Hidamari no kanojo (2013) Script




Big brother!

This injury.. what happened? Is it okay?

Wait a minute.. Kousuke!

Hidamari no Kanojo (presented by Satadru Rej)


What are you-

Deal with it.

You smell like sake!

What about school?

I have a class at 4th period so I'll sleep a bit more and then go home.

You definitely can't wake up.

I don't want to ride the train and if I do I don't have the courage to get off and I don't know if I'll die.. so I'll die.

You won't die... it'll be here soon.

It's not a big deal right?

It's not like you have a girlfriend anyway.

What if I did...?

Are you imagining it? That makes me sad.

Good night.

At least take off your jacket!

Look you even have your shoes on!

You're disgusting...


This is bad...

Excuse me.

Oh. Good morning.

We don't see each other nowadays.

I'm busy with many things.

I see.

Um.. are you free today?

If it's okay with you...

Good morning.

Good morning.



I'm getting married.

You're late.

It's a miracle that someone is beside her.

Your collar.

You have a long way to go.

You're late!


It's not Tanaka-san idiot!

It's been two years since you joined this company do you think you have executive attendance?

I'm sorry my younger brother-

It came out an excuse.

Being late for the first day of presentations is ridiculous!

You know about the alarm clock...

Do you know that machines as convenient as those are still being sold?

I will give you the material soon sorry.

You're not the only one annoying me.

Don't annoy me like the others do.

"The others"?

It's the same as always.


What do you mean "Ah.."?

It's like I'm frustrated because it's as if I was rejected by a woman.

Each one of them...

I reserved an italian restaurant in Hiroo The wine came first and then the appetizer and I had a good feeling about it.

I even opened the expensive wine.

And finally it was the main course.

While eating the meat she said "I want to let him eat the meat too."

It's too late!

If you have a man say it from the beginning!

Seems like she had an interest in the food.

Oi Okuda.

After work today let's go to the cabaret.


What do you mean "again" you haven't even come once.

That's because I'm not good at those kinds of things.

The juniors these days are so boring even when the boss says that he wants to heal the wound in his heart.

I think it's useless to say it to Okuda-senpai.

You have no sympathy.


Look Okuda-chan. If you go once you'll understand.

Let's go.

Ah you'll go?

The presentation.

Good luck.

Sorry for the wait.

My name is Tanaka from the Japan Railroad company.

Please come this way.

Excuse me Railroad-san has arrived.

Please go in.

Pardon me.

My name is Tanaka from the Japan Railroad company.

My name is Kajiwara from Public Relations.

I look forward to working with you.

I look forward to working with you.

My name is Tanaka.

My name is Shindo.

I look forward to working with you.

My name is Kajiwara I look forward to working with you.

My name is Okuda.

My name is Shindo.

My name is Okuda-

Pardon me I apologize for being late.

Alright everyone be quiet! Attention!

From today we have a new classmate.

I'll introduce her. Her name is Wata-

What's wrong?

I'm Watarai Mao.

Please sit.


Um by any chance from Minami Fujisawa Junior High school?

Yes I'm Watarai.

As I thought you're Kou..

..Okuda-kun right?

Hm? Is he someone you know?

Yes we were classmates in junior high school.

Sorry if I shocked you.

That is an unexpected meeting.

It's been 10 years.

Okuda changed schools during summer break of his 3rd year but he helped me a lot with my studies.

Eh just the two of you?


Isn't this a sign that we should work together?

This is really special.

It's such a coincidence right?

Following on is the advertisement for the train carriage.

In terms of the rail advertisements customers are most familiar with these types of advertisements.

These are examples of advertisements shown in the train on Yamamote Line and the capital's private rail.

The nature of these types of advertisements is to search for a way to measure each train route...




This number...

Why did it become a minus?


Excuse us for a second.



it's about the discount rate on the page before the last.

Hasn't the decimal point been shifted one digit?

That's why the result has changed.

You're right.

My apologies.

It's fine it's fine.

We will correct our data and send it over to you soon.

Please take care of it.

I sincerely apologize.

There's no problem.

This time Shindo and Watarai will proceed with the basics.

I understand.




What about this?

But on a crowded train-

We want to receive a replacement for Okuda.

No way that's unnecessary.

Well we'll receive much consulation from you this time as well.

Shall we think about while we eat tonight?


Thank you so much.

Welcome home.

What do you mean "welcome home"?

Why are you still here?

He can't return from Hawaii.

That's my saved data.

Sorry King Bomby died.

It's great that everyday is fun for you.

Same goes for you.

Now isn't the time to spend a whole day playing Momotarou Dentetsu.


[Goodbye Unpopular Boy] [Romance Game categorized by pattern]

[26 points]

You... wait!

No wonder you're not popular.

Why don't you try being a better person and not be so serious about those things you idiot.

Don't play around.

What happened?

Eh? What do you mean?

Usually you get angrier.

Do you.. remember Watarai Mao?

Watarai Mao?

Yeah she was my classmate in junior high.

She came to our house before.

Was she cute?


Then I don't remember.

Do you always base girls on looks?

By any chance from the margarine incident?

You do remember.

Well it really scared me.

Mom cried when they said you were out of control.

And what about now?


Is she cute?

Rather she changed.

She's cute.

If so invite her.

We could have a reunion or something.

It's fine she probably has a boyfriend anyway.

It's only a possibility right? It's okay just invite her once.

If you don't things really won't change.

But then again.. she might hesitate.

Usually he's quiet and level-headed.

In regards to the rules and clothing regulations he makes sure to follow them.

However something like this has happened..

Particularly with puberty.

Margarine is a bit too much.

I deeply apologize.

We will apologize to their parents right away.

I am sorry.

Ushioda-san is also at fault.

We will also watch Kousuke-kun carefully.

Are you serious?


0 points.

Sensei you forgot how to put a circle right?

[Minami Fujisawa Junior High School's Number 1 Idiot]

What's this?

It says "Number 1"

That's really nice it looks the best on you.

Therefore it doesn't matter how many flyers we distribute at the train station.

It won't affect the amount of bras we sell.

The aim of the project this time is to make people other than customers be aware that there is a company called Lara Aurore.

It's fine if it's just vaguely recognized.

It's quite stimulating.

Do you think so?

This plan is still incomplete but it is Mao's idea.

Isn't it good?

Then what about the set board?

The set board?


It's a huge signboard that is displayed at the platform or outside the train station.

First of all we have to think about our budget.. but it's more effective to use image advertising because people can look at it repeatedly.

Please show me the details.

Yes please have a look.

This is...

How erotic..

It's really a stimulating company.

You idiot I'm talking about them two.

I'm sure they're dating.

Do you think that way too?

Yes well I get the feeling by the way they treat each other.

I'm sure they slept together quite often.

Slept together?

She can do that kind of difficult task that cute girl.

Why didn't you introduce me before?

That hurts!

It was really a coincidence.

Since she already has a boyfriend All I can do is go somewhere to heal the pain.

Um.. Tanaka-san why don't you get married?

It's that...

God's trick.

Whether or not I come across the girl or not There is a time in which I can't do anything.

[I've always been under your care.] [Thank you for your hard work the other day with the photo shooting.]

[...] [I'm looking forward to seeing you again because I have a lot to talk about with you.]

[See you agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain-]


Wait wait!


What? Wait.

[Your email has successfully been sent.]

What do you think about this waist line?

Is this Lara Aurore-san's?

Yes yes yes.

Oh this waist line.. is the best it's so hot.

Girls think that phrase is disgusting.

Whatever look at this!

It's true! It looks good.

It does right?

Give it back to me.

I will go give it to them.

What happened?

Who knows..


Did something happen back then with Railroad's Okuda-san?

What do you mean "something"?

I mean.. if you were just classmates.

What happened? You're acting kind of strange.

Sorry to interrupt Railroad's Okuda-san has arrived.

Please let him in.

I had fun the other day.

You're quite popular.

That's not true we were just together the other day during the launch.

It's meaningless if the person you really love isn't beside you.

That's true.


I'm sorry.

Ah the galley for the setboard is finished.


Shindo-san let's go see it.


It troubled you right?

I apologize.

It seems as if I interrupted something.

No thank you for allowing us to look at it earlier.

I'm excited that people in the city can see it soon.

Well that is true...

By the way the email was a bit weird.

It's just that I've sent the message in the middle of writing it Sorry please don't mind it.

I'll be leaving.

Thank you Kousuke.

What's this?

She's the ace here.

That's really nice it looks the best on you.

But really her hair is pretty isn't it?


So I heard that you're a foster child.

She probably doesn't know the meaning.

I'm really jealous of how glossy it is although I don't know who you got it from.

I'm happy because one has ever told me that.

She says she's happy.


Even like this~

How cute!

It's really glossy.


Cut it out.


Hm? What do you want Okuda?

Are you pretending to be a hero?

That's enough.

What? Are you angry?

This guy is really hilarious.

Did you hear... that guy suddenly got mad.

You can't tell by looks.

How scary.

There's a rumor that he kills animals.



I told you not to call me by my name.

I understand Kousuke.

What do you mean by that?

I didn't want to say it like this but it's obscene.

It's been spoken highly of by clients from men's point of view.

I never felt that it was obscene.

There is a lot of exposure of skin And it looks promiscuous because the girls are looking at each other.

It's okay if the size is B1 or B0.

But the set board is as big as three tatami mats right?

If we accept this project it will negatively affect our relationship with the Railroad company.

If that happens will you take responsibility?

Well but...

We cannot accept it.

Please give up.

Where in the station in Shibuya did your company put your advertisement?

You'll catch a cold.



What? Why?

I'm on the way home from a meeting.

What about you?


Secretly taking pictures?

No of course not!

Obscene and sexy pictures?

If we show advertisements from other companies for that reason they can't even oppose it.

You should've said it.

As expected I can't say it to a client.

We are friends.

Sorry to have kept you waiting.

What's wrong?

Oh nothing.

I wonder if it's okay just us two.


Well we should've told Shindo-san about this..

Let's go!


Let's take a picture from this side.

Next is...

It's that hot?


That that!

Is it possible to submit this to review?

Is that true?

Yes fortunately the project was accepted.

The set board of your company will be displayed at the beginning of next month.

That's great!

Sorry for taking your time when you're busy.

You could've just called.

I wanted you to be the first to know.

Thank you Okuda-kun.

Same here.

If it wasn't for your help I wouldn't have been able to accomplish it.

Really thank you.

It feels kind of weird.

It does.

It's the first time you've said "thank you".

That's not true I've said it more times.

You did as a coworker but this time you said it from the bottom of your heart.

In junior high... never.


I was cold wasn't I?

For me Kousuke protected me no matter what so you really helped me.

I'm glad we met each other again.

Even if it was by chance really.

It wasn't by chance.

Student #1: Aikawa Makoto Student #2 that didn't contact me: Igarashi Yuuki Student #3 who put a cloth used to wipe milk in my drawer: Ishida Kenji

Student #4 who said that she can't drink water from the faucet that I used: Ushioda Aki The last boss who hid my shoes tore my textbook threw my uniform away and put margarine on my hair is definitely Ushioda Aki.

I will..

definitely go to a university in Tokyo.

I'll live alone and I'll part from them.

Me too! I'll go to a university in Tokyo too.

Hey wait!

I told you it's dangerous.

Look! I got a perfect score.


I did I did. What about you?

85 points.

What? I can't hear you!

It's nothing so come down already.

If you die you can't go to Tokyo.

I don't want that.



Thank you.

For what?

For always caring about me.


Pass it!


Let's play.

Let's play!

I don't think I can do well today.

It feels nice~

You'll get dirty.


You know I studied.

Ever since you transferred schools.

I thought I would be able to see you again if I went to college.

I was trying to keep up with our class.

You should've asked the classmates for my number.

Oh... you couldn't right?

But why a woman's college?

I didn't get into Tokyo University.

I took all the entrance exams in Tokyo.

You said it right?

That you'll live alone in Tokyo.

As expected I wouldn't be at Tokyo University.



I stole your precious time.

I made friends in college.

If I didn't study back then I would've been the same as how I was in middle school.

So I should be thanking you.

You as well at that time Because of me you became alone.

You were lonely right?


I ran away.

[To Okuda 3rd Year Class B]

Kousuke.. are you really going?

No I don't want that!

Where is Nagoya?

I'm fine.

Okay talk to you later.

It's tough to have controlling parents.

Do you still have a curfew?

Yes my father is strict.

If you don't contact him he won't stop asking where you were until you confess.

He's like the police.

Yeah but he retired already.

I didn't tell you?

That must be really hard.. with a lot of things.

Today was fun.

Be careful.

Text me when you're home.

[This is going to be the last train tonight so please do not miss it.]



It was the last train.

What about your dad?

I told my dad that my friend is crying because she's heartbroken and he consented it.

That heartbroken friend is you.

I'm back.


I fixed the calculations that I showed you last time.

Please check it.

You already finished this?



You really can do it if you try.

I wanted to finish it as soon as possible as they requested.

I see...

I knew you were a guy that could do it if you tried.

What's wrong did you not sleep?

Excuse me.

This weekend do you want to go see the exhibition hall preview?

I found a good restaurant nearby so while we're there we can also have a meal.

Sorry I already have plans.

If it's a date I'll give up..

I'm going to Enoshima with him.

I see.

Kousuke the ocean!

Aren't you used to seeing it?

But I haven't been on this train for a long time.

It's different from usual seeing it from inside a train.

What are you doing?

It's a nice sound.


That "clank clank" sound?

No that "Unnnn" sound in the back.

6 years ago a controller called VVF Inverter was imported.

Depending on the speed and acceleration It changes voltage and wavelength and...

Kousuke! I see Enoshima.

There there! It's pretty.

..Forget it.

It's amazing.

They look delicious~

How nostalgic.

It's so pretty.

Can we ride that?

That's embarrassing.

I want to ride it!

Next time okay?


It looks good.

Hey why did we come to Enoshima this time?

I wonder why...

I don't know why either.

Hurry hurry!

You don't have to run on the escalator.

Wait a minute!

Why don't you put it somewhere with more space?

No the middle is good.


I wonder how many times we can return here after this..


If we can come back once a year Maybe we can come back more than 50 times.

Is that so?

It is.

Oh yeah...

Come with me.

What's with this road?!

Hey how far are we going to go?

I don't want to there are too many hills!

It's cold and my feet hurt can we go home?


Where are we going?

Just come.

We're here.

It's here it's here.

I wonder how you found this place..

When I was a child I used this place as a playground.

So you like cats too..

What do you mean by "too"?

You once tried to bring home an abandoned cat from Icho Park.

I did I did.

And you stopped me.

You got mad and told me that it wasn't cute.

I didn't get mad.

You did.

How cute.


I want to drink something warm.

Okay I'll go buy it for you.

Hey what are you doing?

Sorry sorry. I was looking for the bathroom.

Hurry let's go. I'm starving.



Here you go.

Thank you.

Let's go to my house.

Right now?

Wait why?

Because it's near.

Just because it's near?

Here you go.

Thank you very much.

We'll get married.

You don't like the idea right?

Is it because I brought him over without telling you?

Didn't your father tell you guys to break up?

Sorry about the commotion.

No it's fine.

Sorry that I suddenly came and bothered you.

I am serious about Mao-


You quit?

I stopped now.


I wonder how much you know... about Mao's situation.

I knew that she was a foster child since junior high school... and that she was adopted.

What about before that?

I don't know.

What about the reason why she was adopted?

No I don't know about that either.


for asking you these questions.

It's an old habit of mine.

You didn't tell Kousuke yet right?

Sorry for troubling you.

But I was happy that you were able to bring someone you love.

And of course dad too.

Then why do you oppose it?

I'm worried..

Because you're my daughter.

She has a disease?

It causes defects in her memory.

In other words...

She has amnesia.

From when to when does she remember?

She doesn't remember anything that happened before she came here.

She only remembers things after she was 13 years old.

Does she still show signs of it now?

It's getting better now.

But it may relapse in the future.

One day she might forget.. memories of you too.

At that time can you be able to take care of her?

I don't want Mao to be trouble for anyone.

Sorry for keeping it a secret.

Honestly I was surprised.

But you know the amount that I can remember is happiness to me.

I've been through some difficult things in junior high When I went home there was the smell of fish in front of my house and the smell of curry.

Also at home there was my mother who made dinner and waited for us who said "Let's eat a lot."

And my father who shared his food with me.

It was somewhat noisy but I'm thankful for it.

and I have a praiseworthy person who cares about me.

That's a good meaning right?

Of course.

What's this?

Aren't you Okuda?


It's been a while.

You have a girl that's hilarious.


Yes yes but now I'm Yamamoto.

I came here to buy my husband's dinner.

You've got a great girl despite it being you.

I thought you were going to be together with that boring idiot.

What was her name?

Excuse me behind you.

Wait it's Mao! I wonder if she's even still alive.

Excuse me.

What's with that guy?

Hurry up and give me the takeout.

Well I don't care what happens to Mao anyway.

Let's go Mao.



So Mao!

Do you still have that hairstyle?

Your mind is as messy as your hair.


What do you want?

I don't know what you're thinking..

Both the Mao back then and the Mao now

are more important than anything to me.



Because we met that girl I realized.. that we weren't wrong.

That's why I won't give up Even if my dad objects.

Is that so...

What should we do...

Do you want to run away with me?

Huh? Run away?

Because we're not young anymore.

Aren't we young? We're still 25.

Stay with me to make up for the times when we didn't see each other.

Those ten years.

Let's make it up together.

Leave it to me~


We accept it.

Congratulations on your wedding.

And also happy birthday.

One two.. Watch out for your foot.


It's okay it's okay.

Can you bring the light one for us?

This one?

That that.

This is the last one.

Here be careful.

Thank you so much.

Thank you for your help.

Well we have another job so let's go.

Got it.

You really helped us a lot.

I can't believe that you got married and moved far away.

Therefore I became Mrs. Okuda from today.

That's impossible.

If I do it they will put a big X in the family register.

Is that okay?

Here it's father-in-law.

What? No!

It's fine just take it.

Excuse me it's Kousuke.

Before we just handed in the marriage registration.


Are you sure you're okay that it's Mao?

It's not as easy as you think.


I'm not a stranger anymore.

And also..

Mao is Mao.

You can always come talk to me if Mao troubles you with something.

Thank you very much.

You're so cool~

I told you not to eavesdrop.

It's that...

I don't think you need this anymore.

Here your marriage present.

What is that?

Hey.. you!

It's nothing it's nothing it's nothing.

Hey let's go!


I have another job so I'll be leaving first.

Forever... be happy!



Thank you!

Hey what was that yell?

I'm going to take my princess to my new house.

I wonder if I can carry you...


Just kidding. Would you rather lose weight?

I'm not sure... I don't know.

I'm going.

Do your best! Just a little more!

It's hard!

To our new house!

Yes! You did well.


An older sister with a cold is here!

That's not true! I'm healthy.

This is dangerous!

What is it?


Nice to meet you.

Are you okay? Can I help you with something?

It's okay it's just that I have anemia.

Is that so..

We have moved in next door. My name is Okuda.

Please take care of us.

My name is Hiraya and this is my son Shuu.

See you later!

See you later.

Please excuse us.

Open it.

Okay just until that sofa over there.

Do your best until that sofa!

Just a bit more!

Oh no!


Mike. Al.

Dennis. Carl. Brian.


No that's Brian.

The Beach Boys are at my house.

They're freshwater fish.

We shouldn't care about the small things.

It was the most popular music in the 20th century and Brian was the genius of the 20th century.

This guy...


What about this?

That's good that's good that's good.

One more!


Gosh Shuu-kun.

That's dangerous.

How did you get this scar?

When I picked up a cat in Enoshima.

I think I was in my third year of elementary school.

There was a cat stuck in a gap

and I was trying to lure it towards me.

The cat wouldn't move and it kept crying "Meow meow."

That hurts!

I was about to call for help. but I was also a lost child.

You guys were both in trouble right?

The waves gradually became higher and I desperately tried to save it.

Finally I was able to save it.

You're a lifesaver.

It was such a cute cat.

It was grey but partially blue like russian blue and it felt like velvet.

I fell in love at first sight.

However After that it cleverly ran away.


I'm glad I married you.



Dinner's ready.

What happened?

I'm just looking for something.


It's an earring that dangles.

Well hurry. I'll be waiting.

Earring.. earring..

That's cold.

Mao! Brian's missing.

Eh? Maybe he jumped outside.



It's not an earring at all.

It's hard for me to say that I lost the ring.



You lost weight again?

My swelling might have gone away.

No that can't be the reason.


I'll treasure it.


What is that?

It's nothing.

Since when?

It's not a big deal..

What are you talking about?!

Sorry. For yelling.

You should really go to the hospital to see an expert.

She doesn't have a specific disease so you don't have to worry.

What might be causing the problem is fatigue and stress.

See? I'm fine.

But what about the hair?

I examined her and she has no symptoms of alopecia.

There wasn't anything wrong with her blood.

Also there was no problem with the CT scan.

May I go change now?

Yes go ahead.

Please come this way.

It's just that If I think about it another way The wound in her heart that she got when she didn't have a memory might negatively affect her right now.

Would it be the same if she regained her memory?

It might potentially remain.

I am protecting her.


It's about the place where Mao used to walk alone in the middle of the night.

It happened twelve years ago on November 2nd.

That's Mao's birthday right?

There was no clue about her family or where she came from when we found her.

The name "Mao"

I was the one who made it.

In terms of her age

I made it up based on an intelligence test and the doctor's estimation.

Is it true..

that Mao was found nude?

Who did you hear that from?

It was a rumor in Junior high school.

Although it was just a few of them.

It spread even at school...

Sorry I wish I had told you more before.

I think it's a good name.

Thank you.

Mao definitely has an eye for people just like me.


But you know I'm scared that she'll disappear suddenly one day without telling anyone.

Even during that trip she said that this will be the first and last time doing something for you guys.

Welcome home.

There's a step.

This is dangerous.

Okay this way.

What is it?

You can't see it yet.

What is it?

Here I go..

Ready.. set...


I bought it.

It's huge!

Because I'm so excited.

This is the first Christmas for me.

Didn't you celebrate it at your house?

That was with my family.

This is the first time with the person that I love.

I see..

And I also brought this.

How is it going to New York as a Christmas present?

You sure are greedy.

I haven't even been on a plane before and we didn't go on a honeymoon.

Let's go okay?

Can you get a paid vacation next week?

Next week? But that's impossible.

It is isn't it..

But I'll try to get accepted in the near future okay?


What's wrong?

It's too tight!

Just be patient for a second.


Please look more this way.

We should take a picture in a different color for our PR of the collaboration.

Good drop your jaw a little.

Yes we should.

Then let's just take one pose.

Is that okay?


Move your body a little towards this way.

Hey Watarai!

Are you okay?!

You should just rest for today.

Shindo-kun can I leave it to you?

Yes I have a car.

But what about here?

Oh it's fine. We can do it afterwards.

It's Inogashira Park right?

Can you take me to my house?


From here going there is closer.

To Enoshima.


Wasn't your house in Fujisawa?

Thank you for the ride.

Hey is it really okay to drop you off here?

It's fine.

No I'll go with you.

I'm telling you it's really fine.

See you later.


Of course

it's been 12 years.

It's bright

and I feel dizzy.

Is it because of that?

Do something about it.

You can do something for my sake right?

There is nothing I can do anymore.


You chose it for yourself.

You knew that time couldn't be repeated.

I'm only 25 years old.

For what you are now

Soon your presence and your memories will disappear from the people who were involved with you even once.

Even if it's like that the one who chose this is you.

I know.

But you know..

I still want to live.

It's already your limit.

How much longer do I have?

You may not live until the new year.

Get away get away pain!

It doesn't hurt.

Because when I'm hurt I cry.

It hurts right?


But you know right now I'm glad that I still hurt.

Okay? It's dangerous.

Let sleeping dogs lie.

Let sleeping dogs lie.

That's correct.

Let's see..

Birds of a feather flock together.

Birds of a feather flock together.


We don't need the dictionary do we?

We are going to another country they speak a different language right?

Here this is enough.

No no if I have it..

It would help me if I got shot.

We're not going to that kind of dangerous area right?

It's fine... what about this one?

A cat has nine lives.

What does that mean?

A cat has nine lives.

It means that cats have unyielding stubbornness and obsession.

So they rebirth 9 times.

That's stubborn.

It is.


Huh? Shuu-kun's asleep.

He had so much fun at the zoo so he's like this.

You've had a long day.

Then we'll be leaving first.

Is he sleeping?

Yeah but he's slightly awake.

It's gonna be like that boy If we had a child of our own.

Do you want a child?

Yeah one day..

So you want to be that kind of father..

It's fine if it's a boy or a girl.

I want to give them a piggyback ride.

Having you and a child

it'll be quite noisy.


Are you okay?

I'm fine.

What about Okuda?

Does he know?

About what?

I saw it..

That day... at Enoshima.

It's already your limit.

You may not live until the new year.

Please stop!


I'm fine.

That's enough.


Is Watarai doing well?

Don't you see her at the company?

Has anything changed about her?

Why do you ask?


liked Watarai.

No matter what happens please carefully watch over her.


This is yours right?

I'm awake.

Are you..

in a bad condition?

I'm just a little tired.

Hey are you allowed to take leave?

The earliest I can leave is in February.

So next year.

Hey Mao-

Let's go to Southern Island

because they said it will snow a lot in New York.


It's warm

and it would be nice to go somewhere with delicious fish.

Let's relax together?

I'm fed up with winter.

Yesterday I met Shindo-san.

How can you smile like that?

Your body isn't healthy right?

Why aren't you saying anything?

You're wrong.

What do you mean "wrong"?


Why do you have this?

Look at me.

You're hiding something from me right?




Ahhhhh! Someone! Shuu is....!

Please help!


You'll fall!





Mao! Call 119!

I got it.

Please help!




Hold on Shuu-kun!

I can't hold on anymore!

They said the rescue team is on their way.

I can't hold on!

What should I do?

Hold her from the other side.

It's no use! I can't reach!


It's fine even if it's a mattress anything we can put below him!

We can't keep holding on!

Hurry and bring a mattress!

Don't give up!

They'll come to help you right away!

Yes yes?

Hey wait!

The sweater might come off.


Shuu! Please..!

The kid has fallen! The kid has fallen!

Are you okay?!

Is he okay?!

Does he have any injuries?

His injuries?

It's such a relief.

It'll be okay.

What about his injuries?

Does anything hurt?

Take a look.

Is he okay?

It's a good thing that Shuu-kun only dislocated something.

What about your arm? Is it okay?

Good morning.

I did my best to make breakfast.

Hey you know-

Oh your morning paper right?

Sorry I forgot.

I'll go get it for you.


And a good morning kiss.

Eat a lot.

Mother-in-law it's me.

Did Mao go over there?

What? Which Kousuke-san?

This is Watarai but did you get the wrong number?

Dear it might be "Identity Fraud".

[Watarai Residence]


Father-in-law it's Kousuke. Did Mao go-

We don't have a daughter or a son or a child.

That can't be.

Listen I used to be a police officer.

Trying to deceive us what are you saying?!

My name is Okuda.

Is Watarai from "Lara Aurore" here?

Please wait while I check.

Okuda-san has come to see Watarai-san...

I understand.

There is no employee named Watarai.

Her name is Watarai Mao from the Public Relations department.

Let me check again.

He says she's from the Public Relations department..

Shindo-san! Did Mao come here?


Which Mao..?

Watarai Mao! She's your junior!

Sorry but you are...?

Why don't you ask the security officer?

Please wait a minute!

Um.. I have a picture of her in my wallet...


You've grown quite big.

Where is Mao?

Eat this.

That makes me feel nostalgic.

Please let me meet Mao.

If you wait a little that thought will disappear too..

No it won't!

It will.

The people around you are forgetting about her.

The amount of time she has left is little.

Time she has left?

The amount that she has left is 1/6 of your lives'.

When the sun goes down your memories will disappear and her life will end.

You will do something to Mao..?

Then please do something!

I beg of you!


This same kind of thing

even I cannot resist I cannot do anything.

You'll just go back to your normal life in which you don't have her.


Why can't I hold her hand?

I finally met her.

From now on always together..

I told her how hard it was to live as a human.

Although everyone here says that they want to eat a lot and want to live happily.

But she was the only one who said:

"I want to become a human so I can meet the person I love."

From that day on she continued to say it.

But even then she went to you.


Thank you very much.

It would be nice

if the sun shines for a long time today.



ate Brian right?



You know

That time I didn't run away.

I went to make a wish.

saying "Please let me be a human."

I'm sorry.

No matter what I wanted to see you.

It would be great if today was summer.


Let's ride a bike.

Your thoughts will disappear soon.

It's fine so let's go.

As a human I have to do silly things too right?

Is this okay Kousuke?

Did it hurt?

At that time not at all.

It stung when I took a bath though.

I wonder if this will disappear too.


We finally returned.

It's just like that time.

You don't want to anymore right?

That's not it..

I feel like the cycle will stop.


In junior high school we kissed here.

We were certain about our feelings But we broke up.

However we met again.

We ran away together and got married.

And we returned to this place.

So if we kiss again..

The cycle will stop

and it won't continue.

All my memories

are already entirely filled with you.

Hey was I a good wife?

Why are you using past tense?

Was I a good wife?

You always will be.

You're an idiot.

I know.

Even if I reborn this time

I feel like I will find you again.

I have 8 more chances after this anyway.

Until then..

Let's go live together somewhere.

And then someday let's make a new cycle again.


Which one is it?

Thank you


You can't give up it's a question from Elementary School right?

I can survive without knowing how to do fractions.

Then.. 15 and 6.

There is a number that can be divided between them so what could it be?


3? 3?!

So reduce by 3.

[Thank you for helping me.]

I have a headache.

You smell like sake.

Go to school seriously.


After work today let's go to the cabaret.

Here we go again.

No thank you.

I'm telling you if you go once you'll understand. Just once!

Let's go.

You'll go?!

The presentation.

Good luck.

My name is Tanaka.

My name is Shindo.

Nice to meet you my name is Kajiwara from Public Relations.

My name is Okuda.

Nice to meet you my name is Okuda.

My name is Shindo I look forward to working with you.

I look forward to working with you.

[Advertisement space available]

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Sorry about that.

Same here.

Oh gosh at this kind of place..

This is embarrassing..

A stray cat came to our house so we bought so many things.

I apologize.

We bought too much...

I hope she likes it.

It'll be fine since we have that much.

Why am I inferior to you?

Right Okuda?!


Sorry for having good luck and getting married in this special time of the year.

You're loud.

Hey Minegi!

He came.

I don't remember agreeing to your marriage.


Bring your husband so I can judge him.

Manager manager manager manager.

We get it we get it.

Let's go to the cabaret the cabaret! That excellent place.

Miracles hardly happen..

They really don't..


The manager. The manager is in trouble.

That guy is the worst.

What an ugly face.


Yes sorry!

Do you like cats?

Yes I do.