Heroes (2010) Script

Remember this moment.

The smell and the sensation of the warm sun and the water splashing on your backs.


All this will change.

Years will go by, the days will get shorter and you 'll find it harder to find magical moments.

Don't be in a hurry to grow up.

Believe me: one day the memory of this moment could save your lives.

HEROES No, no... Lidia, I said I wanted the picture with a beach background.

And good sketches, these people have no imagination.

I'm on my way, I'll be there.



Hey, kid.

No, no, it's all right.

What happened to you?

I don't remember.

It's all right, don't worry.

Well... you'll remember soon.

I've got a meeting, so I can't give you a lift, sorry.

I remember now.

Oh, yes? What?

That you're an asshole.

-What now, huh? -It was just a joke.

A joke, huh? Fatboy!.

Here, fatboy.

A joke, huh?

It's not normal, Xavier Sala, it's not normal!.

It's the last day of term and you can't do simple maths.

It's not normal!

Go and sit down!

You can't be in year nine if you can't do simple maths, so those of you doing re-sits in September need to revise during the holidays.

Do you hear that, Sala?

First day back, I'll collect in your summer homework and go through them one by one.

If you have a course in July, bring your class notes.

And empty your lockers! It's not our job to clean up after you.

Enjoy your holidays.

Don't I get a kiss?


Lluis, we're out of Barcelona now, can we have the music on?

Darling, that music is very annoying.

Once we're past the toll. Okay, Oscar?

Okay, Dad.

Xavi, unload the cases first.

I have to see my friends.

Your friends can wait.

Put your things away, then you can go.

Let him go, I'd rather do it myself than have him do it quickly and run off.

Hello, KlTT.

It's great to be back, KlTT.

You idiot!

You stink of pine.

I didn't think you were coming till next week.

Yeah, my... parents got their holidays early.

I'm glad you've come back.

Why wouldn't I have come back?

I don't know, a lot can happen in a year.



Hello, Grandma Men.

Hello, Roth.

Come on, get your bike.

-Grandma, can I go? -Of course you can, but be home by nine.

Wow, look who's here, the three cutest boys in the village.

-You're pretty too. -Thanks, Roth.

-Cris, your friends are here. -Coming!

-You've grown, Xavi. -Ten and half centimetres.

Hmm, that's not bad.

About time you lot came.

-Cristo! -Coming to the caravan?

-Did you break your arm? -Playing basketball.

Let's go!

-Shall we be "The Kids" again? -Yeah, don't you like it?

I love it.

-I'd do anything to win it. -Me too.

Me too.

What if it doesn't have powers?

I've thought about it all year. Why would it be magic?

It doesn't make any sense.

The Redskins have held it for four years, and none of their wishes have come true.

They have, look at their bikes.

Will you try and win the cabin this year?

I don't think it has powers.

Are you sure, Cristo?

Look, when I was your age, this village already had powers.

Incredible things happened, and all because of that cabin.

Like what?

You know there was a war on?

When the planes came to bomb us people ran from their homes and off the streets and we all gathered in that cabin.

We kept clothes and food in there in case a house was destroyed and we couldn't go home.

We spent hours in there, we prayed and asked for protection.

During that war, there were around 50 bombing raids over the village.

Do you know how many houses they hit?

Not one.

The cabin repelled the bombs, and not one person from this village died during the war.


After the war, it became traditional to hold a race.

At first, it was only adults.

-The dads? -Yes, the dads, but, over the years, people forget, and after many people's wishes came true, people started to think that things happened for some other reason, and they stopped racing.

Children are the only ones who still believe.

That doesn't count.

-Bye, Cristo. -Bye, Xavi.

No, no, no, Lidia, no, no, no, I'll be there.

No, tell them to wait, I've lost my trousers, damn it!

No, it was some kids... I've lost my wallet...

Wait, wait, I'll call you back.

Hi, how are you?


I've lost my trousers, some kids threw eggs at me...

-Are you okay? -Yes, thanks.


Listen, where are you going? Do you want a lift?

-Barcelona. -Perfect.

Yeah, but I think I'll pass. Good luck.

Hey! Wait!

Do you want to make some money?

I haven't got my wallet, I need 70 euros for petrol.

I'll drive you to Barcelona and pay you back double.

Why double?


I'm not interested.


300, 300 cash.

Hey! Please!

You should've started with please.

I'll do it as a favour.

I pay the petrol, you drive, but not like a lunatic, okay?

Yes, of course.

-My name's Cristina. -Sala. How do you do?

You use your surname?

Yes, yes.

-You want something to eat? -No.

Go on, my treat.

I'm fine.

You're not comfortable with favours.

-Go! Start the engine. -What?


-What's up? -Drive! We have no money!

Are you mad? You'll get us killed!

They have cameras, they'll have my number plate.

I could go to prison for this!

Do this stuff in your own car!

I thought you said you had money.

Look, I'm sorry. I don't have any money.

-But you've got petrol now. -Yes.

-So it's not all bad. -Not all bad?

I've got no I.D., no cards, I've lost my wallet, and you say it's not all bad?

-Did you like mischief as a kid? -As a kid, no, I didn't, I didn't do that as a kid, I'm normal.


-You seem really familiar. -Do l?


Do you have a wish?

-To get my trousers back. -No, stupid.

Stupid? You just made me rob a petrol station, and you want to know if I have a wish, are you for real?

You've got a nerve! I filled your tank.

But you didn't pay, so now I'll get a big fine.

What planet are you on?

Everything okay?

You see? You see?

Go and talk to them, it was only a joke.

They won't take me seriously.

Go on, get out the car.

Who the fuck do you think you are?

Hey, Grizzly Adams, don't hit him, it was me.

-Girlie, get back in the car. -Take it easy.

See? I'm calm now. Get back in the car.

Get in the car, do what he says, please.

Are you gonna let him boss you around?

Look, just get back in the damn car.

Incredible. Now you're angry with me?

Get in the car!

Okay, okay, okay.

I'll pay what I owe.

-Let's see the money. -You had money?

She said she had no money, and some kids threw eggs at me, -I lost my trousers. -Shut up!


Now get lost!

That'll teach you a little bit of respect.

Are you all right?


I'm not going to make it.

My car is ruined, I'm in the middle of nowhere...

Call and tell them... we're postponing the meeting.

And tell them to send a car, and to collect this one.

What's left of it.

It's important to you this meeting, isn't it?

You want to borrow some trousers?

Come on, kid, get up.

I want to play guitar and Mum won't let me if you're asleep.

Come on, move.

Man, you're a pain!

Morning, honey. Come on, get up.

Or you won't have time to do anything before lunch.

Come on.

Look at this room, what a mess.

Luis fixed the wheel on your bike.

Papa would have done it too.

Hey, come on, let's go.

Who's that?

It's the guy who cuts the grass.

-My brother cuts your grass. -Not this year.

He's our Bulgarian lodger.

-A Bulgarian lodger? -Yeah.


See you later.

-He speaks good Catalan. -He knows a few words.

Don't get yourself dirty.

You know you need to be five people to race?

Of course. Do you think we're stupid?


Damn, we can't race.

I need this wish.

We'll race. We'll find someone.

Shall I ask my grandma?


This road wasn't here last year.

It's for the trucks from some construction thing.

-Hello. -Hello.

-Are you coming for a swim? -Later.

Suit yourself.

-More sea for me. -And me!

What are you gonna wish for?

To be able to move time back and forwards when I want.

I could change things that have happened which I didn't like.

What will you wish for?

For it to be summer all year.

It gets harder every year to go home and not see you guys.

Stop drooling, please.

She's Yenas's cousin.

Let's go!

-No one? -No one.

Someone's coming.

Shit, it's Colo. Let's go.

What's up with Colo?

I'm here for the casting.

Yeah, well, we've sorted it.

Oh, I see...

-No one has come yet. -Yes, they did, Roth. Remember?

Who? Who did we sign up?


What kind of a name is Colo?

It's my surname, Colomer, people call me Colo.

-What's your name? -Roth.

And why's that?

-Your name's got pedigree. -Pedigree?

Come on, let's go.

Just a minute.

How many gangs have you been in?

About 15.

Fifteen gangs.

Well, 30 actually, but I didn't want to sound silly.

I've been with the Can Miret gang, the biker gang, the posh boys, the grebs, the badboys, until they robbed me.

the northern bike gang, the punks...

Okay, we get it.

-We'll call you. -Have you got the number?

-We'll come to your house. -You know where it is?

It's the first house after the hill but before the beach.

Not on the hill or on the beach, it's as if it was nowhere.

There's a sign that says "Beware of the dog".

But the dog is a cat, Dad says we can't put "Beware of the cat".

Although he's dangerous, he's scratched me twice.

We'll find it.

Why do you want to join us?

I don't have any friends.

Let's go.

Listen, the summer you won the cabin, did you notice anything?

Don't tell me you believe that stuff about wishes coming true.

Aren't you a bit old for that?

The cabin repelled bombs during the war.

Yeah, sure.

-I'd like to make a wish. -What wish?

I want Dad to come back.

Dad has left us. He's called four times in a year.

Get used to the idea that the word Dad doesn't mean much now.

But I won't let you down.

I promise.

I know, I'm late.

Come in and eat your dinner.

I think we should tell him.

No, not yet.

I think we should tell him too, he's got a right to know.

Let him have some fun, we'll tell him in few days.

He's not going to like it.

This place and his friends mean the world to him.

Let him enjoy himself.

Hello? Who's there?

What do you want, kid?

Hello, is Colo home?

Have you come to see Colo? Really? Come on in.

Colo! A friend is here to see you!

Colo, come outside. Colito!

No, not you Dad, the boy.

Hello, do you want to come in? We're about to eat.

It's fish, but I can make something else.

Hamburgers... We don't have any, but I could get some.

-Or croquettes, anything you like. -No, thanks.

I'm expected for dinner at home.


Stop eating chips for a minute! Your friend is here!

There he is.


Hello, do you want to join our gang?

Really? Did they all agree?

They want me to join their gang.

Well, we're almost all agreed.

Tomorrow at 1 0 at the old caravan on the hill, by the cabin, okay?



You're short of people, right?

-What? -You're short.

That's why you asked me.

-Is it for the go-karts? -We want you in our group.

Save it. I'm not daft. I want immunity.


You keep me in the gang the whole summer.

-I can't promise that. -Then find someone else, because my chips are getting cold.

Wait. One week of immunity.

One month.

0 days, twice as long as you've lasted in any gang.

-Until tomorrow. -See you tomorrow.

Are you all right?

I'm great.

Have you been to Paris?

For work.

More work.

Don't you love the Eiffel tower?

I'd never been to Paris.

Last May I was at Girona airport waiting for some friends, when this old woman with a massive mole on her nose came over and said to me, "Let's go, we're late."

I was freaked out. "Let's go where?"

"To Paris" she said.

She was a grandma with Alzheimer's who thought I was her granddaughter.

So we went to the Eiffel tower.

It's the biggest cabin in the world.

And she said to me, "If I could, I'd walk up it."

And I said to her, "You can't, but I can."

And I went up and I wrote: "l made it", on foot.

It's really high.

1665 steps. I counted them.

Did you go up it?

You never went up? Just work.

-Don't you like fun? -Shut up! Please!

I don't want to talk about Paris or grandmas.

I don't like you, you've screwed up my day, and perhaps even my life.

I just cancelled a meeting because of you, and you won't stop talking, as if I'm interested in all your bullshit.

So you've been up the Eiffel tower, great, congratulations!

Maybe you do all this crap because you don't know what else to do.

You don't have objectives, you're bored.

Not me. I like my work, I like it, and I don't give a shit about the Eiffel tower.

What kind of shitty inscription is that anyway? "I made it."

A bit of imagination, for God's sake.

Who has time to go up the Eiffel tower and leave a shitty inscription like that? It's pathetic.

-Me. -Yes.

At the hotel I'll find another way to get to Barcelona.

Yeah, because I'm not taking you, I can tell you that.

Listen, love, I've got an advertising agency, and today I had a very important presentation with a very important client, which could mean a lot of money and a big deal for the company.

I might've been a bit nervous and bit...

-Of an imbecile? -No, I was going to say honest.


Yes, I don't think... that you can go through life like that.

Screw you.

Just a couple more things for the presentation tomorrow.

I suppose it's a bit late and you've left the office.

So, don't worry, we'll talk tomorrow, okay?


Publicly, everyone else knows why our heart aches...

Most accidents are caused by driver error or distraction...

Encouraging images from the region 's rivers and reservoirs.

Susqueda has risen by up to 33%, Sau is at around 60% of its capacity.

Spectacular figures in the LLobregat basin as well.

La Baells has reached 70%...

Okay, I forgive you.

What are you laughing at?

No, nothing.

Nothing's going to happen here.

You're not my type.

I'm going to clean my teeth.


Get lost. We're not friends.

-Xavi told me to come at ten. -No way. You're lying.

You'll never be in our gang, Pear boy.

My name's Colo.

What a cool caravan. Is it your hiding place?

-It's a bear's den. -Don't believe that.

Hi, do you want an apple? Mum gave me one for everyone.

I don't like apples.

See, Pear boy, she doesn't like apples.

I've got everything.

Dairy, bread, vegetables.

Chews, Penguins, Wagon wheels...

My mum gave me a whole hamper.

-Hi, Colo. -Hi, do you want an apple, a croissant, Dracula ice cream, or roasted peppers?

Xavi, did you say he could come?

Yes, I thought... he could be a good signing, for our team.

A good signing if you want to lose. We'll come last.

I think it's a good idea.

Well, I don't. You can have a two day trial.

-He's got immunity. -What?

-I've got immunity. -I promised him ten days.

This is unbelievable, we didn't vote.

All in favour of immunity?

Here, you can have them all.

Okay, fine.

Now there are five of us.

But don't forget you're just an extra.

Hey, is there something wrong with you?

No, not me. What about you?

No, no. I mean are you all right?

Yeah, I've got a cold, and you?

I'm blind as a bat, but I'm fine.



The go-kart.

We should use steel. It needs to be strong.


Where from?

Steel is too heavy. Isn't wood better?

Does having immunity mean you have the right to speak?

-No. -Then shut it!

He's right, we should use wood, it would be faster.

-Where do we get it? -I know where.

-Where? -Behind the bar, there are planks.

That grumpy old man won't give us any.

Hold on.

Who said we have to ask him?

Why don't we steal it?

What if he kills us?

In favour of going to the bar tonight?

Perfect. Meet at 1 2 at the bear's den. Let's go.

I'm staying here, I want a swim.


See you tonight then.


-Oh, hello. -What are you doing?

Just taking a walk.

-What's your name? -Xavi.

-That's a nice name. -Yeah, it's not bad.

I'm Helena.


Hello again.

How old are you?

-14. -14? I would have said twelve.

No, that was two years ago. I'm 14.

Okay, okay.

You want a ride?

On your bike?

Thank you.

You're welcome.


Hey, you know when you want to... get off with a girl...

That smile... So there's a girl?


I've got no chance, but I don't know how to do it.

Write her something.

Like what?

I'll tell you what never fails.

Find a foreign song and translate it.

No one understands them and they sound great in Catalan.

Then read it to her as if you'd written it.

She'll think you're a sensitive guy.

And that works?

Girls love sensitive types.

-How do you know it'll work? -It'll work, but you have to make sure it works for you.


When you read it, you should feel butterflies in your stomach.


Relax, when it happens, you'll know what I mean.

Shit. Wait here a minute.


He's coming!

Open it.

This way!

Let's do it.

No way! I'm going home.

Great, then you quit the team.

Colo, the worst is over now.


Stop getting in the way!

Don't shine it in my face.

Colo, don't shine it at me.

Look at this.

Old Yoda is a painter.

That's us.

I'm in it too.

But it makes me look ugly.

No, that's what you look like.

Come on. We'll have to make a few trips.

Don't sneak off now. Load up.

Will someone help me?

Help me.

I see one!

We have to all see it.

-There, look! -I saw it too.

Me too.

Shit! I bet it's Yoda.

No, it's not Yoda. It's my folks.

I told them to come around this time.

That we'd probably have finished robbing the wood.

Do your parents know we went to the bar?

Yes, I tell them everything.

-Colo! -Right, see you tomorrow.

My little guy.

Are you hungry, Colo?


-Are you? -Champ.

I brought you a sandwich.




That guy is nuts.

Really nuts, but I like him.

Yeah, he's nice.

-Where were you? -None of your business.

You could have asked permission.

If I need permission, I ask my mum.

Xavi, I'd like us to be friends.

Your mother would be very happy if you and I got along.

I know you're upset about your dad.

Don't talk about my dad. You don't know him.

You're not my dad, and this isn't your house.

My mum is only with you because my dad left.

He's much better than you.

You're grounded for two days. And no pocket money for a week.

I said talk to him, this wasn't what I meant.

What do you expect? He won't listen to me.

It's what kids do, Luis. He went to play with his mates.

It's normal, he's on holiday.

He's a good kid.

But someone has to teach him right from wrong.

-Like this? -Will you let him off again?

This way he'll learn to respect me.

He has to learn to accept you.

But first of all, he should get to know you a bit.

It's not easy for me, I'm like a guest in this house.

It's going to be okay.

I miss Dad too, but LIuis is a good man.

Leave me alone.

I'm going to win this race so he'll come back.

No, I'm coming straight to the office.

Have them send me a shirt, a suit and a tie.

Okay. Thank you Yes, I'll be there around four. We've got two hours to discuss it.

Okay, see you then.

I'm leaving in ten minutes.

Are you coming or not?


One black and one white. Thanks.

You're welcome.

Thank you.

My name's Cristina.

My friends call me Cristo.

You can too, if you want.


Did you and I...?

Did we...?

Did we what?

No. No?

No, nothing. Forget it.

Thank you.

And thank you too, fat head.

-Today is a very important day. -Yes, very.

I wasn't talking about you, fat head.

Believe it or not, other people do things too.

-Is that right? -Yes.

I've got a date.

-It's a special thing. -What is it, a formal date, or more of a blind date, more your style?

A reunion of old friends.

I don't believe it.

-You think it's with you. -What?

That was what you were thinking. How can you be so egocentric?

-No. -Dickhead.


Fat head, red head, noodle head, bean head...

You're funny, and you seem happier when you're not thinking about work.

-Are you sure you like your job? -Here we go again.

I'm only asking.

Well, you live a life of...

I don't know, of eternal Carpe Diem, and carefree kleptomania...

Juggling and diabolos and all that stuff.

-I have a great responsibility. -Really?


What's that?

To be happy.

A long time ago, I promised a childhood friend that I'd try to have many magical days,

but it's getting harder and harder.

Maybe you should forgive him.


It's the summer, relax a bit, forgive him.

I'm sure you can be friends.

Why should I forgive him?

I'll go, it's my friends.

No. You stay there.

-I said I'll go. -Homework.

Excuse me, do you speak my language?


Do you speak my language?

Of course I do.

-Where did you learn? In Romania? -In Romania?

Or was it Bulgaria?

Look, kids, Xavi is grounded.

He was out last night, perhaps with you lot.

Yes, he was with us.

Will he be grounded for long?

Two days.

-Can we speak to him? -No.

How come the Romanian gardener decides that?

Romanian gardener?

I'm not the Romanian gardener. I'm...

I'm his stepfather.

What? You're his dad?

-You don't look like his dad. -What?

His dad was short, he had wrinkles when he laughed.

And you're old. What happened to him?

Didn't he tell you that his mum and dad were separated?

Or that his mother was with me now?


Yes, wow.

Wait there a minute.

You can go.

You can finish that tonight.

Is this really a bear's den?

Well, not exactly. Who told you that?


What happened was, one day, I got lost in the woods.

It was really cold, I thought I would freeze.

-Then a bear appeared. -A bear?

He says he saw a bear, but no one else saw it.

I sometimes think it's my guardian angel and that it's there for me if I need help.

I'm going to help Ekaitz, I don't want to hear this crap.

What will your wish be?

That you turn mute.

-Can it do that? -It deflected bombs, remember?

-I'll ask to be in this gang forever. -Shut up.

Will you lend me your cap?

-Ekaitz, is this right? -Perfect.


What are you doing here?

Well, I was... sitting at home and...

I thought maybe...

Well, you know the other day...

I write things, and I...

You wrote something for me?

How sweet.

Wait, I'll come down.

Let's go to the bench.

Shall I read it?


Sit here.

-Do you know English? -No.


Last night I was dreaming I was locked in a prison cell.

When I woke up I was screaming, calling out your name.

Judge and jury put the blame on me. They wouldn't hear my plea.

Only you can set me free.

Because I'm guilty, guilty as a boy can be.

Come on, can't you see? I'm guilty of love in the first degree, Guilty.

Can't you see that I'm lonely? Won't you help me?

Only you can set me free.

Do you want to kiss me?

I have to go.


What are you doing out this late?

-You'll get grounded again. -I don't care.

-Look, they took my cast off. -That's good.

I quite liked it.

Going home already?

I don't know.

-Take that! 4-2! -You're so lucky.

-You'll never beat me. -I always beat you.


Where had you been?

-You'll laugh at me. -Of course.

Where had you been?

At Helena's house.

-It was really weird. -Why?

It's going to sound stupid.

I wrote something for her and I was hoping when I read it...

Well, I don't know, but nothing happened.

Didn't she like it?

Yeah, well... she kissed me.


It was a bit...

She put her tongue in my mouth.

-Why? -I don't know.

I don't think I like it.

My brother said I would feel butterflies in my stomach, but what I felt was more like...

I don't know...

-Queasy. -I see.

You're acting different.


-I don't know. Weird. -Weird?

I'm not the tongue sucker, you're the weird one.

What is it?

Can I try something?


-Are you crazy? -You said I could.

-Not that though! I'm off! -Me too.

-Hey, don't tell anyone. -Or you, stupid!

-I told you it was a test. -And?

-I don't know. -See? You're an idiot. Bye.

-What are you doing? -Getting ready for my date.

Which isn't you.

-Can I ask you a favour? -Another?

-No, thanks, no. -Go on.

It's a detour of a few miles. I want to pick up a friend.

Now I have to chauffeur you around on your date?

Don't be jealous, he's just a friend.

How many miles?

About six.


-Please. -No.

Please. Please. Please.

Thank you.

Why is it so important?

It's to do with my gang when I was little.

We were about 12 at the time, it was the eighties.

You must've been about the same age then.



Don't you remember one summer as the most important in your life?

-Hello. -How's it going, kid?

Let me go, ̉scar. Let me go.



-Hello, Rotis, you want something? -I've eaten, -but I could eat a pastry. -I think I've got one left.

I'll get it.

We hardly know each other, but Xavi's mother tells me that they love you like you were family.

Is that a lot or a little?

A lot, of course.

I don't know, you're like family, but Xavi doesn't love you.

It's not that he doesn't love me...

He doesn't love you.

-Hello. -Hello, is Xavi in?

And why are you so happy?

Come in, Roth is here too.


-Hello. -Hello.

Hello, Cristo.

-Sit down. -No, thanks, I'm fine.


-Hello. -Good morning.


Sure you don't want to sit next to Xavi?

No, no.

-We're testing the go-kart today. -Be careful.

-Don't hurt yourselves. -Relax, Mum.

-Come on, let's go! -Xavi.

-What? -Come with me.

-We've got to hurry. -Just for a minute.

-This race... -I'm racing. You can't stop me.

Yes, I know it's very important.

I just wanted to contribute, and make it a bit safer.

It's really cool.

Really? You like it?

It's great.

Let's see.

And... yes.

Is it okay?


I know you want your dad back.

That's why you want to win this race. I heard you.

I don't want to replace your dad, and it's normal you miss him.

To me and to you, your mother is very important... and I'd like it if we could all try to get along.

Go on then, you'll be late.

Hold on.




I don't want to call you Dad.

Of course, you don't have to.

Could we find another word?

LIuis, for example?

Okay, Lluis.

This is the circuit.

We have to get down safely, get past the steep section, then make it to the road as fast as possible.

-How do you know? -What?

-How do you know? -It's the same every year, we always watch it.

"The Kids"?

One, two, three, "The Kids"!


Look at this. What a crappy kart.

Just like the team.

-Leave us in peace. -I decide who I leave in peace.

Idiot! Bloody Yenas.

Relax, guys. They're kids, let's give them a break.

-They can't beat us anyway. -We'll see about that.

-We'll win the race. -And get our wishes.

You can't win the cabin with no car, it'll be ours forever.

-For a year, maximum. -A year?

Oh, you didn't know?

They're making a reservoir here. This will be the last ever race.

Let's go!

They're crazy.

How could they turn the village into a reservoir?

What's up, Colo?

-Nothing. -Then why have you gone red?

What? I'm always red.

What is it, Colo?

Come on, tell us.

-You'll kick me out. -We will, if you don't tell us.

Yenas is right. They're making a reservoir.

My dad is the engineer for the dam.

I didn't tell you because I thought you'd kick me out the gang, -but I still have immunity. -No way!

-Leave it! He's right. -How do you know?

My brothers told me months ago.

-Why didn't you say? -I thought you might leave.

-I didn't want anything to change. -You're liars.

And you're not? What about your dad?

-That story about the Romanian. -It's not the same!

Right, it's not the same when you lie, only when I do.

-Don't fight. -Yeah, calm down.

-Come on, make friends. -You shut up! You're all liars.

Leave me out of it, Xavi.

You were with that girl at the beach and didn't tell me.

I was at the beach and I met her.

For your information, I don't like her, or you!

You're nasty, Xavi! Stupid!

You're mad, Cristo!

-Totally mad! -Calm down.

-You've all gone mad. -Stay out of this.

He can talk if he wants. Who are you to kick him out?

-Enough! -I can talk if I want.

Don't fight!

-Roth, we're not fighting! -Of course we're fighting!

Roth, come back!

Look what you've done now. Happy now?


I'm fed up with this! I've had it with this gang!

I'm leaving the gang! Shit!

Well said.

-Shut up, Colo! -I will not.

And, if she's leaving, so am l.

About time! We were hoping you'd leave!

You're the stupidest kid I've ever met!

You're the stupid one, Ekaitz!

Come on, Colo.


-Listen... -Get off, you lying shit!


-Cristo. -Yes?

I don't know how to say this...


Yes, Lidia, no, I'll be there, get it all ready.

Yes, I'm fine.

No, I'll call you when I get to Barcelona.

-Cristo! -Kid!

I told you I'd come!

You're a disgrace.

-Half an hour late. -I've had a little adventure.

As always.

Come on, we'll be late.

-Should I ask for a lift? -I've got a driver.

-Another boyfriend? -No.

-Hello, I'm Roth. -Sala. How do you do?

-You look really familiar. -Do I? Great.

I'm late. Where to?

A reservoir a few minutes from here.

Why did Xavi die?

I don't know, Roth, I don't know.

What do we do now?

Now is the time to be sad, because you loved him and you're going to miss him.

For a long time, when you think of him, you'll feel very sad, but, slowly, you'll remember the good times that you had together.

The games, and how you laughed...

And one day, you'll only think about how lucky you were to have been friends, and when you think of him, you'll smile.

I can't smile now.

Yes, now it's very difficult.

But it's important that you know that wherever he is, he can see you, and he loves you very much.

Make him feel proud of you.

He just wants you to be friends, and for your lives to continue being an adventure,

and that you try to have lots of magical days.

Are you coming?

We want to show you something.

Us two were good friends, and we entered that race in this beauty, together.

A long time ago now.

A long, long time ago.

I think you should take it out at least once, even if there's no race.

I'm sure Xavi would really like to see that.

And the cabin will understand.

It's magic, remember?

This is the circuit.

We have to get down safely and get past the steep section, then make it to the road as fast as possible.

"The Kids "?

One, two, three, "The Kids "!

Is that a bear?

Thanks, man.

See you.


Yes, right.

I wonder if we'll see each other again.

I wonder.

-Good luck with your big day. -You too.

You've hardly changed.


Xavi really admired you.

You were a hero to him.

Even though he never talked about it, I could tell.

See you around, ̉scar.

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