Hero and the Terror (1988) Script

Danny, ask for reinforcements?

Danny, we should call for backup.

Hello? Hi dear. I woke you up?

What time do you work? What time is it?

Almost 3:15. What time did you get home?

Around 4 a.m. Are you okay?

I guess ... No, no. I'm fine. I'm fine.

How are you two? Well, but I'm starving.

Whenever you're hungry. That is not fair.

I know. Two mouths to feed. And do not forget. eleven 00: 06: 25.349 -> 00: 06: 28.896 When you see? After seven.

I do not know if I'll be able to wait that long. I love you I also.

Here. Jesus! fifteen 00: 08: 40.803 -> 00: 08: 43.724 Call an ambulance! He caught the Terror!

You'll be a goddamn hero, O'Brien.

Hi, how are you?

Are you kidding?

Hey, Benny, come. Let's help this crazy.

Why coaching? Olympic? Tell me.

Come on, friend. Go for it.

Show me. 2. 3 00: 10: 16.668 -> 00: 10: 20.172 Come on. You can.

Come on.

Pick it up! Pick it up! Come on, push.

I Show us.

Surrender. As if it were a woman.

Come. Do something! Do something with it!

What police!

Dale strong. Dale strong!

Tomorrow take the goods. What time?

At five o'clock early. I hate the goods. And again later.

Maybe wait. You like it, huh? Yes. 3. 4 00: 11: 33.635 -> 00: 11: 36.848 It will not fit. What did you say, darling?

That will not fit. Quiet. And I will place.

Wait and see. You will not believe all the things I've thrown.

Yes, I believe. Do not forget the garage boxes.

Kay, do not you hear me? That will not fit.

It was a joke. A joke.

Can you do me a favor? Than?

You could go for something? Why?

Your sense of humor. You left it in the car.

If you panic, I do not move. The police can change their minds.

I have not changed my mind. Is that... 4. 5 00: 12: 29.285 -> 00: 12: 31.664 Well, all this junk.


They are not junk. Things my mother He has been giving me these years ...

It's okay. There are Tackle and not have to panic.

Is something the matter. What is?

He's back. The nightmare has returned.

Well, Danny, sorry. You said you would end.

Six months of therapy, for what? Patient were the best I've had.

Or is not it obvious?

It is normal for this dream be repeated occasionally.

It's been a year. Why now? Because you're working hard.

You have to relax.

I have the perfect solution.

The mattress is still here.

In your state? I'm pregnant, not dead.

You know what I think? It has been forgotten.

Moi? If you.

You're cute. Already. You too.

Stop playing.

Who is playing?

OMG. It has not been forgotten.

Okay, Simon. It's time to go. Come on.

Time to go, Simon. Thank you.

Come on.

Good morning, Dr. Highwater. How are you?

Barnes orderly, go to the room six.

I'll be home soon.

How is Simon? Well, sir.

Yeah. Well, I told you.

Yes, I'll check. Goodbye.

Hold it right now! High!

I was going to get out of bed and she has turned me into.

He was going to go out and get me again. So I arrived a few minutes late.

A missile!

For you it will be hard to pregnant Kay. You must be hot.

Yes, it's hard. You know? They kill me this time.

Me too. What time is it? Twelve o'clock.

The twelve of the damn day! My sources assure me ...

Your sources are crap. Neither Victor nor drugs or anything.

Wait a minute. Listen.

Dr. Highwater, administrative head Camden State Hospital, It is reported that Simon Moon He escaped in a stolen van, but lost control of the vehicle out of the hospital ... and it fell off a cliff in 120 mts. to the Snake River.

The body of Simon It has not been found.

Moon had three years in prison Camden maximum security.

It was high time. Yes, he deserved worse.

Dress the Lakers last night?

No, in my neighborhood still no cable.

How not? You live on Pluto?

No, in Tarzana, friend. Tarzana?

You see it alongside the boat? You see? Yes, I see.

Dude, are the worst eggs I've never tried, dammit.

Well, wait until you try the toast.

You're a liar. Let's take a coffee.

Joe, we will charge them.

Come. Quiet.

Give me one of your famous cafes. Only one.

Who is your friend? My cousin Carlos.

Your cousin Charles?

Yes. Thank you.

Let's go.

I smell something bad, man. You see the two types of that car?

Whenever I see that, or are police or fags.

Fuck. I hope they're fags.

Dude, get out.

Okay, it's showtime.

See you. I'm with you.


You also friends. What's up?

Now you know. They paid no coffee.

Leave them on the floor. You too. Tirenlas. Slowly.

Come on. Let's get out of here!

Come on! Come on!

Go away, damn it!

Move your ass, Victor. Come on, let's go!

Come on, Babo!

Curse! Come, come, dammit!

Well, I think, Victor, you have two options.

Or you swim or you surrender.

I'll give you a beating, fagot.

Well, that's the third option.

You surrender now?

And now? I come from the street.

I'll give you a lesson. Oh well.

Now? Fuck you, man.

That's not an option.

I'm going to die.

They take eleven months of reform and we are not yet ready.

You know how much is that? Almost a year.

Three are sick. They are crazy? The gold leaf is missing.

So, Betty ... Betsy.

You're the daughter of a pastor, so I do not steal in my face.

"You shall not steal"?

After 23 years in business, I have learned that your assistant steals.

You're going to steal? Oh no.

Go to the office, they give you a uniform, get changed and come down quickly.

I mean that the job is mine? Yes.

Thank you. Thank you. You are welcome.

Frank, left.

I got the job! The world premiere is in five hours.

Please work with me. Thank you.

Hello? Says the manager.

If it is okay. Champagne. Of course cold.

I got the job. Already you started, Bets.

First you comb ...

Then manicure. Then you get a boyfriend.

Dad will not like it.

Mini pizzas? You understand that the mayor You will not eat mini pizzas?

Want to know the sex of the baby? He knows?


I do. Eh? According.

Well ... it is very well placed. Placed?

It's a girl? Yes.

It is a girl. Look.

And it's healthy as an apple. He knew that by kicking.

I wonder when. Anytime.

I already said last week.

I thought so, but not up to me, It depends on it.

And he's being a bit stubborn. It runs in the family.

I heard. Take her shopping. It will clear the mind.

He always does.

Ms. Hammond? Ms. Hammond? Is there?

Ms. Hammond? Damn kids.

If you do not trust the daughter of a pastor, who can you trust?

Now we have to think of a name.

Hello Mr. and Mrs. O'Brien?

I meant our daughter. And us.

We've already talked about that.

You know it costs me decide. It is always a problem.

Look at what cost me deciding to have a child.

Then you asked me to go and live with you.

Now married?

Whenever we step back, right?

Steps back, steps forward, what?

Sure both know when it's time to say: "Yes, I do."


I'll be right back.

Really you want that dress? Yes.

It is very beautiful, but is very tight.

I'll take soon. I can pay by credit card?

Yes. He wants the belt too? Yes please.

You can wash it in the washing machine. It's very nice.

Yes. Like very much.

It is 100 %% cotton. Oh well.

Hey, watch out!

Goodbye. Thank you.

You are welcome.

You have the right to remain ... Please, do it.

What did? Running north instead of south.

Ladies and gentleman, the lovely Ms. Ginger Franks.

To welcome the honorable Member, the mayor of Los Angeles.

Well, sir, the old neighborhood will not be the same, thank you.

No. It has not been easy, hey, Sal? On with it.

What will we see in the new movie War and Love?

It is a very exciting movie. I'm very excited about it.

What about you and the protagonist? You know how the media exaggerate.

I really want to see. Thank you.

Your Honor... The mayor of Los Angeles.

What a night so exciting. How does it feel?

Tonight we celebrate a very successful joint venture between generous citizens and governors.

After a state of complete deterioration, we have returned to the Wiltern its beauty.

How are you? Glad to see you. Enjoying it?

Glad to see you again. What about the champagne?

Thank you. We did it. Congratulations.

You've done well, handsome.

Hanson is coming to see you? Yes. It's not going to work out.

It's a knucklehead. How is it going?

Is George. Manager. Nice to meet you.

You are precious. Go! Thank you.

Hold me this for a second. Why?

I have to go pee. The show starts in five minutes.

Do not sulfides, baby.

It is import champagne.

From France? No, of Indiana.

Kieslowski is there on the other side. I will bring it to you?

Not on an empty stomach. You have to see, sir.

How is it going? Great.

Nice to meet you. Yes.

Devils. Leave him alone.

Hello. How are you?

All right. Good to see you again.

It is time to go. I'm glad back to see them. Sit down.


Why the hurry? These things They never start on time.

Who has not squandered 14 million. I could not bear that and Rams.

Come on.

Enjoy the show. Enjoy the show. 2. 3. 4 00: 32: 36.230 -> 00: 32: 40.610 Anything you find out, let me know as soon as possible.

I do not care what it is or what they believe to be. Inform me immediately.

Especially take a look at that.

Hello mate.

What, Scottie? An actress, Ginger Franks.

I was at the premiere last night.

His representative watched her go to the bathroom. That was the last time you saw her.

What does he want? You better tell him.

Sound familiar? I can I go home now?

Who is it? His representative.

Damn Hero. I have told you I have to talk to you.

Salt, if I call back to Hero, I'll start the tongue.

Why do you act like that? What do you want?

The mayor wants you here.

The modus operandi in this girl is the same as that of Simon Moon.

It is assumed that Simon Moon is dead.

You and I know, but our view nothing changes.

The press starts to smell. The mayor wants to end this.

$ 14 million was invested in the theater to restore the neighborhood.

And do you want? At 5:00 it is the press conference.

Go to 4:30 to tell you what to say. That's what you want.

Check if the girl was raped.

Clear. Hey, Danny, Sorry to get into this.

You had enough with this damn.

Apparently not.

You know how good of that?

It allows them to think that there is sin being the victim of a sociopath.

I imagine why you called.

I saw the television. You think he's back, right?

Yes. I knew it.

You think I killed in the accident? Prayer because.

When told there was no body, something inside me told me ... that evil He did not die so easily.

Scary, huh?

I remember the stories when you captured Simon.

And you said you had not done anything heroic.

I believed you. You were one of the few.

Shit, should've shit in your pants.

Already. You know, why men They are communicating so badly?

Express fears? Being afraid is not bad, O'Brien.

We ran into a monster and you won. That's very hard.

Why not raped? Theirs is not sex.

He loves to kill. Why only women?

My theory is that small his mother He abused him, maybe even sexually.

Kill all those women It is his way of revenge.

But there is something I know for sure.

I did all kinds of tests and nothing.

Not process thoughts. It is pure instinct.

See something you like, kills him and takes him home.

More or less. I regret not being more helpful.

Thanks for your time. Yes.

Listen, one thing. Do not forget that it is an animal.

And like all animals, It must have to hide, a place to feel protected, where to play with their victims.

Let's say for a moment I have reason to fear.

How did you shake it off?

Do not even try. We all have demons. Live with it.


And if you can not?

It does not have to.

What is this? Hi, how are you?

Brilliant. The best day of my life.

I know because I told you, but if you want to make changes at home, go ahead.

Honey, how kind of you. I had not thought of.

He reached the birthplace, is very pretty, I can not wait to see it.

How are you? All right. Pain or something?

Removing your daughter my bladder using punching bag, no.

He wants to leave, nothing more.

I have to go. Rest for the night.

It's okay. Come back soon. I love U.

Me too and a lot. Goodbye.

Want a ride? No thanks.

All right.


Damn, what a fright you gave me! What a fright you have given?

Where have you been? It has been arming the police station.

A pastor screaming like crazy for her missing daughter.

Guess where last seen. In the Wiltern.

Can you give us more details? Hero, has become the Terror?

People have a right to know. We have always treated well.

They can not wait any longer. Let one second.

Where is Salt? Hello, Danny. Pasa.

Jesus Christ, O'Brien, Where have you been?

Tell them we will in a minute. You have already done.

You know everyone.

The press is driving me crazy with Simon.

Since you what you caught, I need you to tell them ... that the actress was not him.

I can not do this. And why not?

Because I think he's back. Come on, can not be serious.

There have only been a murder. Police have not tried anything.

You asked for my opinion. Where are you based?

In the observation of the body. And nothing else?

And the disappearance of a girl. Both were seen at the Wiltern.

That does not prove anything. Well, you play with the press.

No. They want you to tell you.

Danny, for you. Sorry, Mr. Mayor, but they said it was urgent.

The lab report says the actress was not raped.

I have no more doubt. Is Simon Moon.

You have me ... You said he was dead.

"It is supposed to be dead." If he survived, he's a lunatic.

Do not expect much to attack again.

Who says you have expected? You may have a park full.

And why he left the actress there?

Because he did not like. Who knows?

Maybe not fit you in his sick mind. I do not know.

You are painting it very depressing.

I can pint?rselo worse. Months ago, Moon is cast in Los Angeles.

Wet. Injured.

Looking to hide. 3. 4. 5 00: 42: 17,092 -> 00: 42: 19.428 It will stop in front of the Wiltern.

It is deserted.

Boarded up.

As Sinbad's.

Find out how to enter.

Build a home.

It was just installed. And what happens?

You decide to spend 14 million arregl?ndole the house, opens the doors wide and invites the entire city to the room bastard.

What do you think?

Mr. Mayor, please await.

Jeez, Harriet. A minute.

According. It's okay.

Look. You get there to terms with this.

If agreement means "lying" step.

You think politicians only care about votes?

We all have priorities. What are my priorities?

14 million and renewal. You are very wrong!

You're talking to the mayor.

If I could save lives one woman, burn the theater.

I do not care about money, I worry about the imitators.

Three years ago, Simon Moon murdered 22 women.

12 more died at the hands of madmen they wanted to make headlines.

So if, and I mean if you're right, if that maniac is back, this time I propose that we isolate him.

Tell the world you're dead. Blood that remains in their hands.

We turn away from the crazy streets. It is a plan to save lives.

And I do not need your moral nonsense. I need your help.

According. With a condition. Which?

We assign an officer to Wiltern Theatre.

Done. Mr. Mayor.

It's okay! Let's finish this. Come on.

Mayor Bronson, Copelli his assistant Sal ... and actor Danny O'Brien They are in the press conference.

Of great interest, he has returned Simon Moon Los Angeles, or terror, as sometimes it is known?

We begin the round of questions.

Mother, one by one. Mary Lou Times.

Rumour has it that the actress that was found this morning ... near Wiltern has been victim Simon Moon, the Terror. It is true?

As most know, I have invited the Dtve. O'Brien in this case.

I could not talk to him on their progress.

So, why not ask him Detective O'Brien to rise ...? and we learn what happens? Detective O'Brien.

Detective, has seen the body? Is Simon Moon?

It was he who murdered the girl at the Wiltern?

Do not.

That is all? Yes.

I called your mother congratulate me on my birthday.

How good.

It is a detail. I'm excited for tonight.

You were right about this house.

Does not fit all. I told you.

Tell me how I am. Choose words carefully please.

You are great. You look very good.

If you like big.

We have to go.

That's your press conference?

I could not talk to him on their progress.

So, why not ask him Detective O'Brien come up? ... and we learn what happens? Detective O'Brien.

Detective, has seen the body? Is Simon Moon?

It was he who murdered the girl at the Wiltern?

Do not.

That is all? Yes.

You are given the words very well.

We have the word of Dtve. O'Brien, I should know ... and, perhaps remember, 3 years ago he earned the nickname of Hero when he captured himself to Simon Moon, also it is known as the Terror.

He speaks Tiiu Leek for Channel 5. We return to study.

Hopefully end up with Hero shit.

People need heroes and I chose you.

Do you let it bother you so much?

Because it makes me be something I'm not.

You've earned that nickname 100 times and everyone knows it.

Now let the subject or go out to dinner.

I refuse to spend the night listening menospreci?ndose my future husband.

You're a feisty warrior to be so pregnant.

You know how we are Welsh.

Good evening. Hello.

A costs me a little. Thank you.

Thank you. You are welcome.

How about? Awesome.

That it is.

Good evening. Good evening.

O'Brien. Mr O'Brien, of course.

Good night Lady. Hello.

He has prepared, sir table. Follow me.

Excuse me. Lord, forgive me. Mrs. A little more, please.

Please, ma'am. A little more, please. Thank you.

I'm sorry. Sorry, sorry.

Take advantage. Thank you.

Have a pleasant evening. Thank you.

You like them? Danny. They are beautiful.

Read the card.

"I love you. A secret admirer". A secret admirer?

Be whoever It has also called champagne.

I guess my secret admirer ... he forgot that in my state I can not drink champagne.

That's right, sorry ... I'll take a sip.

Congratulations, honey.

Hello stranger. You are great.

Are you okay?

I'm fat, ugly and got older. Otherwise I'm great.

Honey, you're pregnant. You're supposed to be fat.

But you're lovely. For real.

Thank you.

Well, ask. With food I always better.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Honey, was a great dinner. Still not finished.


It meets only once a year ... so we'll clear this message ...

Happy birthday, my dear Kay, Congratulations until next year.

Congratulations! Congratulations!

Make a wish.

What are you looking at?

The fire alarm. You will jump at any time.

Come on, honey. Make a wish. And blow out the candles.

You can ask them to take him?

You do not like? Honey, I love it.

I'm the one I dislike.

I'm a little upset.

I never thought I could feel this way. For the love of God, I am a psychiatrist.

Come on, honey. Blows out the candles, make a wish anyway.

I wish I did not feel so well, That is my wish.

I wish ...

Not leaving my cozy apartment. It was my independence.

I wish I had not taken a year sabbatical. I need to work, right?

I wish I could turn back the calendar, but I can not.

I wish I did not have 36 years.

But I have.

I wish not to worry so much if this girl would be normal.

And hopefully not seem the Michelin Man.

Those are eager for a birthday.

All will be okay, I promise.

You promise? With all my heart.

I'll be hungry again. Whenever you're hungry.

I'm glad you did not the stunt and knocked down the building.

Look. It is not beautiful? Yes.

It will not take anything. I have to talk to Bill for a second.

A boy and a girl and a parrot.

Now you explain to me, because I can not.

Hello. I'm glad to see you.

And me. You're Pregnant more beautiful than I've ever seen.

Will you tell all pregnant. No. floor when I see them flee.

No, you do not hug. The last time I almost drown.

I present to George Dankis. It is the manager.

Charmed. Hello.

They say I owe you overtime.

Not me, I asked the dumbest guy they knew.

And they sent you. Kay, how you put up with this guy?

It is hard for me.

Anybody want coffee? I do not. And you?

I would like water, if you please. Clear. This way. Sorry.

Take a spin.


What's up? We are looking for Simon Moon.

Simon Moon! What makes you think to appear here?

It does not appear, I think it's here.

And how do you know?

I feel it. When built?

It was completed in 1931. I'm happy for you.

Thank you. My wife had a cesarean.

But it was fine. The girl has the face of an angel.

Not like me.

I have a picture, if you want to see. Yes.

I expected the request. Here it is.

Is not it beautiful? How pretty.

All babies are cute. Yours too. I excuse me?

Hello? Says the manager.

No. It was supposed to ... Do not you supposed to ...?

Excuse me. The bathrooms? Up to the right.

You mean am I running out of warm bed ...? without a warm body on a hunch?

If you do not like, I can replace you quickly.

Quiet, Dan, was a joke.

And I want you to take this mission very seriously.

OK I will do it. I will do it. I promise.

It's okay. Call me if you hear anything.

Yeah, okay. I mean, anything.

The minimum noise.

According. Eh?

Kay ... what the hell?

They are not hours ... Where is Kay?

Went to the bathroom. Tell me you'll come ...

You have to go to the bathroom? Yes.

You mind if I go with you? Danny ...

Well, I hope at the door. That's what I hope to get me home.

It's okay.

I'll tell you what happens? What do you mean?

You are very rare.

I'm weird? I did not throw him birthday cake the waiter.

I didnot do that.

You were not, but thinking. I saw it in your eyes.

My father owns the theater. Logical.

Have an extra key theater? Yes.

Remember, if you hear something, Bill ... Take him home, please.

Here you go. Okay, we're going.

Good evening. Good evening.

I leave all the lights or just work?

With enough work.

What music do you like? Mozart.

Mozart? Well, good night. Good evening.

It is by Simon Moon, right?

You want...? You want to tell me?


Are you okay?



Breathe, baby, breathe.

Come on. That's. Very good.

Breathe, breathe.

I think they give me five minutes. Care. Tranquilicémonos.

Okay, we're in the hospital. Easy, easy.

Danny. Danny. Where the hell is everybody?

Danny, I need help. Dammit!

Okay, careful.

Quiet. According. We are already here. Breathe.

Every three minutes. Call your doctor.

Do you call the doctor? Doctor ...

Quiet. Doctor ...

Is a woman. Doctor ... Haskins.

Haskins. They've started again.

I will not do it anymore!

Dr. Haskins, please.. Breathe.

Do you call the patient? Kay O'Brien ... I mean Kennedy.

I have a patient of his, Mrs. Kennedy. Yes, she is in labor.

Breathe. Thank you.

Now comes, sir. It's okay. Breathe. Breathe.

And the doctor? Next comes.

Where do you live? In New Jersey? Quiet. It is on the way.

Give him a hand. Tell him he's proud.

Baby, I'm so proud of you.

Before you know it is over. Carefully skin will not start.

What is this shit?

Listen, buddy. Hey, I'm sorry, okay?

I thought there was nobody.

I thought I could get and do some exercise.

Without disturbing anyone, you know?

Hears. I do not want problems and I know you either.

I hope you do not either.

So let me pick my stuff, okay?

You and I, we agreed to a draw and I'll leave you alone on this site.

Nobody will bother you, okay?

Dan, Support your head.

Is beautiful.

My two beautiful ladies.

Born on the same day. Dan, Support your head.

How about Angela? Angela?


Dan, Kay needs rest. Go home, relax, sleep.

I'm going to drink a cup of coffee. It's okay, go home.

I'm not tired, really. I'm fine.

Hi, Bill. Danny, I'm Dwight.

Check out this. You gotta see this.

Danny, sorry.

They searched the theater?

Bridges have an army inside.

Danny found his holster hung on a seat.

Come on, guys, I met?moslo.


Why do not you listen?

Nothing. There's nothing there. The fucking theater is empty.

All my men They are now looking around the neighborhood.

Re-register the theater. We have done from top to bottom.

Well now from bottom to top. Fuck!

Come, let by men. All for inside again.

All for inside, again, come on.

Somebody turn on the lights. I have it.

Lower all seats. Come on.

What is it, Danny?

Be careful. Come on, guys, come on.

Jim Todd, you check there.

Give me that.


You want to go with you? No, wait here.

Does not matter. Over there on the right.

Then the center. And the exit doors.

Give me a flashlight.


Care. Care.

Look in boxes in there.

I go with the other officer. You follow me.

Check in each hole and in every niche.

See that up there? Care.

If you see anything, they yell.

Have you seen anything? Still nothing.

Care. Care.

You check there? Not yet.

I'll take a look. According.

You'll be up there all day? Yes. The view is great.

Care. Care.

Focuses light over here, please. Hold on.

Carefully O'Brien. I see now.

No, you go. I have vertigo.

Have you found anything? Nothing.

You know, you think you get used to this.

Good night, buddy.

Do not worry. We catch him.

Listen, one thing. Do not forget that Simon is an animal.

Like animals, need to hide, a place to feel safe, where to play with their victims.

All that is left of the Wiltern.

Thank you.

There you are, motherfucker.

It looks like you, is not it?

I'm sorry. I do not want to wake you.

What is it, Danny?

I know where it is.

You found Simon Moon?

You have to go?

What a silly question.

You are right. Angela is a beautiful name.

I love you.

Hello? Dwight!

Yes? Dwight. It's me.

Danny, where are you?

On the way to the Wiltern. Not again.

Is there. Who?

Simon Moon. Than?

Upstairs there is a room. The utility of in the era of vaudeville.

He was capped for many years. See you there in half an hour.

Yes of course. At once.

Danny, wait there, okay?

Waiting for reinforcements.

Come on! Fast! Move it!


Fuck! Do not touch anything.

Are you okay?

You have to go to hospital.

An ambulance not, we need a judge.

If you're right.


I do.

I do.