Hide and Seek (2005) Script

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(rousing orchestral fanfare playing)

(fanfare ends)

(suspenseful music playing)

(child squealing in distance)

(quiet, haunting theme playing)

(birds chirping, wings flapping)


(both laughing)


WOMAN: Ready to go faster?

GIRL: All right. No, no, no!

You're gonna slide off.


You all right?

Are you sliding? Yes.

No, if you're sliding, I'm going to stop.

No, no, no. You okay? Okay.

(both laughing)

WOMAN: More?

GIRL (giggling): Yes!


(pills rattle in bottle)


That's funny.

I could've sworn I saw a little girl by the name of Emily come in here.

(singsongy): Come out, come out, wherever you are...

Could she be hiding in the closet?

(playful gasp)

I wonder where she could be.


Maybe my eyes have deceived me.

I'm invisible, Mommy.

Well, if you're invisible...


...then how could I... do this?!

(both laughing)


Did you know where I was?

Not a clue.

You want Alex?

What is it?

I love you more than anything else in the world.

You know that, don't you?

I love you, too.


(whispering): Good night, sweetheart.

Make the face.

(giggling): Please.

(both laughing)

Now, go to sleep. Okay.

(light switch clicks)



Good night.

(footsteps departing)

You coming to bed?

In a little while.

Something you want to talk about?


Some things are beyond therapy, David.

(faucet dripping)

(sighing slowly)


(soft click)

(faucet dripping slowly)

(dripping continues)


(dripping continues)

(dripping continues)

(indistinct conversation)


I should've seen it coming.

All the signs were there.

The ones closest to you are the hardest to judge.

No, but I...

I could've prevented it.

David, it's not your fault.

How long have we known each other?

Trust me when I tell you this.

As difficult as it may seem, you're... you're gonna have to try and start over.

We're gonna move.


The country.

That's not exactly what I meant by "starting over. "

What about Emily?

This is a traumatic time for her.

I think it's important she stays here and works through this.

No, here, she's flooded with memories.

I need to expose her to a new environment, new things to do...

She'd be losing another person she depends on.

It's only an hour away.

And... you're always welcome to come and see her.

And right now, I need to do what's right for Emily.

I need to be a full-time dad.

I have a surprise for you.

(simple, sweet "Mockingbird" melody playing)

When I was your age, my mom gave me one just like that.

And whenever I was feeling sad, I would open the lid, and all my sorrows went away.

Do you like it?

(melody continues)

Give me a hug.

(melody ends)

You're going to like it there.

All right, let's go.

(engine starting)

(haunting melody begins)

## CHILD (vocalizing)

(bird cawing)

## (vocalizing continues)

## (vocalizing ends)

(orchestra continues theme)

(theme fades into wind whistling)

(tires crackle over gravel)

DAVID: Come on.

Let's take a look.

MAN: Right on time.

Dr. Callaway...

Mr. Haskins.


This is Sheriff Hafferty.


He routinely checks on the houses up here to make sure things run smoothly.

I see. Well, this is my daughter, Emily. This is Sheriff Hafferty.


How are you?

This is Mr. Haskins.

He found us the house.

Well, hello there, Emily.

Think your dad did a good job picking the house?

She's still deciding.

Well, she sure is pretty.

Thank you.

HASKINS: As I mentioned, Woodland Estates is mainly a summer community.

May be a little quiet up here till then.

Hope that's not a problem.

Not at all. Great.

Let me show you around the back.

HAFFERTY: You ever spent much time in the country?

Not much.

I used to camp when I was little, but I was always scared of the woods.


Nothing to be scared of in these woods.

Picked a nice spot.

Biggest house on the lake.

Sheriff, if you'd like to do the honors; let Dr. Callaway into his new home.

Figure out which key...

Did you see where my daughter went?





You okay?

Come on. Let's go back.

Come on.

(urging): Come on.

Mr. Haskins, Sheriff... we'll take it from here.

(owl hooting)

Spaghetti and meatballs is your favorite dish.

You're not hungry?

I'd like to go to bed now.

I'll come up and kiss you good night.

(owl hoots outside)

(music box plays "Mockingbird” softly)

Oh, that's funny.

I could have sworn I saw a little girl by the name of Emily come in here.

I wonder... where she's hiding.

Could she be... could she be... under the bed?!


Could she be... hiding...

Let's see, where could she be hiding?

Could she be hiding in the... closet!

(cat screeching)

(music box continues playing)

Okay... since it's the first night in a new house, I thought it would be a good time to start a new diary.

Each day you can write down your feelings and thoughts, and then, one day, you can look back and see how much they've changed.


I love you more than anything else in the world, sweetheart.

You know that.

That's what Mommy said.


Before she killed herself.

Sweetheart, she meant what she said.

And so do I.

You want me to put this over here?


All right.

Good night.

(whispering): Good night, Alex.

(door creaking)

(plastic rustling)


(bird screeching)


(leaves crunching)

(music playing faintly through headphones)

(music playing faintly)

Emily? Emily!



Oh, there you are.

Come on, sweetheart.

We're going into town. We have some errands to do.



Hi... Hi, there.

I-I'm Laura. I live next door.

Oh, I'm David. How are you?

Uh, here. These are for you.

Oh, thank you very much.

My husband and I made the preserves ourselves.

Oh, well...

I didn't even realize anyone else lived up here.

Well, it does get pretty quiet in the off season.

Oh, this is my daughter, Emily.

Emily, say hello to Laura.

She's our neighbor.

Isn't she adorable?

You going to say hi?

Well, she gets a little shy around new faces.

I understand.

It's going to be a real treat having both of you here.

Oh, you're on your way out.

I won't keep you.

Um, if you need anything, don't hesitate to stop by.

Same here.

And thank you for all the preserves.

The peach and apricot preserves.

Enjoy. Thank you.

I'm gonna put this inside.

(wheels clacking)

(whistle blows)

WOMAN: Amy, don't swing so high.

I'm going to tell your mom.

Would you listen to me?

(geese squawking)

(swing squeaking)



I have, uh, a daughter the same age.

She's in the car.


I'm Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Young.

Hi. David Callaway.

How are you? Good.

Nice to meet you.

Are you visiting?

Just moved up from the city.

Oh, usually it's the other way around.

I know.

She your kid?

Oh, no. No.

She's my sister's kid.

I'm the honorary baby-sitter.


Amy, be careful.




Amy. She all right?

Amy, Jesus, are you all right?


That's very funny.

Oh, my God, you're going to make me nuts, you know that?

Is your daughter this crazy?

Where's Alex?

I don't like her anymore.

Did I just hear what I think I heard?

Are you mad, Daddy?

No, I'm not mad at all, honey.

I think it's great.

You do?



Because I have a new friend.

A new friend? Okay.

Let me guess. Is it, um...



Uh, is it, uh, Patty?

Is it...

He's not a doll.


Not a doll.


Okay, well, if he's not a doll, then who is he?

He doesn't want me to talk about him.

Doesn't want you to talk about him?

(whispers): No.

Well, what if I promise to keep it a secret, could you tell me then?

So, what's his name?

He told me to call him Charlie.

Charlie? Oh, that's an interesting name.


When did you meet Charlie?


When we went to town?

It was before that.

Before that. Huh.

Is he... here right now?

I think he's sleeping.


Well, in that case, we better not wake him, hmm?

KATHERINE: It's not unusual for a traumatized child to create imaginary friends.

I know, I just wish she'd confide in me instead of using fantasy.

Trauma causes pain.

Eventually the mind will find a way to release it.

No kidding.

Don't forget: I'm the one who taught you that stuff.

As a matter of fact, you did, yes.

Just have fun with her, David.

Play with her.

That's what she needs.

(chain rattling)

(raindrops pattering)

CLERK: These are beginner rods.

(sports broadcast plays indistinctly)

Let's see... two rods, $41.50 each...

(clerk mumbling)

Plus bait and tackle...


You parked in a handicap zone.

Oh, I didn't even realize.

Could you give me a break? I didn't realize.

Enjoy your day.

Eh, so much for small town hospitality, honey.

Shut the door. We broke the law.

I know we broke the law.

Shut the door.

DAVID: The Loch Ness Monster.

EMILY: What?

You know what that is?

It's in Scotland.

This is a good spot, huh?

(grunts softly)

Honey, what are you doing?

(inhales quietly)

You think that's a good idea?

Emily, we have bait.


All right.

Did you have a nice time today?

It was okay.

Just okay?


Well, then, what could we have done to make it better?

What if Charlie was there?

Would he have made it better?

He's a lot of fun.

Fun like how?

Fun like Mommy.

It's a little stuffy in here.

(pounding on frame)


It's stuck.

It's okay, Daddy.

It just...

(squeaking, wind whistling)

(slow, regular breathing)

CROWD (fading in): ... three, two, one...

Happy New Year!

(slam echoing)

(distorted cheering)

(distorted cheering)

(steady breathing)

(soft click)

(faucet dripping)

(steady breathing)

(dripping continues)

(door creaks)

(light switch clicks)

(dripping continues)

Emily, why would you do this?

I didn't do it.

What do you mean, you didn't do it?

There's nobody here but us.

It wasn't me.

This is your writing, and these are your crayons, honey.

It's all right. Just tell me.

You don't have to lie to me.

I'm not lying.

Okay, well, if you didn't do it, then who did?

It was Charlie.

DAVID: She thinks I'm responsible for Alison's death.

KATHERINE: It's Charlie that holds you responsible.

Use him, David.

Use him to get through to her.

He's the key.

I-I have to go, I...

I think I found her a real friend.

Really? That's great.

Call me if you need me, okay?

Bye. Okay, bye.


Hi. Hi.

Hi, Amy.

Glad you came.

Em... we have guests.


This is Elizabeth.

Hi, Emily.

Emily, this is Amy.



Coffee-maker has a mind of its own.

(chuckling): Oh, God...

Thank you.

So, is that your wife?

She passed away.

I'm sorry.

No matter how many times I say it, it still sounds so strange.

Must be hard on Emily.

Have you ever been married?

Actually, I just got divorced.

I'm living with my sister and her husband till I can figure out my next move.

Best way to get over the past is to start something new.

That's why we're here.

(rhythmic thudding in distance)

AMY (sing-song): ... baby, wrap it up in toilet paper, put it in the incubator.

What shall it be?

Oh! By the way, this is Penelope.


You're gonna like it here.

It's a lot of fun.

Well, it's not always fun, but there are lots of fun things to do.

(whispers): Oh...

She's beautiful.

What's her name?

Well, you don't talk much, do you?

You shouldn't be here.

Why not?

You could get hurt.

(door thudding)

Oh, my God. Okay.

So, um... so, you have my number.

I'll talk to you soon.


I guess I should go.

Yeah. Okay.

Bye. Bye.

Bye, Emily.

So... what'd you think of Amy?

Did you like her?

I don't need any more friends.

(bird cawing in distance)

MAN: Good, good.




Hey. Sorry.

I didn't mean to intrude.

Oh, uh...

I'm Steven.

Laura's husband from next door.

Oh, yeah. Hi.

It's David, right?

Yes, it's David.

Just wanted to say hi.

Nice to... nice to meet you, Steven.

Figured, you know... gonna be neighbors, you might as well be neighborly, right?


Uh... well, you're gonna have to excuse us, Steven.

We have a busy day ahead of us. Honey, come on.

Emily... let's go.


Listen, you need anything, just give a shout, will you?

Okay. Thank you. See you around.



You're very lucky to have such a beautiful daughter.

Thank you.

(door opens)

You remember what I told you about not talking to strangers?

He's not a stranger.

What do you mean?

He's our neighbor.

As far as I'm concerned, he's a stranger, honey.

Don't walk away when I'm talking to you.

I'm telling you something.

I'm sorry, Daddy. Weren't you finished?

No, I wasn't finished.

What I'm saying is, it's very important for you to listen when I tell you something.





(child laughing)

(kettle whistling)

(splashing, sizzling)

(whistling subsides)

What are you doing, sweetheart?


What's so funny?

Is Charlie here?

He just left.

Where'd he go?

Did you open that?

I thought you did.

(latch squeaking)

I want to talk to Charlie.

What would you like to talk about?

I'd like to talk to him about all sorts of things.

Like what?

Like, uh... well, what makes him happy... what makes him sad...

So, what do you say?

You think you can introduce us?

I don't think that's going to work.

Why's that?

He doesn't like you very much.

Oh, why doesn't he like me very much?

Does it have something to do with Mommy?


What does he tell you?

(thunder rumbling)

(jazz playing faintly through headphones)

EMILY (voice-over, whispering): ... three, one thousand, four, one thousand, five, one thousand, six, one thousand, seven, one thousand, eight, one thousand, nine, one thousand, ten, one thousand.

Ready or not, here I come.

(very faint, indistinct whispering)

(thunder rumbling)

(singsongy): Charlie...




Come out, come out wherever you are.


(gentle clinking)

(soft squeaking)

(soft squeaking)

(very faint whispering)

(whispering grows louder)

(sudden click)


Is that you?

(Emily screams)




(screaming continues)


Where are you?

What happened?

Why are you down here?

Emily, talk to me.

He was hiding.

Who was hiding?

In the dark.

(loud clank)

Can I go to bed now?

(bird screeching in distance)

(doorbell rings)



Do you have a minute?

Yeah. Oh, sure. Come on in.

Thank you. Thank you.

I wanted to apologize for my husband.

He said he had a... awkward moment yesterday with you and Emily.

That's all right. Don't worry about it.

He's harmless, really. He wouldn't hurt a fly.

That's fine.

It's just that... we lost a child recently... a girl... and in some ways, Emily reminds us of her.

I see.

He was just... reaching out. Hmm?

There is nothing worse in this world than losing a child.

(engine stops)

(music playing softly)


Here, taste this.

I think it may be too salty.

Oh. Okay.


Not bad. Really?

Not bad. Oh, good.

Really good.

Wow! You look so pretty.

You didn't have to get all dressed up for me.

Honey, would you go upstairs and change into something else, please?

Don't you like it?

Not for dinner, no.

Why not?

You know why.

She looks so pretty. Let's just eat.

I think you look really beautiful.

Did Daddy tell you that my mommy died?

Yes, he did.

And I'm very sorry.

Did he tell you how she died?

Honey, I don't think Elizabeth really wants to hear how that happened, okay?

She killed herself in our bathtub.

Emily... Slit her wrists with a razor.

(firmly): Emily.

That's enough.

Emily, I brought you something.

Your dad asked me to bring over some of Amy's books.

These were some of my favorites when I was your age.

DAVID: Oh, that's great.

Give you a chance to see what the other kids are reading before you get started.

You gonna say thanks?


(book thuds)

Emily... Emily, stop it. That's enough.

Do you like her, Daddy?

Stop this. Charlie says you do.

Go to your room. He says you like her as much as Mommy. Go to your room. To your room.

If you're going to behave this way, go to your room.

Let's hope you don't wind up like her.

(sighing gently)

I'm sorry.

Who's Charlie?

Oh, he's her imaginary friend.

Her only friend.

(door slams)

I always wanted her to have a better childhood than I had.

Now look.

DAVID: Drive safely.

(water running)


(wind whistles)

(indistinct conversation fading in)

MAN: Attention, please!

(thud echoing)

Maybe after a few more martinis...

(woman laughing)

(sudden shriek)

(water dripping)

(dripping continues)

(door creaks)

(dripping continues)

(light switch clicks)

(chain rattling)



Charlie did it.

You do believe me, don't you, Daddy?

Why are you looking at me like that?



Mr. Callaway.

I didn't mean to disturb you.

Thought you might be needing these.


Those are the keys for the, uh, different rooms in the house.

I forgot to give them to you earlier.

I apologize.

It's a little late to be delivering keys, isn't it?

Well, I thought I could slip them under the door.

Wife and I are going to Canada first thing in the morning.

We've got a little cabin tucked away in the woods.

Good place to clear the mind.

Everything all right?

Well, enjoy.

What's for breakfast?

Honey, why would Charlie do such a horrible thing?

Is it because of Elizabeth?

Charlie needs to understand something, honey.

Elizabeth is not trying to take Mommy's place.

Does he understand that?

Honey, I can't help you if you don't talk to me.

Why doesn't he like Elizabeth?

Because she likes you.


He doesn't want you to be happy.

Honey... you know this has nothing to do with Charlie.

You do know that.

It's about you, honey.

And that's okay.

Charlie doesn't exist.

You shouldn't say that.

Why not?

You're going to make him mad.

Oh, well, so what?

I'll get him mad.

Let him come out and yell at me. Good.

I want to see him. Where is he?

You want to see him?

Who's that supposed to be?

Charlie and Mommy.

She would have liked him.

No, trust me, honey.

Mommy wouldn't like Charlie.

That's not what he says.

What do you mean?

What do you mean? What does he say?

What does he say?

What does Charlie say?

Talk to me. What does he say?

He says he would have satisfied her.

Who told you to say that?

Charlie did.

No, who... who told you that?

Charlie did.

There is no Charlie. Who said it?

Charlie did!

He did not. Who said it?

(singsongy): Charlie! Charlie!

Charlie! Charlie!

Charlie! Charlie!

Charlie! Charlie!




Hey, sweetheart.

I'm so happy you came.

It's so good to see you.

Want to show me the house?



Hey, David. How are you?

Good. Good to see you.

Good to see you, too.

Glad you could come.

KATHERINE: Do you like it here?

I'm having a lot of fun.

You are?

Tell me about your friend Charlie.

He doesn't like me to talk about him.

I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you told me.

(music box playing "Mockingbird” quietly)

Tell me, what do you guys do together?

Play games.

What kind of games?

Hide and seek.

That's our favorite.

Sounds like Charlie's a lot of fun.

(music box continues playing)

So what do you guys talk about?

I don't know.

Bunch of things.

Sometimes he even talks about you.


And what does he say?

You can tell me.

He's afraid you're going to get in the way.

In the... In the way of what?

Our game.

What game is that?

Upsetting Daddy.

Isn't she pretty?

KATHERINE: David, I'd like to bring Emily back with me.

At least for a little while, so she can be evaluated.

I'm just worried bringing her back will make her worse.

She's not well.

I know that.

And she's not your patient.

I know that, too.

She thinks it's a game.

She's using Charlie to get to you.

I know things haven't gone as well as we hoped, but... do you really think bringing her back to New York is going to make that much of a difference?

It's worth a try.

All right, look.

I'll give it two more weeks, and if there's no improvement, I'll bring her back.

(Emily humming "Mockingbird")

(water running)

(door creaks softly)

What are you doing, Daddy?


What were you looking at?

No, I was just getting ready to tuck you in.

Good night.


Yeah, sweetheart?

Can you close the door?

You don't want the light?

I don't need it anymore.


(shoe drops on floor)



Hello. David.

I thought I'd return the favor.

Oh, thank you.


Mmm! Apple!

My favorite!

You can make yourself at home.

I'll be back in a second.

Thank you.

(floorboard creaking)

You must think we're pretty crazy keeping all these toys around.

It's, um...

It's hard to find the right place for them, you know?

(sobbing): I'm sorry.

No, you have nothing to be sorry about.

It's just, I...

I've had no one to talk to.

You know that I am a psychologist.

I've dealt with many people in similar circumstances, and if you and your husband would like to talk about this, it might help.

He's... been having... a tough time this past couple of weeks.

In-In... wh-what sense?

You have no idea how painful it can be.

How painful he can make it.

I'm sorry.

I've already said too much.

Please, I can...

Listen to me. Please, I can help you.

No, he'll be back any moment.

You just talk to me. I can help you.


You have to go.


(hail pattering loudly)

(doorbell chimes)

(music plays faintly over headphones)




(floorboard creaking)





Emily, are you in here?

Didn't you hear me calling?

Daddy's not here.

Well, actually, it was you that I came to see.

Would you mind if we talked for a moment?

I brought you some daisies.

I wasn't sure which one was your favorite color, so I just... got all kinds.


Emily, I'm really sorry about what happened the other night.

I want you to know that I'm not trying to come between you and your dad.

Do you think maybe we could start over?

We could be friends?

Do you like games?

I love games.

Would you like to play one?

I'm already playing.

What game are you playing?

Hide and seek.

Don't you need another person to play that game?

He's hiding.

Who's hiding?


Charlie's hiding.

Where's he hiding?

You stay here.

(singsongy): Charlie...

Come out, come out, wherever you are...

- (fierce growl) (screams)



(playful yet sinister music playing)



(cartoon music builds dramatically)

(explosion on TV)

(turns TV off)

(knocks twice)


What are you doing?

What are you drawing, honey?


(wind whooshing)

What happened?

(firmly): Emily, what happened?

(doorbell rings)

(screen door squeaks)

Oh, hello, Sheriff.

(soles scraping on mat)

Mind if I come in for a minute?

(screen door closes)

(door closes)

HAFFERTY: Afraid I have some bad news.

There's been an accident.

I found Elizabeth Young's car crashed on the side of the road.

Is she okay?

I don't know.

She wasn't inside.

I spoke to her niece Amy.


She told me she came up here to see you.

You seen her?

No, I haven't seen her.


Would you mind...

I had a glass of water?

Sure, uh...

Just want, uh, water, uh? Yeah.


At first, I thought she might have crashed on the way up.

But taking a second look.

I seen the tire tracks leading down the hill.

So, she must have at least stopped by.

Well, maybe she forgot something, or turned around, or I don't know, but, uh...

Maybe, uh... Maybe Emily's seen her.

No, that couldn't be.

Emily was here upstairs.

Could you call her?

Sure. I...

I can call her, yeah.

I can ask her.





Come on down. Come on.

Hello, Emily.

Emily, you know Elizabeth Young?

You seen her come by in the last few hours?

If I stepped away for a minute, you sure there's nothing you'd want to tell your daddy?

I'm sure.

Good girl.

You can go on up to your room and play.

Cute kid.

Thank you.

If you hear anything, you'll give me a call?

I will, Sheriff.

I will, and you can do the same.

I want to check around the neighborhood.

You and Emily gonna be here?

We'll be here.

Just making sure.

Thanks for the water.

You're welcome.




- (sobbing) Emily, where is she?

Where is Elizabeth?





Oh, God.

What did you do?

What did you do?

I didn't do anything! Who did it?

Who did it, then? Charlie.

Don't say Charlie. I'm telling you...

(Emily sobbing)

What is going on?


Who is Charlie? Where is he?

Just, please, help me understand what's happening here.

I can't. I can't.

Help me!

(whispers): I can't.


Did you have a part in this?

Did you have a part in this?!

He made me help him.

He made me...


He made me.

This is him? Is this Charlie?

I can't tell you.

Who is this?!

Please, I can't.

I'm sorry.


You stay right here.

Don't move. Oh, please don't leave me.

Do not move. You stay right here.

EMILY: You can't stop him, Daddy!




(door clatters)

(doorknob rattling)

(clanking, rattling)


(door creaking)



Emily, what's happening?

I don't want to play with Charlie anymore.

Emily, where's your father?

Daddy can't save me now.


(door opening)

Emily, sweetie, are you there?

- Are you okay? (footsteps approaching)


(water dripping)

He just left.

(wind whistling)

Where is he?

EMILY: He's hiding!

Where are you?!

Where are you?!

(dog barking in distance)


You. What are you doing here?

I heard some noises. I saw you come out of the woods with a shovel. Everything all right?


Emily all right?

You stay away.

I want to see her.

You stay away. I'm gonna call the cops.

I want to see her now.

You sick fuck.

I want to see her. Uh, stay away.


(David panting)




(lively cartoon music plays on TV)



EMILY: Daddy?

Honey... stay upstairs.

Stay upstairs.


(lively music continues on TV)

(wind whistling)

You stay away!

You stay away!

You get out of here!

(David panting)

It's okay, sweetheart.

Charlie's gone.

He'll come back. No.

(sobbing): I know he will.

No, he's gone. He's gone.

Please don't make me see Charlie, Daddy.

Please don't make me see Charlie.

I'm so sorry I didn't believe you.

I'm so sorry, honey.

Please don't leave me again.

Please don't leave me again. Not again.

(creaking in distance)

(wind howling)

(cartoon music continues)


Please don't make me see Charlie.

(porch light squeaking in wind)

(squeaking continues)

(wood creaking)

(wind whistling)

(squeaking continues)

(wind whistling)

DAVID: Is Charlie here right now?


I think he's sleeping.

(wind whistling)

(elevator bell echoes)

(dance music playing)

MAN (in distance): Come out, come out, wherever you are.

(sultry laughter)

(passionate sighs, moaning)



(muffled shouts)


(porch light squeaking in wind)

Can you see now, Daddy?

(squeaking continues in distance)

It's okay.

(sniffling quietly)

Daddy's gone now.

(cartoon music plays softly)

(insistent knocking on door)

HAFFERTY: Dr. Callaway?

(knocking continues)

Anybody home?

(indistinct radio communication)

(woman screams on TV, cartoon music plays)

(door opens)


(footsteps approaching)

(footsteps ascending stairs)


(scratching on paper)

Emily? Hey... where's your dad?

Neighbor called.

Said there was a problem.

Everything all right?


What you drawing there?


You. Dying.


(light switch clicks)

(stairs creaking)

DAVID: Marco...


(loud creaking)

(light footsteps running in distance)


Dr. Callaway?

DAVID: Marco...

(door creaking)

(clicking switches)




(body squeaking on floor)

(body dragging)

(door creaking)




(spoon clatters on floor)


I can't help but sense a certain tension between us.

What's the matter? Don't you want to play anymore?

Don't you want to have fun?



You want your daddy back? Is that it?

You like him more than me, don't you?

(quietly): No.

Oh, oh, liar.

(quietly): I'm not.

(chanting): Liar, liar...

You're a big fat liar.

You killed Mommy.

(wind whistling)

One, one thousand...

Two, one thousand...

Three, one thousand...

Four, one thousand...

Five, one thousand...


(quiet, slow footsteps)

(quiet, slow footsteps)


(soft rattling)

(wind whistling faintly)



Oh, God, David, you scared me.






That's funny.

I could've sworn I saw a little girl by the name of Emily come in here.


I wonder... where she could be.

Could she be hiding under the bed?

(chuckles): No...

Could she be hiding under this bed?



Could she be... hiding in the closet?



# Papa's gonna buy you #

#A mockingbird #

#And if that mockingbird don't... sing #

# Papa's going to buy you a diamond ring #

#And if that diamond ring turns brass #

# Papa's going to buy you a... looking glass #

#And if that looking glass gets broke #

# Papa's going to buy you... a billy goat. #



(rattling door)






Emily, open up for Daddy.

(loud banging on door)


(window frame creaking)


Mommy misses you.

(Emily sobbing)






DAVID (distant): Emily!



Emily... your daddy's looking for you.

(water splashing)

(David humming)

# Papa's gonna buy you... #

(water splashing)

(playing "Mockingbird")


(music box continues to play)


(music continues)


DAVID: Katherine.

(Katherine gasps)

(panting): Charlie?

No, it's-it's me. It's David.

Where is Emily?

Katherine, I...

Emily! It's all right.

I just want to explain to you what it is...

Stay right there. You were right.

Emily! You were right.

I never should've brought her up here.

It was a mistake.

I mean, Emily's not the person who's... not well.

It's me.

And you said it...

"Trauma causes pain," and you were right.

We're going to get you some help, okay?

I'm sorry.






(Katherine gagging)

(coughing, gasping)

DAVID: There you are.



(whimpering): Don't hurt her.


She's my friend.

I thought I was your friend.

Please, Charlie.

(David humming)


(cocks gun)

Hide and seek.

- (two gunshots) (Emily screams)


("Mockingbird” continues playing)

KATHERINE: It's okay. It's okay.

You're safe now.

Time for school, sweetheart.


Have you got your homework?


Did you brush your teeth?




(haunting melody begins)

## CHILD (vocalizing)

## CHILD (singing)

## (singing ends)

(orchestra continues theme)

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