Hit & Run (2019) Script

Bro, take me with you!

Bro, don't go alone!

-Bro, take me with you! -Coki, stop where you are!



Let me go with you!

Welcome back, Boss.

Back off!

We're dedicated...

...to abolish all criminal acts and narcotics distribution.

We're the guardian, counsellor and protector to all of you!

Follow my actions to make this city a safer place for all of us.

You name it. Gorilla?

That is out of style.

This is the latest, bro!

Here! You can take a urine test, blood test, or any test.

It will never get detected, bro.

It is safe!

What do you think?

-You don't believe me? -No.

Okay, how about we try it out?

Pick someone, anyone, and test this out.

Fair enough?


Pick one.

That one.

No way, he is ugly. Pick someone else.

Okay, the girl next to him then. Call her.

Seriously, a girl? Give her a break. Pick someone else, Rako.

-The one next to her then. -Perfect.

Bro! Come over here!

Yes, you, come here!

Hey, you want some cash?


Try this first!


You're trying to punk me again?

There it is, see it for yourself.


This is dope!


Rako, have him do a urine test after this.

Let's go!

Take him.

Police! We are conducting a search!

Everyone stay still!

There he is.

What's going on?

I'm not doing this. Don't forget to wire my money, bro!

Are you trying to fool me? Huh?

Rako, I guess there is something more important.

I don't want to return to jail.

Then why are you fighting a police officer?

Ouch, stupid!

Barep, full shot!

Shit, are you trying to frame me?

Why are you holding me hostage? I don't even know him.

Bro, you got the wrong man. Seriously, I am nobody.

Timothy Ferdinand Liow, or best known as Lio.

Come with us.

As you have just witnessed, no one escapes from justice.

-Asshole! I didn't sell it. Fuck you! -Cut.

Fuck you!

-You narcissistic police! -What the hell is wrong with you?

-Lio, you watch out! -Stay still!

-Let me go! Shit! -Get in!

So sorry, bro, one more time.

He is a dead man.

-Again, okay? -Three, two, one...

As you have just witnessed, no one escapes from justice.

Watch Hit And Run, every Saturdays and Sundays...

Barep, why are you moving the camera to the right?

Move it to the left.

Left is my best angle. You know I look good from the left.

Sorry. One more take.

This isn't your first time doing this.

Last take!

-Three, two, one... -What is this?

As you have just witnessed, no one escapes from justice.

Keep watching Hit And Run, every Saturdays and Sundays at 9 pm.

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I'm Tegar Saputra, signing off. Good night.


-Good enough? -What did you shoot?

Do you understand why we arrested you?

Take a good look at that.

Do you know who he is?

-Hey, answer! -I don't remember, sir.

Many people want to take a picture with me.

Take a good look.

His name is Coki.

He is the mastermind of the largest drug syndicate in Jakarta.

We busted him...

...when he discovered a new kind of drug that can't be detected.

Coki escaped from prison.

Our data intelligence says the drugs are back.

We have to apprehend him soon.

And you...

You are one of them. You know it all.

What syndicate?

I have no clue what you guys have been talking about.

I was selling fake drugs at the club.

I crushed ulcer pills. You are all mixed up!

You really don't know?

I really don't know when I took picture with this guy.

Come with me.

I remember now, sir.

Let me ask you. Where is Coki?

About that, sir, I don't really know.

But I know the people who know his whereabouts.

I can take you there.

Tegar, you take this kid tomorrow and find out about Coki.

-What, Commander? -You and this kid find Coki tomorrow.


Enough, I have to get home.

I'm in a rush.

My wife is going to be pissed.

-Commander. -What else?

I believe this kid is useless.

Here is the thing, pay attention.

This kid is your only way to find Coki, and you have no choice.


Yes, sir.


High five, so we are buddies!

You talk too much! Move it!


Hold on.

Broken hearted, left alone How could you betray me?

Broken hearted, you broke your promises Behind my back Morning!


Morning, Mila.

What time did she get up?

She woke up at 6 am, bathed, and having breakfast now.

Let me. Thank you.

You're welcome.

Good morning, princess.

Is she your favourite singer?

I'm not Safari Park Meisa Sandriana.

You remember her?

I guess it is a no.


Who is this from?

"Hope you get well soon and smile again. Uncle Affandi."

Do you remember Uncle Affandi? He is my commander.

He is very nice to us.

It happened again.

Another case of a death teenager caused by a new kind of illegal drug...

...widely distributed.

This is the fourth case this month.

This new illegal drug is in a form of candies...

...and very dangerous.

Excessive use can cause memory disorder and also death.

You know, once you get better, I will let you watch me in action.

You want that?


I am so honoured...

...to be in the same car with the one and only Tegar Saputra!

You know, when I saw your show yesterday, I thought it was staged, but actually it is real!

What are we now?

We are partners!

Hey! What partner?

I am not your partner.

We are not in the same level.

What I need from you...

...is finding information about Coki with me.

That's it.

Understood, I'm ready for it.

Hei, Bakpau!

Can you shut up?

Maybe this is love at first sight Because what I feel is unusual If this is love, where did it start?

Where did it start?

From your eyes I start falling in love I see shadows from your eyes Your eyes makes me fall Keep falling through the heart From your eyes

Money flyin'

Money flyin'

I see that money flyin'

I see that money flyin'

She be jumpin' in a Lamborghini Pullin' down on a street with Pastor Maine Take her to the crib Pour the wine and then dip She thinks she got money It hurts here in my heart When you cheated on me It hurts here in my heart When you cheated on me It hurts here in my heart When you cheated on me Painful Painful The pain is over here

Asshole. You really want to die?

-Come here! -Bro!

This is not funny. Seriously!

This is not funny.

Sing again!

Oh, my love, my dear Just let go Don't let me go!

How dare you sing in my car?

Yes, Barep.

A robbery?


Okay, you get ready. I'm on my way to the crime scene.

Hey, Bakpau, you come with me!

Let her go!

What's going on?

Here is the situation. There are two guys, one with a gun.

When they threatened the cashier, they were a bit distracted.

The cashier ran out and called a police officer passing by.

They're holding a hostage.

The hostage is...

How is my hair?

-Looking good, Bro! -Handsome!

I always look good, why did I even ask?

Let's go!

-Who is this? -I don't know.

There is a lot of cameras.

-Gentlemen. -Yes, sir.

I am taking over the crime scene.

You can drink coffee while I handle this.

Please, my treat.

Viewers, the situation is critical.

There is a robbery in a minimarket.

And they successfully hold a woman hostage.

I think he is a celebrity.

The woman is...


It is Meisa! Cut!

Meisa Sandriana.

Shut up!

She is Meisa Sandriana.

I was trying to tell you that.

What is a diva doing in a minimarket?

Buying candies, maybe?

-Hold this. -Okay.

I will finish them all.

Go, go, go!

Meisa, can you sing us a song?

-Why is he asking her to sing? -I don't know.

"I'm Not Safari Park", Meisa!


I'm not Safari Park Viewers, listen.

Meisa Sandriana, the famous "I'm Not Safari Park" singer...

...is held hostage.

Shut up!

-I'll kill you. -Oh, my God.

If I don't save her, we'd never hear her beautiful voice again.

Wish me luck. Meisa!

I, Tegar Saputra, will save you.

-Hey, bro! -Hey!

Move back!

Let's discuss this, bro. -The gun! Drop it!

-Okay, bro. -Hurry up.

Okay, bro. There you go.

-You listen! -Sure.

You will let us out of here.

Provide us a getaway car.

Let us walk away.

When we are far enough, we will release the girl.

-Remember, don't follow us! -Of course not, bro.

A getaway car, right? Let me get the key slowly.

Take my black car outside, bro.

Please take it, only don't hurt Meisa.

-It is a sedan. -Take it.

What is wrong with you?

You said you wanted the car. I'm confused.

You take his gun and shoot him on the head.

Then we finish everybody outside and leave with his car.

You are giving me a headache. You asked for a car, now you...

I never thought, I never thought A weakling claims to be great At the end will suffer I never thought, I never thought You are also from Palembang?

I can't believe I could meet old friends here.

-Where are you from? -I'm from Lubuk Linggau, bro.

Really, I'm from...

-Where are we from, bro? -Kayu Agung!

-Yes, Kayu Agung. -Kayu Agung?

I miss pempek.

Jakarta does not have tasty pempek.

-What? -After this, I'll take you to a good pempek place.

We just have to save her first, okay?

I want to return to Palembang but I have no money.

No money?

I have plenty.

I'll buy you a train ticket, okay?


Why are you talking to him?

He is one of us, so I'm talking to him.

What is the matter with you?

Why are you furious when he is talking to me?

Let him talk to me.

I will kill you.


Stop it!

Did you get it, Barep?

-Nice shot! -Nice shot!


Okay. Not bad.

Are you okay? It is safe now.

Let's go.



Are you a squirrel?

What are you doing there?

Get down!


I thought you were different.

Pretending to be a Palembangnese.

Yes, we come from the same place.

But you are a robber and I'm a police officer.

What do you expect?

Who told you to be a robber?

-Come down! -No!

Why are you so difficult?



-Two. -No!

-You better watch out! -Okay, I will come down.

-Jump. -It is high.

You could get up there, but can't go back down?

Carry me.

My assistant is taking a leave.

So I had to shop by myself in this rabble minimart.

A disaster unexpectedly happened.

But luckily a gallant prince saved me.

It is nothing, Meisa.

What's important for me is that you are safe now, Meisa.

Perhaps you can explain to the viewers at home...

...that what just happened is not staged?

Please. Hit And Run.

Of course.

But hold on.

Go ahead, Meisa.

Hit And Run.

Can you please move a bit to the left?

To the left, Iwan.

Because left is my best angle.

Left angle, just like me.

This isn't your first time doing this.

Hi, viewers.

I, Meisa Sandriana, would like to clarify...

...that what just happened is real.

This is not a set up or mere scripted.

Without the presence of this gallantly strong prince, I would probably be dead...

...in the universe.

Let's take a picture together, for my Instagram.

I am sorry, Meisa, I don't think it is the right time.

I see.

What about we exchange numbers?

Unfortunately, I must tell you again that this is not the right time, Meisa.

Maybe next time. Be patient.

Because we still have a long journey ahead, and my fight is not over yet.

There are a lot of people waiting for me to help them out there.

And I need to save them.

Keep watching Hit And Run...

...and follow our social media here.

I'm Tegar Saputra, signing off.

Bye, Meisa.

-Nice. -And cut!

How come you said cut?

I just wanted to. It is okay, right?


You asked for my number, right, Meisa?

Of course you can have my number. Right, bro?

-Of course. -It's okay.

It's 081...

I see.

Why don't you type it here yourself?

Of course, so you get the right number.

It's 0817...

Are you playing with me? Huh?

You keep saying turn left, turn right, even make a u-turn.

How many times now?

Do you even know where Coki is?

Trust me, Tegar, we are almost there.

This is where Coki hangs out.

You know what?

Your face is very familiar.

You should go undercover, bro.

-What do you mean by that? -Listen.

I am afraid they will recognize you from the show.

What if they are your fans and followers?

Am I right? What do you think?

Sometimes it is tiring to be me.

Is this the place?

Yes, it is. This is my friend's place.

What the hell?

What do you want me to be?

I'm a police officer. I'm famous.

I can't go undercover like that.

I told you before.

This is for the sake of Coki's information.

This is the only way I know.

You look great.

-Shut up! -Hello, sir.

-What is this? -Not there yet.

-Pardon me, ma'am, but this is enough. -A little more.

My face already looks like a clown and you still want to add more make up?

-Are you crazy? -Hey, Lio!

Remember, this is not free anymore.

Remember. End of the month.

Of course, sis, I will pay you.

But let me owe you on this one like usual.

Hey, Bakpau.

Undercover police in movies look cool, but why do I look like a disaster?

What the hell? What kind of boutique is this?

Don't worry. It's okay, bro.

Who do you really think you are?

Don't get me mad!

I already look like this and if you don't get any info, I'll boil you alive.

-Got it. -Hurry up.

Take care, baby.

Night, uncle.

Just wait here, Tegar.

Mak Dona, it's been a while.

You look prettier.


I'm coming, Mak!

Where is the pesticide?

How come there is a planthopper in here?

Mak, how could you say that to your own son?

-Go away. -Okay.

Ungrateful son, what are you doing here?

You took my money and just disappeared.

Do you think money falls from the sky?

Please give me time to return it, Mak.

By the way, you look younger.

To look like this requires money, not bullshit.

I know. I also need information.

Information also requires money.

Who is that?

That is my friend.

-Is she a sugar baby? -She is a good girl.

She is naive, from the village.

Mom, this is serious.

-What now, Feby? -It's Nadia, Mom.

-What's wrong with her? -Nadia is not here.

She is supposed to close the show tonight. What now?

This is so Nadia.

So, you need information?

Just wait here.

I will take care of it.

-You can do it. -Fuck you.

What do you want me to do?

You can see the whole club from up there.

Who knows if Coki is there? And you can spot him too.


Coki, what a surprise.

Have a drink, Coki.

I'm not here to drink.

I'm here to remind you of our agreement.

You were only supposed to sell my goods, wasn't it?



Your friend is not bad.

Of course!

I think I have seen him somewhere.


Not bad.

Like the expensive one.

Fuck you. What do you think I am?

-Go away! -Hold on!

Calm down, you baldie.

You have embarrassed me, bastard!

Mr. Tegar?


Coki and his gang attacked the club next door.

-Coki? -Yes, there are a lot of causalities, sir.

Why did you bring me here while Coki was over there? Answer me!


What is it?

What's wrong with your clothes?

I am going undercover.

You take care of your team and help them, okay?

-Okay. -This is none of your business. Just go.

Come here!

What else do you want to say?

When Coki was poor, he worked in this area.

Was he a dancer like I was?

I want to kill you.

He was a club bouncer around here.

That's why I took you here.

Mak Dona knows a lot, and I just need to dig her, okay?

Am I right? Coki did show up.

I am almost right, bro.

Fuck you.

You are part of their syndicate. You should know where they are heading.

That's the thing, I am not part of them.

The picture with you and Coki?

That's Photoshopped, Tegar.


This is the hard copy.

The one you saw was from the internet.

I use this picture to scare people off.

I just need to show this to them and say, “I am Coki's friend.” They were scared right away.


Eat this picture!


Old friend!

You asked for pempek with egg, right?

I have it.

There is bakpau too here. You bastard.

Tegar, what did you just say?

Liauw, Liauw, Liauw.


I am not fierce, Bakpau.

I think you are tasty, Bakpau.


The one I have been waiting for has finally arrived.

What are you doing here?

This is all my token of appreciation for you.

Here, this is for you.

-Seriously? -Yes.

I am flattered.

You know what, I had amnesia last night.

I could not fall asleep.

Because I was waiting for you call.

You said you'd call.

Last night, we all worked until morning.

It is fine.

I saw this picture earlier.

Oh my God.

You have been looking tough and charming since you were young.

That was me...

...when I became the best graduate in the police academy back in Sumatra.

And still is the best.


A true gem with Sumatran flavour.

I'm really proud to hear that.

Thank you for your visit, Miss Meisa.


I must go back to work, and we will update you about the case soon.

Very well.

I am leaving then.


Take care.


You are the man, Tegar.

Drop it.

Don't exaggerate, guys.

Go back to work.

It's like you've never seen anything like this.

"Police Investigation Data"


Yes, sir.

Why report now, ma'am?

I have contacted all her friends.

But not even one knows where she is.

What is his relationship to Manda?

His name is Jefri.

He is the only one I could not contact.

I don't like the boy.

He is not worthy of my daughter.

I don't have much time.

Next weekend, my daughter is having her 17th birthday.

I have prepared a big party for her.

I want her back before that.

-Find her. -Will do.

My analysis says she is most likely in that boy's house.

Let me focus on Coki first.

No way.

She is Helena Bhimantara.

She is an important person.

I need you to focus and handle this case.

Forget Coki's case, okay?

Coki's victims keep growing, sir. We have to get him right away.

No. Last night he went into action.

And what were you doing?

-I... -Nevermind.

I command you to drop Coki's case and focus on this new case.


One more thing. Don't forget to release Lio.


Where else are you taking me?

Just come with me.


Shut up!

Chill, bro.

I was beaten up.

Because of you, I get this babysitting case.

Are you looking for him? I know him.

Don't mess with me again.

I swear, I know this guy.

Jefri, right?

Who are you?

-Hello, Manda. -You are...

-The one from the TV. -Yes, I know.

Right, I'm Tegar Saputra you have seen on TV.

-Yes. -Are you a fan?

Manda, your parents are worried and looking for you.

Come home now, dear. Let's go.

I don't want to leave.

I want to be with Jefri forever.

Don't worry, honey.

No one can tear our love apart, okay?


You want to take Manda away?

Over my dead body.

He can make you dead for sure.

Try me.

Go ahead.

I am not afraid of you. I don't care!

You are a police officer. I can...

What can you do?

What can you do?

Let him go.

-Let him go. -I told you.

Manda, I told him so.

-I can... -What?

Can you let me go, please?

I can't breathe.

You can't breathe?

Don't hurt him.

Don't hurt him.

Manda's parents don't approve of our relationship.

That's why we decided to run away.

If we separated, what would happen to Jema?

Who is Jema?

Our child.

What? You have a child already?

No, we just created the name only.

I know I am just a poor boy.

But is it wrong if a poor boy goes out with a rich girl?

Should a poor boy always be poor?

I care for Manda. I love her.

Okay, Jefri, you listen to me.

No! This is not fair.

-Can you be quiet? -Yes, I can.

Are you a man?

I am.

Do you love her?

-I do. -If you love her, meet her parents and convince your love to them.

Real men fight for their love, Jefri, okay?



Who do you think you are?

How dare you take my daughter away?

You are not worthy of my daughter.

One more time I see you with her, I can throw you to prison.

-Do you want to go to jail? -No.

Man, why are you crying?

You are so lame.

Don't spread it to me.

How do I put this to you?

Next time you find a girl, find someone from your level.

Okay? Life is not like on TV.

A wealthy girl dates a hawker.

But I am not a hawker.

Hey, stupid, that is just an analogy.

As if your own life is straight.


It is better for you to take a break from dating.


-Listen to me! -I am listening.

Study hard.

-Graduate from school. -Right.

-Okay. -Find a good job, be rich.

Be successful like me.

I agree with you, Tegar.

That is right.

There is no time.

-I couldn't agree more. -Girls only trouble you.

-Yes. -Remember that, boy.

-Agree. -You are screwed up.

Remember and memorize it, okay?

Like studying for an exam. Just memorize it.

He is a model.

Hey, Meisa.

No, I'm not busy at all.

Meisa Sandriana? He knows her?

-You... -Bro.

Manda's birthday is coming.

She has invited Meisa to sing.

-Okay. Then? -Look.

Tegar, come over here.

Look. Come here. Tegar!

Come here, Tegar.

Come here. Look at this.


Hang up the phone. Look at this first.

-What is it? -Look at this.


Meisa is very pretty.

Not that. Look at the background.

A black scorpion logo.

-And? -Gosh.

I forgot to tell you.

Mak Dona told me that Coki's syndicate is called Black Scorpion.

Why didn't you tell me this? This is an important information.

Because last time you went berserk, remember?

Here is the thing, Tegar.

Mak Dona told me two things that night.

The first one was about the Black Scorpion.

The second one was that Coki will distribute his drugs.

There may be some links.

-That is right. -Mind your own business.

Hi, Meisa.

Do you have plans for tonight?

How about dinner?

After that incident, my manager asked me to learn self-defense.

You will not always be around to help me.


Sorry, Meisa.

How come you don't talk the way you normally do?


I usually speak charmingly and flirty like this.

But I think I don't need to do it when I am with you.

Here's the thing, my label decided how I talk.

They said it's easier for me to become viral and hit that way.

And it is successfully proven.

So I do it until now.

So that's how it is.

I feel that we are close, so...

I feel the coolness of a 2 PK air conditioner unit.

Reveal the whole mortal world that is full of mirage...

...to you.

Right, Meisa...

On the way here, I checked your social media account.

There is this one photo I really like.

This one.

-You look very beautiful. -That was...

That was one of my clients' event.

I went on stage and then took pictures with them.

They are truly well-off.

This one is Uncle Joni.

He is the owner of the club I sang at.

So, Joni is the club owner?

You know, my work is singing.

Entertain those successful elite businessmen...

...with abundant wealth.

They are people with extreme luxury.

Seriously, this is exhausting.


You have sang to many people.

Did anyone ever sing to you?


Hold on.

It's time for us to talk to each other

About the feeling that torturing us About the unbearable longing About the unspoken love

It's been to long since we kept quiet Drowned in the restlessness Fulfilling Our night dreams

Oh, my love, my dear Just let go Your feelings, your yearnings All your love And now There is only me and you A moment in eternity

If only we could stop the time

And all of our dreams came true It will break all the boundaries Between you and me Us Oh, my love, my dear Just let go Your feelings, your yearnings All your love And now There is only me and you I can't believe you like the song.

I really like that song.

I never thought you could sing and play the piano.

I learned when I was a kid, but I wasn't that good.

That song is our song from now on.


When I was in my car, I recognized your Uncle Joni's face.

I'm more certain that he is my father's friend.

He helped my family a lot.

If it weren't for him, we wouldn't be like this.

I really want to see him again.

Do you mind sharing his address?


Do you believe in fate?

I saved you at the supermarket.

You stopped by at the office with a surprise.

We became close. We had dinner.

We sang together, and now we have our own song.

This is not a mirage, Meisa.

This is reality that's obviously displayed.

Why do you need to come?

What about this boy?

I have stayed with him since yesterday.

He cries all the time.

He needs someone to rely on.


Isn't that Manda's mother?

What is she doing with Coki?

I am going there. You guys stay put.

Hold on. Wait, Tegar.

If you leave us and they catch us here, who will save us?



Okay, but stick with me.

Stay silent.

Guys, I will send my location. Come here right now.



Shit, Tegar, why didn't you ask for back up?

Why did you call them instead?

Lower your voice!

-Make sure the video and audio are secure. -Okay.

We are moving in.


Okay, here's the thing.


You guys go ahead and ambush.

-I will wait in the car. -Agree, sir.

I thought you called for a big reinforcement.


What a bother.


Hurry up.

The goods are prepared and ready to go for shipping.

Police! Don't move!

Coki, we got you now!

Everything will go on schedule.

Hands up and don't move!

Move back!

Watch out!

Go, go, go!

Come on!

Hurry up.

Hurry up!

Watch out!

Hurry up!


Wake up! You hit someone!

You hit someone!



Right, stupid!

Stupid! Eyes on the road!

Wake up! See that!

Move your head.



Where are you going, boy band guy?




Stand up, Tegar.

I got you.

Come on, Tegar. Enough.

-Where did that boy band guy go? -I don't know.


Tegar Saputra was involved in a car chase yesterday.

It led to a massive explosion at the outskirt of residential area.

You have crossed the line, Tegar.

You often handled things yourself without reporting to me.

You are suspended.

Commander, I admit I was wrong.

But please don't suspend me, sir.

I have a new lead on Coki's case.

Helena Bhimantara.

Lio, Jefri and I.

We saw it with our own eyes, sir.

Any proof?

Do you have photos?


Audio recordings?

You don't!

No, I don't.

That is not evidence.

It is Helena Bhimantara we are talking about.

If we screw up, even just a little, we're done!

It will be fatal for all of us here, Tegar.

I also need you to quit that reality show.


You better focus on your sister.

Take care of Mila.


Do you want to come in and have a bite, Tegar?

My mother's cooking is the best.

Come on, Tegar.

Maybe this is the last time we see each other.

Come on, Tegar.



I thought Lio was in some kind of trouble with the police.

Please sit, Tegar.

Sometimes Lio don't come home for one or two weeks.

And when he comes home, he brings money for me.

I am suspicious if he is a fraud.

Why are you unsure of me, mom?

If I was a crook, why would I be hanging out with a police officer?

I am relieved now.

You are on the right path.

I trust you.

-Tegar. -Yes.

I really like your show on TV.

It is really good.

It educates and has moral.

Help others when in need.

It is extraordinary.

Your parents must be very proud.

Thank you, aunty.

Aren't you proud of me, mom?

I don't even know what you do for a living.

During family gatherings, one said his son is a director who owns a business.

I am sad because I don't know what to say.

How can I be proud?


Is the reality show that important to you?

You remember Coki's drugs?

A few years ago, Coki and the Black Scorpion released a new kind of drug for a test.

The drug was concealed in a candy and distributed in schools.

My little sister, Mila, was one of the victims.

She was at a critical condition.

Sir, please help my sister!


Sir, help her.

She is unconscious.

I'm here.

We are on the way to the hospital.

Please forgive me.

But she survived.

Unfortunately, when she woke up, she didn't remember anything.

That show is important to me, Lio.

For Mila.

She has no one except me.

The show represents me.

My time for her.

And I hope...

...one day she will come around...

...and remember her older brother.

I'm going.

Your mom...

Morning, Meisa.

I have been calling you yesterday and you did not pick up.

I heard that Uncle Joni's warehouse was being attacked.

Was it you?

Tegar, answer me.

Yes, that was me.

So you lied to me?

You just need the address, isn't it?

It is not only that, Meisa.

-I... -So yesterday, you came on to me for a reason?

You were using me, right?

-No, I wasn't. -Is it for your career?

Or is it for your TV show and its rating?

No, hear me out first.

Where are you?

We should meet, Meisa...

Listen, Tegar Saputra.

I don't want anything to do with you!

I can explain...

Come on!



What's wrong?

-Break. -Break?

Hurry up! Stand up!

Stand up!

"Tegar Saputra"

"Award Certificate"

"Chief of Police Gives The Award to Ipda. Tegar Saputra"

Tegar Saputra allegedly has sexual disorder...

...that he keeps confidential.

This viral video...

...shows a man suspected to be Tegar Saputra.

A police officer and a reality show host, Hit And Run.

The TV station that airs the reality show has announced...

...that they have replaced Tegar as the host for Hit and Run.

Tegar will be replaced by Briptu Bayu.

Follow my actions to make this city a safer place for all of us.


Let me do the talking.

Open the door.

I need to talk to you.

I am really sorry, Tegar.

-Tegar. -Tegar...

Please hear me out, Tegar.

Please, I did not know someone was recording you.

Come on, Tegar.

People will forget about this video.

We don't have the heart to see you like this.

That is true. Iwan and I don't want to be a part of Hit And Run...

-...if the host isn't you. -See?

Coki is still out there.

You can't give up so easily. Tell him, Jefri.

Yes, when I went to Manda's house, I saw Black Scorpion logo in their room.

It is possible they are associated.

-Conspiracy. -Right.

-Come on, Tegar. -Don't give up.

Can you all just shut up?

Your talking gives me headache.

There is no use telling me all of these now.

It is all over!

Go home. I want to go to bed.

-I don't care. -This morning, a corpse was found...

...in the landfill.

The police has identified the body...

...as Dona Puspita, -Tegar... -or known as Mak Dona.

-The deceased is known a club owner... -Mak Dona...

...in the city.

The motive of the murder...

-...is still under investigation. -It must be Coki.

He must have gotten your video from there.

Tegar, it seems like he is going after everyone who dealt with him.

It is dangerous.

Then I will be next.

You should be ready.

All of you are right.

I will never let this bastard hurt anyone else.

I will end this.

We will have your back, Tegar!


It is too risky for you guys.

You have me.

You have Iwan, Jefri, and Barep.

You are not alone, Tegar.

That's right, Tegar.



Guys, our main focus is to find out about Coki's whereabouts.

The only valid information we have...

...is that Helena Bhimantara is associated with Coki.

Lio, remember the information you got from Mak Dona.

Okay. First, it was about Black Scorpion and Coki.

Coki is holding a party to distribute the drugs, or something like that.

Everyone, think.

What party is happening soon and may be linked to them?

Manda's birthday party.

Helena Bhimantara told me at the office...

...that she had to find Manda before the party.

And whatever happens, the party can't be cancelled.

Is this the party she meant?

Of course not, Tegar.

Is it possible that Coki will distribute the drugs to Manda's friends?

Helena's friends.


Helena uses her network to distribute Coki's drugs.


We have to get there as soon as possible.

But how do we get into the party?

That is our problem.

Ask Meisa for a help.

She will be performing there.


Can he do it?

Hey! Tegar is my partner. I know him best.


Look at that.

An indulging slap blares.

Obviously displayed.

-Not a mirage. -Not a mirage.

Okay, guys, listen up.

You guys have to record every improtant thing that happens there.

We are dealing with Helena Bhimantara.

We need solid evidence to get her.


I will take care of Coki.

Meisa, Lio, Jefri, Barep, Iwan, you guys all be ready.

-Yes, sir! -We finish everything today.

Could you wish a happy birthday to Manda Bhimantara?

Of course, my pleasure.

Sorry, wait.

Do you have the invitation?

We are Meisa's private crew.

Come on, guys!


What a beautiful...

Be cool, don't act weird.

No one will be suspicious if we don't panic.

To my dearest daughter's birthday party, Manda Anastasia Bhimantara.

Happy birthday, honey.

I hope everything you wish for will come true.

Okay, enjoy the party!

Guys, let's find our way upstairs.

Come with me.

Wait here.

I will show you how.

-Pay attention. -Show us what?


Hey! What are you waiting for?

We are obviously not you.

How are we supposed to get up there?


The goods are ready.

Before next week, I can send you the newest batch.

And after that, you can freely distribute it to your areas.

How many do you have in stock?

Don't worry, that is our concern.

Just say how many you need and wire the money.

Then, we will immediately run the production.


Hurl the camera up here. Hurry up!

Do it.

Catch this.

I am not sure.

One, two, three! Be careful!

You only need to press record.

And don't worry.

I will help you build your own production...

...in each of your areas.

What do you think?

-Deal? -Deal.


Thank you.


Catch the camera!

Be careful!

-Gosh. -It is safe.

What did you record, Tegar?

-Coki? -Go, go, go.


I'm not Safari Park One that you always visit To indulge yourself I'm not Safari Park There is a small problem.

What problem?

Someone recorded our meeting.

But my men are on it.

Hold this.

This is for you.


Take this, Barep.

Hold this.

Why am I holding it again?

What do we do?

Give me the camera!

Don't be like that.

Oh, my God, there is a bomb!

There is a bomb! Terrorist!

Hurry up, everyone! Go!

Save yourselves! Run, everyone!

Just go!



Let me go!

You are not supposed to be here, Meisa.

I was looking for you.

Go and hide.

Watch out, miss.

Where are the others?

I don't know. I've been with you all this time.

It is chaos in there.

Wait for me at the dock until it is all over.

I'm going to look for my friends.


-The camera... -They must be furious.

Lio, Jefri! What are you guys doing here?

They have the camera, Tegar.

He is right.

Don't worry, I have the memory card.



You can't do that, Tegar.

This girl is crazy. She wanted to hit my crotch.

Let us handle her.


I have memorized your moves. Piece of cake.

Yes, I'm going to prove Manda that I'm worthy of her.

Finish her.

Lio, no!

Enough, Lio. Move back.


Help me, Tegar. It hurts.

I told you.

You are good.

It has been a while since I met an equal opponent.

Tegar, you take care of this.

Agree. Manda will understand.

-We will look for Meisa. -Yes.

Good luck.

Miss Meisa, are you alright?

I'm fine. Where are the others?

I think they are still inside.

Fight me.



What happened? Where is the camera?

-It is destroyed. -Gosh!

Don't worry, the memory card and the recording are safe.

Where is the memory card?

Tegar has it.

What's wrong with you two?

What's wrong with you, huh?

Barep, can you do a live broadcast? Like that live soccer match?

That's right. Let me borrow this for a second.

We are lucky it still can be used.



He does it again.

Fight me!

Fuck you!

I want to see how good you are.


Call the producer, Iwan. Ask for permission to do live a broadcast.

I heard that your little sister likes my goods.

Fuck you!


Jefri! Hurry up!


Three, two, one. Pull!

Mrs. Helena, your plan is ruined.

You better surrender.

You think so?


Is your boss involved?

What the hell is this, sir?

My hunch is right.

That you will ruin everything.

Look! That is why I took your sister.

You have been conspiring with them all along.


Coki worked for me, Tegar.

-Coki... -That is why.

...you always try to stop Coki's investigation.

You realized that just now?

You think I did not know that Coki and Lio's picture is fake.

Yes, Coki needs me.

And Helena...

She is just a puppet.


Move back!

-Move back! -Okay.

-I am not joking. -Commander...

Please let Mila go.

She has nothing to do with all this.

Of course!

I will let her go once I'm done with all of you.

Don't mess with me.

Your dream is too grand.

What do you mean?

We are live, right?

Live. All clear.

Damn you.


I will kill your sister.

Come here!

You bastard!

-Asshole! -Please let Mila go.

Oh, my God, Miss Mila.

Don't make things worse!

No, all these already happened, Tegar.

Let us collapse together.

Let us fall together.

-Please, sir, no! -Shut up!

Shut up, all of you.

Look at this.

You remember this thing?

Your most hated thing. You eat this!

Or I kill your sister.

Take it. I said take it!

-I will eat it! -Eat it!

-Eat it! -Okay!

Take it!

-Hurry up! -Don't do that.

-Don't do that, Tegar. -Eat it!

-Eat it! -Don't do it, Tegar.

Hey, shut up! Stay out of this!

Eat it!




Hey, is your arm alright?

It's fine. I had worse.

Come on. Move.

-Lio. -We are leaving.

Yes, Iwan, Barep.

Mom, don't worry, okay?

I'm so proud of you.


You sleep tight.

I will be home.

I love you, mom.

I love you too, Lio.

My mother is proud of me.

Thank you, Tegar.



Congratulation, honey.

You are back at work and I am so proud of you.

You are the best with surprise.

Of course, with the help from all of our friends.

Congrats, sir.

Thank you all for the great surprise.

And for your extraordinary teamwork.

Without all of you, I'm nothing.

-That is kind of true. -What?

Actually no.

Yes, sir.

I'm on my way.

Okay, thank you.

Meisa, I have a duty to do.

But you know, you are not Safari Park that I visit to indulge myself.

But the safety of the people is my priority.

Please understand me.

I will call you later.

So sweet!

Don't exaggerate so much.

-Iwan, Barep. -Yes, sir!

-Let's move! -Yeah, Hit And Run!


It's not magic, witchery or even a mirage. This is reality.

I am Tegar Sahputra, back again as your favourite host on Hit And Run.

I will be back!




What are you doing here?

I heard that you make this show for me.

So I want to see you in action.

You still remember I love bears.

What are you looking at?

What's up?

-Mila is here. -What are you guys doing here?


-I'm coming with you. -Of course.

Are you back in action?


Aren't you afraid people will see? What if they got you on tape?

No problem.

What matters most is that in front of you guys, I don't need to pretend.

-No more mirage? -No.

-Is everyone ready? -Ready!

Let's go!

Go and hide.

A true gem with...

What is it?