High Resolution (2019) Script

There's no line right now if you want to get another.

I didn't know we were getting drunk tonight.

I'm getting drunk tonight.

You're more than welcome to join in.

You can blog hung over, you know?

Maybe we should just go.

I don't know. I thought we could dance.

Don't you think that sounds fun?

Do you not want to be here anymore?

I could text some people.

Can I finish my drink at least?

I'm gonna go get your coat.

I just wish they would respond.

They said the notification date for accepted prose was noon today.


I'm trying to figure out a good way to describe Berlin in under 140 characters.

For the Internet?

No, for right now.

We're taken.

I'd hope so.

Leah, this is Beau. We've been dating for one year and three months.

So this is the famous Leah.

Do I curtsy now?

You'd have to stand up to do that.


Well, I was living in Europe.

There's a party at a friend of a friend of Amy's.

If you do decide to stay, my friend Dan just ordered a lot of coke.



I guess we're staying now.

2.1 miles.

That's how far the city is.

Google maps.


Wait, really?

No. No.

Erin, actually. Erin Bower.

First and last.

I like that.

Paul Chen.

For real?

Oh, I'm... I'm sorry. That was rude.

I didn't mean this to be an interrogation.

I... It's not like I...

I do... I do know who you are.

I mean, I've heard your name around a lot, I guess. I...

I haven't read your book, but...

I mean, I... I want to.

I've... I've heard it's really, really great.

Can I start over?

I didn't mean to convey displeasure to you by frowning like that. It's just...

I had a reading earlier and I took a few bars of...

Yeah. It's put me in a weird mood.

That's okay. I'm, like, always in a weird mood.

Huh. Seems like we can come to some kind of understanding.

I'll draw up the deal memo.

My secretary will fax it to you.

What are the terms?

Quite favorable.



No, I think you have the wrong number.

It's a... It's a joke.

No one called me.


You're always vanishing. -Oh, please.

What? No.

Did I make you angry?

It was good to meet you, Erin. I'm gonna head back inside.

Yeah. Um...

Uh, have your secretary drop off the deal memo.

Oh, yeah. Yeah. I'll have it notarized ASAP.

I'd really like that. Okay.


Is he from a magazine?

Beau, slow down!

Beau, slow...

Beau! Beau... Beau, please slow down.

Beau, please!

Can you...

Can you... Can you tell me what's going on? I mean, you're acting bizarre all night.

I'm on drugs.

Oh, was it worth it?

Are you having fun?

You should sleep at your place tonight.

I can't have this conversation right now.

I'm way too fucked up.

Why does it feel like if I go now, things are gonna be over?

Maybe they are.

What... Are you...

Are you breaking...

Are you breaking up with me?

No. Just...

Felt like that's what I was supposed to say there.

Are you fucking serious? Oh, my...

Fucking asshole! Erin! Please...

Uh, these need to be cataloged.

Guy who dropped them off said one or two are first editions.

Okay, I'm on it.

Is this any good?

Oh. Uh...

Actually, I was thinking we could book him in for a reading.

He's been doing a bunch around the city.

You know him?

Well, not super well, but he's a friend.


Hey, uh...

Erin, I've been meaning to talk to you about something.


Things, um... Things have been tight lately.

Uh, long and short is, I can't afford to keep everyone on full-time.

I'm gonna have to cut your hours a bit.

I'm sorry.

It's... It's fine.

I mean, more time to write, right?

Waking up at 3:00 a.m.

I wonder if it can really be possible that I've gone through 25 years of my life now without forming a truly genuine connection to another person.

The kind of connection where you know instantly what that other person is thinking at any given moment, and where that horrible, mysterious gulf between the two of you is permanently bridged.

The dissolution of subject-object connection.

The way you know what they'll say in telekinetic advance.

The way a writer knows her character's next desire she must repress.

Her unpublished need still met.

A finger.



Muscle memory.

Muscle memory.

Muscle memory.

There were times when his memory like an external hard drive that had been taken from him and hidden inside an unwieldy series of cardboard boxes.

Or placed at the end of a long and dark and messy corridor.

Required much more effort than he felt motivated to exert simply to locate.

In fact,

he felt increasingly unmotivated to exert any effort towards anything.

Any questions?

Uh, can you hear me?

Yeah. Good.

Do you even know how to grow mushrooms?


Yeah, in your book you take mushrooms.

Do you know how to grow them, sir?

Not really.

I have a problem with you.

Classifying your books as fiction when they're obviously about you, doesn't that make it a memoir?

If I wrote a memoir,

I would call it my memoir.

I also would write

"I think" before every sentence.

You can't pretend something is fiction.

Either it's based on your experience or it's not.

But why can't he?

He's the one who writes it, right?

You saved me.

I am forever in your debt.

Are people at your readings always this weird?

Yes. That's why I have to take sedatives before them.

Uh, you're on drugs at all of your readings?

Do you want some?

I think it's cool you work in a bookstore.

Is that a sentence from your memoir?

It's a hyperlink to the question of, "What else do you do when you're not in this bookstore?"

I write. Well, blog.

God, that's embarrassing to tell you.

What's it called? Mmm.

Here. It's, uh... It's on Tumblr.

Um, can you hold this?

"I don't want to sleep but I don't know what I'm waiting for."

That's a nice name.


Actually, I already knew about it.

I googled you.

You googled me?

Paul! Yo.

We met a couple months ago.

Kyle's friend. Calvin.

Oh, yeah. Calvin.

Um, anyway, I, uh... I didn't know you were a writer.

But, uh, my girlfriend, Mag... Maggie...

Maggie... Maggie is a big fan of your books.

And so we came out, and I was like, "Oh, fuck, it's Paul."

So, yeah.

I read all your books when I was in San Francisco two years ago.

I was really manic. They helped.

Um, I told all my friends that, uh, I had this feeling when I came here, um, we're gonna meet and become friends.

Okay, baby, don't.

Anyway, um, I was wondering if maybe you wanna come tonight, uh, to my parents' mansion in Jersey. I'm having some friends over.

Your parents' mansion?

Yeah. Like a really big house.

There's a foyer.

-Do you want to go to a mansion in New Jersey? -Oh, I don't know. I can't...

We... We... We can drive. We have a car.

Um, well, Calvin can drive. I can't drive.

-Actually, it's a really funny story. -Maggie, don't do that.

When I was in San Francisco and I was manic, and I stole my ex-boyfriend's ca... Um... Okay, don't.

Yeah. Yeah. You should come.


Do you mind signing this?


I don't sign that book anymore.


Do you have a pen? Always.

I almost thought you were gonna pull out a computer.

And I was surprised it was actually a pen.

You're so funny.

Maggie, we went to a book-signing.

That's a much more perfect time...

I have a surprise for you.


What's this?

I got it from your store.

You bought it for me?

They probably don't pay you enough. You're owed a gift.

Oh. Oh, you...

Do you accept?

I accept.

Are you sure you want to?

I don't wanna be corrupting an innocent or anything.

Oh, no. You... You are.

You definitely are.


It's good shit. My friend, Jasper, makes it on his houseboat in Red Hook.





I'm really glad you guys came.

How long have you been dating?

Oh, we're not... We're not dating.


Really seemed like you were?

And what about... What about you guys?

Oh, yeah. We've been dating for two years, but we haven't had sex in four months.


Is it weird we're here?

Why would it be weird?

I wanted to put my hand on your leg just now.

Why didn't you?

Now I did.

Do you wanna go for a walk?

Have you tried acid before?

Only once.

And, um...

I rode around on a Toronto City bus for five hours.

Beau and I do drugs sometimes, but it doesn't always feel the same with him.

Beau is that guy at the party, right?


Um, I was gonna call him my boyfriend, but I don't think that's true anymore.

-We don't have to talk about it if you don't want... -Oh, no, no, no.

It's just, um, in a process of...

Recontextualizing? Reconstituting.


Hey, look. We're in sync.

When I was in fifth grade, I used to wear purple and put glitter on my eyes every Friday, because I thought that...

...if the aliens came, they'd see me and they'd just...

They'd just, like, take me away.

That's neutrally good.

Can I tweet that?

But I... I...

I said it. I'll just save it to drafts.

Let me think about it.

Where'd you think they'd take you?

Just away.


Um, when I was in the fifth grade, I was on a plane... and I... I saw this brown dot.

I thought it was a UFO.


I think, at first, I was aware that I was faking it, but I think I convinced myself so hard that I made myself forget that part.

Did you tell anyone you saw a UFO?

I didn't care if anyone knew.

I was just like, "I saw a UFO."

I was extremely bored back then. I was like a bored robot.

Hey, where you going?

Hey, wait. Wait.

I'm sorry. I just...

I had, like, this crazy rush of emotions, and it's just like...

Being here with you is...

-I don't know how to talk to you. -Okay. Okay.

I mean, you're just like an idea. You're not...

Okay. Okay. Just... Just... Just breathe.

Okay? Just breathe. So weird.

-Just breathe in. Breathe. Breathe in. -So weird.


In. In. So weird.


-Is that better? -You think... You think I'm crazy.


Sometimes, I wonder what the point is.

Will anyone give a shit in five years?

In two?

There's a project I've wanted to do for a while.

Basically, I would document everything that happened to me.

Uh, livestream it, or maybe just record it and edit it later.

Make a movie about life.


Just, like, a collection of unrelated scenes.

But I never started.

I think I might be more likely to complete it if...

If someone else did it with me.

Me? Yeah.

It would just be our lives, but we film it.


Just pretend like it's not there.


You don't have to.

No, if... If you want to, I want to. Yes.


So, what scenes is our movie going to have?

First is "Heroin." We inject each other with heroin.

Then work on...

Then we work on stuff on our laptop.

Have you ever been in love?

Um... Or, no, okay, "Cocaine."

We go to nightclubs and bars with no other plan other than to snort cocaine every 15 minutes.

That's great.

Do you ever feel like you're a robot?

Like you're just on autopilot?

More than me feeling like a robot, I feel like everyone around me is one and I'm the only one who isn't.

Do you think I'm a robot?

Check this box to prove you're not a robot.

You come up with one.

Um... How about "Or Something"?

You know, if you were a robot, you'd do it.

If you were a robot, you'd do it.

Power down.

We say "or something" hundreds of times in a montage sometimes with context to convey a wide range of meaning.

"Or something?"

Do you have an example?

I'm tired of your uncertainty in specifying commitment or something.

I like it.

Are you afraid of dying?

I honestly don't care if I die.

Really? It's fine if I die.

Life won't matter after I'm dead.

What about drugs in terms of your life?

I think it's sustainable as long as I'm healthy.

I don't do drugs very often.

But it feels okay with you. Like we aren't...

...using them wrong.

I don't normally do drugs often either.

I've never done drugs two days in a row.

Unless you count prescription drugs.

Then I've done drugs lots of days in a row.

Do you ever feel like it just sucks to live in the world?

What do you mean?

Like, I don't feel like the world can provide us with enough to satisfy us.

I think the world's good enough, on average.

I haven't killed myself.

If I killed myself, I could say the world is bad

because I would have evidence.

Sometimes, I even think I'm happy.

Like, a good level of happy?

Like more of a flat line.


Hey, Erin.

I thought that was you.

How have you been?

I'm okay.

Well, look, I know that it's a Sunday, but, uh, Daniel's throwing a party tonight.

I told Beau, but he said that you guys weren't really, like, talking.

You're talking to Beau now?

What happened with you guys?

It's nothing. We're just on a hiatus.

You should come.

It'll be, like, so good for you.

I was thinking of reorganizing my closet.

There's this video I saw online... Fuck!

Oh, my God. Okay.

God, it's everywhere now.

Life is hard.

I gotta go, uh, but you should come.

Yeah. I'll try to make it.


Stealing alcohol?

You scared me. Can I ask you something?

Without you getting offended.


How are you holding up?

You're looking a little frayed.

I'm fine.

Just asking just to make sure that you're okay.

Breakups can be difficult.


You know, I actually thought you were gonna say something nice.

Maybe you were going to act like a human.

But now what? You're fucking Leah.

Leah's just a friend.

You know what?

I'm seeing someone too now. It'd be rude not to tell you.

He's a writer. Semi-famous.

He's been called "the voice of his generation."

I don't want to do this with you.

You know, I'm making my own movie now.

It's a documentary.

About what?

My burgeoning new relationship.

Your burgeoning new relationship?


Can I just give you a hug?

Only if it's a platonic hug.


You saw Beau yesterday?


He, um...

He told me that he wanted to hang out again, but I said I was doing other things.

Do you think you'll talk to him again?

Probably not.

I have a surprise for you.

Really? Yeah.

It's MDMA.

You bought me ecstasy?

My mom keeps sending me these panicked emails about all the drugs she thinks I'm taking because of stuff I posted online.

"I don't understand why you must reject me with your terrible behavior.

"When I send you an email I would like you to respond to it.

"Your father may continue to unblinkingly support you, "but I see what you post on your web feeds.

"Actions speak louder than words.

"It doesn't matter to you whether you have a mother or not."

-Do you feel bad reading that... -While I'm on drugs?

No. No, I just feel like she's ruining the drugs.

My dad used to, like, smoke weed and make me smoke weed with him every night.

I used to really sad about it but he'd just get mad if he didn't smoke.


I don't want her to feel like she's failed as a parent, but I don't really want to respond to her emails either.

We used to have these crazy screaming fights.

What about?

When I was in high school, I used to think the only solution to the anxiety I was feeling all the time would be for me... For her to create all these rules and punishments that went way beyond reasonable.

To take my control away.

She didn't get it. She...

I wanted to punish her back for not understanding me.

You know, they moved here so I could become a...

A doctor or a lawyer.

Or something else immigrants want their American kids to be, but then I told them I wanted to be a writer.

You know, when I was in college, they...

They gave up and went back to Taiwan.

You don't think they went back to Taiwan because of you, do you?

It was part of it. Yeah.

After that period, I decided it was just easier for me to be emotionless.

More like I was when I was a kid.

How much more?

A lot.

Can I read you something I wrote?

"They walked arm in arm down the street.

"Reality had taken on the look of a children's storybook.

"Joanna asked Alex if he'd ever been in love.

"Alex thought about it for a moment.

"A light blinked on and off in the sky.

"He imagined being taken up to the UFO

"and bathed in the radiant glow

"of a many-tentacled synthetic examination probe.

"Maybe that was what love felt like."

I wanna go somewhere with you.

We could fly somewhere. We could go to Niagara Falls.

If I go to Niagara, I would peak on ecstasy in a one size too large rain slicker while the boat takes you under the water.

That's too cliched.

I would sit at a high stakes poker table in an Indian casino wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap, smoke a cigarette... Better...

Then say, "Too rich for my blood, baby."

We could get married at one of the stupid chapels.

There's a lot of ions in the water.

So it's really romantic.

Ah, this is what the universe created, after whatever billion years.

How do you feel?

A little depleted. What?

Kinda tired.

You should not have even started feeling it yet.

-What? -Wait, we only took the MDMA, like, 20 minutes ago.

Mmm, I forgot.


I thought maybe the drugs were fake.

You see, when God is working, a prophet is not a preacher.

They speak from the mouth of God. and He said, "How you will know my prophets?"

He said, "You will know them by their works."

So, I have to show you the proof that his here is made by God himself.

You see, when God is using you, it's different from you in your normal body.

He take you out of you and He control your mind.

And He control your thinking.

And you will hear His voice talking to you from the heaven.

Praise the Lord.

And this symbol here represents the sun.

This one right here.

Everywhere you go in the world, you see the same sun.


Two options I'd like to discuss with you, just so you're informed of all the services we have here.

We have an extensive list. Are you aware of our packages?

There's The Lovers. The Hot Night, The Honeymooners.

The Aloha Special. The Portuguese Wedding. The Liberace.

The Viva Niagara. Yeah, that one.

Ah, Viva Niagara.

That is a Elvis-themed wedding, tailored to the Niagara Falls experience.

Then there's the matter of the witness.

Do I look like a pineapple. You'll be needing a witness.

If you don't have a witness, one can be provided for you. Jose!

His fee is $50. You may film Jose.

-Jose's often filmed for a lot of ceremonies. -Say hi.

Oh, good. That's good.

And don't forget to tip your witness.

Come on, it's time to go.

Hi, come on. Let's go.

We're gonna get you married now.

Here we go, honey. There's Paul right there waiting for you.

Paul, how are you?

-I believe you know this girl. -What?

All right, I want you to get up there.

Great, great.

Well, guys, here we are in beautiful Niagara Falls, ready to join you two in beautiful marriage.

Now, marriage is a beautiful bond that grows and grows and grows.

And as you grow, you share.

You share your lives together.

You share times together. You even share with Elvis.

Uh... Paul, I'm only joking.

You know what, kids? Let's get started.

Paul, please place the ring on Erin's finger.

The ring? The ring.

The ring? The ring.

The ring. You got a ring, didn't you?

No. You didn't get ring?

-No. -You know what? It doesn't matter.

We're gonna start off like this.

Paul, I want you to look in Erin's eyes, and say, "Erin. I take you to be my beautiful wife

"in sickness and in health, for rich or for poorer, "till death do us part."


Say it.

I take you, uh...

Hey, you know what, Paul? Don't worry about it.

We get the gist. We get the gist.

Okay. We got it. Erin, look into Paul's eyes and repeat after me.

"Paul, I take you to be my beautiful husband..."

I take you, Paul, to be my husband...

"In sickness and in health."

In sickness and in health.

"For richer or for poorer." For richer or for poorer.

"I'll always be your teddy bear."

Teddy bear.

"Never give you cause to have suspicious mind."

Never have you... suspicious mind.

By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife.

Paul, you may kiss your beautiful bride.

Little more, you got it.

Little more.


Dance with each other.

So good.

♪ I always believed

♪ That love lasts forever

♪ Like a force of nature

♪ And when I saw you

♪ You were soft as a teardrop

♪ Strong as a flood

♪ But I was falling for you

♪ Falling for you Dance with your wife.

♪ So I kissed you again

♪ At the rainbow's end ♪ Hold my hand! Hold my hand!

What's that?

It comes with the package.

Comes with the package. Just smile.

Smile. Just smile.




It tickles.

Yes, married.

I don't know, like, a week.

We're in Niagara Falls.




Okay. Yeah, yeah, okay, okay. Call me back later.

Yeah, no. It's good.

It's okay.

What happened? Um...


My parents called. I told them we got married.

What did they say?


My mom had a heart attack.

Jesus, Paul.

Is she okay? Yeah. Mmm-hmm.

No, they want to fly us out to Taipei to see her and for a honeymoon.


It's two-for-one.



Are you okay? So you'll come?

Of course.

Are you sure? Uh, absolutely.


Sometimes, you say yes to things you don't wanna do just because you're in a... Your "yes" phase.

What... That's not true.

Like when?

Sometimes, I feel like I make you do more drugs than you wanna do.

Sometimes, I don't wanna do the drugs but then I convince myself and usually it's a good idea.

-Are you convincing yourself right now? -No, no.

I'm not. I promise you.

I want to come, okay? I promise you. I really do.

Babe. I wanna come.

I promise.

Can you think of a new word for computer than computer?

I don't know.

I don't think my question makes sense.

Maybe there can't be a new word for the same word.



I'll let you sleep.

Hi, Mr. Chen. I'm Erin. It's so nice to meet you.

Thank you both for coming. Come in, come in.

It's kind of heavy.

Erin. It's so nice to meet you.

How are you feeling? Old.

You put sugar in your tea?

You're not supposed to use sugar after a heart attack.

I think it'd be best if no one uses sugar, not just people in recovery.

You look tired. I'm all right.

I'm taking Erin sightseeing tomorrow.

We'll be in my room. Come on.

Uh, we can make breakfast.

No, we'll be fine. She wants to eat local food.


I think my mom put them in here to make me use less drugs.

There's so many. You look so cute.

Look at you.

It makes me uncomfortable.


You look so happy in them.

I would be uncomfortable seeing that many of anyone's face.


Have you seen this app?

It calculates how many times you're gonna see your parents before they die.

You put in where they live, and where you live, and their ages.

God, that's so morbid.

I got six for my dad, but my mom's heart condition gave her two.

Put that away.


All right, they're leaving. Let's take them.

I still can't get them open.

It's a thing.

The laptop.

This and the writing are connected for me.


It's a good thing we came.

There is this app I wanna show you.

It calculates... Paul. Bye.

I feel like my mom knew we were on drugs.

Uh, she seems nice. I wanna get to know her better.

I feel like we're deceiving her.

I wonder what it's gonna be like for us, two weeks here.

Do you think she likes me?

Yeah, I can tell she likes you.

Um, I just think she thinks about drugs a lot.

Is she addicted?


Do you ever have to distract yourself from us?


In other relationships, I use food or drugs to console myself.

But, um...

That's not us, so that's good.

Well, we... We do use drugs.

But not to console ourselves.

I think the thing that really matters to me the most is just not getting fixated on things neurotically.

What kinds of things?


With my first boyfriend, Kent, he used to go down on me and then we'd do it missionary style.

It just got really boring really fast.

Beau and I had a lot of sex.


Sometimes, it felt like he was having sex with himself.

How did that make you feel?

People have different priorities in relationships.

I don't think sex is a big thing for me.

Train's coming.

Hey, what's going on?

What's wrong?

Let me know what's wrong. I don't know, I just...


I feel like I'm an insane person.

Hey, you. I'm so sad.

Your serotonin receptors are just misfiring, okay?

I know.

You're right. You're right.

You're right. You're right.

I don't wanna do any readings while I'm here.

The advance on my last book was large for a writer my age.

This place is beautiful.

Yeah, I used to come here with my mom and her sister when I was really little.

I have these strange, disconnected memories that feel really religious.

I don't know if I could feel that way about something.

It's supposed to represent the light of wisdom.

What's up?

Nothing. Nothing, it's fine.


I just think my body is all out of whack from the flying.

I think.

And the drugs?

Yeah, and the drugs.


Did they have a bathroom?

Oh, yeah.

I remember going to Epcot as a kid, and, uh, this show said that families were going to have two robot dogs and a robot maid, and live in self-sustaining underwater spheres by, like, 2008.

Technology doesn't have that kind of wonder for me anymore.

It's, like, some day, the universe is just going to be a computer.

And we're all pawns in the universe's grand plan to become a computer.

And life is just a cosmic replay.

That seems kind of paranoid.

I mean, you can't just opt out of day-to-day experience.

That would be stupid.

Being studied by millions of entities a billion years from now.

Can I tell you something that's been on my mind?


You, kind of, speak to your mom like she's a kid.

I mean...

I was surprised. I've never heard you talk like that.

It used to be much worse.

I'm just saying, okay?

You're going to be fine.


We should take a lot of MDMA tonight so we don't fight.


So what's the plot of Taipei's Most Michelin-Starred Restaurant?

We'll improvise it. Are you feeling your MDMA?

I'm feeling things big-time.

One big-time style, please!

Let's go!

Okay. Use the NPR voice. Don't smile.

We're here in the flagship world's first four-star Michelin restaurant in beautiful Taipei, Taiwan.

Let me do it. Let me do it.

This is the first four-star Michelin restaurant in the world.

They had a grand opening tasting menu of fish patties.

It's been said that he's actually the rightful founder of this place.

Someone stole his idea, now he comes and eats here every night, and weeps in the toilet.

Over there is an installation art piece

-meant to represent world peace. -Fantastic.

This is where the district managers hold their weekly meetings.

This little lady, she's been Employee of the Month 36 months running, since she was four years old!


And him?

This little bad boy? He's the next candidate for the new chicken sandwich.

You could be eating him next month, folks.

We'll miss you.


It took them five whole years to photoshop this.

They had to wait for Adobe to answer a question that they had on their message board.

It's the mother brain.

Skype. Skype?

Vacation. Oh.

Vacation. Skype.

Vacation. Vacation. Skype.

Oh, it's depleted.

Hey, can I ask you a question?

Uh, yeah.

Um, did you take a pregnancy test?

Did you go through the trash?

It was just in there.

Well, then you'll see that I'm not pregnant.

I think it was just the drugs.

Do you think you should be on birth control?

I don't like how I feel on it.

Doesn't matter to me if I come somewhere else or use a condom.


I just feel like if I was pregnant, we'd both be on the same page.

Um, can you explain about the page?


I mean, I just... We got married.

Yeah, for the movie.

Look, I just feel we got in over our...

Hey, Erin, wait! Wait.

No, Erin, wait, wait! That not what I meant.

Well, then, what did you mean? What do you think all of this is?

Hey, no, okay. You're my wife. This means a lot to me.

I don't want to lose you.

Do you think I want a kid right now?

You always talk to me like I'm not in control of my life.

Fuck! What are you talking about?

Erin... I said let go of me!

Okay, no, hold on. I said let go!

I'm not doing this with you while we're on molly.

I'm sorry if I ruined our evening.

I was... I was enjoying it.

So was I.

Are we okay?

I'm sorry. I shouldn't have yelled.

Everything just got really confusing, really fast.

It's just, like, a really fast, generalized sadness.

Try to be happy.

I'm worried I'm broken.

You're gonna have to replace me with a newer model.

And it's just really weird doing this every night while we're here with your family.

I'm a tourist here, too. Sure. Sure.

I's true. So it's not just you.

I'm gonna go back and go to bed.

Could you not touch my stuff?

Okay. I'm sorry.

I feel like you're not respecting my space.

Your space?

Hey, can we talk about this?



What's happening here?

What's happening? Get off of this.

Don't grab things from me.

Why won't you listen to me?

I am.

You're not.

You're just multitasking me like another device.

That's not true.

This isn't me. This is...

I can't control my emotions and my circuits are all misfiring. I just...

Maybe I...

Maybe I need to go on medication.

It's not good for you.

Well, how do you know?

You could become dependent. Did you read that somewhere?

No. Well, then, how do you know?

I just don't wanna fight with you.

I think I need to...

I think I need to spend tomorrow alone. Is that okay?

Paul spoke about how, eventually, the universe will just be a computer, which I'll also be a part of.

From that computer's perspective,

it won't even matter if I'm never a famous writer, or am too anxious to communicate with the world around me, or have no friends.

Everything will make a, sort of, monochromatic sense.

Everything will be equal.

You should sleep before you travel.

Oh, I'm...

I'm not tired.

You and Paul always stay up late at the computer, I suppose.

Yeah, we're making a project. Did he tell you about it?

There've been many projects.

I never understand this videoing.

It's like a movie, but real.

"Real," yes.

I'm sorry we didn't get to spend more time with each other.

Maybe next time.

Good night.

It's been very nice having you both here.

Thank you for hosting us.


Needs pepper.


Thank you.

Hello, everyone!


I'm Erin, and I wanted to talk to you about today.

Um, well... Today has been...

I was thinking of re-organizing my apartment and I just thought there might be something in that for people, like, re-organizing your apartment for a life of isolation.

I am just thinking about apartments, and solitude and...

I just feel like, in each successive phase of your life, you should reorganize.

Oh, hold on a second.


I came to get some stuff.

Yeah, I'm really busy.

You can't just turn up. That's not how it works.

You have to text first.

I'm gonna see Calvin and Maggie

at Birdy's, tonight.

You should come.

I don't think that's a good idea.


I'm going... Bye.

-Wait. Hold on, wait. What about my stuff? -Okay, fine.

There's just too much pressure to be depressed.

I don't know what you're talking about.

As a writer.

Is there anything I can do to help?


No, I don't think so.

Is there anything I can do to help our relationship?

Is that still what we're calling it?

We are still married.

I just don't want to tell anyone what to do.

Least of all, you.

You wouldn't be, you'd just be answering my question.

Do you ever feel like you're relating to someone else, but really, you're just relating to yourself?

Was Taipei really that bad?


Paul told me he enjoyed it.


I mean, you could get a divorce.

Why did we even get married?

Why did you get married?

To piss off my mom.

Oh, yeah, actually?

No. Oh.

No, not really.

Explain this to me again.

We take them, but we don't talk.

We only communicate non-verbally.

Not talking, I think, is the kind of communication that will help us.

What are you thinking about?

What are you thinking about? Paul, we're not talking.

No. Oh, no, this isn't what I...

This isn't what I expected at all.

Oh, I can't breathe.

Oh, God, please. Oh, God.

I think I overdosed. I overdosed!

Paul, you can't overdose on mushrooms.

Oh, God. Okay.

Erin, Erin, you have to console me.

Erin, you have to console me.

Hey, you have to console me.

You have to console me. Please.

Please, you have to console me.

You have to console me!

But you're just a projection. You're just a projection!

Oh, my God, you're just a projection.

Why'd you let us do this?

It was your idea.

You should have never let us do this.

Am I going insane?

It took them five whole years to Photoshop this.

They had to wait for Adobe to answer a question that they had on their message board.

It's the mother brain.

You don't have to.

No, if... If you want to, I want to. Yes.


You know what?

I'm happy I'm alive.

I deleted it.

Deleted what? I deleted our footage.

I'm sorry. I just...

I really wanted it to work.

But we didn't back it up. Why?

I know, it's just me.

I'm talking about the footage.

It was something we made together.

We don't have to stay married.

It's not that easy. Why not?

There's so much out there.

There's so many places to go.

So much to see.

And I just don't wanna wake up one day and realize that it's too late.

I want you to know that I tried.

I did. I really, really... I really tried.

I'm trying to find the words.

It's so hard to describe.

It's this movement...

That's the word. That word.

It's "movement."


I'm just...

I'm trying to work out where I am, and I haven't found that out yet.

I gotta go. I'm sorry.

Erin, wait.