Her Secret Family Killer (2020) Script

[instrumental music]

[seagulls squawking]

[dramatic music]

[crickets chirping]

[woman sobbing]

[woman screaming]

[instrumental music]

Uncle Will. Yeah?

I got more green. Nice.

Hey, Zoe, check out this masterpiece.

What's that supposed to be?

What.. That's, that's you, that's your mom, your dad and this handsome gentleman on the end is me.

Believe it or not, that's actually an improvement for your uncle.

She's funny today.

You know, if you actually worked here like you said you would six months ago when you moved back you could sample the flavors anytime you wanted.

Yeah, but you know, we have April

'working here, the greatest cousin ever..'

Plus, I'd probably eat all your profits.

You know what, don't put it on me that you don't wanna work, okay?

Hey, construction has kept me very busy lately thank you very much.

And baby-sitting me.

Uh, this is true.

Where else are you gonna get a free baby-sitter with this kind of raw talent, huh?

No, no.

What'd you draw, peanut?

It's a picture of grandma and grandpa.

[instrumental music]


I love it.

Hey, you know what, why don't you get some sprinkles with April?


Hey, you've ever notice that, uh, Zoe is ambidextrous?

Yeah, she's my daughter.

Yeah, but Geoff is not lefty, and neither are you and I don't know any other family members who were ambidextrous, let along left-handed.


[instrumental music]

You alright?


I still miss them.

Still feels like it was yesterday.

[Zoe chuckles]

Hey. Here you go. Oh-ho-ho-ho!

Uh, the refrigerator guy is here.

Oh. Yeah.

[clears throat]

Uh, hello.

What? Oh, this is about your mom's surprise party.

It's at 5:00.

Is everybody on there?

No, only the party planning committee which is why your mom's gonna be super surprised.

So don't say anything, okay?

I won't. Yeah, alright.

Hey, Uncle Will. Yeah.

My picture made mom sad.

I wanted her to love it.

She does.

It's just that..

[sighs] You see, you are super lucky because you have a mom and a dad.

'But ours were in an accident when we were younger' and we don't know a lot about them.

Sometimes it's hard to not know where you came from.

Sometimes it feels, like unsteady.

[cell phone vibrating]

[whispers] Don't tell her, don't, okay?

Can I see?

What are you two being so secretive about?

Nothing. Mm, yup.


I'm sorry if my picture made you sad.

Oh, no, peanut.

It is the most beautiful picture in the world.

You know what, I'm gonna go hang it up right here next to grandma and grandpa.

[cell phone vibrates]

Oh. More party stuff.

No, no, this was not for us.

I gotta go, I'll see you later, okay?

[clears throat]

Hey, where you're goin'? Huh?

I gotta go. You just got here.

Why are you bein' weird? I'm not bein' weird.

Not bein' weird, I gotta go.

Got things to do. Bye.

[instrumental music]

[indistinct chatter]

[Sarah] So he tells that thing, where he says he's listening until I go on and on about it and then guess what?

He's snoring. Yeah!

Oh, I almost forgot!

In honor of you soon officially being one year older than me...

Okay, two months. Same thing.

I got you an early birthday present.

Let me know if you need help opening it due to your advanced age.



Let me see.

You're the stars to my moon.


I love you. Hm, you too.

And that's not even your big birthday present..

...which is...

You haven't gotten it yet, have you?

Yeah, well, you know me.

But I promise it will be fabulous.

Hm, full time masseuse?

Trip to Tahiti?

Oh, a full time coffee supply? Wow.

[intense music]

[Sarah] Hey, did you know Zoe is ambidextrous?

She draws left and right-handed, throws, bats and then Geoff and I are right-handed.

I don't think anyone else in the family is ambidextrous..

Hey, you! Did you even hear what I said?

Yeah, sorry, I'm just daydreaming.

You okay? Sorry. Yeah, yeah, fine.

[music continues]

Is it Roger?

Why would you say that?

Well, because you've been talking about the two of you fighting for months.

Look, I get it, being the detective's wife can't be easy.

No, Roger's fine.

It's just, um..

It's just what?

Come on, I'll race you back.

Oh, wow.

Hello. Hm.

Oh, um, is it okay if we stop at the shop first?

April says the fridge is acting up and she wants me to take a look at it.

Yeah, that's fine, we can get by, we got plenty of time.

But we should go like now.

So not like, plenty plenty of time?

We should probably go. Okay.

[seagulls squawking]

Why are the lights off? I don't know. Weird.

[all] Surprise!

[all cheering]

You, you, you, you sneak.

You complain me.

You're the worst and I love you.

Happy birthday.

Alright, okay, now this explains why you two have been acting

'so weird these past weeks. Scheming!'

Were you surprised, mommy? Was I surprised, oh, my God.

I can't believe you kept the secret this whole time.

I know! Dad almost blew it like a thousand times.


I can't believe that no one cracked.

Well, Will and Victoria planned it all.

We just came to celebrate you. Uh, cake.

Actually, I came for the cake. Oh.

I mean, you're okay, too, I guess.

[chuckles] Happy birthday.

Thanks, Uncle Charlie.

My sister would've been so proud of you.

You've done such a great job runnin' the place.

You know, you really were the perfect person to take over the family business.

Thank you. Yeah, thanks.

Yeah, you could go shake some of that ambition out of our son, we'd be grateful.

He's a late bloomer. What are you talking about?

He doesn't even know where the garden is.

Happy birthday, Sarah.

Thanks, Lyle.

Alright now, everybody to the party room to continue the festivities!

[all cheering]

You wore the earrings, it looks so good.

Okay, ready?

You know, you're the only person I know who still uses those things.

Yeah, well, I'm old school.

[instrumental music]

[indistinct chatter]

Oh, hey, Roger. Hey, let's go the gift?

Oh, yes, such a good idea.

Hey, Sarah!

It's present time. Ooh!

Oh, yes.

You are gonna love me for this.

Wait, hold on.

Remember, you might not need it but you definitely want it!

Oh, I'm so intrigued.

Ooh. Whoo!

What is it? It's a genetic testing kit.

I was thinking how you said that Zoe was ambidextrous that maybe you have a long lost ambidextrous cousin.

It was Roger's idea, he was talkin' about how accurate they are.

"Whether it's physical characteristics you can see

"or hidden ones you can't

"My Heredity And Me will reveal a world of connections you never thought possible."

I think it's wonderful, sweetheart.

Maybe you can get some of the answers you've been searching for.

I've always been curious about my ancestry.

That is so thoughtful.

Thank you. I love you.

I'm gonna go show Geoff.

Great gift, Victoria.

If you didn't spend so much time focusing on our family maybe you'd have time to fix your own, huh?

Hey, you okay? Yeah.

[dramatic music]

You scared me.

So you really think it's a good idea to share your DNA like that?

Lyle, you need to relax.

It's just some spit, not state secrets.

And it might help me find answers to...

You'd be exposing your whole family, our family to any person or corporation. Are you comfortable with that?

Okay, it's just my DNA, okay?

Now, it's a party, let's go have some fun.

[indistinct chatter]

Oh, you really were surprised. Yeah.

Well, you know what really surprised me?

Hmm? It's Lyle.

He's acting so weird tonight.

Well, when you shake the family tree there's bound to be some nuts that fall out.

Well, I tried to tell her that her entire family is crazy but she wouldn't listen to me.

Um, Zoe is asleep in the office, I'll meet you in the car.


Bye, guys. Goodnight.

[Sarah] Hey, where's Roger?

He got called back into the station.

Oh, that's a bummer. Well, we'll give you a ride home.

Actually, I have to go back to the school to finish up some things. I left my car there, so..

Oh, I can take you, it's on my way home anyway.

'Are you on your motorcycle?' Yes.

It's okay, I, I brought a change of clothes So, I can just change into that.

Please drive slow.

I will.

Happy birthday.

This is a precious cargo. 'Mm-hmm.'


I love you. I love you.

And I love my gift. I knew you would.

Okay, now, go, go, get outta here, we'll finish cleaning up.

Really? Okay.

Bye. Goodnight you two.

Night. 'Night.'

[dramatic music]

[crickets chirping]

[clock ticking]

[music continues]



[music continues]

[music continues]

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

[music continues]

[screams] Why are you doing this?


[instrumental music]

[Zoe giggling]

Hey, peanut. Hi, mom.

How was school? Fine.

The substitute teacher made us do busywork.

Which is the grown up word for boring.

She's not as fun as Ms. Victoria.

Victoria wasn't there today? She just didn't show up.

Principal Harris said she didn't even call, which is unlike her.

It's weird.

[knock on door] Ah, I got it.

Uncle Roger's here. Hey, kiddo.

Hey, Rog. Hey.

Is Victoria here? No.

And, uh, Zoe said that she wasn't at school today.

The school called and said she never came in.

I was on call last night.

Uh, why don't I go make some coffee?

Zoe, come on. You can help me with the cream and sugar.

Okay. Okay.

Here, come on in.

Right, tell me everything.

I was on call last night.

I got home at 6:00 a.m., I woke up around noon and there three missed calls from school saying she never showed up.

I called her, it went straight to voicemail.

Our bed wasn't slept in last night.

I don't think she ever came home.

We were arguing. I thought we were getting better.

[chuckles] I guess we weren't.

What can I do? I don't know.

I don't know what to do.

You saw her leave Handel's, right?

Yes. I should..

I should trace back from there.

Yes, yes, um, Will..

Will gave her a ride back to the school to get her car.

Have you heard from Will? I mean..

What if they got into an accident?

No, yes, I mean, I talked with Will this morning or texted anyway.

I need to speak to him, he, he was the last person who saw Victoria.

Straight to voicemail.

Um, hey, it's me.

Um, can you call me as soon as you get this?

Uh, Victoria is missing and, um, Roger's here, we're all pretty concerned.

So, can you just please, please call?

Or call Roger? Okay. Bye.

Roger? Hey.

It's just.. This is my job.

I gotta get it together. I..

Please have Will call me or come see me.

Of course.

[indistinct chatter]

Okay, don't worry.. It'll be okay.

[instrumental music]

Hey, um..

[indistinct chatter]

[Sarah] 'People don't just disappear. It's been almost a week.'

Yeah. Did Vic seem anxious to you?

No. I mean, she seemed agitated.

When? When you dropped her off?

Uh, yeah.

You never said anything. I'm saying it now.

Did she seem distracted or anything?

Nothing that stood out.

Although.. What?

On our last run together she did seem... pre-occupied.

Did she say why? No, she said she was fine.

And-and that was it? Like, that's all she said?

No, then she said, "In the next 24 hours I'm gonna disappear off the grid and then leave you to analyze my speech patterns."

You know what, I am trying here.

Can you not pick a fight wit... No, I'm not trying to..


I'm sorry.

I do appreciate you coming out here.

Well, I guess we're all on an edge, huh?


[instrumental music]

So, those were pretty good break, right?

But now, we gotta think strategy.

What's that? Well, it's like a plan.

You can't just go in like, willy-nilly, you know?

So, what I wanna do is I wanna hit... cue ball so that it hits the 13, but I wanna leave it here so that I could hit the 12 into that pocket.

Let's see if you can do it.


[door closes]

♪ I like to see you there ♪ Yeah. I win.

Mommy! Daddy's teaching me strategy.

He is, is he?

While he does that, I'm beating him.

[Geoff] 'She's a ringer.'

Mommy, can I have some ice cream?

Go straight to bed right after?


[intense music]

How was it?


I mean, for such a small town, there are just so many spaces.


And then..

...Will and I got in a fight.

About what?

I don't even know.

He's just acting so strange lately.

What a day, right?

'Hey.' 'Hey.'

I've got good news.

Look what came today.

Oh, no.

It's just this was supposed to be Vic's big surprise.

Oh, honey.

I just keep thinking that she's supposed to be here to open this with me?

Vic's always just trying to make people happy, you know?

She was.

Guess it's too late then. Oh, geez.

Lyle! What, you just creep up on people like that?


What are you doing here anyways?

Aren't you supposed to be on the shifts looking for Victoria?

Mom sent me to grab her Tupperware.

[April] 'Uh, hi, Lyle.'

"Hey, cousin April, how are you doing?

I'm doing great. Thank you so much for asking. You're so.."

I'm gonna go get that Tupperware now.

Why does everyone have to know everything about everyone?

What do you care, Lyle?

Okay, this is mine. You have Windy and Charlie.

My parents are dead. I don't have anyone.

You have Zoe. You have Geoff.

Why can't you just be happy that you're healthy and leave well enough alone..

Victoria never should have given you that test.

She's always a meddling busybody...

Well, she's missing now, Lyle, so you can just let it go.

[April] 'Here's your Tupperware.'


'Are you okay?' No. No.

I mean, I just wanna, like scream or..

Do it. Scream. Let it out.

What do you need?

I think I just need to run this off.

Okay. I'm gonna go for a run.

Okay. My gym bag's in the office.

Just.. Here, I'll take that.

Is that okay? Yeah. Of course.

I've, I've got it. You, you go do you.

Okay. Thanks. Of course.



[twig snaps]

Oh, God, stop freaking yourself out.

[dramatic music]




And I even put in a surprise for you, peanut.

'Cookies?' 'No, way better.'

It's a note from me. Dad!

Alright, what if I told you it was a treasure map.

It'd tell you where all the cookies are hidden?

Is it? No.

'Dad!' Next time, peanut.

Big map. Ah, Nana Windy is here.

Bye, dad. Bye.

Bye, mom. Bye, honey.

Just off. Have a good day.

Thank you. Bye. Bye.


Hey. You okay?

Each day that grows by has me more on edge.

I know this is a small town, but come on there's gotta be at least one lead.

Roger's doing everything he can.

Is he? He's more zoned out than I am.

'He's too close to the case.'

Plus, at this point, this is way beyond his experience.

Murder? I mean, he's beyond his depth.

[clears throat] Hi, guys, I'm sorry, your front door was open.

Roger, I'm-I'm so sorry. It's okay.

You're right. I'm probably too close.

And I'm sure everyone thinks I'm out of my league just she was my wife and no one's gonna work harder than me to solve this.

Um, what-what brings you out here?

There was a break in the case.

I want you to be the first to know.

Really? What-what is it?

I'd prefer to tell you about it down at the station.

The paperwork is there and I can't remove any potential evidence from the station

'I just need your eyes on it.'

Yeah, I had that meeting but I can cancel it.

No, it's okay. Um, you go to your meeting.

Yeah. I'll be fine.

'Thanks for coming..' 'Yeah, sure.'

We found DNA on Victoria's body.

So, you know who did it?

Not exactly.

We couldn't find a match in the criminal database.

So, I had them run a reverse genealogy report.

What-what am I looking? What does this mean?

Well, it lets us cast our net wider.

Instead of searching the DNA sample against only those in the criminal database we can compare it to all recorded DNA on file from genealogy sites that have been made public.

It's a much bigger field.

The DNA we found on Vic matches with someone on one of the genealogy sites

"My Heredity And Me."



[intense music]

Wait a minute, you're not saying that I killed Victoria?

Absolutely not. But someone who shares your DNA did.

The DNA sites have markers and someone who matches with you is the killer.

[sighs] Roger..

...I'm related to half the people in Nelson Springs.

The markers only indicate that it's someone who shares your DNA.

We have no specifics beyond that.

Have you noticed anything suspicious from family members?

[Roger] What?

It's probably nothing, um, Lyle has been acting pretty weird lately.

Weird how?

He was determined that I not take the My Heredity And Me test.

He seemed really paranoid about it.

'But I've known him my whole life.'

I can't imagine him being a killer.

Could you've imagined someone taking Victoria from us

'before it happened?'

'Because it's happened.'


What do I do?

Just stay quiet, procedure states that we can only gather DNA swabs from your relatives with a subpoena.

Why don't you get a subpoena then?

Only with probable cause enough evidence to convince a judge.

I only included you in this information in hopes that you would know something already.

'Since you don't, we've to wait.'


I really appreciate you coming down.

Yeah. Of course.

[dramatic music]


[April] 'Hm. So, everyone is a suspect?'

Mm-hm. Everyone who shares my DNA.

Okay, so, let's see, that's..

...Lyle, Will Aunt Windy, Uncle Charlie Colin, Dorothy, Max..

My money is on Lyle.

He's been acting really strange lately.

Yeah, he has been giving me the creeps.

And he's obsessed with that DNA kit.

Like unnaturally obsessed.

I'm sorry but that's just not normal. It's not.

But it does not make him a murderer plus, it's not like he had a motive.

Who in this town would have had a motive?

Honestly, Victoria, out of everyone here was the nicest, sweetest, probably most generous person in this entire town. I don't even..

Oh, I'm, I'm so sorry.

Man, I have the worst timing. I do.

No. No. It's good to talk about it.

I just feel like I've trying to hold it together for Zoe.

Yeah. So, it's good to..

Thank you for being there.

Of course.

And since half the town is a suspect you're really one of the only people I can talk to.

And that means, I can help.

Roger says that they're doing everything they can.

I mean, don't you think Roger has enough on his plate as it is?

Besides, I am an excellent sleuth.

I am.

I'm sure you are. I promise I'll be careful.

So, why don't you tell me about the day that you found Victoria?


Well, I was running.

I, I felt like someone was watching me so, I bolted for the woods.

[Sarah screams]

I had to throw those shoes out.

Vic helped me picked them out. They were new too.

They were covered in this, this red clay mud.

They were totally stained. It was everywhere.

Okay, well, there's a clue.

I mean, think about it, I wonder if Roger's been searching shoes and tires for that red clay.

I don't know.

He's seems so obsessed with his DNA discovery that I think he's turned all of his focus to that.

Okay, just give me a day or two and I'll look around.

[intense music]

[music continues]

[Sarah] 'Hey, it's Sarah, sorry, I missed you.'

'Leave a message.'

Hey, it's me.

I need to meet..


[music continues]

'Stop. Ma'am.'

I'm gonna have to call you back.

...can't just barge in here..

Uh, I'm sorry, sir. It's okay.

These are starting to become daily visits.

April's missing. What?

My cousin? How do you know?

Because she didn't show up for work this morning and then she left me this.

[April] 'Hey, it's me, um, I need to meet with you'

'because I know..'

That's it? Don't you think that's enough?

I-I know. I sound crazy. But this is April.

Okay, she's so responsible. Almost to a fault.

It's only been a few hours I'm sure there's a perfectly good explanation.

Like there was for Victoria?

Look, I want to believe in you, Roger but are you ever gonna find out who did this?

[sighs] Roger, I'm sorry..

Please fill out a missing person's report.

'I assure you she'll be back.'

It's been less than a day.

Now, I gotta get back to more important work like finding my wife's killer.

You bursting in here with every shadow you see isn't helping.

God, pull it together, Sarah.


[knock on door]

Oh, okay. Oh..

Hey. Come on in.

It's like he's not even trying.

Who? Roger. April's missing.

I told you that guy doesn't know what he's doing.

No, look, I get it. Okay, just focus.

April. Missing.

Did you even hear what I said?

Does this not upset you?

Uh, h-how long has she been gone?

Since this morning.

Okay, then, how do you know she's missing?

Because April doesn't just drop out of contact.

She's never even been late.

Okay. I don't know. I mean, she hasn't even been gone a day.

Like it doesn't, it doesn't, it just feels different.

'We can't just live in fear, right?'

Uh, I mean, just because we, we experienced a-a tragedy doesn't mean that everything will inevitably be tragic from here on out.

We experienced a tragedy?

Wha.. Seriously?

Yeah, I-I'm in pain too here.

Okay, you're the only one who-who knew her.

You don't get to corner the market on grief.

You of all people don't get to talk to me like that.

Me.. Yes, I.. You're the one who came barging in here and started barking at me.


I'm sorry. I..


I'm worried.

I mean, do you want a drink?

Or you wanna stay for a little bit?

Sure. I just gotta use the bathroom.


[intense music]

[Sarah] You're not saying that I killed Victoria?

[Roger] Absolutely not but someone who shares your DNA did.

No, no, no. No, no, no.

[pounding on door]

You okay, sis?


[lock clicks]

[toilet flushes]

'Seriously, you alright?' Yeah, yeah, yeah. I..

'I'll be out in a second.'

[Sarah] They were covered in this red clay mud.

[April] Okay. Well, there's a clue.

Hey, uh.. Wait, where are you going?

Uh, you know, I have to pick Zoe up from daycare.

I totally spaced. Uh, Geoff has to work late tonight.

So, um, yeah, I'm late. I'll-I'll see you later, okay?


[whispering] Please no red clay.

Please no red clay. Please.

Please no red clay. Please no, no red clay.

What are you doing? Oh, geez, you surprised me.

Uh, just dropped something. What?

Um, my keys.

You're sure you're okay? Yeah.

There's nothing you're not telling me?


Is there something you wanna tell me?

Zoe? What?

Your daughter. Oh, yeah, right. Yeah.

Sorry, I, I gotta go. I'll, um, I'll talk to you later.


[tires screeching]

I really shouldn't be letting you in this late, Mrs. P.

Oh, Sarah.

Jasper, please, we've known each other since we were kids.

I really appreciate it.

Just this was the last place that Victoria was seen before, you know..

Feel free to look around. I know you guys were close.

Did the police go through everything?

Yeah, for the most part, although there was a box that I found and no one's gone through yet it's in the drawer.

I'm headed out, so, take your time.

Thanks, Jasper.

[instrumental music]


[intense music]

[door closes]



[music continues]

[music continues]



[music continues]

[music continues]

[tires screeching]

[instrumental music]

Geoff! Hey, babe.

Call Roger. I-I tried to call but they said he was out.

I just got off the phone with him.

Yeah, he's on his way over here, actually, he said he's got some new information for you.

So, so, Roger's coming here now?

Yeah. What's the matter?

I, I was at the school..

What were you doing at the school?

I was just trying to recreate Victoria's last night.

Honey. No, I know.

I just, I-I needed to do it.

And then I got locked in the building.

Okay, well, you're there after hours it's, it's probably just an accident, you know.

No, it wasn't an accident, Geoff!

[knock on door]

That, that's just Roger.

Hey. Thanks for coming.

Sarah, are you okay?

No. No, someone, someone is after me.


That's what I'm trying to tell you.

Okay, I-I was at the school and then someone was after me.

They were chasing me. Okay, who? Who's they?

I, I didn't see a face.

It must've been Lyle.

Wait, why do you say that?

Because who else could it be?

Sarah, I think you should sit down.

No, no, no. I-I don't want to sit down.

Please this is really difficult.

[music continues]

Okay, um..

We just got a report that someone broke into the school.


The person who phoned it in gave the description and plate of a motorcycle seen speeding away from the scene.

Sarah, it's Will's.

No. No, th-that can't be right.

I mean, come on.

We're trying to bring him in for questioning and we'll ask him then.

But right now, we can't seem to track him down.

No, I mean, he'd want to clear this up more than anyone.

He's innocent.

[Will] 'Hey, it's Will, you know what to..'

'Hey, it's Will, you know what to do.'

Hey, Sarah.

[Will] 'Hey, it's Will, you know what to do.'

Roger, you know that Will would never do anything like that.

Yeah, I'm sure there's an explanation.

You know Will, he..

I just need to talk to him.

Has he been acting unusual at all?

No. Nope. Same old Will.

[Roger] 'I'll let you know when we find him.'

I'll let myself out.

Thanks for coming. Thanks.

I'm so sorry. Are you okay?

Yeah, I mean, physically, yeah, I guess so.

You know that it could never be Will, right?

You know that. Yeah.

But, Sarah, you gotta let Roger handle this.

Okay, until we have all the facts you have to stay away.

Can you do that for me?


Yeah, you have my word.

Thank you.

Hey, Windy?

Zoe? I'm home!

It looks beautiful.

It's good? Yeah.

[indistinct chatter]


I can hardly wait to see it. 'Don't you look pretty?'

I always told your Uncle Charlie that I had a model's bone structure.

Oh, of course, you do. I've always said so.

Okay, I have a few more finishing touches but would you like to see it early?

Of course!


Here it is.

It's like I'm looking in a mirror.

It's great, peanuts.


Here, let me take that for you.

Being able to spend time with that girl of yours means more to me than you know.

And I get her all to myself.

[no audio]

...were so strong in your personalities.

I feel like I get to watch Zoe bloom. It's nice.

You know, um, speaking of Lyle..

Um, have you talked to him lately?

'Just at the house in passing, and whatnot. Why?'

I don't know, um, I've just seen him a bit and he seems... angry.

Like, at me.

Well, you know he was always jealous of you.


Because if-if anyone was jealous it was, it was me of him.

Because he had you and Charlie growing up and..

...and Will and I... didn't.

Well, who knows what someone envies, really.

But maybe he felt a little crowded.

Yeah, he must've hated us.

Gracious no! He, he worshipped you.


I remember he used to follow you when you'd walk to school just to make sure no one bothered you.

And Will too. For years.

Every day.

Wow. I-I, I never knew that.

I don't think Lyle wanted anyone to know.

I did, because I was just as protective of all of you.

It's also how I knew that Will used to skip school and hang out in the woods.

You knew that? Yeah.


Sometimes he swam in the creek sometimes fished.

He loved the woods.

Knows them like the back of his hand.

How do you know all this?

I liked my walks.

Sometimes they serve a dual purpose.

That brother of yours is fascinating.

Infuriating, and charming and, and surprising.


Oh, I better get going, get dinner made.

Those boys are kind of lousy in the kitchen.

Wow, what are these?

Oh, uh, those are..

...were Vic's.

Oh, I'm so sorry, honey.

Um, I'm gonna get them developed.


You sure you wanna see?

What do you mean? I mean, they're-they're just photos.


What are you saying, Windy?

I'm just saying I love you is what.

And sometimes love can fog a person's vision.

You, my girl, love fiercely sometimes so much that you miss things.

What am I missing?

[chuckles] Oh, listen to me. Getting all cryptic and strange.

Must be age. I love you. See you tomorrow.

[intense music]

That's impossible.

'Hey, babe.' Geoff.

Uh, um, you're not gonna believe this but I have another brother.


His car's still in his driveway, and his bike is still missing.

There's no record of credit card use so he's obviously laying low.

What do I do?

Put up flyers outside of town, see if anyone's seen him?

This doesn't look good for me or the department.

They can't think I'm in over my head.

I know, sir.

Put up the flyers.

Keep on looking. Yes, sir.

Officer Park? Sir?

Did you get the files in the missing woman's telephone records?

April Baxter? Yes, sir.

Email them to me.

Right away.

Here you go.

Thanks. Have a good one.

I got two scoops of coconut pineapple.

Oh! What a nice surprise!

Well, looks like you already helped yourself.

Uh, maybe. Yeah.

Hey, did you, um, find out any more info about your half brother?

No. I, uh, messaged him through the My Heredity And Me site but I have to wait for him to get back to me.

Right. It's crazy that you wouldn't even know you had a brother if it weren't for that DNA test.

Yeah, my dad's family was always a bit of a mystery.

You know, Windy alluded to my dad having a, a girlfriend that he left for mom.

Oh, can you get these developed for me?

I can pick 'em up at the store later.

Are these, um..


Alright. I will. Thanks, babe.

Love you. I'll see you later. Okay.


There it is. Come on, dude, go get it.

We shouldn't be here.

Aw, poor baby.

Afraid of a crime scene? I'm not afraid.

Dude, it's been a month since they found the lady.

Go get it, chicken? Fine.

Come on.


[Sarah] What are you saying, Windy?

[Windy] Sometimes love can fog a person's vision.

You, my girl, love fiercely sometimes so much that you miss things.

How could I not have known?

That's Will's bed.

'Hey, babe.' Hey, Geoff.

I know you guys are on your way. Can you hurry?

I think we have to go to the police.

[Geoff] 'Yeah.'

[intense music]

[dramatic music]

[horn blaring]


Mommy! 'What you doing?'

Go! What?

He's not here. We'll wait.

He's out on a call. Another body was found.

Oh, my God. Whose?

I have no idea, ma'am. This literally just happened.

Why me? Why is someone after me now?

Someone? Babe, you said he had a motorcycle helmet on.

Then it was someone else on a motorcycle helmet.

Will wouldn't do this.

What if it's the other guy?

What other guy?

Your half brother..

...whom you've never met and-and has zero motivation?

Babe, come on.

I just, I can't believe that this was Will.

And if they're looking for a killer who shares my DNA then it says right here that this person shares a parent with me.

Well, then why hasn't Roger pursued this?

I don't know, but it might clear Will.

Babe... I know you wanna believe that but at some point you gotta face the facts.

Okay? The affair.. No.

The picture with the gun.. No.

You almost getting killed.. Babe..

It's personal.

I'm so.. Okay, look, okay, okay, I'm sorry.

Maybe, maybe you're right.

Maybe it's not Will, but we gotta rule him out first.


And if Roger won't do it then I-I can. I'll go over there.

I'll-I'll see if I can get us some answers.

Honey.. Ma'am?

You okay? Would you like a tissue?

Or water... No, she's not okay.

My wife was almost killed.

Roger's wife was killed.

It's probably the same person. I want him found.

We are looking, sir. This is ridiculous.

You know what, if you're not gonna do your job, I will.

I'm just gonna go to Will's house.

I'll ask him myself, okay? I'll get us some answers.

If he didn't do it, we know it tonight.

Stay here. You're safe here.

Geoff. Geoff, don't. I will call you later.


You need to get me Roger before my husband goes and does something stupid.

You know what, I'm just gonna call him myself.

[cell phone vibrating]

Hello? Roger.

It's Sarah. What's up?

Geoff is on his way to Will's right now to confront him.

You have to stop him.

Alright, I'll go there right now.

Listen, Roger there was another match on the DNA report. Did you see that?

What're you saying? 'I have a half sibling.'

Uh, there's no name or location you have to submit an extra request for that but whatf it's not Will?

Sarah, it's a high match, the DNA.

That, plus the affair make it...

Wait. You knew about that?


Vic came to me.

She said she was going to end it with Will but she was afraid he'd take it badly.

'She said she was going to do it the night of your party.'

'Problem is without proof, it's just circumstantial'

'it's not enough for a subpoena.'

I found one of Vic's earrings at Will's place.

And there are pictures, Roger of them together.

I'm sorry.

And-and... one of them had a gun aimed at Vic while she was asleep.

Does that give you enough?

Are you sure that's Vic's earring?

[Sarah] 'Yes, I'm sure.'


I'm gonna need you to get me the earring and all the pictures as soon as possible.

Yes. Of course, I-I'll bring them tomorrow.

Can you just please...


...they found April's body.


'The same person who killed Victoria killed April.'


[Sarah] Can you just please go get Geoff?

I'm afraid for him. Can you just please bring him back?

[Roger] Alright, will do.

Will, it's Geoff.

Hey, Will?

Are you home?


Man, I got Sarah's DNA results back.

You're definitely gonna wanna see this.

'Come on, Will.'

The next people that are gonna want to talk to you is gonna be the cops, so..

[sighs] Oh!

You scared the heck out of me.


[police siren wailing]

[telephone rings]

Ma'am, it's Roger.

Roger? 'Sarah, I-I'm so sorry.'

I got to Will's as soon as I could.

It looks like your brother attacked Geoff

'and then got away.'

Oh, my God. Is he okay?

I'm calling an ambulance.

Meet me at the hospital.

[monitor beeping]

[indistinct chatter on PA]


[sniffles] Hey.

[Roger] 'How are you holding up?'


I'm not.

You okay? Yeah.

I have some good news.

We found your brother.



He was staying at the old hotel off of Route One.

I guess the cashier at the convenience store recognized his picture from the APB.

He's going away for a long time.

I still can't believe that Will did this.

To Geoff, to April, to Vic.

I mean, Roger, he tried to kill me.

I know it seems unimaginable but we can't deny all the evidence.

That, plus your testimony, allowed me to obtain a subpoena for Will's DNA.

It's a definitive match.

To both of them?


I'm-I'm-I'm sorry, Sarah.

'How's Geoff?'

[sighs] He's holding on.

Other than that, I don't really know.

They can't tell me much except that there's a lot of swelling, so..

I'll be back to check on you both later.


[instrumental music]



My family and I would still be in danger if it wasn't for you.

So thank you.


Oh, God.

You can't stop doing that, can you?

My mother said if you don't eat her coffee cake I would be the one in trouble.

You know how bossy she can be.

Don't make me have to lie to her.

I promise I won't get you in trouble with Windy.


How are you?


Hey, Sarah..

...I'm real sorry.

Me too, Lyle.

Why are you sorry?

You first.

I was a real bastard about the whole DNA test.

I'm sorry. Yeah.

You were.




When I was in trade school I got my girlfriend pregnant.

The girl, Alice, moved.

She had the baby, a girl and put her up for adoption.

I didn't want my parents to know.

I didn't want to disappoint them... anymore.

[clears throat]


I'd love to meet her one day.

My daughter.

But I want her to find me when she's ready.

I don't wanna force it, I don't want anyone looking for her before then.

So when you took the DNA test I felt vulnerable, exposed.

Like the truth was going to come out before it was supposed to.

It feels good to get that off of your chest... finally.

I hated not being able to say anything.

It's.. It's okay.

I got your back.

And I got yours.

Sarah, you're family.

I'd do anything for you.

Thanks, Lyle.

That means more than you know.

[instrumental music]

[indistinct chatter on PA]



'I didn't wanna wake you.'

His head was kinda lolled to the side so I was giving him some more support.

Mm. That's so kind of you.

Oh, I must have fallen asleep.

[Roger] 'How's he doing?'

Well, they took him off the oxygen and he's breathing on his own now so that's good.

They say, hopefully it's just a matter of time now before he comes to.

That's wonderful news.

I just popped in to check on you.

I'll be back tomorrow.

Okay. Thanks, Roger. For everything.


[device beeping]

Roger? 'What?'

Did you see that? He moved.

That's great.

[grunts] Sarah?

I'll go get someone.

[Geoff] 'Roger, Roger... '

Shh! 'Where?'

Yeah, Roger was just here. He was checking up on you.

Roger, Roger..

Roger did this.


Will... No.

Will, Will wasn't there.

What? 'Roger hit me.'


[Geoff] 'Roger did this. Get Zoe.'

'Give me my, give me my phone.'


Get everybody. What's going on?

Is he alright? Yeah, he-he just woke up.


Look, you cannot let anyone else in this room.

Do you understand me?

He's a federal witness. He-he needs protection.

He needs somebody in this room.

Don't leave him alone!

Go get security.

[cellphone rings] Hello?

[automated message] 'You have a call from the San Bernardino'

'correctional facility from..'

'Will.' Yes, yes, yes.

'Sarah?' Will?

God, I'm so glad you're okay.

Look, I had to get out of town and clear my head and I'm-I'm so sorry that I never told you about me and Vic.

Alright? I-I wanted to..

You know we both did. It's just..

We were waiting.

No, no, no, don't worry about that.

Oh, God.

I'm so sorry I got you arrested.

I'm so sorry I ever doubted you.

[Will] It's okay. I'm just, I'm glad you're alright.

[Sarah] 'I'm gonna get you out of there.'

I know you will, alright?

But you have to be safe.

Alright? I-I cannot lose you too.

I loved her so much, you know?

I know. I know.

And she was gonna leave Roger.

Like, he found out and-and... I know.

He attacked Geoff. Roger did.

Alright, look, you have to protect yourself, alright?

If-if-if Roger finds out that Geoff is still alive he's gonna come after you.

I know. I have to go get Zoe.

'Well, is she with Windy?' Yes.

You have no idea what this guy is capable of, Sarah.

You tell everyone what you know.

I know. I know.


I have to hang up.

'I love you, Sarah.' I love you, too.

[phone beeps]


I'm in danger. I'm at the house. Roger killed Victoria.

[phone chimes]

You okay?

Yeah. Yeah. I was just..

I was just taking a breath.

Come on, I'll walk you in.

No. No, that's okay. No, I insist.

I put a protection detail on your house I'll wait until it arrives.

How is Geoff?

You know, he-he woke up.

Uh, and-and mumbled a little.

I-I couldn't understand him though.


...he seemed like he was in a-a lot of pain though so they're gonna put him back in a coma again for another few days.

Oh, hi, honey.

I didn't know you were coming home.

Yeah, I thought I'd sleep in my own bed.

Besides, Geoff's gonna be out for a few more days, so..

Um, how is Zoe?

Great. She fell asleep in my guest room.

Hi, Roger. 'Hi, Windy.'

Hey, do you have your phone on you?

Mm, uh, yeah.

[sighs] Oh, it's dead.

Were you trying to call?

Earlier. Um, yeah, but that's alright.


Actually, I-I think I might take her to go see her dad.

At this hour? Yeah.

Having her there might make him heal faster.

Oh, honey, let the child sleep.

I can go.

No, that's okay.

I insist. Okay.

Well, goodnight, sweetheart.

And please call me if you need anything.

I'll charge my phone, I promise.

Goodnight, Roger. Goodnight.

[door closes]

So, when did you know? What?

Don't play games with me, Sarah.

I know you think I'm an idiot, but I can pick up on things.

I'm a cop.

Have a seat.

I-I don't want to sit down.

I wasn't asking.

We-we can talk about... Sure, yeah.

We can talk.

But the outcome's still gonna be the same.

I think I'm gonna be sick.

Have at it.



'Let's have a chat.'

I found that Victoria was cheating on me.

They were in love. She was gonna leave me.

Can you believe that? I mean, what would people think?

They-they... Shut up!

I had read about law agencies using reverse DNA matching through the public sites.

'The bigger agencies considered it a new and viable tool.'

'So, why not us?'

So I manipulated Victoria into giving you a DNA kit for your birthday stole a brush with your brother's hair and set my plan in motion.

I gave her one last chance, Sarah. I really did.

But... she wanted to be with him.

'And there's no way that was going to happen.'


I loved you.

Why are you doing this?

[sobs] What are you doing?


You killed her.

And framed your brother. And April?

Well, when she discovered that I'd rinsed red clay off of my tires she put two and two together.

She had to go.

[whispers] I made it quick.

[cell phone vibrating]

Where are the pictures, Sarah?

They're at the station. Lie.

We spoke on the phone. You said you'd bring them by.

Now, where are they?

Or... things could get ugly fast.

'Where are the pictures, Sarah?'

See, at first..

...you were just a puppet.

I strung you along, scaring you..

...making you doubt everyone around you and then slowly, surely I pointed your attention to that lowlife brother of yours.

The motorcycle helmet the tip after the break-in.

'Because if you believed he was the killer'

'no one in town would ever suspect me.'

'The earring and the pictures, those were just a bonus.'

Here it is.

See that gun there?

Yep. That's mine.

This was a moment of weakness.

See, I found her one night.

At his place.

He went out to get them food.

'It was one of those little cameras' lying next to her, scaring them I like that idea.

She never had a chance to get them developed.

But when you mentioned you grabbed a bunch of cameras from the school, I remembered.

You see, a smarter person would identify my standard issue firearm and then, uh-oh.

So I went to the shop to get them.

If I couldn't find them well, taking you out would have been okay too.

Since Will was all primed to take the fall.

Everyone always underestimates me.

They think I'm just some small town bumbling idiot.

But you, you know how smart I really am.

'It's just sad that in your hysterical state' you're gonna suffer a tragic and fatal accident.

Oh, and Geoff just won't wake up.

You're just a loose end.

I will give you this though, Sarah you've proven fair game.

You stabbed me, woman!

I gotta say, I did not see that coming.


[Sarah grunts]


[intense music]


There's nowhere to go, Sarah!

Zoe? Zoe?

Come on out!



Baby, it's okay, it's okay.

Come on out!

I want you to stay inside, okay?

I won't hurt Zoe.

I'll make it quick.

'That way she doesn't wake up.'

'Cause you know..

...she'd be another loose end.

I'm gonna count to ten.












'Sarah, where are you?' 'Where are you?'



Evening, detective.

Where's Zoe? She's in the closet.

Get her out of there.


It's over, Roger.

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ Blow 'em out.


I gotta get a picture!

'Say Zoe!'

[all] Zoe!

Good job. Okay.

Now, I'm guessing you guys are gonna want something to go with this cake, huh?

Hm. Broccoli?

[all] Ice cream!

Wait, what was that? Asparagus?

[all] Ice cream!

Apparently, they want ice cream.

Okay. Take one and then pass it around.

Sarah. Cliff.

Wow, you're really tall.

Oh, you're a, a lefty.

I'm ambidextrous actually.

Um, uh, one second.

There's someone I want you to meet.

Will. Nice to meet you. Hey.

You too.


Man, I-I'm just so happy you're not more handsome than me because that would have made things awkward.

Well, somebody had to get the brains.


You're gonna fit right in here.

Here, come meet the family.

[Sarah] 'This is my husband Geoff.'

Hey, Geoff. Uh..


And this is my daughter Zoe.

Hey. Your niece.

It's so nice to meet you.

I heard you're a gifted artist shortstop and you're ambidextrous.

'I'm your Uncle Cliff.'

Cool! Now I have two uncles?


And this is for you. Happy birthday.

Thanks. Absolutely.

How many candles do you have on the cake here?

Nine. 'Nine?'

You know, I've been thinking.. Uh-oh.

I was thinking that..

...I wouldn't change this for the world.

Maybe you, me, and Uncle Will can do something some time.

[Cliff] 'That sounds like a good idea.'

Let's go get some cake.


[indistinct chatter]

[instrumental music]