Hidden Fear (1957) Script

Susan Brent? Yes.

You are going to Karlslunde. They have sent a car for you.

You know why?

I have no idea.

Go with Yvonne.

Mr Brent? Yeah.

They reported your arrival from downstairs and from the airport.

I'm Lieutenant Egon Knudsen. How do you do.

How do you do.

If they pay policemen in America the way they pay us, it is quite a sacrifice.

Your justice system must be very close. I'm not even sure I like it.

They used a knife in the act. Not razor sharp, but sharp enough.

You get the prints? Your sister's.

We took it here in headquarters.

That's from the handle of the knife. The murder weapon.

We need nineteen points of similarity.

We got at least twice that many.

Motive .. opportunity .. witnesses.

There can be no doubt.


Yeah .. send her in.

The killer's arrived.

Our interrogation rooms are much like yours.

Unpleasantly bare. You may talk to her here.

Thank you.

Easy, Susan .. easy does it.

I didn't think you'd come, Mike. What did you expect me to do?

I don't know.

Now, I wish I hadn't written the letter.

It's too late for that. I didn't kill him, Mike.

But I'm glad he's dead.

At least those tears are not for him. That's something.

Well, let's open this up.

What kind of a guy was Tony Martinelli?

Anything rotten. You name it.

I'm glad he's dead.

You said that before. Why didn't you leave him?

We were a team. A little soft-shoe and fast patter.

We were going to be married, but ..

Tony was a busy boy.

A woman in every town and there were a lot to towns.

Anybody here? Sure.

Do you know her name? 'Inga' .. Inga somebody.

You ever talk to her?

I had to. They were going to run out on me.

How did you find that out? I found a ticket in his wallet.

He was stealing from me, Mike.

He made the bookings and he collected our pay, but he didn't give me half.

Not nearly half.

How many tickets? One or two?

He was going to leave me without a dime.

All I wanted was the props that I'd paid for.

You didn't answer my question. How many tickets? One or two?

One for me. A ride home on a cattle boat to the States.

And another. A first-class plane ticket to Rome.

What did Inga say when you told her you knew she was running out with Tony?

She said it was the first time she'd heard about it.

I didn't believe her then, Mike. But I do now.

Because she seemed surprised when I told her that Tony was going to Rome.

Did you tell anybody else that Martinelli was leaving town?

Virginia Kelly, a friend of mine. She's on the bill with us.

I didn't tell anybody else.

[ Telephone ]


Yes, I'm Miss Kelly.

Who? "Mike Brent."

Mike Brent? I've never heard of you.

Yes, I know her.

But I can't meet you then.

Well, it would take me at least ..


I'll be there.

Glad you could come, Miss Kelly.

How did you know that was me? How could I miss?

You know it's not 'Kelly' really. It's 'Applegate'.

But who could put that on a marquee? With you, it wouldn't matter.

Did she say Martinelli was running out on her?


She was upset and I don't blame her.

I'd hate to be stranded here with only a ticket to the States on an old steamer.

Have you ever grassed on a friend? No, I haven't.

I did.

But never again. I'd swim first.

Do you think Martinelli had another girlfriend?

Could be. Could you find out?

I think so. I can try.

It might help. Well, I want to help.

That's why I'm here.

I've known Suzy a long time.

We've worked together on the same bill all over the world.

How long have you known Martinelli?

Ever since she picked him up.

Did you like him?

Speak well of the dead. That's a good rule.

But it doesn't apply to Tony.

He gave your sister a lot of hell.

If I'd been Suzy, I'd have used an ax on him. He deserved to be killed.

But Suzy couldn't do it. I'm sure she didn't.

Do you know who did?

I'm late. I have to work.

You will excuse me, won't you?


Look, why don't you call me tomorrow?

I'll do that.

Well, hello. I know, I'm late. I'm sorry.

I was early. I was up on the terrace. I saw you there.


What did he want?

Nothing much.

But he asked me a few questions. You should have stopped by.

I didn't want to break in on your date. Arthur. Don't be silly.

I still think you two should have met.

Well .. there he is.


Mike, I want you to meet a friend of mine. This is Arthur Miller.

How are you?

The name is Brent. Mike Brent.

Your sister is a friend of Virginia's.

Anything I can do for a friend of hers, will be a pleasure.

That's very kind. But there's nothing. How about a lawyer?

That's been taken care of.

If anything comes up, I'll give you a ring.

I don't have a card with me but I'll give you my phone number.

Thanks. I'm staying here at The Europa.

Have the police let you see your sister yet?

Yes, they've been very nice.

It must be a great comfort to her to know that you could get over here.

Business pressures keep most men chained to their desks.

I had some vacation coming.

Well, we won't keep you. Call me if I can do anything.

I'll do that.

Bye. Goodbye.

Breaking and entering, Mr Brent, is a crime here as well as in your country.

You had no business going into that apartment.

No matter what the provocation.

What did you expect me to do? Stand there and whistle Dixie?

You should have called us. We had a man on the ground.

We could have apprehended a prowler.

This kid knew exactly what he was after.

He didn't stop wrecking the joint until he found it.


72 pictures of Alexander Hamilton.

100-dollar bills.

The serial numbers are all the same.

This could put Susan in the middle of another mess.

Another one.

Where'd you get this from, Susan?

We got it from a headwaiter who got it from Tony Martinelli.

You didn't mention it before.

We haven't mentioned it to Susan either.

What are you doing here?

Get out.

We had trouble.

What happened to you? I was discovered.

The money is gone.

They had it. Was it the police?


A stranger .. but I would know him anywhere.


He was an American. How can you be sure?

His clothes.

The way he talked. Give me that robe.

Why did you come here to me?

Why didn't you go to .. Jensen is with me.

Under no circumstances were you ever to bring Jensen here.

I told you that.

You should have known better.

I couldn't drive.

Where is Jensen now?

I took him to his room.

How much did he get?

Well, 60 or 70 bills, perhaps more. Jacobsen didn't ..

Go on. Jacobsen didn't .. what?

Jacobsen hasn't had the chance to count it before the American broke in on him.

You weren't followed? No.

You're sure? Yes.


Take him out to the boat, will you. Surely.

Better give him a couple of drinks first.

[ Danish language ]

Jacobsen is a fool. He doesn't use his head.

He had no reason to kill Martinelli .. now this.

He's messed it up again.

I agree, but that doesn't solve our problem.

What do we do now?

Cancel it. Stop distribution.

We can call back our .. No!

We go right on.

What happened to you two?

It is not Jacobsen's job to crawl in windows.

Wait, just a minute! No, no, no. I will finish first.

Jacobsen had to do it as you were fools enough to hire a thief for a messenger.

And do you think they hadn't learnt that Martinelli had a ticket to Rome?

Even that mistake could not have been corrected.

What are you doing here?


Now you know.

Get out. Wait in the corridor.

What are you going to do about Brent?

I don't know yet. But I know one thing.

I'm not going to let anything or anyone stop me now.

Two million .. in one day.

In one hour.

And it was I who planned it.

For ten years. Ten ..

Rotten years. Do you think it was easy for me to beg?

To steal? A man who once commanded ships at war.

Yet I had to do all that, and more, to get the plates.

The paper.

Set this up. And I did it!

Not you.

We've worked together for five years.

Do you think I'd stop now?

You've invested three years. Do you want to throw all that away?

No, I can't. No. Of course not.

Jacobsen told me what happened before he left with Inga.

Martinelli's partner, the American girl, Susan.

Must have known what he was carrying. Yes.

Her brother is here from the States.

How did you find out?

Virginia. Good.

He's staying at the Hotel Europa.

Then we'll start there.

I think we'll have Jacobsen see this American.

Tony was stealing from me, I told you. I wanted to get was what belonged to me.

All you wanted to do was get your hot little hands on that money.

What money? All I wanted was my props.

The Indian clubs? Yes, they were mine.

You lie. You went back for the money.

If there was any, half of it was mine.

Even if it was counterfeit?

Counterfeit? Mike, I don't know what you are talking about.

There was $7,200 in counterfeit bills stashed in those Indian clubs of yours.

Now, where did you get it? $7,200?

I've not seen that kind of money in my whole life.

Mike, good or bad, I don't know what you're talking about. So help me.

Stop lying to me.

I'm not lying. Before God, I'm not lying.

Did that little heel of yours know anything about photography?

Answer me!

Yes, he wanted me to pose in the nude, but I never did.

Really, I never did.

Did he know a photo engraver? I can't tell you, Mike.

I mean I don't know. You tramp.

Who was the photoengraver? I don't know. Please, I don't know.

Tell me his name! Okay, I'm a tramp.

I'm anything you say I am.

But please, Mike.


We don't work this way.

Sometimes, it's the only way.

When family is in trouble, a man can lose his balance. And try too hard.

And do things and say things he wouldn't let anyone else do or say.

Man, oh man.

What a bucket of bolts this is. Oh. Do you like it?

Does a kid like Christmas?

Show business must be a pretty good business.

Not this good.

It belongs to Arthur Miller. He let me take it for the day.

If I had this, I'd wrap it in cotton and take it out and look at it on Sundays.

Arthur has a very rich wife. Oh.

Would you like to drive it? That, I'd like.

I had a run in with one of these once. I was in a ..

They can sure throw a lot of mud in your face.

Let's go for a ride. We'll find a place to run it.

I'll buy that.

Hmm, that was good.

Miss .. can you bring me the cheque, please?

Yes, sir.

Holy cow. What's the matter?

I walked out on a bill at the Angleterre ..

And I haven't enough Danish currency to handle this check.

Oh, I'll get this.

Could you break this?

Thanks for the complement, but ..

It's too big for me to break.

Nice and crisp, too.

I print a fresh batch every morning.

Forget the SOS.

I can handle this. I'm not surprised.

You look you can handle almost anything.

Let's go.

Oh, it's such a lovely day. Let's not go home.

I think we'd better get back. Miller will need his car.

Uhuh. He said he wouldn't need it until this evening.

What's between you and this 'Miller'?

No passes, if that's what you mean.

Arthur is just one of those nice people.

Why do you ask?

I'm nosy.

Oh, this is nice.


A piece of string and a bent pin and you'd be in business.

You have to take the worms.

You know, for a girl who didn't like geography.

I've seen an awful lot of it. I'll bet you have.

Too darned much.

This would be the rose-covered cottage bit.

Laundry, vacuum cleaners, diapers. All that work and no applause.

That spotlight only gets in your eyes, Mike.

I know what you do for a living.

I bet that's better than singing for your supper.

Especially if you haven't got what you need to be really big.

Well, I've given you the story of my life.

Want an autograph? Keep pushing, Kid. You'll make it.

Those are kind words, stranger.

You know something .. you're a nice guy.

I wouldn't go that far.

You were going to find out the name of Martinelli's girlfriend for me. Did you?

A beautiful day.

All a man wants.

How can you talk about other women?

Well, they're all nice to talk about.

Spoken like a true male.

I'm beginning to wonder why you came to Denmark.

Quit wondering, and answer my question.

Her name is Inga Jorgenson.

The maître D' at the café knew that much.

You are a big help.

There is probably no more than a thousand Inga Jorgensens in Copenhagen.

Why are you so interested?

Susan didn't kill Martinelli. Someone else did.

They had to have a reason.

Can you think of one?

Because he was a dirty little heel.

Give me Central 2448, please.

Lieutenant Knudsen.

Egon, I just make contact. I don't know how or when, but ..

They just tore up my room.

The same treatment they gave Martinelli's.

Only the gun you gave me.

The gun is a small loss. We'll supply another.

Yes. A beautiful girl. A beautiful sportscar.

It has the feel of something carefully arranged.

And Ericksen knows something.

Be sure to meet him. He said you know where.


Hi. You're an American.

I knew it right away.

I like Americans.

I like Danish girls, too.

I like them a lot.


[ Danish language ]

Is that Knudsen? Speaking.

Egon, this is Mike.

You can scratch one stool-pigeon. Our boy Hans isn't with us anymore.

It was reported to me.

I was just leaving.


Our friend Inga has come to light again.

Yes, she doesn't know about it.

At the Bar Texas. On Niewhølm.

I'll tell my people to expect you.



Hi, my partner, you are late.

But that's okay. I'm glad you came.

Nice to see you, too.

I knew you was Mike. I knew you was Mike.

We will go to another place.

A good place. I will show you a good time.

She left. I couldn't get here any sooner.

That's okay. My partner was outside. He called me after she left.

He called. She is at The Gold Digger now.

A lousy joint. But as you would say, I haven't had a murder for a month.

I'm glad to hear that.

Oh, I had lots of fun. I will show you where she is.

These are taken. This one is free.

A beer please. You can't beat Danish beer.

For sure.

Skol, as we say here.

I'm not much for pub-crawling. Drunks can be a nuisance.

They don't bother me. Don't look now.

There is something coming that should bother you.

She will be sitting down on the stool next to yours .. check, please.

She's all yours, Mike. Good luck.

You and your husband were the best dancers on the floor.

Especially you.


He is not my husband. I have no husband.


How did you know I speak English?

I didn't. I .. I hoped you did.



Can we dance again?


[ Danish language ]

What are you drinking?


Two double Scotches, please.

I like Americans.

I like Danish girls, too.

Oh, you are funny.

Do you want to dance?

Why not?

This place is boring.

But .. I know a good one.

We can go there, and dance.


How about another one for the road? Yes, I would like that.

The same.

We have a long road ahead of us.

And we'll have fun all the way.

If you want anything, ask for it.

Let's go. We're wasting time.

Don't say goodbye, Mike.

Don't leave. Take me home with you, please.

I'm not leaving.

We're working on it. We could get lucky.

We may not.

I'm sorry about last time. Oh, it's not the slap that hurt.

It's just that slap showed me what a rotten mess I've made of my whole life.

I said I was sorry.

I might have been lying. How could you have known?

I wasn't, but I might have been.

It's been such a long time.


Mike .. I've been such a fool.

I want to go home.

Please, Mike. Take me home.

Everybody is doing all they can.

I want you to know that.

The door was open.

I thought I heard someone say 'come in'.

So you've made yourself at home.

You can get in trouble that way. You know that.

Mr Brent.

I am here on business that will be mutually profitable.

My client now empowers me to offer you fifty percent of the face value.

You are wasting your breath and my time.

Fifty-five percent.


Sixty-five percent.

You know the price. A hundred dollars a bill.

This is ridiculous! You acquired the property by accident.

To dispose of it without getting into ..

I'll spread it around a bit at a time. The day after tomorrow, I'm in Rome.

Then London, then Paris. Eighty percent.

Get out of here.

You drive a hard bargain, Mr Brent.

Ninety-five percent.

Dollar for dollar. That's the deal.

Do you have them with you?

Do you?

Among friends, let's keep it that way.

On the desk .. one at a time.



It is genuine.

Tell your boy to get away from that door.

Speak in English!

Go away! Everything is alright.


Seventy-one .. seventy-two.

You drive a hard bargain, Mr Brent.

How badly did he hurt Lund?

He will still walk.

Central, 1448.

Lieutenant Knudsen.

It's me again .. Lund just left.

Your men can't miss him. "Was he alone?"

No. There were two of them. One I couldn't see.

Stay right where you are. A taxi will pick you up.

The same Cabbie you used before.

It will be there in fifteen minutes.

I want you to leave that counterfeit money with me as soon as you can.

Do you want me to leave the good money, too?

What are you talking about?

All my life I've been looking to make a thief pay for the rope that hangs him.

How much did you take from him?

I didn't hook him for enough. My expenses have been pretty high.

I want it all here, safe in the office.

"Keep your eyes open." Yep.

"The other one may still be around."


If Brent puts any of that bad money in circulation, we're through.

He has good money. He knows the difference.

He'll lose the good money first. How can we be sure?

We can't.

But fear is a thing you can smell.

I can smell it now. Let's wait it out.

No. Three weeks from today.

Everywhere. All at once.

In all the major cities of Europe and the United States ..

Our paper goes into circulation.

In one day, one hour, we make a profit of two million.

If Brent dumps his first, we won't be able to break even one hundred.

My wife went into the streets to make this possible.

It has cost that much.

Follow the American. I want to know where he goes.


I shall see Jensen.

He should have handled this himself.



Where have you been?

When I left the hotel, a man tailed me.

I didn't want to lead him here, so I went by Virginia Kelly.

He left me there.

Lund is dead.

They just fished his body out of the canal with a bullet in him.

What? Yes.

I found Jensen dead too, in his office.

A test bullet, fired from the gun found in Jensen's office.

This bullet killed Jensen and this one killed Ericksen.

We are just checking the bullet that killed Lund.

I'm sure the bullet came from the same gun, too.

Hmm .. markings are identical.

Could you identify the murder weapon?


That is the gun I leant to you.

With my fingerprints on it. Only yours.

Hi. Hi.

You must read minds.

I was hoping you'd drop by. What if I hadn't?

Would you have come after me? I might.

Have a drink? Hmm, I'd like.

A cocktail, please.

The lady is through for the night.

How is the gentleman with the fine taste in automobiles?

Arthur Miller? Fine as far as I know.

I may have to ask his help.

Before I go knocking at his door, I'd like to know more about him.

Well, he's just as I told you.

He's married. She's rich and she's older than he is. That's all.

Where is she?

I don't know. Paris or Rome. Some place.

They don't spend much time together.

Next question.

You know, you ask a lot of questions.

Being with you is like being on the witness stand.

I sometimes think you have the feeling I killed Tony.

Did you?


There was a time when I had a reason to.

How is Susan? Scared.

You know, I've known her for years.

She's in trouble and I haven't even been to see her.

What does that make me? Normal.

This, Miller.

He's just a friend, huh? Why do you ask?

I never believed in this 'first sight' business, but ..

A guy can take a second look.

If he wants to.

He wants to.

Alright then, go right ahead and look.

Let's go out and .. just walk.

Walk, walk .. alright?


I'll go change and be right back.

Now. Now would be a good time.

Mister Brent?

We've met before.

Yes. We were both on the same plane.

Yes. Apparently for the same reason.

My lawyer sent his partner to talk to you.

But you were too much for him.

The balances shift and change, Mr Brent.

The man who came to see you is dead.

Mr Jensen, my lawyer, is dead too.

Both of them killed by bullets from your gun.

The police have that gun.

What's that got to do with me?

You are going to give me the money. All of it.

Or the police will get a phone-call.

Telling them where to find the man whose fingerprints are on the gun.

That's plain.

You are going to do business with me, on my terms.

Shall we go, Mr Brent?

Why not?

Oh no. This way.


Do you know where the gentleman is? No, I'm sorry, but I don't know.

Perhaps ..? No. He's been gone a while.

I'll check .. the telephones, too.

This way, Mr Brent.

For a man who wants to talk business, you don't say much.

That's the first thing you've said since we left the nightclub.

We're going aboard.

After you, Mr Brent.

Inspector. Yes?

Where is Mr Miller? Over there.

Thank you.

Hello, Arthur. Hello.

Where's Mike? Who?

Mike Brent. You know ..

Oh, I don't know. I haven't seen him.

Well, he was talking about you just a few minutes ago.

He wanted me to take him to your place, and ..

He's just disappeared.

So I saw your car outside and I thought he might be with you now.

Why did he want to see me? Do you know? About his sister, I imagine.

You did offer to help. Ah, yes.

Well, apparently I must have missed him.

You were seeing quite lot of him, weren't you.

If he doesn't show up soon, this will be the last time.

Well, I'd be glad to take you home Virginia, but I have an appointment.

Here. Use my car. I won't be needing it.

Blond or brunette? Redhead.

I don't seem to be in much demand tonight.

Thanks, Arthur.

I'll get the car back to you tomorrow.

[ Door knocks ]

[ Door knocks ]

We would like to talk with you, Miss Kelly.


Why? What about?

We have a car waiting.

Get dressed, Miss Kelly.

I'll wait outside.

Good morning.

How do you feel? About the way I expected.

Oh, you knew you were going to be roughed up?

I hooked your messenger boy, and came into your parlour.

I had to expect a few lumps.

You expected it? Then you weren't disappointed.

No. You did pretty good.

Do I get the money or do I mail the letter to the police?

Neither. I assure you.

You didn't have to do this. You couldn't have driven me away.

You won't contact the police.

And you're not going to dump me over the side.

What makes you so sure?

Cut these ropes. They're uncomfortable. Ha.


From now on, you're going to worry about my comfort.

If I'm not around, you are in trouble. It's as simple as that.

Who is in this with you? That's a pretty silly question.

Your sister?

How do you know she's my sister?

What do you want?

I wanted in. I am in. I'm going to stay in.

You've got a nice thing going for you here. I want a piece of it.

You are going to wind up in the canal. No, I'm not.

If I'm not around to put a message on a postcard every day. A different message.

The police wind up with all your pretty paper.

And nobody .. nobody breaks a hundred-dollar bill any place.

You are bluffing. Alright. Call my bluff and see.

But don't try to run away.

You can't run fast enough or far enough.

My husband would like to see you.

So, now we have acquired a partner. Are you serious?

What else can we do? The woman is in prison.

For her, the safest place in Denmark.

If she opens her mouth, we're done. She can ruin us in a minute.

But now the smell of fear is with you again.

The balance is exactly even. We have nothing to worry about.

He's a hungry man. Greedy.

He's arranged it so that .. we must take the very best care of him.

I don't like it.

Oh, stop gibbering. Our interests are now his interests.

He wants money.

He must cooperate with us or he doesn't get it.

He's too smart. He may be useful.

We've got Jacobsen.

He was with you through the war. We can trust him.

Jacobsen is a sailor and a great one, but that's all he is.

This man can go anywhere.

Three weeks from now it will not matter what this man or his people do or say.

Until then, he will be our guest. Here?


No, that will not be wise.

My wife walked near the darkness again.

She shouldn't be disturbed.

Go and get him.

As of now, you have a piece of it.

Turn around.

You have a bigger knife up there.

How much is something that remains to be settled?

Sure. Let's go, Mr Brent.

Call me Mike. We're going to be seeing a lot of each other.

Virginia. What a pleasant surprise. I didn't expect you so soon.

You sound happy. I am, now that you're here.

Everybody's gone. The place is deserted.

I was alone.

I don't like being alone.

The maid's day off? Everybody is off.

How about a drink? That would be nice.

Arthur, you are quite a guy.

Here we are.

To fun .. and beauty.

I am going to have to bum a ride back to town.

Later darling, later.

Arthur, please let's not spoil it.

Besides, I don't think your wife would approve.

My wife is in Paris, dear.

Distance does lend enchantment.

No sparkle today.

You sound tired.

The police kept me up all night.

What did the police want with you?

Asking questions about you. About everybody.

About me?

What did you tell them?

They weren't really very interested in you.

Well, what did you say?

What could I say? Nothing.

The way they kept hammering at me with questions ..

They must have thought I was a thief.

Surely not.

And I wasn't the only one. They had Inga there.

Tony Martinelli's girl. Oh?

It was like a crazy merry-go-round. Mike was asking me questions about Inga.

And the police were asking both of those questions about Mike.

Why should the police be interested in Mr Brent?

I found out why.

After they let me go, I went straight to see Susan.

She told me her brother is a policeman, a detective.

He has been using me. I don't know why.

I see. He's working with them.

You know how policemen are. Like that.

Now he's gone. They can't find him anywhere.

You've had a rough night. The worst I've ever had.

It was rougher on Inga.

And she's still there so they must have placed a charge against her.

The car is here.


I know you want to get back to the city. If you'll excuse me, I'll tell Hartman.

I'm in no hurry.

I'm sorry Virginia. I have an appointment.

You had all kinds of time when I arrived just a few minutes ago.

At least you'll let me finish my drink.

This man is a policeman. He's working with the authorities.

Stop him!

What are you doing here?

Turn around.

Any luck? Must have got away.

I'll look round the grounds. Where is Gibbs?

Get him down here.


Come on, he wants you.

I don't see how he could get away.

It doesn't matter. He can't know much. Only the three of us know it all.

Now we have to run, wait, and try again.

You take this car. Go by the south road, the long way. Carefully.

I'll meet you at the boat. What about the girl?

Leave her. What's the difference? Let's go.

You have the money here in the trunk.

I've got the plates with me.

I'll go by motorcycle. Along a different route.

Two Mercedes will be much too conspicuous.

Come on. Get in.

What happened? You alright? Mike.

Listen carefully. These phonelines are cut and I've got to get out of here.

When I'm gone, get to the nearest phone, call Knudsen and tell him what happened.

You understand?

Do you understand? Yes.

Alright, the key to the car?

In the switch. Good girl.


Yes, Miss Kelly?


Just a moment.

I will switch it to the radio room.

I'm on again. Yes.

Did he say where he was going?


[ Danish language ]

I want them to start from here .. to here.

[ Danish language ]

Mobilize the helicopter.


Take me to Hundested.



[ Danish language ]

Here he comes.

Get inside.

He'll not come up.

He is where he belongs.

A sailor who sleeps in the sea.

He sank your ship in the war.

And many others.

To be on the losing side is the only difference ..

Between a hero and a derelict.

Thank you for everything. Have a good trip.

'Thanks' is a pretty shop-worn word.

But it's the only one l know.

It's the only one that works.

Happy trip.

And a comfortable journey.

Your reservation is two weeks from today.

You won't be alone.