Hellraiser: Inferno (2000) Script



What the fuck do you care?

Yeah, we won by seven, but it should've been twenty.

Where were you?

All right, I'll meet you in 15 minutes.

You played right into my game, Professor.

Next week?

Ja, ja, ja.

Even as a little kid... I was always one to examine things closely. The world was full of riddles and mysteries and puzzles, and I learned early on that I had a gift for solving them. I learned that careful examination of how and what and why... would inevitably lead to understanding, even to control. But what I didn't know, what I never could've imagined, was that one day my own life would become the most challenging puzzle of all. Hey, what's an eight-letter word for "slaughterhouse"?

Abattoir. You're good.

How do you spell your last name again?

"N-E-N-O-N-E-N." Tony Nenonen.

What's it been now nine months, Detective?

What's a ten-letter word for your name? For my name?

My name's got seven letters.

Yeah, but it's a ten-letter word.

Ten-letter word?

What the hell is this?

Here's what he looks like with a face.

" Jay Cho. "

We went to high school together.

So you knew this guy, huh?

Was he a friend of yours?


He was real odd.

Was kinda quiet.

Didn't really seem to have any friends.

One year he tried out for the basketball team.

What a nightmare. We tortured the shit out of him until he quit.

What'd you do to him?

We gave him hell.

Yeah, one time I saw this guy that had been attacked by a grizzly bear.

Sort of looked like this.

Somethin'had just ripped him apart. You ever go fishing, Tony?

Sometimes I take the boys up to the mountains.

What do you got?

It's a child's finger.

We got two good prints off the box.

One belongs to your victim.

I'll run the other one through the computer tomorrow.

Can't you run 'em tonight? No.

'Cause, believe it or not, I also have a life.

Feeling any better? A little.

I took a bath.

And a pill.

Are you home for the night?

Actually, I, uh, caught a case.

How was your game?

We won.

Get some sleep.

You'll feel better tomorrow.

I believe in loyalty, fidelity. I understand the concept.

My parents have been married for 40 years. But I live in a different world. Most marriages fail. Most men just leave. I know that would kill her. But if she doesn't know, if doing this keeps me coming back, then who's to say what's right and what's wrong?

Oh, God, these boots hurt.

A detective. I like cops.

You got any gum?

I'll do whatever you want, as many times as you want it.

Livin'in the best of all possible worlds

We're livin'in the best of all possible worlds


You know we're livin'

Am I dreaming?

Help me!

Morning, Detective. You look like you could use an autopsy yourself. You were right about Jay Cho.

The punctures and tears in the flesh were made by a hook, or hooks, with barbed ends.

But they weren't like piercings for jewelry.

There was something bigger, more cutting, like...

Like maybe it was supposed to hurt? Bingo.

What about the child's finger in the candle? Oh, that.

Well, the print was burned off completely, but from the bone growth I'd say the kid was about six or seven years old.

Was it a boy or a girl?

At that age, without D.N.A. Results, you really can't tell.

One more thing. From the blood flow and tissue morbidity, I'm pretty sure when the finger was cut off... that kid was still alive.

Joe. Joe!

Talk to me. Are you listening to me?

What's the answer?

Ten-letter word for my name.

You're giving up quicker than usual, Tony.

Tell me the goddamn word.


Your name's a palindrome.

Palindrome? What's that, huh?

You makin' fun of me?

Is that somethin' bad?

N- E-N-O-N-E-N.

Spelled the same way forwards and back.

It's like the phrase, " Madam in Eden, I'm Adam.

" It's a palindrome.

Ends the same way it begins. I get it.

It's like the name Bob.

That's one too, right?

Yeah. That's good, Tony.

Detective Thorne.

Hey, Joe. It's Daphne. I'm the girl you were with last night.

This is my direct line. How did you... Please!

I'm still at the motel.

Oh, my God.

Oh, God! Please help me!

Please help me!

Okay, listen, wait.

Just slow down.

This is un-fucking-believable.

What happened?

I stayed here last night and...

You and Melanie have a fight again?

It's much worse than that.

Check out the bathroom.

What the fuck do you mean, you stayed here last night?

Tony... Jesus Christ!

What the fuck did you do?

I was with that girl last night.

I did coke with her and I had sex with her, but I have no fucking idea who did that to her.

When I left this morning she was right on this bed sleeping like a baby. Look, Tony, you gotta help me. If I get connected with this thing, everything I have... my family, ten years on the job... gone.

Aw, shit, man.

Don't do this to me, Joseph.

You know me.

I'm a good cop.

I play things straight down the line.


I got a wife and two kids of my own.

I know you do, Tony, and you are a good cop.

But you're also my partner.

Look at me, Tony. Look in my eyes.

You tell me I'm lyin'.

Well, that's it. That's everything I touched.

Phone it in.

It's Nenonen. We got a homicide. Sunrise Motel, 39th and Rose. Yeah, white female, 20s.

Somebody hung her in the shower like a piece of meat. I don't know, you'll have to ask Detective Thorne.

Think it was an anonymous tip.

Let's get the fuck outta here.

Is that what I think it is?

Yeah. It's another one.

No stiffness. This child was still alive.

We gotta find this kid.

You get a match on the print from that box?

No, Detective, but I'm running the print from the box right now.

When did you start?

Two hours ago. A.F.I.S. Goes through 50,000 print cards in an hour.

We got seven million print cards in the system.

Do the math.

Change the parameters. Based on what?

It's a non-suspect ident.

I already limited it to a history of violent crime.

Come on, Detective, let's not waste my time.

Your time is not important right now.

You understand me?

What do you want me to do?

Take out the violent crime parameter.

Leave criminal history wide open.

Go under distinguishing marks.

Select for body alteration. What, like tattoos? No.

Something with hooks.

Try body piercing.

Sherlock fucking Holmes.

Print the file.

It's the last door on the left.

Thank you.

Another happy customer?

So she won't be giving head for a while.

What can I do you for?

Let's talk about the box.

What box?

Little gold box about four inches square.

Jay Cho told me I could find it here.

He did, huh?

Jay Cho.

You tell Jay Cho something for me.

You tell him the Engineer wants his money or he wants his property back.

You tell Jay Cho the next time I see him I'm gonna rip his head off.

And he'd still be better off dealing with me than with the Engineer.

Take it easy, pal.

I'm not Jay.

"Take it easy. " Who the fuck are you?

I'm that guy.

Why don't you tell me about the Engineer, Leon.

Leon? No way.

Leon, you just got off parole.

And Jay Cho is dead. His body was ripped apart by hooks that were big enough to snag a great white.

Guess what.

Your fingerprints were on that box.

He wanted it.

Jay Cho wanted that goddamn box.

He tried to buy it, and when he couldn't afford it the motherfucker stole it off of me.

He couldn't afford it?

Jay Cho had money. Not enough.

Why is the box so expensive?

I don't know.

Why did Jay want it so bad?

I'm just a middle man.

I was just taking offers.

Holding it for the Engineer?

The box is his, isn't it?

Look, man, you can arrest me, you can take me downtown, beat the shit out of me, do whatever the fuck you want, but there is no way I'm gonna talk to you about the Engineer.

That's okay, Leon.

I'll find him, whether you talk to me or not.

Hunt for the Engineer... and the Engineer will hunt you.

If you lost this guy's box, you may be in a world of shit yourself.

Don't forget about me, huh?

Yeah, I'll send you some candy at Christmas.


So, are you gonna frisk me or fuck me?

Cold and sweet's the only way

To beat the heat on a hot summer's day Yeah! All right, man.

You be cool now. There's my man.

Hey, hey, hey, man!

How are ya?

What'd you hook 'em up with, Bernie?

Please. I got scruples.

With the young 'uns I only deal in the double dip.

Ah, keep that thing open, Bernie. I want my birthday present.

Sure got a lot of fuckin' birthdays.

That's right.

So, you, uh, you ever heard of a hooker named Daphne?

What'd she look like?

She's got dark hair, hot little body.

Works the stroll south of the boulevard.

How young?

She's over 18.

Probably a little old for you.

Daphne, Cory, Shauna, Dewanna.

They all kinda blur together, you know.

But yeah, I think I know who you mean. She's kinda new.

Can't say I've partaken.

Who did she work for?

Oh, come on, man. I'm out of that business. Okay, fine. Maybe I know that she works for this, um, this guy, Terry somebody.

Connected guy.

Got a lot going on.

Connected how?

He's a connected guy.

Does he work for the Engineer?

Huh? I don't know no Engineer.

Bernie. I don't know no Engineer.

What the hell, man!

Stop it!

Joe, why are you treating me like this?

What am I, your whipping boy?

You wanna go downtown, Bernie? Huh?

Impound you van, explain your daily activities?

You remember the last time.

Okay, I... Shit! Okay.

I want the Engineer, Bernie.

Who is he?

I never met him.

I swear to God.

I just heard stories.

This guy Terry, he used to run women for the Engineer.

A few years back the Engineer sends Terry this new girl.

Terry... poor bastard... pulls up his pants one day and finds out he's in love.

Well, they decide they're gonna get married. But the Engineer said no.

So Terry just takes her away.

I mean, they elope.

They go hide out in this cabin up in the hills.

They were gonna start this whole new fucking life together. Then one day...

Terry came home and...

She was just gone.

Terry went crazy.

He put the word out on the street.

He said, "I'm gonna find the Engineer and take back what's mine. "

Hunt for the Engineer and the Engineer hunts you.

What did you say?

Nothing. It's just this...

When people... hunt for the Engineer, they say... then the Engineer will hunt you.

So then what happened?

Terry kept looking, but he never found the Engineer and to this day he's never seen the Engineer again. But... Terry started getting these gifts, like the Engineer was sending him a message. A box would show up on his doorstep, or something would come in the mail... a locket that she once wore, or a clump of her hair. When her wedding ring arrived, Terry figured that she was dead. But he kept looking. And then just as it happened when she disappeared, Terry came home one morning and she was back again, just laying there in his bed, sleeping like a little baby.

He tiptoed over to the bed... so he could slide in next to her. He pulled back the covers, but she wasn't there. What do you mean, she wasn't...

Just a note where her body should have been. It said:

"You win, Terry.

I kept what I needed.

The rest is yours. "

You believe that story?

I saw his face when he told me.

Terry wouldn't make that up.

You talk to Terry.

I don't talk to the guy anymore.

I don't know where he is... Aah!

You talk to him.

By the end of the day I wanna know where I can find the Engineer.

You get anything from the ice cream man?

Any information, I mean.

What's up, Tony?

What's bothering you?

I just...

I just think there's some lines you set, and you don't cross 'em.


Otherwise you just keep crossin' 'em one after another, you know, until you're just lost.

We're partners.

And that matters.

That means something to me.

But I can't do this, Joe.

I'm gonna tell the captain about Daphne, about wipin' your prints off. I'm gonna tell him what we did. I believe you didn't kill that girl.

Tell him with me.

It's the right thing to do. Well, you're right about one thing, Tony.

I didn't kill that girl.

And I'm not gonna let anything get in the way of me finding out who did.

Where's your pen?

Your pen.

The one with your initials on it.

The one your wife gave you.

I don't know.

That's right.

It's probably at the crime lab by now.

Forensics picked it up.

You left it at the scene.

And that last pack of cigarettes you smoked, the one with your fingerprints all over the wrapper...

You left your smokes there too, Tony.

You took my cigarettes? No. No, no, no.

You came to me, remember?

I what? Yeah. Yeah, 'cause you fucked some whore... and, holy shit, found her dead the next morning.

You asked me to help you wipe the place clean, cover your tracks.

I should never have done it, but as anyone knows, I am nothing if not a loyal partner.

You have two years in the precinct. Now, who do you think they're gonna believe, me or you?

Especially considering all the evidence.

You fuckin' scumbag.

You planned it?

You fucked me, and you planned this?

No. Nobody is gonna get fucked. You see, that is the beauty of it.

When the crime lab files its report, I'll tell the captain that you were shaken up by what we found at the scene. I saw you have a smoke and touch a few things before you put on the gloves.

It's a simple mistake.

The worst you're gonna get is a verbal reprimand. I don't want to make you look bad.

I'll take care of you.

Just gotta cover my ass, that's all.

And I trusted you.

Detective Thorne?

This is for you.

Stop. Please stop.

No more. No. No!

Please! Please!


I don't understand this.

Can you run a test on the videotape to see if it's been erased?

I can tell if it's been erased, but I can't tell you what was on it before that, if anything.

I know what was on it.

I know what I saw.

Joseph, we've already been through the entire tape twice. There's nothing there. I saw what I fucking saw!

Gentlemen, let's move on. We all have work to do.

Joseph, if you could stay here a moment, please.

I'm concerned about your state of mind. Bernie's your snitch, right?

Was my snitch.

And you knew the first victim, Jay Cho.

I barely knew him.

It was years ago.

My instincts keep telling me something's not right here.

I'm very concerned.

Now, I could suspend you, but I won't do that.

However, I will make a formal request that you see the department counselor.

I don't have time for that, Captain.

There's a child's life at stake.

All the more reason.

It's not optional.

Now, go make an appointment before you do any more work on this case.

Expect to see me come out in handcuffs?

No. Why? Did you do somethin' bad?

Leon Gaultier. His fingerprints were on the box.

The box?

The one at the Jay Cho crime scene. It was under the candle.

Jay stole it from Leon. Thanks for keepin' me informed, partner.

I'm telling you, Tony, I saw the murder weapon, the one that killed Bernie.

It was on the wall at Leon's shop.

What, the whip on the videotape?

Just find Leon... and pick him up, okay?

And keep an eye out for Bernie's van.

What are you gonna do?

I'm gonna go lie down and talk about my childhood.

So, were you involved in the use of deadly force?

Not lately.

Substance problems?

Problems at home?

Didn't the captain tell you why I'm here?

No. Why are you here?

Well, not because I want to be.

Please sit down.

These sessions are informal.

We can just talk about anything you like.

That's a nice picture. It's my daughter Melissa. She's six. I have a little girl too.

She's gonna be nine in about a month.

So I take it you're not a priest?


We get to have a little fun.

She's the best thing in my life.

I envy children.

I envy their innocence.

Yeah. Me too.

That's a Chinese thing, right?

For stress. Oh, that...

just keeps me in the zone.

Close-up magic.

I bet your daughter loves that.

I don't know. I guess I just mostly use it to entertain myself.


could we, um, reschedule this for some other time?

'Cause I haven't got much sleep.

How about tomorrow at 10:00?

Oh. Okay. Sure.

Thank you.

Take care, Detective.

Dr. Gregory said that he envied the innocence of children. But staring at the faces of a thousand missing kids, envy is the last thing you feel. All I felt was rage. Children are the only sacred thing left in this world. And most of these little ones were gone for good. But not the kid I was looking for. That child was still alive. If I could keep it that way, I knew it would be the best thing I'd do in my lifetime.

Hey yourself, Detective.

What's the problem?

They found your snitch.

I got three of my guys up there running around.

All right, thanks.

It's another fuckin' mess, just like you described it.

Are you surprised?

No, not really.

You got two of those?

Yeah, here's one. Mark that "B."

All right, everybody just, uh, just get out.

It's got a voice mail.

You have one unheard voice message.

Bernie, it's Terry.

Listen, about the per... the thing we talked about...

Find Mr. Parmaggi at a place called The Crossing at the end of Old Mining Road.

Now we're even, all right?

After this, I don't owe you a dime.

End of message.

Doesn't this guy usually give us a finger?

Yeah, but we ain't found one yet.

The cash register. What?

It's in the fucking cash register!

It was on the fucking videotape!

Let's go, partner.

Maybe this guy just wants his box back. No, that box was left in plain sight at the first murder scene.

If he wanted the box, he'd have it by now. No, this figures for some kind of message.

He's telling me if I keep looking for him he's gonna kill that child, and I'll die too.

Hunt for the Engineer, and the Engineer will hunt you.

What? He won't have to hunt for long, I can tell you that.

You with me?

Whatever you say, partner.

Well, I see chips, but I...

I don't see a cashier.

You know where I can buy in?

I'm looking for Mr. Parmaggi.

Does he still work here?

I do, and I know all the faces, though I can't say I remember yours.

Those six-guns look real.

Are you here to play?

I have a permit for the guns, if you'd like to see it.

Are you the Engineer?

You flatter me, sir.

Well, I'm not going away.

You can tell him that. Okay?

I got his message, and you can give him this message for me:

I'm not gonna stop until I find that child... alive.

I can assure you, Detective, you're quite mistaken about the Engineer's... message.

Don't fuck with me.

You like to play games, don't you, Detective?

The Engineer likes games, and it appears that you're playing one of his games right now.

He doesn't want you to stop.

He wants you to play the game.

You think this is a goddamn game?


I'm still gonna find that child.

That, I suspect, is the object of the game.

Joseph! Joe.

Holy shit.

Come on.

Turn it off.

Turn it off!

I've been trying to keep you conscious.

Where are we going?

To the hospital.

We're gettin'close. I'm sorry, man.

I got lost in the woods.

I should have been there.

Take me to the house. What?

Man, you gotta go to the hospital.

You're fucked up.

You could have a concussion. Just take me back to the squad!


I need to talk.

Of course. Please come in.

Are you all right?

Yeah, I think I'm losing it.

Why don't you sit down?

What do you mean?

I think I'm going insane.

That's a thought insane people rarely have.

Joseph, please, sit down.

I'm afraid if I sit down, I'm never gonna get up again.

Years ago... when I was first on the force, I heard about somebody called the Engineer.

I always thought it was just a... some campfire story to scare academy cadets and rookies.

And then today, I heard his name again.

You know what I'm talking about?

Oh, please, continue what you were...

Answer my question!

What do you know about the Engineer?

I've returned to this file many times.

It was 1986, my first year as department counselor.

He was a veteran like you, good at his job.

Until he caught a case where everything led to one man... known only by his street name, the Engineer.

This detective began to mistrust his own instincts.

Self-doubt grew into paranoia.

And in his delusions, he elevated the Engineer into a figure of almost supernatural power. He said the Engineer knew everything about every cop on the force, especially him. His anxiety rapidly shifted into a deep depression... till one day he came to work, sat down behind his desk... and shot himself in the head.

What do you see there?

The detective had it with him when he shot himself.

I must admit that I was intrigued enough to actually go and look for it, but when I checked the evidence archives, it was gone.

So it's probably either lost or destroyed by now.

All that's left of it is the picture.

What is it?

You couldn't get it out of your head.

I think you know. You're right.

I did some research.

It's called the Lament Configuration.

It appears in occult literature here and there throughout the centuries.

What do they say about it?

They say it's a window or a gateway. You open it, they come for you and they tear you apart.


Some call them Cenobites.

Others call them demons and say they take you to hell.

Well, they didn't take me to hell.

You opened the box?

Yeah, last night. I had some... nightmare, and... ever since then, I've been seeing... them.

Am I going crazy?

I'm more of a psychiatrist than I am a priest.

Ask me if I believe in the devil, I don't know what to say.

But ask me about this box, from what I've seen and read, I believe it's real.

But the history's consistent. It opens, they come for you... and they leave.

So if you're saying they left you behind, and you're still seeing them, then maybe they're still here.

I live in a world of facts, of close attention to detail. No matter how confusing the mystery, no matter how difficult the puzzle, the answer is always seen and the end is natural as rain. Everything... every process, no matter how complex, is a piece of reality in the end. And the design can be understood. All things can eventually be explained. But maybe some facts are in the eye of the beholder. Mommy, wait!

And maybe some explanations are not of this world. Help me!

Where have you been?

You've not called me.

I have paged you.

Told you I was working a case.

Why do you keep lying to me, Joseph?

You cannot keep doing this. We...

Oh, my God.

What happened to you?

I got jumped by a couple of guys, but I'm all right. Daddy, are you home yet?

No, sweetheart, I'm just...

I'm here for a little while, and then I gotta go.

Come in here with me.

When are you coming home? Shh.

Sweetie, just go back to sleep.



It's okay.


Hi. How are you?




That was your mother. What? She said that she had a visitor.

Someone that you were looking for, or something like that?

I think that she said he was some kind of engineer.

I don't want you to leave this house.

Do you understand me?

I want you to lock all the doors and the windows.

Do you remember how to use this?

Do you remember?

Yes! Are you in some kind of trouble?

Yes, I am.

We are.


Just do as I say.


Please, just tell me something!


It's okay, baby.

I want my daddy.

Daddy's gone.

Can I help you, sir?

Yes, I'm here to see Art and Mary Thorne.

I'm their son, Joseph.

I didn't know the Thornes had a son.

Did they have any other visitors today?

Are you sure you're really their son?

Look, lady, this is an emergency.

They had no other visitors today, or any other day that I can remember.

You'll have to sign in.

Room 116.

Sir, you have to check in.

Sir, please slow down.

What a fine-looking boy.

Mom, you guys okay?

Why don't you visit us, Joe?

He gets a little worse every day.

We never see you anymore.

We don't like it here.

I don't know, Mom. L... I try.

Help me!

Joseph Thorne?

You put that thing away.

Mom? Mom, let me in.

Please, no.

Oh, God!



Oh, h i. How are you?

Wait. Hello?


That was your mother. What?

She said that she had a visitor.

Someone that you were looking for, or something like that?

I think that she said he was some kind of an engineer.

Sir? Sir, wait!

That man had a gun!

Don't you fuckin'move!

Drop it!

Turn around.

I'm with the Denver P.D.

I'm a detective.

I'm looking for the Thornes.

Yes, we've been expecting you. If you had only shown some identification...

I'm their son.

I didn't know the Thornes had a son.

They're not here, sir.

We called the police almost an hour ago.

They've been missing since dinner, and we've searched all around.

They just seem to have vanished.

So strange. Mr. Thorne isn't able to leave the bed anymore... and they've never been prone to wander, like some of our...

Hey. Your wife said you might be here.


Look, I know you have no reason to trust me right now, but I just got a little note from the Engineer.

I want you to come with me to this address.

Captain wants to see you.

Did you tell him about Daphne?

No, not yet.

You're outta control, Joe.

Well, then come with me!

We can catch this son of a bitch!

We can... We can end all this!

Tony, I need you, man.

I'm fucking scared here.

Then come in with me.

We'll talk to the captain together.

And tell him what, huh?

Tell him about the Engineer?

He's not gonna believe my story until I can prove... that the Engineer is the connection!

He's not the fuckin' connection, Joe!

You're the fuckin' connection!

You knew Daphne, Bernie and Jay Cho. There is no Engineer.

There's just you.

Son of a... Get up!


You really think I could kill those people?

You really think I could do that?

You were with the girl, you knew about Bernie... and there was nothin' on the goddamn videotape, and you knew where to find the finger.

What am I supposed to think, huh?

Come on, man.

I didn't mean to do that.

Now, come on.

Do you really think I could do those things?

I don't know, Joseph. You ask me yesterday, I-I'd say, "No fuckin' way," but today, I just don't know.

You need help, Joe.

Go to hell.



Six fingers, six murders.

Only four fingers left.

Do you know who I am, Detective?

Oh, let me guess.

You're the Engineer.

I got your message, and I understand your fucking game.

Is the child even alive?

What do you want from me?

I want you to go home, Detective.

Time to go home.

We have an officer down.

Mountain Vista Elementary School.

I don't know the address.

I'm not at the scene.

Just get a unit there immediately. Out.

Welcome home, Detective.

It takes hours to die from exposure. Hours in which no one came home. No one was here to hear them cry.

Why do you keep lying to me, Joseph?

You can't keep doing this.


Are you home?

Yes, baby, Daddy's home.

He's here.

I miss you, Daddy.

When are you coming home?

They found Tony.

And the child's finger, the one the killer left in his mouth. Only this time the print wasn't burned off. They ran the print taken from the severed finger... and like a miracle, got a match almost instantly.

What they found doesn't make any sense though, Joseph, because the child's fingerprint...

Well, it's yours.

I don't understand.

I know.

You even misunderstood me when I told you to go home.

I didn't mean this place.

I meant your first home.

The home you grew up in. I can help you understand. You see, I know everything about you, Joseph.

Your file's almost complete.

You're the Engineer.

It's as good a name as any.

What are you?

What I am, who I am, is no concern of yours.

I am not the killer.

To find him, you must go back to the place from which you started.

Go back, Joseph. Go home.

Joseph? Joseph Thorne?


I made brownies, Joseph, your favorite.

You know why I baked you brownies, Joe?

'Cause you're such a good boy.

I love you, Joseph.

We'll save some of these for your father for when he wakes up from his nap.


Why don't you visit us, Joe?

We never see you anymore.

We don't like it here. Mom?



Whatever you want, as many times as you want it.

Help me!

I trusted you.

Tony, I'm sorry.

Tony, stop!

I trusted you!

That ain't right, you treating me like this, Joe.


I'm sorry.

I never...

What am I, your whipping boy?

Help me!



It's all a puzzle, isn't it, Joseph?

Like a game of chess, perhaps. The pieces move, apparently aimlessly, but always towards one single objective:

To kill the king.

Who is the king in this game, Joseph?

That is the question you must ask yourself. Don't you recognize your own flesh, your own spirit?

I don't understand.

the eternal refrain of humanity... pleading ignorance, begging for mercy.

"Please, help me.

I don't understand. "

This is the life you chose, Joseph. All the people you hurt, all the appetites you indulged.

You have destroyed your own innocence, allowed your flesh to consume your spirit.

You are your own king, and this is the hell you have created for yourself.


Your flesh is killing your spirit.


Oh, yes, Joseph.

You have forsaken yourself.

Only one finger left now, Joseph.

Only one more death to go.

Welcome to hell.

Jesus. Haven't I earned my money yet?

I'm sorry.

How'd you do? What?

The game last night.

How'd you do?

Well, we...

We won by seven, but it should've been 20.

Tony no-showed. I had to go fishin'.

Detective Thorne.

Hey, Joe, it's Daphne.

I'm the girl you were with last night.

Please! I'm still at the motel.

Oh, my God. Oh, God.

What's the matter, Joe? You okay?

No, don't do it!

I lived in a world of facts, of a reality that I thought I understood. I believed I was the center of the design... and I was certain that I knew all the answers. But now I face the truth about what I've done to hurt those around me, and in hurting them, what I've done to myself.

I've confronted my own demons, and now the only thing I know for certain... is that I will live with them forever.


Dreamed a world

Of lies

Safe as milk

With clouded eyes

Pure is your soul

The trust that we stole

From each other

Underneath the bed

At night

Truth ends up wrong

And right

Dyin'to stay

We're runnin'away

From Eden

We're livin'in the best of all possible worlds