High Noon (2009) Script


Stay back. Stay back.

Joe, I'm Phoebe MacNamara. I'm with the Police Department.

Brought you a beer. What?

Put it on the ledge.

Phoebe,Tactical is moving into position. Be careful.!

You planning on jumping?

Don't tell me it's over a woman.

My wife.

Why don't you sit back down?

Yeah. Yeah.

So what's your wife's name?


She left me.

You really a cop? Yes.

She left you because you were gambling?

She was all I had.

Aren't you gonna get in trouble for drinking?

Not if you don't jump.

I stole $5,000 from my boss.

I met your boss. He seems like a really nice guy.

What if I talked to him, got him to give you time to pay the money back?

I don't know.

If you could talk to her right now, what would you say?

I guess that I'm sorry, that I love her, and I don't wanna lose her.

Well, if you don't wanna lose her and you really love her, Joe, you gotta hand me the gun and get off this ledge, okay?

Otherwise you're just leaving Lori with a whole lot of grief and guilt.

I don't wanna do that. It's not her fault.

Then show her that.

Give me your hand.

Come on.

You'll have to go with this officer.

Lieutenant, I am just going to pretend you didn't give a beer to a jumper.

What beer, Captain? Exactly.

You always go right up to guys with guns like that?

Only on Sundays. You pressing charges?

No, no. Listen, I don't want Joe to go to jail.

He's worked for me for three years. He's never been a problem.

Well, he's gonna have to pay the money back he owes you for his own self- respect. Okay.


Let me buy you a drink. I just had one.

Carly, you ready? I'm ready.

It's too cold for shorts, sweetie.

Put your foot in. Other foot. Don't forget my scrunchie.

Okay. Shoes.

Down there.

I can put my shoes on all by myself, Mommy.

Okay, you do that. I'll see you downstairs, okay?

What are you doing? We have a leak.

Great. I've almost got her lunch made.

I just need to add the apple juice. Thanks, Mom.


Carly. Come here, baby.

There's my girl.

We have a leak. Yes, we do.

There we go. Let's get your shoe on.

Put your foot to the back.

I want my froggy backpack. Well, I can't find it, sweetheart.

Hey, Mom, will you flag down the bus for me?

I haven't got time to drive her if she doesn't make it.

Got a training session at 8:00.

What's wrong?

Grandma can't go on the porch anymore.

Since when?

I've got it. I've got it.

Come on. Here's your lunch. Into the froggy.

There you go.

Big girl. Come on.

Hold my hand. Here we go. There we go.

We missed the bus.

You can catch it on Colby.

Can you come to help with my class today?

I can't, sweetie. I gotta go to work.

Well, all the other mommies do, but you never come.

Next week, okay? I promise.

Come on. You got your backpack? Watch your head.

We need a new car.

Okay, today we're gonna continue our discussion about your role as first responders.


I was wondering about that jumper yesterday.

You broke a lot of your own rules of negotiation.

It's Lieutenant, Officer Meeks.

And if you'd been paying attention over the past two weeks, you would've heard me say that while there are guidelines, a negotiator must be flexible. You gave the subject alcohol.

And you had some yourself. Is that what you call being flexible, ma'am?

Oh, sorry.

Lieutenant. Lieutenant?

Did you read the report, Officer?

Because if you had, you might've noticed that a sniper had his M4 trained on the subject.

He could've missed. From 40 feet?

The preservation of life is and will always be the primary goal in negotiation.

Everything else is secondary.

In this instance, I elected a face to face.

I elected to give the subject a single beer because I thought these choices would assist me in talking him down.

That's a good strategy. Unless he gets drunk and falls off the roof.

Or you do.

Maybe you get drunk off one beer, Officer, but I don't.

Can't you take the elevator like a normal person?

And miss you struggling to keep up?


It's that guy from yesterday.

Wonder what he wants. Who cares?

Hot man, your office. Go.

Hi. Hi.


Wow, this is where a hostage negotiator works, huh?

You have kids.

Yeah, I have a daughter.

So, what can I do for you?

Actually I think I'm in some trouble.

Had a dream last night that I was sitting on the ledge in my underwear.

Boxers or briefs? Boxers.

Thought I might ask a professional what this means.

Maybe it means you should wear briefs.

You know I'm hitting on you, right? I'm a trained observer.

So have dinner with me tomorrow night.

What if I said I was suicidal? I'd say call the hotline.

You're the hotline.

Drinks, tomorrow, 5:30.

6:00. 5:45.

My place, Swifty's. It's on Fourth Street. I can pick you up.

I'll meet you there. Okay.

Never seen him.

Roy called today.

Great. Let me guess. He's gonna be late with child support.

Your ex- husband is an idiot, I'll give you that.

What did the mechanic say? $600.

What about the ceiling? $400.

And that's the good news.

The plumber said we have to replace all of our pipes.

Don't even ask how much.

Mom, when did you start having trouble with the porch?

I started having anxiety about a month or two.

I'm fine, Phoebe. I have my chat rooms, online bridge, this.

Stop worrying so much. Tell me more about this date.

So, are you gonna have a boyfriend?

Kaitlyn's mom has a boyfriend. She says it's a lot of work.

Well, it can be a lot of work, but then again, Kaitlyn's mom is a little high- maintenance.

What's high- maintenance, Mama?

It means she needs a lot of attention. And don't you repeat that.


I've been trying to figure out why I can't get you out of my head.

It's the whole woman- carrying- a- gun thing.

No, it's not.

It's what you did with Joe out on the ledge.

How did you know what to say to him?

I don't know. I guess I just watch a lot of TV, so...

Okay, you're a smartass. Takes one to like one.

How'd you get into this? I mean, you don't seem...

Like I fit the profile? Yeah.

It's my second year on the force, and my partner and I were the first responders at the scene.

First squad car. And the HT had them... H... What?

Hostage- taker. Okay.

He had his estranged wife and three kids in there.

I talked him down before backup arrived and that was kind of when I decided that's what I wanted to do. Wow.

What about you? What you do takes a lot of work, I'm sure.

Owning a bar? No, not so much.

I mean, I was a bartender before, right. I know the business.

Pour drinks, serve, thank you.

I meant owning three bars and being a silent partner in four downtown hotels.

You googled me.

You know what the problem with googling is?

What, you might find out the man you're going on a date with won $100 million in the lottery?

Yeah, that. Right, that.

I was gonna say it takes all the fun out of it.

Is the money a plus or a minus?

It's a plus that you didn't lead with it.

Well, that's good because I was...

I gotta go. What?

Yeah. Hold on, hold on.

Have dinner with me tomorrow night.

Look, Duncan, despite your $100 million, I'm not really in a position to start a relationship right now.

Are you in a position to eat?

What you gotta understand is you are not in control here. I am in control.

You're gonna put the gun down...

Lieutenant. First responder's off the rails.

He's been yelling at the HT. He's got him all worked up.

Where's Tactical? Five away.

Look, pal, this is getting ridiculous.

We both know you're not gonna shoot anyone.

Why don't you call me back when you're ready to talk?

Officer, situation?

HT's name is Grady. Two hostages. Witnesses heard gunfire.

When I arrived, he yelled out if anybody tries to come in, he'll shoot them both. That's it?

He says his lawyer cheated him out of $10,000 and he wants it back.

Who's working the log?

Hey, I've been trying to keep this guy from killing two people.

There hasn't been time for a log.

Have you talked to any of the hostages?

Do you know if anyone needs medical attention?

You're relieved. Everything gets written down.

Get the HT on the phone.

Hey, I'm the one keeping this from blowing up.

Hey. Hold it.

Yes? Mr. Grady?

Yes. This is Lieutenant Phoebe MacNamara.

Is that the way you people think you can talk to me?

I have a gun. No, that was someone else.

You'll be talking to me now. Is everyone okay in there?

I don't wanna talk anymore.

No one is listening to me. No one cares.

I'm listening, Mr. Grady. I care.

No, you don't.

Put that back.

So, you did not call for backup, you did not start a log, you did not ask about the hostages.

Not to mention, you goaded the HT.

I had it under control.

I took statements from all the officers on the scene and the hostages.

They all described how you berated the hostage- taker.

You're just looking for someone to blame for your screw up.

My actions will hold up, Officer.

Yours won't.

You're suspended for 30 days.

No, no, no, you are not running off on me like this.

You're free to protest the suspension, but Captain McVee is in complete agreement with me.

Which comes as no surprise, considering you're doing him.

I'm sorry, what did you just say?

This is gonna get worse for you, bitch.

That's a promise.

Badge and weapon, Officer.

I got it, I got it, I got it, I got it.

Hi. You must be Carly.


You look beautiful. Thanks.

More flowers?

Oh, yeah. Oh, no. These aren't for you.

These are for you.


Thank you.

Duncan, this is my mother, Essie.

Hi, Duncan. Hi.

Would you like a drink?

Oh, that's okay, Mom. We should probably get going.

Bye. I love you. I love you, too.

Carly, come here.

I love you.

Carly's pretty well adjusted, considering.

Her father took off when she was a year old and has only seen her twice since.

He's a jerk.

Well, at least she has you.

And your mom, which is great for you because you have a built- in babysitter.

Yes and no. Yeah?

She's agoraphobic, so...

Agoraphobic? Like she can't leave the house?

Yeah. Oh wow, that's tough.

How long has she been like that?

It's been about 15 years. Wow.

Not a second date story. Yeah. Okay.

So, where are we going?

We are going that way.

Oh, my gosh.

I love this Ferris wheel. Yeah.

I thought they were gonna tear it down. They were.

I bought it from the city and I restored it, then I donated it back to them.

Couldn't stand the thought of it just sitting in some dump, somewhere.

Used to ride it all the time when I was a kid.

You kidding? So did I. What?

Do you remember the guy who ran it? Benny.

Benny. Benny.

And he had a glass eye.

Yeah, and neither of them matched. No.


Cotton candy.

Thank you, sir. You're welcome.

Oh, dude.

I'm sorry, Bill. Can I have one, too?

Here we are. Thanks.

So what's for dinner?

Ah, we have corn dogs, onion rings and "zee French fry."

Well I have to say, I'm impressed.

Really? I wasn't trying to impress you.

Yes, you were.

Wanna take a ride?

Lieutenant? I might have to take a day off later this week.

That's fine. Just let me know, okay? Lieutenant?

Annie, can it wait? I'm gonna be late, okay? I know, right.

What I was gonna say is that, I know I'm new here, but I just I hope I'm doing a good job. So... You're doing great.


He came up behind me, slammed me into the wall, disabled me.

Did you see who it was?

He anticipated all my defense moves, knew how to use the cuffs, knew where I'd have my piece.

A cop?


Someone took the teddy bear out of my office, left it mutilated on my front stoop.

What? He would've had access to it.

Phoebe, I promise you, I will find the son of a bitch who did this to you.

Now, if it was Meeks, I'll make sure he pays.

I want you to take five days.

Now, let's pretend I said a week, you said three, and we settled on five. Okay?

Liz, make sure she gets home.

Liz, I need somewhere to fall apart. I can't do it at home.

You can go to my place.

I've got some family in town but I'll get rid of them for the day.

No. No, no, no, it's okay. I'll figure it out.

How you doing?

Look, I'm sorry to have just dumped this on you.

I'm good to go. Will you stop?

This is the best third date I've ever been on.

Brought you some tea.

And my own little personal remedy for black eyes.

I had to use it a few times myself.


Where are you? Still here?

Yeah, it's just, I was thinking about the last time I felt like this.

My dad was dead a couple of years.

And my mother had a restraining order against her boyfriend.

He broke in one night with a shotgun.

Took my mother, my younger brother and me hostage.

The cops came and Dave, my boss now, was the negotiator.

And he talked him out?

Not exactly.

I put sleeping pills in his food.

How old were you?


Well, I hope they put that guy away for a long time.

Yeah, he died in prison a few years ago.

You wanna tell me what happened today, Phoebe?

I got jumped in the stairwell at work.

By who?

Someone who has a problem with my authority.

Another cop did this to you?


I think I know, but I don't have enough proof.

Just give me his name. Hey, I'm the cop.

I'll do this my way.

Look, I got to get back to the house.

Are you gonna drive me home or are you gonna make me walk?

Mama, can I sleep with you tonight?

Of course you can, sweetheart. Come on.

Come under here.

I like your PJs. I like yours.

Come here.

Good night. Good night, Mommy.

The mechanic called. He said he could bring the car by later.

The plumber can come Tuesday.

Thank God for Visa.

Duncan also called.

He said he wants to know how you're doing.

Can you tell me again what happened to you?

Mommy fell running down the stairs, sweetie.

How? I wasn't paying attention.



You look like crap.

Thanks. You should've seen it before the makeup.

Those from him? Yeah.

And he made you tea.

God, it's like you found a dodo bird. Men like him are extinct.

Yeah, I mean he's great, now.

But sooner or later they all start to bark?

We get to do our new jumps today.

Oh, you do?

Tell me you're arresting Arnie Meeks.

Let's go over what happened again.

Okay. I came in, dropped my stuff off.

I was late, so I was rushing. Headed downstairs.

Did you stop anywhere, talk to anyone?


Oh, yeah. Annie Utz.

She just kept talking, babbling on and on and on.

What, like she was stalling you?

Annie, we brought you in to talk about what happened to Lieutenant MacNamara.

I'm sorry she got hurt.

You were the last one to talk to her before she was attacked.


I'm really not feeling good.

I think I might have to go home.

Lieutenant MacNamara's not feeling very well, either.

Someone jumped me in the stairwell, assaulted me, and handcuffed me.

You kept talking to the Lieutenant even after she said she'd be late.

You set her up, didn't you?

Annie, did you plan this with Meeks?

Annie, look at me!


I'm sorry, I didn't know.

He told me how you came onto him and how he turned you down.

He said he would've filed charges but you were sleeping with the Captain.

And you believed that?

I'm sorry.

He said he just needed a few minutes to talk to you.

I'm so sorry.

My client stipulates that he and Lieutenant MacNamara hold opposing viewpoints, professional styles.

And that's hardly motive for a physical attack on her person.

Now, the lack of evidence here...

You don't much like Lieutenant MacNamara, do you, Arnie?


Do you remember why you were in her office last Thursday?

Of course I do.

She was covering her own ass by suspending me after she screwed up that hostage negotiation.

First responder did not call for backup.

Officer Meeks antagonized the HT with threats. Also...

Ask her who was on the phone with the HT when he blew himself away.

Look, you need...

These are statements from the other officers present at the scene.

How long have you been cheating on your wife with Annie Utz?

She came onto me, I turned her down. She's making this up.

Funny. 'Cause Annie said that you told her I came onto you.

God, women just make your life a living hell.

In fact, I'm actively restraining myself from coming onto you right now.

Keep it up, Detective, and this interview is over.

What kind of man lies in wait like a snake in the grass, huh?

You so afraid of her that you had to jump her in the stairwell?

I was never in that stairwell.

Yes, you were.

You know, you could've raped me, but I figured you knew you didn't have what it takes to make an impression.

All right, this interview is over.

That's been a big problem in life for you, hasn't it, Arnie?

You can't back it up with the goods, on the street, in the bedroom, or even in a stairwell where the only way you could feel me up was to cuff me.

You're lucky I didn't break your neck!

Arnold Meeks, you're under arrest.

Look, you can't arrest him. You provoked him into saying that.

Watch me.

Believe me, this isn't over.

Let's go.

Listen, I just... It doesn't...

What's next?

What's the matter?

Nothing, I'm fine. What was after eggs, though?

Wait, who is that? It's no one. It's no one.

No, that's him, isn't it? Why isn't he in jail?

It's called bail. Duncan, let it go. It's called bail?

Hey. Hey. Duncan!

Hey, make you feel like a big guy to jump on a woman?


Son of a bitch. Okay, buddy, you can't touch me. I'm a cop.

Yeah, I wanna do a lot more... Hey Duncan, can you stop it?

Oh, do you? Stop it!

You're a cop? All I see you got is a badge. Duncan!

MacNamara, control your boy.

Let it go.

If you don't let it go, I'm gonna walk out of here right now.

It's a good decision.

Were you out of your mind? Do you know what you could've done?

What? Look, I don't care if he's a cop.

I don't care if you're a cop. That's not what I'm talking about.

He hasn't been tried yet. Do you know how you could've screwed that up?

And how do you think this is gonna make me look?

It's gonna be all over the office. I'm sorry.

You just undermined me in ways you can't even imagine.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry, okay? I wasn't thinking. I'm sorry.

Yeah, no kidding.

Officer, let's lock down this block.

It's a hell of a first day back. Better than doing paperwork.

You sure you're ready for this? What do we got?

We got four hostages in an abandoned diner across the street.

HT's name is Charles Jackson, street name Razz.

Gang kid? Yup.

One of the hostages got out the back.

He says the HT is a 16-year-old I-70 wannabe.

Blood Eight shoots his older brother, who's also a gang member.

HT goes looking for the shooter in one of their hangouts to get revenge.

He surprises them. Target's not there. Kid shoots the place up and takes hostages.

He got family? Yeah.

Mother's at the hospital with the brother as we speak.

He's in serious but stable condition.

We sent somebody over to pick her up, she's on her way now.

We've got two snipers in position, Sierra One and Four.

Second floor upstairs.

Can they get a visual?

Window's too mucked up. They can't take him out.

So what's this kid's play?

Well, he wants us to find the guy he thinks shot his brother.

We send the shooter in, he sends the hostages out.

He's got a sheet. Just petty stuff.

God, he's a baby.

What about the kid who shot his brother? Jerome "Clip" Sagget.

Not a baby, a real bad- ass. He's gone under and nobody's talking.

Okay, let's get going. Liz, you're my secondary.

Okay. Is his phone locked down?


You got him yet?

Razz, this is Phoebe MacNamara, police negotiator.

Is anyone hurt in there?

They will be, you don't get me Clip in 10 minutes!

Okay, we're working on it but we're gonna need some more time.

Ten minutes. Then I shoot someone.

Okay, Razz, don't get upset. Everything's gonna work out.

Nothing's gonna work out until I put a bullet in Clip!

What if I find out how Puppet's doing?

Is he okay? They still working on him?

I can call a doctor for you but you're gonna have to give me more time.

What you got?

A half hour. You tell me what he says.

And you get me Clip!

Good work.

My boys come from a good family.

They went to good schools.

And still...

Mrs. Jackson, is there anything that you can tell me about Charles that would help me?

Is there anything he responds to?

If there is, I haven't found it.

Okay, listen to me.

No matter what you hear me say to your son, I want you to know that I'm doing my best to bring him out alive.

Do you trust me?

You have kids? I have a daughter.

I trust you.

Razz, I've got good news.

We have Clip in custody.

You bring him to me.

He had a gun on him, same caliber as the one that shot your brother.

We're testing it. If it matches, Clip's going away for a long, long time.

That's not enough!

Razz, Clip was hiding, hiding like a punk.

His rep's gone. You can kill him, but prison's gonna be a lot worse.

He's never gonna know when it's coming.

Clip was hiding?

I wanna see him.

I wanna see him locked up!

You a tough guy, huh? Tough guy, huh?

I can bring you to him.

You better not be lying to me, bitch.

You got my word, Razz.

Okay. I'm coming out.

Then you're gonna take me to see him.

Okay, Razz, here's what you're gonna do.

You're gonna open the door slowly, slide the gun out onto the ground, then put your hands up, okay?

I have a shot. Do I have a green light?

No. Stand down.

Shots fired! Get back!

What the hell? Stand down!

He shot my little boy! Stand down!


It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay.

We gotta go.


Hey. How you holding up?


Casings we found in the shooter's apartment were.223's.

Our boys were using.308's.

Somebody got through the police line.

Yeah, I didn't think it was one of us.


Meeks cut a deal.

Okay, what kind of deal?

He's off the job. No benefits.

He pleads to assault, he gets probation.

And what, he has to write on the blackboard 100 times, "I promise to be a good boy"?

His dad is a captain in Narcotics, Phoebe. The brass wants this put away.

Yeah, I'm sure there was only so much you could do.

Phoebe, he assaulted you in my house.

You think I didn't fight them on this?

Sounds to me like you were the one who cut the deal.

Duncan. Happy Halloween.

Isn't that great? Get it all out.

There's no room for the two of us in here. I've got more goop than you.

Wait a minute. No, wave to Mommy.

Hi. Say, "Hi, Mommy." "Hi, Mommy."

We're carving pumpkins for Halloween.

Look at mine.

Look at mine. Yeah, it looks great.

Ready? Go, go, go.

Hey. Hi.

You remember how you told me to let go every now and then?


I shot my car.

That's not really what I had in mind.

Sixteen- year- old boy died in my arms today.

Promised his mother I'd get him out alive.


This is my life, Duncan.

Are you sure you wanna be a part of it?

Did you tell her any of the stories about when you and Phin were kids?

No. And we're not going to, remember?

They got in so much trouble.

I'm serious. Oh, come on.

So, as the best friend, I have a very important question for you.


Are you packing right now?

Phin. What?

Please ignore my husband.

"Do you have a gun in an ankle holster?" seems to me to be a legitimate question to ask a house guest.

A lady never divulges her secrets.

See that? Girl's got manners.

So then, what is she doing with Duncan?

The best to you.

Duncan's brought girls around before.

But he's never brought one around for my approval.

How am I doing?

Depends on your plans for him.

What exactly are you worried about?

I'm not in it for the money.

She read you pretty fast.

Actually, I think what Ma Bee's trying to say is, "If you toy with him, "we'll hunt you down."

Do I seem like the kind of girl who toys?


Hey, sweetie.

That looks really pretty. Thank you.

What are all the spots on him?

He's got hearts and butterflies.

He got the chickenpox. What?

Hi, Roy. Hey, how are you guys?

Yeah, we're fine. Listen, if this is about the check, I could really use it right now. The house is...

Yeah, it's not about that. What?

Yeah, I just wanted to let you know I'm engaged.

You're getting married.

Well, congratulations.

What's wrong? Your tone sounds kind of funny.

No, Roy, my tone's not funny.

It's like you're not happy for me or something.

So, you wanna talk to Carly?

You know what? I gotta run, but I'll call you back later, okay?

Right. But of course. Okay. Bye.

Here comes the beep. You know what to do.

Hey Duncan, it's Phoebe. Listen, I can't do today.

Something came up.

But I will call you later. Okay. Bye.

Liz. I need you to come over here.

Here. Thanks.

So you deal with crime scenes on a weekly basis, but you're scared of a snake.

Its head is bashed in.

So first the teddy bear, now this?

Think it could be Meeks?

I don't know.

Don't underestimate his ego.

Didn't you have a lunch date with Duncan?

Yeah, I canceled.


Roy called this morning. He's getting remarried.

Who gets the sympathy card?

So what? You think Duncan's gonna crush your heart and stomp all over it like Roy did?

Doesn't strike me as the type. Well, Roy didn't strike me as the type either.

You were young and stupid.

And he was really stupid. Still is.

It's him.

Duncan. Hey, Detective Liz Alberta. Listen, Phoebe knows she canceled, but she just realized she hasn't had sex for over a year.

So if it's okay with you, she'll be right over.


Break a leg. Oh, my God! God, you are so fired!

Come on, Phoebs. How could you do that?

I gotta live through someone. Oh, my God.


Sorry I canceled.

It's a nice place.

Hard to appreciate last time I was here.

I was gonna build a place for my mom.

And she said if I really loved her I'd buy her a place in Vegas and stake her 50 grand.

So I built this for myself.

What about your dad?

He left when I was 10.

No wonder you get Carly.

Whatever happens with us, will you do me a favor and let her down easy?

You mean let you down easy?


I'm not going anywhere.

Phoebe, it's Dave. Hey, Dave.

We got a situation at the cemetery. What?

Rolling Hills Cemetery?

For me specifically?

I'll take you. No, I'll get myself there.

Hey, Dave. What's the deal?

We have a collar bomb with a clock connected to it.

The bomb squad says it's live.

Our victim was ordered to call 911 and ask for you directly, by name.

He's wearing an ear bud, he's wearing a microphone.

He says the guy who did this can hear everything.

We got a name? Says he can only give it to you.

What's the radius of a collar bomb? It's limited.

It's designed to... Blow his head off. Gotcha.

Stay with her.

Sir? Phoebe MacNamara.


Phoebe, help me, please.

Okay, check on my family. Get a cop on the door.

Yeah, I got it. I got it.

I need a car dispatched to 231 Magnolia.

Make sure the cop stays on the door till they hear from me.

Roy, I'm gonna need you to calm down, okay?

He's gonna kill me.

Who is? I don't know.

Somebody put a gun to my head and threw me in the trunk of my car.

What kind of car is it? Audi A4.

We're looking for an Audi A4. Standby.

What's the plate number?

Jesus, I don't know, just get this thing off of me!

Roy, stop your whimpering.

Wait, wait.

He's talking to me.

You repeat everything that I say to you.

He wants me to say what he's saying.

Phoebe, you little bitch, you cost me. And now I'm gonna cost you.

Phoebe, you bitch, you cost me and now I cost you.

What did I cost you?

You'll remember soon enough.

Can you give me a name, something I can call you?

Yeah, sure. You can call me Cooper.

Sure, you can call me Cooper.

Do you actually care about this worthless piece of crap?

Do you really care about this worthless piece of crap?

I don't wanna see him or anyone else get hurt, okay?

Now you haven't hurt anyone yet, Cooper.

You tell that to Charles Jackson.

Tell that to Charles Jackson.

You shot Charles Jackson?

You worked so hard to save him.

You worked so hard to save him.

Is there someone else I didn't save?

Are the roses for her?

Figure it out, Phoebe. Maybe you'll save yourself.

Figure it out, Phoebe and maybe you'll save yourself.

Time's up. Goodbye, Phoebe.

See ya soon.

What? No! No! No, Cooper, wait!

No, please!

Bring Meeks in first thing in the morning.

Fine, but this isn't Meeks.

It's about an old case, someone who didn't make it out alive.

Okay, look. Why don't you leave this with me tonight, get some sleep.

I'll talk to these guys, have 'em stay. Okay? Thanks.

What's happening? What's going on?

I gotta go to the office. You need police protection.

You're gonna go into the office now?

Yeah, I gotta go through my files. You can do that in the morning.

I could, but I'm just gonna do it now. I'll get the cops to escort you home.

I'm not going home and I don't need a police escort, either.

He wired your car.

And right now you need to stay as far away from me as possible.

So either you let me put the cops on you or I'm gonna put you in protective custody.

Phoebe MacNamara.

Hiya, Phoebe. Cooper?

Good thing your boyfriend didn't stay in the car, huh?

Why don't we get together, Cooper, just you and me?

I didn't see your little girl getting ready to go off to school this morning.

Hope she's feeling okay.

Did it make you feel good to put a dead snake outside my house?

And the bear?

You know, actually, the bear was your friend Meeks.

It was just a nice coincidence.

Why don't you just tell me who she was, who I didn't save.

And ruin all the fun? I don't think so.

You know, I could've taken out you and your boyfriend on the Ferris wheel the other night.

I had the shot.

I think next time, I'll give myself the green light on that.

Bye for now.

Hey, did you get that?

Sorry, Lieutenant. We recorded the call, but we just didn't get the trace.

You wanted to see this? Yeah. Thanks.

Our boys said the car bomb was detonated by cell phone.

The leads to Roy weren't even hot. The C4 was children's clay.

Hey, this is that apartment where Razz was shot from.

Is this clock here in Evidence?

It would've been brought in for fingerprinting.

Can you grab that for me?

This is the clock from the apartment where Cooper shot Razz.

No prints. Hands frozen at noon. No batteries.

This one from the cemetery was at 11:57 a. m. when I started talking to Roy.

Real time was actually like 3:00 p.m.

It hasn't stopped.

It's three hours earlier.

So he's sending us a message, but why noon?

Okay, he kills Razz, he blows up the car. What else do we know?

He's looking for revenge. Someone he was close to I didn't save.

Give me the specifics.

He's been tracking me. He followed Duncan and I to the park.

He's been watching the house.

Put the snake on the porch.


No, the night Duncan dropped me home, I thought I saw someone across the street.

Seemed like he was watching the house.

Then I realized he was walking a dog.

I looked outside 'cause I heard him whistling.

That's the tune he was whistling?


That's the theme from High Noon.

High Noon?

You're kidding.

My God, I am old.

It's a classic western, obviously made before your time, starring Gary Cooper.


Cooper, noon, shootout. What else?

In his call to me, he said, "I had the shot.

"Next time, I'll give myself the green light on that." That's cop talk.

If he's a cop, that would totally explain how he'd breached the perimeter on the Charles Jackson case. Could've been in uniform.

Captain, Lieutenant, we found Roy's Audi at the long- term parking at the airport, but it was wiped clean.

So he leaves his car in long- term parking, rents a car one way or takes a plane to Roy's house in Rockville.

Good. Bull, look into one- way tickets and car rentals with a drop- off in Montgomery County.

Liz. Yeah?

You're with Phoebe on this 24- 7. Let's get to work.

Philippa Delray.

Carjackers killed her, took her 5 year old daughter hostage.

They surrendered, the girl was unharmed.

Philippa's brother, Ray Sanchez, was in the army at the time, weapons specialist.

Now he's a cop in Vice.

Let's see if he was off duty.

He was in Central Booking that night with a prisoner.

Angela Brentine.

She was injured when armed robbers took over a bank.

Negotiation took four hours.

She bled out inside the bank before I could get her out.

Husband's Joshua Brentine.

The real estate developer?

Wasn't there a rumor he had a honey on the side?

Teller's witness statement said she was there to withdraw all her money from one account and close it.

Husband's statement says he didn't know about that account.

So if you were married to a really rich guy, why would you have a secret bank account?

In case the really rich guy dumps me.

Maybe she knew about the honey on the side.

Yeah, but if he's having an affair, wouldn't he be happy the wife's dead and out of the way?

Why hold it against you?

Look at this. No ring.

So? She was getting it sized or cleaned or she didn't wear a ring.

Or maybe she was having an affair, too.

So the secret bank account's in case she wants to dump him.

Except even if that's true, Brentine's still not that upset she's dead.

No, but her lover would've been.

Her wedding would've made the papers, right?

Maid of honor. Best friend. That's good.

I'll look up the wedding announcement. Thanks, Liz.

We worked together. We had this concept.

She specialized in weddings and I did screaming, crying kids.

Fun way to generate repeat business.

What was her husband like?

Controlling, annoying, miserable human being.

They weren't going anywhere. She wanted kids and he didn't.

Is that why she had the affair? The affair.

Look, Angela was so into romance, the roses, the jewelry.

And this guy, he played it to the max.

She said he even wanted to pick out names for their kids.

Angela never had a sister, so she wanted two girls, Mabel and Vivian.

You didn't like him? Actually, I never met him.

Didn't even know his name.

She was very private about him, didn't want her husband to find out.

I know he bought her jewelry from Mark D's.

They weren't big items, but they sent her over the moon.

Glynis, do you know why she was in the bank that day?

I think they were planning on running away.

She came in the day before she died and she said that she wanted to cash out of the business.

You know where they were planning on going?

She said they always wanted to buy a ranch in Wyoming, call it Camelot.

I figured that's where they were going.

Do you still have any of her cameras? Oh, I have one.

But if you're looking for any pictures on the memory card, there aren't any.

She was a Nazi about uploading.


She used to paint little pink rosebuds on the bottom of all of her equipments.

He sent her pink roses every Monday.

Can you excuse me? If I don't get this shot in the next ten, there's gonna be a nuclear meltdown. Sure. Thank you.

There were pink roses all around the grave where Roy was.

This is our guy.

Hey. Hey.

There was a tripwire on the door, set on a five- second delay.

His neighbor said he stepped back to help her with her groceries and boom, it went off.

Saved his life.

I want two officers outside ICU at all times.

Already done. 203.

I saw him.



What happened?

Cooper. He rigged your front door.

I saw him.

He wanted me to see him.

Phoebe, he's a cop. You know him?

Yeah, he was SWAT.



Walken. Walken.

Name's Jerald Dennis Walken. SWAT sniper. And get this.

He was set up outside the bank the day Angela was killed.

He was waiting outside while I negotiated. He couldn't do anything.

He moved out of his place a few days after he quit the department. No forwarding info.

What about Wyoming? Angela's friend said...

I checked. There's no ranches listed in his name, none called Camelot.

What about his credit cards? Canceled.

At least the ones we know about. Bank accounts, too.

Sold his pickup truck, and also registered to him are a 9 mm, a.32 and a hunting rifle.

Friends, family?

No family. His friends haven't seen him since he quit.

He just disappeared off the map.

We've got the entire department out there looking for him.

Let you know as soon as we hear something, okay?

Thanks. Yeah.

Hello. Hey, Duncan, it's Phoebe.

Hey, I'm just checking in.

So, something happened with Dave.

Yeah, I know.

Is he gonna be all right?

Yeah, he's gonna be okay.


You've been here this whole time?

I hired Suicide Joe back.

It seemed like the right thing to do. He's in therapy.

What? What are you thinking?

How glad I am that I found you.

You know what we need when this is all over?


A vacation.

A vacation? Yes, a vacation.


Disney World.

Now that the psycho killer is caught, Phoebe and Duncan are going to Disney World.

And Carly.

Carly would love Disney World. You wanna take Carly to Disney World?

Maybe just Carly, now that I think about it.


Will you marry me?

Where's the ring?

You don't have a ring?

What kind of half- assed proposal is this if you don't even have a ring?

Well, been kind of busy.

Yeah? I was gonna propose to you at Disney World, but I would've had a ring.

Is that a yes?


Hello. Hi.

To what do I owe the honor of a 10:00 a.m. phone call?

Just wanted to see if you had any plans for lunch.

Well, I'm having lunch with Loo.

All right.

I guess you won't wanna help me pick out a ring for Phoebe then, huh?

I can reschedule.

Yeah, I know my wallet's gonna regret this, but bring Loo, too, okay?

Okay. Where're we doing this?

Mark D's.

What, did you win the lottery or something?

How's noon? That works. Hey, Duncan, you done good.

I know. Believe me, I know.

Any progress finding him?

He knows you saw him. So he's got two options, cut and run or finish this.

He's gonna finish it.

Are you ready for that?

Hey, Captain. Lieutenant.

Airport Budget said they rented a car to a Samuel Grimes, one- way with a drop- off in Middletown.

Here. Got a copy of the driver's license.

That's him.

Darker hair and glasses, but that's him.

Address in Nevada? Yeah, but he paid with a Visa.

We've got a billing address down on Tybee Avenue.

That's too easy. Why not just pay cash? He knows we're gonna find this address.

He wants you to go there.

Phoebe, be careful.

Toothbrush and razor are still there. He's not running.

No, but it doesn't mean he's coming back.

You're gonna wanna see this.

Holy crap.

It's real time.


Timing mechanism.

No weapons.

No photos. Memory card's empty.

I think he's done here. He knew we'd find this place.

Question is, where is he now?

Why photos of these locations?


Same photos on the laptop, same order.

Except these ones aren't up there.

And if he took them with him, they must mean something, they must have a purpose.

They're targets.

Think he's giving himself the go?

Yeah, I do.

And it's gonna be today at noon.

Question is, where.

Maybe it's the bank. Too obvious.

Look. It's that jewelry store, Mark D's.

It's not up there, either.

Yeah, it's romantic, it sure as hell makes a statement, and Angela's friend said he bought her jewelry from there.

He's got a $3,000 charge from there the month before Angela died.

That is a big item.

That's it. He proposed. Or he was going to.

Got 23 minutes.

We're early.

Okay. That means we can take a couple laps before he gets here and check out the good stuff.

May I help you, ladies? Oh, yes.

Yes, please. I was thinking of a gold- beaded pendant with diamonds.

Engagement rings, please.

Excuse me. Would you give me a moment?


Sorry. Engagement ring, right?

You've got to take the deliveries around back.

I'll tell you what.


I didn't touch it. No?

Do it. Hit the alarm! Do it!

I want everyone to move to the back of the store now. Everyone, move it.

Right there. Right there.

Now get on the floor.

Not you. You, you move over here, right now. Now.

Now get down. Get down, right now.

Down. Empty your pockets and your purses.

Turn them inside out.

I want you to put the contents on the floor in front of you, now.

Anyone reaches for a cell phone or a weapon and this woman gets it.

Am I perfectly clear on that? Good.

You. Stand up. Stand up now!

If you hesitate again, I will blow your head off.

Turn the alarm off. Do it.

Pick up the phone.

Dial 911.

This call came in four minutes ago, Lieutenant.

This is Mark D.

There's an armed man holding me and seven other people hostage in my store.

He has guns and explosives.

He says if he doesn't receive a phone call from Lieutenant Phoebe MacNamara by noon, he will shoot one of the hostages.

Take the alley.

Lieutenant, we're set up in here.

Go, go, go! Let's go.

Get all your men to keep those people back.

We don't have his phone locked down yet.

What's the number?

Patch her line through the call box as soon as you can.

Answer it.

Let me speak to the hostage taker.

It's for you.

Bring it here.

Jerry. How's everyone doing in there?

You know who I am.

Congratulations, Lieutenant.

Everyone's fine.

Except maybe the security guard.

You see, he's got on a new jacket, and I don't think he likes it very much.

Are you saying you have explosives strapped to the security guard?

God, you're quick, Phoebe.

Why don't we start with you releasing some of the hostages?


We'll start with the SWAT team that have their rifles trained on me.

You know the procedure. I sure as hell do, Lieutenant.

You get them to stand down right now or I will shoot a hostage.

Get back to me in five.

Bravo 1, 2, 3, stand down.

Stand down.

Okay. I'm coming.

We got a partial visual, Lieutenant, from the Sierra Team on the second floor, adjacent building.

Five or six hostages.

Looks like there's a device rigged to the rear door. What's our play?

The other snipers in position? Two others, but they don't have a shot.

We have the green light?

He's gonna take himself and them with him.

Phoebe, Phoebe. Phoebe. Duncan.

He knows two of the hostages.

Ma Bee and Loo are in there. What? Are you sure?

They were supposed to meet me at noon. I parked behind Loo's car.

They're smart women. They won't do anything stupid.

What if he knows who they are?

There's no way he knew they were in there. And he's not focusing on them.

You can get them out, right? Right? Get him to let the women out?


Look, I need you to wait outside.

I gotta do my job.

Come on.


Is everyone okay in there?

Everyone's perfect, Lieutenant.

No one's laying on the floor bleeding out because of you.

Not yet.

Is there anything I can get for you, or anyone else in there?

You know I could've put that bomb in your car.

I thought about it.

Why didn't you?

Because then you wouldn't be here talking with me right now, you stupid bitch.

Okay, look, what can I do to help resolve this situation, Jerry?

Stick your gun in your mouth and pull the trigger, that's what.

I thought you wanted to talk this through with me.

I know you have things to say to me. I'm here to listen to you.

Or do you wanna talk to someone else?

You let her die.

I had the kill shot. All you had to do was green light.

I know you blame me for Angela's death.

I know how you feel.

But we didn't know Angela was hurt in the first hour.

You should have.

He's still in the northeast corner of the store, here.

We don't have a shot unless he moves.

And then we're shooting through half- inch glass, and that'll affect the trajectory.

We could hit a hostage. Yeah.

We need one shot to take out the glass, the other the HT.

My explosive guys have looked at that rig at the rear door.

They think they can defuse it and circumvent the alarm.

But they don't know. Pretty damn sure.

I'll give you an hour, then I'm gonna let the bomb squad take that rig and go through the rear door.

It's been over an hour and there's been very little movement.

We understand there are at least seven hostages in the store.

Mark D's is a high- end jewelry store here in one of the city's most trendy shopping districts.


Not much fun just waiting, is it?

There's absolutely nothing that you can do.

Have you thought about what you want?

$10 million.

Okay, I can get that started if you release the female hostages.

Send out the female hostages.

You didn't care about the women hostages when you let Angela bleed to death, did you?

Did you? No. No.

You're gonna do something for me, first.

You're gonna go in front of those cameras out there and you're gonna make a statement about how you're responsible for Angela's death.

Then we'll talk about releasing the female hostages.

Lieutenant, I'm moving my men into...

That your backup, Phoebe?

You getting some pressure to move things along?

So you'll release the hostages if I make a statement.

No, I think I've got a better idea.

You come in here and you give that statement in front of me on my camera phone, and I'll let all the hostages go.

I come in, and you'll let all the hostages go.


That's not gonna happen.

Do you want me to try and stop... No.

Whatever you say, sir.

Give me the log book.

Liz, I need a pink rose.

There's a florist half a block down 16th.

She's coming out.

Okay, I'm in the street, Jerry.

They just gave me Angela's diary.

You're lying.

She didn't have a diary.

It's right here. I just got it out of Evidence.

Read it to me.

Read it so I know you're not lying.

She's got a rose pressed in the pages here.

Just read it so I can hear her words.

Quid pro quo, Jerry. You gotta get me some hostages.

You read it right now.

"People always say, "'you'll know when you find the one.'

"Now I know what they mean.

"Everything seems better now.

"I can picture my life together with him at the ranch.

"At Camelot."

Keep reading.

I need you to release hostages.

You can go. Go!

They're coming out. People are coming out.

Right here, ma'am. This way. We got them.

I'm gonna need more hostages, Jerry.

You read right now or I take everyone else sitting here out!

You hear me?

"We came up with names for the girls today.

"Mabel and Vivian. "

You get up. Get up!

He's moving.

Stay in front of me. Stay in front of me!

Stay in front of me. Stay in front of me.

Now you show me the rose.

You show it to me.

Then you come in here and you make your statement.

You tell the world how you killed Angela.

And then this is done, it's over.

You send me more hostages and I'll show it to you.

No, you just show it to me.

Two more hostages.

You two. Go, go! Get out!

Two more. Two more coming out. Two more coming out.

Right here. Come to me! Come to me!

Come on, come on, come on! We got them.

This way.

Did you get it? Yeah. Here you go.

Thanks. Good luck.

Show it to me.

You show me it right now or I will kill somebody!

Oh, my God.

Okay, I'm holding up the rose, Jerry.

Don't mess with me. I can't see it. Put it higher.

Can you see it now?

I can't see it. Hold it up higher.

Get up. Stand. Get up higher. Not that much.

You have a shot? Negative.

I'm holding it up higher.

Hold it up higher.

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Oh, my God.


You ready to go to Disney World now?

I'd settle for the Ferris wheel & a cotton candy.