Higher Learning (1995) Script

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Before we begin...

Settle down. I got a question I want to ask you all.

How many people came here to change the world?

How many people came here to learn how to make a lot of money?

Hey, we got an outreach program here where we really tap into the community.

What's the point?

Hey, listen, my friends. You are the few, the proud, the next...

...incoming freshman class to Columbus University.

...unyielding pursuit of academic excellence...

...one university stands out amongst the rest:

Columbus University.

What's up, Malik? What's up, dog?

Your mama got you some school gear. Your mama let me use her credit card.

Yeah, all right. We'll see you.

Malik, what's wrong with you?



Why you always trying to showboat? How come you're not dressed?

My stomach was giving me trouble.

You think because you're a superstar rookie you don't have to work?

I got guys on this field who'll clean your clock in five seconds.


Get off my field.

It's like that?

That's how you made it.



Little off today, baby, huh?

Hi. Hi.

I'm Kristen. Monet.

We're roommates, huh?

Yep. I like this side of the room, but I guess you got here first.

Yeah, I guess I did.

So, where are you from?

Orange County. Orange County, huh?

Is that near Compton? No.

You're not from around here, are you? No.

It's near Disneyland.

You live near Disneyland?

Must be nice. It has its moments.



This is crazy.

Come on, girls, let's go.

I am getting my own apartment next semester.

These dorms are f or children. I hate them. God.

Do you want to room with me? Hell, yeah. My room's like this big.

What about you? Want to get an apartment together?

I can't afford it. No sweat. Get your parents to pay.

They can't. Why not?

My dad got laid off from McDonnell Douglas last year.

The IRS audited him. My parents could barely afford to send me here.

But you are here. I'm here and I'm happy.

My roommate's a Mexican, I bet she got a scholarship.

Shut up. Well, here we are.

All right, come here, darling.

Drink! Drink! Drink!

Theta Kappa! Hey, Chad.

Well, well, what do we got here? New recruits f or our Little Sister rush?

No, no. Actually, I don't know about that.

Ladies, this is Chad. Hi, Chad.

Hey. And this is Nicole, okay?

And this is Claudia, right?

And this is, uh... Kristen.

Kristen. I'm sorry. They're freshmen.

How do we become Little Sisters?

They probably make you drink beer out of condoms and wet your T-shirt.

Beer out of a condom... That's a new one. Write that down.

I will. No, we don't do that here.

But I'll tell you this. There's nobody on this campus who parties like we do!


Man, governments ain't running things no more.

Financial institutions, they controlling the whole thing.

You ever hear of the World Bank or the IMF? No, huh?

Y'all probably don't even have checking accounts.

But y'all got them credit cards, huh?

Buy stuff out your means and wonder why you still a slave.

Y'all better recognize, I'm telling you.

Dude, when are you gonna clear everyone out? Classes start tomorrow.

It's over when it's over, dude. "Dude."

I can't take this no more.

Yo, man, watch my shoes. You got a problem, man?



Look at this.

What's up, kid? They're playing their music, man.


These guys. I'm not trying to narc, but tomorrow's the first day of class.

I got physics in the morning. It's like friggin' Soul Train up there.

You're here to study, not to party. Head home and hit those books.

Glad you had a good time. Come again on the weekend.

Good night. Okay.

People are trying to sleep. Give them a little respect, huh?

You don't hear that down the hall?

You ain't sweating them because they're playing that hillbilly shit, right?

No, no. Because I dig rock 'n' roll.

Then roll your f at ass down the hall then.

That's that old bullshit.


Why are you walking alone? I don't know.

It's not safe to walk around campus by yourself at night.

I just left the Row 'cause my friends were drinking and acting crazy.

I just went my own way.

Some friends.


Look at all these pretty blue lights.

You don't know what they're f or, do you?

No. Decoration?

No, it's the blue-light system.

See, there's a phone at the end of every block.

That way you can call security in case someone tries to grab you.

You're gonna have to be careful out here.

Come on.

I just got here. Have you met anybody yet?

Yeah, I just met somebody.

My name's Taryn.

Junior. Kristen. Freshman.


Yeah, I could tell.

Well, my first class is at 8:00.

So... Where's your dorm?

It's right here. Holland Hall. Real close.

Thanks. Sure. Oh, wait.


Students f or a Non-Sexist Society.

We have meetings Wednesdays if you want to come by.

Okay. Thanks.

Oh, man.

Oh, man, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were here.

It's time for us to talk. About what?

About your side of the room.

What's wrong with it?

Look at it, man. It's filthy, it's funky, it's stinking, man.

What you do on that side affects me. All right, I'll try.

Let's take a trip around the world.

Look there, under the statue. You see them people?

That's Disneyland.

And there's Chinatown.

And over there, that's south of the border.

And this right here is the black hole because we're black folks.

So, you Fudge, huh? I heard about you.

What'd you hear about me? I heard you were a super-duper senior.

Been here six years and still haven't graduated.

She trying to play you out. Why is that?

Because I done already learned the game, fresh fish.

Is that right, old trout?


Y'all some trained Negroes.

Soon as you hear a bell, y'all go running.

Welcome to the real world.

Or, as it states in your schedule of courses, Political Science 101.

I am your instructor. My name is Professor Maurice Phipps.

Today I am going to give you your first lesson in politics. Are you ready?

Now, I shall need one volunteer.


No wonder this nation is falling behind the rest of the world.

No one in this class seems to have any initiative.

You, brave soul, come forward.

And what is your name, my good man? Malik Williams, Professor Phipps, sir.

Malik Williams. Mr. Williams, would you be kind enough...

...to read the names with the asterisks beside them?

Those persons whose names are called, please stand.

All right. " Marvin Anthony, Wendy Arrington, Tanya Arroyo...

...Chris Barlow, Skye Blue, Jennifer Bryant...

Pamela Burris, Eric Cannon, Kristen Connor, Judith Dantzig...

...Patsy Ewing, Mark Katz...

...Malik Williams." What?

Thank you, Mr. Williams. You have served your purpose.

What's that list f or, dog?

Those persons whose names were called and whom are standing...

...the university instructed me that your financial bill hasn't been paid.

Leave and settle your debts. You may not return until you have done so.

There are no handouts in the free world...

...and, appropriately, none in my course. Thank you and good day.


Professor Phipps, I need this class f or my major. You know?

Young lady, calm yourself and go to the financial aid office.


What about me?

Don't you have some business to attend to?

Yeah, but I thought I just showed initiative.

That don't count f or nothing, brother?

Mr. Williams, I do not appreciate, nor will I tolerate...

...people who try to brown nose in my course.

Now go to the financial aid office or appeal to the athletic department.

I ain't no dumb athlete.

That remains to be seen.

Right. I hope that all of you...

Yo, dog, take good notes. I'm gonna need to borrow them.

Now that the bureaucratic nonsense is out of the way, we'll get to...

...the business of real politics.

Are you sure? I mean, I don't understand this.

Never leave home without it.

Looks like we got a problem with your fee bill.

Like what?

It says you got a partial athletic scholarship. Better talk to your coach.

Partial? That's a mistake. I'm a full-scholarship student.

I can't help that. That's what it shows.

You sure your computer ain't broke? I'm sorry, honey. I can't help you.

Go get it cleared in that department. Thank you.


Baby, you're just gonna have to get a job.

Here's your card.

Come on, guys, pick it up!

You look like a bunch of girls! Come on, pick it up!

Come on, give me some juice. There you go.

Yeah, looking sweet.

Twenty-three! You want a what? A full scholarship?

Man, you got some nerve.

All right, I'll see what I can do.

I don't wanna hear you're lax in your studies or fucking up on the field.

You got that? Do I make myself clear?

Yeah, man, I understand.

Word to the mother, kid. Have you seen that ass?

Hey, yo, what kind of munchies y'all got?

Where are the vittles at? The eats?

Hey, y'all ain't got no Kool-Aid up in this piece, man? Guess not.

I see y'all got some Evian up in here, though, huh?

How would you feel if you had to study and I came in and blasted my music?

That wouldn't happen. Why not?

Because I'd whoop your ass, that's why.

Excuse me.

Boy, I'm the master of Monopoly.

That's right.

You bankrupt, G.

Should've bought them apartments, man. I told you.

Hey, why you going to this school?

Well, because that's what they say you need to do to make it in the country.

What's "making it"? Fudge, your printer's out of paper.

Well, then go buy some more. What's "making it"?

You know, getting a degree. You know, making that long dough.

Is that right? So you in it f or the money or the knowledge?

Check out this situation.

You at a football game. There's thousands of people there.

All of them white.

The American flag is right above your head.

They're about to play the national anthem.

All these people turn around and look you dead in your eye.

What do you do?

I stand up. I'd probably be so embarrassed...

You know, I'd stand up. You know what I'm saying?

They got you running f or the school, huh?

Yeah. Partial scholarship. You don't run, you don't get tuition.

That's the way the system goes.

Run, nigger, run.

Oh, my God. Look at her hair.

Be nice, Nicole. It's not that bad. She looks like a tramp.

Hi. Hi. What'd you do to your hair?

I just bleached it. I love it. Yes.

Watch me bring it up. Watch me bring it.

Bam. Of all times.

Want to play again, man? Come on, let's play again.

Three in a row. You're a bastard.

Want to play? Huh?

Want to play a game of pool? I don't know how to play.


Okay, who's the genius who matches roommates up?

They moved me in with a psycho dickhead.

It's like the Bates Hotel over at my place.

My days are numbered, Wayne.

He's probably just quiet. Okay.


Hey, man. Say, where's the party? Up here, man.

Is that right? Cool.

Here she goes.

Nice job. Hello! Good night.

Down the hatch.

Talented, I see.

I never usually swallow. You're a dirty girl.

Hey, let's get one f or her, huh? Give her a shot.


Kristen! Kristen! Kristen!

Drink! Drink! Drink!

All right! What a big girl you are, huh?

I can't walk. Please, come on.

All right. Where are we going? We're going to my house.

To the house.

When you say that you look really bad, like, you're perfect, you know?

Hey, do you think we should've let Kristen go with Billy?

Because she doesn't even drink. Billy who?

I love you!

Billy, you've gotta get a rubber.

Billy, we should be using a condom.

Just a second.

Billy, come on.

One second. No. Get a condom.

Just wait a second. Shut up!

Billy, no! Stop it! Get a condom!

No! Stop it!

Billy, get off of me! Get off of me!

Fuck, man! No! Stop!

Stop! No!

You fucker!

Kris, what the...? Wait!

Wait a second! Goddamn it!




Say, man.

Did you give it to her? What?

You fucked her, right? Did she like it?

What the fuck are you talking about? How the fuck do you know?

Go get a beer. Who the fuck are you, man?

You just got laid, right? You should be cool.

Motherfucker! What's up with you?

What's your problem? You're my problem, bitch.

I finished my paper and I don't have anything to do.

Kris, what's the matter? Why are you crying?

Oh, God, what have you been drinking?

Kris, what's wrong?

Hello. Can I speak to Kristen, please?

Who's this? Billy.

Billy who? I don't know no Billys. Yeah, I just...

I just need to talk to Kristen.

You want to speak to Kristen. No. No.

She's not here.

Even if she was here, I don't think she'd wanna talk to you.

I know she's there. I can hear her.

Can you put her on the phone? Didn't I just tell you she's not here?

Put her on the phone, you black bitch!

What did you say? You heard me.

Why are y'all so quiet?

Let's go. To kick some ass, nigga?

Just get away from him and come home with me.

What do you think they make you do to get into this f rat?

You know?

You don't?

I bet you they make you do something, right?

Like things.

Crazy stuff.

I'd do it.

Which one?

Yo! Get the fuck up! Piece of crap. Get his ass.

What's up, bro? What did I do?

Come on! Man, let me go!

Chad, what's up with these guys? Call security now!

What'd I do? I'll just put my boot in your mouth.

I heard you been disrespecting black women.

No, man, I haven't either...

You called me a black bitch, and you gonna get your ass kicked.

Come on, man, listen. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, okay? Apologize to her!

Sorry! I'm sorry! Look, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

Fuck that! We need to just bust his shit!

No, listen. Please, man. Here's what I want you to say.

I want you to say, "I apologize, beautiful black woman...

...mother of the Earth, queen of the universe."

I'm sorry. I apologize, black mother...

Get it right! I can't remember all that.

I'm sorry.

What's going on?

These gang members dragged him out f or no reason.

What the fuck you talking about, white boy?

Gang members? We go to school here too!

Enough of this stuff. I'll rip your ass off them stairs!

Don't I know you? Everybody else, come out with the I.D.'s.

You don't need to see nobody I.D. Don't show them.

Wait. Everything's okay now. It was just a misunderstanding.

We're cool now, right?

We're cool, right?

Hope you gonna break up their party like you did ours.

Is everything cool here now? Very fucking cool!

What's up?


Punk-ass motherfucker.

I don't understand why they always have to start all this trouble.

You okay, Billy? Yeah.

Come on.

We need to get past just complaining about university security.

You know?

I'm tired of hearing women cry f or someone else to save them.

Think what that means.

Why do you need someone else to save you?

Think about saving yourself.

Hi. Hi.

Hi, everybody.

Join us. Okay.


We were talking about security on campus, in light of a recent survey...

...that showed one out of f our women has been raped...

...or survived an attempted rape, since the age of 14.

Do you have any ideas or thoughts you want to share?


Fudge, you got some e-mail coming through.

Is that right?

Need to start charging y'all fools, like the university.

Twenty-five cent a page.

Y'all could pay f or my laundry.

You got the autobiography of Frederick Douglass?


Biographies are up there.

Damn. You read all these? Most of them.

Hey, how you get turned on to Douglass?

Need it f or a class.

For a class. That's the only reason you're reading it?

Yeah. Why else? To feed your brain, fool.

I thought you was a smart one, but you ain't. So you got to go.

Can I borrow this book, man? Yeah, go ahead.

Read it f or yourself and not f or no damn class, though.

Thanks f or the book, dog. Run along.

What's up, brother? What's up, man?

Reading in the dark is bad f or the eyes.

I got good eyes. What book you reading?

Iliad. That's a good book. Great battles.

Yeah, it's all right.

Me and a couple friends, we were gonna go get a drink.

You wanna come along?

I said, me and my buddies were gonna go get a drink. You wanna come along?

What are you, some queer or something?

What? What are you talking about? I should kick your ass, man.

First off, don't ever touch me again.

I will beat you to the fucking ground, boy.

Secondly, you know, I ain't no faggot.

I just wanted to know if you wanted to get a drink.

Sorry, man. It's a new city. That's okay. I understand.

We'll forget about it, have a drink...

...with good people. We'll have a good time.

What do you say? All right, man.

Pick up your stuff. Come on.

I mean, we're white, in America, what more do you need?

We're white, in America, what more do you need to have a good time?


All right, here we go.

What's your name again? Remy.

What's your name? I'm Scott.

So, where you from, Remy? Idaho.

Idaho, huh? Where in Idaho? Boise.

That's the Big Sky State, huh?

I think that's Montana. That's right. It is Montana.

These are my brothers here.

Fellas, hey.

This here, this is Erik.

What's up, man? This is Knocko over here.

This is James here. Hi.

Everybody, this is Remy. Hey, Remy.

What's up?

You should know that democratic theory did not begin...

...with Rousseau's contract. No.

Its origins, in f act, lie in the subject of landownership.

The common people became aware...

...that the upper classes owned the land upon which they lived and labored.

This incensed them...

...inspired them to seek sovereignty of their own homelands.

However, the social order of the day...

...did not permit landownership by the common man.

Therefore, these people...

...felt the need to leave their homelands...

...to flee in an effort to escape political and social persecution.

Hence, the creation that is America.

Therefore, the basic premise...

...of democratic theory...

...is that each and every citizen living within that society...

...is entitled...

...to what?

We are entitled to life...

...liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

What you people have to realize is that despite having these rights...

...very few people exercise them.

It is that type of apathy that corrodes our country from within.

Your assignment f or the semester is as follows:

To formulate your own political ideology.

This will be dictated by your sex, background...

...socioeconomic status...

...personal experience, et cetera, et cetera.

This course will be like anything in life.

It will be what you make of it. I am not a babysitter.

Ladies and gentlemen, do not waste my time.


...no one is going to treat you special...

...just because you are black.

Right. Or white.

Or Hispanic.

Or Indian.

Or Asian.

Or because you are a woman.

Or because you f ailed to get sufficient rest last night.

Or because you are...

What are you?

I don't know. Right.

Don't sweat it.

Come on.

Watch it.

Watch out. Watch it. Watch it.

Damn. Let's see your I.D.

No, let us see your I.D.

Forget these guys.

Thought so.

You know what that's all about? They hate me 'cause they ain't me.

Can you hand me another one of those mayonnaise?

Do you want to report it? It's not gonna do anything.

They're just gonna make me feel like shit...

...and make me look like I asked f or it.

I didn't ask f or this. I just wanna go to school.

Come here.

This ain't cool, dog. A " B" on content, and then I get a " C" f or...

Punctuation mistakes, misspellings...

...grammatical error, et cetera, et cetera.

You probably didn't even read it. TA graded all of these, right?

If you could spell as well as you run, it would be better, Mr. Williams.

Sellout. Mr. Williams.

So Mr. Williams thinks I am an Uncle Tom.

Well, well, well.

What does that have to do with your ability to place a comma properly...

...or put a period at the end of a sentence?

Look... Would you care f or a peppermint?

No, thank you.

You're using that reverse treatment...

...'cause I'm one of the only black f aces in your class.

Mr. Williams, I treat everyone in my course exactly the same...

...and I will continue to give you a difficult time...

...until you have proven that you deserve otherwise.

Those are the rules of the game. It's a fucked-up game.

Please watch your language.

Rid yourself of this attitude that the world owes you something.

You must strip yourself of that mentality. It breeds laziness.

It is laziness that has kept black people down in this country.

I don't think like that. All right, man, it's just...

Look, I don't need one of my own trying to treat me like I'm the enemy.

The enemy? Who is the enemy?

One man with a white beard who sits behind his desk...

...pushing buttons that control the f ate of the entire world?

No, that is not reality. That is The Wizard of Oz.

No, man, I mean anybody.

White, black, anybody who gets in the way of my progress.

I am not in your way.

I did not ask you to come to this university...

...nor am I here to motivate you.

Your own presence should be motivation enough.

I have nothing to prove, unlike you.

I don't have anything to prove.

Who do I have something to prove to?


Good afternoon, Mr. Williams.

Ladies and gentlemen, the next race on the track...

...will be the 4x100-meter relay.

In lane three, the non-scoring B-team from John Paul College.

Lane number four, the scoring team from Columbus University.

Lane number five, the scoring team from John Paul College.

And in lane six, the non-scoring B-team from Columbus University.

On your marks!

May we have quiet for the start.


We have a fair start.

Adam Bailey out very well in lane four for Columbus University.

Getting ready now for the first exchange.


Down the backstretch they go. Columbus in four, John Paul in five.

A tremendous effort by John Paul College...

...moves them into the lead as we get ready for the second exchange.

In the far turn, John Paul in five, Columbus in four, neck and neck.

Getting ready for the anchor lea.

Stick! Stick!

Tyrene Jay for John Paul...

...and Robert "The Rocket" Simmons for Columbus.

It is John Paul followed by Columbus. First place, 39.58.

Second place, 39.60.

Second place, 39.60. Correct.

The next race on the track will be the 1500 meters.

That event is scheduled in 10 minutes. Visit the concession stand...

Ain't no next time. All I'm saying is this.

I got a lot riding on this. I'm not about to let my stats get blown.

You the only weak link on this team.

You listening to me?

Fool, all you is, all you ever gonna be, is a runner. Like a horse.

You're a slave, too ignorant to know it.

Who you calling ignorant, bitch? Hey!

We're a team, man! Fuck that shit!

We gotta stick together, black men!

Get your shit together, bitch! Stupid bitch!

I like that.

I like your beautiful hair, your eyes, your lips.

Look at this fool with his cave bitch. It's a damn shame, man.

Don't that make you upset as a black woman?

I don't want him.

Yeah, I can dig that. He's weak anyway.

Miss Deja. Where you from? Texas, right?

I see you did your research. Not enough.

God. I could always know more.

What, you shy?

No. Are you? I stepped to you, didn't I?

I've been seeing you on the track, having a little attitude.

I seen you too, acting like you all that.

I'm not acting like... Mr. Big Stuff. Yes, you do.

You be like:

Running f or your life. So you be looking at me?

I don't look at you. You just imitated my form.

You be looking at me, right?

A little bit, but we're on the same team.

I been looking at you too. God.

What dorm you staying in? Why you wanna know where I live?

I wanted to get you home safe. I'll be okay.

There's a lot of crazies here. Goodness.

I'll guard your body. Be your bodyguard.

How do you feel knowing this country doesn't belong to you any longer?

I mean, what do you think of that?

How do you feel knowing that when you graduate from college...

...you might not get a job because of your skin color?

Because of some quota.

People don't realize how far down the drain America has gone.

What do you think about that, Remy?

I guess I never thought about that, man.

It's different here than I thought it was gonna be.

Seems like everybody's sticking to their own...

...taking up f or their own.

I don't know anybody down here.

It's different, man. You know.

All I got is me. No, man.

And me. We're brothers by blood.

Yeah, you got me too, Remy.

I think I'm gonna cry.

Shut the fuck up, Knocko. Show the man some respect.

That's cool, Scott.

That's pure Aryan blood you're talking to.

No, no, no, you're right.

This is brotherhood, Remy. Welcome home.

Thanks. See, Remy, this is your family now.

And if there should be anything at all that you wanna talk about...

...then I want you to come to me or to us.

If there's one thing I want you to leave thinking about tonight...

...it's that we take care of our own.

Thanks, man.

Thanks, Scott.

Run-on. Run-on. Fragment. Fragment. Fragment.

Is this a period or a comma? That's a lot of red ink.

Do you want help? I'm here.

Malik, you gotta get this to flow, and right now it's not flowing.

Right here, that's a really good point...

...but you gotta follow it up with a concise explanation.

What do you mean?

Malik, when you write an essay, you gotta follow a certain format.

You start with your thesis statement...

...and you have to always use transitional phrases.

And don't use the same word every single time.

Change it up. Professors hate that.

You should use a thesaurus. And where's your outline?

We got a lot of work to do.

Is something wrong? No.

Are you sure? Yeah.

I'm fine.

I am afraid it is unclear.

But... I don't understand.

Miss Connor, you don't appear to take any kind of position in this paper.

I thought that, when you write, you're supposed to be as objective as possible.

That is a rule of journalism.

It is often taught and very rarely practiced.

This, however, is a political science course.

If you wish to write about objectivity...

...write about its use in modern politics in your view.

That'd make a good paper. I'll write that down.

Oh, Christ Jesus.


In future, Miss Connor, please find your own thesis.

I am looking f or evidence of original thought.

You are not here to simply recycle dates and f acts from the past.

One's primary purpose at university level...

...should be to learn how to think.

Now, question:

Did you write this paper?

You really feel like insulting my intelligence, don't you?

I worked my ass off on that paper. I rewrote it three times.

Shouldn't be one misspelled word. Okay, Mr. Williams, I believe you.

Are you having problems here at Columbus?

It's all right.

I got a problem with the way fools be tripping when they see a black f ace.

Someone spit in your f ace when you first came to campus?

Was there a cross burned outside your dormitory?

No. I know what you're trying to get at.

Just 'cause it ain't up in my f ace, that don't mean it's not happening.

It's less physical now. It's more mental.

I gotta run and study, man.

I don't see these white folks worrying about nothing but going to class...

...talking about skiing. They don't have the same worries.

Then your problem is financial. Not racial, but economic.

These type of problems can be worked out.

For example, you are a runner, are you not?

One of the best. A big-time track star, huh?

All right.

Let us say you are running a race...

...and you suspect the opposing team has a member who is f aster, stronger...

...more big-time than yourself.

What do you do then? Do you leave the track?

Hell, no.

What do you do? Run f aster.

We're having a rally. Out here?

Yeah, and we also have these meetings as well...

...where a group of women get together and discuss all sorts of issues...

...about sexuality... Oh, wow.

...student security, all sorts of things.

I think it'd be great if you'd come. Thank you.

What? I said, can I have a flyer?

It's f or Students f or a Non-Sexist Society.

Wayne, right? Yeah.

It's a women's group. That's kind of a contradiction.

You want a non-sexist society...

...but you won't give me a flyer because I'm a man? That's not cool.

Why do you really want to come?

Your hair looks better that way. Thanks.

You're welcome. God.

Warrior representation. Yes.

No means no! No means no! No means no!

I'm a freshman.


I was raped.

No, we didn't.

We'll have to think about what we're doing next week.

You look cute. Do I?

Happy Halloween, brother!

Be sure and stay away from the white girls from now on. I know you will.

What are you doing? Let's go get some fucking candy!

That was awesome. It was good.

There are things we could've done better...

...but I was proud of you.

Thank you. Yeah.

I feel so much better now. Good.

Look, you know, I could just...

Why don't I just stay with you tonight?

We could stay up and talk or...

What do you think?

Are you sure you're ready f or that?

Don't do it just because you're fascinated.

I want you to be sure.

Good night.

Good night.


...what's up with your friend?

She's weird. She's not weird. She's just different.

Yeah, and I bet she wants to show you just how different she can be, huh?

I'm tired of running and studying.

It's too hard to do both. I feel like a slave.

They wouldn't give a fuck about me if I wasn't running f or this school.

I'm tired of feeling like a thoroughbred.

Why you always gotta take stuff so far?

People would die to be where you are, and you tripping.

You have the opportunity to go to school, and it's here. So take it.

I don't see security stopping you on campus to see your I.D.

You're all hunky-dory with your scholarship.

They'll let that harmless black woman through easier than a man.

So you think I got it easy? Hell, yeah.

Easier than me. You know them girls I stay with?

Every time something comes up missing, who you think they look at?

And? I feel like fighting.

I feel like beating people up. Why don't you?

It's a waste of time. Instead, I fight with this:

And I'm getting mine.

You gotta stop doing this all the time: And start doing this:

Quit worrying about what people are thinking.

Yeah, but it still ain't the same.


You a woman. I'm a black man.

You're safe.

I'm a threat, educated or not.

You ain't educated yet.


Hey. Kristen.

Can we talk? Sure. Here?

Don't put too much lipstick on. Why not?

You don't want to look like a tramp. You'll look desperate.

Here, blot it some.

Is that better? Yeah, yeah. Yeah, like that.

Is that him? Well, all right, Kristen.

I was getting worried about you.

Where'd you get these, man? A buddy of mine in law enforcement.

Fucking gun-control department.

These guns all suck.

It don't matter as long as they do the job.

Do you want a beer? Yeah.

Check this out, man.

This is a gun, man.

Glock 9 mm. Shut up.

Pumped gas two years to buy this. Laser sighting.

Fucking Rambo, man! No way I can miss.

This is power. Don't point that fucking shit at me!

I know how to handle guns, man. I been shooting since I was 9.

Don't ever point a gun at me ever again. You'll be sorry.

Who taught you how to shoot?

My pa. Your pa?

My pa's a survivalist. Used to kick my ass every day.

He's always talking about the world coming to an end.

Do you like to hike?

I've never really tried it.

Yeah? You should go. Around here there's beautiful hills.

I try and go everyday. I was there this morning. The light was beautiful.

What if there's snakes? Hey, Monet.


How's it going? Cool. You all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Hi, Taryn. Hi, Monet. How you doing?

See you later. Yeah, see you guys later. Bye.


I like it that you understand me.

There are things that...

...I don't have to say because...

...you just know how I feel.

That was nice.

I think you're nice.

You're trembling.

Are you afraid?



I won't hurt you.

I don't want you to do anything that you don't wanna do.

I know.

I want to.

Are you ready?

Just a second.

As a black man in America, my stress comes from everywhere.

Recognize. Take a look around you.

Look at this. Columbus disgusts me.

Fool wasn't nothing but a thief, mass murderer.

Slaughtered Native Americans, we got a holiday and a university named f or him?

We're supposed to be learning their westernized thoughts...

...only to learn that in their eyes, we're lower class. Always.

Class is a state of mind.

History's proven you can be the smartest, run the fastest...

...they still think we inferior.

What's that shirt, man?

You support the Black Panthers?

Yeah. And? That's reverse racism, man.

1995, coon.

What? Malik, come on...

What? Stop.

I'm gonna kick your ass, whatever ass you got left, fool!

Yeah, all right. You can run, but you can't hide!

"The sharp separating wall between master and slave fell.

The Aryan gave up the purity of his blood and, therefore, he also lost...

...the place in the paradise he had created for himself.

He became submerged in the race mixture. He gradually lost..."

What's up, man?

Man, I gotta admit, you've been real polite about staying out of my way.

But you ain't been honest.

I figure, it ain't what a person say, it's what they think.

So in my mind...

...you been walking around calling me a nigger in your head.

Am I right?

I don't have nothing to say to you. I think you do.

Say what you feel. You think I'm a nigger?

Then be a man and call me one to my f ace.

You're just a punk-ass white boy with a fucked-up haircut.




Fuck you! You don't fucking scare me!

This is fucked-up. This is really fucked-up.

What's wrong with you?

I don't give a shit what you do with your stuff...

...but this is my stuff, man!

Know how selfish that is? What are you gonna do?

Jeez, I don't know. I'm gonna kick your ass. What does that mean?

Why don't you get your shit and move out, man?

Excuse me? Why don't I get my shit and move out?

You moved in here. What are you gonna do?

Look, why don't we just sit down?

Why don't we just fucking stop this and talk about it?

I don't wanna talk to you. I don't need to talk.

Don't you know I'm superior to you?

Don't you know I came from the master race?

You're nothing. Don't tell me what... Get off, crazy motherfucker!

All right, motherfucker? Go to sleep.

Calm your ass down. Calm down. What is wrong with you, man?

What's going on? I gotta get out of here.

Fuck you! What the fuck?

You damn Jews and niggers stick together.

You all work against me, the pure, white, Christian man.

Don't you know he controls you, nigger? You ain't nothing without them.

You're nothing! You're a slave.

I'll take my fucking belt off, man. I'll make you my fucking monkey.

Get on the floor. Relax.

Get on the floor!

You're not white. You're Jewish. You're nothing.

You're not me! What are you gonna do?

Dirty nigger. Got something to say now?

I'm not fooling. You got something to say now?

Jesus Christ! Fucking relax! Who's the man now, big man?

Fucking hotshot ape. You're nothing, Malik! You're nothing!

You're dead. You're dead.

Don't move, fucker.

You're all gonna die. You're gonna die, monkey!

He had a fucking gun! A fucking gun!

I'm gonna call secur... He broke the phone. We gotta call security.

I'm gonna get this fool! Where are you going?

Stop. Not so fast. Get out of my way.

I'm trying to catch this dude who just pulled a gun on me!

Let's see I.D. You don't need no I.D.! Out of my way!

No! That's the wrong guy! That's the wrong guy!

Who are you? Get the fuck out of here!

Charlie, look what I found in the kid's room.

You believe this? Do me a favor, will you?

See if you can find a name or a picture or an I.D. in his room.

You bet.

All right, let's break it up. Everything is fine now.

What do you mean, "Break it up"? Look at those white folks there.

You ain't telling them to go.

White boy pull a gun out in his f ace and you ask us to break it up?

Y'all got some nerves. Fuck you! We ain't going nowhere.

If they can stand over there together, we can stand here together.

Now you go find the asshole that pulled a gun on this man's f ace.

Get those kids to move out so we can clear this area.

Okay, let's go. Break it up. Come on.

Show's over. Back to your rooms. Nothing to see here.

What do you think happened here?

What's going on? I don't know.

It's Malik.

What happened?

He doesn't feel like talking now. Can I help?

What's that all about?

I don't know.

Hey, man. Malik, wait up.

What's up, man? Why'd you move all your stuff out?

I'm staying with some homies now.

I thought you and David might want to live together.

David doesn't even know if he's going to school next semester.

He's all depressed. His parents have him going to a shrink.

I think he's lost it, myself. Listen, Wayne.

I think you're cool, man.

We ain't never had no beef, outside of your dirty clothes...

...and opposite taste in music.

But I'm just... I'm at the point where...

...I feel safer and more comfortable with my own people.

I ain't come here to have no white boy pull a gun in my f ace.

I could have got that in the ghetto.

Seems like this system is setup towards maintaining white supremacy.

I didn't come here to learn that...

I understand you're pissed. But I'm not like that, Malik.

You treat me like I'm Remy.

I'm not like that. I'm no white supremacist!

Is that what you see?

I'm different.

So are you. You know?

No, I'm not. Neither are you. That's the problem.


What are you two doing sitting there? Plotting?

Yeah, we're plotting. Plotting to steal.

To steal what?

To steal the information. All of it. Yeah, but whose information is it?

The more you learn about this system, the more upset you get.

Oh, my dear Mr. Williams.


Information is power.

If you don't have the information, one cannot seize power.

You need to think about becoming mentally competitive.

Being black does not free you from being a responsible individual.

But being a responsible individual don't free you from being black.

That's right. Poor, misguided soul.

You have yet to learn the rules of this game.

He will. I don't want to.

See, I'm smart enough to know it's not my game to play.

I'm just a pawn like everybody else.

Used intelligently, a pawn can create a checkmate, Mr. Williams.

Or become a very powerful player himself.

Don't you understand? This is all a game. All of this.

Like basketball, football, Mr. Big-Time Track Star, a game.

You play it to win.

Because in the real world, no one wants to hear excuses or empty rhetoric.

They want to know if you have a plan.


Mr. Williams, Mr. White, good afternoon.

All right.

Mr. White?

You had his class before? Yeah, I had his class once.

Maybe twice.

Let's roll.

"Mr. Williams, do you have a plan? Nobody wants to hear that bullshit."

Somebody's got to do something about how tense it is.

We can't let the campus go crazy because of the actions of some psycho.

What do you mean, "we"? "We" don't have to do anything.

Just because you and I get along doesn't mean everybody else has to.

Get that "We Are the World" stuff out of your head...

...'cause it is not gonna happen, not on this campus.

Hi, here's a flyer f or the Peace Fest. Take a flyer.

Come to the Peace Fest.

Faggot. Suck my ass.

Fuck. Fuck you.

Fuck me? Why don't you shut up? Don't start that.

Why did you drop out of school?

I never really wanted to go anyway, man.

All's it was was an excuse to get out of Idaho.

You know?

What's the point? The gooks and towel heads get the engineering jobs.

Leave the white man in the cold. Goddamn affirmative action shit. Right?

You really should not have dropped out of school. You hear me?

We need more people like you to become doctors, lawyers, engineers.

You listen, you get it together and you do something f or your own people.

Your own country.

If you don't, you ain't nothing but a race traitor yourself, you hear?

Fuck you, you big-eared faggot!

Fuck you, you big-eared faggot!

No, you know what? You are worse than a fucking nigger!

What's up? Is Malik here?

Yeah. You didn't bring no homies? Got any sisters?

What's up? You got crazy friends.

What happened?

Skinhead fool who pulled a gun on me...

I beat him. I'm the man. I'm God!

Put something cold on it.

I don't need no ice. Put the ice on it!

I had his ass like this:

Why you fighting like some thug? This is college.

I don't know about that no more.

About to take a semester off, let the shit cool.

It's about this, nigger! See this? Yo, it's about this black fist, nigger!

We gonna pound their motherfucking ass...

...until they give in, motherfucker!

You're gonna drop out.

Did I say that? I see it in your eyes.

I said I'm gonna take me a break. Look at me!

Look what they did to my fucking f ace! What's wrong with you?

It's a war, man. This is the first battle in the war.

I'm telling you, man. Remy's right, man. It's their gang against our gang.

Fucking Malik. I'm gonna get him. Fuck him!

Fuck all those fucking niggers. They're all gonna fucking die.

Fucking Malik's a piece of shit. It's all right. We're coming back, man.

We're coming back. Niggers, spics, the fucking mud people, they'll get it.

Fucking idiots. Fuck all those niggers, man!

Hey, yo, trooper. What's up, man?

What's up with your girl? She out there looking kinda bugged.

It ain't nothing. She's just tripping, I guess.

It's all good, though.

Them fools. They so lucky they called security.

I was fit to kill one of them white boys. You know what I'm saying?

Whoa, shit! Fucking white boy.

See how he swole my shit up? Knuckles all fat and shit.

It's all right, though. Whipped his ass so bad...

...his step mom's gonna feel me f or the next three birthdays.

Look what his homeboy did to your head.

What you talking about? This shit? He ain't fading nothing over here.

One ass-whooping, but they still won. How you figure that?

Look around you, man.

They own this shit.

They own this couch you sitting on, them shoes on your feet...

...this building, this school, this country, you!

We're behind enemy lines, dog.

One beat-down will never compare to 439 years of captivity. Never.

You don't know shit, freshman.

This is a war. This is the opening stages of World War III.

I said, shut the fuck up!

I'm tired of hearing your bullshit. I'm tired of you trying to rev everybody up.

What are you gonna do, college boy? And you don't even got your GED.

Two fucking dumb-asses together. I'm gonna make war.

That's right, man. A race war.

On who? On the fucking niggers.

On the fucking race traitors. On the fucking everybody.

Why you testing me?

Remy, you ever shot somebody before?

Actually, better yet, you ever shoot a piece of meat?

Seen what bullets do to flesh?

Them fucking niggers out there, them fucking little monkeys...

...those gang bangers...

...are training every fucking day and every night shooting each other.

They're ready f or war.

But are you?

If it all went down today...

...which one of you would have the balls to shoot a nigger?

I would. You would?

Would you?

I have.

I'd do it. Yeah?

That's right. I'd do it.

All right, then.

What's his problem? My fucking head's killing me.

Everybody says things one way, and you talk to me that way?

This is my blood, man. It's white blood.

What you got there, Scott?

Go on and kill one of them, man. Big shot.

Are you really gonna do it? Yeah, he's gonna!

I'll do it.

You do it. You do this shit, Remy!

Right between the nigger's fucking eyes!

I'll do it, man. All right, Remy!

Come here. Hey! Hey!

There are many ways to fight a battle. Different fronts f or different people.

Some people use their mind, some use words...

...some use fists. This is my front.

For real? That's right. This is my front.

You're full of shit. I'm f or real.

Go ahead, then.

What is high?

What is higher?

What is learn?

What is learning?

What is higher learning?

What it is? I mean, what is it?

What is higher learning?

Promise me you won't drop out.

I ain't going nowhere without you.

Vikina Two to Vikina One.

Yeah, Viking One. Let's do it, man.

I'm gonna kill communication. This looks suspicious. All right?

For Eurocentric indoctrination...

...is learning in an environment that is mostly white.

If the Dred Scott decision was retried in a contemporary court...

...the decision would be the same...

...meaning that a black man would still have no rights...

...that a white man, by law, would be bound to respect.

The result would be the same no matter what the law states...

...because it was not written by and for the benefit of African-Americans.

The credo "And liberty and justice for all"...

...is a falsehood that has been widely ignored and needs to be addressed.

That was great.

Let's give a big round of applause f or Eve's Plum.

The purpose of this gathering is to bring together everyone...

...so we can have f un despite our differences...

...whether they be racial, cultural or sexual.

This is a celebration of the commonality of these differences.

There are people in this country who have profited from keeping us apart.

Do you feel better?

I'll feel better tonight.

Shoot, Remy, shoot!

Remy, brother, you gotta do it now!

Come on, Remy! Do it for the Aryan Nation!

White power, Remy! White power!

White power!

I know what that was. Come on. It was probably a car.


Somebody's got a gun!

Everybody, stay calm. Don't panic.

Come on!


We have to get her to the hospital.

Go get some help, boy!

Mr. Williams?

Mr. Williams, please...

Malik, what are you standing there f or?

You must go now!

Do you hear me, Mr. Williams?

Do you hear me?

White motherfucker!

You're dead!

It's my world. It's my country.

It's my world.

You're nothing but a monkey. Look at me.

I'm a man. I'm the man.

I'm a man! You're nothing!

You're nothing! You can't beat me. Fuck you.

I fucking hate you!

You gonna die!

She's dead!

I'm gonna kill you!

You're gonna die now!

You all right? Get off me!

Hey, kid. What are you doing, kid?

Take it easy. Come on.

It's gonna be all right. Settle down.

Everything's gonna be fine. Take it easy. Just relax.

What are you doing? No!

Don't shoot. Get away!

We can't get back, kid, we can't. You wanna shoot me.

No, we don't. Put the gun down.

Get away from me. We're not coming any closer.

You're lying. I'm not. Nobody's hurt yet.

You're lying. I'm not lying. Look at my eyes.


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

It's okay. We know. Put it down.

It's over. No.

Don't do this. Put it down.

I wanted to build things. I wanted to be an engineer.

You still can. Stop lying!

Please, put the gun down. It's okay.

It hurts.

I know.

It hurts. I know, kid. It's okay.

It's okay. It's not.

It is.

This is Columbus University, a great center of higher learning.

But the lesson taught here today...

...was one in how good things can go tragically wrong.

A multicultural peace fest organized in the interest of campus unity...

...has ended with three people dead.

One of them was a gunman who took his own life after killing two students.

The mayor...

...is on his way to the campus as we speak.

University administration has had nothing whatsoever to say.

Wow. You know what that is?

Remy's fucking dead.

No, man. That's white power.

Yeah, you're right.

White power. White fucking power!

White power! Sieg heil.

What do you think I should do?

What do I think?

You're right.

That's my job.


Man, I don't know, you know?

Maybe if I hadn't...

It's just...

Man, I don't know what to do.

Mr. Williams...

...in spite of the recent tragedy here, you have persevered.

You have overcome many obstacles this semester.

For those reasons, you have my utmost respect...

...and every confidence...

...that you will make a wise decision concerning your future.

Got to think.

Got to get my head straight.

I'm gonna go now.

Without struggle, there is no progress.

Frederick Douglass.


I lost my girl here.

I feel like this is all my fault.

I helped put this whole thing together.

I'm responsible f or all of this.

Oh, God.


You can't blame yourself, you know?

My name's Kristen.


Nice to meet you.

I seen you around.

Phipps' class, huh?

It's funny we never spoke before.


It's funny.


...I gotta get going.

Take care. You too.

All right. Give us a big smile now.