Hick (2011) Script

Bar baby!

Yeah, I heard she was born in a bar.

You could shake your knuckles at the sky.

You could get mad and say, "I don't got nothing."

You could get stuck.

Happy birthday, baby!

Oh! This one's from me.

This one, I don't know.

I think this is from your uncle.


Whoa, hey, a pistol for a pistol.


All right, folks, these drinks aren't going to drink themselves.

This is a party.

Luli, you're doomed.

You know that?

I mean, just look at him.

You know why you keep losing?

'Cause you're a big fucking loser!

You motherless fuck!

You're not going anywhere like that, you son of a bitch!

Luli, get in the car. Luli!

Just get in the car.

Luli, no, no!

No, you are not killing my daughter, not on her birthday, goddamn it!

No, we're not going to do it.

Don't know how to show his love and I'm sorry for that.

I should have never married him!

I should have never married him.

Luli, listen to me! Let's go!

I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

Oh, God. Please, baby, believe me.

You fucking ass.

Hey, hey, what the fuck is wrong with you?

Come here. Get off her, Tammy. Come on, Luli.

I'll take you home. Jesus Christ.

Sorry about that!

Oh, please.

It's none of your business, Ray!

Shut up, Tammy.

Ray, Sorry, man.

Goddamn, Nick.

Like the truck, though.

Yeah, yeah.


Now, I know what you're thinking.

Did you fire six shots or five?

Now ask yourself, do I feel lucky?

Well, do you, punk?

Pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow.


Get down. Okay.

Get down. Okay.

Do you always carry a gun like that?

That's not a gun. It's a .45, Smith & Wesson.

Well, maybe you could give your mom my card.

Let her know I dropped by.

Who are you, mister?

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I should introduce myself. I'm Lux Feld.

I'm in investments.


Yeah, you know, land, property, stuff like that.

Well, Lux Feld, you always break into people's houses at 8:00 in the morning?

No, you're door--

Screen door was open and there was no doorbell, so--

Do you think I'm pretty?

Excuse me?

Like if you saw me on the street or something, would you want to kiss me?

I don't think I'm supposed to--

No, I'm not. I'm-- Okay.

Luli, what in the hell is-- Oh, Mr. Feld.

Wow, you're here at 7:00 a.m.

It's actually 8:00, Mrs. Cutter.

Luli, you are such a card with that gun.

It's not a gun. It's a .45.

Well, put it down.

Smith & Wesson.

It's a Smith & Wesson .45.

Are you afraid of the dark at all?

What are you implying?

Well, I mean, you know, the woods can be a little dark at night.

Oh, no!

Here it is. Yeah.

Oh, my!

Yeah, it's a Cadillac.

This is from all those houses you buy and sell?

Hell, when I do well (Unclear).


You ready?

Yeah. Let's go.

Where she at?


Your mother.

She left.

With who?


Somebody who?

Some guy.

Got a bigger car.

His name is Lux.


Oh, now....

It's funny, you know, in this light, you look just like your mother when I first met her, just blonde and pretty.

Let me tell you something.

Just stay sweet.

Did you know I have a baby brother?

It's good my mama had a baby-blue dress that didn't come down far enough.

And my dad liked her in that dress.

And well, next thing you know, she looked like she swallowed a basketball.

And even though I was only seven and didn't know why my mama swallowed a basketball or how that made a baby brother, well, I couldn't help but smile when I saw my daddy float through that door.

And they had a Sunday with everyone coming over and bringing gifts and a little baby crib.

'Cause it was like all the "Hi, how are yous" and "Well, hello, sunshines" in the county had decided to march down that there dirt road in the light just this once around my mama, sitting proud and pretty in that little blue dress that started it all.

Ooh, can't you feel the breeze from the subway?

Isn't it delicious?

Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi.

You're my only hope.

I am big.

It's the pictures that got small.

Life, love, luck.

Las Vegas!

High rollers.

Big money.

Beautiful girls.

Come to Las Vegas, America's desert playground.

This house is just a pig fuck.

Say, that's not yours, see?

You ain't got no right, see?

Well, then, now, pilgrim, like you got yourself a choice.

You can either be one of the men in black, or one of the ones in white.

Think fast there, pilgrim.

So long, suckers.

Where are you headed?

Las Vegas.

Aren't you a little bit young?

Maybe say innocent, to travel to Las Vegas all by yourself?


What about you, mister? Where are you headed?

My name's not mister.

It's Eddie.


So you some kind of runaway?

No, my dad left me.


Yeah, and then my mama died.

And then I was raised by nuns.

And they left me, so I'm just stuck on this road.

All right, so what's your dad look like?

Maybe I've seen him.


Oh, my Lord, what in the world is in store for me here?

You're gonna sit there and laugh at yourself all day or are you gonna let me in?

Don't just stand there.

Get in if you want.

Two folks heading west, they ought to help each other out, right?

Come on, now. I ain't got all day.

You mind if I ask you something?


Why you got that limp?

I used to buck broncos for the rodeo.

Started just as a buckaroo but, you know, ranch work and putting down horses, that ain't for me.

Are you hungry? We can stop and get a ruby.

You ever had a ruby?


You should.

They say it's the celebrity of sandwiches.

You can be a celebrity.

I think we can both agree you cannot be the celebrity of sandwiches.

You mind not looking over here for a little while?

That don't match.


Well, it don't match unless you're a hooker.

Oh, so now I'm a hooker?

Well, darn you're too ripe is all.

Excuse me?

I said you're too ripe and your mouth is too big.

Well, like it's to big in general or like I talk too much?

Well, both.

Yeah, well, what do you know anyways?


Now, you listen to me.

If you ever, ever call me that again, I will throw you straight through this windshield and then I will run you over after that.


Go on, say it.

Say it.

Say the word. Let me out.

The door's right there. Feel free to use it.



Jesus, Lady! Lord!

You almost pissed on my head.

Holy fucker, kid.

You know you can give someone a heart attack yelping out from a ditch like that.

Wait. How do you pee standing up like that?

I mean, don't you have to squat a little?

I always gotta squat a little.

Nah, not if you're smart.

You just find where the hill goes down, move your feet out the way and shoot.

So you gonna tell me what you're doing out here or what?

We got in a fight.

Oh, boyfriend.

Nah, no, no, just some guy who fell in love with me.

That so?

Yeah. Yeah, and then he freaked out on me.

So I looked him straight in the eye and I said, "Let me out."

Yeah, you know, he tried to make me stay.

He begged me, actually.

But no. No, ma'am.

I just left him there in the middle of nowhere.

Well, kid, good luck.

Stay straight. See you around.

No, no, no.

Wait, wait, wait. Listen, lady.

What do you want?

I could really use a ride right now.

That guy would kill me.

Where are you headed?

Las Vegas.

Well, I ain't.

If you think I'm giving any handouts, you've got another thing coming.

Come on, get in the car.

No, no, no, no, no. Yeah, yeah, no handouts.

I got plenty of money.

No, no, no. That's the last thing I worry about.

Look, kid, you can't just go around telling people stuff like that.

Like what?

Like about money, and having plenty of it.

That just marks you right there.

You hear me?


Good, I'm not looking for an amateur.

What's your name, kid?



Oh, what kind of a name is that?

Poor thing.

Well, I'll tell you what kind of a name it is.

It's a strange name.

And I'd be willing to bet you're a strange kid, huh?

Well, what's your name?


That's a name, huh?

I know it's real pretty.

I always liked it.

Where are you from anyway?


(French accent): Um, Paris.

Um, what?

(Normal voice): Paris.

You are such a funny little thing.

Oh, man.

Okay, tell me about this old junior you ditched.

What did he look like?

Was he easy on the eyes at least?

Like a real gunslinger type.

Even had a limp.

Listen, kid, I don't have time to draw you a map, but there's a reason mamas tell their babies to stay away from guys like that.

Like, you don't know the first thing.

How old are you?


Go on.

Go on. You wanna try it, don't you?

Figure sooner or later, you're gonna be doing this anyways, but it's gonna be with some skinny fuck giving it to you, calling it love.

So this way you know.

So what's your daddy look like?

Maybe I've seen him.


Come on. Get your tail over here.

What? What?

Are you a wily kid?

Am I what?

Wily, do I need to buy you a dictionary?

Street smart!

Um, yeah, sure.

I guess so, yeah.

Oh, can you fucking block the wind for me please?

Oh, thank you.

Glenda, do you go to church?

Church is for brunettes.

Okay, here's what I want you to do.


you got any Hubba Bubba, mister?

Sure thing, pumpkin, right over here.

There you go, sweetie.

Glenda! Glenda!

It's not exactly what I had in mind, kid.

Get him off me! Get him off me! Get him off me! Oh!

Oh, shit.

Shit! Is he dead?

Fuck, I don't know.

Where were you going with that stupid plan, anyway?

I saw it in a movie.

Come on.

Maybe we should call someone or something.

Shut up.

But, Glenda, we can't just leave him there.

Oh, you better believe we can.

No, we can't. Amateur.

Listen to me!

What looks weirder?

Two girls call an ambulance for some old dead guy and maybe down the road they figure out some money's missing?

Or there's some dead guy lying on the floor, no one's inside and all the fucking money is gone?

Oh, never mind.

Glenda, listen to me!

What do you care?

Well, I gotta live with myself.

I'm so worried my baby will be traumatized for life.

We got the best ER in the state.

That's good because we loved that old man so much.

Let's go.

Bye, thank you.

I mean, is that my fault, you know?

He probably just got like a temporary stroke or something, right?

He's gonna be fine in like an hour or so, something like that.

He'll be fine.

Oh, come on.

You heard the man.

Kimball has got the best ER in the state.

Hell, I even heard of it.

I think that that may be the most famous medical establishment in the world.

There, I said it.

You wanna pray?

Are you fucking kidding me?

Hey, watch your language, kid.

Come on, give me your hand.

I can't leave my eyes closed too long while I'm driving.

Dear God, don't let that old man die yet.

Best wishes, Glenda.


Glenda, you got any more of that stuff?

No kid, fresh out.

All right, I'm gonna let you in on a little secret.

Are you listening?


There's a little trick you can do when you start doing what you're doing right now, which is dwelling.

I see it.

You're dwelling, sweetheart.

You're playing the same song over and over again on repeat.

Am I right?


Okay, now what I want you to do is I want you put a quarter in that there jukebox and change the record.

You just change that record.

Do a different song.


And play something bright, please.

We're here to celebrate.

Go on.

Put your face on.

You like whiskey?


What are you, some kind of communist?

Speaking of which, now that you got some money, you're gonna have people on your ass hounding you, trying to get it out of you.

A fool and his money is easy to part so you gotta learn how to--

Am I boring you?


Go on.

You should be writing this shit down.

I'm giving you gold.

I'm like fucking Gandhi over here.

Better fix that B before people start calling you Lane's Lanes.

They already do. Hi, sweetheart.

This here's Luli.

Name is Blane.

Pleased to meet you.

You just gonna stay in here all day and shake hands, make small talk or are you gonna make us a drink?

Thank you.

Hey, Angel.

Oh, little spud, I can't even get a smile out of you?

I got a present for you.

Luli, go to the car and get that you-know-what.

Cover your eyes.

You're just a saint. Do you like that drink?

I'm drinking it, ain't I?

Well, well, look.

That sure is graceful.

You stalking me?

No, come on.

Two folks heading west are bound to cross paths.

You don't like it, you get off I-80.

You know, maybe you ought to mind the company you keep.

Yeah, well, maybe you ought to mind your own business, cowboy.

You know what I think?

I think me and you, we might have got off on the wrong foot.

Nighty night.

Don't you let the bed bugs bite.

Get out of the way!

What's wrong with you?

Come on, Angel.

Come on.


it's gonna be okay.

Okay, look, why bring that bunny all the way from Memphis and take off like the place has herpes?


Tell me the truth kid.

Am I gonna see you on the back of one of them milk cartons?


Because I'm not looking for no kind of trouble.

Not like I kidnapped you against your will, making you do some fucking childhood slavery or some Geraldo shit.

Why would I lie to you?

I helped you rob a convenience store, Glenda.

All right.

All right.

See this place? Look at it.

Maybe God and all the angels took note of that blue dress too.

Because when that baby came out the color of moonlight, we all knew something was wrong.

And he was a boy, all right.

But he wasn't the kind of boy you could take out front and play ball with, no, sir.

He was just poor in the colour, coming off the moon.

You see, it's one thing to pretend you're James Dean and tip your hat before riding off into the setting sun, but not being able to scrape two dimes together makes it so your baby boy born the colour of moonlight he has to stay in that 10-cup incubator.

Then there's nothing so glamorous about that, now, is there?

Rise and shine, sugar tits.


Don't fuck this up, kid.

Hey, I mean, it.

What the hell, Glenda?

Hey, there, moonbeam.

Hey, baby doll.

What do we have here?

This here is Luli.


You sure got a nice house, mister.

Oh, mister, hell.

Call me Lloyd.

That's my name.

Don't need to stand on ceremony so you all come on in here.

Fix that rat's nest.


Well, go on in.

Come on.

Whoa, you're a day late sugar britches.

Oh, baby cakes, you know who that damn car is.

You know, I just about had it with that damn car.

I'm serious as a heart attack.

I'm-- Oh, don't look! Don't look!

Turn around! Turn around!

Oh, my God. Oh, my God, baby.

I finally finished it.

You are going to shit a brick.

Mr. Lloyd, mind if I talk to Glenda for a minute?

Oh, sure, baby, go ahead.

Just us two girls.

Oh, lady talk. I understand.

I'll make you a Shirley Temple.

Glenda, he's here.

Who's here?

It's him, the gimp.

Oh, yeah, that's what I'm talking about.

He's definitely following me, don't you think?

No, he ain't, kid. He's following me.


Has been my whole life (Unclear).

Drinks, ladies.

What, he's like your ex-boyfriend or something?

Come on.

Who gets what?

Oh, you get the Shirley Temple.

All right, now a toast to my pride and joy.

I call it Lloyd's Lagoon.

What do you think, honey?

Oh, I think you sure did it, honey buns.

You know what?

It's the little things like this that make me giddy.

Oh, ain't that the truth?

Oh, shit, I almost forgot.

This here is Eddie.

He's the best.

Works like a Mexican but speaks American.

Nice to meet you, Eddie.

It sure is nice to meet you too.

I've heard such wonderful things about you from your husband.

Whoa, whoa, now, let's not give the little lady a big ego.

Not that that's possible.

Oh, stop.

Besides, Eddie, I'm thinking about bumping you up to my #1 man.

How about that?

What about Luis?

Oh, shit, no tengo green card.

Luli, put your drink down.

Let's dance to this song.

Come on. Come on.

That's pretty good.

Hey, how about I have this dance now?

Never knew you like dancing so much.


Seriously, Lu, be honest.

What do you think of that bar?

Just know-- Know that I went to every garage sale between here and Elko looking for these car tags.

You sure are cute.

Come on, baby. Let's go outside.

You sure are cute too.

Come on, let's go.

What the fuck?

What the fuck is that?

Eddie, I'm gonna ask you a question.

What the fuck is that?

That's a bottle of soda.

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!

That's right.

That's right, genius.

It is a bottle of soda.

But what kind?

What kind of soda is it, Einstein?


What? What was that?

It's Squirt. It's a bottle of squirt.

Right you are.

That is a bottle of Squirt.

But have you ever heard of a drink called 7 and Squirt?

Have you?

I mean, have you ever in your whole life heard somebody saddle up to a bar like this and say, "Hey, mister.

Can I have a 7 and Squirt?"


No, what?


No, sir.

Goddamn it!

What the fuck is going on in here?

I think it best you to apologize to the wife here for trying to skimp on the 7-Up.

Baby, it don't matter.

It does to me.

I'm teaching a lesson here.

Now get your ass up to the front of the bar.

Look this lady right in the eye.

Now repeat after me.

Glenda, I am so sorry.

When I am asked to stock the bar, I will never, ever skimp on the 7-Up again.

Scout's honour.

Glenda, I am so sorry.

I promise I will never, ever skimp on the 7-Up again.

Scout's honour.

It was good.

Great, perfect even.

Now why don't you just gimp your way on over there to the kitchen and get us some 7-Up there, cowboy.

All right, that was out of control.

But that poor bastard's so dumb, he couldn't pour whiskey out of a boot with directions on the heel.

You see, Luli, you gotta train them.

You really do.

Am I right, Glenda?

Yes, sir.

You gotta break them.

Just like old wild buck.

Just gotta teach him a lesson or two, and he'll be fine.

Fucking drink's warm.

Some ice.

Then you stir it.



That's a fucking drink!


Now that, that's a drink.

That's a drink.

Come on.

Luli, I want to show you something that will knock your socks off, little girl.

Paradise, Garden of Eden.

I designed them. I'm building them.

All the pool, bar, water features.

Can I use your phone for a second?

Sure thing, honeybee.

In the kitchen.

No long distance, honey.

Now what's your acquaintance with my friend in there?

Which one?

You know which one.

You want the truth?

No, please lie to me, Eddie.

Eddie, you know, maybe what I said to you in the truck wasn't so nice.

Come on, that's water under the bridge now.

It's water under the bridge.

Now I got to head into town and run some errands and, Glenda, she wants you to go with me.

So they can-- Luli, I don't want--

They can-- You know, sexy time.

Come on.

I'm willing to bet you you've never seen anything like the town of Wyatt.

You know they got the world's largest ball of barbed wire?

It's true.

It's fucking huge.

Sometimes they even got famous people.

That's what they tell me.

Come on, Luli.

Maybe if I leave a note.

Well, you stay put.

Wait, you stay here.

I won't be long. You wait here.

I warned you, boy.


You're up.

Here it goes.

Buy you a drink?

I'll tell you what though, the ball and chain's not going to be happy.

Say double the stakes?

You think I just fell off the couch?

No, I ain't hustling. I'm just rusty.

Come on, a gentleman ought to give me the chance to recoup.

All right.

I knew it. Fucking--

Just shaking off the rust.

Hey, you lost or something, little girl?

I thought I told you to wait in the truck.

Hey, mister, she can't be in here.

How about we go back to Lloyd's, huh?

Who, Lloyd Nash?

Yeah, that's right.

Lloyd Nash.

You two friends with him?

Yeah, yeah, you know, Eddie here, he's Lloyd's right-hand man.

That so?


Hey, any friend of Lloyd's is a friend of mine.

Thank you.

Hah, what do you know?

Girl's my little pot of gold.

Hot damn!

Shuffle on over here and pay piper 200 smackers.

As a gentlemen, I gave you a chance to recoup, but I ain't convinced you got the pockets to pay what you owe, cowboy.

You like Stetsons?

No, no.

Get the fuck off me. Get off me.

Get off of me!

Stop it! No!

Get the fuck off me!

Eddie, you motherfucker!

Did you whistle?

You whistle while you work?

You whistle while you work.

Then what the fuck are you, the fucking pied piper?

Get off me!

Watch it! Watch it!


Plea-- Please.

Gotta mention the fact that you fucked up my money shot with your grand fucking entrance.

That whole thing was your fault.

That don't give you the right to sell me off like some two-bit hooker.

You think I sold you off?

"Welcher"! You remember that?

You were telling him you saw him walk into that ladies' room after me, and you waited all that time for what?

Shut up! What?

Just for fun?

Maybe I didn't see him go in.

I did not see him go in.

Did you ever think of that?


"Didn't see him."

I mean, you must have me confused with some Okie if you think I'm going to buy that song and dance.

A lot of nice people from Oklahoma, Lu.


I said there a lot of nice people from Oklahoma who probably wouldn't like it if they heard you say what you just said about being an Okie.

Eddie, you just threw me in a bathroom with some gap-toothed retard, and you're trying to talk to me about manners?

Listen to me, retard-- Retard--

Retard is also not a very nice thing to call someone.

You're crazy.

You're fucking crazy.

You're a psychopath.

Look, did you ever stop to think that maybe you don't know everything?

Now, did you ever stop to think that maybe someone twice your age might maybe know a little bit more about getting out of a tight spot, huh? Do you?

Yeah, well, I know enough to know that Okie retard had ample enough time in that bathroom with little old me before your ass showed up.

You disappoint me, Luli.

I disappoint you?

I disapp-- Why do I disappoint you?

Because if I sold you off to pay some debt, why would I bother to save you?

Next time you stick in the fucking truck.

Do you want some ice cream?

Oh, so I'm supposed to melt in your hand for some ice cream?

All right, okay, here we go.

Look, I don't want any ice cream.

I don't like it.

Come on, Luli.

Come on, everybody likes ice cream.

No, they don't.

I don't.

Ergo, not everybody likes ice cream.


Yeah, as in, therefore, hence.

Well, you must be smart.

Smart and pretty, that right there is a deadly combination.

You-- You think I'm pretty?

Do I think you're what?

Prett-- You heard me.

I guess.

Well, do you or don't you?

I think if it weren't for that horrible mouth of yours, then some people, not me of course, but I think some people might find you somewhat kind of attractive.

In a furry little animal sort of way.

Well, do you want some ice cream or what?

No. No, you don't.

Neither do I. Let's get out of here.

Be two seconds.

Look, maybe we should head back.

I don't-- This will be real quick.

You coming?


Come on, I got some friends I want you to meet.

What do you care?

See, that's-- That's just great.

So I tell you to wait in the truck; you come inside.

And I tell you to come inside; you wait in the truck.

Well, you know, I might as well--

I should just tell you the opposite.

So please, all right, pretty please, please, please, wait in the truck.

I'm begging you!

All right.

Wait, you sure you're not a mule?

You sure?

Hey, ladies.

Well, hi there.

Come on, now, I told you I had errands.

Keep driving.

All right.

I just thought you might want to know that Glenda called.

She's waiting for us at Devil's Slide, Motel 6.

Motel 6? Right.

Some kind of scrape with Lloyd.

Said something about she owed you.

Besides, I got you something.

Come on, it's for you.

Come on, Luli.

You don't like it?

It's pink.


Come on. Come on!

For future reference, pink is my worst favourite colour.

That don't make sense.

Excuse me?

"Worst favourite," don't make sense.

Yeah, you know, if I hear one more word out of you from here to the Motel 6, I'm getting out.


You know what?


I think you like me.


Hey, look at me.

I think that you find me worthy of note.

Worthy of note?

You find me exciting, don't you?

I excite you.

You're a special one.

You know that, Eddie?


That's all they had. So don't complain.

Come on in.

Where's Glenda?

She's here somewhere.

Why don't you try on your new dress?

Well, little lady, I gave it to you.

I bet you'd look real pretty there.

You could be a movie star.

Come on.

Put it on.


Hey, Eddie.

Eddie, remember how you said Glenda called?



Eddie, when did Glenda call?

Look at you.

Eddie, when did Glenda call?

Look at you all grown up there.


There's something I need to talk to you about.

About me and Glenda.

We had a talk.

She said that she couldn't keep you around because of Lloyd and all and that she wanted me to take you off her hands.



No, you see, Glenda wouldn't do that.

Oh, yes, she would.

Yes, she would and she did.

She even gave me a grand to watch out for you.

And she said that she felt bad but she wanted me to take care of you.

And make sure you stay out of trouble.

Now, I don't mean to burst your bubble or anything, but she gave me the money and she said that she'd be here, and, well, she ain't.

Glenda's a grifter, darling.

And once a grifter, always a grifter.


I need to get some ice.

You think that she loves that rich prick?

Let me go.

No, no, princess.

Careful. That thing might swallow you up.

What's your name?

My-- My name's Luli.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, you going to ask my name?

Okay, well, I'll tell you anyway.

My name is Clement.

Yeah, it's a family name.

Yeah, well, listen. It was nice meeting you.

Have you ever heard of the category game?


This game we like to play with cards, just face cards.

Why is it called the category game?

Because every time you flip a jack, you have to think of a category.

What kind?

Could be anything, man.

You know, like things you would find in a hardware store or fake rock bands in alphabetical order.

Then you keep going around until someone gives up or someone repeats.

Then they have to drink.

Yeah, listen, I gotta make a call, and you see, I don't feel like going back to my room to get a quarter.


I'll tell you what.

I will give you one shiny quarter just for playing.

I got quarters.

I got crazy quarters.


Yeah? Yeah?

Let's go.


All right. All right. Let's play.

King, guy drinks.

Queen, girl drinks.

Queen, yeah, you drink.

Jack, category.

Category is what's a good category?


That's a good category.

What's your favourite cereal?

Do I lose a turn? Mm-hm.

Cap'n Crunch.


You start.

You go ahead. Okay.

Movies? Movies?

Have you seen Deliverance?


Burt Reynolds, you know, with the arrow.

It's great. Jon Voight has a purdy mouth.

Yeah, Burt Reynolds was a little late in saving them because Ned Beatty already found them.

Yeah. That's me again.

(Laughing) Mm.



What about girls whose hearts you've broken?

Oh, curveball.

I'm going all night. Number one?

Number one? Hm, is there something like cooler like Star Wars characters or--


Ahem. Oh, I have to drink.

Category, things you would find in a hardware store.


Hey, it's time to go.

I'm really sorry, sir. I'm Clement.

Eddie, come on.

Hi, Clement. Eddie, come on.

Oh, she don't like you that much.

Come on, Luli.

Come on. What?

What, Luli?

The cheapest motherfuckers in the world, rich people.

You know, the rich get richer and the poor get the picture.

You get it straight.

Now, that rich fuck, he don't deserve you.

He just wants one thing.

But you know that, right?

Who does deserve me?


Maybe we deserve each other, Luli.

Did you ever think that maybe we're some kind of like star-crossed souls destined--?

Do you?

Do you ever think of that?

You and me?

Are you serious?

Yeah, I'm serious.

No, I'm fucking--

Luli, what if I was serious?

I need you to pull over.

I need you to pull over the car.

So you can run on back to your rich friend?


Okay, I need you to listen to me.

If you ever think I'm ever going to fall in love with a going-nowhere-fast...

shit-faced cripple like you...

that's never going to happen, Eddie.

Pull over the car.

Stay, Luli.

Luli, stay with me.

I can't.

I'm sorry.

Please stay.

Things you could find in a hardware store.

A, Ajax.

B, buzz saw.

C, crate.

D, dust mop.

E, electrical tape.

F, flooring.

G, grout. H, hardware.

J, jackknife.

K, Krazy Glue. N, nail.

O, oil.

R, rope (Unclear), ratchet.

S, soap.


Help me!

What the fuck?

What the fuck?

I got you flowers.

You like your new haircut?

What about the colour?

You like the colour?

Well, I think you look real pretty.

Now, I know what you must be thinking.

What happened back there, that wasn't right.

See, that wasn't right and I know it.

Now, I promise as God is my witness that that will never happen again.

Besides, I think that--

I think you're an angel.

I think you were sent to be mine and make things better.

I think you were put on this earth to save me, Luli.

Like that Bonnie and I'm Clyde.

And to show you that I mean business, which I do, I'm going to untie you right now.

I will never-- I'm not going to do that again.

I'm not going to tie you up again, all right?

Look at me?

I will never tie you up again.

Except when I'm gone.

I'm going to take care of you forever.

You don't ever have to worry about anything again.

Do you hear me?

I will take care of you.

Here, I got you something.

I got you--

I made this for you.

I went into the town and I made this for you.

Do you like it?

It says "hot stuff."

Do you like it?


I'm glad because I've been waiting to give that to you all day.

I was nervous.

Well, hi there, Beau.

I thought you'd be in Reno.

Headed there.

May I come in?

Yeah. How's Carl?

Well, he's getting a little long in the tooth.

Hello. So it's just a matter of time.

How long you plan on staying?

Oh, it could be some time now, Beau. Why?

Well, we going to get busy.

We may need the room. You understand.

Seeing as I'm a long-time customer and all, I figure I'm entitled to stay as long as I want.

Suit yourself.

So are those your pamphlets , mister?

Yes, I believe they are.

You kill your own chickens?


Don't you feel sorry for them?


Do you name them before you kill them?

Nope, I name them after I kill them.

Yeah, lunch and dinner.

Yeah, yeah.

You take care of yourself now.

See you, Beau.

Beau fucking Hopkins, Beau fucking Hopkins.

Shit, shit.

Dammit, fuck, shit, Luli!

Eddie, where are we?

Where are we?

We're in the Wild fucking West, darling.

Did you try to sell me off?

That, you just talking about chickens, what--?

I trust you.


Then we all waited while my baby brother stayed right there in that incubator for three whole days before deciding that, you know, maybe this wasn't the place for him after all.

And there goes my baby blue brother, somewhere into that night sky.

And I wonder if I'll ever get to see him someday.

And I would have played whatever silly little dumb game he had in mind, really.

Sometimes I wonder what he would have looked like by now.

I wonder what it would have been like to just float up off this planet with him.

Maybe we can just find our own planet.

Make it with just kings and cowboys and castles.

Make it a planet with just pirates or train heists and dragons.

And we'd say, "Walk the plank, matey."

Or crack that there safe.

And make it snappy."

And I'd slay any dragon any day of the week for my little kid brother.

Nothing would have made me happier.

This is how he made me, right here.

I was your age.

Must have been a spitting image.

But I thought I wanted to be here, because we were in love.

I'm sorry, Luli.


Let me help. Stop.

Hey, I know, Luli.

I used to think I couldn't live without him.

I used to think I couldn't eat... or sleep or breathe.

You know that boy you met, Angel?

That's my baby.

He's mine and Eddie's.

And I knew when I had him I had to get away, because I didn't know what Eddie would do to him.

And so everything I've done has been for him.

I don't even know if what I'm doing is right because I must be really fucked, you know?

You gave him $1,000 to get me out of your hair.

He told you that?

I didn't give him any fucking money.

Do you hear me?

I would not do that to you.

He's broken and he's no good to nobody.

Did you get rid of me?

Got tired of having me around?

I've been looking for you since you left.

When I saw that note--

I'm so sorry, Luli.

You're all right, though, baby.

Come on, let's sing one of them happy songs.

Enough of this. Come on.

Come on, Luli.

I called Kimball and found out that old gomer made it.

Wouldn't that just be (Unclear).

Did you lose something, Luli?

Eddie, put that thing down.

You going to take her too?

Quit it.

Is that the idea? That the plan here, Glen?

You take off yourself and then you leave me with nothing?

What the fuck do you want from me?

What more could I do for you?

Well, maybe-- Maybe you ain't leaving.

Come on, Eddie.

How's that, baby? How does that feel?

It's nice.

Now why don't you just put that gun down?

The gun is not the problem here.

Is the gun the problem for you, Luli?

Look at me.

The gun is not a problem for me.

It's not about Luli.

Come on. This gun, touch it.

Feel it. Stop. Stop that, Eddie.

You put that gun down.

You going to slap me again?

Come on! Don't do this.

Don't fucking touch me!

The gun, this fucking gun, ain't even loaded. You see?

Oh, my God!


Glen? Come here.

This is a fucking accident.




Luli-- We gotta-- We gotta go.

We got-- We gotta get this--

This is a fucking accident.

We gotta go, Luli.

Actually, I know a place we can go where no one will find us.

We'll be like Bonnie and Clyde.


I'm sorry.

Now lookit, I made you some eggs.

Just sit.

There's a secret to the eggs, you know?

Family secret, guarded.



Please, humour me.

Okay, now, Luli, listen to me.

I know firearms.

I know bullets.

I know which way they go.

I know which way they don't go.

They didn't give me this for nothing.

I also know how to make it look like maybe two people maybe had a love-sick quarrel and maybe they killed each other.

And I also know how to make it look like a third person was never there.

Poof, never there.


Because I never should have set foot out of that cabin in the first place.

So this is all I got.

Now, would you please eat your fluffy, goddamn delicious eggs?

My sister is the one that taught me to cook.

She called it bachelor training.

She lives in LA.

Works at some weird school where they got hobbit huts and everybody speaks French.

You should look her up. She'd like you.

She always wanted a daughter.

Look, I'm not some kind of charity case.

Oh, I know, independent.

Well, I reckon I best get you home then.

Hey, where are you from anyway?

Palmyra, Nebraska.

You know, it's not so bad.

We got a good football team.

Yeah, I know.

The bus station is about two hours down the road.

I'll give you a ride if that doesn't offend your sensibilities.


That doesn't offend me at all.


Oh, my God, Luli?

It's Luli.

We've been worried sick, just sick with this.

Where are you?

When are you coming back?


Oh, that is great.

Honey, that is the best news ever.

Oh, my God, Luli, you're never going to believe this.

But I sold it.

I sold it all to Lux, and now they're going to build a Walmart right here in Palmyra.

Mom, the bus drop's down at Lincoln, 7:00 a.m.

Can you pick me up?

Well, oh, that's a little early, honey.

Mom, put Daddy on the phone.

Oh, baby, your daddy, he never made it back, so he's gone.

Oh, but, sweetie, you're going to love Lux.

I mean, yeah, he's a gem and we're moving, hon.

We're just-- We're moving on and we're moving up!

Sweetie, do you hear this?

Honey, I can't hear you.

Speak up.

Oh, we're in a bit of a celebration here, so it's hard to hear everything--

I need you to pull over the bus.

Look, kid, why don't you go back to your seat?

Look, I'm real sorry and all, but I'm an epileptic and I--

Now, look, I can't stop the bus.

Look at me! Look at me!

If I don't get my medicine, I'm going to have a sei--

Oh, shit.

You could shake your knuckles at the sky.

You could get mad and say, "I don't got nothing."

You could get stuck.

You could grab the past and drag it with you like a back of rocks.

You could grab that new diet with grapefruits and a brand-new exerciser and maybe that new and improved washer-dryer set.

You could grab and grab and grab and grab until your fists turn green.

You could grab everything you ever wanted.

Shake it. Try to make it go boom.

Yet you could never, ever grab enough.


That was the end, back just before I coughed.