Himitsu (1999) Script





Lots of snow!

Terrific! Not melted yet!

We came for a memorial service. Not to go skiing.

Mama, you also want to ski, right?

Oh, I want to ski! I'm dying to ski!

I can't wait to see Yoshimi.

Spring vacation's great. No homework.

I thought you grew out of that.

My lucky charm.

It's so cute... Give it to me.


Look out!

Heisuke Sugita Naoko Monami

Rescued passengers are badly injured. Most in critical condition.

The latest report... Regarding the mother and daughter in the hospital... They have been identified as, Mrs. Sugita and her daughter. The two women brought to this hospital... Have been identified. Their family name is Sugita. We'll be going now.

Try to shave clean.

Bye, now!

I'm Sugita. Where's my wife and daughter?

Sugita? The trauma section upstairs.

The trauma section.


I don't know what to say...

If only I hadn't asked them to come...

Doctor, doctor...

Mr. Sugita?


Will they make it?

I'm afraid it's very critical.

You mean my wife... or my daughter?

Both of them.

Doctor, the mother's VF!


Hold on! What?



Don't worry.

She's right next to you.

Nurse... Help me.


Hold on!






This way please.




You're awake...


Am I... dead?


You're alive!

I'll get the doctor!

Wait, Heisuke.

It's me, Naoko.


What are you saying?



I'm Naoko.

- H i m i t s u -

What are you saying?

Are you all right, Monami?

No. I'm Naoko.

Can't you see?

No! It's impossible.

I can't believe it myself.

But it's true.

Now, don't kid daddy.

I'm not.


Then, tell me about the first date we had.

We ate ice cream at the Cape Lighthouse.

And then?

We went to Chinatown.

You ate 5 dishes of noodles in soup.

Different kinds of noodles.

Also fried noodles.

And do you remember the night you spent at my place?

Yes, It was winter.

While we were doing it you were so clumsy.

You had a leg cramp. A big commotion.

Tell me, are you still alive?



Does it mean that Monami is the one who is dead?

I took over Monami's body.

If it's possible to bring Monami back...

I'll do whatever it takes.

For now...

Better not tell anyone.


What'll I do now?

I'm home.

Wow, what a mess.

Heisuke, open the window.

It's pretty awkward.

Heisuke, did you water them?


I knew it.

They're withering. The poor things.

Drink lots of water.


Come on, pep up!

Now you'll revive.

Heisuke, come and help me.


Am I in a dream?

Will you be all right alone?

I'll be fine.

You missed some.

So, you're Naoko.

See you later.

I'll see you later.

A little bland.

But chief, we thought a mild flavor would sell better.

Chinese noodles must taste good from the first bite.

So-called mild soy sauce contains a lot of salt.


It has a good broth flavor.

A little more effort.

And the noodles.

I'm confident of that.

I think the chief looks pretty weary.

After what happened, of course.

Come on! Get up! You'll be late.

5 more minutes.

No! Get up!

No! I want to sleep more Get up right now. You hear me?

Stop it!

I'll sleep with you.

Research of possession phenomenon, By religion, natural science and psychology, continues extensively... There is an interesting case. It happened to a girl in France. She had smallpox... And was in a state of suspended death...

She recovered with another person's personality. A woman who died at about the same time, Was believed to have possessed the girl.

It's green! Look! Look!

The girl knew everything about the dead woman.

Her condition lasted for two years. Then, the girl's true personality returned.

I'm home.

She must be Naoko


It's me, Naoko.

Hi, there.

What in the...?

Look like a teenager?

Maybe the skirt is too short?


Stop staring, Heisuke.

Cut it out!

I can't help it.


Stop it...



You know what I think?

I should be Monami when we're outside the house.

It's an idea...

We don't have a choice.

Being your wife in the house won't change.


I can't keep wearing this ring.

From now on this will be my wedding ring

I'll keep mine on.

That's nice of you.


You're over 40, can you be a high school girl?

I can... I can!

That's already out of date.

You've got to get busy with a lot of catching up.

Now, go to sleep.

We're a real weird couple.

Ah, shut up.

This sure brings back memories.


Why, hello.

Are you all right now?


Gee, you grew up.

Same class?

What's with your skirt?


It's too long.

Are you feeling better? Just take it easy, okay?


Yeah, thanks.

Let's go.

She's gone through this terrible trauma...

She forgets faces and names.

I see...

She might find it very hard to keep up in class.

A new term is starting.

She's a good student. She'll be fine.

No, I don't really think so.

I'm sure she can't even socialize with anyone.

Don't worry about her in school.


Good morning.


You're... Odajima, right?

Ah, yes.

I'm glad you're with us.

Me too.

I sure am glad.

Why'd you bother with him?

He was a classmate before.

So, you talked to him?

Could you ignore him?

I guess not.


Long time no see.

The second function... f (x) equals... a x squared plus... b x plus c...

Find the value of the constant a, b, c.

I give up.

Help me, Monami.

Anyone have the answer?

Miss Sugita.

You mean... me?


I'll wash your back.

No thanks.


It's just...

Come on, I always do.

Yeah, right.

You're Naoko, yeah.

How's school?


Kids are all around me.

That's natural.

Something's weird.


I thought math was beyond me completely, But it's easy to come up with answers.

The conscious mind is yours, but the brain is Monami's.

The brain determines talent and ability.

You and Monami have the same thought patterns.

Maybe that's it.


Get in the tub.



Don't be shy.

Cut it out.

Regarding indemnity...

Depending on the victim's sex and age...

The sum will differ from 50 to 80 million yen.

Can't you get at least 100 million?

That's too cheap.

Is life that cheap?

Give my son back!

All of you have a document...

That calculates the formula for indemnity.

You apply it to figure out the amount.

So, the amount can be roughly decided.

My two sons who just started work were killed.

They're not the same as somebody's wife.

200 million yen each!


Do you know the cause of the accident?


The bus company admits it was the driver's fault.

After a thorough inquiry?

It won't bring back the dead!

Demand a thorough check of the accident.

It's what the people who died want to know.

Very well.

The issue of overwork of the driver...

And other factors to be double checked.

Will be demanded from the bus company.

Please do that.

I will.

Money is the least concern.

It's not the money...

One more thing.

The driver's son, Kajikawa, is here.

He wishes to make an apology to everyone.

Is it all right?

Then, Kajikawa, please.

Please accept...

I'm sorry...

That's no way to apologize.

How many people are dead?

Be more sincere.

Who do you think you are?

Your father did it!

My dad's not a murderer!

What's that?

Come back here!

Wait a minute.

You were pretty rude.

He's the one.

He calls every night.

Saying my dad's a murderer.

I recognize his voice.

No compassion for the victim's families?

I feel sorry for them.

For you too.

But my dad didn't cause the accident on purpose.

The bus company puts all the blame on him.

You have other family?

No. That's why I came.


He has an attitude.

He's having a hard time.

He's going to college?

Who knows?

If he worked overtime for the tuition...

The victims can't rest in peace.

Who worked overtime?

The driver.

I heard him talking on the bus.

Kajikawa, it's your turn.

Yeah, sorry.

Are you all right?

I didn't sleep last night.

Driving a truck again?

You're risking your job.

But driving is the only work I can do.

Isn't moonlighting hard?

Not too bad.

It means happiness to my family. That's what.

Maybe he dozed off at the wheel.

I'll do the indemnity negotiations.

So, forget about the accident.


Pass it on!

Pass! Pass the ball!

Miss Sugita.


Catch you later.

How do you feel?

I'm fine.

Take care of yourself.


That girl's worrying about me makes me tired.

Don't be ungrateful. She's a fine teacher.

You're taking her side.


But you know...

She's always watching me.

It suffocates me. Maybe she's suspicious.

About what?

That I'm not Monami.

Silly. She's worried about you, that's all.

That sure is a pretty heavy meal.

I want to eat solid food, 'cause I'm young.

Young. I see.

Heisuke, what about it?



Heisuke, shame on you.

Why sex, out of the blue?

Well, we talked about my teacher, Miss Hashimoto.

That's irrelevant.

Well, what'll you do?

What'll I do?

What can I do?

To my own daughter?

You think I can make love?

I guess not.

Mr. Sugita?


It's been a while.

Yes, it has...

A medical school?


It will be hard on her, changing her subjects.

Why in the world?

You have any inkling?


Shall we sit down?

Thank you.

I didn't know we were neighbors.

I live further down the road.


Yes, that's right.

Is that so...

Well, now...

What's she up to with Heisuke?

Well, I must be going.

Thank you.

Say hello to Monami.



I caught you.

You startled me. Were you listening?

Wipe off the grin.

Who, me?

She's your type all right.

What's that mean?

You're nuts!

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

I want to study cerebral medicine.

I want to discover what happened to me.

I thought so.

But can science cure it?

Maybe not, but I want to try.

Just living and feeling skeptical isn't easy.

I guess not.

One other thing...

I don't want to waste reliving a life.

With Monami's body, I want to do what I want.

For Monami's sake too.

I feel like I'm being outstripped.

No good?

I'll back you up.

I can still work for 20 more years.



Is your skirt shorter?

This is normal.

Come on. You're over forty.

You hear? Naoko!


Famous foreign literature, Tolstoi, "War and Peace".



Look! Look!



Be quiet!

I'm starving!

Lots of pickles, Here! Here!

Not me!

So, the test is tomorrow.

No problem.

That's good.

Here's something we put all our energy in.



If you don't pass, there's always next year.

And another year afterwards.

If I didn't pass, then no one passed.

You're amazing.

Look! There it is!

Where? Where?

705 Na-o-ko!

Oh, I see it.

Thanks to my noodle power.

Yes? Yes!

One order of Sushi.


We haven't been here for awhile.



It's my happiest time to be with you like this.

Yes, it is.

Say, Heisuke.

If you fancy that girl...


The teacher, Taeko Hashimoto.

That kid, Taeko?

Now's the time to make a move.

I've got you, Naoko.

Thank you.

You missed some.

Cut it out.

Here. Herring.

You all right? Here...

It might help if I hide my face.

And I'll be quiet.

It just isn't right to do it to Monami's body.

I can use my mouth.

Don't say that with Monami's face.

All right.


I'll sleep in Monami's room from tomorrow.

I guess you should.

Maybe we should have done that sooner.

Can I sleep here just for tonight?


For Monami's entering medical college!

Bottoms up!


Daddy! Hurry up and come here!


I promised Monami before.


You said you wanted to eat grandpa's noodles.

Oh, yes, I was dying for it. And I love this.

Yes, yes!


I'm sorry.

My mother really loved grandpa's noodles.


Really good.

Monami, do you have a boyfriend?


No way!

Why not?

Over my dead body.

That's 'father-talk', Heisuke.

She'll find a nice guy and get married before you know it.

The day you got married to Naoko...

Our dad cried his eyes out.

He said he wanted to hit you, Heisuke.


But you cried.

That never happened.

He really said that.

Where's your dad?

In the bath.

That's nice.

It feels stiff here.

You can tell?

Yeah, dad, you always feel stiff right here...


I mean, my dad gets a stiff back too.

He does?

You rub his back too like a good girl.



You've grown up now.

So, if your dad finds a suitable lady...

Let's give him our blessing, all right?


Monami... I wonder where she is now?

Damn it all!

Damn it!

Thank you for waiting. This way please.

Here's the menu. Please take you time.

I'll be back in a moment.

Welcome. How many in the party?

Ah, just a second.

What the...?

What's wrong?

Guess I lost my wallet.

Come on, dad, you've got to watch over me.

I'll pay.

All right?

Thank you.

All right?



It can happen to anyone.



The money I owe you.

You came all the way here to pay me back? Come in.

I've got to go.

Thanks anyway

Thank you.

Are you getting worker's compensation?


The company found out dad was moonlighting.

I see... And how about your college?

I quit.

I got a job in a noodle shop.

You did? Where?

In Yotsuya.

Yotsuya? That's near my company.

Do you know the "Kouya"?

Yes, it's catty-corner from a sushi shop.

And the "Avalanche" noodle shop nearby...

You wanted to know the cause of the accident.

I think my dad dozed off while driving.

He was working recklessly.

And it was all for you.


Our life was never easy.

Maybe he had a gambling debt.

He liked to gamble.

What sick people need, is not famous scholars.

They need good clinicians.

This is the basic doctrine of our school.

Never let it fade from your mind...

During the 6 years you will study here.

For the many patients and their families you'll meet, Do become good doctors.

Join the sailboat club?

I'll be busy studying.

Anyone who only studies won't make a good doctor.

Physical stamina is vital for doctors.

Well... No thank you.

Doctors need stamina!

One two! One two!

Doctors need stamina!

One two! One two!

I'm scared!

Sugita! Pull!


Pull the jib!

Stay cool!

Stay put!

Look forward!

Let go of the jib!

Loosen the sheet!

Don't stand up!

We'll capsize!

Stay cool!

I'm trying my best!


Stamina is vital for doctors.


They're all experts.

And they are... men?

A German farmer wanted to hunt badgers.

So, they crossed a dog with a strong jaw and...

A dog with short legs, and that made dachshunds.

Make sure to drop in.

Here's a discount ticket with lots of cute girls.

We're all college girls.

A perfect place for your taste...

You're not students!

If you are, go home and study.

Good evening!


Oh, that's right! You work here.

Don't bother. You'll get dirty hands.

Kajikawa, what are you doing?


Hurry up!


It's all right. Don't worry.

Hello, it's me. I had a club meeting. I'll be late. Sorry.

I'm home.

Hi! I'll fix supper.

Take a bath with me.

Ah, hey! Stop it!



It's hot. Be careful.

How about some dessert?

I've got to study.

Hello. This is Sugita.

Sorry to call so late. My name is Soma. Can I talk to Monami?

Which Soma are you?

From the sailboat club. Hold on.

Naoko, telephone.

All right.


It's me. Soma. Oh, Mr. Soma, good evening.

Can we talk?

Yes, it's all right.

Second place Chunichi will play Hiroshima... The Yokohama - Yakult game was exciting... A runner was on first base...

You're pulling my leg.

No. I mean it. You have natural aptitude. But a race? No way.

I guarantee you can do it.

Sorry, I've got to go.

Okay, catch you later. Good night. Good night.


What are you doing? Eavesdropping?

So what? Is it wrong?

I'm your husband.

Don't you trust me?

This Soma, what is he?

My senior. We talked about the sailboat club.

For 30 minutes?

He must have something else in mind.

Mr. Soma isn't that sort of man.

Mr. Soma? You call a kid half your age, Mr. Soma?

Heisuke, why are you so uptight?

Young men are like beasts. Just waiting for a chance.

Don't worry. He's just a kid. Trust me.

Don't be so conceited.

What's that mean?

You're my old lady...

And don't forget it.



Let's go for a run next Saturday.

Can't do it.

Why not? You got something to do?

I need time to study.

I see.

"Soma, Haruki"

Look, Sugita. On Saturday, you really can't?



See you.

Yeah, thank you.

I'm home.

Sorry to be late. I'll make supper.

You're late. The sailboat club drive you home? Pretty ritzy.

I didn't want to take a taxi.


Some more.



I want to concentrate on studying.

Sugita. You know how I feel about you... Give me your cell-phone number. I don't have a cell-phone.

You don't like me?

It's not that...

I'll pick you up at noon tomorrow. No. Not at my house. Then, the usual place, Cafe da Vinci. Ah, but...

I'll wait there until you show up. Ah, hello! Hello!


How about going out for lunch today.

Got other plans?


Hello, Kuniko? How're you doing?

Fine. It's been a while. I'm fine, too.

So, your dad is strict. Yeah, will you cover for me?

Okay, I'll do it. You saved my life.

Just call me on the phone, 10 minutes from now.



So, bye for now. Thank you.

Heisuke, telephone.

Hello. Sugita here.

I've got to meet Kuniko.

I'll be back by evening.

See you later.


Heisuke... Why...?

So, you are Soma?


I'm Monami's father, and she can't see you any more.

Why do you say that?

We live in a different world from you.

I don't get it. What do you mean?

We're from outer space.

We came from outer space.

We came from outer space.

Aren't you ashamed?


Why did you go there today?

I wanted to tell him to leave me alone.

Oh, no! You could ignore him but you wanted to see him.

See. I'm right.

Don't I have any privacy?

No right to enjoy myself?

No! You don't!

I have never played around!

And I turn down every marriage offer.

How noble.

Miss Hashimoto attracted me, but I gave up because of you.

I think Miss Kameda at the office loves me, and she's very nice.

But there's nothing between us because you are here.

There's no bright future or fun for me.

But I'm here.

I'm not good enough?

Are you happy with me?

What's that mean?

Are you? I've got to know. Stop tormenting me like this.

Am I tormenting you?

Have I lost my Naoko forever?

I have no choice but to live as Monami.

Monami was a good child.

She wasn't a liar or a cheat like you.

That's true...

I should have died properly.

Thank you.

What'll it be.

I'll leave it up to you.

Hi, there.

I'm home.

I'll make supper.

Sorry. I already ate.


That... How about it?

I think you realize...

That this is my first... So, be gentle.


Contraceptive? Do we need it?

I think it's safe today.

Are you sure we are doing the right thing?

Should I hide my face?

I think... We shouldn't do this.

Ah! Sorry.

Can I have a beer?

A bottle?

Cleaning up alone?

I'm the sub-manager.

I'll be the manager of a new shop soon.

You're working hard. Your father would be happy.

He wasn't my real father.

I'm the son of a guy my ma knew before she met dad.

I didn't know till a while ago.

But it doesn't matter now.

If you don't mind. Will you tell me about it?

My dad mistook me for his kid and married my ma.

Stupid, isn't it?

When I was five, ma told him about it.

Dad left us and ma went wild.

I missed dad so much I went to see him alone.

When he saw me, he called ma and said he'd keep me.

I was living with dad until the accident happened.

A little while ago, ma told me...

Since her health failed two years ago...

Dad had been sending her money all the time.

I see... That's why he overworked himself.

I thought he was spending it on gambling.

When I found out the truth, I decided to shape up.

I want to work hard to go independent and live with ma.

And open a nice place for families to dine.

Why did your father keep you with him?

Well, I don't know.

Dad! Don't let go!

No, I won't! I won't!

There you go!

I did it! Yes, I can do it.

You did it, Fumiya!

My wife...

No... My daughter...

She heard the last words of your father.

My family's happiness is my happiness, he said.

He said that...?

Want some noodles?

Yes, but don't overcook them.





Hi, there.

I'll make you something.


You have...

The right to live your life the way you want.


All this time...

I've made you suffer.



I'm so confused.

I know I was on a bus with mama...

Why am I here?


Something wrong, daddy?


What are you saying?

Monami... You don't remember anything?


Keep calm and listen. Your mother's not with us.

The bus you were on had an accident.

Ahh, no, no... Your mother is still alive.

I don't get it.

Your mother has... lived 2 years as Monami.

And entered medical school.

Wait...! Wait a minute.

It's a lie. I can't believe that.

After two years... The girl's true personality returned.

It hurts.

My head hurts.





What's wrong with me? I feel weird.


Monami returned just now.

I'm sure she'll return again. Oh, I'm so glad.

It'll be hard for Monami to understand all this.

I can write down the details and tell her everything.

We don't know when she'll return.

Just after I wake up. That's when...

I can't doze off in class. Right?



I must have been sound asleep.


With love, Mama

So, lots of things happened.

Ah... a lot.

I'll write to mama, too.


Too bad, it's Naoko.

Today, you didn't miss any. Look, Monami's letter.

Let's see.

Monami wants to study medicine.


But can she keep up in class?

Sure, the lectures are all easy to follow.

Monami can catch-up.

I guess.

And I know it's time for me to vanish.


Three of us can live together.


Stay by me until the time Monami takes over.

Didn't you say, We came from outer space?

We came from outer space.


I think I'll let Monami go to college pretty soon.

You think so?

She'll get used to it, and her awake time is getting longer.

Not bad at all. Now, I've got to go.

What's he happy about?

Good morning, mama. Rather, good evening. I never saw those words in the textbooks. But somehow I understand them. I can solve ordinary math problems.

Your mama hammered it all into the brain. That's why. Thank you mama! I'm counting on you. Thank you!

Silly girl, Monami.

I cooked your borsch recipe. It's in the pot. Try some. All right, I'll have some.

What do you think?

Delicious It wasn't easy.

It's good.

It's really good.

Don't you think I'm pretty good. I just have one complaint What?

She's careless with money.

The wallet quickly gets empty She needs a scolding.

All right, I'll scold her.

We sure bought a lot of stuff.

Don't tell your mother.

Hello! It's been a long time.

Hi! How are you?



Thank you.


How are you?

Careful, it's hot.

It's good.

What kind of broth?

It's a secret.

This is really good.

Will you come again?

I sure will.

Let's bring mama here next time.

I'm home

Welcome back.


How about going out tonight?

Not today.

It's not easy to stay up lately.

It isn't?

I'm sorry.

I need more time to look at you while I still can.

Silly. What are you saying?

Will I never be able to see you again?

Stop that.

Anyway, let's go out.

If you eat something good, your mood will change.

What do you say, Naoko?


I'm Monami.

Mama doesn't take over too much lately.

So, I've got to take care of the flowers.

Tomorrow, take me to the Cape Lighthouse.

Is that mama's message?


It was in her letter this morning.

Mama, really loved this place.


Is it all right for me to return?

Of course it is. I'm sure mama is delighted.


This ice cream is so good.

Heisuke, what's funny?

On our first date you ate three. Your appetite amazed me.

That's not true. I ate two, not three.

And you ate mine down to here.

Only the cup was left.

You, in a "Darth Vader" T-shirt and beach sandals.

It's still in fashion.


Thanks for taking me here on my last day.

So, this is the last day?

I can feel it myself.

This is the last of Naoko.

Can't you do something about it?

Good-bye. Heisuke.


Thank you.

Please remember me.

Is she gone?

I'll do my best.

I'll live for mama's share, too.


I'm glad I lived to see this day.

Where is Heisuke?

I bet he's crying in the toilet.

Just like our dad did?

Don't start that again.


All these years... Thank you for everything.

Are you taking it to the reception?

You are...

Was it you all this time?

Taking it with you?

This is the way you want...

So, here you are.


Yes I have a favor to ask.

What is it?

Something a bride's father wants to do at any cost.

Let me hit you.

Well... All right.

I can stand one blow.

Two blows.

One for taking my daughter away...

And one for someone else.

It hurts.

You really meant it.


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