Heung Gong jai jo (1997) Script

My name is Autumn Moon.

I quit school after junior high.

I was no good in my study.

But the education system was no better.

It not only excludes me from further study...

...but produces juveniles like me.

I've got nothing to do but hang around public playgrounds...

...playing basketball, talking part in brawls... being recruited as or recruiting triad members.

Stop! No way!

Can I have a shoot?

This half-witted jerk is Sylvester.

I never found out his last name.

But I'm sure he's no Stallone.

I "recruited" him from the street.

He was being bullied by a group of students and I came to help him.

Well, at least he was smart enough now...

...that I could provide protection for him.

That's how he became my "junior".

One brags about being a Big Brother.

...but one doesn't boast oneself of having a retard like sylvester as junior.

If anyone of you will never bully him again...

...I'll make sure you pay for it.

Well, you may think I'm worth nothing because I'm jobless and hang around all day...

...but that's not exactly true.

My job is to help Big Brother Wing collect debts.

I'm lone wolf type of person, doing whatever I like to do.

To me, freedom counts first.

I'm not like the rest of them because I have brains.

I don't take orders.

I won't kill when they tell me to...

...or risk my life just bacause that's an orders. That's sheer dumbness.

The most important thing is to yourself with skills.

That's my style.

You mistake us... we're ordered to collect our money.

Stop bullshitting me! Where're you from?

We're from the Bank of Canton. last time because I was late... it selling my account in a couple of days. They were just do their job.

I just lost 2000 bucks to you.

Shut your fucking mouth! Move!

We didn't do anything wrong, did we?

You want us to take off you? Move!


Isn't it right?

Serve them right! Come on, go back to your room.

Serve them right!

Wait a second!

Who are you?

Mr.Wing sent me to collect his money.

What money?

Take a look at this!

Have you finished? You think it's fake.

Just wanna make sure it's not.

What's wrong with you, Sylvester?

I know what's on your mind sex maniacal What do you mean?

Take him to the hospital. He being bit by a stroke!

Pay your debt first! Give me the money!

He is dying and you're still thinking about your money?

It's only his nose to big deal!

The stroke is going to kill him.

Let me call the ambulance for you.

Ping, get me the phone.

Anything wrong with your nose?

Is it the police or the hospital? Just the same, anyway.

I've got some loan shark here bleeding.

Please come quickly.

It's alright now! He's managed to stop the bleeding. Thanks.

Mom was right in saying that everything is predestined.

Ever since Sylvester picked up those two letters, ...bad things take place one after the other.

Weird things that no one can explain!

They just happen...

Click! Just like that.


Moon, it's your pager.

I've dehited $3,000 into your account.

"The news-vendor kid called. Sylvester's being hitting. Come! Hurry!

Look! I don't live here!

So what? Things are expensive!

Don't you have a job yourself?

How much can I make?

How about Moon?

What can he do?

I won't count on him.

Go to hell and don't ever come back!


What are you doing?

Why begged him for his money? I'll have money next week.

Thank you very much! I don't want your dirty money.

What do you mean my ditry money?

You think his money is clean?

Don't worry mon, I'm different now.

You can ask Ms.Lee.

I thought you said you'd go back to school. Did you do that?

You're the same as your father.

Are you OK?

You may go home after 10 mins...

When will she come back again to further consultation with a doctor?

I'll call and inform you. Make your daughter have a rest.

Hi there! Your daughter got a stroke?

Stroke yourself.

Let me remind you. You played me last time.

Don't ever try play tracks with me! Pay!

It's none of your business. Sit down.

Look at your friend. Who got bit by a stroke.

Yes, Sylvester. Gaze at her and make her pay.

Pay money?!


Stop laught at him.

Hush! This is a hospital. What's the matter?

Nurse, get him out of the hospital.

Why you call me out?

He's my buddie.

Good, follow me, sir.

Is it OK?

Don't you play tricks!

We contacted his family...

...but they denied know him.

We found these in his pocket.

Stop looking at him.

What do you said? Shut your big mouth.

You're a big mouth!

What is this?

These are blood-stayed but they aren't your friend's.

Mom, let's go look for him.

Look for who?

Your husband.

I saw him with a woman yesterday.

He's got a mistress. Don't you know that?

Let him!

What do you mean?

He's got a mistress! And a kid, too!

You let him do that?

Are you not going? Fine. I'll go myself.

I'll chop him to pieces. No sweat!

Don't do anything stupid, Moon!

Moon, don't!

Leave me alone!

Stop it! What's are you doing?

Then go with me!

Listen to me, will you? Leave me alone.

Listen to me! I approved him of doing that.

Stop it!

What? You approved of hime?

You mean you had know it?

You approved him for the sale of thousand bucks?

Moon, get on the car.

Where're you heading?

I've no idea.

In that case, I'll just drop you alone the way. I've to go to work.

What did you say? Did I hear "work"?


What do you mean by "work", Keung?

You won't understand!

I'm doing it for love!

Tell me.

I've became a different person ever since I met her.

I've do whatever she ask me to.

She wanted me to find a job. I found a job.

I've ask her to marry me and she promised!

Unbelievable, isn't it?

You just love her big tits, don't you?

You jealous?

Hell, I'm jealous!

In the past, I would have boasted myself so much... not anymore!

I've something for you...

Organic Contribute Form What? It's out of your mind?

Read it first!

Ms Lee gave it to me the other day.

She looked at me in my eyes and said...

"Keung, for guys like you who are in this killing business..."

"...life may mean nothing."

"But by completing this form..."

"...you'll be able to do society some good."

"You'll be saving someone's life even after you're dead."

"By doing this, you'll make your life worth living."

This Ms Lee whom Keung's talking about is a social worker.

God knows what she sees in Keung that made her love him.

It's just fuckingly incredible!

Here she is, doing her endless research!

She asked me to put her in touch with some juvenile delinquents.

But I am a juvenile delinquents!

She doesn't know that.

To send her off, I introduced her to Sylvester.

He's most probably the one and only dumb-writed triad member in HongKong.

He's know for his capability to kill.

He's getting a real reputation for that.

Moon! Moon! Fuck you!

How do you do, Mrs. Leung?

Can I borrow some soya sauce?

Sure. Come in!

I'll get it for you.

Thank you.

My pleasure.

Moon, who's she?

She's from the social welfare department.

A charming lady!

I won't charge you for this.

Thanks...More, please.

Take the whole bottle.

That's too much. He visits you often?

Not really. He used to live in the shop he worked for.

But he lost his job.

That's why he hangs around with me. He got bullied a lot on the street.

He has to find himself a job.

What and how?

You tell me.

He family has abandoned him?

I've had tried call them, but they denied knowing him.



Hello, Ms.Lee.

Brother is looking for us.

I've got Mr Lee here. Go ahead and I'll join you later.

See you arroud. Ms Lee.

Where're you going?


So this is the place.

What's your old lady, cutie?

She is out.

Really? Come in and find out yourself.

Sure I will.

Look at you! You should be in school! Look at your nails!

You think you're madonna?

Where's your mom?

She went play mabjong, I guess.

She has the money to play mabjong but not the money to pay what she owes us?

How much do we owe your bom? A few thousand dollars are no big deal.

Just the inerest alone will cost you a lifetime to repay.

A few thousand will soon turn into tens of thousands...

...which will then became hundreds of thousands.

Here is 500 bucks. My father owed you $5,000.

Let's call it even if I go to bed with you.

500 bucks?

You're not telling me that it'll cost $4,500 to get laid with you?

What do you think you are? Julia Roberts?

Let me get it straight. I nerver paid for getting laid.

Come on!

There's no one it the house except us.

Relax! I won't hurt you.

Answer me.

What color is your panty?


Black and white.

Show me.

What's that? This is no panty.

What the best! Let's get on with it.

Why are you laughing?

Something funny going on here?

Must be your mom, isn't it? She wants to put me into jail?

You only listen to your mom, don't you?

You'll regret this: it's my first time.

Your first time? Are you pulling my leg?

Every girl I've fucked told me it's her first time.

You think this is the Middle Ages?

First time my foot! It's my first time, too -- I mean for today.

No wonder the world is left with on more virgins.

I've more class than the rest of them all.

Very high sounding!

Your figure isn't too bad, though.

I can see that you have a hard on.

Have you made up your mind?

If you want to do it, act fast before my mon returns.

What? You're telling me to do it here?

You want to do it in the corridor?

Stop pulling my leg.

Who's calling the shots here?

You'd better find out.

I've never counted how many wet dreams I'm used to having.

I come twice that night.

...which made it a bad night for me.

I have the strange feeling that I'm being preyed upon.

It must have been those letters.

There must be some secrets about them.

Something even stranger takes place the next morning...

Ping shows up at my door!

It's you!

How do you find out I live here?

Go back to sleep, Sylvester.

What do you want?

Fine. Sayonara.

Wait. I want to tell you...

...how much I missed you.

Can we just be friends with each other?

What're you doing? Kissing my ass?

Your mom sent you here, didn't she?

She has no idea I'm here.

I came on my own will.


What's on your mind?

Will you date me?


There are two letters.

Let me have a look.

Let me...

This of it for her family.

The other must be for her boyfriend.

But this is a girl's school.

Don't you think she's a lesbian?

What's that?

Is there a Wong Wing-nam?

I am Wong Wing-nam.

This letter is from Susan Hui.

Are you really Wong Wing-nam.

Can you give me a reflection?

I wonder what's in the letter.

You're truly nosy.

This must be a triangular love affair.

Why do you know?

That girl there must be an intruder. Trust my instinct.

I don't think so.

What do you say, Sylvester? Dunno.

This must be it.

Let me stand on your shoulder.

My shoulder?


Sylvester, squat down, Didn't you hear me? Me?

Sure. Who eles? Quick.

Let me.

I saw something.

What is it?

It must be her.

Let me have a look.

Wait a second.

Come on. It's my turn.

You are a pain.

I saw it, too.

What did you see?

Her photo. She's quite good-looking, isn't she?

What are you doing?

I say...

What are you trying to do?

Are you alright, Ping?

What's wrong with you?

Leave me alone.

I am ill.

It's fatal disease.


It's like taking my last breath just then.

Any idea what this is?

I don't want to die in a hospital.

It was the first time I saw Ping cry.

I had the shock of my life when I saw her...

...holding up that plastic bag of liquid.

I am a man of the world.

But at that moment, I must confess that I was stunned speechless.

It's hard for myself to learn that I can be such a charitable person.

Oh, boy, the same thing happened again.

That night I dreamt of countless plane's flying over me.

I didn't keep account of the number of planes I shot down with my cum.

But there's one thing I'm sure of each time I came, I was thinking of Ping.

I've fallen madly in love with this very sick girl.

You're here for your debt again?

Come on. Where's your mon?

Quit smoking! You're a dying person.

Why should I? I'm dying anyway.

Are you sure you have cancer or something?

You'd better go check-up.

I don't trust doctors.

No kidding! My decease is fatal.

Only an organ transplant may save my life.

Organ transplant? What's your decease?


How long do you have to wait for a transplant?

It depends on whether there's someone who'll die before I do...

... and whether he's willing to donate his kidney to me.

What'll happen if on one dies? Simple. I'll die.

Okay. I'll donate my kidney to you.

Thank you very much.

I suppose your kidney is as rotten as you are.

You sure have a big mouth.

My mon was thinking of giving hers to me, but it doesn't fit.

Let's change the topic.

Let's do it.

Are you out of your mind? I'm a sick person.

Well, I sure have never made it with a sick person.

Go to hell...

You're pretty tough, are you?

Stop! Stop!

Hold it first. Do you love me?

Of course!

If you love me... why don't you wait till I'm dead to kiss me?

That'll truly be romantic.

Come on. Don't you feel good now?


You said you wanted to do it.

Do what?

I thought you said you regret you doing it with me the other day.

Stop talking about death all the time.

What'd you do if you don't hang out with girl or go fighting.

I'll be thinking of girls...

I mean you!

I'm serious. What happened to your ex?

We blew it. Why?

Ever wondered how she is?

Only God knows.

Why are you called Autumn Moon?

It's a long story.

It's all my mon and dad's fuck.

I was born at the Mid-Autumn Day.

So they just called me Autumn Moon.

How unimaginative.

And lazy, too.

Well, not exactly. I think it's cute.

It makes me think of moon cakes.

May be I should call you Moon Cake.

Thank you very much. How about Chinese Cake?

I'm pay you if I have the money. Fat Chan.

But I'm penniless! Life is difficult these days.

Where did you get your money for your food?

I have to eat, don't I?

Your daughter?

You leave her alone.

You may take whatever is valuable in the house with you.

These are all hand-made. They're worth some money.

Take them.

You have a very beautiful daughter.

You don't need to pay me. We'll take her. That'll cancel the interest.

How about working for me as a prostitute, my little darling?

Leave her along, Fat Chan!

Fine. Ask your husband to talke to me.

I really have no idea of where he is.

You can do me a favour by chopping him to pieces ifyou see him.

He's no longer my hushand.

I thought you called each other sweetheart when you borrowed money from me.

Now you're cursing him.

Go after whoever borrowed from you.

You're acting like the triads.

Triads? Do we look like triads?

Don't get bitchy.

Take everything away. The wok over there, too.

Let's see how she can cook her meal.

This, too. Give me your gold tooth.

So you're penniless and you wear a gold tooth.


Stop it. What's look like here?

You're after her money, aren't you? It looks like a robbery to me.

Who the hell are you?

You saying you don't know me?

Fuck you.

Go the hell you think you are?

You're just a kid.

And you're just a pig!

Where do you hang out?

Fat head! Look at you!

You're full of cholesterol.

Tell you who I am. My name's Autumn Moon.

Does it ring a bell?



Sure, it does!

Man, I can see you can't hold up for too long. Go home and heal yourself.

That's great! Encore!

Thank you very much!

Dick head!

Fat head! I'll spare your life this time...

I've no idea how much Ping's father had owed these people.

Those who have shown their faces, I've seen them all.

Those who haven't, God knows how money there still are.

The adult world is far too complicated for me.

Take Brother Wing for example.

He's a load shark ahight, but he'd never admit it.

The street is full of people like Fat Chan.

They are in your neighbourhood.

Look at these skimny little punks who followed him around!

They just looked like students going on a picnic with their teacher.

Thought that would scare people?

But it's exactly because they're so common and ordinary...

...that you'll have to be double careful.

Why are you here? I understand she's seriously ill.

It's all right with me.

Her sickness is noe of you business.

Why don't you just get lost?

Mrs Wong... Go away!

I forbid you to see him again.

Go back to your room.

What do you want? Can't you see I'm busy?

Mon, can you lend me $5,000?

That's a lot of money.

I'll pay you back in two days' time. Promise.

What they are for you?

Don't ask questions.

Don't you go to take loan sharks.

Or you'll be finished.

Forget it.

OK, I'll try speak to my boss.

I said forget it.


Did you check out those three students for me?

You mean those three kids? They're clean.

Hi, Moon.

Are you sure?

Yeh, as I always said, Chinese people like tricks.

What did he do at those protective workshops?

The usual stuff. Packaging and processing I guess.

Good. that's exactly what I want.

I'll make sure that there'll be a car waiting for you.

Fuck him!

Big Brother.


Have you collected the money?

Any problem?

Haven't seen you around for a while!

May I borrow $20,000, Brother Wing?


What are they for? Chicks or business?

You didn't borrow from those loan sharks, did you?

If you did, I can always send the gang to break their necks.

You can have my word.

It's nothing like that.

Moon... you should know that I always have faith in you.

Why don't you join us?

Something in you mind?

I think I'm in love with the girl at Room 7818 in Block 5.

Are you kidding? They're slyer than you and me put together.

You're borrowing money to pay her debts?

Are you...

I am serious.

Serious? You're too young to be serious.

Have fun is all that matters.

I'm sure you'll fall for someone you like one day.

Wait until that day to talk about love.

It's waste of time to get serious with those kiddy chicks.

I am really serious.

You out of your mind or what? Having sex doesn't mean having to get married!

If chicks are all you want, I can send you a dozen for your pleasure right now.


I'm paging for account 8288.

Your name please?


Mr. Cheung, the account requested full names of his friends.

Cheung Siu-wing.

Do you know the account's full name?

What's all this shit!

I called yesterday and there was nothing like this.

I'm sorry. This instruction was placed by the account this afternoon.


I'm sure you'll get used to it, sir.

Fuck you! Listen...

Tell him to cancel these stupid instructions. Otherwise I'll kill him.

Sir, our policy borbids us to carry any threatening messages.

Just pass on my message, bitch!

Moon, let's communicate with each other...

Shit! I've been traveling to China so often that I'm beginning to sound like a mainlander.

Remember the deal I offered you last time?

If you accepted it, you would have been a rich man.

Who would think that such a young kid like you would have done something like this?

"Young man assaulted and killed"

I've never even laid my hands on a gun before.

That's not the point.

One should make as much money as possible when one's still young.

Don't waste time anymore.

You see, this guy is from Shenzhen.

I guarantee you that it's a one-shot deal.

I'm not going to Shenzhen. I hate everything that's China.

Who says you'll have to go to Shenzhen?

I have my reasons to dislike the Chinese, too.

They lured me to invest in a joint venture... and swallowed up my shares.

You are right in hating them.

It provides an emotional drive for you. Gives you a sense of self-assurance.

Well, I've promised Ms. Lee not to do anything bad.

You mean that stupid social worker?

What did you promise her?

What about collecting money for me?

Look at this, Moon. Can you tell if it's real or fake?

I can't tell.

See my point?

There's no true or false, right or wrong.

The world is itself a total mess.

Wanna try it?

Pull the trigger.

I like your guts.

Take this with you. I'll let you have a real one next time.

I know a guy from the game shop. He's really good at shooting.

Everytime he's at it, he'll bust the machine.

No more excuses, Moon.

You know, I was a poor kid like you when I was very young.

I shared the same background as yours.

But I've worked my butts off and climbed up the ladder.

Give it a thought.

Did you page me, Big Brother?

Fuck you. Are you playing some game or what?

What's all this fuss of leaving full names?

The cops are after me lately.

Let's devise a secret code...

How about " Hallelujah 1997"?

This is too much trouble.

We'll get used to it.

Go to hell.

You're simply hopeless!...I've lost all hope in you.

Please don't get upset.

You're hopeless.

Do you know what he's done?

He's stolen all my money. He's stolen the remaining $2,000 from my bag.

Why didn't you take the TV set?

Easy. Calm down please, Mrs To.

Can you see what he has turned into? He's a thief!

Maybe he just borrowed it.

You don't call this borrowing. He did it without my consent. That's theft!

You think I don't know.

I'll beat you to death!

You are useless!

Please, don't.

So cocky too. You are as useless as your father.

Everytime I told him to go to school, he would sue Jacky Chan as an example to contradict me.

I don't care how he got his master degree wthout ever studying in a university.

Did you realise what he is? He's a actor, stupid!

First your uncle got you this kitchen job... and you turned it down.

Then Mrs. Leung recommended you another job at a restaurant and you complained that it's boring.

If you that smart, why didn't you become a boss yourself?

Please, don't.

I'll beat you to death!

Mrs. To, I'd say he has improved a lot.


Ms Lee, you are too kind.

Look at me.

You won't be rewarded for your kindness.

I am a good example.

This is reality.

Poverty begets evil. That's the rule of the game.

Mister, will you be intrested in a killing job?

Ever since the conflict with my mom, I haven't called Ping.

I'm not a good-for-nothing-triad member like my mom said.

At least I didn't accept that job from Brother Wing.

To prove that my mom was wrong saying that.

I decide to get a job.

He can start immediately.

Sure, we're short of hands and business is good lately.

No problem.

Let's talk about money later.

First, some of the rules you must observe.

We sell all kinds of knives here.

These are used in most house hold.

Thin blades, thick blades.

These are for breaking all kind of bones.

Most housewives are familiar with them. These knives excel to cutting pork...

Uncle Leung, what's this for?

Get out!

Sorry, sorry.

Don't ever try escape!

Make him jerk.

Right! Jerk it off.

What if triad member come and buy knives from you?

No, we don't sell our knives to crime syndicates.

How about the "young and dangerous".

That we may considers. It's because they aren't exactly triad members.

What if they've joined the triads? Will you sell your knives to them?

There won't any ponks in the triad.

These ponks will only commit such petty crimes as cheating their moms or something.

Harder! Harder!

Your job will be to sweep the floor and clean the windows.

Then business will grow.

I'm sure you will get a helping hand from Keung.

He bought a lot of knives from us in the past.

Dick head! Where do you belong?

Dare you bully this big guy?

Whose your Big Brother?

We don't have one.

Then let me teach you a good lesson.

You think you're tough?

Didn't I tell you to stay away from them?

Leave me alone.

Beat him up...

Beat him up!

Fight them back. Go ahead and beat them up!

Don't be afraid.

Beat them.

Remember the first time we saw him, be was in exactly the same way.

We saved his ass. He needs us.

Can't you be more sympathetic with him?

Get up, dick head!

Lsiten well.

Don't ever let me see you again!

Otherwise I'll beat you to death!

Run for your life!


Right, I've almost forgotten.

Miss Lee told me to give you these money.

For me?


Don't be like that.

It's my fault.

She is for your good.

Take it as a loan.

Let's go.

What's wrong?

Please don't tell her what happened today.

What do you mean?

I promised her I'll never fight again.

You're like a kitten in front of her, aren't you?

You won't understand, just promise me or I'll knock your head off.

Fuck you!

What about the money?

Save it for the knives.

Cover your wound before it gets infected.

No, I don't want it.

This is for your good.


Are you ready?

Does it fell good?

It's chilly!


Use some soap.

Wash your ass.


Having a good time?

Look at you!

How about a new hairdo?

You are still bleeding?

Hold this!

The bleeding just won't stop! Dry your hair.

Ever try this kind of bandage, Sylvester?

This is good stuff. It's specially for adults. Try it.

Don't move! You're bleeding.

See! It stops the bleeding at once!

How do you feel?

It's huge, too.

It's ultra thin.

You'll need it again in future.

Take a good rest.

After you've recovered, we'll get those kids. OK?


Moon, I'll be gone by the time you read this.

I'm sorry.

I'm not a good mother.

I wanna to... find a place and think things over.

Sylvester, my old lady has left. You stay here and look after my place.

Who are you looking for?

Where's your man?

He went to the market place.

Who are you?

My name's To.

He'll be back soon. Come back in 5 minutes.

You stay out of this!

You scum! You raped my sis when she's twelve.

You've ruined her!

I'll chop off your hand! I'll kill you!

Help! Don't!

Give me the other hand!

Please, don't!

Give me the other hand!

He was my old man, but not anymore.

Everyone has his own story to tell.

Sylvester, Ping, Susan... the kid who knifed his old man in the public toilet...

Most adults are gutless and irresponsible. Whenever things turn wrong, they'll either.. take shelter or simply disappear.

Sometimes I really wanted to pluck out their hearts... and see what colour they are.

Most probably they'll look like shit!

That night everything was very quiet.

Almost nothing happened.

But when I woke up...

I found tears all over my face.

I'm sure those weren't my tears.

Were they Susan's?

Hurry up!


What's up?

It's Ping.


This should have been the place. Where's she?

Did you see her?

I'm here!

Here she is!

We've been looking for you.

How do you know I'm here?

We've got noses!

I can tell you're here because his nose bleeds.

Wow! You can smell where I am?

I wish he could! Look at his dumb face!

I bet he'll have a hard on if he see your naked thigh in a mini-skirt.

Sylvester must like me very much. Right?


Give her the melon.

Who give a melon to someone as a present, stupid.


It's a sign of love!

Looks like you'll have to stay for a while.

Eat your melon.

I don't want it.

If you need more. I'll bring you a whole basket.

Don't know if I can live long enough to eat them.

Don't say it!

Your outfit looks real cool.

You're the one that's real cool.

Fat heat! Look at you...

You're full of fattiness.

"Get lost immediately! Don't you know who I am?"

That's what I called cool.

It's not such a bad thing for you to be here. At least, I don't have to be yelled at by your mom.

She's all right.

I know. You're luckier than me.

Your father left you.

But both my parents left me.

Fuck them! Lets change the topic.

Do you remember saying that you regret for not doing it?


What do you wanna do?

Are you a lesbian?

Sylvester is here!

Look! He's got that on.

Look at it!

Come, touch it.

Are you nuts?

Dick head!

You're not as dumb as they think. Right?

Don't bully him.

Me bully him?

Look at his shit face.

Great scenery.

Great scenery.



This is spectacular!

What a place!

It's like paradise!

What a place!

Who has suggested this place?

Who has suggested this place?

Who has suggested this place?

How can you learn about this place?

So clever.

I'll give you a credit for this.

Moon, have you brought the letter?

The letter?

I've trashed it.

Trashed it?

Yes No. It's with me.

When did you pick it up, shit head?

Smart kid! We must return this to her parents.

I don't want to see this any more.


Why? I'm afraid I'll fall for her.

If you like her that much, did she come into your dream and tell you where she's burried?

You're not telling me that you wanna look for her grave?

Why? Of course!

Why? Of course!

All right. As you wish.

Let's go.

We'd better hurry.

It's getting dark.

Where are you, Susan Hui?

Susan Hui...

If you like me, let me know where you are.

Susan Hui...

Found it?

Did you find it, Ping?


Susan Hui...

Susan Hui...

Susan Hui...

Susan Hui...

Why did she die?

Can you hug me on my death day?

What did you do if I vanish?

We'll think about it when the day comes, OK?

What a spectacular burial ground!

Can you imagine there's dead people all over the place?

I want to be buried here when I'm dead.

You'll get well.


This is a funny way to cut a water melon.

I've never seen anthing like this before!

Look like he's making a water melon pot.

Do you mean water melon pot?

It's water melon pot.

Can you cut it like this?

Of course.


Looks like you're performing magic.

You only know how to knife people.

Cutting up a water melon is a totally different matter.

Watch out for your hands!

Watch out for your hands!

Look at me!

Big brother, you're cool!

Big brother, you're cool!

I want a slice.

I'll take this slice... Here you are.

This is a specialty of the nothermers.

Don't tell me you didn't know.

Is it?

Hi. Moon!

Big brother.

Please sit down.

I'll perform for you guys again next time.

Susan made me come again that night.

Susan, I don't care if you'd support me or if you want to stop me from accepting the job...

I'll go ahead regardless.

You'd better give me your blessing.

I promise to burn more incense for you.

Susan, set me free!

May I know which room is Lam Yuk Ping's?

Ping? Yes.

She checked out yesterday.

Are you sure?

Can you check again?

Of course.


Miss, where is Lam Yuk Ping please?

She checked out.

What? You sure?


I thought she was doing a kidney transplant operation.

Maybe the doctos have asked her to wait at home.




Where's Ping?

What happened to you? Who did that?

None of your business.

Was it Fat Chan?

You're all the same.

You're all the same. Go away.

Ping has moved.

She won't be seeing you anymore.

Please give this money to Ping.

We don't want your dirty money.

What do you mean by dirty money?

Dirty money?

Can't you see that we feel for each other?

What's that?

What's that?

F.E.L.L. (Feel) Feeling You?

I bet you're too insensitive to understand that.

People like you have feelings?

All you know is gang-fighting.

Hey, you're no better.

All you know is hiding from your debtors.

What's the big deal in owing people money?

I stayed home to make sure my daughter stay away from punks like you.

It's not easy to be a mother.

I bet you don't have one.

Don't you bad mouth my mother!

So what?

Look at the way you talk to elders!

Usr your brains! Would I let my daughter hang around with people like you?

You should't talk ill of my mother.

Shoudn't I be hanged?

I won't let you talk ill of my mother.

How righteous!

You think you're a hero? Why don't you go kill all the bad guys?

That's exactly what I'm going to do.

Go! Right away! Please.

I'll go settle it with Fat Chan for you.

I'll guarantee that Fat Chan will leave you in peace...

...if you let me see Ping again.


Isn't that enough?

I'll go medical check-up tomorrow and donate my kidney to Ping.

Thank you very much.

No. My daughter won't use your kidney.

And always owe you.

It's free of charge.

You can take this as a promise.

Very high-sounding! I hope you're not bullshitting.

I hope you'll honour your work.

I'll leave the money here.

If I fail to settle it with Fat Chan, you can keep me the money.

Thank you. Bye bye.

Sylvester, let's go.

Sylvester, let's go.

Leave the water melon to her.

This is for you.


It's Ping!


Are you sure? Can you really smell her?

Are you sure? Can you really smell her?

Yes. She's coming up.

You're really something!

Did you kick the elevator?

Sorry Sir, we're playing around.

Sorry Sir, we're playing around.

You can smell people, can't you? Faggot!

Who do you want?

Who do you want?

Who do you want?

Don't move! Sit down.

You, too!

Everybody, sit!

There's no need to panic. We're looking for Fat Chan.

What's up?

Sit down. Excuse me.

My name is Chan. But I'm not very fat, am I?

Who supplied the information?

Early in the morning, I followed Brother Wing's instructions...

...and found a pistol in the toilet on the 4th floor of a police station.

Like Wing's said, the world is coming to an end...

...one can make anyone do anything with money.


Moon, help!


Moon, help!


Lady, help!

My son?!

Although I'm good at fighting...

...I've never killed anyone in my life.

As soon as I got to the peak...

...I was very nervous. I went all blank.

I kept telling myself not to panic.

For Ping's sake, I must accomplish the assignment.

That's Central District below.

And the opposite?

That's Tsimshatsui.

Let's open a store in the Central next time.

What do you think?

May I know who is looking for Mr. Wing?


Can you tell me the full name of the account?

Cheung Siu-wing.

Mr. Chesung has requested that you leave your full name.

Autumn Moon.

The account is in China right now and is unable to return your call.

Can I leave a message?

Go ahead.

Please tell him that Autumn Moon has failed...

...and doesn't know what to do.

Tell him I'm sorry...

...and I didn't expect this either.

I'll relate your message to the account.

Leave me alone, will you?

I ddin't do you any wrong.


Stop making me come. I'll soon dry up.

I didn't steal those letters from you.

It's Sylvester.

The dumb guy!

He's sleeping next door.

Go for him!

Go for him!


I'll return the letter to you.

I sympahtize with you completely.

It's all your fault.

Get up!

You mustn't sleep on my mom's bed.


This way, dumb head!

Who sent you?

Fat Chan. How's that?

I found this form at Moon's home.

Indeed this is a certificate of voluntary organ donation.

I'd better explain the regulations.

Regarding organ donation.

One of the regulations stipulates that any adult may...

...donate all of any part...

...of his boday for the education, research...

...or organ transplantation.


...if that person does not expressedly indicate his intention...

...of such donation when he's alive, his relatives may make such a decision...

...on his body after his death, unless...

Keep it short. Moon and my daughter were intimate friends.

When he found out about my daught's illness...

...he had promised to donate his boday to her. He loved my daughter very much.

Please let me finish fisrt.

Thirdly, all donations...

...must have prior approved by a comittee.

Since you're not directly related to the patient...

I don't think I'm a position to process your request for the donation.

But why?

What you're suggesting is contrast to your campaign for the donation of organs.

'Cause we're trying to avoid the money exchange...

... that may be invovled during this course of donation.

You've said is all!

It's you who told my daughter to stay home and wait.

If I had better earlier...

...I'd have taken her to China and purchased a kidney.

How can you be so ignorant?

How can you be so ignorant?

Have you even realized that the kidney you're to purchase may have come from another patient?

Doctor. I understand your position.

But if Moon doesn't survive... and indeed this certificate was signed by him...

...can you treat his intention to donate this kidney as a sign of redemption for his sin?

You mustn't mix things up.

I am not a judge. And I don't know why he did want to do this.

And I don't want to know that.

Redemption of sins is a kind of behavior.

So is organ donation.

Both involves codes of ethics and morality.

But they mustn't be confused with one another.

In any case, he's still under emergency operation.

He may be able to survive...

Hello, yes. Here.

The patient, after seven hours emergency operation...

...Moon is out of danger now.

There's no need to carry on the discusstion any more.

Thank you, doctor.

What about my daughter? What about her?


Have you recovered?

I'm fine. Whers's Sylvwaster?

Don't you know?

Come this way.

What happened?

Come along.

What happened?

Look at this. He's dead.

What? He's dead?



It's unlocked.

What happened to Ping?

She passed away last month.

Her condition deteriorated after you had been injured.

I knew she wouldn't make it.

One day last month, she disappeared.

The next day, the hospital called me...

...and said she had died...

...lying next to you.

She had left this to you.

How come I knew nothing about this?

If you love her, visit her at the cemetery.

Buy her some roses. She like the roses best.

Ping was only sixteen.

Now that she's dead, she'll remain forever young.

But you still have a long way to go.

Ping adored you.

She regarded you as a hero.

What did this come to anyway?

Even if you had given her your kidney. I'd have insisted...

...that you are not right to her.

You are not right to her.

Don't come again.

I want Ping back.

I want Ping back.

Moon. Where are you?

Have you recovered?

Come right now.

Today's my wedding day with Keung.

I'm thinking of doing something to shock the world.

What is it?

You want to go back to school?

You want to go back to school?

I...I'm truly worthless.

I'm failed Sylvester...

...and Ping.

Don't be stupid! It's not your fault.


Honey, is that Moon?


Quiet! I'm on the phone.


It's the day of my life! I'm feeling great!

Come and join fun.

I want to ask you something.

What? Come!

When can one kill and not be punished by it?

What do you mean?

I guess during war time.


Kid, keep an eye on this punk for me...

...I'll go after the other.

Let's rob him.

Someone's coming! Run!

Shit! this is worth million of bucks!

What should we do, Big Brother?

Damn you!

Listen. From tomoorow onwards each of you is to bring me $360 everyday.

I'll be your Big Brother.

Whenever you're in deep water, just mention my name.

Moon, so you're out! We could have picked you up.

Where's Brother Wing?

Brother Wing?

He is inside.

Those three kids will be our members.


Let bygones be bygones. From now on we're in the same boat.

I know what's on your mind.

This is a real one.

How can you kill a retard?

You're totally hopeless.

I remember you once said that the world is now ruled by the young.

I'll show you!

I'll show you!

I never thought I would do this.

Now I can understand...

...why Susan committed suicide.

This is the only alternative to a dead end situation.

You'll simply take a jump.

There's nothing scary about it.

Death doesn't need the courage.

It sounds easy. But it's a different matter when you have to really do it.

Your father has been to Shanghai for two months.

He has only called twice so far.

Say something.

Say something.

Your father said that you're very talkative.

It's not easy for me.

Come here often and make you some soap.

Let's get known each other.

I have to go.

That soon!

I've got this to go.

I'll tell you after your father comes back.

Moon, did you receive my message?

Will you come for dinner tonight?

Did you get the news?

Wing was murdered.

I did it.

You did it?

Yes. Cops are searching for me.

Are you kidding? Couldn't be you!

Since I did I will do again.

Those bastard! They deserve it!

They deserve it!

I could't possible go home in the next few days.

I was sure that Susan's spirit must have been waiting for me.


You'll have to experience the feeling of Loneliness.

Well, if you can guarantee my safety...

...and refrain from harassing me...

I promise I'll be back.

Because this is my home.

Ever since my mom left...

...I've changed some of my habbits.

Whenever I was walking on the steet or sitting in a mini-bus...

...I would observe the people around me...

...hoping to find my mom.

How I wished she'd suddenly show up in front of me!

I know I've failed my family, Miss Lee and those who care about me.

But this world is moving far too fast.

So fast that just when you want to adapt to yourself to it...

...it's another brand new world!

Dare you send someone to Kill me?

Damn You!

Kill me?

You even want this little girls?

No, she seduced me!

Did you?


Go to hell!

Please, don't kill me!

So you wanna kill me?

So you wanna kill me?

So you wanna kill me?

My father kept a mistress. For him, it's like a retake of his life.

My momo left me. It's also a retake of her life.

The government promo says, 'There's no retake in one's life'.

It's all bullshit.That's why I hate adults.

They only tell you lies. It's all hypoerisy.

I felt scared and helpless on that day...

...when my mom left me.

But now, I know exactly what to do.

It's a letter.

Let me see.

It's Susan.


How come it's taken so long to reach us?

Two days later, my body was found.

No cops. No journalists.

No sensational scenes.

Standing in front of me were just some innocent kids.

I felt calm and relaxed.

Is he dead?

He's still alive.

Look, no reactions.

Dear mom, I have to go.

Please gorgive me. Take care of yourself.

There's some books on my desk. Please return them to the library for me.

The notes should be returned to my classmates.

Pa, please hang on.

And take good care of mom.

I have been feeling not happy.

But I'll be responsible for my deeds.

I've falledn in love with someone at school.

That's indeed unfortunate.

It's so painful to be in love.

I've failed you.

I have to go now.


Dear Susan, although we don't know each other...

...I've seen your picture.

Lately I've been dreaming of this strange spirit... wandering about, seemingli lost.

I don't know what it is.

Maybe It's you calling from the dark.

Have you ever realized you're very selfish...

...in leaving your parents t themselves?

Now you've come to me.

Frankly, I'm not as scared of death as you.

I've never wanted to die.


...there's Moon.

...there's Moon.

Two girls.

I've become obsessed...

...by both of you ever since I knew you two.

That world is, indeed, unfair.

Those who should have died are still alive and well.

Those who deserve a good life are all dead.

You know, you're lukier than me.

At least you have a family which cares about you.

I've learned the lesson now.

My existence in this world would only bring nuisance to others.

I might as well be dead.

People of my kind might as well be dead.

Peace will then be retained to the world.

Wouldn't ir be wonderful?

Ping, your mom was right.

We die young, we'll remain forever young.

Love forever, Autumn Moon Cake.

Operator speaking.

Has account 818 returned call?

Has account 818 returned call?

No, he hasn't called back.

Operator speaking.

Has account 818 returned call?

May I know who's calling?


Any message, please?

Tell him to show his face. We'll give him protection.

The account hasn't returned call yet, I'll page him again.


Operator speaking.

Has account 818 returned call?

Account 818 has a message display beeper.

Can I request the account to return call to the station?

Sure. What's your name?


Ms Lee, your message?

Tell him to return call immediately. No matter what happened.

We will infrom him.


The living always like to pass judgement on the dead.

They despise the latter for their cowardice.

I wonder how many people would understand...

...how Ping, Sylvester, Susan and me actually think?

No one.

But there's one thing I'm sure of.

We are all very happy now.

We aren't afraid even if we have to face an uncertain world.

Because we've been immune.

Susan Hui...

This is your world...

...and so is ours.

By the end of the day, it's still yours.

You're all young...

...and in blossom.

You're just like the sun in the morning.

We have placed all our hopes on you.

You're listening to...

...the People's Radio in Hong Kong.

What we have quoted was...

...a speech given by Chairman Mao...

...to the leaders of the Young.

Let's repeat and study the message in Putonghua(Mandarin).

The End.