Hercules Reborn (2014) Script






What has happened to you?

Please no!



Not bad.



You fight like a girl.

Ah, like a girl, huh?

Looks like you just been beaten by a girl.

Do you yield?

I yield.

Impressive, Horace.

Except that I lost.

No shame in losing to the best.

You arrogant bastard.

Nothing wrong with arrogance... as long as it coexists with talent.

Which it does with you, Arias.

See my influence in every move that you make.

Which is why, I am making you my new captain.

You mean...

Yes! I'm promoting you, my friend.

Thank you, General.


So, it's true.

And you said it was just a rumor.

If we were all born leaders, then there would be no followers.

Wouldn't you agree, Horace?

Did I miss the match?

Yes you did, my love.

Who won?

I did, of course!

Well, tell her the great news!

Great news? Well, what is it?

I have just been promoted to Captain.

-Congratulations! -Thank you.

Alright you two, save it for the wedding.

Forgive me, Horace. I didn't mean to offend your prudish sensibilities.

Prudish? You should know me better then that.

So, the two of you shall wed?


And as best man, I can only say... she should be wedding me.

Are you hungry?

My mother has invited you all to a feast.

To celebrate our engagement.

Sounds delightful.

I will attend. See you then. Horace.


Good riddance. Arrogant aristocrat.


He's just jealous.

Please. Jealous of that donkey in a General's outfit?

He was born of a silver spoon in his mouth.

I just don't understand your blind devotion to Nikos.

How many times do we have to speak about this?

Apparently, a few more until you will listen to reason.

What exactly is reasonable about conquering a completely peaceful village?

If you want a reason to attack Haon, I can give you thousands.


The gold in their mines, is that your reason?

Yes. Of course.

They're discovering more each day, and their people are growing wealthier and wealthier.

While we--

While we what?


Is there not enough food on your plate?

Unlike you, your grace, I know what it's like to be poor.

And if we do not expand, we will end up that way again.

I am not going to attack a village and overthrow it's leaders simply to attain its riches, and to claim some things that we have no right to have.

That gold belongs to whoever has the might and will to take it.

To you.

To us.

We have to do it now, while we have the power.

What power we have comes from the fact that our people respect us.

That will work for us.

We risk losing everything, for what?

A few gold nuggets?

Who are you to lecture me about greed while you sit here on your royal--

Who are you to talk to your Queen like that?!

Forgive my insolence, your Highness.

This meeting is adjourned.

Leave now!


Am I interrupting?



Iona, dear, a plate, huh?

Do not bother, Iona. Thank you.


I'm to have dinner with the King and the Queen this evening.

I wouldn't expect you to dine with common folk like us then.

I have news I wanted to share with you both.

Theodora is not with child already, is she?


Of course not.

I'm to be made captain in the King's army.

-Congratulations. -Thank you. -I'm proud of you, cousin.

You know the army could use a man with your leadership qualities.

You'd have to point a sword at my back.

I'm quite happy where I am.

Isn't it beautiful?

Only rivaled by your beauty.


Tell me.

Are you looking forward to the wedding?

I think of nothing else.

Why would you even ask?

Well...I know men value their bachelorhood.

Who told you that, Horace?


Well, he is hardly the expert on love.

And what makes you an expert?

I have loved you since I met you.

That is years ago.

And I am blessed by the gods.

We knew this day would come!

A day when we would seize back our power and reclaim our kingdom!

King Demetrius is weak, and our people have fallen into despair.

If he is unwilling to do anything, then we must take control of our own fate.

We must stand together and take back what is rightfully ours!


We shall show our might...

And I shall lead Enos into the future.

Know this, we must destroy before we can rebuild!

Mercy is for the weak!


Take Arms!

This is your destiny!

What is that?

We're being attacked!

I have to find Horace and the others.

And see what is happening.

Let me come with you.


I'm scared.

It is far too dangerous.

Stay with your family.

Be careful.

I shall return soon. If for some reason I shall not, you have to flee.

Go to my cousin Tymek's, he will help you.


What is happening?

I don't know my dear.

You two, run! Run!

Hide you two, hide!

Go, Go!

What's this?

I'm reliving you of your command.

This is outrageous! I will not allow that!


I did not think you would.



The townspeople will never respect your rule.

They do not have to respect me.

They will live by my rule, or they will die.

I know what I choose.



What on Earth are you doing? These are civilians.


Two against one, that's not very fair.

These are Nikos' soldiers.

Do you still think your mentor is a man of honor?

I'm sure there must be an explanation.

Then let's go find out.

Cut off their heads.

Hang them on the city gates.


Over the mountain, in the city of Sagev...


It is rumored that the man known as Hercules resides there.


Hercules again.

Arias, those are just stories from our youth.

People have seen him.

People other then General Nikos?

Hercules has been known to aid to those in need.

He has the strength of 20 men.

Maybe we could convince him to join our cause.

Oh, Tymek.

Peace, Brothers.

-Have you got news from the castle? -I have.

Although, you're going to wish I hadn't.

It's the King and Queen.

-Alive? -I'm afraid not.

The King by Niko's hand, and the Queen by her own.


Their heads are posted on stakes outside the castle gates.

And the Princess?

-She's alive. -She's safe?

Afraid not, cousin.

Nikos has her. She's being held captive.

That's it! With or without you, I'm going in.

I will not allow it.

If you get killed, how does that help Theodora?


But then we're going to Sagev.

And we will find Hercules.

I'll go with you.

No! Tymek. You stay with your family.

Gather as many men as you can.

Lead the resistance!

Keep the people's hope alive.

We're with you, cousin.

Good Luck.

All of you.

And to you, Tymek.

We're gonna need it.

Good people of Enos!

I am your new King!

Where is Arias Dudunakus?

Bring him forth and you will be rewarded greatly.

If you do not, you will be punished, greatly.

I assure you, I am a man of my word.



Your Highness.

Forgive me, you Highness.

I have seen your man, Arias, flee the village with some other men at dawn.


Show yourself, or I will spill this man's blood as surely as I stand here!

Your hero has left you.

Remember this day.

Remember this man's fate.

Do not defy me.

It's hard to believe any Demigod would live here.

He's here. I feel it.

He has to be.

Where shall we start?


By the gods...

I do not think there's any gods in here.

Maybe not even half-gods.

He looks like a beast.

Ask him.

Perhaps he's the half god you're looking for.

We're looking for a man named Hercules!

And who might you be?

I'm Arias Dudunakus from Enos.

I'm looking for a man named Hercules.

I have a handsome purse for the man who claims to know him.

Anyone here named Hercules?

I am Hercules!

No! I am Hercules.


Of course you are.

I am the real Hercules!

Now give me your purse.

I am Hercules! I am Hercules!

At least you found your army.

I just hope your handsome purse can afford so many Demi-Gods.

Quiet you fools! Spend you coins or go!

I am Hercules. I am Hercules.

Farewell, Herculeses. It's been a pleasure.

Here she is, Dominus.

She's been cleaned as ordered.

-Leave us. -Yes, Dominus

Sorry to put you here.

It's hardly befitting of a Queen.

I will not hurt you.


...do that again.

You should know better than to strike a King.

You are not my King.

How wrong you are.

Just because you push me away does not mean I will not take what I want.

You will pay for what you have done, Nikos.

By the gods, you will pay.

Your gods have no power over me.

They will strike you down, but through Arias.

They will send him here to end this and end you.

Where is your Arias?

Where is your Arias?

Where is your Arias?

I just know that he will return.


He will return.

Not to save you.

Or his village.

Or even to kill me.

He will return to bow at my feet.

He will bow at my feet, and I shall have his head.

That wench took my coins. I saw you, you stinkin' whore.

I'll be back tomorrow.

Don't come back until you've paid your bloody debt, you filthy drunken dog!

Take my hand, friend.

Get away from me.

You are drunk.

That I am.

Now leave me be, before I...


Lead me to Hercules, and I shall pay your debt at the bar.

I am Hercules.

The fruit of Zeus's loins.

Now, give me some coins.

Arias, this man is a worthless drunk.

This whole town is worthless.

Come, let us find some sleep and be done with this in the morrow.

We need to find Hercules to fight General Nikos.

We'll find another way, Brother.

I am Hercules. I am Hercules.

I am Hercules!

I am Hercules!

Of course you are, friend.

Sleep it off, Hercules.

You know I've done you a favor.

Arias will never be as powerful as me.

In time I will skill you, in ways to love me.

I said not to disturb me.

We know where Arias and his men are.

They left for Sagev.

Send the regiment immediately.

Your Highness.

Don't worry...

You will love me.

You know nothing of love.

I know everything of love.

Everything I do... everything I've done, is for love.

You think me incapable.

It was once one I loved so much, when she chose another...

I killed her.

That...is how deep I love.

How where the mines today?

It's unpleasant work under the best conditions.

But with Niko's men in charge... They even refused us water.

What's that?

They still seek Arias.

That's the sound of men being tortured for information.

Is there anything that you can do?

What would you have me do?

If I try to help, they'll just torture me, too.

What if that doesn't work?

Your cousin's plan.

What if Hercules is what Horace says he is.

A myth.

We cannot live under these conditions.

Our son cannot grow up... under tyranny.

Nor will he.

The traitors of Enos are in there.

Take the traitors to the street!

You are lead by the wrong man, General Nikos means only bad for Enos.


The gods are against you today.

For the crime of treason.

General Nikos... now...

King of Enos...

Hereby sentences...you to death!

You have betrayed Enos.

And for that... you'll die!

Mount arms!

I am Hercules.

I'm Arias. This is Horace.

What do you know of General Nikos?

Ah, yes, Nikos.

He is the one we are after.


The one who's after us? Depending on how you look at it.

He trained you, right?

Is that what he told you?

So, you know of him, then?

Let's just say I have more of a reason to kill him than you.

Then you will help us?

Your Highness.

It was ordered that you must eat and--

By the gods!

Your highness!

Princess Theodora.

Arias said that if anything bad happened to come here.

Please, help me.

Please, come in.




Praise the gods, you've escaped!

What's happened?

Where's Arias? I need Arias.

He's gone to Sagev.

-Why? -To find Hercules.

You're safe now.

Arias will be back soon.

So, Hercules...

Why did you decide to save us?

I have my reasons.

No one has asked for my help in a long time.

Is it true what they say?

What do they say?

That you are the son of Zeus?

If I am, then he has chosen to damn me to Hades.

He's right back to being the buffoon we found in the tavern.

You saw what he did to Nikos' soldiers.

What he's capable of.


When he didn't have access to wine for a few hours, he was actually capable of standing erect.

I do not know what happened to him.

But the man he once was is still inside him, waiting to get out.

He makes me nervous.




What on earth are you doing here?

It's the princess.

She's escaped.

But I bring bad news.

Nikos knows you've left.

He seeks you, even now.

He will see you dead.

He's already found us once.

We've been betrayed.

Don't judge the people of Enos, Horace.

You have no idea what they face.

Torture. Slavery. Nikos is a monster.

And what about Theodora?

Safe for now, but he will find her.

Nikos will not last. I promise you.

We found Hercules.

So, the ledged is true.

You're best not to rest your hopes on me.

Do not worry. He's a good man. I know it.

I hope you are right.

Tymek, you need to go back.

Do not let Nikos find Theodora.

Without her, we will never gain support of the people.

And you?

I have a plan.

Tomorrow, Niko shall die.

God be with you.

God be with all of you. Good luck.

And to you, Tymek.

I look forward to see you in a free Enos.

Yah! Come on!

Back to Enos!


Where is Arias?

He must be dealt with.


Why don't you try some of this?

What is it?


I am not bathing.


Why do you drown yourself in wine?

Why do you care?

Just wish to understand what happened to you.

The story I heard in Sagev is...


That you went mad and murdered your family.

Never talk of my family.

No more talking.

Not tonight.

He's going to ride with us into battle, we need to know he's dependable.

Have you forgotten that you'd be a smear of blood on the ground if it wasn't for me?


Of course I haven't forgotten.

And I am grateful.


If we need to worry about you intoxicating yourself with drink into oblivion at the first sign of trouble, it is better we part ways now.

As you wish.

Let him go.

Hercules. No!

Are you pleased with yourself?

It is better there are no unknowns.

This way we face Nikos knowing exactly what we have.

What has happened?

Your majesty.

Look-look what she did to me.

She won't calm--

You let her escape.

No one touches her but me! Understand?!

Yes. Yes your majesty.


Sit down.

I will un-shackle you.

If you promise to behave yourself.

I have a proposition for you.


You haven't even heard what I was going to say.

The answer is still no.

I know you care about your people.

I wanted to give you the opportunity to relieve their pain.

Since when do you care about the people's pain?

You think your father was such a good leader?

He treated them with kindness!

Your father sent Enos into ruin.

Look around you.

The castle is crumbling.

Food supplies are dwindling...

If we had stayed on his path, we would have all starved.

And you're better?

Yes. I am.

With the gold from Haon, we can rebuild this place to what it once was.

We can be the envy of all of Greece.

So fine, you have your soldiers, you have Haon.

Take your gold.

The labor force has been... uncooperative.

The villagers won't work the mines?


But you can tell them to.

And why would I do that?

I hate you.

I would rather die.


Bring in the woman and the child.


Kill them!

Not the child! No!


No! Nooo!


Mama! Mama!

Mama! Mama!

And the child!

Do it!


Nooo! Noo!

Mama! Mama!

Do it!



Take them back to where you found them.

I will not tolerate traitors.

What have you done?

You are a monster.

You will marry me.

And as my Queen who is loved by her people, you will have them do my bidding.

I will kill one mother and one child for every day that you do not cooperate.

This is your choice.

Kill no more. I do.

You're very loyal to your people.

Tell me that you love me.

Say it.

I... love you.




Why is the door open?


Where are you?





Oh, god, no!


You're wasting your time.

I didn't come to talk you into coming back.

Why did you join us in the first place?

For Nikos.

What was he to you?

He always told us he was your teacher.

Obviously, that was a lie.

He was my teacher.

But not in the way he claims.

Hercules, if you still have unfinished business with Nikos, then nothing has changed.

We're still going after Nikos.

And you should, too.

It does not matter. Killing Nikos changes nothing. The past is set in stone.

But the future is not.

Hercules, I see you for who you truly are.

You're not a drunk, and you're not a loser.

You're a great warrior and a hero.

All you lack is the opportunity.

So you're doing all this for me? How thoughtful.

I'm doing this for my love.

That is the difference between you and me. I have no family.

And killing Nikos won't get my family back.

You're wrong Hercules. When you saved my life, you became part of my family.

My brother!

It saddens me that you cannot see that.

I hope you find what you're looking for.

I'm not looking for anything.

Maybe that is the problem.

Where have you been?

Trying to clean up your mess.

What else is new?

I shouldn't have said what I said.

Yes, you should have.

You've been right all along.

A truly strong man is not afraid to conquer his weaknesses.

And you still think Hercules is truly a strong man?

I had hoped he was.

And you, Horace?

Are you truly a strong man?

Damn right I am.


Well then, let's fight together.

It's an ambush! Stay together!


Stay tight!

Hercules! Watch out!




One's escaping!

Let him be, Horace!


All but one of the 12 soldiers we sent to Sagev, were killed.

The returned soldier brings word that Arias Dudunakus lives.

I said I wanted him dead!

-My apologies. -No matter what!

Find him!

How do you plan to enter the gates?

On the east side of the city wall, the gates are opened 3 times daily for couriers and traders.

There we shall enter in disguise as merchants.

And how many men await us at the gates?


Maybe 3. No more.

Are you sure?

Arias and I served as sentries to the gate when we were young men.

Your majesty? My apologies.

What do you have to say?

You already have failed to kill Arias Dudunakus, and for that offense alone, I should take your head.

Sire, Arias Dudunakus is not what concerns me.

They have a man with them.

He's the greatest warrior I have ever seen.

He fights like the gods.

Like the gods.

Tell me more.

Well, your majesty...

I'm fairly certain I heard them say he was Hercules.


I have heard of Hercules before.

I have heard that he is half god.

I assure you, he is only a man!

Indeed, he is a powerful one.

I fought alongside Hercules.

He's certainly no match for you, Cyrus.

I'm certain they will return to Enos.

Keep watch over Tymek, Arias' cousin.

-Yes, sir. -He will lead us to this half god.

What brings you to Enos?

I've come to sell my potatoes at the marketplace and a bit of coin for a pretty night with some women and wine.

Open it up.

Its just potatoes.

You look as if I lied.

My potatoes! I've been robbed!

Justice has been served.

We have all served under General Nikos

And I'm telling you, the walls to the Royal Palace are impenetrable.

I say retreat, find more men, and return to fight.

Five of us against an army?

That's insanity.

Maybe I will have some of that wine.

Maybe you should. You could certainly use something to find your courage.

-That's certainly the hope. -Enough!

We cannot afford to bicker. And we cannot wait!

Hercules is right!

What's there to discuss.

Nikos killed my family. I found their bloody bodies right there in their beds.

I will not rest until I see his head on a stake!


We have visitors.

I seek a man named Hercules!

Looks like the fight is coming to us.

Then let's go shed some blood.

No! Don't!

We shall handle this! How many men have you gathered?

30. Maybe 40.

The people's thirst for Nikos' blood is rising, as is mine!

I am sorry about what happened to you!

But your anger will just get you killed.

I need you now. The people need you!

Just go out the back and gather as many men as you can.

They can do this. You can do this!

Just rise!

We shall rise!

By the royal order of King Nikos, I hereby place you under arrest.

Surrender yourself, now!

Or die!

What shall we do?

You say the Royal Palace walls are impenetrable.


I think we may have just found our way in.

He's not talking about-- you're not talking about what I think you're talking about, are you?

He is?

He is insane.

Hercules! Arias Dudunakus...

And your men, surrender yourselves, now!

I am Hercules.

Take us to General Nikos.

Shackle them.

The mighty Hercules.

I was looking forward to killing you in a battle.

Perhaps you shall have that chance.



General Nikos is not your King! Do not let him take your freedom!

Rise! You are many! They are but a few!

They have killed your King and Queen!

In honor of them, fight!

Spread word!

I said, silence!


You see this toy?

It's all I have left of my son, Erasmus.

He saw slain by Nikos, along with my wife.

He will do the same to you if we do nothing.

I was like you once.

Afraid. Afraid to fight.

Afraid to risk my family, but let me tell you, brothers...

That's exactly what you risk when you do nothing.

Arias is right.

We have the numbers in our favor, by a wide margin.

But you did notice that Hercules and Arias have been lead away in chains?

We don't need Arias or Hercules. We are the people!

This is our home!

Nikos will come for you next, and he will kill your wife and your child.

But many of us will die, Tymek.

More will die if we do nothing.

And those that don't perish at the end of a spear, will be enslaved in the mines forever!

The time to act is now.

By the gods!

Let's rise!

On your knees!

I'm sorry it had to end this way.

You should have joined me.

How long have you been planning this?

I cannot believe how blind I have been.

Unchain me now!

And let's settle this as warriors.

-You're a fool! -Do not hurt him, please--


We must rise for Enos, for your families, for your futures!



Hercules, it's been many years since our paths have crossed.

I do not speak to dead men.

But I am alive.

You are not long for this world.

Leave him be!

I should have killed you when I had the chance.

What are you talking about?

Hercules, once and for all, who is this man to you?

Has he not told you?

I am the man who changed his life.

He took Magera from me.

He stole my true love.

I loved her.

She never loved you.

I saved her from you and your abuse. You kept her as a slave.

Hercules took my heart and made me a fool.

Blood of gods.

It was unbeatable. It was unfair.

You did everything in your power to ruin us.

That's not all I did.

Do you ever wonder what happened that night?

Do you ever wonder...

Why you killed your family?

I had a shaman of the Goddess Hara make a potion... not strong enough to kill you, Hercules... to drive you mad...

I wanted you to drive her away, so she would forget her love for you.

You brought forth Magera's blood and your children.

Is that what a real man does?


Son of Zeus!

I will kill you.

I did not kill her.

You did.

You are no god!

Now you'll see... the true power of the potion.

Open his throat!

Release the prisoners!

We shall take this to tournament!

What have you done?


-It's me, Arias. I would take arms, if I were you!

Look at me! It is I! Arias!

Why do I have a feeling this is going to be bad?

Hercules, do not let the poison overtake you!

This is definitely bad!

Get back!

You will suffer for this!

Please! Hercules! Please!

When he's done with them, send in the soldiers to take care of Hercules.




It wasn't you. It was Nikos that poisoned you.


Are you okay?


Hercules! Try me!

No, no, Hercules! No!

I'm Dariun! Your friend!



Take your city back!



Come on!

Let him out!

Come on!

Come on!

Spit them out! Spit out the demons!

Yes! Yes!

This is impossible.

The poison...

Get it out!

Hercules. Hercules.

Look at me!

Look at me!

Hey. Hey. Hey!

I need you Hercules!

Let's kill Nikos.

Let's kill Nikos.


-Okay. -Yes.


Come down here, and let us finish this with blades!

What else have you got?

I have your Queen!

I will slit her throat from ear to ear.

Drop your swords!

Bring in the soldiers.



Alright, Nikos, we'll play your games.

Are you ready to die?

Some of Nikos' men are changing sides.

We're winning. We're doing it!

Well done, cousin!

Stay strong.

Time has reached end, Nikos!

You are outnumbered!

Hide behind her like a coward!


Let's settle this once and for all.

Or are you too cowardly?

Your arrogance serves you no justice.





It is an unfortunate ending to your beloved.



You will not prevail.







It's a trap!

Your perseverance surprises me.

You have Hercules fight your battle.

And your cousin starts a rebellion.

Most impressive.

The people have spoken!

They refuse you as their leader. They'd rather risk death!

So they shall have it.

I am no god.


It's a serious wound, my friend.

I should just let you bleed out.


The game is over.




It's over.

People of Enos!

You have remained loyal to me and to your land.

You have fought to keep Enos peaceful and free.

And I can assure you, it shall remain that way for a long as I am your Queen.

Let us raise a glass to the man who made this possible.

A man we all know by name...


Hercules! Hercules! Hercules! Hercules! Hercules! Hercules!


I would like you to stay in Enos, become General to our new army.

I am honored to be asked, but I cannot.

Why not?

I seek to build a future of my own.

I want what you have with Theodora, a life.

I understand, even if these men don't.

I understand.


I want to thank you.

I, honestly, cannot thank you enough.

It should be I thanking you.

For it will always be you who saved me.

Hail Hercules!

Hail Hercules! Hail Hercules!