Hit (2020) Script


Vikram, Vikram, Vikram, please Vikram I am sacred Leave me, -Sushmi Vikram...


Vikram, please Vikram, I am scared.

Leave me Please.

Who are you guys?


Hey, leave her....

Sushmi ,Please -No No..., Please... Please...


I hate to tell you this.

But you need to quit the department, Vikram.

I am telling you on a serious note.


I can't quit the force.

Don't you understand?

This is classic post-traumatic stress.

And it has come to stage where your vitals are being affected.

Your blood pressure is off the roof.

And if you keep doing this, it's going to... -I know.

Give me some medications and I'll manage.

But to leave this department is not my option at all. -Medication is not going to help you Vikram.

The problem is, the small incidents that happen at your work is reminding you of your past.

It's like a trigger.

And that is why you have all these panic attacks.

If your vitals are consistently affected, it will definitely cause problems to your heart.

Keep this confidential Roopa, thanks!

"The wound that chases me..."

"Wonder what I've wronged..."

"How far should I go, for peace..."

"The thorns of the past in my eye... The path that is filled with landmines..."

"The identity of which is concealed Many questions dawn upon me."

"The memories have quietly become my enemy"

"A war that I am waging against myself"

"The past jumps at me and draws its sword. The dreams are filled with blood."

"The time creates a cyclone in my heart..."

"Chaos unfolds when the past takes its revenge."

"Let the hatred come to me. But, I won't lose..."

"Life is not like before But I can't escape..."

"Wonder if it's a dream or some illusion... I just don't remember"

"Wonder if it's a dream or some illusion... I don't have proof"

Hi Vikram.

Morning sir.

Can you stop that noise first?

Hey, shut the machine down.

We have information that the dead body is somewhere here.

We have been looking around here for the last six hours but in vain.

The search area is vast too.

Vishwa sir asked us to take your help and keep in touch with you.

Sir, it's not that way... Everyone is....

Roni, salute.

Why is he picking wild shrubs, sir?


Call all the constables here.

These are wild shrubs.

If you see all these three wild shrubs growing together at any place, inform me.


Rohit, please take care.

Split the team into two and send them in each direction.

You go this way and you, the other way.

What is your name?


Do you go to school?

Tell me the truth otherwise I will take you along in the jeep.


Go and bring your owner.


Dig this place.

Who is here from the forensics?

It's me, sir.


Dig slowly.

Boys... Sir Get the stretcher, quick. -Yes, Sir.

Cover the body properly.

Govind, quick

Get it into the van.

Wait for me, I'll be right back -Are you okay?

Boys quick.Boys, keep moving.... -Let's go!

How did you locate the dead body?

Do you know why farmers remove wild shrubs from the fields?

Weeds release certain biochemicals into the soil, something like poison.

So that, no other plants grow in their vicinity.

If we dig a place where these wild shrubs grow, the biochemicals in the soil get disturbed.

This facilitates all wild shrubs to grow together at that place All I did was to identify the place which had been dug recently. That's about it!

Please ask the forensic team to collect the samples.

I need the reports as soon as possible. -Yes, sir.

What job do you have here?

Vishwa sir had asked us to check on this.

I wasn't informed of anything on this.



It's not required sir... I can take care.

Okay sir.

He and his beard...

Does he even look like he is from the police department?

Isn't that what he wants, sir?

Sir, to blend into the common public you guys...

Sorry sir.

So, what happened?

Don't act smart.

Nothing much here. It's a clear case of suicide.

But I am wondering why they put you on this case.

You had a look right?

Why do you all assume this to be a suicide?

Here....it's a video suicide note.

There was a time when it was written on a paper.

Now that the technology has advanced, they are making video suicide notes.

"I am responsible for my own death, I am sorry."

Can I?

Are you so stupid? Abhilash....

I wonder who stopped the video after his death if he was all alone in the room?

I am very sure that there was a second person in the room to stop the video.

And there are no third party apps to have a "self stop" option on his phone.

And you've been touching the phone with out gloves.

Are you all not getting any strange pungent smell in this room?

Do you know what this is?`

This is called 'ink varnish'.

This is only used by painters, carpenters and people who work in the ink manufacturing company.

As I can see, there are no broken windows or doors in this house.

So this person must have opened the door for who ever came into this house.

So, definitely a person he knows well.

But that idiot must've jumped out of the window instead of leaving through the main door.

There are marks on the pipe.

The piece that got stuck to his shoes must have fallen down while jumping out of the window.

So start your investigation from all the people in his contact list that are painters, carpenters or those who work in any ink manufacturing company.

That's your lead.

It must be a suiside by force

Hey Abhilash, if you need to solve a crime, grooming has to be here and not here.

Give it a try from next time on!

Did Srinivas call you?

Yes he is in contact with us, he just spoke to us the last week.

Do let me know in case of any problem.


Hey, -Hi You came too early.

I'll need some more time.

I can wait. Go ahead, -Are you sure?

Hi, Rohit -Hi, Neha Should I order a coffee for you?

No, I am good. -It's okay. We're fine.

You can go and finish your work. We'll be waiting for you.

Okay, I'll be back.

Hi doctor, are the results in?

Yeah, in two hours We're trying to improve.

Ideally, if you can validate a technique to match DNA in an hour, it'll be perfect!

Keep me posted.

Ramana sir, are the ballistic reports ready?

It is getting ready.

Please email it to Mr. Venkatesh and cc the mail to me.

How is mom doing?

Situation is not very good.

Doctors advised that she has to be shifted to Bombay.

My brother is anyways there, so he said that he will take her there in a weeks time.

Don't hesitate to ask for help.

Prioritise your parents first. -Of course.

Try to depixelate the picture a little more.

Investigators will definitely send it back.

Give your best shot.

How is Swapna? -She is fine.

Why don't you come home sometime?

You haven't come to the new home yet. -Yes, sure sometime next week.

Hey, Vikram...

Hey, Hi Shinde Is Neha making you wait as usual?

I've sent you the email, check it once.

She is in some new case... -Sorry, let's go.

Shinde, please come along. -No... No.

I just came to greet him once. You all carry on.

Bye. -Bye Shinde.

Okay Vikram, I'll make a move. She must be waiting for me.

Yeah -Bye, Neha,


Tell me, how was your day?

Yeah, it was fine.

Roopa called me.

Can't she keep a patient's information confidential?

Will you put a case on us, now?

Please put these inside.

Do you need some coffee?

Yes, please.

Why Vicky?

What is the problem in leaving this job if it's destroying your health?

Stop it, Neha.

What happened Rohit?

Are you thinking about your mom?

Don't stress about all these during this time.

Are you taking all your medications properly?

Please think about it for me, Vicky.

I don't want to lose you.

Your blood pressure is constantly raised. -Neha, please...

I know that you are saying this for my good.

But if I leave this job, I will be miserable Please try and understand.

Explain me, why?

How is Vikram?

He is fine.

You should ask him to come home once.

He hasn't come after we moved here.

I told him just a while ago... He said he will come at his convenience.

I don't know how to explain this to you, Neha.

It's all... It's all related to my past.

Exactly! You've never... -I know I never told you anything about my past.

But trust me, if I lose my job, I'll lose my sanity.

At times when I talk to you, I get this feeling that I am talking to a stranger.

Who are you Vikram?

What happened in your life?

I will tell you Neha.

But not right now.

Do me a favour.

At least take a sabbatical leave and go to your home town.

Take the treatment that Roopa has suggested.

And once that is done, you can join back in the force.Okay?

Can't you understand what I am trying to say?

I can't do this.

Roopa is unable to understand my problem.

By the way, Roopa is your friend, right?

So she will definitely suggest what you want.

If you can't do this in the least, then it's better you leave me.

I am not asking you to quit permanently, right?

Listen to me or stop seeing me from tomorrow.

I am just trying to help you Vikram.

Hello Hyderabad, We have seen a drastic decrease in crime rate with the HIT wing working hard to prevent murders in our state.

Which in turn, is helping the city to be a safer place to live in by addressing missing person cases and kidnapping cases.

Thanks to our police.

And the topic for today is women's safety. Let's start our program with the first caller...

Morning sir.

Hey, Vishnu... stop watching videos and mind your business.

You head the wing that prevents murders and you are asking for a 6 months leave!

I wouldn't have asked this if I had a choice, sir.

Why all of a sudden?

It's because of a personal reason, sir.

Did you think about this properly?

Since you mentioned that you will be available anytime over the phone, I am granting you this leave.

You may go.

Thank you, sir.

Sir, I'll just be back.


Did she leave?

Yeah don't worry, she'll be back.

Hey Siri, Hey Siri,

What happened? -My car broke down, Sir Where do you stay? -Quite near, in Raviryal gated community.

Come, I will drop you.

No, not in the police jeep, sir

Did you call someone?

I forgot my phone back home.

That's why I was going back to get it, when the car broke down.

Tell me the phone number, Daddy, it's a police officer...

My car stopped at the ORR.

I forgot my phone back at home.

Can you come and pick me up?

Somewhere between the Raviryal toll gate and the Pedda Golconda toll gate.

I am on the other side of the road, towards our home.

Okay, I'll leave.

You will manage, right?

Sure, sir. -Thank you!



Hey, don't shout... -Sir.. sir..

What did he do?

Some petty case.

Sir, please leave me sir. I don't know anything.

I did not do anything.

Hey, what is the file that CI asked for? And what file did you get him?

What happened?

Speak out.. -Sir.. sir..

Show me your hands.

I'll go and bring that file.

Show me your hands.

He is not listening to us, smear some chilli powder on it.

Hey, shut up.

Narsimha... -SIr.

Are you out of your mind?

Look at what file you gave me. -Sorry sir

Did you give me the correct file at least this time? -Sir.

What happened?

Just some time ago, my daughter called me from this place, sir.

Yes, she called from my phone. What happened?

Is it? Where is my daughter, sir?

I saw her talking to someone who came in a blue car.

I thought it must be you. Is it not you? -No, sir Lakshmi, did Preeti get back home?

No, there is just a small confusion.

Put down the phone, I'll come back, Sir, Preeti has not reached home yet.

Okay, you can go home. She will be back by evening.

She must have gone out with her friends.

If she does not return by evening, call me.

I am right at the Golconda police station, SI Ibrahim.

Okay, sir

Sir, my daughter is not home yet.

Why didn't you call me yesterday? -Don't you understand?

If you had taken this seriously yesterday itself...

You are the last person to speak to her.

Why did you leave her all alone? -Hey...

Hold on.

I asked your daughter to get into the jeep so that I can drop her home.

But she did not want to get into a police jeep and then she called you.

And why are you shouting at me?

Am I your daughter's personal security guard?

There is the constable, go and register a missing complaint.

We will search.

I am not your maid to get threatened if you raise your voice.

Get lost.

Sir, please, sir... -Go madam.

Hey Narsimha, -Sir Look into it...

By the way, is the car still lying there or did you happen to get it back in the night?

We have been searching for my daughter all through the night.

We did not even go to the car yet.

What is your name? -Vasavi, sir Vasavi, how do you capture CCTV footage here?

There are two cameras here, sir.

One towards the road and the other towards the toll gate.

I need the entire footage from 5:30p.m to 6:30p.m from yesterday.

Okay sir... -I need footage from both the cameras.

Okay sir.

Did you see any blue colour car around 6'o' clock, dropping a girl who is around twenty years of age?

No, sir

There is no such blue car that can be seen to be exiting in that time frame, sir Anything from the camera that faces the road? -No, sir.

There is something wrong, Narsimha.

Because I saw her talking to someone in a blue car, yesterday.

Where would the car disappear without taking an exit or continuing on the same road?

Do one thing. -Sir Go to Pedda Golconda toll gate and get me the CCTV footage from all the four entrances.

We will see if there is any blue car entering.

Ok, Sir.


I heard that you spoke some nonsense with them yesterday.

It's not like that, sir. -Shut up.

You did a mistake and on top of it you dare to argue with me? -What did I do, sir?

Don't utter a word.

Are you lazy enough not to work?

Where is your gun? -It's in my desk, sir Get that gun -Sir

I am suspending you.

Aren't you the one who spoke to her last, yesterday?

If you are called in for investigating, you should come submissively.

If you do not co-operate, I will simply burry you!

Got it?


Hey, if you want to go out of the city, inform Narsimha and go.

Don't worry Mohan, I will hand this case to the best man in the department.

We will definitely find Preeti.

Hello... -This is Shinde calling from forensics.

Yes, tell me Shinde -Vikram, Neha is gone missing.

What? -She has gone missing Neha?

Vikram...she is nowhere to be found since two days.

How can she be missing?

Vikram Hello...


Vikram, hello

Sir -Sit, Vikram Sir, what is happening? Sir, how can Neha go missing?

Don't worry, we will take care of it.

Please give me all the details. Please hand over Neha's case to me.

It is being handled by someone. -Who is that?

Sir, please transfer the case to me. -It is not possible.

And I'll tell you why... I spoke to your partner, Rohit.

I heard that you had a fight with Neha just before your left.

Taking a sabbatical leave for six months and going to your hometown like never before, and Neha to go missing around the same time puts you in a spot.

I spoke to Neha's mother as well.

She asked me to keep an eye on you.

All of this leads me to suspect you, Vikram.

Once all the formalities are done, I will call you for questioning.

But until then, if you try to involve in my case...

I swear... -Hey...

Sorry, sir.

Sir, why didn't you call me first?

If I did call you, you'd fight for this case.


If you handle your girlfriend's missing case... you will handle it with emotions rather than your intelligence.

It'll be too personal.

Sir, you are not understanding...

And Abhilash came forward and is suspecting you.

So, you cannot get involved in this case.

Not that you did something, but to facilitate objective investigation is my duty.

Sir, that is my problem too.

He will stop all the objective investigation and shift his entire focus on me.

I know him. -Sit tight, Vikram.

Abhilash and myself will handle this case.

Not happening, sir.

Sir, I am going to start my own investigation.

Even if you like it or not.

Hello Rohit, where are you?

What is happening, Rohit?

I called to the office as she wasn't answering her phone.

And Shinde told me about this.

She spoke to me casually over the phone just the night before.

Did you sense anything the last time you spoke to her?

Nothing seemed out of place when I spoke to her about two days back But I can sense that something happened after that.

I need to go into Neha's house, Rohit.

Are you sure?

If Abhilash gets to know of it, he will zero down on you for sure.

I cannot hold back because of him. -It's Neha, Rohit.

Did you receive a phone call? -I just received a call yesterday.

It's Abhilash's case, right How far has the investigation progressed?

"You are not the right person for my daughter, Vikram, please leave her."

I will speak with Abhilash -Yes, sir Ravi, please give me the keys once.


Is everything alright?

Okay sir.

There seems to be some loose contact.

Rohit, come.

Something must have happened that night.

Neha came home just like any other day.

She parked her car as usual.

There is no sign of forceful entry into the house.

But she disappeared the same night.

And also someone had come to her house, Rohit In the living room, there is a strong attar... attar smell.

But that could be from any one of the constables or police officers.

Alright, go get me the entire call list of Neha from the telephone department.

Vikram, Neha's mother.

Police Department are looking..

You don't worry, okay Aunty, one second I know that you don't like me.

But trust me, wherever Neha is, I will find her.

Come, let's get in and talk Come in.

Tell me Vikram.

I need some information.

What is it?

For the last three months, I want the entire details of all the cases Neha dealt with.

These are the case files Neha dealt with.

Files should not go out.

Rohit, check this case out.

What is it ?

This is about Preeti, an eighteen years old girl, who went missing two months back.

Neha looked into this case.

She went missing on the ORR without any trace.

The disappearance pattern looks very similar.

The way it happened, gender and that too in the same city.

Too much of a coincidence.

Can you find out who is investigating this case?

Srinivas, from your department, is handling this case.

But what does it matter?

Srinivas, when was the last time you spoke to Neha?

She called me three days ago.

What did she say?

She was handling the missing case of Preeti, Vikram She told me that she will reveal a possible breakthrough after analysing about the case.

Before she could confirm and call me, she went missing.

Do you have any other information?

Any clue or evidence that you have from Preeti's crime scene?

Yeah, one second.

I found this piece of cotton from the car.

And a small needle from the roadside just beside the car I sent the needle to the forensics But there is no trace of Preeti's blood or DNA on it.

Maybe it was not related to this case at all.

And the crime scene was literally sterile...

That is all the evidence I have.

Nobody touched the money in the car's glove box


Please assign the missing case of Preeti, sir.

Why ?

I need it. I will explain it later, sir.

She is a family friend's daughter.

I will be more than happy if you can handle this case.

But I already assigned this case to Srinivas.

I will talk about this to Srinivas.

Please do that Vikram.

It's Vishwa's, personal interest and he is nagging me every day.

I don't mind if he has no objection Thank you, sir, -Why the sudden interest?

I will explain it later, sir.

I need it , I am just following my hunch.



Press is involved... Handle it very carefully.

Sure sir.

Trust me, Rohit, my senses don't cheat me.

I am sure the same guy who kidnapped Preeti had been to Neha's house when she disappeared.

Who the f*** is this, man?

Okay, from where do we start now?

Preeti's case files, ORR entry and exit CCTV footage, and all the case material sent to forensics need to be on my table right away.

We will first study it and then start the investigation.

Also, call Shinde and ask him if Neha had updated anything about Preeti's case.

And also Rohit, find out if they have court permissions to obtain samples from family and friends.

Be on it, man.

I need all calls as well as the message details of Neha and Vikram.

When did he meet her the last time?

I'll come and meet you tomorrow Vikram.

Nothing I am handling an important case. Are you taking your medications on time?

Don't worry Shinde is there to help...

Track his every movement.

I'll get him.

Krishna, wait in the car.

Okay, sir.

Sir, I need to talk to Ibrahim personally.

One minute.

Who are you guys?

His name is Vikram, he is handling Preeti's case.



'Khodahafez' (Good Bye)

Okay, we shall talk later.

Ibrahim, I need to talk to you personally.

Take me to your home.

Sure sir, let's go.

First finish your tea.

Sir come sir

Sir, my scooter is at the mechanic shop for a repair.

So, if you can wait a minute I'd like to get my scooter back.



Hey, Fahad, is it done?

Yes, sir You can take it.

Can I take it?

Rohit, come with him.

Let's go.

So Ibrahim, firstly I am not suspecting you in this case.

You can trust me on this.


Secondly, this case is very important to me.

In case you missed out on any detail, then think over and tell me.

No sir, this is what happened.

Can I look around your house?


Ibrahim, I am sure I won't trouble you anymore But you should help me as and when required.



Lets go Sir.

Rohit, stop the jeep once.

Did you observe anything specifically?

No, everything is fine but...

No one has seen the blue colour car except him.

And according to Srinivas' investigation, be it ORR vehicle owners, the toll booth operators, people at Wonderla, CCTV footage...

nobody has seen that car.

And... Krishna. -Sir

There are fingerprints on that, collect them carefully. -Okay, Sir.

Go and collect the cigarette bud that he threw just outside his home.

We can get his DNA.

"Bring back Preeti, bring back Preeti."

"Bring back Preeti, bring back Preeti."`

"We want justice, we want justice".

"Bring back Preeti, bring back Preeti."

"Bring back Preeti, bring back Preeti."

"We want justice, we want justice".

"We want justice, we want justice".`

"Bring back Preeti, bring back Preeti."

"We want... Justice"

"We want... Justice

"We want..."

So, Ajay... since how long do you know Preeti?

Preeti and I are very good friends from Intermediate.

She is also my lab partner. -When did you see her last?

Just the night before she went missing.

We hung out at a pub with all our friends.

Sir, I am Preeti's best friend.

I am Sandhya... -When did you last meet Preeti?

Just the night before the incident, Preeti, Ajay and I went to the pub, sir.

She spoke to me the very next morning as well.

Did you talk to her on the day of the incident?

Yes, sir. -What did you talk about?

She spoke to me when she wasn't even fully awake.

Does she drink?

No, sir.

Where were you the day she went missing?

I went to my mother's place, sir.

It's Arutla which is 40 k.m from B.N.Reddy Ajay and Preeti, what's with them?

They are just friends.

Do you drive a car or a bike?

Bike sir.

Did you ever happen to see any one of your friends or their parents in a blue colour sedan car?

No, sir.

As far as I remember nobody has it.

Anybody who would want to hurt Preeti?

She has friendly relations with all the students.

But... -But what?

But there has been a tiff going on between Chandramouli sir and her.

Did you ever see the kind of clothes she and her friends wear?

They wear jeans, skirts and going around with boys.

And that too with a boy like Ajay.

He drinks and does weed. I have seen it all, sir.

Okay, but what is the problem you have with Preeti, sir?

Isn't it because of these people that our culture is getting ruined?


When did you meet Preeti for the last time?

I do not remember. -How do you come to college?

Why do you want to know? -Answer On a bike.

Do you have a car? -Why do you want to know?


Write down properly.

Write properly...

Yes, sir, please tell me.

I don't know how to drive a car. -Krishna will collect your samples.

What samples? Why should I give you?

For DNA? Do you have court orders to procure the same?

Keeping permissions aside, Do you have any reasons not to give us samples?

What reason can I have?

As a citizen, I know the rights I have.

Get the permissions...

Sir, how old are you?


So will you live for another ten years?

Only you can save our culture and society.

Do protect it well.

What do you think, Rohit?

Ibrahim, obviously.

Ajay and Chandramouli?

You can avoid Chandramouli.

How can we leave him? He was resisting to give us samples and he has a motive too.

He is just a pain in the A**.

He is a great man born to save the culture of our country.

Anyway, there are a lot of people like him roaming in the city.

Keep Sandhya in the watch-list.

Generally, girls of that age do not come forward to help.

Also, they have been to a pub just the night before.

We need to know what happened at the pub that night.

Get someone to tail Sandhya and Ajay.

Did you ask Shinde, if Neha spoke anything about Preeti's case?

It seems she spoke nothing about it.


Why, Abhilash?

Why are you wasting your time, man?

What is this sudden interest of yours in Preeti's case?

It's none of your business.

I will definitely make you answer everything soon.


Can you tell me exactly what happened just the day before Preethi went missing?

As usual, she went to her college in the morning and came back in the evening.

After sometime she got ready and went out with her friends to a party.

With whom?

With her college friends.

What happened the next day morning?

She woke up a little late that morning.

She had her breakfast and watched TV for a while.

She went to Saraswati's orphanage in the afternoon.

What is this orphanage?

Excuse me...

Who is this? -We called you earlier to talk about Preeti.

Yeah, tell me...

What kind of a girl is Preeti?

Preeti is a very nice girl. This shouldn't have happened.

I am in constant touch with Mohan and Lakshmi.

Somehow or the other, please get her back to safely.

She is maintaining an orphanage.

From the time her parents died... -Wait...

Aren't you Preeti's parents? -No, sir.

Nobody knows who are Preeti's biological parents.

My brother Shiva and his wife Priya adopted Preeti and took her to US.

Unfortunately they both died in a car crash.

Since then Preeti has been living with us.

My brother used to send money for the maintenance of the orphanage out of good will.

After his death, we took up the responsibility.

Preeti has been maintaining it for the past few years.

We have heard that Preeti gives money to this orphanage every month.


Most of the maintenance of this orphanage happens with the money she gives.

Do you give information to Preeti on how the money is utilised?

No, sir.

Preeti trusts me completely.

As she grew here in my care.

Even the adoption process of Preeti by Shiva and Priya happened under my watch.

Please look into why that girl is crying.

She is crying because she is going to be adopted today.

Hey, Come here.

After that she came home and relaxed for some time in her bedroom.

She got dressed and went out saying that she is going to meet her friends.

She called me from Ibrahim's phone saying that her car broke down and she asked me to pick her up.

That was the last...

How is her relationship with the neighbours?

Sheila is our neighbour.

Preeti and Sheila are very close friends.

Excuse me!

She is my close friend, sir.

We both run a food blog online as well.

Apart from her, no one in the colony communicates with me. -Why?

I am a divorcee, sir.

It's a stigma in this society.

When did you last meet Preeti?

At times, she invites me to parties to go along with her friends.

I think just the day before, she called me and invited me to the party.

I had a headache and dozed off at home, sir.

Where were you the day Preeti went missing?

My daughter's visitation was on that day, sir.

My ex-husband brought her to Krishnakanth's park in the city.

Can we call your husband to re-check?

Ex-husband, sir. -That's what, can we call him?

Yeah sir, but... -Don't get tensed as it's a common practice.

If we have proof that you are at some other place during the time of the crime, we can do our investigation correctly.

That's about it. -Okay, sir.

Sir, you told us that your brother and his wife died in a car accident, right?


So what happened to the properties and money earned in the US?

Until the time Preeti was eighteen years old, I was in charge.

Just a few months back, all that has been transferred in her name.



Preeti's parents, right?

I've already added them to the suspect list.

So, Is this only route Preeti can take to enter ORR.


The pattern on this tyre and the one there is not the same, Rohit.

Find out with the landowners if some other trucks come here usually.


Preeti is a very normal girl leading a happy life.

Why would anyone want to hurt a girl like her?

Though initially, I took over the case for Neha, now it's getting more personal.

The more I am getting to know about Preeti, I am getting very emotionally attached, Rohit.

We have to get back Preeti and Neha safely.

Thanks, Krishna. -Sir.

Chain of custody is in Rohit's dairy.

Okay sir Okay Vikram, I shall leave too. -My car is here.


We have to go out in the evening. Find out exactly which pub Preeti went to.

We are going there in the evening.

Get Swapna along, so that we can blend easily with the crowd. -Okay.

I need to ask you something.

Yes, ask me.

Did you ever imagine kissing me before you proposed to me?

Tell me the truth.

Shut up, Dude.

Hey, tell me. -I will tell you, if you tell me.

Do you remember I came for the depixelation of Moosapet hit and run case.

Hey, shut up, please ...

I liked you the very moment.

Once after coming back home, I was remembering you and I saw your display picture.

The first time I saw your lips, I couldn't control.

Hey, you didn't even know me properly back then.

Boys are like that.

If they like someone they start imagining stuff.

Tell me about you.

Neha, Oh shit...! Vikram...

Vikram, quick.

Come here once.

Vikram, go get some water.

Why are you still standing there?



I am sorry for what happened.

Will you have a drink?

I am not supposed to...

Rohit... come.

club regulars, bartenders, cleaning staff... Observe everyone carefully.

If you get any kind of lead, text me immediately.

And did you find any CCTV camera inside?

I will check.

Collect the entire footage from the time Preeti entered this pub to the time she left.

And I can see that there are cameras in the parking and valet Collect that footage too.

Okay -Let's go.

One minute.


Come there, I need to talk to you. -Ok, Sir.

Tell me, sir.

I am from the police department. I need to talk something...

Here Preeti...

Hey Rohit, Rohit...



Take the gun...? -No.

Brother... Brother...

Hey, who are you?

Come here...


Tell me where...?

Where ?

Sir, it's in my pocket. -Pocket?

What pocket?

It's in my jeans pocket.



Do you know who this girl is?

No, sir.

Look closely... Do you know who this girl is?

She is a regular at this club, sir With Ajay's group.

Sir, but I don't know her well.

We accidentally busted narcotics in the old city.

Come and recover it.

I am telling you, it was accidental, right?

If you are not interested, I will let him go.

Sir... -Hey, down... down.

Come and recover it from Rohit.

Rohit, take care of him.

Sir, do one thing.

Arrange for a pooja (Ritual) at your home What pooja sir?

To get back your daughter safely, arrange some kind of a pooja at your home.

What is this, sir?

Sir, trust me if you want your daughter back safely, do this.

Call everyone. Invite all your friends, family circle, even Preeti's friends and all.

And hand over the list of invitees to Rohit.

And most importantly this should happen tomorrow.

Don't delay it.

Take care Rohit.

Why this pooja now, Vikram?

Rohit, do you think whoever kidnapped Preeti will attend this pooja in her very own home?

No, he won't come.

Good, that is what I want.

Please make a list of all the people who do not attend this event.

What about the kidnapper attends? -Yes, I want that too.

If the kidnapper attends this, I am sure he will leave a clue behind for me to trace.

In cases like these, culprits are usually in the family circle.

This pooja is a good opportunity for us, to observe our suspects and also to add to the list of suspects.

See you tomorrow.

Rohit, what about Neha's call list?

We'll get it by evening.

Pub CCTV footage?

I already have it, the head office is looking into it.

Okay, you keep the list ready. -Okay.

Mohan Sir..

Please come with me, sir.

What happened? -Sir, please come What happened?

Please come with me once.

Please, please, come.

Sir, the letter... it was here...

As I was coming out, someone... kept it here.

Your name is written on it.

"Dead body is in front"

Dead body?

Whose dead body is it?

Is it our Preeti's?

Just a minute Lakshmi, I don't think it's Preeti's. If it is Preeti's, why would they write Vikram's name?

Did you eat?

Oye, Hero.

Do you want anything to eat?

Sushmi, will you have an omelette? -Yes.

They came again in the morning.

After you left in the morning, they both were watching from there.


Ramesh... -Yes, sir Did you see anyone peeping into our house?

No, sir.

Anytime in the afternoon after I left? -No, I haven't seen anyone, sir.

Sushmi, did you take your tablet?

This is not because of my tablets, Vikram.

First, take your tablet.

Don't you understand that this is not because of my tablets.


Not now, try and understand, please.

You have to come with me to the station, Vikram.

I have been waiting for this moment for a long time now.

Hey moron, you are handling this case in a wrong direction.

Neha is my girlfriend.

Are you out of your f***ing mind?

Hey, take your hands off my collar.

Leave me.

Bloody idiots.

Sir, this guy... -Abhilash...

This is not the way to question Vikram.

Is he leaving the city and running away?

Vikram, out.


Rohit is leading a search party behind Raju's guest house.

Go and check it. -Thank you, sir.

This is not correct, sir.

Don't say a word, Abhilash.

I did a grave mistake by assigning you Neha's case.

You are more focused on Vikram than Neha.

Hey Vikram...

How are you coping up?

Yeah, fine.

Are you taking your pills?

No, it's making me numb.

Sir, I am sure Vikram is involved in Neha disappearance.

Vikram is now handling not only Preeti's case but also Neha's.

Rohit had briefed me on this. You will drop Neha's case immediately.

Sir -Your done

Did you find anything? -Not yet.

Even the cadaver dogs are working.

It's been five hours that I was at the hospital.

What the f**k are you guys doing, man?

I am trying, Vikram Trying...?

We don't even know whether the body that we are about to find is Preeti's or Neha's.

Just trying will not do. Go and pressurise them.

I am going to the forensics. Wrap this up and be there.


And also Rohit, compare the mud samples from the cars tyres, bike tyres... shoes of the people in our suspects list with the mud samples of this place.

And if there is a match, update me.

Also if their phones have any live tracking, check if they have been here and let me know.


Vikram, this is Anirudh. He is a handwriting analyst.

Anirudh tell me one thing...

Can we compare the handwriting of this note with that of the suspects' handwritings...

And tell me if any of my suspects wrote this?

Whoever has written this has intentionally written in small strokes.

This is not natural handwriting.

It's a very peculiar note Vikram.

Did you find any finger prints on the note?

I have emailed you all the reports.

Sheila's and Preeti's fathers prints have been detected.

Because they handled the note at the crime scene.

And also your prints have been detected.

You didn't wear gloves, I believe.

No unknown prints have been detected.

Whoever did this, has done it neatly.

Here is Neha's call list.

Do you have any information from the cars that travelled on the ORR?

I think I spoke to about fifty drivers who passed by that time.

Some mentioned about seeing a Mini Cooper but nobody spoke of a blue car.

What about the tyre marks at Preeti's house?

I spoke to the land owners.

They said that water tankers come to water the bricks and they are those marks.

Nothing looks suspicious here as well.

Sheila, can you tell me how exactly on how you found the note?

Just as I was coming to Preeti's house for attending the pooja, I saw the note at the main door.

Initially I thought it was a marketing pamphlet left by sales agents.

But as the note was white and clear, it caught my attention.

And I took it in my hands, sir.

I was very scared after reading it.

And I came running to Preeti's father, Mohan to tell him about this.

Did you paint this , Sheila?

Yes, sir.

It's good, can I take a picture of this?

Yeah, sure.

Can you compare the strokes of this painting with the note and confirm if the same person did it?

I can, but... -But what?

If I can get the original painting, I can confirm, sir.

I cannot get you the original painting, Anirudh.

Tell me what can be done with this.

Sure, sir.

All I am saying is, that I cannot tell you concretely.

I can tell you for sure if they don't match.

But if they match, I can only say that there are chances that it's done by the same person.

Done... at least we can rule out Sheila.

Sir, positive.

This note could have been written by Sheila.

This is the note that you gave me... and this is the picture of Sheila's painting.

There are very few differences between the two samples, sir.

Please do observe the individual stroke length and the gap between them.

There is too much similarity.

So, it is Sheila then.

But we cannot vouch for it a hundred percent, Vikram. -Yeah.

But there is a good chance. -Should I apply for a search warrant?

If she is the culprit, we can definitely find a clue in her house.

Sir, why are your searching my house?

Preeti spent a lot of time at your house, isn't it?

So maybe we can find some clues or evidences that will help our investigation.

Nothing to worry.


Sheila, you will have to come to our branch office once.

We have some more questions to ask you.

And...get your car keys once.

Okay, sir

Rohit will coordinate the time with you.

And please come as soon as possible -Okay sir Whose car is this? -It's mine, sir But I didn't see this the last time I came here.

I had given it for servicing.

Rohit, get the cover off.

Please get this car's keys also.

Okay, sir.

Practice notes...

Arrest her.

Sir, I will tell you what happened.

Sir, please, sir Sir, please ...

Sir, I will tell you what happened.

Sir, please, sir.

Tell me Sheila...

What did you do with Preeti and Neha?

Who is this Neha, sir?

I don't know anything about her.

I will not ask you again.

Whom did you kill?

And what did you do with the dead body?

Sir, I am really very scared...

Sir, I did write the note... but I have absolutely no connection with Preeti's missing.

And who is this Neha?

Trust me, I don't know anything.

Then why did you write the note?

Sir, I am a divorcee...

Except for Preeti, no one in the colony communicates with me.

I felt very lonely after Preeti went missing, sir.

I know that you are investigating her case.

I thought I will get some attention in the colony if I provide you with a prime clue.

So I wrote the note.


It's the truth, sir. -Shut up, Sheila!

Do you know how stupid this sounds?

Sir, I am stating the truth.

I don't know what happened to Preeti. And I don't even know who Neha is.

Take care.

Vikram sir is not a good man.

His treatment is very harsh.

All this third degree is very painful, Sheila.

Trust me, okay!

If you have anything to say, tell me. I will take care of it.

All we want to know is, "What happened?" And that's about it.


I swear, I don't know anything.

I am telling the truth.

Believe me, sir.

Did she tell you anything?


What should we do next?

I am sure she is lying, Rohit.

But if she is right, there are chances that Preeti and Neha are safe.

So we have to know if she is lying to us or stating the fact.

Arrange for a polygraph.

We need her consent for it, Vikram.

Otherwise there will be legal issues.

I will manipulate Sheila.

I am sure she will agree for Polygraph.

By the way, we tried to match the mud samples from Raju's guest house with those of the suspects.

But there's no match.

Same with maps data as well.

Sheila was not in our suspect list back then, right?


Anyways, take samples from Sheila's shoes and both her cars' tyres and see if they match.

Also call the forensics to comb her car's for trace evidence.

We might find some evidence related to Preeti.

Find out if this is the blue colour car which Ibrahim saw.

Okay, I'll find out.

Did she confess?

I've arranged for a Polygraph.

What about the consent?

She will give...

Okay, good.

Keep updating me. -Sir.

I don't want any trouble.

Everything by the book. -Yes, sir

Sheila, this is a Polygraph, a lie detector.

If I got to trust you that you are innocent then you have to get this test done.

Do I have your permission?

If you say no my suspicion will increase.

I will anyways get a permission and test you.

Do I have your consent?

Yes, sir.

Take her signature on the consent letter and start the procedure.

She is already nervous, please advice her to relax.

Sheila if your are tensed, the results won't be accurate.

Take a deep breath and relax.

Only answer me the truth for the questions asked.

Okay, sir.

Is your name Sheila?

Yes, sir.

Are you thirty years old? -Yes, sir.

Is Vijay your ex-husband.

Yes, sir.

Sheila, do you know Preeti?

Yes, sir.

Sheila, did you kidnap Preeti?

Sheila, I am asking you.... Did you kidnap Preeti?

I am asking you something.

No, sir

Sheila, do you know who Neha is?

No, sir.

Sheila, is Neha still alive? -I don't know who Neha is.

She is not lying, sir.

But clearly her heart rate fluctuated when asked about Preeti and Neha.

It's normal, sir.

That's because she knows that questions about Preeti and Neha are very important in this Polygraph test.

When she answered the questions, her pulse stabilised, sir.

Same with the GSR and respiration too.

With the experience that I have, she is telling us the truth.

To me, it looks like she was trying to cheat Polygraph.


Some people have to ability to control their breathing and heart rate cheat the Polygraph.

To me it looks like that.

Moreover, I cannot take any chances.

If there is a re-test, I will call you. -Sure, sir Thank you.


Arrange for a Narco test. -Are you serious?


You know that it take a long time to get permissions.

And you know it's a complicated process.

Go and explain Judge Mr Lakshman Rao about Preeti's missing case.

And tell him that I've personally asked for help.


And also Rohit...

Go to Sheela's house and collect the soil samples from her car and compare with Raju guest house soil.

I am sorry.


She is fighting it.

Sheila, don't fight it.

Let it...


Sheila, can you hear me?

Shake her...



Did you kidnap Preeti?

I can hear you.

Shake her once again.



I can hear you.

Sheila, did you kidnap Preeti?


Check her vitals... -Yes sir Sad.....Preeti....

I think the dosage is high for her. She may not respond.


Sheila... Sheila... Sheila... What about Neha?


What about Neha?


Tell me, tell me..... What about Neha?

Vikram, stop it I say.

What about Neha?

Vikram, stop it I say. -First, get out.....

Get out of here, first.

Let me ask her man!

Vikram, what's wrong with you?

This is going out of control, Rohit.

Did you hear that? she is speaking about Neha even without asking her.

I am damn sure she is involved.

You asked about Neha yesterday...

So she must've remembered subconsciously.

It's a possibility, right?

Vikram, don't call me for the narco test from next time on.

Don't you know that it will be a bad remark on me if anything happens to the subject?


Did you conduct narco?

Come to my office.


I like your intelligence.

But don't use that for your advantage.

If you do something like this ever again without my knowledge, I will simply bury you!

Got it?


Send some tea for me.



Tell me, Ibrahim.

As told, I have come to see Sheila's blue colour car.

But the blue colour car that I saw on the ORR and this car, are not the same, sir.

Got a call from the forensics...

We did not find any trace evidence related to Preeti in Sheila's car.


Tell me...


Vikram, they found a decomposed body behind Raju's guest house.

It's not in an identifiable state.

Are you ok ?




Hey, no....


Hey, no...

I'm afraid, Vikram Hey, no....

Neha... is de...

Rohit... that body is ...

Send her to forensics and find out whether it's Preeti or Neha.

Tell me.




The mud samples from Sheila's car match with the mud samples here.

So, she was here.

Tell me whose dead body is it.


Is it Preeti's?

Or Neha's?

What dead body, sir?

Shut up.

Don't irritate me...

We found a dead body in the exact location you told us about.

So, tell me why did you do all this? -Sir...

Sheila, tell me.

Sir, I have no clue, sir.

Believe me, sir, I don't know anything. Please...




Start the third-degree.

Sir, I don't know anything.

Hello, Rohit...

The forensics called in... it's Preeti!

She is just an eighteen year old girl.

How could you kill her?

Sir, I did not kill her.

Trust me, sir.

I really don't know anything, sir.

This can stop now.

If you just tell me where Neha is.

Sir, I don't know who Neha is.

I swear I don't know who Neha is.


Sir, please...

Sir, no...

Sir, no...

Please no.

Vikram, call for you, from the forensics.

Hello, tell me Shinde.


We analysed Preeti's dead body for trace evidence.

We found DNA from her fingernails.

Is it Sheila's?


It's Ajay's!


Ajay's DNA is on Preeti.

Something is wrong.

Go and get Ajay immediately. -Okay.

Hey, keep quiet.

I got to know what you and Ajay did to Preeti.

What is with Ajay, sir?

It's been a long time since I met Ajay.

You are unnecessarily getting me involved.

I really don't know any of this.

Ajay is missing.

I told you to keep an eye on him.

How can you be so irresponsible?

There is an informer who is tracking him.

His phone is not reachable either.

I messaged him.

He will definitely reply to me soon.

Don't stress.

Hello, who is this?

I am a little busy now.

Tell me Shinde.

We found one more DNA on Preeti's teeth.

Whose is it?

It is Preeti's fathers' DNA.

And one more thing... we spotted a grey hair on Preeti's thigh.

And when we analysed the DNA, it matches with Sarawati.

Mohan's DNA has been found on Preeti's teeth...

and Sarawati's hair on her body.

Seems like...

Seems like they formed a syndicate to kill her.

Call them.

Call everyone and say that it's a general investigation.

Did you find Ajay?

I didn't get any message as yet.

Send the constables.

He told us about his place Arutla, so send some constables there.

And get him here.


Mohan, Lakshmi and Sarawati are in holding ourselves.

Did they resist? -No What about Ajay? -My messenger is not reachable Something feels wrong, Rohit.

Ajay is in Vikarabad.

Is your Messenger still there? -Yeah, he's there only.

Don't miss that Bas***

When did he come here?

He started today morning on his bike.

I tailed him with great effort, Rohit.

Did he come all by himself?

He came alone.

We have to get into that hut, Rohit.

We can get in from behind.

We have to get in before his finishes his smoke.


Sir... Sir, who is it?

What are you guys doing here?

Arvind, go back. -Ajay, what happened?

Go back, go back.

Catch him.

Go back.

What are you guys doing here?


Look Ajay, I have absolutely no patience right now.

So tell me... What are you guys doing here?

Sorry sir, I lied to you. Preeti is my girlfriend.

As she is nowhere to be found for the past few days. I just wanted to...

Remove your shirt.


Remove your shirt.

Why, sir?


Remove it.



Turn around.

What is this?

Sir... I got hurt when I was a kid. -What?


Preeti is dead.


We found your DNA on Preeti's teeth.

What are you talking...?

Do you say that I killed my own daughter?

What is this Rohit?

I am unable to find one single motive from these people.

We gathered so many pieces of evidence.

But we are unable to get that one solid breakthrough in this case.

Hello, -Sir Am I speaking to Vikram?

Who is this?

My name is Lata, sir Go on...

I was driving on the ORR and I pulled over when I got a phone call.

Suddenly another car came and stopped right beside my car.

He signalled me to roll down my car window.

I read in the newspaper that a teenage girl has been kidnapped in this area.

I got scared and started driving.

He followed me, sir And I went to a police station in the next exist. They gave me your number.

Where are you now?

I am near Raviryal exit, in front of Wonderla.

Can you see a stall in front Wonderla?

Wait there. I am coming to you.

Okay, sir.

Hello, Rohit.

What is the colour of the car? -It's a white colour Ambassador.

How does he look like?

He is fair, but couldn't judge his height as he was sitting inside the car.

He wore black glasses and a black cap.

He asked me to roll down my car's window pane.

But I did not do it.

After that, he started shouting at me.

"Get down, I have to talk to you", he said something like that.

He followed me.

But as I drove faster and looked back after a minute, he was nowhere to be seen.

Can you come to our office and explain his features to our sketch artist?

Okay, sir.

Please give your keys to Rohit.

Rohit, you get her car and I shall take Lata along with me.

Lata, please wait here while I'll collect the footage from the toll booth.

Okay, sir.

Hey, what is your name? -Yadagiri.

I need today morning's CCTV footage. -Who are you?

Police department.

Okay, sir Which timeframe do you want sir? -Get me morning's footage.

This one.

You guys carry on. I'll come back.

Rohit, connect this Hard disk.

Open the footage from around 8:30, morning.

Lata called me at 9:30 am.

So play the footage from 8:30 am and pause if you see a white colour Ambassador car.

Since he followed her... he must have gone through the same toll exit or continued on the same road.

I am sure you will find it in any of those two footages.

Lata, are you sure you saw a white Ambassador car?

Yes, sir.

White Ambassador.


No, sir.

Except for the cap and sunglasses, nothing else matches.

Can you stay for two more hours?

I'll get another good sketch artist.

It is already late, sir. My mother has already called me three times.



Drop madam at her home.

And don't pay any money for his auto fare.

Ok Sir.

You can come in the morning.

Please sit on the other side. -Okay, madam.

Something is wrong, Rohit.

Car had followed her.

It neither took an exit at the toll nor it continued on the ORR? Where did the car disappear?

Keep playing the footage.

Pause, pause.

Rewind that a little.


Play it...

Play the footage of the day when Preeti went missing.


As per the reports, when did Ibrahim see Preeti for the last time?

6 pm.

Look at this truck, it came out exactly after half an hour.

And Lata called me in the morning at 9:30 am and exactly after half an hour this truck came out.

Though the number plates vary, the truck and driver are the same.

Same black cap and goggles.

Call the RTA.

So both the numbers are fake.

So Sai Kiran couriers must be fake as well.

This is the guy we want.

Zoom in..

The photo looks pixelated.

Call Shinde and ask him to depixelate the photo.

And send the same screenshot to my phone.

Sorry, Vikram.

He has a cap in both the pictures which puts the face is in an underexposed area.

It is not possible to depixelate.

Are you stuck?

This is the guy I want.

Though everything seems to be in my control, I am unable to do anything.

Sir, looking at how things are, I am worried that I may not be able to save Neha too.

You've already faced the same kind of situation in your life and lost someone you loved.

And you stand facing the same situation again.

I know you can do this.

Because you have the strive which I admire the most.

Go get that son of a bit**.

Hello, Rohit...

Immediately come to Pedda Golconda police station.



I need the profile of every criminal in this area.

Hey, what does he want?

He asked for the criminals' list, sir.

Your 'sir' must be on that list too.

Nobody is listening to me.


I am gonna fu**ing screw your life man.

Hey, you are done Vikram.

I am going to report this right now.

I am calling Vishwa sir.

You're done, man.

You cannot get away with this. I am gonna fu**ing escalate this.

Where is Vishwa sir, is he in his office or at his home?

I wanna talk to him right now.

Let me know.

I'll wait on line Find out immediately.

Yes, it's bloody important.

He is not taking my call.

That is the reason I am calling you, connect me to him Go to hell, man.

I will send a voice message.

Hey, send it, who cares.

I am not talking to you.

Sir, I have been trying to reach you for some time now.

I sent him a voice message.

Send a constable immediately to his house. I am coming there right now.

Hello, excuse me!

What do you want? -Hey, where is this mechanic?

I don't know.

Do you know where he lives? -I have no idea.

Is Ibrahim home?

Please wait a minute. -Please call him.

What happened Sir?

Do you know the mechanic who repaired your scooter the other day?

Yes, Fahad, I know him.

Do you know where he lives?

He lives in the outskirts. What happened, sir?

Come with me.

I'll just change and come.

Make it quick...


Let's go, Sir. -Let's go.

Sir, look at that bulb.

That is where he lives.

Ibrahim, isn't this the blue car you saw?

Yes, sir, this is the car.



Hey, stop...



Tell me...where is Neha?

Where are you running away?

Where is Neha?



Stop... you idiot.

Fahad stop.

Where is Neha?


Speak out.

Where is the girl?


What happened, sir?




Hey, where is Neha?


I did not do it, sir.

Tell me...

I was hired to do this.


I will take you there.


Here, sir.

Vikram, I will come along with you.

Call for back up.

Tell them to come without a siren.

Meanwhile, if something goes wrong, kill this Idiot.

Don't move.

Vikram, what happened to you?

What're all those wounds on your body?

Hey, Rohit, come here and sit.

Come here and sit.

Rohit, did you do it?

Where is Neha?

I tried to tell you... -Hey, don't move Relax, it's okay.

Rohit... -I know it's over.

I tried many times to talk about this Vikram.

But I know you won't listen to me. -Rohit, don't move.




Rohit, what happened to you?


Rohit, speak.





Rohit...What happened?

Swapna, where is Neha?

But what made him do all this?

Rohit is not behind all this.

It's me!

I am the one who did this.

It all started at Saraswati's orphanage.

Preeti, my sister Alekhya and I, three of us stayed in that orphanage.

Back then, Mohan's brother Shiva and his wife Priya flew down from the US to adopt a girl.

Among all, these girls suit your requirements of age group and your situation.

You can choose anyone you like.

I hope you remember what I told you about.

Whoever you choose, it's only after her consent that I can let you adopt.

Of course ma'am.

We are okay with any one of the three girls.

I cannot tell you how beautiful it felt when they hugged.

I wanted that kind of love too.

But more than me, my sister was in need of that love.

Alekhya has a minor heart problem.

Doctors assured that her heart will automatically heal in two to three years.

But if you don't want to adopt her, you still can choose between the other two girls.

Nothing like that madam.

We are fine with anyone.

Okay, let's do one thing.

Preeti, you know that my sister has a heart problem.

If she goes with them, she has better chances of living a long and healthy life.

So if they ask you, can you tell them that you are not interested.

Okay, sister.


Yes madam, I am coming.

In just a few months, my sister passed away on her birthday.

Slowly I started to accept the fact that my sister is no more.

But unknowingly I developed some kind of rage against Preeti.

I met Rohit after I came out of the orphanage.

No matter how good he took care of me, I just couldn't forget my sister.

Rohit took me to a pub one day.

I happened to see Preeti there.

I saw her happily dancing with her friends.



Come, come... -Come, come...

And when I saw that Preeti was so happy; strange sadness shot up in me.

I thought, shouldn't it be my sister in her place?

I went into depression.

Rohit tried to help me a lot.

But I was not in a state of mind to accept his help and move forward.

Slowly my sadness turned into fury.

And one day, that fury propelled me to kill her.

I learned about Mechanic Fahad.

I hired him to kidnap Preeti.

Speak out, you Idiot.

She told me that she would give me a lot of money, sir.

Oh my god!



What happened?

I killed Preeti on my sister's birthday.

Swapna, what is this?

Rohit, Preeti...

Rohit, Preeti...

I have not killed her intentionally.

I have not killed her intentionally.

It just happened!

Rohit would not have thought that I'd do such a thing.

But after he heard about the pain I went through; he chose me over his duty.

Rohit, Preeti...

Soon Preeti's case got transferred to HIT.

Neha started analyzing the pieces of evidence.

One day Neha called Mr Srinivas but lucky for me, she couldn't get through.

So, she called Rohit.

Hello, I identified important information in Preeti's case.

Partial fingerprints have been detected from a needle found at the crime scene.

That's great.

Neither Preeti's DNA nor her blood has been detected on it.

When I looked for fingerprints, only partial fingerprints were detected.

Let's run a quick check.

There you go.

We need to check with fingerprints bureau, as they are partial fingerprints.

Since this information should not reach Mr Srinivas at any cost...

Rohit went to Neha's house that very night.

We kept Neha in our house.

Vikram, it was not our idea to kill Neha.

We thought of illegally immigrating somewhere abroad.

Rohit made all the arrangements with the help of his friends.

But we kept waiting for Rohit's mother to be taken to his elder brother.

Our plan was to sedate Neha and leave.

They wanted to leave her and go, sir.

But if she survives, am I not the one to get caught?

I was going to kill her, when this 'sir' stopped me.

When Sheila wrote the note that a dead body can be found at Raju's guest house...

Rohit dug out Preeti's body again.

But Rohit is a very nice guy.

He didn't even like Sheila getting punished because of me.

So he met a few of your suspects again without telling you.

He collected their DNA samples without their knowledge.

He Implanted those samples on Preeti's body which he dug.

And buried her back at the same spot where Sheila said.

In the same way, he contaminated the mud samples of Sheila's car tyres and shoes.

Rohit did not try to frame anyone.

It was our sole motto to run away as soon as the case got cold.

Rohit shouldn't have died like this.

Then what about Lata?

I don't know who Lata is, Vikram.

It's all about money sir!

Once I tasted so much money, I got greedy and wanted more and more of it.

So I tried to kidnap Lata.

Sorry, sir.

For what, Vikram?

I could not save your daughter.

No, Vikram...

I should thank you instead.

If not for you, we would have suffered for the rest of our lives not knowing about Preeti.

You gave us a closure.

Many thanks, Vikram.

It's really nice... what you've done.


I heard that you took up the responsibility of sending money to the orphanage for its maintenance.

I totally love you Vicky.

How are you coping up?

Dear Vikram...

I know that you will solve this case.

I know you will come for me.

And when you come for me, I will shoot you with my gun.

But that gun will not have any bullets, Vikram.

Only your bullet can give me an honourable ending.

It was nice knowing you.

Your friend forever.


I asked you many times, but you never talk about it.

Why do you get these panic attacks?

Why don't you tell me about your past?

Tell me, Vicky.

Not now.

I'll tell you some other time Neha.

Let's go.



"I don't know which high tide is thrusting my way..."

"Should I be the wind to divert it another way..."

"Even if time is ceasing my breath and throwing me down to hell..."

"With wings wide open I have overcome my past..."

" It's a battle..."

"No matter how big an enemy, I will not give up."

" It's a battle..."

"Oohh....every second is a challenge! I am ready!"

"No matter what I will never look back and continue this battle."

"The death which follows will never surrender though I keep running"

"Should I snatch the fangs out and rewrite fate..."

"Pitch darkness with not blind the atrocities, even if baffled."

"Won't the fangs retreat when its daybreak..."

"There is a world, hidden inside me..."

"Asking me if there is a way out..."

"Let me be the hands of the clock that keeps ticking"

"And stop time to find out who runs it."

"It's a battle..."

"No matter how big an enemy, I will not give up..."

"It's a battle..."

"Oohh....every second is a challenge! I am ready!"

"No matter what I will never look back and continue this battle.