Hitler (1998) Script

Come Deputy Jailor, come.

Sir.. you've called me.. that means..

...there's an important work..

...servant is present.

There's one dangerous prisoner in your prison..

...named as Tiger. Do you know him?

Verywell. He has killed 5-6 people but none has proved.

Get him out today at 10 P.M for one hour.

Take him out, for what!?

We want him to kill one person.

To kill one person!?

What do you think; we'll take him out to serve him tea?

Today, at night he needs to kill Kishorilal.

That rascal, who was our servant till tomorrow..

...nowtrying to stand against us.

He needs to be killed, before he goes for auction tomorrow.

Vicky sir, he is locked in special cell. it'll be very hard..

...to take him out.

I can't take him out.

I am not used of hearing no. You are doing this work.


Yes sir.

Tiger!.. Tiger! Today at night I'll switch off the main switch.

It'll be darkfor 3 minutes. Danger bell won't ring.

Your cell will be unlocked..

...and you'll have to elope within that time range.

I can do a lot in 3 minutes. That's right.

Read this. it contains all what you need to do going out.

Sharp 10 P.M. at night. Understand!

Who are you? Hitler!?

A prisonerwill definitely tryto elope from prison..

...because he's an accused but the biggest accused is one..

...who helped him to escape.

This is really shameful that the one who did this is one of you.

Tell who is he? Look into my eyes not below.

Where were you when the danger alarm rang?

Sir, I rang the alarm. - I asked where you were at that time.

In my office. - You gone to power control room with torch.

Sir.. there was not time to take the torch.

But yourfinger prints are at the fuse.

That means you touched the fuse.

No sir, it can't be true because I didn't touch the fuse.

And started the main switch.

Yes sir. You are on duty.

All of a sudden lights are off.

You go to power control room without torch.

Without touching the fuse you on the main switch. isn't it?

Yes sir.

Because you knewthat before a while you've..

...off the main switch and you were standing there only.

Shut up. Others can go.

Sir, lookyou can't beat me. I am also an officer and..

...to beat an officer is illegal.

Illegal! Is it legal to unlock the prisoner's cell?

Is it legal to off the main power switch?

Is it legal to take 1 lakh rupees to get elope one accused?

Speak up!

Speaking sir, speaking.

I didn't get 1 lakh Rupees. I only got 30,000 rupees.

Tell me, with whom you've taken the amount. Tell!

Quick! Speaking sir, speaking.

One man gave me 30,000 rupees for switching off the..

...main switch for 3 minutes.

Who's that man? Really sir..

...I don't know him. I've not seen him.

You are suspended.

Tiger has been caught.

Sevak has done hisjob but thatjailor..

...he spotted him there at the same time.

What's his name? - Siddhant. Siddhant is his name.

He's a verytimid kind of person, verytough.

He's known as Hitler among all the prisoners.

His fear as a Hitler runs in the whole prison.

That rascal Kishorilal! He won't leave, licker den at any cost.


I want to meet Kishorilal before the auction.

Why did you call me here?

You know it verywell whywe called you here.

And you also know this that everyyearthe..

...authority of lickers den goes under my brother's name.

And still you come in our way after knowing this all.

I don't care about yourthreats.

The one who has money he onlywins the war.

If your brother is courageous, ask him to fight.

Todayyou are daring to talk to me?

The one who used to live on our charity..

...work under us, is talking today loudlyto me!?

You'll fight with me!?

Mr. Ankush Raj, four hands will be raised..

...if you'll raise a single one.

And this deal won't be good for you and nowwe'll meet..

...tomorrow.. tomorrow.

Brother, why did you let him go?

Take this.

I've no problem in giving the money but..

...I don't get back it in time.

Don't worry sir, this time you won't get any complain.

Tomorrow, after getting the tender..

...you'll get your money backwithin a month.

Tell your brotherAnkush about this promise.

He often looses his temper.

This time it won't occur sir. I am going.

My dear sister, can you please have a slower sound as I too..

...want to listen the songs?

My dear didi, if you want to hearthe songs go to that..

...room with this music system.

What's this? Can't you see I am practicing Karate?

My dear cousin, you please be a good karate champion..

...of the world. I'll hearthe songs in any other room..

...understand! Keep practicing.

What to do and what to not is what a problem is this!

Somebodytell me the solution of this.

What a song is this? I feel like to keep dancing on this.

So, why not dance sister? Rani, why not we playthe..

...carom while dancing? Oh what an idea! - Let's play!

Very bad, very bad. - Sister.- Yes. I have exams from 15..

...but I don't feel like to study.

Who has moved ahead through studying?

Look, after doing lawwhat I've become? A simple housewife.

Women tends to do the household work only, even..

...after studying to the higher level.

Absolutely right, sister.

Daddy has come!


Sister, brother has come!

Good-after-noon Brother!

Good-after-noon daddy! Good-after-noon.

How's the study going on? Good brother. Very good.

From when the exams are? From 15.

And what about you Munna? Daddy my exams are over.

Daddy, these are my marks.

But your handwriting isn't good. Correct it. - O.k. daddy.

Have Coffee.

Do you know, this year Chhoti will stand first in her class.

She works very hard and Badi will too qualify her B.A. this..

...year. - I am thinking to find good boys to get her marry.

Is there someone in your mind?

Yes, but the boy should be educated, service holder and..


Bythe way, where's your dear brother-in-law?

He might be wandering in search ofajob.

You always try hide his faults.

I know my brotherverywell.

Why don't you say that he would be enjoying and..

...loitering with his loaferfriends.

Thatjailor has insulted me.

He has done wrong to me.

He has called his death by insulting me.

I won't leave him alive. I won't leave him alive.

Why brother, do you also intend to suicide with him?

Amar, Amar! What are you doing this? You shouldn't do it.

Your brother is a responsible officer. I know Monty.

But I can't tolerate when someone says anything bad..

...to my brother.

Now leave it. Would you like to have popcorn? I have 5 Rs.

Is this the time to come home? Brother is sleeping.

Wash your hands, I am serving food.

Sister! - Speak slowly, brother will wake up. - Sorry sister.

Sisterwhat to tell, today I and Montywent to a place where..

... have food first.

Great sister, very good, good.

That also.

What a smell sister? You are too good.

What were you doing till now?

At least let him have food. You shut up.

Speak up, where have you gone?

Nothing. What does this nothing mean?

Wandering on roads. Why? Can't you come to home?

What to speak? I am bound to answeryour rubbish..

...questions, if I come home early. - O.k..

Amar! So my questions are rubbish.

To wanderwith your loafer friends isn't rubbish?

To fight with people isn't rubbish? To ruin your life isn't..

.Rubbish? - Why don't you do anyjob? - Which job?

One don't gets a good job without any reference..

...or bribe of late. You'll not give your..

...reference for me and we..

...don't have moneyfor bribe.

What a big deal if it even ruins my life? You don't care for me.

Amar! - indeed! why will I care for you?

I am your enemy. isn't it?

Have you seen? One who never dare to look into my..

...eyes, today he's answering to me.

If you'll keep scolding someone, one day he'll be..

...forced to answerthem.

And we will blame him only. We will forget that we were..

...the onlyto encourage him to do so.

I know that you've been a lawyer before marriage.

It's very easyforyou to prove good to bad and bad to good.

And I can't win with you in words.

But you aren't doing well to him bythis. Your love has..

...made him careless.

You'll feel bad that day when he'll be in trouble.

Why brother? Howwas the night? Did you enjoy big..

...brother's scolding? - Leave it Munni! What to talk about..

Brother in the morning? And you know his habit. His food..

...didn't get digest until and unless he scolds anyone.

And by the way, why did God give us two ears?

Why uncle? - One for hearing and one for.. - avoiding! - Yes.

God has made one brain too, .. for using it in good work.

Every man needs power and power is gained through milk.

So, have this milk quickly otherwise.. - otherwise!..

...what otherwise sister. Will you complain to bother?

I've discovered a formula to stayfearless with brother.

Formula!? - Very simple sister. To hearfrom one and..

...throw out from another. -

Your brotherwill take off both of your ears! - Yes.

His name is Hitler and has made this home a warrior's.. land. Tell me one thing sister.

How did you manage to grow flowers on this stonehearted..

.Man? With my magic. - What!?

Your brother used to be an arrogant man but my magic..

...prostrated him to express his love through his eyes and lips.

May I playwith your cheeks?

May I touch your lips?

May I playwith your cheeks? No, no.

May I touch your lips? No, no.

May I playwith your hair? No, no.

May I take you in my arms? No, no.

When will your no become yes, tell me my darling.

May I playwith your cheeks? No, no.

May I touch your lips? No, no.

You who have fair cheeks, black hair, stolen my senses.

Yourwords, these meetings have stolen my happiness.

If not today, you'll sayyes tomorrow.

O my darling.

Would you like to lookto me? No, no.

'Would like to steal my senses? - No, no.

Would you like to flirt? No, no.

Would you like to come to meet? - No, no.

Life of four days.

Nothing without love.

If you will not come to me.

You will be in guilt.

Listen my darling.

Do you know this?

You are body I am soul.

Howwe'll be departed.

Get it write everything on a blank paper.

Whatever is mine.

May I become a groom. Yes, yes.

May I bring the marriage proposal? - Yes, yes.

May I make you bride? Yes, yes.

May I spread buds? Yes, yes.

I don't want to live my darling farfrom your eyes.

May I playwith your cheeks? Yes, yes.

May I touch your lips? Yes, yes.

May I playwith your hair? Yes, yes.

May I take you in my arms? Yes, yes.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, 10. O 10th TV, TV, 10th TV.

10th TV Hey man!

So you are a thief! Yes I am a thief.

Why did you steal?

Who made you constable?

Hey! I am not a constable but inspector, inspector.

So you are an inspector! Don't you recognize from..

...this uniform? Uniform and face doesn't work.

I look decent from face but still I am a thief.

Although you look inspector from dress but.. shut up!

You tell me, why did you steal?

Foryour promotion.

For my promotion sake!?

If we didn't steal things, to whom will you arrest?

To whom will we arrest?


I mean to whom will you arrest? lfyou'll not arrest..

...howyou'll get recognition. Howwill you get promotion?

Howwill you become inspector from the constable?

I am an inspector..

O.k. an ass can be assumed as a lion in difficult times.

Shut up!

You are caught for stealing total ten TV, man!

Nine have been found. Where is the tenth one?

Great! How have you people learnt so good numbering?

What do you mean?

I mean, whenever police raid on stolen items, half goes..

...inside the pocket and half in the records. How does the..

...whole come into records? Shut up!

I'll beat you a lot, a lot, a lot. - Leave it, you'll get tired.

You'll become a decent man.

Ifyourtorture is that much capable then try it..

...on the government. You always irritate the innocents..

...like us and keep flattering the real thieves, those big one.

Don't you have any assistant? Why?

Every time you are saying shut up to me, if you had..

...an assistant, it would be his workto say shut up to me.

Shut up!.. Shut up! Shut up!

How can you make laugh of your constable?

I am an inspector not a constable.

If you don't want to suffer mytorture..

...tell me where's the tenth TV is?

That tenth TV is at your home. Shut up! - Don't say Shut up!

Shut up! Pick up the phone.

Constable speaking, no it's inspector. Who's there?

I am Rama. Darling!

Please speak up. You come home soon. - Coming.

You don't get angry. Just coming.

Put him in the lock up. O.k. sir.

I'll ask on my return, why did you steal you rascal!

Constable! get me one TV and a video if possible. - Shut up!

Look, did you like it?

When did you buy it? I bought it in 3000 rupees.

3000 rupees!? So cheap! One minute. - What happened?

It seems to be that stolen TV.

Is this the stolen one?

I don't care at all. I bought it.

Keeping stolen items is illegal and you know that..

...I am an honest police officer. I nevertake bribe.

What if you don't take, I'll accept it.

This only could buythe TV and your uniform too.

It's four and no one has still called us!

Sir, why are you shouting? Madam has called you. Go.

O friend, you are very lucky. You got the chance before us.

Best of luck!

Yourwatch is very good.

May I come in madam? Come in.

How much qualified are you? I am B.A. pass.

Why didn't you do M.A. - But the eligibilityforthejob is B.A.

It was, but now our mind has changed.

Go and complete the M.A. first.

And also let other know about this. Saythat interview is over.

You may go now.

What happened friend? She's a stupid girl.

No one will get anyjob. lnterviewwasjust for herfun.

Then why did she keep us waiting since morning?

I don't know.

Let me see her.

Listen, I've given that job to your brother. No problem.

Come on. Bye.

Madam, if you were to give the job on phone onlythen..

...why did you call us and wasted ourtime?

What else you people have than few degrees and time?

Don't be proud of this money, otherwise it'll be broken soon.

How dare you?

Take a free advice from this unemployed man, learn to..

...behave well very soon otherwise your life will be..

...ruined and get finished in a blink.

Stupid! Idiot!

Your honor! He steals TVfrom home.

Do you accept it?

I accept it, accept it, accept it, accept it my lord!

I can tell a lie before God but not before you.

I can go tojail by speaking truth but can't speakfalse..

...before such a great and honestjudge like you.


You seem to belong a good family. Why did you steal?

For social sake, my lord.

Homes are being destroyed because ofTV here.

Children don't study, wives don't care well to theirfamily..

...and watch the programs.

Other people skip their offices, take holidays and..

...watch cricket match on TV at home.

By stealing TV I am trying to help people.

I am doing social work, judge sir.

Stealing is illegal and social work is sacred.

Instead of2 years you'll be imprisoned for 1 year.

Great! What ajudgment!

What for 2 years, if you say I can be imprisoned for good.

Now it's 6 months.

Verywell! This country is in need of your kind of Judge.

Now its 4 months.

Where are yourfeet my lord!

One month now.

You are great! You are great!

I can't go more down.

Next case please.

Judge sir is great! Judge sir is great! Constable!

I'll beat you a lot..

I won't leave you. Next time. Now hold me.

Let's go. Follow me. Shut up!

May I come in sir? Come Bakshi come.

How many prisoners you brought today?

I don't forgive anyone sir but the work is going little slower..

...of late.

Why not, may be because now no one fears from you.

What are you saying sir? There's nothing like that.

Actually my style is different sir.

But now days yourwife's style is being discussed..

...much more than you. What do you mean?

Yourwife has become a hot topic for police department.

I didn't get it. - She's very fond of bribe and world knows it.

Topics of taking bribe!? I can too start this if it works.

Tell how many accused have you brought? - Onlyfive.

Came again. Don't you have shame?

It do have it but less on me and more on you.

I don't come every often here but always find you..

...whenever comes here.

Bythe way, for how long you've been imprisoned here?

You won't be decent.

I too have that wish but this police don't let me be decent.

Every time I go out, I plan to steal a big amount. I plan to..

...get marrythrough that amount, get settled, lead..

...a decent life and stop stealing.

But before the fulfillment of plan, police brings me here.

Tell me now what myfault in this is? Tell me!

Constable! Give dress to the prisoner.

What's this man! I am a permanent customer of here.

I need the same one which has the number 999. Leave it.

Tell me what's the condition of the room? Have you mopped..

...the floor? There are many insects. Leave it.

Tell me the menu. ls there any special dish today?

If you saywe can bring food from Five star hotels.

What are you talking sir. That food can be easily digestible..

...for the big thieves who cheats to the country.

I can manage ifthere'll be less concrete in rice and pulses.

Take this dress with you. Taking it this time but won't..

...leave you next time. O.k. He's my childhood friend.

Sir, radiator has been heated.

You mend it and bring the car, I am going. it is near. - O.k.

My goodness! Hello sir.

Put it off. it is brother!

It means this is the daily routine of this home.

This is your realilty.

The moment this red light lights up you..

...start behaving like decent people. isn't it?

You all were cheating me from a long time and you..

...accompanied them!?

You just concentrate on singing, dancing, jumping.

Who'll say that this is the home of respected and..

...educated people.

From now onward there'll be no singing, dancing here and..

...this TVwill also not be here.

Sister! Sisterwhat will happen now. - Mummy! - Sister!

Don't worry. Let me talk to your brother and father.

I was never in favor but you forced me to bring TV here.

Have you seen the result now? No studying, only TV, TV, TV.

It has ruined all the children. None of the child has ruined.

None of them have any bad habits.

They always score good marks. And they cheat their..

...brother. They stop enjoying, the moment red light lights up.

You've forced them to do so because you want them to..

...study everytime.

You don't like their singing, dancing and playing.

If they'll not do all this then whetherwe will do so.

You've turned this home into a prison where..

...children can't even enjoy.

Children who were enjoying few minutes back are now..


You've given tears to their eyes by replacing merry.

You haven't broken their TV but their heart.

Nobodywill talkyou from now onwards in this home.


I am your cock, you are my hen.

I am your cock, you are my hen.

Don't get angry, O hard-hearted!

First makes me angry then flatter.

Whyfollows and why soothes me.

I won't get pleased as your love is self-fish.

I am your cock, you are my hen.

Don't get angry, O hard-hearted!

I romance like hero, I dance like Mithun Chakorborty.

I romance like hero, I dance like Mithun Chakorborty.

I am disco dancer, I am disco dancer, do romance.

I'll make yourvegetable on road being Shilpa Shirodkar.

I am your cock, you are my hen.

Don't get angry, O hard-hearted!

You are my life and soul; you are mytreasure of gold eggs.

You are my life and soul; you are mytreasure of gold eggs.

A pigeon has stepped up in the house.

What condition you've done mine in youth!

I am your cock, you are my hen.

Don't get angry, O hard-hearted!

I'll bring you a TV; I'll bring you a newfridge.

I'll bring you a TV; I'll bring you a newfridge.

I'll show you cinema, take care of kids, and please you.

We are companion of both the seasons of..

...happiness and pain.

Now please forgive me my love.

If you still don't forgive me I'll die.

I withdraw before your obstinacy, don't be rude now.

You are my cock, I am your hen.

Don't get angry, stop O hard-hearted!

What happened? Yes. - Did you see any dream?

No. Then go to sleep.

So you both need work.

Yes sir, we need both work and money.

You'll get both.

If you wish you can earn 25,000 in an hour.

25,000 in an hour! What's the work?

Nothing tough but it requires hard work and daring.

Don't worry; we have the requirement in our arms.

But why are you asking about work. We'll manage all.

And we aren't that much busy.

Monty it is very important to know about nature of work.

Ways to earn easy money can lead us to do crime.

Indeed it goes. it's a work of smuggling but..

...this is the onlywayto get greater heights in less time.

Then forgive me, we've wasted yourtime. Let's go.

Amar! Opportunities don't come like this. - They do.

But then theyfeel helpless to mend theirways. If you are..

...interested in doing this work, go ahead. I am going.


Who's this guywho rejected our proposal?

He's brother of Jailor Siddhant.

Jailor!.. Oh!

You've lost a good opportunity. Opportunity of going Jail.

How much coward are you? I am not but..

...you listen one thing. This crime world glows a lot and..

...it attracts and whatever glows also have slippery surface.

Ifa person slips once he feels unable to get up and..

...keeps on falling. He fells down from the eyes of world.

Did you complete your dialogue? Yes.

May I say some thing? Yes. - There was a time when..

...a man used to salute man but today money salutes money.

A dog salutes to dog also. What rubbish!?

Absolutely correct Man!

Hundred percent correct. Earning money is also an art.

Who are you?

Praise the Lord who made us all. He made me smart and..

...fool to you.

Would you like to make 10,000 bucks in 10 minutes?

What! What! What! 10,000 in 10 minutes!

One minute sir! One minute.

If the wayto earn these rupees is legal then..

...it's o.k. otherwise we don't want to go illegal. Forgive us.

You won't be able to do anything in life.

You'll always be a looser. Listen to him. Listen to him.

Look I don't have time. Decide quickly. Time is money.

So what you say? - You leave him sir. You tell me how to..

Can you lookthat girl?

Have you seen? Yes.

I'll kidnap to that girl and..

...demand bucks 2 lakhs from his father. - 2 lakhs!?

You'll help me and I'll give you 10,000 rupees forthat.

But it's very long process.

You said that I can make 10,000 bucks in 10 minutes.

Let me tell you the calculation. Count it. - O.k.

I'll kidnap the girl in 2 minutes, then call herfather..

...in 2 minutes. In 2 minutes his fatherwill collect the money.

In 2 minutes he'll reach to me. In one minute he'll give..

...moneyto me and in one minute I'll give it you. Total it.

Wow! What timing! it's perfect. lts net 10 minutes.

Tell me howthe girl would be kidnapped?

How? - How? - Howthe girl would be kidnapped.

This is the art. This is that art through which she'll be flat.

With this handkerchief?

It's not a simple one. I've added chloroform into it.

You'll go and hold the girl like this. - Like this?

You'll put this on herface and she'll lost her senses..

...in 2 seconds like this.

What an idea Amar! isn't it?

Leave me! Leave me! Leave me!

Put her in car. Leave me. No.

Why did you call him? Were we less in number?



Leave to me.

What are you looking? You got the girl. isn't it?

I often lost my idea like this.

Let me teach them a lesson.

Take out your hair. - Amar, leave the girl and guard to me.

What are you doing? What stupidity is this?

Please stop! Please stop!

Where are you all going? Stop them.

This girl asks the thieves to cheat then calls police.

Put me down.

There's no need to saythanks madam.

Myfoot! You've ruined my plan. Plan!?

What is she saying, boss?

These were my hired men and I've asked them to kidnap me.

In orderto get 50,000 bucks from my miserfather.

But you both have cancelled my plan.

My 50,000 bucks and my car!

What a twist madam? We didn't get you.

But nothing has ruined yet. Not at all.

In spite of them we'll kidnap you. Take 40,000 with you..

...and give us 10,000. What do you sayAmar!

Wow! That's a good idea. Your job is confirmed. - Thank you.

Girl who can do such a thing to his father she can do..

...anything with unemployed people like us.

But listen one thing madam we poor people don't depend..

...on anybody's charity.

Take it out!

Let's go Monty!

Hey! What are you looking?

I am not looking to you man.

I am woman not man. I too said woman not man.

Bythe waywoman, are you searching someone?

Yes. Yesterdayfew cops tried to kidnap me and at the same..

...time on young man came to guard me. I am finding him.

It feels that my idea has been used forfree.

What do you mean?

No, no. The man who saved you from cops is myfriend.

He is a dearfriend to me. -

Really! Do you know him?

To his whole family. - So can you arrange our meeting?

Why not? But what will I get?

You tell me.

Look I've a system. To find someone in 30 days I charge..

...30,000. 15,000 forfifteen days and 10,000 for one day.

You are wrong. Charges should be high for less time.

This is for ladies.

So, are you readyforthe deal? Ready.

This is my address.

Bring the guythe moment you get him. You'll get your money.

Is it alright? O.k. - O.k.

Lord! My Lord! it's a question of 10,000 bucks.

Where should I find him?

Yesterday I met him here. Where would be he now?

Lord! Please arrange my meeting with him.

Greetings! Mr. Oman. Hello!

How are you? Lord! Lord! 10,000!

Have you seen my destiny? Someone was searching you.

Really! Who?

Why should I tell you that it was a girl?

And why should I tell that if make you meet with her..

...I'll get 10,000 bucks forthat.

And why should I tell you that this is her address?

Mr. Oman! You are too good. You are a great man.

You didn't tell me anything but now I want to say something.

You've lost your 10,000 bucks.


Why should I tell you that I've read the address?

And why should I tell you that I am going to meet her?

I promise I'll not tell you. I'll not tell you anything.

Lord! How can I tell you that what a big fool am I?

I've lost 10,000 bucks.

I don't have a single pennyforyou to waste.

I am not asking for a penny but 10,000 bucks.

I said that I won't give you anything.

God has given enough money. What will you do with that?

I'll take it with my bier..

But won't give it to you forwasting it.


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11,..

12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19.

O Handsome! Stand up.

Who are you?

Don't you see this knife? Stand straight.

Stood up.

Why've you come to my home?

This city has many rich people more than me.

If you say I can give you their addresses.

Shut up. Don't utter a word otherwise I'll send you to God.

I need 20,000 bucks. Give it to me right now. Give it to me

20,000 bucks! I've earned it with hard work. I won't give.

Then rememberto your God last time. - I am giving.

Take this.

Good Bye!

Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief!

I was asking for 10,000 with honesty and got 20,000..

...through foppishness. What the world is this?

Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief!

I've caught him! I've caught him sir!

Leave me, leave me, I am Priya. Who Priya!

Come with me.

O.k. so you also habitual of stealing.

This is my home. - Yours? - Yes. - Then what was the..

...need to cheat your father? Foryour sake. - My sake?

Yes. I needed 10,000 bucks to get you.

10,000 bucks to get me!? Yes. - Why?

Stupid! Because I love you.

Love!? - Yes. You've taken my heart. - Heart? -

Yes. Slowly-slowly.

This is the environment of love, come nearto me.

This is the environment of love, come nearto me.

Insane heart is asking to steal the reddishness of lips.

This is the environment of love, come nearto me.

Whatever goes in this night let it be, let it be, let it be.

Let me sleep in these arms forfew seconds.

Come and trim to my strayed hair.

I am having your intoxication, and am restless now.

Insane heart is asking to steal the reddishness of lips.

This is the environment of love, come nearto me.

Perplex ness is increasing, yourwords are magical.

I'll lose my senses in your intoxicated eyes.

I'll do a mistake, don't tease me like this.

Not now, not now, don't force me to do a mistake.

Insane heart is asking to steal the reddishness of lips.

This is the environment of love, come nearto me.

This is the environment of love, come nearto me.

What has happened this to me, where I've lost?

When I retuned backfrom America, I came to know..

...that my brotherwas murdered.

It wasn't an accident and Mr. Ankush Raj is responsible..

...forthis. - Hello! He is a much respected person here.

You are insulting this uniform and the law of this country..

...by helping criminals.

You are trying to hide his faults by coming under his influence.

I am a criminal lawyer and will get this case re-opened.

I'll get this case solved at every cost.

Vicky here! - Kishorilal's lawyer brother Kishanlal has..

...come from America to get his brother's case re-opened.

Where is Kishanlal?

What? My brother is in jail?

You kept looking when he was being put in the lock up!?

What could I've done in this?

Jailor has seen your brother killing Kishanlal.

And he said the same in court. It becomes very difficult for..

...a person to rescue if anyone comes through his eyes.

Jailor! Who's thisjailor. Siddhant. Siddhant kumar.

I want to meet him.


Save me brother! Thisjailor has beaten me a lot.

No Vicky! Don't worry.

I'll see him laterwho has done this to you.

But you'll be out ofthisjail before tomorrow's morning.

I'll do my level best to make this possible.

All the doors are closed for him to go out.

Only one is left. That takes every accused to death.

So, you are thatjailor who arrested my brother.

You wasted yourtime and energy.

Tell me how much moneyyou want to set free my brother.

What are you thinking? Ask anything you wish for.

I can do everything for my brother.

So, go and offeryour prayers in anytemple so that your..

...brother's soul may rest in peace.

Because no treasure in this world can buythisjailor.

Jailor! Don't increase the fire. it may harm you too.

One who fires the pyre, don't fearfrom flames.

Now no one can save your brother.

Your brother's pyre is being made.

We'll decide about the pyres later but at present listen this..

...my brotherwill be out of this jail before tomorrow's morning.

Stop it if you can.

Let me tell you one thing Mr. Ankush Raj that..

...you can use all power, brain and smartness you have but..

...still, tomorrowyou'll get your brother here.

And this is my challenge.

Jailor! And in case if I won then?

Then this Siddhant Kumar Sharma will give his..

...resignation and put off his uniform forever.

Hello! - Sir! We got the information that..

...Mr. Ankush Raj is setting out his brother on payroll.

But won't let Ramesh get this information. - O.k. sir.

Jailor! My brother is bringing Payroll order for me.

Where are you taking me to?

To a place where no one can set you free.

Arrest him for running from jail.

What are you looking for?

Jailor! This is court order of payroll to set my brotherfree.

And 2 hours are still left in setting the sun.

So whetheryou'll leave Vicky now or put off your uniform?

This payroll order contains the points of his previous crimes.

But today he has done a new one. He has tried to run from..

...jail and the order doesn't say anything forthat.

So he'll stay here, in thisjail only.

Although there are still 2 hours left in setting ofsun.

Do whateveryou can.

Indeed I'll do it and whole world will watch that..

...what Ankush Raj can do.

I'll take revenge from you for my brother.

The wayyou are irritating me, I'll do the same with you.

I'll make you cry and you'll be unable to wipe them.

You'll be helpless. Come.

Nobody stays at the place wherever I go.

Lot's of things are here.

From where should I start?

You can start from anywhere. It's your home, darling!

No man. Do you need Anarkali?

Anarkali! Yes Basanti!

O God, where've you send me?

Forgive me mother!

Where are you going, darling? Do you need more? - No, no.

Anarkali! What do you say? I'll marry him.

Don't you shame?

Don't you shame by stealing from our home?

I am a small thief but when you ask moneyforcefully..

...from people by stopping the vehicles at signal, then what?

See Anarkali! What is he saying?

If I said something wrong, please forgive me.

May I go now?

Beat him! Beat him! Beat him!

Don't beat me. Please don't beat me.

Hey! Where are you taking me?

Wow darling! Now our business will growfaster.

Being a eunuch a bride goes.

I came to rob but going after getting robbed.

Being a eunuch a bride goes.

Priya you please meet the sister. - Listen me!

Sister! Sister! Yes Amar?

Hello! Who's she?

She's that. - Who is she Amar? Sister I've told you.

Understand. So this is the case of love.

You were scared from brother's police station..

...that's why presenting it in sister's court. isn't it?

Listen! Answer me straight whatever is being asked.

But Sister! - interruption would be contempt of court.

You'll be too given the chance when yourturn will come.

Your name? - Priya. - Do you love Amar. - Yes, that's why..

Whatever is being asked, answer onlythat.

Are your parents aware about this?


What'll you do if your parents won't allow getting you marry?

We'll oppose against them. Amar! it's not yourturn.

Sorry me lord! You answer it.

The same that Amar said. I'll oppose against their decision.

Court accepts appeal not opposition.

Don't worry. We'll go till Supreme court for your love.

It means we've won in this court. - Yes. Marriage granted.

Sister! Let me drop Priya to her home.

Let's go!

Howwas lady lawyer?

She was my sister.

Jailor's brother! With my daughter!?

Let's go driver.

I am sorry Mr. Sharma, I can't help you.

Don't you care about your esteem?

What does your brother think about himself?

His faults will be ignored just because you are in police!?

Well said! What great thoughts you have!

Please to meet you.

Who are you? I? Don't ask about me.

Ask about your brotherwho keeps an evil eye on other's..

...daughters like a romeo. He flirts with them.

What are you saying? I am saying correct.

Your brother is trying to cajole my daughter in his love.

He is bringing herto astray for getting my property.

What rubbish! It's true.

If you want to earn money, earn it with good way.

Lead a respected life. Is this you taught your brotherto..

...make moneythrough other's property?

Stop it! You go now. Let me see.

All this happened because of you.

Till today no one had the dare to talk to me with high volume.

But today a simple man disgraced me..

...in my office in front of everyone.

He alleged me that I was not having money..

...for sisters marriage, so I sent you to go and trap a rich..

...girl in your love and marry her.

Get the wealth of herfather.

So that Siddhant Kumar Sharma..

...get his sisters married.

Wow!.. You did a great work.

The respect which I had earned from so many..

...years has been spoiled because of you today.

If you were in so much need of moneythen..

...you should have asked me.

I would have sold this house and property..

...to give you the money.

But to love a girl for money, to trap a rich girl in love..

Enough, you are going on talking rubbish.

And Amaryou, why are you listening him quietly?

Why don't answeryour brother?

Why don't you tell him the truth?

What should I answer? What should I tell?

Who will believe me?

Sister in law, I am an unlucky person.

I am a waste, naughty and useless person.

I am the one who love someone for money.

I am the one who traps a rich girl for money.

Sister in law, who will believe me?

For him the truth is what the girl's father said to him.

He told him that I am a bad person.

And my brother believed him.

He started scolding me, he alleged me.

Sister in law, he didn't even asked whether..

...what is right and what is wrong.

But when a big brother starts cursing a small brother..

...the small brother can't don anything..

...except keeping quiet.

No sister in law, I don't want to give any excuse.

I don't want to give any excuse Amar.

Why you always think in that way about Amar?

You want to knowthe truth, isn't it? Then listen.

Amar didn't deceive any rich girl.

The first step of love was taken bythat girl.

And both of them love each other and..

...they both want to marry each other.

Go and tell that rich guy that we spit on his wealth.

We don't want a single pie of his wealth.

All these things happen in house and..

...no one informs me about anything.

He is my brother, not someone else.

How is the girl? Do you like her?

She is very nice. I will get both of them married.

I am his elder brother.

This is what happens. Okay, bye.

Hey, where are you going in such anger?

I am going to answer Daulatram..

...for disgracing my brother.

Look, I want twenty lakhs rupees.

Tell me whetheryou are giving it or not.

No, I don't do any business with the one who..

...is not sure about his words.

First of all give me my Two crores back and..

...then talkfurther.

I am running anywhere. You will get everything.

From the last six months you are telling that..

...you will get everything..

Look, if I don't get my money backwithin eight days..

...then I will put your house and propertyfor auction.

And I will bring you on streets. Relax!

It seems that you are removing the anger..

...of your daughter on me.

I will return your entire amount within eight days. - Okay.

Hey! Who are you? Where are you entering?

You fool..

Please leave your message after hearing the beep.

Advocate, this is Daulatram speaking.

Please contact me as you come.

Hey, what are you doing?

What did you tell to my brother?

He had sent me to trap your rich daughter in love.

So that I get all yourwealth. I spit on yourwealth.

If you want to spit then go out and spit.

Why have you come here?

I am here to ask you that how dare you..

...disgraced my brother.

What if I disgraced him? What are you going to do?

I can kill the one who disgraces my brother.

You are threatening me by showing knife. - This is not a threat..

...this is a warning Daulatram.

If you don't askfor pardon from my brother..

...bytomorrow morning then think that you will die.

This is the only chance to take revenge from jailer.

Ankush you have not yet gone?

Amarwas going in anger. What happened?

He was asking me to ask pardon..

...from his brother or else he will kill me.

He was threatening me by showing this knife.

This knife. Yes.

It means that his finger prints too might..

...be there on this knife. No doubt of it.

He isjailer's brother, isn't it? Yes he isjailer's brother.

His brother had trapped my brother.

Now I will trap him. How?

You had asked two crores from me. Yes.. No..

You were going to bring me on streets, weren't you?

No.. nothing like that. But I am going to send you up.

Police station, this is Ankush Raj speaking.

Daulatram has been murdered here. Come immediately.

Has Amar not come yet? No, I was waiting for him only.

Don't worry, I will talk to Daulatram tomorrow and..

...will fixAmar and Seema's marriage.


Hello! - This is inspector Kapoor speaking. - Yes.

Is Amar Sharma in house? -Yes, why?

Daulatram has been murdered. What?

The evidences which we found next to his body..

...points out Amar as the murderer.

We have his arrest warrant too.

We are coming to arrest him sir. Yes, you can come.

Whose phone was it?

Had you been to Daulatram's house? Yes.

Why? - To take revenge of disgrace done to you.

You tookthe revenge of my disgrace by killing him.

Murder! Murder! What are you saying?

Yes, he killed Daulatram.

Brother, I don't know about any murder.

But I knowyou verywell. You have not done anything..

...except hooliganism since your childhood.

If you had followed my principle once and..

...would have tried to improve your life then..

...we wouldn't have seen this day.

Brother, believe me. I have not murdered anyone.

And why are you going to believe me?

Arrest him.

Rascal, you want to murder.. I have not done anything.

You rascal go inside.

You will come to know everything..

...once you remain insidejail fortwo to three days. Bastard.

What is this going on? Why are you killing me..

...along with you?

Don't be scared. lfwe have not committed any murder..

...then why should we get scared.

Amar, this is the real tension. We have not committed..

...any murderthen too we are sitting inside the lock up.

If we had committed murder and then we had..

...been inside thejail then it is understood.

It seems that we have been trapped by someone.

Trap! Then you tolerate the returns of your deeds.

Why are you making me sit inside thejail?

I feel suffocated here.

You will not feel suffocated but you will stop breathing here.

The daywhen you will be hanged..

...that dayyou will understand everything.

Till when will you keep crying?

Yourfather is not going back by crying.

Whywill Amar kill myfather? Forthe desire of money.

Yes, he killed your father in desire for money.

Amar didn't love you, he loved your money.

Yourfather's wealth.

Don't worry, I won't spare Amar.

I am with you Priya.

You are going to were the gown today..

...which you had removed permanently after marriage.

You are going to start lawforAmar.

And when I used to tell you that don't spoil..

...him byyour love at that time you didn't listen to me.

Have you seen its consequences?

Today he has become a murderer.

No can save him from getting hanged.

I will save him.

Because I know that Amar is innocent.

He has not murdered anyone. Amar can never commit murder.

May be your love has made you blind.

You know all the evidences and witnesses are against him.

Top most advocates of this city have..

...disagreed to take this case.

You want me to not to take this case.

And want me to sit quietly by blaming and scolding him.

No, I am going to fight this case.

I will try my best to prove Amar as innocent.

Maythe evidences are very strong.

I just want your blessings.

My blessings are always with you.

But will this be able to save my brother?

Your honour, Daulatram's watchman hasjust..

...given the statement that culprit Amarwas..

...going inside veryfuriously.

He had also heard that Amarwas threatening..

...Daulatram to kill him.

The fingerprints ofAmar on the knife bywhich..

...Daulatram was murdered proves that..

...culprit Amar had killed him.

That's all your honour.

Mrs. Sheela Sharma, do you want to ask anything..

...to this watch man. Yes, my lord.

For how manyyears are you working for Daulatram?

From the last three years. What work do you do?

I am a watchman. Where was he murdered?

In his room. What is the distance between..

...the room and the gate? A garden is in between the two.

The distance might be about 100 metres.

Were you in dutywhen Amar had come there?

Yes. And you allowed Amarto go inside.

No, I tried to stop him, he was very angry.

He pushed me and I dashed with the gate and..

...I got fainted . And I don't know what happened afterwards.

Then when did you come to know about the murder?

When I got up, the police were present there.

It means that you were senseless when your..

...masterwas murdered. Yes. - That's all, you can go.

Your honour, this point should be noted.

Now I want to ask some questions to..

...Sub lnspectorto Ravindra Kapoor. Yes, granted.

Sub inspector Ravindra Kapoor..

...how did you come to know that the fingerprints..

...on the knife were ofAmar Kumar?

Once the culprit is been arrested..

...his finger prints are been taken.

And afterthat the finger print experts match this..

...finger print with print found on the weapon.

The finger prints ofAmar and the print found on weapon..

...match exactly.

They match or is there a little bit difference?

No, both the prints are of the same person. - Okay.

Just see what is in it.

This.. is knife. - Now it is your finger prints on this knife.

Yes. - Now if I murder someone with this knife..

...by using this towel then will myfinger prints come on it?

No. It means that I am the murderer.

But you will get caught because the..

...finger prints in this knife is yours.

Is it possible Sub inspector Ravindra Kapoor?

Yes, it is possible. Thank you, you may go.

Your honourthere is a motive behind every murder.

But there was no motive forAmar Kumar..

...to commit this murder.

There is no doubt that Amar Kumar had gone to that place.

He was in anger and he had knife in his hands.

It is true that Amar threatened the owner.

That he shouldn't disgrace his brother again.

The government advocate too accept that..

...Amar had threatened the owner.

IfAmarwanted to kill him then whywould he threat him?

Except this, the government advocate sir has..

...not shown us anywitness who has seen..

...Amar Kumar committing the murder.

It is clearfrom all this that Amar Kumar is innocent.

All the allege made on him is baseless.

And someone has tried to trap him.

That's all, my lord.

Your honour, she is saying that I have not..

...produced anywitness who has seen..

...Amar Kumar committing murder.

But I have one witness. He is Monty Bhalla.

I want to ask him some questions. Yes, granted.

Your name? Monty Bhalla.

Where were you when Amar Kumar had been..

...to Daulatram's house? I was along with Amar.

What happened there?

Amar said that his daughter loves him and..

...wants to marry him. Then?

Then.. he got agreed for the marriage.

But Amar started asking twenty lakhs..

...from him to marry Priya.

He had trapped Priya in his love for the same reason.

Then? - Then, the owner clearly refused it.

Amar got furious and he picked the knife in his hand.

And he started threatening the ownerthat..

...if he doesn't get the money then he will kill him.

No your honour, this is a lie, he is a liar.

Order! Order!

What happened then? Then a quarrel took place..

...between the owner and Amar.

Amar started shouting madly in anger.

I tried to stop him and while I was stopping him..

...Amar stabbed knife in the owner's stomach.

You bastard, I will kill you. I will kill you bastard.

You are lying. - Leave me. Your honour, he has been bribed..

Order! Order!

Montyyou rascal, I will drinkyour blood.

I will kill you bastard, I will kill you.

Court is adjourned.

What is your name? Jailer sir knows my name.

What is yourfather's name? Jailer sir knows about it too.

Jailer sir also knows that you are a very angry person.

Because of which you are standing here as a murderer.

I have not murdered him jailer sir.

I just went to ask him that why did he disgraced my brother.

Yes, you are very much worried about..

...my respect and disgrace.

You have destroyed my respect in a minute..

...which I had earned from so manyyears.

You have made me know as a murderer's brother.

I am telling the truth brother, I have not committed any murder.

You have never believed me since my childhood.

When an elder can't believe his small brotherthen..

...what this court will believe me.

Nothing is going to happen byyour lecture.

All the witnesses and proofs are against you.

Only a God can save you. Take him away.

Have the children had theirfood? No.

Why? - They are telling that they are not hungry.

They are not hungry orthey don't want to eat food.

The world is not going to stop as he has gone tojail.

Place the food, I am going to have myfood.

Hey man! Am I dreaming? You are here.

What a good person like you doing here?

It is all about fate..

Fate, you were right that day Omen.

The one who will get scared will die.

How much I wanted to go away from the world of crime..

...that much I am coming closerto it.

I am alleged for committing a murder.

You are trapped very badly.

Thejailer over here is very cruel. Do you know it?

I know it. I know him verywell. He is my elder brother.

Then you should get happy. He will help you..

...in getting out from here.

My brother is not the one who will break..

...his principles for relation.

Now I am a murderer in his eyes not his brother.

Just listen to me, you run awayfrom here.

I will help you.

What do you think? The walls ofthisjail will stop me.

Then who stopped you? My bad fate.

If it had been some otherjail, I would have already gone.

And would have also collected the proofs of my innocence.

But my brotherwill be blamed if I run from here.

People will say that he helped me to escape from here.

And I won't get happy by spoiling my brothers character.

Wow! Such people too are present in this world.

Nowthere is no use of washing face.

Once the name is spoiled then it is spoiled permanently.

Nowyour lovertoo won't look at you.

Don't worry about it, I will handle her as I go out.

Because you can't go out from here.

You are thatjailer's brother. Thatjailer is such a rascal..

...that not only his brother but he won't allow..

...his fathertoo to run awayfrom here.

Why? Can't you hear it? I am telling the truth.

To show his honesty and status..

...he made his own brother imprisoned.

Listen, an enemy is better than a brother like this.

A dog is even readyto bite anyone to protect its pups.

And your brother is worse than a dog.

Leave me.

Leave me, you rascal.


Monty.. listen.

Doctor. She is fine, no need to worry.

Bythe way, who is Amar? Our brother.

Yourwife is memorising him in this condition too.

Where is he? Look, call him here.

His presence would be more affective then the medicines.

What? - Sister in law has met with an accident.

Yes and she is in hospital and she is memorising you only.

We are scared if anything happens to sister in law.

No Munni, you don't worry about it.

Nothing will happen to sister in law..

Come Munni, your brother is going to come. - Come.

Hey, take the food.

Sir, Amar has escaped from thejail.

Inform every police station in the city. I am coming.

You wait here, I am going inside, okay.

My dream girl, when are you going to come..

The loving season has come, when are you going to come..

The life is passing away, when are you going to come..

Who is it?.. Leave me..

Sister in law..

Amar. - Yes, sister in law. I have escaped from thejail.

What? Why did you do so Amar?

I was not able to control myself after..

...hearing about your conditions.

You have done a wrong thing. Your case will get..

...more puzzled because of it.

What will happen the most? I will just be hanged.

Your enemies will be hanged.

Amar, you friend Monty is the keyforthe lock of this case.

He has given a false witness against you in greed of money.

Uncle. Brother. - Brother.

Munni! Radha! - Munni, go and shut the door. - Yes.

Brother, elder brother is coming here.

Amar, you please run awayfrom here.

Go Amar.

Have you tookyour medicines?

Yes brother, she has taken the medicines twice today.

Do you know? Your loving brother in law..

...has escaped from thejail.

What? He escaped from thejail.

Yes, he is committing crime one after another.

God too can't save him even if he desires.

Oh God, protect him.

Why have you come here? Go awayfrom here.

I hate you..

Priya.. come to your senses. What are you doing?

Leave me, I hate you..

Listen to me, Priya. What is remaining to listen?

You have killed myfather. I have not killed your father.

Every criminal saythe same thing.

Priya, don't curse our love by calling me a criminal.

Love.. What a cheap people like you know about love?

The only intension in life of people like you is to earn money.

You killed myfatherto get money.

You killed my love.

I am sorry Priya. Please tryto understand.

I am not a murderer. At least you don't consider me wrong.

Which punishment is greater then death sentence?

I will accept it happily but I tolerate..

...any black spot on our love, Priya.

Just think, whywould I kill your father?

Yes Priya, just think calmly.

You will automatically get the answer.

Yes Priya, unless you don't support me..

...I won't be able to catch the real murderer.

And unless I don't catch the real murderer..

...the whole societywill consider me as a murder.

Please tryto understand Priya. I love you.

I love you Priya.

Hey, come on.. Everybody drink and enjoy..

I reached Nainital from Jhumritalaiya..

I reached Nainital from Jhumritalaiya..

I got the news that I will find him in Bhopal..

No guy has been trapped from so manyyears..


I reached Nainital from Jhumritalaiya..

I got the news that I will find him in Bhopal..

A black birth mark on a white face..

The poet writes the poetry.. Lover give awaythe heart..

Bytaking awaythe sleep from these eyes..

Bytaking awaythe sleep from these eyes..

And bytaking away my peace..

I don't knowwhere my murderer is hidden..

I always think of him..

I always think of him..

I got the news that I will find him in Bhopal..

No guy has been trapped from so manyyears..


I reached Nainital from Jhumritalaiya..

I got the news that I will find him in Bhopal..

My own youth has become my enemy..

No one is readyto solve my problem..

I got mad in his love..

I got mad in his love and became crazy..

The youth shouldn't pass away in the same manner..

I have to get him at any cost..

I have to get him at any cost..

I got the news that I will find him in Bhopal..

No guy has been trapped from so manyyears..


I reached Nainital from Jhumritalaiya..

I got the news that I will find him in Bhopal..

Come, get inside the car, fast.

Sir.. this is Monty speaking. You know that..

...Amar has escaped from thejail.

He won't leave me, he will kill me.

You please save me. From where are you talking?

I am standing in front of Quality Restaurant.

Don't worry, I am sending Vickythere.

Tell me, where is Monty? Tell me, where is Monty? Tell me.

I will kill you, tell me.

Wait Amar, I am telling you to not to take law in your hands.

No brother, I am not going to leave him.

He is the only evidence from whom I can reach Monty.

Who is it? I am coming.

Amar, you are here. I will tell you.

What is this? What happened?

Come.. Come inside. Close the door.

What are you saying? Yes Sister in law..

...Amar has been shot.

Where is he now? In my house. - I am coming.

Amar. - Sister in law. What is this Amar?

Nothing sister in law, nothing.

This is the gift given by his brotherto him.

Leave about me, tell me how all of you are?

The house is lonelywithout you.

We don't like anything.

Amar, why did he shot at you?

It was not brother's mistake, he was just doing his duty.

Where you had been? Where you all had been?

Where you had been? Why do you bother?

We will go anywhere, we will stay anywhere..

...we will eat anywhere.

Talkwith some sense. You have lost your senses..

...because of your principles and duty.

Didn't you thought a bit about yourfamily?

I am asking you, what if the bullet shot byyou..

...had pierced into Amar's chest instead of his shoulder?

Where is Amar? This is not any cell ofyourjail.

That anyone will tell you everything byfearing you.

This is the temple of family.

I am asking you where is Amar?

Take this brother, there are four more bullets in your pistol.

Kill us but we are not going to tell you about Amar brother.

Why you all think me as your enemy?

What is myfault? That I am a honest officer.

I am honest to my duty.

My parents have taught me the lesson of..

...honesty in my childhood.

Amar is not guilty, he has not committed any murder.

I have seen the truth in his eyes.

It is sure that Amar has been trapped.

Then why did he escape from jail as a thief?

Why he doesn't have faith on law?

Why he doesn't have faith in his brother?

I too have heart in my chest, there are feelings in it.

Which wants to shoot his brother?

I am explained him a lot to surrender himself to law.

But no, he made me to shoot him.

The bullet shot him but I got hurt.

And its treatment can never be done. Never be done.

Lock! it seems that the people of this bungalow have gone out.

Lot of wealth is present inside.

Before someone comes, I will go inside for cleaning.

So that I too can build a small house.

Climb on it..


Do not disturb..

We are not at home.

Please leave the message after hearing the beep. Thank you

This is the magical box. What type of magical box is this?

Madam, if you talkfrom here then..

...it can be heard on the other corner of the world. - I see.

This is a telephone machine. The world is progressing.

Different types of machine have been introduced.

One such machine has been introduced..

...in which if we put inside a goat its different parts come outside.

I see. Lungs, lever etc..

This is nothing, one more latest machine..

...has been introduced in which if we put different..

...parts of the goat inside, the whole goat come out..

...from the other side.

You are very amazing. I am not amazing.

This is amazing.

When you are not in house this tell is that..

...who had came and who had gone.

There is such a man sitting inside it that..

...he tapes all the messages.

This is an Answering machine. What did you say?

This is an Answering machine.

I see, I am telling the same thing. This is an Answering machine.

So much should I payyou for it?

Pay me as much you have.

I am not in house, please leave your name and..

...number and telephone number after the long beep.

I will contact you later, thanks.

I will contact you later, thanks.

Atelephone, fax and answering machine in my house.

My salary is very less. From where did it come?

Roma darling, darling Roma, darling come here.

What happened? Why are you shouting? - Darling.

Darling, what is this? This telephone fax machine.

I too can see that. But did you buy it from that thief?

Yes. But I had told you to no take it.

I thought that you are very honest police officer.

And I don't want to do anything wrong.

I sold all the clothes which I had brought for you..

...from the bribed money and with that money..

...I purchased this Answering machine.

Shut up! What are you saying? What are you saying?

It is a crime to buy stolen goods too.

I will submit it to the police station.

I won't allow it. Howwill you not allow it?

I am telling you. - I won't give it. - Howwill you not give me?..

Amarwas going in anger. What happened?

One minute.. - He was asking me to ask pardon..

...from his brother or else he will kill me.

He was threatening me by showing this knife.

This knife. Yes.

It means that his finger prints too might..

...be there on this knife.

Now I will trap him. How?

You had asked two crores from me. No..

You were going to bring me on streets, weren't you?

No.. nothing like that. But I am going to send you up.

What is this misbehaviour?

Ankush Raj, I know that you have killed Daulatram.

And I have the proof of it.

Many of them have taken birth to finish the sinners before you.

But the sin and sinners have not been finished in this earth.

What do you think of yourself? That the whole..

...world will dance to yourtune.

You can plunderthe country as much as you want.

You can kill anyone. You can blame anyone for the murder.

Your play is finished Mr. Ankush Raj.

This game was started byyou when you..

...had put my brother in jail.

Look at my brother, he is wandering freely.

But your brother cannot escape from the death.

Hey.. this game was started byyou..

And I will finish it. You brotherwill be hanged.

And one dayyou will cry the tear of blood.

But todayyou start crying. Because I have come here..

...to arrest you for Daulatram's murder.

Who are you to arrest me? I will just show you who I am.

What do you think? You can take me from here.

Come on.

Don't come forward or I will shoot your brother.

And the news will be printed tomorrowthat..

...some hooligans got killed by police.

Inform Commissioner sir. And also inform him that..

...I am bringing Daulatram's murdererto his office.

What is this? - Sir, this Ankush Raj is the murderer..

...of Daulatram. - What is the proof of it? - Listen this.

Amarwas going in anger. What happened?

He was asking me to ask pardon..

...from his brother or else he will kill me.

He was threatening me by showing this knife.

This knife. Yes.

It means that his finger prints too might..

...be there on this knife. No doubt of it.

He isjailer's brother, isn't it? Yes he isjailer's brother.

His brother had trapped my brother.

Now I will trap him. How?

You had asked two crores from me. Yes.. No..

You were going to bring me on streets, weren't you?

No.. nothing like that. But I am going to send you up.

Ankush Raj, nowthe death knot will be in your neck.

They have died who are going to hang my brother.

Commissioner sir, he is flying high because of that cassette.

Butjust listen to this cassette. - Yes.

What did you tell to my brother?

He had sent me to trap your rich daughter in love.

So that I get all yourwealth. I spit on yourwealth.

If you want to spit then go out and spit.

Why have you come here?

I am here to ask you that how dare you..

...to disgraced my brother.

What if I disgraced him? What are you going to do?

What will I do? I will just show you, Daulatram.

Amar, what have you done? You have killed Daulatram.

Commissioner sir, you onlytell us that..

...who is the real murderer.

Mr. Siddhant, I had neverthought that..

...you will play such a big drama to save your brother.

Sir. - Do you know how respected person he is?

He has a big position in this city.

If he wants then he can make you suspend.

I am sorry sir. You are buried under the burden of request.

Behave yourselfSiddhant. Do you knowwith..

...whom you are talking? To an lPS officer.

Do I have the right to know that..

...how a person like him have the right to suspend..

...an lPS officer in front ofan lPS officer.

It is very shameful for our department.

There is no need for you to take trouble.

I am giving my resign. Because I want to..

...fulfil the duty of myfamily and the duty of being..

...an elder brother.

There is no value of a true person in today's world.

There is no value of honesty, there is no value sincerity.

I sacrificed my relation with brotherfor my duty.

Sheela, I will save my brother.

The one who have trapped Amar..

...I will expose them and will prove Amar innocent.

You need Montyto prove Amar's innocence.

Where have you trapped me?

I know myfriend Amarverywell.

When he will decide to take revenge he..

...will become an injured tiger.

He won't leave me at all but along with me..

...he will become a problem for you too.

For me. - Wow! As if you don't know anything.

You had killed Daulatram not that Amar. Yes you.

Don't you bloody say that?

Don't bring these words to yourtongue again.

That is whyyou are being paid, understood. Come.

Vicky. Yes, brother.

He should be sent to Delhi in today's flight. - Yes brother.

And from there you will be going to foreign.

Hello! Hello, this is Priya speaking.

I havejust come to know that Ankush Raj..

...has trapped Amar. Where are you talking from?

Don't worry about me. You just go to the airport and..

...arrest Vicky. He is going to Delhi in today's flight.

Please. Okay.

You have understood jailer, haven't you?

Now quietly come behind me or else there might..

...be dangerforyour brothers life.


Comejailer sir, you wanted to prove your brother..

...innocent by catching Monty.

But the time didn't support you but it supported me.

Lookthere. What bravery have you done..

...by catching Monty?

He can even eat grass for the sake of money.

If I pay him some more money then he will kill you too.

Ankush Raj, it was true that I used to eat grass for money..

...and I used to do many things for it too.

But now I will repent it by shaking hands with..

...jailer sir and will make hooligans like you to be punished.

Take him away.

Jailer sir, you can't do anything by..

...taking more tension. Lookthere.

If you step a single step forward then..

...I will finish yourwhole family.

Now look.

Jailer, you tried a lot to separate my brotherfrom me.

You even made me cry the tear of blood.

Nowthe game has changed. The game is in my hands.

Amar, you will beat your brotherfor so long..

...un till he dies.

If your hands stop because of the feelings..

...then I too will show you myfeelings, understood.

No brother, I can't do this. Now start.

Get up..

You have six life's in your hands..

...in exchange ofone life..

Beat me. The God too desire the same thing.

Beat me. I can't beat you brother.

I tell you to beat me. No, I can't beat you.

Beat me.. I tell you to beat me. No.. I can't beat you..

I tell you to beat me. Brother. - No.

Beat me. Come on, beat me.

Beat me.

I have come.

It seems that there is no one over here.

Looking into considerations all the witnesses and evidences..

...under section 302 this court sentences these criminals..

...to life imprisonment for the crime of murder.