Hero (2007) Script

Welcome to “Shopping with Bobby”!

Have we got a show for you!

First up is an item for all you diehard soccer fans.

The complete guide to Spanish League soccer!

Spanish League soccer! At your fingertips!

And guess who is here to tell you about it?

Spanish League soccer wonder, Fabio Garcia!

Cool! Fabio!

Express Delivery.

That could be it.

Package, Sir.


Fabio rocks!

Fabio, I notice this book is all in Spanish.

What about us non-Spanish speaking fans?

No problem, Bobby. Because the guide comes with... this special “Master Spanish Today” CD!

Boy, you think of everything, Fabio!

This way, you learn about Spanish soccer and Spanish at the same time!

Come on, Bobby. Let's go warm up!

I see the package also includes a Fabio Garcia action figure!

It's got something for everyone, doesn't it?

No way!

Good munchies. Yeah.

Beware of hard kernels, Chief.

Smells good.

Mine's shrimp flavored.

Strawberry. Want some?

Don't mind if I do.


Where's Shibayama?

In court.


Can anyone blame her?

Her husband is neglectful... repeatedly unfaithful.

You would be fed up, too.


Let's see. You were in Okinawa, then Sapporo and then...?


Beautiful coastline.

Lucky you.

What brings you back?

Yeah, how long's it been?

Six long years. “Long”?

Next, First Elimination Round, Group 3.

Couples No. 17, 18...

20, 21 23.



The tango.

Relax those shoulders! You can do it!

Looking good! Go No. 20!

Now they're grinning.

Hold that pose!

Got it!

Don't forget us!

There was never any malice intended by “the husband”.

As “his” wife, she should've understood that.

Stop using the 3rd person tense.

Stop saying “his”. This is about you.

Don't divorce me.


It's over.

Are you all right?

He turned an ankle on that jump.


Only 30 seconds in.

It's over.

The Justice Minister has ordered Tokyo D.A.s to halt investigations... of ex-Transport Minister Hanaoka for an alleged bribery scandal.

Say what?

So your fiancé... cheated on you while you were in New York studying English.

He betrayed me.

You were away quite a while.

Six long years!


Don't you think taking a brick to his head was excessive?

He only needed two stitches.

That's plenty.

I'm doing the questioning here.


This marks only the second use of such judicial authority... going back to a shipbuilding scandal 53 years ago in 1954.

You beat him silly just for bumping into you?

I'm sorry.

Is that an admission?


Don't be so easy. = Unlike some.


My lead broke.


What for?

You apologetic types!

Don't let it bug you.

Through the Prosecutor General, the Justice Minister... can assume control of investigations brought by district prosecutors.

Why would you do something like this?

I was lonely.

So you set bicycle seats on fire? That's called “arson”.

I wanted attention.

Hold on.

I need my deputy here.

What's he doing? Mr. Suetsugu?

That's his name. Mr. Suetsugu!

Clear the way!

The Justice Minister intervened saying that the investigations... were becoming a “witch hunt”, based on insufficient grounds.

I'm sorry I fell.

What possessed you to jump all of a sudden?

I don't know.

It just felt like something I had to do.

To work.

Of course.

The move has sent shock waves through D.A. offices.

With the investigation stalled...

Tokyo branches are being described as “in turmoil”.


My blood pressure won't drop.

Updates to follow...


Good morning.

I sense anger.

It's all in your mind.

You're different.

In six years, a racehorse goes from colt to stud.

Things change.

You a horse?

Good morning!



Is your leg better?


Hold the door.

Mr. Suetsugu? You're too close.


Watch those crutches.

Excuse me.

She's still angry.

You're stepping on my foot.

Big feet.

Testy today, Shibayama?

Divorce court.

Stop coming to watch.

But it's fun.

You want to stay married that badly, huh?

Bad vibes.

I'll say.

I'll bring you coffee, Chief.

Make it a good day, everybody!

Make me a cup, too? Yes, I know.

Do me a favor, Endo.

Tidy up the place.

= Quickly. What's with you?


You want me?

It's Shibayama's case but would you handle the trial?



Mr. Keisuke Umebayashi.

He's admitted his guilt.

It's a no-brainer case.

But Shibayama's all tied up with his divorce.

He's worried about losing his daughter.

Will you do it?




Good luck.

Hi, Sweetie. It's Papa.

Who's that?

Don't hang up!

The defendant buys cigarettes and returns to his car.

Just then the victim walks by.

They bump shoulders.

Don't really step on them!

You wearing perfume?

Yes, why?

You never did before.

Now I do. Okay, shoulders bump.

They argue. Defendant grows violent.

A right hook to the face, then a kick to the gut.

Victim falls, striking his head on the curb.

That would be enough to kill a person.

Friend of yours?


The victim was on his way to see his fiancée.

So we go, too? Absolutely.


I should really put that away.

But I can't bring myself to do it.

I never imagined he'd be gone.

Why'd this have to happen?

It's my job to expose the truth.

Don't worry, ma'am.

The defendant, Umebayashi, has already confessed to the crime.

Yes, his lawyer was very kind.

His lawyer came here?

Today's featured item!

It sheds inches off your waist and doesn't take up any space!

It's the amazing “Jiggle Wheel”!

Straight from Korea to your midsection!


If I remember correctly...

didn't you follow Kuryu all the way to Okinawa?

No! I was going there anyway.

You also sat next to each other at a World Cup match.

That was sheer coincidence.

Come on.

What're you suggesting?

I haven't seen him in six years.

Six years!

Well, I've seen you everyday for the past six years.

But I still don't even have... your email address.

What would we email each other about, Mr. Egami?


Thanks for the meal.

Things like weekend plans.

I know! We could try just calling each other!

Good night.


What're you always listening to? None of your business.

I guess not.


I'll see her safely home.

Do you... have a twin brother in, say, Yamaguchi Prefecture?

Forget I asked.


All rise.

The defendant then kicked the victim to the ground... leading to the victim sustaining severe cerebral contusions... which eventually proved fatal.

Defendant is charged with manslaughter, penal code 205.

Defendant, do you admit to these charges against you?

What is your response?

I do not.

I have done nothing wrong.

The prosecutor is lying.

Counselor's opinion?

I confer with the defendant. We plead not guilty.

Takuya Kimura as Kohei Kuryu Takako Matsu as Maiko Amamiya

Nene Otsuka as Misuzu Nakamura Hiroshi Abe as Mitsugu Shibayama Masanobu Katsumura as Tatsuo Egami Fumiyo Kohinata as Takayuki Suetsugu Norito Yashima as Kenji Endo Takuzo Kadono as Yutaka Ushimaru Kiyoshi Kodama as Toshimitsu Nabeshima

“Not guilty”?

But he confessed.

Who's his attorney? Man named “Gamo”.

Kazuomi Gamo?

Know him?

He's famous.

Harvard Law.

Former prosecutor.

Specialist in “not guilty” verdicts.

You're kidding.

Did you sense his aura?

Why this case, though?

Well, did you?

He's destroyed careers.


What about his aura?

Representative Hanaoka sends his best.

Thank you.

We've managed to stall the investigation.

But a guilty verdict in the Umebayashi case could really hurt him.

I understand.

Your client has confessed to everything.

That's how he's managed to survive.


Deputy Chief.

Working any cases?

A small one.

Small? You?

It was September 10th, around 9 p.m.

A fire broke out in the neighborhood so I went to have a look.

What did you see?

An argument between a man and a blonde-haired youth.

Go on.

The blonde-haired man suddenly attacked the man... punching and knocking him down with a kick.

What did he do next?

He got in his car, made a U-turn and drove off.

Is that man in this room now?

It's him. I'd never forget his hair.

Thank you, ma'am.

No further questions.


You saw the defendant at the scene of the incident?



I did.

This is a natrium light, same as the streetlamps at the scene.

Can we darken the room for an experiment?

Experiment? Sustained.

This was the lighting at the scene that evening.

Tell me, ma'am.

What color does this wig appear?




You sure?


Just like his?

Yes, exactly. Why?

Perhaps it was just an assumption.

Turn on the lights.

The testimony is specious.

Objection. The witness' identification is based on facial recognition as well.

That, too, is specious.

The defendant was miles away at the time of the incident... working as a security guard in Akasaka.

The defendant's stated whereabouts that evening are a matter of record.

“Around 8:30, I left work when I realized I'd forgotten my cell phone.”

“I parked my car near my home and went to buy cigarettes.”

“That's when Mr. Satoyama bumped me.”

“We argued, things got heated and I lost control”

“After I knocked him down, he became motionless.”

“l panicked and rushed back to work.” That was a forced confession.


The defendant never left his post at work.

The questioning prosecutor harassed him into admitting guilt.

The reason being that... the prosecutor was under duress from his own divorce trial.

Did you force his confession?

Even knowing he had an alibi?

I'm insulted you'd even think I'd do that. Right, Endo?

You might have.

You launched your pencil tip into his forehead, remember?

No way!

Looked painful.

Not on purpose.

Maybe he didn't think so.

I did NOT force a confession!

At least you listen to me.

Well, of course. I...

Stop stalling and tell me every place you torched!

A bicycle seat in Aobadai, September 3rd.

That's number seven.

I'll tell you more tomorrow. Please extend my detention.

This is the pits.

Kuryu's trial, my trial.

Why does she suddenly want to split up?

Shall I testify on your behalf?

“He's a devoted family man.”

“He races home every night by midnight...”

“leaving me all alone in a hotel room.” Not funny.

No kidding.

You've some nerve crying to me about your divorce.

Have you seen Shibayama? No. Seen Kuryu?

Must be calling home from the toilet again.

Mr. Kuryu? Where are you?

Nowhere. But I'm heading to the crime scene again.

This isn't it.

Smelled a lot different.


These all smell too sweet. Look at all these.

Wait, I think I found it.


Mr. Kuryu!

You haven't reported in!



Police report.


What're you looking for?

The width is...?

Another mark! Cool.

What made that?

“Manly Spirit” A van this big couldn't make a clean U-turn here.

With this van... he'd have to make a 3-point turn.

Unless... he was in a hurry to get away.

And drove over the curb.

If his van has the right kind of scratches...

We can prove Umebayashi was here!

But he had his car demolished the very next day.


We did accept a van that read “Manly Spirit” on it.

Let's see now.


Those were cars?

Perfect destruction of evidence.

Mind if I look?

You won't even find the van, much less scratches!

How do you know?

Mr. Kuryu, wait!

He's at the scrap yard.

He's searching for a vehicle.

Good answer!


Not the type.

You've used the telephone. Two “lifelines” left!

Wrong answer.

Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office, Special Investigation Department See our reflection? That's impossible.

Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office, Special Investigation Department Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office, Special Investigation Department See! In this window, yeah.

See! In this window, yeah.

Superintendent Mayuzumi.

How do you do? I'm Kuryu.

Swank conference room.

What do you want?

Information. You guys are like our “spy division”, right?

What's the deal with the Umebayashi case?

Don't keep us in the dark.

Mr. Kuryu here has the right to know.

Fine. I'll tell you.


You're sworn to secrecy.

Know the Hanaoka scandal?


It's been shelved.

As ex-Transport Minister, he took a hefty bribe from a construction firm.

How's that related?

It took place at a fancy restaurant in Kagurazaka.

But when we questioned him... he insisted he'd been at the dentist's that night in Akasaka.

Takashima Dental Clinic.

His dentist backs the alibi.

But there's one more.

A part-time security guard confirms he saw Hanaoka... in the building.


The bribe supposedly took place on September 10th?

The 10th.

Around 9 p.m.

The time of the murder!

A key alibi for Hanaoka is on trial for a murder 5 miles away.

That would mean...

Hanaoka is lying.

They made Umebayashi an alibi without knowing what he'd done.


Hanaoka's secretary, Oyabu, put him up to it.

A lot of bigwigs go to that dentist.

In exchange for pricey implants, he protects his patient's secrecy.

The front entrance is closed at night.


There's a security guard at the service entrance.

They needed another witness.

Umebayashi must've thought the police had come.

That they'd arrest him.

I was on duty.

Umebayashi had no choice. And it gave him an alibi Keep your mouth shut.

Hanaoka was in the clear.

But then the police did arrive to arrest Umebayashi.

That's when Oyabu realized the mess he'd created.

To protect his boss, he needed Umebayashi to go free.

That's where Gamo comes in.

Doubtlessly hired for an obscene amount.

Hanaoka may have gotten the Justice Minister to stop our investigation.

But he had no control over this.

Now his fate rests with Gamo.

Do you get it now?

If Umebayashi is found guilty, Hanaoka's alibi crumbles.

That'll force the Justice Minister to reopen the investigation.

Your case is Hanaoka's Achilles heel.

Do what you have to. But find Umebayashi guilty.

You've crossed paths with Hanaoka before.

That case in Yamaguchi?

We're looking for a black van.


Carte blanche, huh?

David and Goliath.


Leave it to me. I can find anything!

Taking down Hanaoka will earn me my daughter's respect.

Why tell me?

Cut yourself?

It's nothing.

Don't act so tough.

I'll get you a bandage.



Those D.A.s are back.

Looking for a car. I told them we demolished it.

What if they find out the truth?

Hold it!


He's hiding something!

Get him!

We just want to talk!

Stop running! Let's talk!

Okay, okay! I'm sorry!

Don't hurt me! I'm sorry!t What do you mean you're sorry?

I'm sorry.

Where's the van?

Where? llegally exported?

It's a crooked scrap yard.

Where to?


Korea, huh?

I'll handle it.

The Foreign Ministry can request local help in...

I'll just go.

He's going to Korea.

I'll go, too.

You can't. Just the two of you?

You okay? Sorry.

Do you speak any Korean?

Leave it to me.

I only know “hello”.

Kuryu, wait!

For heaven's sake.

Don't go.


To look for a car. Kuryu's always ignoring protocol.

Then let me arrange things with prosecutors there.


That's correct.

To look for a car?



But why? They must be getting desperate.

Who's the D.A. in charge?

Kohei Kuryu.

Kohei Kuryu. Yes.

Shouldn't we be going first to the local D.A.?

They're expecting us.

Their chief is Kang Min Woo, age 36... a fast-tracking elite.


I hear he's a “hunk”.

What're you doing?

This place comes highly recommended.

We're not tourists!

I didn't know that was your thing.


“Hunk” attorneys.

His name is Kang.

Let's call him.

Again? Look, he won't answer.

The buyer of “Manly Spirit” lives up there.

His name?

Lim Hyun Chul.

I've prepared some Korean phrases.

“l love automobiles”?

It's to put him at ease.

“We love kimchee.”

To make a good impression.

Think it'll work?

Race you!

We're here.

Are you Mr. Lim?

(What do you want?)

What'd he say?

I don't know. Just wing it.

We came all the way from Japan... and up these stairs.

We love automobiles!

Please show us your automobile.

We really love kimchee.

It worked!


(Don't let him escape!)


(who are you?)

Hurry and answer him!

“Pusan District Attorney's Office”

A drug smuggling ring?

Mr. Lim?

Yes, but he got away.

We were just looking for a car.

No one's blaming you.

We're getting some real dirty looks here.

I can see that.

We spoiled your raid.

If only we'd gotten his client data.

Where's the “hunk” D.A.?

Where's Chief Kang?

Looking for Lim.

He hasn't got time for you.

We just want to find this car.

This car's been disposed of.

Disposed of?


“Hanaoka Alibi a Killer?” Who leaked this?

Special Prosecutors.

Don't worry. It won't affect the outcome of the trial.

“Hanaoka Bribery Scandal Resurfaces”

My phone. Sorry.

Egami here.

The Keisei Times!

Gee, I don't know.

I really shouldn't be commenting on the scandal.

Men's Spa?


We're taking it from here.

Scandal Unit here.

Stop that!

Hi, Sweetie, it's daddy. See the front page?

I'll make you so proud...

Stop calling!

It's not here.

No luck.

If it ain't here, you won't find it.

We'll look elsewhere.

Move out.

Move out.

Move out.

(They're relentless.)

(Why me?)

(Because you speak Japanese.)

She doesn't know.

(Thank you.) Thank you.

Not again.

(Have you seen this vehicle?)


Mr. Kim! Over here!

Give me a break.

He hasn't seen it.

Is this mullet?

It's bass.

No luck.

Mr. Kim! How do you say that again?

God help me.

On the house.

Thank you.

Mix it up?

(We've been searching non-stop for three days.)


(They're killing me.)

Excuse me!

Sorry but... whatchamacallit?

Mr. Kim!

Stop slacking.

It's got large Japanese characters!

(I've reached my limit.)

(Help me out here.)

(I'm up to my neck, too.)

(Can't you reshuffle your...? Hello?)

Wait up.

How long you plan to stick by him?

Until the end. I am his aide, after all.

(You can report back here tomorrow.)

(But those two haven't given up yet.)

(What'll they do for a translator?)

Cheongguk-jang soup?

You have it?

Yes! Finally!

Enjoying yourself?

Hey, meal time is down time.

I've never had fun on vacation.

Sure you have.

Like being left alone on a beach in Okinawa.

Just baking in the sun, shoulders especially.

I was investigating a squid thief.

You've drunk enough.

I'm not bitter, though.

Even after being stood up at the World Cup.

The Okinawa branch was short on staff.

Don't rehash that now.

Then silence for 6 years. You didn't call, either.

Why's it up to me to call?

Why's it up to me?

I took the trouble to fly to Okinawa!

So you are bitter.

Let bygones be... (Toilet!)

What a jerk!

Oh, she said “toilet”.

This is handy.

“You're too kind.”

Excuse me.

“This attorney's a bit different”?


“I believe him to be...”

“extremely capable and honest.”

“To Prosecutor Kuryu...”

“it doesn't matter how minor the case...”

“he always gives it everything he's got.”

“He is...”

“someone who...”

“you can count upon to never give up.”

(I hate kimchee.)

(Where's the USB stick?)

Yes! (Thank you!)


Ms. Amamiyal

(Get out.)



(Recognize me?)

What were you doing?

(Make it easy on yourself.)

Not advisable.

(Keep cool.)

Fine, come on!

It's all right.

It's over. You're safe.

Ow, a cramp!

You okay?

The sea's polluted enough.

It's too conspicuous for smuggling drugs.

Lim confessed to this?

Chief Kang “persuaded" him.

Kuryu, look!

Finally found it.

(Careful with that! No scratches, you hear?)

(He's matured on the job.)

(Thanks to you.)

Your notebook!

(You left it in the restaurant.)

Thank you!

Thank you.

(Oh, yeah.)

(Don't let her go.)

What'd he say?

No idea.

The outcome could lead to reopened investigations... of a high-ranking politician accused of accepting bribes.

The damage to this curb, along with scratches on the vehicle... show a hasty U-turn by the defendant.

I submit this as evidence it was his vehicle fleeing from the site.


How do we know the scratches were made then?

They could be from a U-turn made previously.


The evidence is insufficient.

Vehicle scratches alone cannot warrant a conviction.

Unless the prosecutor wishes to ignore the basic rule of law.

A defendant is innocent until proven guilty.

The prosecution bears the burden to prove... beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty of a crime.

Prosecution, rebuttal?

No, Sir.

Nit-picking! Hair- splitting!

Aren't you angry?

You have to admit he's right.

The defense is under no obligation to prove innocence.

It's up to the prosecution to prove he's guilty.

Just like he said.

I gotta pee. Go on without me.

Megumi! Are you all right?

You big oaf!

Are you bruised'? Let's get you out of here.

Excuse us.


Nice work finding the car.

Yes, well, next is to prove Umebayashi was in it.

I'll do my best.

What made you quit as D.A.?

You probably see it as the noblest of legal professions.

But it has also wrongfully convicted many a man.

I grew tired of an organization where owning up to a mistake meant... jeopardizing your career.

I'm not the career type.

One doesn't mess with Mr. Hanaoka.

Mr. Hanaoka?

Isn't this the Umebayashi trial?

C'mon, you testing me?

It's been real rewarding being in court with you.

If you'll excuse me. Nature calls.

Thank you.

Need some ice?

I'll be fine. Don't worry.

I put the wedding dress away.

Mr. Kuryu left those things here.

He arrives each morning with odd items.

And gets very excited explaining their uses.

But then he grows quiet when I talk about my fiancé.

Mr. Kuryu's an odd man.

Ha! My lucky day!

Mr. Kuryu! It's been a while.

You gotta tell me when you change your contacts.

So you're “spud girl"?

Hey... you're starting to look like an attorney.

I am?

How's he doing'?

Better. But they found the cancer too late.

He hasn't been told.


In here.

He's been waiting for you.

Mr. Kuryu!

Nice to see you again, Mr. Takita.

Here, I had to smuggle this in.

Four-leaf clover.

Welcome back.

UmebayashPs report again? How often must you read it?


You've been to Megumi's.

Acting without me again?

It's outside work hours.

How do you really feel?

About what?

I wonder if you would've filed a suit like this.

Why's that?

'Cause I've never seen you so under the gun.

I would have.

Mr. Shibayama felt sure that the case was justified.

Granted, his personal life is in shambles... but he's still a professional.

If I didn't trust his judgment, I couldn't stand in court.

You're on the prosecuting team?

No cameras, please!

Can we get a comment on the case?

The demise of tyrants begins with one chink in the armor.

We're not afraid.

That's how Rome fell.

We'll blow the lid off the Hanaoka scandal.

That's enough.

Who called me the “beauty prosecutor”?


I'm no movie star.

What's the key to this case'?

No comment, I guess. Sorry.

I don't know. You think I should've gone with my usual glasses?

No. They look great.


What happened? Did your wife get her divorce?


Want a noogie?

You're joking, right?

What's that?



No, you need an appointment!

Where's Kuryu's office?

Mr. Mayuzumi!

How're you doing?

I need you to hand over all material on the Umebayashi case.

We can't risk losing this.

I've asked the chief D.A. to let us take over.

'Seuss me'?


You guys go after corruption, not manslaughter.

You don't know how.


We deal in thefts and murders every day.

Leave this to Kuryu.

You just want the attention.

But this is a high-level, political corruption case.


It is not.

It's about the tragic death of a hard-working citizen.

Would the bereaved want the case tried as a platform for something else?

Don't twist things.

I can't give you the material.

Mr. Kuryu is not in court to try a politician.

I beg you to leave.

But he's committed a heinous crime!

What could be worse... than killing a man and running?

You're all nuts.


Kohei Kuryu?

You said you've met him before.

Yes, over an incident in Mr. Hanaoka's home district.

In Yamaguchi?

A company manager stabbing of a blackmailer.

Kuryu got this crazy idea that Mr. Hanaoka was somehow behind it.

It was the most absurd thing.

Umebayashi's case began with his own confession.

But there's no supporting evidence.

We just have to prove that he was there.

Well, good night.

Good night.

What's with Shibayama?

Suddenly, he's a saint.

And we're evil?

No, that would be Hanaoka.

Good night.

“Freelance Journalist Stabbed in Yamaguchi"

“Kohei Kuryu"

“Defendant Takita”

“Representative Hanaoka” Morning.

Out like a light.

You're still here?

And still no luck.

You haven't slept at all?

Time to get to work.

Room needs tidying up.

Let's get that arson in here.


I'll make coffee.


What's with that arson?

He's dragging out his confession.


He set over 20 bicycle seats on fire.

Could be a fetish.

Fire was mentioned.


Early in the case.

By Umebayashi?

No, no, no.

The lady witness!

She mentioned one.

That's right.

Our arson did set a bike on fire that night.

It spread to a vacant house.


Near Mishuku.


Move this.

That's pretty close to the scene.

When was the fire reported?

Around 8:30 pm.

That's the fire she saw, then.

So what?

If Umebayashi drove from the dentist clinic to his home... he no doubt would've taken this road here... which runs through Mishuku.

Sounds about right.

What was it like?

A major scene.

Traffic was congested.

He could've stopped to look.


But we can't prove that.


Maybe we can. You said the fire... was arson?


Then there'd be photos.


Make some coffee.

Na “me! Photos'.!

I don't understand.

During a string of arson fires, police take photos of onlookers.

Most arsons like to stay and watch the fire.

Umebayashi may be in one.

There's hundreds of people here.

Come on.

Now he's joined them.

Like finding a needle in a haystack.

They won't get my help.

My eyes hurt.

I'm nodding off.

Found him!



Shiny hair!

That's not him!

That's an old guy with gray hair.


His hair shines against the fire.

Let's finish this. It's distracting me.



No blondes, no blondes.


I'm a “Where's Waldo?" pro.

Thank you.

Good boy.

Mr. Egami?

I suppose you want my help.

Don't force yourself.

We're fine here.

Don't mind us.

Thanks, anyway.

Go on home. What'?

A blonde!

Let me join you, please!

They'll screw this up.

Don't like them much, huh?

I'll be right back.

Well, it was a good idea.

Darn it.

There's gotta be a way to expose his false alibi.

That investigator's back.

What's all this?

We were looking for Umebayashi.

But no luck.

This is your idea of an investigation?

It feels great!

Hanaoka is as slippery as they come.

But I vowed to catch him this time.

You don't know how badly I need you to win.

Yes, but I'm not after Hanaoka.

I know.

What's that?

Might come in handy in court.

If you ask me, you'll need to aim much higher to win.


“Deposition Renzaburo Hanaoka”

It is now 8:30, half an hour before the incident.

Umebayashi leaves his post.

Go get some sleep.

I can't. I'm your aide.

Not exactly.

How so? What'?

So? So wait right here.

Wait here. Got it?

How as'?

The 4th floor dentist is the only office open late.

The 3rd floor lights are on.

Bell Housing staff are all gone by 9.

After that, it's only dental patients.

Thank you.

No way.

Don't fall asleep out here.

This is why I told you to go home.

Whoa there!

I don't believe this.

Finished? Finished!

Got plans?

Not really.

Let's grab a bite. Again?

“Bell Housing”

'Sweet dreams.'

This is separate case data from Special Investigations...

containing a statement by the defendant saying... he met a certain person at the Namiki Bldg. in Akasaka at 9 p.m. that night.

He should be able to confirm the veracity of the defendant's alibi.

I wish to call Mr. Renzaburo Hanaoka as a witness at the next hearing.

Your Honor, he is the defendant's alibi witness.

Not a witness for the prosecution.

If he stands to aid in the defendant's case, why not?

Your Honor.

He may prove to be a key witness in this trial.

I believe he can clarify what really happened.

You see? He's really after Mr. Hanaoka!

Kuryu has been targeting him ever since Yamaguchi!

If he fails to appear in court... he can be brought in by force.

Kuryu hasn't changed a bit.

Ms. Misuzu?

Taking on big-time lawyers... and now an ex-minister.

Failure this time won't result in a simple transfer.

You were happy to see him return.

Six years you waited.

No I didn't.

You're wearing perfume.

You should be there for him.

He needs you, too.

That's right. You just dove in.

On impulse. I wondered what the water was like.

And then an Okinawan snapper floated by my face.

Rare treat.

Beautiful ocean.

Did you catch anything?

Not a bite.

You said to use watermelon as bait.

Well, it takes more than that.

The fish saw right through me.

No doubt.


Time's up.

Thanks for coming.

I'll be back.

I read the news.

About the trial.

If I'm to blame, I must apologize.

For what?

For getting you involved with Hanaoka over my petty quarrel.

Not at all. Look, don't worry.

Despite what the papers say, I'm only interested in my case.

Very well.

Hurry and get better... so you can prove if watermelon can really catch fish.

Mr. Kuryu...

could you give a message to the people back home?

I'd like my ashes scattered over that ocean.

This cancer is a tough customer.

The truth is...

I just wanted to say goodbye.

It's strange, though.

I'm not afraid to die.

I'll see my wife again.


It'll be nice... spending eternity with her in that gorgeous sea.

She was... everything to me.

Do you...

have someone like that?


I'm glad.

Then again...

she's a bit stiff and officious.

And way too guarded.

Like a hard-boiled egg.

An egg. huh?

I wish I could've met her.

Of course.

A cell phone camera.

Someone may have snapped our man.

There's a chance.

Shall we?

Let's look.



Where is everybody'?

Searching for cell phone photos.

Cell phone?


Hey, hold it!


This place sends me back.

Can I help you?

I hadn't answered your question.

A prosecutor must face a defendant with the whole of his being.

That was my belief.

But in reality... there were just too many cases to prosecute each day.

Before I knew it, it had all become so routine.

At that rate, a wrong conviction was bound to happen.

That's why you gave up being a prosecutor?

Perhaps you could answer a question of mine.

Most prosecutors try to stay clear of me.

But you said you found this all rewarding.

What did you mean?


I didn't want a quick trial.

I wanted to thoroughly show how serious this was.

So there'd be no doubt in anyone's mind.

Particularly in the mind of Umebayashi.

I want a guilty defendant to realize the weight of his crime... and the suffering of the bereaved. That's my job.

Otherwise, he serves time only to repeat his mistake later.

That's why.

So bring It on. Put me through the ringer.

You sure are different.

Am I?

Thanks for the coffee.

Good day, Sir.

This may not be as easy as I expected.

I figured on a quick victory.

We get to see you at your best.

What do you think would've become of me if I'd stayed a prosecutor?

The Gamo I knew would've gone on to do great work.

Shall we go?

I think I'll stay a bit longer.

Well, good night.

Hundreds have lined up to see Representative Hanaoka... take the stand in court.

No photos?

Thank you.

Well... shall we continue?

Thank you.

A huge crowd has turned out hoping to get a seat in court... where former Transport Minister Hanaoka will appear as a witness.

In fact, he's an alibi for a private security guard... who faces charges of manslaughter.

Well, I'm off.

Kuryu... he may be a powerful man. But he's still just a witness.

Treat him as such.

I will.

If it doesn't work out, I'll exile you to a pretty place again.

How about Shikoku?

See ya.

Later. Good luck.

Is this you?

You took photos of a fire?

I erased them.

You idiot! Forget him.

Umebayashi'? 'Fraid not.

Don't stand so close!

Thank you.

Call in the witness.

Name and occupation?

Renzaburo Hanaoka, Lower House representative.

You are to speak the truth and only the truth or face charges of perjury.

You reserve the right to silence to avoid self-incrimination. Understood?


Any more?

Is this him'?


How about him?

Definitely not.


Where were you on the night of September 10th, around 9 p.m.?

At the Takashima Dental Clinic in Akasaka, having a cavity filled.

Did you go alone?

I drove myself there, yes.

Your car?


How did you enter the building?

I parked in the lot and entered from the rear service entry.

On the right is a security guard room, correct?

Did you see the guard on duty?


Is he in this court room?

That young man there.

These are from the 10th?

Okay, next.

I can't see.

Move. Sorry.

You there! I'm tripping over your feet.

I got a blonds woman.

Check her out.

Real cute!



Mr. Hanaoka... do you know what this man is being tried for'?



It occurred in Setagaya Ward.

But you saw this man in Minato Ward on that day at the time of the crime.

If that is true, then this man is innocent.

If I can help save a man being tried for a crime he did not commit...

I am only too glad to do so.

Are we done?


Any luck?


Anyone else?

That's everybody.

So we're done? Yes.

Hold it!

There's one more!

You were investigated by district prosecutors on suspicion of... receiving a million dollars in bribes from a construction company.

Irrelevant to the case!

Silence in the gallery.

What about it?

You've denied being at a restaurant in Kagurazaka on that same night... where this bribe allegedly took place.

The defendant supports that claim... saying he saw you at the dental clinic.

That's because he did.

Yet your two stories don't quite mesh.

You said you arrived in your own car.

And parked in the building lot.

Yeah, so?

In an open space?

Yes. What's your point?

That's odd.

The defendant says he drove his own car to work.

A black van.

So it should've been there.

There are spaces there. See for yourself.

I have. In the day, there are four spaces open.

But at night, 3 vans from the realtor company return from their rounds.

When you arrived, the defendant's van... should've been parked in the last available space.

Where on that lot did you park?

Order in the court!

The witness will answer.

I parked in an available space.

That would mean the defendant wasn't there.

Perhaps you saw another guard.


Mr. Hanaoka... there's one slot.

Either you or the defendant was in that building.

Or perhaps... neither of you were.

Do something!

I see your true motive.

You're hoping to use these proceedings to incriminate me.

After I went to the trouble to appear in this little trial.

Such insult no longer warrants my response.

I reserve my right to silence.

Don't delude yourself.

When I want you, it'll be at your trial.

We're here to find the truth to a murder case.

A case of which you actually know very little about outside of... what your secretary has told you.

Must I know?


Everyone in this room must know.

At 8:40 p.m. on Sept. 10th...

Yuichiro Satoyama left his office and headed for a jewelry store.

He went to pick up rings he had ordered for his upcoming wedding.

He put the rings in his bag and called his fiancée, Megumi.

They planned to meet to discuss the big day.

Mr. Satoyama was heading toward the street, perhaps, to hail a taxi... where he bumped into a man.

And accidentally stepped on the man's dropped cigarettes.

Now this man showed no traces of alcohol or drugs.

But the man suddenly struck Mr. Satoyama with his fist.

Mr. Satoyama's nose was broken.

The man then kicked Mr. Satoyama in the abdomen... sending him hard to the ground.

The back of Mr. Satoyamds head struck a concrete curb.

The assailant fled the scene.

A woman, Setsuko Kashiwagi, witnessed the incident.

An ambulance arrived 10 minutes later.

Mr. Satoyama's heart stopped once in the ambulance.

He reached the hospital 22 minutes after the witness' call.

Four doctors and 7 nurses worked to save him.

But Mr. Satoyamds skull had been caved in... with massive cerebral hemorrhaging.

Mr. Satoyamefs heart stopped a second time but doctors revived it.

Meanwhile, his fiancée, Megumi Matsumoto... sat waiting for him at a restaurant... when the police called.

She rushed to the hospital not sure what had happened to her fiancé.

By the time she arrived...

Mr. Satoyama was dead.

An officer approached and handed her... the wedding rings that had fallen from Mr. Satoyama's bag.

This “little” incident, as you described it, received but... two lines in the newspaper.

Mr. Satoyama's life... ended at the age of 32, within days of his wedding.

His heart resumed beating twice!

Seems he wanted to live.

To fulfill a promise he'd made to someone important.

She has a right to know...

who took her fiancé's life.

And why he's suddenly gone.

Why else would she be here today, enduring so much pain?

I don't intend...

to let a person fabricate stories for selfish motives...

if it keeps her from the truth.

This is a trial to understand the weight of a man's life.

Your Honor, I ask to submit a new piece of evidence.

It must be submitted in advance.

I understand. But it was just discovered.

And I'd like Mr. Hanaoka to see it.

What's that?

Defense counselor?

It depends on the content.

We'll see it to determine if it can be submitted as evidence.

From the arson's cell phone.

Great work.

On that night, a fire broke out about a kilometer away.

This is a photo of it, taken at 8:50 p.m.

10 minutes before the murder. It shows the defendant.

Mr. Hanaoka... can a man be in two places at the same time?

It's a doctored photo!

Rebut him, Gamo!

Quiet in the court.

Let's hear defense's opinion. Counselors approach the bench.

Let me ask one thing.

How'd you come by this?

By searching the cell phones of 835 onlookers.


I'll allow it to be submitted.


You're working for me!

No, I'm Mr. Umebayashfs attorney.

Testimony that the defendant was seen in Akasaka on Sept. 10th is false.

Please strike it from the record.

Remove the witness.

What kind of trial is this?

Be aware that you may be called to stand trial for perjury.

I don't acknowledge this.

Hanaoka's alibi is destroyed!

Order in the court!

At least it's quiet now.

Yes, it is. Let us resume.

We acknowledge the defendant's presence near the site.

But it does not prove that he was the assailant.

The Justice Minister has lifted the freeze on the Hanaoka investigation.

Prosecutors have commenced a compulsory search... of 15 locations, including Hanaoka's office and home in Yamaguchi.

You think Mr. Kuryu really wasn't after Mr. Hanaoka'?

He's a man who's only concern is finding the truth.

As he did with me.

He showed me who I really am.

If he hadn't tried my case...

I doubt I'd have the peace of mind I have today.

I don't think I could ever be like him.

Sure you can.

You're already at the gate.

Defendant, come forward.

You are hereby sentenced to 8 years imprisonment...

including the 75 days spent in the custody of the court... for manslaughter.

At 9 p.m., Sept. 10th, 2007... in the vicinity of 5-10, 2nd Street in Tokyo's Setagaya Ward...

. rm ' Forgungry'

Cheongguk-jflng- Again?

I couldn't eat it 'cause of you. I was being assaulted.

You are fortunate.

You have a good mentor.

Oh, I don't know.

Mr. Kuryu...

I wanted you to know that I'll be appealing the decision.

I look forward to it.

See you in court, then.

What do you mean “I don't know”?

You're a pain. No, I'm not.

You kidding me'?

That's Kohei Kuryu.

Nabeshima... youwe raised a good DA.

You're 96W"?!-

What is cheongguk-jang, anyway?

If it was so hard to find in Korea, how'd you expect to find it here?

What're you always listening to'?

None of your business.

I don't want to know.

Don't wanna know.

Can't hear you.

Hanaoka was arrested. He was?

And Umebayashi? Eight years.

To be appealed. Game's persistent.

So were you, boss. Thanks.

No divorce. Really?

Go figure.

My daughter can't live without me.

She kept saying, “Poor Papa"!

“Show some pity!” Now we have even more cause to celebrate.

Together? What could be more boring?

Then why're you all here?

Speed date! Dinner with the boss.

Seeing my daughter.

Dance practice, Suetsugu'?


Kuryu, you can see Amamiya home today.

That's okay.

Deputy Chief!

Good work, everybody.

Here's a product we can all get our heads around!

I can make it.



Yes! This is a little miracle!

To little miracles.

You should try some. No, thanks.

Carlo would love to ask Carrie out.

Unfortunately, Carrie doesn't speak a word of Spanish!

Next time, I'll go alone.

Where, Korea? After all you went through?

I liked the place. And Mr. Kang's very handsome.


Oh, what he said to me. What does it mean?

Nothing. Liar.

Who cares? I do.


Why're you grinning?

Just talk into the Travelmaker... and it instantly gives you a translation!

Developed by the US'. military... it uses an advanced voice recognition system.

Wait, say that again.

Now Korean compatible!

We're offering it to you for only $89.99!

“Don't let her go”?

Oh, I see.

How about dinner tonight?

I'd love to.

And the best view in town.


Travelmaker brings people together.

Well, I've got a hot date. So I'll be seeing you.

“You have my promise.”

Takuya Kimura Takako Matsu Nene Otsuka Hiroshi Abe Masanobu Katsumura Fumiyo Kohinata Norito Yashima Takuzo Kadono Kiyoshi Kodama

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