High School Possession (2014) Script

[school bell ringing]

[whistle blows]

Ah! [whistles]

It'’s all right, Erin!

[phone chimes]

That'’s okay, that's okay, all right?

Okay! Coach, they need me out there.

It'’s not my fault you skipped class on Tuesday and Wednesday.

That was a family thing. It won'’t happen again.

Yeah, just like last time.

Keep handing off like that, they'’ll give you a green jersey!

All right, hey, go in for Erin.

Hey. Don'’t make me regret this.

All right, Chloe.

Hey, yellow!

Play on. Are you kidding?

That bitch almost took my head off!

Another word, I'’m gonna card you.

Come on! The girl hit her!

Oh, you wanna fight dirty, huh?

[crowd gasps] [whistle blows]

You'’re a bitch!

No, stop! [whistle blows]

Number 16 is ejected!

Oh, okay, so that was dirty? Are you blind or just stupid?

Leave the field!

Chloe, what the hell'’s gotten into you?

She deserved it. Hit the showers.

But the game'’s not over yet. It is for you. Now go.


Chloe! Hey, wait!

Hey, it'’s just one game.

No, that was USC out there today!

It'’s all over now.

I'’m really sorry.

Hey, I'’ll call you later, okay?


[door creaks, closes]


[shower running]

[voice whispers]

All right, whoever you are, you have picked the wrong day.


What the hell!

You can'’t just sneak up on people like that!

[class bell ringing]

You didn'’t see what happened. The other girl started it.

So is it true about her parents?

Are they really getting a divorce?

It was one fight.

Her dad'’s just gonna stay at a hotel for a few days.

Same thing with my dad. It'’s been three years.

What? I'’m just saying.

Maybe I should assign you an article on her.

Hasn'’t she had enough attention for one day?

I just think people should go easy on her.

I'’ll see you guys later, okay?

Hey, could you get a statement?


Maybe? We'’ll see.

Hey, how you holding up?

Been better. Like when my appendix burst, and I was in the hospital for three weeks.

Well, have you begged your coach for forgiveness yet?

Burdette? He probably just cost me a scholarship to USC.

And now Bonnie'’s gotta come talk to Principal Andrews about my sunny disposition.

Hey, you wanna go to dinner after?

Good old Bonnie'’s been letting me get away with anything.

One of the weird perks to having my dad ditch us.

Oh. Can we rain check? I'’m on assignment tonight.

Oh, let me guess.

Mase assigned you another boring "get to know the group" expose.

What merry band of outcasts are you following this time?



We'’re still on for 7:00? Yes. I'’ll see you there.

Chloe, I heard about what happened. Is everything okay?

Me? Oh, yeah, Everything is just... peachy.

Remember, the Lord is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble.

Aww! I think I have that on fortune cookie at home.

And she'’s funny.

See you at 7:00?

I'’ll be there.

Come on, Brad.

There they go, one happy flock.

So that'’s your assignment? Olivia Marks and The Chosen?

You know, I might actually be having a better day than you.

Mase wants to make sure that everybody gets their due.

Oh, speaking of which, he asked me to get a statement from you.

Do you think that maybe he keeps assigning you articles to... you know.

You know what?

Keep you close.

He is the editor of the school paper.

That'’s his job. We'’re friends.


See you later. Hey, be careful.

Don'’t get too close to The Chosen.

I hear virginity is contagious.

Stop it!

But that'’s not what happened!

I'’ve known Coach Burdette for seven years.

He'’s never lied to me.

Maybe he's just so good at it, you didn't notice.

Chloe! You weren'’t there either.

As usual.

You know how hard I've been working lately.

Oh, yeah, yeah, I got it.

I'm sorry. We'’ve had a few bumps at home.

I have thoroughly investigated the incident, and I'’ve decided to uphold Coach Burdette'’s decision to remove you from the soccer team.

What? But that'’s crazy!

I'm supposed to play college soccer.

This will ruin everything.

And you can still play college soccer.

You're just done playing here.

Please, just... tell her how you caught Dad cheating on you... and how much that screwed me up. Please.

You should know that your daughter'’s behavior at this school has become unacceptable.

She'’s missing classes, failing to turn in assignments.

All right, what assignment?

The book report in Mr. Wright'’s.

No, I turned that in. I told him he must have lost it.

If my daughter said she turned it in, she turned it in.

Ultimately it'’s my responsibility to do what I feel is best for Chloe as well as the rest of the student body.

I'’m sorry.

[voice whispers]

Is someone there?

[voice whispers]

Who said that?

[whispering continues]



There'’s no one there.

Come on.

Is it true? Is what true?

Skipping class, not turning in your homework.

For the hundredth time, I turned that in.

I even told him I would do it again.

God. Nobody believes me.

Dr. Chandy told me to expect this: the anger, the rebellion.

I feel like you talk to your damn psychiatrist more than you talk to me.

I want to talk to you about your father.

I don'’t know what to say.

There'’s no playbook that tells me how I should--

I didn'’t get a playbook either.

So let'’s figure it out together.

This isn'’t a movie, Mom. It'’s more complicated than that.

We can'’t just hug it out and have a good cry and eat some ice cream and then move on.

It doesn'’t have to be complicated.

I love you.

I hate myself.

I hate my life.

So glad you could make it.

Long time ago, huh? Yeah.

We'’ve both changed so much since then.

Shall we?


I'’d like you to meet Reverend Young.

Oh, hi. You must be Lauren. I'’ve heard so much about you.

Nice to meet you.

So, you'’re with the student paper.

I was just hoping to get a feel for what the whole youth group is all about.

Yeah, sure, have a seat.

We were just going over tonight'’s agenda.

Great. You don'’t mind if I--

Oh, no, of course not.

So have you met everyone here?

Yeah. Hey, again, everyone. Hi.

Great. Let'’s get started.

So this summer, I stayed with a host family on a farm in Porto Cortez for about 4 1/2 weeks.

That is why I'’ve decided after college to take a year off and go back to Honduras on a youth mission.

It'’s one way that I know that I can truly make a difference in the eyes of God.

That is so wonderful. Thank you.

Lauren, do you have a story of faith you'’d like to share?

Oh, um... maybe next time.

Lauren used to be a member. Oh, really?

Yeah. It was a really long time ago.

Well, you know the door'’s always open here.

All you have to do is decide to walk through it.

Thanks again for letting me be a fly on the wall tonight.

Don'’t really know what there is to write about.

We'’re a pretty boring group.

Boring? With all of your youth missions and volunteering?

I'’m really glad I came.

I think it'’s good for people to see a different side of things.

Hey, there'’s a party at Kendall'’s house tomorrow night if you'’re not busy.

I don'’t think I'’ve spoken to Kendall since like the second grade.

Well, she'’s my friend, so if I invite you, it'’s cool.

You can bring your boyfriend, uh--

Brad? Yeah.

Actually, things aren'’t going so well with Brad and me right now.

Well, in that case, maybe it'’ll help you get your mind off things?


I should go. Thanks again.


My phone.

[distant scream]

[distant scream]

[screaming continues]




No! No!




I sought the Lord, and He answered me, and He delivered me from all my fears.


If you believe in Him and all of His heavenly host, the demons that are tormenting your body will be cast out and will plague you no more!


[screaming continues]

Late night, huh?

Apparently those church kids know how to live it up on a Friday night.


Well, how'’d it go?

Um, fine.

Oh, no. We'’re not back to that monosyllabic 14-year-old Lauren, are we?

I thought it was interesting and informative. Better?

Was that so hard?

So you ever think about, you know, going back?

To church?

It'’s been a long time.

Those youth group kids convert you last night?

No. I was just wondering.

I don'’t know.

Church was always more of your dad'’s thing.

After he died, you seemed to lose interest.

So do you have any plans for today?

I thought I'’d go by the school paper.

You realize it'’s a Saturday, right?

I want to catch up on my article.

Don'’t work too hard.



"Recently I had the opportunity to attend one of the meetings of the church youth group to find out what being a member of The Chosen is really all about."

I adjure you, every unclean spirit, every satanic power, in the name of Christ, to cease your assault upon the soul he made for his own... [knocking]

Don'’t tell me you got nothing better to do on a Saturday than to hang out here.

Uh, I'’m just working on this article.

Yeah? How'’d that go anyway?

You mean The Chosen? Yes.

You know, it really wasn'’t that bad.

They actually help people.

You know, it'’s not gonna be the same without you.

I mean, NYU, that'’s... that'’s across the country.

Um, I'’m gonna actually finish this up later.

Lauren, I, uh...

I'’ll see you at Kendall'’s party.


♪♪ [rock]

I bet you need one of these after last night.

Did you sit around and drink orange Kool-Aid and sing "Jesus Loves Me?"

"Kumbaya," actually.

All right, seriously, how'’d it go?

Did something happen?

Are we interrupting anything? Please say yes.

We'’ll talk about it later. All right.

Mrs. Brady looking stunning, per usual.

Oh, and they say chivalry is dead.

Well, uh, drink up.

I don'’t drink. I know. Try it.

Mmm! Virgin mojito.

No-jito. No-jito.

Well, it'’s my specialty.

Oh, being a virgin or making no-jitos?

Ohh! Ouch!

It sounded cooler in my head.

Yeah, I bet that happens to you a lot.

You know, it'’s my adorable bad boy thing.

It'’s why you find me totally irresistible.

Or like not at all.

One of these days I'’m gonna stop being so damn charming.

Then where you gonna be?


Quality shindig, princess.

So where are the parents this time? Brazil?

Seattle. Two weeks.

Can I please send my mom up there, too?

Absolutely. Mase, I'’ve been looking for you all night .

Come here, I want you to meet somebody.

All right, would you please get your head out of the sand and get on that before it'’s too late?

What? No.

Wow. I can'’t believe she actually came.



What are you doing?

You guys are besties, right?

Stop it.

Hi, guys.

All right, well, um, I'’m gonna go break some commandments, and you two crazy kids have a good time.

Hey, you made it.

I made it.

Not really my style, but here I am, seeing how the other 99.9% sins.

That was a joke.

Oh, yeah. Totally.

Um, well, let me show you around.

Yeah. Come on.

Oh, hey, guys. How'’d the rest of the game go?

As if you care.

VOICE: You'’re very bad.

What is that supposed to mean?

You didn'’t seem to care when you cost us our best shot at winning district.

You want me to mess up that pretty little face of yours, just say the word.

You'’re crazy.

Get off of me!

No! Stop it!

Get off!

I think you broke my nose! Did she break my nose?

♪♪ [continues]

Hey, has anyone seen Chloe?

Oh, not since she went all WWE on Erin in the kitchen.


Hey, if you find her, tell her maybe we can get a little mud wrestling going on.


Did you see what just happened in the kitchen?

Your friend is out of control.

You haven'’t seen her, have you?

She went upstairs.

Hey, Chloe, you up there?

Lose your friend?

She'’s probably passed out somewhere.

Are you leaving? Yeah.

It was really sweet of you to invite me, but this really isn'’t in my scene.

I think I'’m just gonna head home.

Well, I'’m glad you came. I'’ll see you around?

Sure. And I'’m really looking forward to that article.



Olivia, what are you doing here?

I suppose I could ask you the same question.

Hey, where are you going?


Olivia, I can explain.

Mother Teresa, don'’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Hey, wait.

Wait for what? More humiliation?

I wanna make sure you'’re okay. Oh, yeah, I'’m great.

Glad I finally got to see what I'’ve been missing.

How could she do that to me?

I know that Brad and I have been having some problems lately, but I just-- I don'’t understand.

Chloe'’s not like that, okay? She'’s a good person.

Yeah, obviously. She'’s had a lot happen to her.

She'’s just not herself.

I know she'’s been a little out of control.

A little?


Good night, Lauren.

VOICE: Look at you.


Do you really think that drink is gonna help you?

Everyone'’s looking at you.

It'’s all your fault.

[whispering continues]


Come here.

Um, it'’s, uh...

Come on.

I'’m sorry. I didn'’t expect you to--

Just... Just go.

How'’s Olivia?


I don'’t even know why I did that.

What'’s happening to me?

Let me drive you home, okay?

I don'’t have a home.

We can get through this. We?

Yeah. We are nothing alike.


You are this, like, perfect person, and I'’m... this.

Let'’s just go, okay?

VOICE: You'’re bad.

[multiple voices whispering]

You'’re a bad person.

You'’ll always be, Chloe.


Oh, I'’m so sorry.

Hey, you okay?

So how was the big party?

Relax. I'’m still 17 minutes under the curfew wire.

You know, Chloe'’s mom is worried sick.

She said that Chloe'’s been acting very strange these last couple of days.

And when you didn'’t answer your phone...

Chloe'’s fine. She'’s sleeping over.

You mean sleeping it off.

She had a rough night.

So... am I off the hook?

You mean, like "off the hook" off the hook, or "really cool" off the hook?

Mom, no one'’s used the slang version of "off the hook" in like five years.

Not even ironically.

Well, duly noted.

Just let Bonnie know that her daughter'’s okay.

I already texted her.


Are you too cool to give your not-very-off-the-hook mom a hug?

Not too cool for that.

Mmm! I'’ll see you in the morning.

I'’ll make you guys some French toast.

Ooh, yeah. But not until 9 a.m., okay?

Because we need our beauty sleep.

If you and Chloe need beauty sleep, then I need beauty hibernation.

I would be lucky to be as hot as you at 40.

You are good.

I know.

Is everything gonna be okay?

What do you mean?

It'’s taking me.

What'’s taking you?

Chloe, what'’s taking you?


The voices.

You'’ll be okay?

How was last night?

A text at 1 a.m. doesn'’t get it done, Chloe.

You know, I'’m trying to do this alone, so I'’m gonna need you to help me.

At least a little bit, okay?

Look at me when you ignore me.

Look, are we done here?

So did you drive Chloe home?

Yeah. She said thank you for letting her sleep over.

Where are you heading off to?


Church? Yeah.

Any particular reason?

It might have something to do with my impeccable journalistic impulses.

Well, that'’s vague, even for you.

Well, this is the part where I tell you that information is privileged.

Okay, well, have fun.

One day, a shepherd took his flock, 100 sheep, away from the village and into the wilderness.

As they made the journey, one of the sheep wandered off and got lost.

Now, the shepherd could have stayed with his flock and let the animal go, but he didn'’t.

He left his flock unattended, and he went alone to look for the lost sheep.

And when he finally found it, and he returned home, he called together his friends and neighbors, and he said, "Rejoice with me, for I have found my sheep, which was lost."

Now think about that.

The shepherd was far happier finding the one sheep than the other 99 that didn'’t wander off.

So the important lesson behind this parable is that we'’re only as strong as the weakest among us.

And if we don'’t do all we can to help the lost sheep in our lives, we'’re failing the entire flock.

So as you go back to your regular life this week, remember each one of us, in the eyes of the Lord, is a shepherd.

And our challenge is to always to be on the lookout for any sheep that might need a little help getting back home.




I was just looking for a place to check my email.

Oh. You know there'’s a computer in the common room.

Oh, thank you.

I'’m really glad to see you came back.

Yeah, it was nice.

I loved your sermon.

Thank you. Now go find yourself some lost sheep.

I will.

Oh, Lauren... you know if you have any questions about anything that goes on here, don'’t hesitate.

Just ask me.


I saw you outside after church.

I didn'’t get a chance to say hi.

Sorry, I, um, had some stuff to do.

How'’s Olivia doing?

Not good.

She still in shock about what happened at the party.

Brad was her first real boyfriend, you know.

Well, you'’re her friend, right?


Do you have any idea why she did it?

No. I wish I did.

It just seems like everything'’s been going downhill since her parents split up.

Did you hear that she got kicked off the soccer team?


She'’s just in a bad place right now.

But I promise you she'’s a really, really good person.

She'’s not normally like that.

I just hope Olivia will be okay.

So, are you gonna come back to youth group this week?

We'’ll see. You should.

I know it all sounds really old-fashioned, but it actually does really help, especially if there'’s something bothering you.

I'’ll think about it.

Great. So I'’ll see you then.

Yeah, you got it.

[engine starts]

Are you following me? I'’m not.

Stop. I saw you at the church last week.

How'’d you find me?

I got your name from Reverend Young'’s computer.

It said you worked here.

Go. Just go.

I saw what happened at the church, and I was hoping that maybe we could just talk about it.


I was just wondering.


Did it help?

A month ago, my life was out of control.

I was drinking, doing drugs, cutting.

I felt like I'’d lost control of my own life, like I was trapped on the outside, watching.

I'’d been to shrinks, counselors, hospitals.

I'’d taken every crazy pill.

I came very close to taking my own life.

Finally a nurse at the hospital told my mom about Reverend Young.

Do you need anything?

But when you found out about what he did, didn'’t it sound...

Crazy? Of course it did.

And I fought it for a long time, but I was desperate.

Then I had to take all kinds of tests before Reverend Young would even agree to help me.

You have no idea what it feels like to have something controlling you.

Reverend Young recognized that.

He helped give me my life back.

Now I don'’t have to hear the voices anymore.


Look, all I want is to live my life in peace.

I know, but I have this friend, and she'’s in a very difficult place right now.

Look, whatever answers you'’re looking for, no one'’s gonna be able to find them but you.

I'’ve been through a lot, and I'’m not ready to relive the experience.

I have to get back to work.

Please, wait.

God bless you.

♪♪ [hard rock]

You okay?

♪♪ [volume lowers] I just wanted some quiet.

I can tell.

Did Dad call?


There'’s some money missing from my purse.

A hundred-dollar bill. I can'’t find it.

Well, obviously your messed-up daughter took it.

I'’m just asking if you'’ve seen it.


She thinks you took it.

She doesn'’t trust you.

No one trusts you.

Everyone knows you'’re a bad person.

[whispering continues]

♪♪ [raises volume]

[bell rings]

VOICES: Look at them. They'’re all staring at you.

They hate you. They hate you.

Everyone hates you.

They'’re talking about you behind your back.

What a whore you are. [phone chimes]

Talking about what you did.

You'’re a cheap whore. You'’re horrible.

Slut. [laughing]

You'’re a dirty, dirty girl.

[phone chimes]

"Whoever you are, now I place my hand upon you, that you be my poem.

I whisper with my lips close to your ear.

I have loved many women and men, but I love none better than you."

Who can tell me what Whitman is trying to say about the state of romantic love in 1856?

That'’s not exactly fair.

We weren'’t there like he was.


Oh, Miss Mitchell, so nice of you to join us.

You have a late pass?

You know my policy, young lady.

No pass, no class.

Goodbye, Miss Mitchell.

How could you do that to me?

That picture was supposed to be private.

What are you talking about?

I didn'’t send that picture to anyone.

But at least everyone knows you pound more than just your teammates.


All right, that'’s enough.

Let'’s get back to work here.


Where are you going, Miss Brady?

Chloe, Chloe.

What is wrong with you?

What? I'’m good.

Look, what happened this weekend, it was just a mistake.

The mistake is picking C instead of A on a test, Lauren.

Sleeping with somebody you just met is a choice.

Kind of like beating the piss out of a teammate.

You don'’t have to let your life get out of control.

Oh, God! Well, I'’m so sorry that I'’m not perfect like you!

I'’m not perfect. Oh, please!

You and your mom were plucked from an '’80s sitcom.

All you need is a laugh track.

Chloe, is there someone that you can talk to?

A psychiatrist or a counselor? Don'’t!

Let me help you. You can'’t.

Why not?


She doesn'’t care about you.

Because maybe I'’m not me anymore.

What are you talking about?

You'’re pathetic. No, I'’m not!


Make them stop!

Make what stop?

Absolutely pathetic.

Pathetic. Pathetic. [giggling]

The voices.

What'’s going on in here?

Get off of me!

I don'’t know what's going on with you, young lady, but your behavior... Look what you'’ve done.

You'’re in trouble now.

No one is gonna help you anymore.

Please! Just...

Let'’s go. No!


What is this?

Why would somebody do this?

Do you know what this is about?

Chloe, baby, don'’t look at it.


It'’s all right.

Honey, I can'’t help you if you don'’t talk to me.

Will you just stop?

I need you to help me understand what'’s going on.

I just... I just want to help you.


Maybe the voices are right.

Maybe I can'’t be able to...


What are you talking about?



I'’ve never seen test results like this.

Scores are off the charts.

Intelligence, emotional development...

Dr. Phillips, there'’s something wrong with my daughter.

Well, unfortunately she'’s off the charts on the more negative areas as well.

Isolation, regression, emotional detachment.

It'’s possible that we could be talking about some form of paranoid schizophrenia.

What you mean, possible?

Well, it'’s not easy to diagnose.

Symptoms often mimic various other illnesses that are mental and physical.

Bipolar depression. It'’s just gonna take some time for me to have a definite answer.

[sighs] Great.

You should know that the symptoms often are very similar to the effects of certain... substances.

My daughter'’s not using drugs. That you know of.



They know how messed up you are.

Look, I'’m not gonna lie. It hasn'’t been easy.

You'’re a waste of space. I'’ve been working extra to pick up the slack after David left, but don'’t you dare tell me I don'’t know my daughter!

You'’re the third professional I'’ve taken my daughter to.

There'’s nothing you can do about it.

You'’re a wicked person.

I'’m gonna take these test results to my colleagues, and I'’m confident, with some consultation, we'’ll come up with a treatment plan for Chloe.

I want her to start taking this.


It may help alleviate some of the symptoms, give you some peace of mind.

I know what these pills do to people.

There might be another option.

You might want to consider a civil commitment to a care facility.

No. I will not have my little girl committed.

Okay. What did you get for number 16?

Hold on. There'’s no 16.

Hmm... Stop!

Just making sure you'’re awake. I'’m awake, okay?

There'’s just something about studying in a bed.

I mean, I guess I shouldn'’t be complaining.

I'’m in bed with a hot, intelligent girl.

Woman. Woman.

And technically you are on the bed, not in it.

And I'’m worried about calculus.

I think I may need to have to turn in my man card.

Okay, hold on, I'’ve always wondered about this.

Where do you turn in your man card?

Is there like a man card store?

Returning it after 17 years seems problematic.

Well, you'’re the investigative reporter, so you figure it out.

Hey, can I ask you something?

Well, uh, depends on whether or not it'’ll lead to something totally humiliating.

You'’ve seen Chloe lately, right?

Yes, the troubled young lady.

Yeah, I just can'’t help but feel like there'’s something more I should be doing to help her.

Just keep being her friend.

I'’ve tried that, but it'’s clearly not enough.

You know, some people just need to work their junk out.

It'’s like sweating out a fever.

I just feel totally helpless.

My older brother Randall was, uh... a serious eff-up a few years back.

I mean, we tried everything.

My parents were just ready to give up.


Then one day he grew up. You know, got it together.

It was like a switch flipped.

Look, you have to live your life, not hers.

Why are you so nice to me?

Look, you and I have been friends for a long time, and we'’ve know each other for even longer.

No, I-I-I'’m sorry.

I didn'’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable.

Lauren, I'’ve...

I'’ve been in love with you since freshman year.

Since we were the same height, and I still had braces on.

Yeah, I know I should have said something a long time ago.

I don'’t know, maybe I shouldn't have said something now, but--

[voices muttering]

[voices cackling]


That was pretty Ryan Gosling of me, huh?

Okay, don'’t flatter yourself. You are no Ryan Gosling.

Ah, ah...

Ryan Gosling is no Mase Adkins.

Oh, really? Is that the case? Mm-hmm.

Chloe, Chloe...

You want him. You want him.

Chloe, what happened? You'’re gonna leave me for him.

You'’re leaving me for him! No, I'’m not!

You'’re leaving me! You'’re leaving me, you liar!

Hey, hey, hey! Chloe!

No, please, don'’t hurt me.

No one'’s gonna hurt you. No, no, of course not.

You see?

Yes, you are. No, Chloe.

You are. They said you would.

Who said that?



What'’s going on?

I just want to be normal again.

I don'’t know what'’s happening to me.

Listen, we'’re gonna get you healthy again, okay?

Just get them out of my head. It'’s okay.

It'’s okay. Shh...

I don'’t know what I'’m doing anymore.

It'’s okay, Chloe.


She'’s finally asleep.

I'’m doing everything I can.

Specialists, every expert online who knows anything about how the mind works.

I'’m terrified I'’m gonna wake up and... find I'’ve lost her forever.

As if like the next time I talk to her, she'’ll be so far gone in this abyss that she won'’t come back.

Sometimes I see life and recognition in her eyes.

I get a glimpse of my little girl.

I can'’t lose her. I won't.

I'’m so sorry, Mrs. Mitchell.

It seemed to to start after David left.

I can'’t help thinking that she blames herself or me.

It can'’t be easy going through this.

It'’s not your fault. It'’s nobody's fault.

What'’s going on with Chloe, I can'’t explain it, but it'’s like I'’m looking into her eyes, and there'’s someone else looking back, someone I don'’t recognize.

I can'’t help thinking there'’s something else I can do, something that I haven'’t done.

I would do anything to help her. Anything.

I'’m sure we'll think of something.

Make them stop!

God bless you. [screaming]


Hey. Hi.

Mind if I sit?


How'’s Chloe doing?

Should I lie and say she'’s fine?


It'’s bad.

Actually, it'’s worse than bad.

I feel like we'’re really starting to lose her, which is why I'’m here.

I was hoping that maybe you could help in some way.

I don'’t know how.

I saw what happened at the church last Friday night.

You mean the youth group meeting?

I mean after.

I don'’t know what you'’re talking--

I saw it.

I left my phone behind, and when I went to get it, I saw what happened in the basement with Emma Walters.

You even got a name?

You'’re a regular Woodward and Bernstein.

I talked to her.

What? I found out where she worked, and I went to talk to her about what happened.

She said it helped. She said she feels better.

If you wanted to know anything, you could'’ve come to me.

You could'’ve asked.

I wanted an objective opinion.

I'’m a pretty smart girl.

31 on my ACTs, National Honor Society, early acceptance to Notre Dame.

I'’m not some Flat Earth zealot who believes that dinosaurs were on Noah'’s Ark.

And neither is Reverend Young. I know.

So what did you have in mind?

I was thinking that maybe if we just talked to Reverend Young, explain what'’s going on with Chloe, then maybe he can help her in the same way.

You know he'’s very careful about who he shares this stuff with.

Her mom has tried everything else.

Please. She needs your help.

Reverend Young?

Olivia, Lauren. You gave me a little scare.

Is this a bad time? We saw the lights on.

I was just closing up for the night.

What brings you by so late?

Well, first of all, that exorcism you did last week was amazing. Incredible.


Oh, no, no, it'’s okay. Lauren'’s a friend.

She'’s totally on board.

On board for what?

For us. For this. For what we'’re doing.

Where are you going with this?

Lauren has a friend, Chloe.

Lately she'’s been out of control, lost.

We need to get her back.

She'’s right.

Chloe'’s having a lot of problems.

Family, school, drinking, cutting.

Last night she came over to my house and just started attacking me.

It'’s like the girl that I knew is gone, and I don'’t know where she went.

I'’m afraid for her. We all are.

So she'’s in high school. She'’s 18.

Still, this is an issue for her parents.

I spoke to her mother, and she'’s open to discussing it.

I don'’t know how much Olivia has told you, but there'’s a rigorous battery of psychological and emotional tests...

I know she needs our help, Reverend.

...in order to rule out mental health or substance abuse issues before I can even consider an exorcism.

And, as Olivia knows, very few people meet the criteria that we'’ve set.

Just agree to meet with Chloe and her mom, and if she'’s a bad fit, then we'’ll drop it, I promise.


If you could just see her.

Okay, well, see if they can come by tomorrow afternoon just for a consult, nothing more.

I understand. Thank you.

You'’re worthless. Stupid, so stupid!

Everyone hates you.

Your soul is as ugly as you are.


You'’re alone. You'’ll always be alone.

[voices muttering]

You should just kill yourself!

I asked you a question.

Do you know your name?

Chloe, I'’m gonna ask you a series of questions that are designed to determine the origin of your behavior.

The more truthful the responses, the more accurate the test.

Do you understand that?

One: Have you ever exhibited uncontrollable outbursts of anger and violence?


Two: Have you ever abused substances like alcohol or drugs?



Have you ever attempted to take your own life?


We can stop at any time.

No. I want to go on.

Four: Have you ever engaged in any self-abusive behavior, such as bulimia, anorexia, or self-mutilation?


Question five: Are you consumed with feelings of guilt and...

48: Do you feel that you'’re being treated unfairly because others are jealous of you?


49: Do you feel that you can trust what you see and hear?


Okay, last question:

Do you feel others are plotting against you?



I don'’t feel that an exorcism is the right solution for Chloe.

Reverend, I think that you-- Listen, Chloe is disturbed.

Of that much, I'’m certain.

But I believe her symptoms are more consistent with mental illness than a possession.

I must be able to rule out psychiatric disorders in order to proceed in this case, and I simply cannot.

But Emma Walters, she had the same symptoms: the voices and the visions.

Okay, first of all, confidentiality laws strictly forbid me from discussing my other cases.

Secondly, there are a number of possible causes for what Chloe has been experiencing.

For example, it'’s not uncommon for people that are afflicted with schizophrenia to experience hallucinations.

And then you combine that with a level of paranoia, and...

I think you see where I'’m going with this.

My recommendation is to admit her...

You mean commit.

No, to admit her into a clinical facility where she can be monitored, where she can get the help she needs.

Please help her.

Please help my daughter.

Your daughter needs medical care.

May God be with you.

Don'’t worry. We'’re gonna help her.

Is it Chloe?

Yeah. I just can'’t back off.

But at the same time, I feel so helpless.

But I know she'’s not crazy.

Just changed.

Like something else is taking over her.

Well, you know, it'’s her life. I know.

You can still help her by being supportive no matter what.


Well, it'’s just something you feel in your gut.

You know, it just kinda pops in there just like that, and you just know it'’s right.

So I should trust my gut.

As long as it'’s attached firmly to your head.

Your gut can be a pretty wise part of your body.


That'’s how I ended up marrying your dad, even though he tried to tell me he was the Red Sox'’s first baseman.

Believe me, every other girl would'’ve run screaming, but I thought it was charming, especially since he was only 5'’9" and a buck-fifty.

I don'’t remember that much about him.

Oh, he was a great dad, and he loved you so much.

You know, you were always the first thing he talked about when he woke up in the morning, and the last thing before he went to sleep.

Have I told you lately how proud you make me?

Not in so many words.

Well, forgive me... because you made me so proud.

Everyone should be so lucky.

Thanks, Mom.

You'’re welcome.

Now eat.


Chapter two features a group of soldiers talking to their chaplain in the mess.

And because of their contempt for religion, the soldiers taunted the chaplain, even going so far as to question aspects of his personal life.

Now, Henry refused to join in.

Miss Brady?


Can you tell us what Hemingway meant in chapter two of A Farewell to Arms when the narrator refers to thinking men as atheists?


Sorry. Let me look.

Mm-hmm. Perhaps Hemingway'’s narrator may conclude from your performance right here that you are indeed quite devout, Miss Brady.


Maybe Hemingway was wrong.

Enlighten us.

Well, for all his bravado about atheism, Hemingway ended up a broken man.

An alcoholic who had managed to ruin every stable or productive relationship he ever had in his entire life.

Maybe that'’s how his atheism paid him back.

Yet here we are, decades after Hemingway'’s death, still reading his novels.

I didn'’t create the reading list.

Oh. If you did, what would you have chosen?

You know, some of the best authors are from a lot further back than Hemingway.

John, Paul, Peter, Luke.

The Beatles? [laughter]

I love it when someone puts that jerk in his place.

It'’s just Lauren sounded like one of The Chosen today.

Man, you'’re crazy. No, man, you heard her.

You were right there.

She said Ernest Hemingway is evil.

She'’s just been a little distracted is all.

Speaking of which, word on the street is that, uh, you and Lauren have been distracting each other lately.

Yeah, we'’re, uh, we'’re just friends.

Mase, I know you want to keep it on the DL since you guys have been friends for a while, but you'’re just avoiding the inevitable.

Oh, man! Dude, I hope you already got some because it looks like that booty train'’s coming to a stop.

Next stop, Jesus station!


Okay, let me see if I understand you.

You wanna do this without Reverend Young?

He hasn'’t given us any other choice.

Look, I'’m not as into this whole religion thing as you guys.

I'’m just starting to go back to church after a long time.

But you'’ve gotta understand why this kind of freaks me out.

Lauren, we'’re all scared of what we don'’t understand.

It'’s normal.

But I'’ve assisted Reverend Young in a bunch of these.

Exactly. Assisted.

Do you really think you can do this, Olivia?

Why not?

I know the prayers. I know the process.

Yeah, it'’s not the same thing.

Maybe we can talk to him again.

He'’s not going to. Trust me.

If we'’re gonna do this, we'’re gonna have to do it ourselves.

What if something happens or something goes wrong?

Nothing'’s going to happen. We'’ve done this many times.

You mean you'’ve watched this many times.

You heard her mom. They'’ve tried everything else.

I know.

Believe me, I know.

Just make sure she'’s at the church by 8:00.

Okay, I will.

[class bell rings]

Lauren, hey.

Hey. Um, you got a second?

I actually really have to go.

What'’s going on?

What do you mean?

I mean, the way you'’ve been acting.

Talking about the Bible in English class, and suddenly you'’re having lunch with Olivia and The Chosen?

What, I need permission to have lunch with someone?

No! No, of course not.

It'’s just, Mase is a little worried.

Frankly, we all are.

If Mase wants to talk to me, he can call me at any time.

He'’s a good guy, Lauren.

I don'’t want to see him get hurt.

No one'’s getting hurt.

I promise.

Seriously, is everything okay?

You know that Chloe'’s been having some trouble lately.

That'’s a bit of an understatement.

Well, Olivia'’s offer to help.

Olivia? Yeah.

I know it sounds a little crazy, but--

Don'’t take this the wrong way, but are you sure that you want her help?

What'’s that supposed to mean?

You see the way that she walks around with her friends, like they'’re better than everyone else.

Every time she looks at me, I feel like she'’s judging me.

Well, she wants to help.

I know Chloe is going through a really difficult time, and you'’re a good friend.

You'’re worried about her. I get it.

But I think she needs real help, like professional medical help.

Yeah, her mom has tried everything.

Believe me, nothing'’s worked.

Then what is Olivia possibly gonna do that they couldn'’t?

Pray for her?

Or something.

I-- I'’ll try anything at this point.

I gotta run. I'’ll call you tomorrow, okay?


Where are you taking her? Just for a drive.

I think the fresh air will be good for her.

I suppose so, while she still able.

What do you mean, while she'’s able?

I'’ve decided to place her in a care facility in Garland next week.

What? It breaks my heart to do it, but it'’s the only thing left.

I'’m afraid I've lost her.

Well, we'’re gonna get her back, I promise.

Come on, Chloe.

Take care of her, Lauren.

I will.


Hey, this is gonna be good for you.

For us.

I promise I'’m gonna make things okay again.

Don'’t let her do this!

They'’re going to hurt you!

Don'’t you understand?

You'’re going to get hurt!

Chloe? What is going on? What are you hearing?

I wanna go back. I don'’t wanna be here.

Olivia! Olivia, help!

Let'’s get her into the sanctuary.

Come on. You'’ll be okay.

No, no, no! I don'’t want to go in there!

Chloe, it'’s gonna be okay. No, no, no!

You'’re gonna come with us. We'’re gonna get you all better.

Do you understand?

Once this starts, there'’s no going back.

You have to decide. Are you in or out?


I'’m in.

Then let'’s begin.

No, no, please! No, no!

The devil is strong in you, Chloe.

You must save your energy to help us get him out of there.

What are they doing? What'’s going on?

I'’m gonna need you to be strong for Him.

Lauren! It'’s gonna be okay, Chloe.

I promise.

I'’m so scared.

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil, for thine is the kingdom, the power, the glory forever.



From all evil, deliver us, O Lord.

Deliver us, O Lord.

Oh, Lauren, please.

From all sins, from anger and hatred, from lightning and tempest, from plague and famine, from everlasting death, by the mystery of your holy incarnation, deliver us.

Deliver us, O Lord.

We exorcise you, every impure spirit, every satanic power, every incursion of the infernal adversary, every legion, every congregation and diabolical sect.

Thus, cursed demon and every diabolical legion, we implore you.

Cease this deception.

Go away, inventor and master of all deceit.

Enemy of humanity'’s salvation, stand humble under the powerful hand of God, by whose name you tremble and flee.

Go away.


We can be here all night.

How long it takes is completely up to you, Chloe.

Do you renounce the devil as your lord and master?

Answer the question!

Do you renounce the devil as your lord and master?

Leave then, impious one!

Depart, accursed one! Leave with all your deceits.

Give honor to God the almighty.

Give place to the Lord Jesus Christ, who shed His blood for us.

What are you doing?

You want to help her, don'’t you? Stand back.



Stop! What are you doing? You'’re torturing her!

She'’s healing. She'’s suffering!

Lauren, you'’re having a crisis of faith.

I am not the one waterboarding someone here.

I guess I always knew you were too close to her.

You never got cut to your core by the little whore.

She took away the one thing in my life that I really loved.

I was gonna spend the rest of my life with him, and she took that from me!

You are the crazy one. Untie her.

Untie her now!

Go on!

Take her away.

What? No!

Let go of me!

No. No, please.

We'’re gonna need more water.

Let me go! Leave her alone!

No. No!

Hello? Can anyone hear me?

Come on.

Come on.

Something made you this way, Chloe.

That is why we must finish.

Did you like the message I left on your garage?

Or how about the photo I took from Brad'’s phone?

You could'’ve had any boy you wanted, but you had to have mine.

No, no, please, God, no! Please!

What did you just say?

"Please, God?"

What do you know about God?

You don'’t know anything about God!

No, no, no!

May this holy water envelop your spirit and soul to choke away the great deceiver Lucifer from your body.


Come on!


I don'’t believe your heart is ready to let go, but we might get you there yet.

Let us continue.

Leave her, master of all deceit, enemy of man'’s salvation!

From the snares of the devil, deliver us, O Lord.

Olivia, this has gone too far!

Leave my friend alone!

I'’m so sorry. I had no idea what she was gonna do to you.

Come on, let'’s go.

Can you make it? Yeah, I think so.

No! No, no!

Lauren, Chloe, where are you?

We have to get out of here now.

Okay, in here.

I know you'’re in here.

We can'’t stop now. We were so close.


We must remain strong.


Come on, come on.

No! Come on!

I was just trying to help her.

Olivia, look, we can all walk out of this together, okay?

We can work this out.

We could'’ve been friends... if you would'’ve just let me do what I was supposed to do!

I-- I can'’t breathe.

But you didn'’t have faith.

You don'’t know what it's like to believe in something bigger and better than you.

No, please stop. You'’re hurting her.

You don'’t know what you'’re doing.

I know exactly what I'’m doing.

No! Get away from her!

I'’m sorry.

It'’s okay.

You took him, you sinner! It'’s okay.

You sinner! You sinner!

It'’s okay.

Chloe, there'’s someone here to see you!

Hi, Chloe. Hi.

You look like you'’re doing great.

Yeah, I'’m feeling pretty good.

I am so sorry about what happened.

You don'’t owe me an apology.

I know that you tried to help me.

What she did had nothing to do with you or your church.

It was all her, and it'’s over now.

And look, I was in a really bad place, and I'’m here now, and maybe things happen for a reason that people don'’t quite understand.

I suppose so.

She spent some time at Garland, and she'’s still on medication and being monitored closely, but... I feel like I have my daughter back.

I'’m really happy to see you took my advice.

Thank you, Reverend.


Lauren Brady.



Our next graduate I'’m proud and honored to call forward, Chloe Mitchell.

Not to take any of the steam out of your big day, but I got a call from a certain Southern California soccer coach about you the other day.

You should stay near your phone over the next couple of weeks.

Whoo! [applause]

Congratulations, graduates.

Your futures are bright indeed.


It'’s time to go home now, Olivia.

Isn'’t that wonderful?

You forgot something.

It'’s okay.

I have it all in here.

♪♪ [hard rock]