Highway (2014) Script

What was so urgent?

We have the rest of our lives. We can meet anytime Let's go Veera, I think you should go back. No one saw us Vinay, I want to breathe. Wedding traditions Welcome! The costumes, the jewellery, etc...

Please let's get away for awhile Just for an hour An hour?

Start the car

15 minutes Let's go

15 minutes!

5 minutes to go Time hasn't started Let's escape these bright lights. Out in the open To the highway? Without bodyguards?

Just a glimpse of the highway. Ok?

All the knots in my brain are untying Good. Let's head back Some untying left A little longer has become a lot longer So?

Veera, it isn't safe here You're here


Let's not go back. Let's run away Yes! Let's make a run for it And make a beautiful home on some mountain top You can be a shepherd. I can cook It'll be great fun I'm turning back Enough!

Should've turned back

Is it closed?


The air is so different here. So fresh Breathing the city air makes you restless Why can't it be like this?

If you've had your fun, come back Come out!

Veera, hurry

He's coming from behind Hey, you scum


You there, stop!

Stay there, all of you Swine!

She gets it next I won't say it again What's wrong with the jeep? Wasn't it checked?

Take this car I warned you

I'm watching you

Follow me and I'll shoot you

Call Tonk

Tonk, got a car? Where are you?

Where to? Know Mangar back road?

Drive on. I'll tell you The road behind the hills. In the fields

Let her go

Open the back door

Tie her hands

O beloved, I will carry you far away from this market place

Far away from all your sorrows

Your name?

What's your name?

I want to go home



Speak up!

Veera Veera, what?


Manek Tripathy's daughter?

I told you a thousand times. Stay away from the rich No messing with them They're linked to big shots They'll skin you alive if you mess with them Now deal with it He didn't know who she was Who travels in a flashy Audi? Tell me Tripathy's daughter Yes Tripathy's daughter

The police, the Home Guard. BSF, the army They're crawl up your backside and exit your mouth Now save your ass

A man should know his place Why climb a mountain if you don't have the balls?

What are you staring at?

What will you do? Eat me?

You're scared shitless. Pair of eunuchs!


You shouldn't have said that I won't forget this No, I won't, Bhaati

Or should I fix you right now?

Put that away

Easy Bullshit

Stay away from the rich Fear them!

Not a word more Why should we fear the rich?

Salute them Open doors for them? Why?

Because they can take your ass whenever they want They've got it all. What's left?

We're used to licking ass. Enjoy getting screwed now You mother...

Let's go Sit!

You're talking about Manek Tripathy He owns industries around the world Ministers and politicians are his mates. Must we take them on?

What will you do?

What now?

Call him Hello, Tripathy-ji You know what? Your daughter is in our custody I am texting you an address Get there with the ransom, please Yes That's just what I'll say And when the girl gets shot in the leg...

...Tripathy will come panting with the cash Or I'll sell her off to a brothel. In some shady street Vanished. India is too big A bad omen is shadowing him He'll land us in trouble too You'll die a dog's death, Bhaati A dog always dies a dog's death What'll they do to me?

Hang me four times?

I've murdered three men already I'll die as I lived But this will happen This I will do

Listen Wake up!


Don't be scared They call me Goru I'll take care of you

No I'll talk to you later We have to go now. Too risky here Get up. Now!

I don't trust any of you anyway So do what you have to do

Let's go

Switch off your phones Their woman is in our hands Today is our day Hail Baba Kisan Das!

Hail Lakkad Maharaj!

Hail to our villages. Our land!

Long live!

Any new qawali out in the market?

Listen, brother People don't like listening to new qawalis A special recitation In honour of Khwaja Gharib Nawaz Is it old? Very old Then it's fine

You've outdone yourself Your name will spread far Couldn't talk on the phone I heard today. Tried calling you Where will you hide us?

Things have changed You're famous now Wherever you go with the girl, all Ajmer Sharif will know And we'll all become famous. You can't stay here Is it on the news?

Not yet Everyone knows because of the damn police

My God You have M.K. Tripathy's daughter. Imagine!

It's me

You unwell?

Your lips must be numb

I'm on your side Make sure you never talk to anyone about me They're dangerous people Who knows what they'll do to you?

You couldn't even imagine it

I am here

I'll take care of you I'll take care of you

You want to return home, don't you?

You want to go home?

Back to your parents?

To your family?

You want to go home?

I'll take you back

You're back?

I gave her some water We'll feed her later There's Aadoo We're over there Sit down

Hey, Aadoo Hurry up!

Check the corner

All clear

What is it?

She wants to run So?




Where are You? Where am I?

O Lord, show compassion on me Countless sorrows surround me I believe that You will restore my world Heed the one who has no one Where are You? Where am I?

How fearsome is the path before me Why have You turned away from me?

Where am I?

Where am I?

Darkness descends around me No light to be seen Body broken, soul defeated The stars of good fortune have faded Show a ray of hope There's nothingness everywhere

Get back!

She ran away on her own accord. She'll return in the same way Move!

No tea for me?

I'm making paneer. Will you eat it?

We need SIM cards Take Tonk with you Send the stuff back with him We need other stuff too Don't worry

Can you hear me?

What is it?

Can I come out just for a little while?


Closed spaces...

...make my head spin I'm feeling ill

Let her out I won't try and run Just for awhile

This is such an odd place Never seen a place like this

We spend all our time in hotels on our holidays

No point travelling May as well just check into a Delhi hotel Hotels are the same everywhere Why am I talking so much?

It feels so unreal Like I'm watching a movie I've no control. Words pour out without my knowing

Actually, I haven't said a word for almost two days

Feels good sitting out here. So thank you

I felt like throwing up inside That's why I said...

Feels better out here. It's the fresh air

I'm still talking!

I should be tense right now I am tense

No more talking Is the tea ok? It's different It's good. Sugar in it? Or something else?

Hey! You made the tea I added sugar, but maybe some salt fell in There's salt everywhere On my face, too I thought it was only me Everyone's got salt on them Look at my arm Salt here too

Why did you have to run away like that?

I told you I'd make some arrangement Now listen carefully Has the salt gone?


You better trust me. How will it work otherwise?

Here's my plan Panicking won't help

I know what you must be thinking, brother Mahabir

Maybe you misunderstand the whole thing That's possible, no?

I'll tell you what's going on

You've it got wrong. Listen She's a consignment. Not a girl I am not arguing...

End of story

And you! Can't you dress decently?

See you

Let's go

We're going now?

Where to? No idea

Will Goru tell everyone?

Shut her mouth!

Tie her hands. In the truck!

What about the truck papers? And the state border police?

We need the license plate registration Show these papers. They belong to a junked old truck. Here Well done, brother!

Now what's the plan?

We talk to Tonk in Ajmer Shall I switch the phone on?

Throw that SIM card away We'll call from a landline


Look away!

Where the hell were you?

Where were you?

Have you lost your mind?

How dare you ask?

You can go and relieve yourself, don't I have to go, too?

Think about it


What happened? Got through?

Tonk will call her parents from her phone He'll meet us in two days

I'll sit in front I'll break your bones if you talk nonsense Ok Break my bones. Satisfy yourself But I will sit in front No problem I'll sit next to her She'll be sandwiched between us. OK?

I was very rude

I'm never so rude to anyone

I'm usually so well behaved I have good manners And with you...

I felt like throwing up Shut up!

Am I saying sorry?

Are we here to show off our good manners?

Show them off in your father's house

Hurry up!

Hi, Veera

How are you?

How am I?

I'll think about it and let you know

Let me tell you an old tale

Bless my words as I tell it

My love for Heer dethroned me Destiny turned me into a fakir

Destiny turned me into a fakir

The Lord can destroy kings and princes

And create wise men and saints


What happened, sir?

What's inside?

Nothing, sir Nothing?

Driving an empty truck?

Just some household goods Or stolen goods from Rajasthan?

I swear on my mother, sir Get out!

Open the back May I talk, sir? What is it?

We're in a hurry So?

Can we work this out?

Bribing the police? You little scumbag Do you have the means?

Open up! Move

Open it!

Open up. Right now!

Want a caning?


The other one

Step aside!

You have a dishonest face So you confused us. Get going!

You offended?

Should I confiscate it?

No, sir

Let them go

What happened?

Were you hiding?

Did you hide?

Yeah Why?

This was your chance Why did you hide?

Don't know Don't know means?

Don't know means don't know Maybe I've lost my mind

I could've escaped so easily

What's wrong with me?

Eat quickly if you want to eat We're not stopping for long

I was nine years old

At home...

He used to bring imported chocolates for me

My uncle

He made me sit on his lap And loved me

And then alone...

In the bathroom

He would make me sit on his lap again

And love me

I used to scream But he'd cover my mouth Like this Cover my mouth So my screams could not come out It hurt so much

''It's all over...

''We're done...

''My doll...

''You are the best girl in the whole world...

''The most beautiful''

He came home again Again and again he came

Inside I was screaming my lungs out

''Don't tell anyone. Ok?''

One day I told Mummy Explained to her

Mummy said...

''Don't tell anyone


I didn't tell anyone

Then one day it all stopped

But he still visited

With chocolates for me

He comes to the house even now

I sit on his lap

He loves me

I laugh

''My doll...

''The most beautiful of all''

The beasts

Manners. Culture Greet them Touch their feet in respect

They're all around you

You have to survive among them Laugh with them Befriend them

Love them

The place you've got me from...

I don't want to go back there

The place we're going, don't want to get there

But this road...

It's very good

I want this road never to end

The case was filed at Dera Mandi police station All the details are here

This cannot go public The special cell is handling the case Information will be shared with caution His name is Mahabir Bhaati. He's on the run They're not professional kidnappers, just petty criminals Land grabbing, armed robbery, etc Call from the girl's phone. Then remove the battery A call from Veera's phone First let's find out if it's worth trusting you I'll call later The call's from Noida. Near Delhi

I came of my own accord to tell you Why would I lie now?

I've no clue where the swine has taken her

I've come from so far to tell you everything

Hiding is out of question Just ask!

They left this place a week ago They could be anywhere I'll tell you when to hand over the ransom money Just relax. And wait He called from Calcutta

God knows where she is What they're doing to her

A bite of sweet paan A cotton Lahori suit In high spirits, the firefly soars

The Lord is your gardener, O green forest Never mind the cuss words, He watches your every step Ignore what the world thinks Take the name of God. Take the name of Ali

She has taken the path to Him

Firefly, free spirit, firecracker Flying about intoxicated

Throwing caution to the wind, I am in Your hands

God's chosen one

God will take away the suffering He inflicts

Take His name and dance

Growing wild like the peepal tree No one plants her. No one can cage her On this endless journey, like rainwater falling Soiled if she touches the ground Ali is Your name

Throwing caution to the wind, I am in Your hands


Unique places in this country Tell me Why are the rich fascinated by dirty run-down old ruins?

Step to the side Hold this Hold it straight. We need to see the date What language is it? Bengali So they think we're in Bengal. Smart!

You've been abducted. Look upset Who'd pay ransom for you?

Stop laughing Be serious How can I be serious, looking at you, Aadoo?

I'll turn around


This place is good The market is nearby

Better buy her clothes She'll stand out like this

Everything will be ok But I'd like to know...

If anything goes wrong, the ransom, the calls By the way, are we still...

Sticking to our plan?


Just asking We're selling the girl to a brothel

Don't get fond of her Nothing like that Is she the only respectable one?

What about the poor?

Women are taken away at night For some big shot A woman is required tonight And who takes her to him?

Her own husband Her man

He sits outside while his wife is inside with the big shot Then the door opens He brings his wife back home

And takes out all his frustrations on the woman Because the rich can have us when they feel like To hell with them To hell with them

Drop it He's not in the mood I'll fix his mood

Are you mad?

Never do that Got it

What is it?

You bought me clothes Aadoo told me Stop acting. I look very nice

What is this song?

What is it?

I want to hear the song That's it

Go now Mahabir Bhaati

Where did you hear it? What's it to you?

Now I have to know What song was that?

It's not a song Then?

So where did you hear it?

My mother sang it

She sang for you?

Tell me Yes, she sang it for me

When she went to work, I went with her I'd cry so she'd sing. Ok?

You would cry?

Does your mother live with you?

Enough. Go inside!

Stand up!

You see, I don't feel like going Too smart!


I'm not scared anymore Don't get offended, but...

I find you really cute now

So what made you cry?

Who troubled the little one?

I won't ask again

Sleep now

Do not cry

Look down!

Where's your mind? You burnt the food

My adored son, sleep now Your dreams will carry you to a field of sweet delights

The parrot on the tree tells you to smile

The swan wants to befriend you

My adored son

The night is dark as coal Your eyes fill with sleep With a blanket of stars covering you Sleep a sweet sleep

If you toss and turn The mynah bird will steal you away

A star, a little star Afalling star Asks after you

Why don't you sleep? Why do you cry?

Why did you get so lost?

What upset you? Who upset you?

What did you leave behind in the land you came from?

Your mother...

What do you call her?

Amma So...

Is she well?

I mean Is she all right?

You have to promise me, Mahabir Once we're done with all this You'll see her

Where is she?

In the village So you'll go to the village and see her

Tell me what is in your heart Share your thoughts with me

Sleep now, my adored son

It's full English, right? Total English, sir

This one


Take your stuff

Chandigarh bus station?

I'm proud of you

You leaving?

Take care of yourself We'll meet again

Look there A police station. Go inside and talk to the man in charge Tell him your name and your father's name. Say you're the kidnapped girl You know I won't go Take your phone. Call your home first Can't you hear me? I won't go You won't go? So what will you do with me?

Marry me?

Raise my kids?

What will you do?

What's come over you?

Why make a scene?

What will you do with me?


You know who I am That's just it I know who you really are I killed three people I have With these very hands

My life is over. It'll never get fixed Never I will only die. You should go back I pray for you

How did it all happen?

I'm telling you to go It'll be a disaster. Go away!

What's your story?

How did this happen? Shut up!

Go to the police station I won't go. What will you do?

Let go!

Are you that strong? I won't go Don't drive me crazy Kill me too

Stop, Mahabir Don't be childish

What's wrong?

One minute. I have to make a call

Where do I catch the bus to Chandigarh?

Reckong Peo bus stand? Get in

Get this straight Whatever happens, you don't decide alone. Got it?

Move away. Stand there

I was bound to come this way

My path is somewhere here I stand at the crossroad

The journey opens its arms to me

Where am I?

Fearsome paths, open roads

Shaky plans, strong bonds

Where am I?

A 20-minute stop. Be quick!

There's no plan about raising kids

Or marrying

There's no plan

All I want is a little more A little longer with you

Never felt like this before The way I feel with you I can do anything Anything I feel like And you'll take care of it

I don't even have to think

I've never felt like this

But I'm being very selfish You'll be in trouble They thought we were in Calcutta Now they'll know we're here

Nothing can save us now?

All ruined

What now?

We sit on top

On the roof Coming?

Let's decide the next move You talk too much

Wrapped in clouds of white wool

I am like the winter breeze Not caring what's left behind Not seeing what lies ahead I ask myself

Where am I?

Finding myself amidst lost desires

Firm desires, shaky pursuits

In all of this...

...where am I?

What are you staring at?

You like the mountains or the sea?

I've never seen the sea

I like the mountains more, too Like that one It is calling out to me Wish we could go there

Then come

We'll go there?

Got other plans?

Let's go

For one second

Are you done? Give it back

Enough. Pass it here It has power, boss

I'll give you a tight slap

It's not a toy. Give it to me Tell me something One bullet and one man is finished?

Two are finished

The one who gets shot

And the one who shoots

It's a bad thing So why don't you throw it away?

Why keep it?

What the hell do you know?

I can see

We won't fight No fighting

Don't talk about such things


Let's go

Let's race

I wanted a home on a mountain like this Always wanted one My home My dream Pick any mountain you like They're all ours Really?

Yes, they belong to us They'll be here whenever you come back I'm choosing one Sure, go ahead

Keep this This is my dream home Exactly how I want it We're saved so much work

It's ok?

Be comfortable. The owners won't be back soon


Ten minutes. I'll make something Go freshen up and just relax Leave it. I'll do it This is my home Now out!

Who's denying it?

Let me clean up


What is it? One minute

This can never be mine I've come so far away

20 years

Everything will be all right Amma Everything is over

I was once a mother's adored son

Mahabir, where's your gun?

I threw it away Veera Tripathy?

Stay away!

Back off!

Get back!

It's all ok What the hell did you shoot? Bastard! Why shoot?

What was he doing?

Move back I'll kill everyone Veera, there's no time He'll die. He needs a hospital Nothing will happen to him We have to take him immediately

Let's go

Listen to me. I'll take you to your village To Amma I said everything will be ok. Didn't I?

Nothing has changed I am telling you. Nothing has changed See for yourself

I know what you're thinking But you know nothing

The important thing is we save Mahabir Save Mahabir He kidnapped me But it's not what it seems. Quite the opposite What's happened, child?

Nothing's happened I am fine Who is this man?

I am fine Let go Easy!

What's that for? An injection?

Papa, listen to me. Please You don't understand Wait. One second There's something I must tell you Stop

Why don't you understand?

What have you done? You don't get it

He died on the spot. Around 9.30 Before we could get him on the stretcher Can we take Veera back to Delhi?

Where's the body? In the mortuary The post-mortem? Done, sir

Mahabir Bhaati?

I'll prepare the injection

Vinay's mom wants to see you Be nice Be pleasant Like everything was normal What do you think, Veera?

In which city should we have the wedding?

Convenient for everyone

Every winter they say: ''It's so cold''

Every summer: ''Oh my God. It's too hot''

Why is it such a surprise?

Oh! What is it?

Why are you coming down?

Do join us

And you?

We're fine Just worried about you. Hope you'll get better soon

She looks much better

I found my home on a mountain

I cooked food I cleaned my house

Then the bullet was fired Vinay loves the mountains, right?

That Austrian resort? You know Veera's favourite I always said that... I would run away I don't want to live in the city Doesn't everyone say that?

But who runs away?

I wouldn't have either

If Mahabir hadn't kidnapped me and taken me away

But now...

I'm gone

I cannot come back I think you should rest It's so strange

I was kidnapped

But I was free there

I'm in prison here

Come, Veera Is this my home?

No chocolates today, Uncle Shukla?

I'll order some now Where?

Where will you give them to me?

Here? Or in the bathroom?

Enough of this

Yes, Mummy? Something you want to say?

I don't know what she's talking about Can't remember?

Let me remind you

''My princess...

''You're most beautiful girl in the world. My doll''

Now remember?

With your hands...

...how you'd cover my mouth

So my screams could not be heard

All my screams My cries of pain To keep my screams silent You forced my mouth shut. Hush

In the bathroom...

Again and again The running tap Where were you, nurse?

She's really gone crazy They are right I was screaming. I was 9 That hand was over my mouth My cries were silenced. No one heard

It happens These things happen all the time

So you know what?

I'm not ok with it This world...

...where this happens Where you can't tell a lie from the truth

Everything is mixed up There's so much confusion

Be careful when you go out Strangers are bad Agirl should always be careful

Why didn't you ever say...

...I should be careful inside the house too?

That I should also protect myself from you Why didn't you ever tell me?

I was so exposed here Inside my own home

So I don't want to be sensible I am foolish. I'm bad But I am not one of you

I will not come back

Admire the diamond...

...that endures the blows of a hammer

The deceitful cannot hide their flaws

Do not display your diamonds at a vegetable market

Keep them close to your heart and go your way

If the sun shines on a rainy day

Shadows fall and rise I make a wish and you appear before me Play with me Distances vanish You are with me. Day and night The shadows tell me You are with me. Day and night O my companion You are with me at every step

We are one

O companion of mine