

Your apartment.

It's the box, Joey. He has to destroy it.

You must go back. You must let him come for it.

You found the window, Joey. Use the box to bring him through it.

Bring him here, to my dominion, where I have power.

But what if he takes the box from me? He can't.

It must be given to him and that's where your courage will count.

Because, believe me, he can be very persuasive and very inventive.

Shall we begin?

'We're interrupting our programming

'A catastrophe has happened downtown.

'We're outside The Boiler Room club, downtown.

'There are crowds all around us, police all around. We have reports -

'Excuse me - We've got reports

'that a number have been seriously injured, perhaps even killed.

'There is, at this moment, a body coming out.

'It looks like a body from here.' 'Get off the sidewalk.'

'Sorry, we're just trying to get the information.

'Somebody's been terribly hurt... '

Speak. Doc, Joey. Your TV on?

Uh, what channel? Uh, 12, I think.

And? 'I think I'll need some help.'

'Can you meet me at The Boiler Room club? '

There's no one else I can call and you said...

In a minute. I'm closer.

Find me there.

'Can you tell us what the injuries are? ' 'Not at this time.'

'I can't be sure what, but some kind of disaster's happening.

'We've officers around us, people are terribly upset.

'We're not quite sure what's going on.

'That's the latest we have, a disaster at The Boiler Room.

'We'll have the latest for you later... '


Oh, God...


Doc, no!

Oh, it's unbearable, isn't it?

The suffering of strangers, the agony of friends.

There is a secret song at the centre of the world, Joey, and its sound is like razors through flesh.

I don't believe you.

Oh, come.

Oh, you can hear its faint echo right now.

I'm here to turn up the volume, to press the stinking face of humanity into the dark blood of its own secret heart.

And I'm here to stop you and send you back to Hell.

Oh, no, you can't stop me, child, but you don't have to hear the music.

Just give me the box and I'll free you from the future.

Free yourself from the past.

Don't debate with me, girl!

Just come here and die, while you still have the option of doing it quickly!

You're going to have to come and get me, you ugly fuck!

Oh, spirited.

Oh, good.

Oh, very good.

Oh, I'll enjoy making you bleed and I'll enjoy making you enjoy it.

Oh, Doc, no.

Have you seen what he did to me, you little bitch? Have you seen?

Where are you going?

Run! Get out of here! Relax.

Everything's cool.

Whoa, what the fu...

Ready for your close-up, Joey?

No! Help!

Get the hell out of here! Just calm down...

Shit! No, listen to me. Listen.

Freeze! I said, freeze! Run!

Calm down, please.

Shit! Get back!

Get down, lady!

Shit! Gasoline!


That's a wrap.

My child, what's the matter? What on earth's the matter?

I have to get him back to my apartment, back to the window, but they just keep coming, they just keep coming.

Who keeps coming? The demons. The demons.

Demons? Demons aren't real. They're parables, metaphors.

Then what the fuck is that?

Come on! Come on!

How dare you?

Thou shalt not bow down before any graven image.

I am the way.


You'll burn in Hell for this!

Burn. Of such a limited imagination.

This is my body, this is my blood.

Happy are they who come to my supper.

Come on. Come on and get it. This is what you want.

I can dream now, Joey.

Oh, you wouldn't believe what I can dream of now.

Terri. Relax, baby.

This is better than sex.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah.

They're hand-made, Joey.

The shadow of my former troops, over-eager.

But let them play, hm?

Our game will come later.

Down the dark decades of your pain this will seem like a memory of Heaven.

Aaah. More friends come to play with you, Joey.

Play with this, Pinhead.

Was that it, Elliott?

I didn't bring him through my window.



I don't understand. I was somewhere else, somewhere shining.

Somebody came to me and said, "Your daughter's done well. Go to her."

I don't understand. I do.

I do. It's a reward. Oh, Daddy.

Joey, Joey.

Is it you? Is it really you? Yes.

Joey, they said you'd have something for me.

Something you won't need any more.

This. Here, take it.

How did you know my name?

Thank you, Joey.

Ha, ha, ha, ha. Human dreams.

Such fertile ground for sowing the seeds of torment.

You're so ripe, Joey, and it's harvest time.

It isn't fair! You can't!

Save your tears.

I'll reap your sorrow, slowly.

I have centuries to discover the things that make you whimper.

You bastard! You invaded my mind!

You think your night-time world is closed to me?

Your mind is so naked.

A book that yearns to be read, a door that begs to be opened.

A door. Window...


Couldn't resist playing games, could you?

You had to come through the window of her mind,

but now you're in my dominion.

And now... we're going to Hell.

Ladies first.

No! You'll like her better this way.

Trust me.

Why resist? You love this as much as I.

After all, you made me.

There is a world out there waiting to yield to us.

So much flesh, so many different pleasures.

You're right. We do belong together.

Now, where were we?

Joey! Send me to Hell!

Go to Hell!