Hitman (1998) Script

Zone A?

Zone B? Checked.

Everything in order?

No problem.



No problem.


Is the director resting?

Not yet.


Chinese women are the best sex-mate.

How can they be better than the Japanese women?

The Chinese women have moral integrity.

When I rape them and hear them scream in pain, They really turn me on.

We scream too.

That's different.

I miss them so much!

Go check it out.




What's happened?

We are now investigating, don't worry, director.

Check thoroughly.


Let's drink.

Something's wrong. Go check it.

What's up? Is there anything wrong?

Check the floor beneath the director's penthouse.

Stop lift number 2, 3, and 4.



Stay where you are!

Are you crazy?

Who hired you?

I can offer you three times your pay.


You know, if you kill me, all the professional killers will look for you & whoever is behind this.

Because I've established a fund for my revenge.

It's worth US$100 million.

Don't be silly!

You stupid ass!

You will be hunted by professional killers around the world.

Give way please.

Excuse me.

I am busy!

You gave me the wrong change.

The lucheon meat is on sale, but you charged $5 too much.

Let me check.

Thai, you've forgotten to remove the old price label again.

Please return my money.

I've rung it up already.

Why don't you just take something else which is worth $5?

I've bought everything I need.

Can't you see?

I am damn busy!

Excuse me, refund please.

Get lost!

I am sorry.

Get lost! You're a nuisance.

I walked behind him and called his name, he turned his head, then I shot blown his brain.

His head was just like a watermelon...

It burst like a watermelon!

I love shooting at the heart, nice and clean.

Brother Kau, find us some jobs, so I can go home to build a new house and get married.

Don't worry, you can do as many jobs as you wish.

It's great...

Thank you, Brother Kau.

Fu, how is your family?

I have a mother only.

Me too, do you miss her?

Miss her? If you miss her, work with us.

You are never out of here, you are wasting your time.

Throw those broken trousers away!

No, old trousers are more comfortable.

Two of you go to Macau with me tomorrow.


Brother Kau, can I use your phone?

You are always spending my money.

But you haven't earned a penny for me.

I haven't called my mom for a long time.

That's none of my business.

You know, I thought you were good.

I pitied you so I've kept you here.

I told you to collect money, but you ended up repairing the lady's pipes.

She is a widow, and she really needed someone to repair her pipe.

I told you to kill.

You ended up lending your knife to him to cut the watermelon?

He is so old, I just couldn't make it.

You did tell me that you were a soldier in the Golden Triangle and how tough you were!

Tomorrow, go home to your mom, don't waste my time!

In fact, I only need one big job.

A big one, then I'll retire.

How about 100 million?

100 million?

You think I am lying?

I mean $100 million, US dollars!

I'll do it!


They want a world class killer.

I am a first class killer.


Stop dreaming!

You are all dumb-bells, I give up!

I am going to take a bath.

I wanna go with you too.

Brother Kau, can you help me sign up?


You wish to make some money? Sure.

Tomorrow, go to the "Tsukamoto Centre" and kneel in front of it, put on your best "poor" look, I guess, people will throw you some coins.

Are you OK?

Eiji, the fund managers are here.

What are you doing here?


What is it?

I've just asked my grandpa in heaven, how come I have such a useless father.

Is this how you repay your father?

Your father died, have you ever thought of taking revenge?

He established a fund for revenge.

You chicken!

Japan will fall and it's all because of useless people like you.

You are incapable of inheriting your father's kingdom.

No matter what you say, I am the man in charge now.

Do you have any of grandpa's toughness?

Put it back, we need to take dad's ashes back to Japan.


This is the soul of grandpa.

Let grandpa give you power.

Swallow it.

What are you doing?

I want grandpa's soul to reborn inside my body.

Don't be silly.

Are you crazy?

I will report this to the board of directors.

Let's go.


They will know who the real strong man is.

Don't forget, they are all chosen by grandpa.

Damn it!

He stinks!

Grandpa, why do I smell curry on that guy?

Don't be nosy.

Thank you.

This woman is called Anita Ma, 38 years old.

Officially, she is a model agent.

And she runs a fashion business.

No criminal record.

But, according to the Interpols, she is involved in some of the biggest crimes in Europe.

She recruits top killers from Europe... to conduct assassinations of top political figures.

Do you think she can really earn such big money from the fashion business?

What kind of coffee is it?



It's still coffee. Nonsense.

This is Chris Crado, 42 years old.

He runs an alcohol business, no criminal record.

Rather than selling Volka, he is the agent for top Russian gangs in Asia.

Those Russian killers operating in Hong Kong... are all handled by him.

Sir, these agents usually lie very low, but how come they are all here today?

For 100 million US dollars! That is over 700 million HK dollars!

If you live till 80 years old, and if you spend hundred thousand a day, you will not be able to spend it all.

Sir, look.

Zoom in please.

Sir, this is a private place, please leave right now.

I am the one you need, you know what I mean?

Please let me go in.

This is the last warning.

If you don't go, we will have to use violence.

Go Please Please give me a chance.

Go! What are you doing here? You, Mainlander.

Leave right now.

No need for this.

You'd better leave now.


Don't hurt them.

Don't you realize who he is?

He doesn't dress well and you despise him.

You know, he is a top pro from Mainland China.

Do you want to go in?


Have you killed anyone before?

Once I was a soldier in the Golden Triangle.

That's good, do you know how to operate a rocket?


Do you know me?

Do you know what I do?

Maybe I am a police officer, you know?

Do you know what I am talking about?

I don't even know what I am talking about, how can you?

Don't panic.

You can't even handle a bluff, how can you be in charge here?

I am not their supervisor.

You will be their boss one day, you fool!

Check this invitation card.

I will take you in.

But remember, only take order absolutely no question, OK?


Can you repeat once in Chinese?

Sure, I can even do it in Japanese. Let's go.

Have you prepared the bank draft?

A five million dollars bank draft from the Bank of Swiss.

Thank you.

This is the deposit.

My name is Martin, the fund manager of Mr. Tsukamoto's Revenge Fund.

If you need translation, use the headset in front of you.

Turn to the channel you want.

Unluckily, Mr. Tsukamoto was killed few days ago.

According to his will, if he was murdered, the fund will automatically start operating.

Please open your computer in front of you.

Put the disk inside please.

In front of you is the anonymous account opened in the Bank of Switzerland.

We've deposited your 5 million dollars.

Please enter a four digit private code.

And this will be the code for identification.

If any of you finish the mission, the reward will be automatically deposited into your account.

In order not to waste your time, I've downloaded the information of Mr. Tsukamoto's death... into the record.

And I make sure each agents will get the same information.

To be fair.

I repeat once again, the murderer and the man orchestrating the murder are worth US$50 million each.

If the murderer and the schemer is the same person, the one who accomplishes the mission will get US$100 million.

Any question?


I want to know what happens if one of them disappears or dies?

If there is official proof that the guy doesn't exist or has died naturally, the full amount will be rewarded to the man who gets the remaining culprit.

How do you prove the traget is the right person?

Oh, the target.

The target will be identified by three of us, we formed a committee as assigned by Mr. Tsukamoto.

Our professional qualification can be found in the information pack provided.

Lastly, I have to emphasize one thing.

We do everything lawfully, we don't encourage people to violate the law.

If anyone does anything unlawful, he will be totally responsible for that.

Mr. Chan, cops are here.

This is the warrant.

Please show us your I. D. or traveling documents.

Search every man and woman.

We suspect that international criminals are meeting here.

We won't take up a lot of your time.

Please co-operate with us.

There aren't any international criminals, but we have two lawyers here.

Can you guarantee everyone here is clean?

The meeting held here is lawful.

If you want I will ask my secretary to send you a minute of the meeting.


I.D. please.

Why do you use student's stored value ticket?

I collect tickets.

You only have a few dollars on you.

He loves collecting coins, Sir.

How about this knife?

This is commonly found and easily bought in the street.

And this knife is commonly used for cooking.

We are not asking you.

I am his agent.

All movie stars have their agents talk for them.

What kind of agent are you?

You can tell he is a superstar in sports.

He is good at horizontal and parallel bar.

He is weak at track and field events.

He runs 100 metre in 9.9 secs., that's too slow.

Return it to him.

Sir, what should we do?

If they want to play the game of death, let them.

Is that Tsukamoto's grandson?

He's enrolled as well.

His family members are not eligible.

Tsukamoto San.

I hate people disturbing me while I am eating.

Speak up and leave.

I have an appointment for a bridge game too.

I hate people who can't talk fluently.

You know, I understand Chinese and English.

If I don't understand, I will ask my fellow.

I come to let you bribe me.

Where's the beef?

After the death of your grandpa, we use our diplomatic pressure... to stop Hong Kong police from dissecting his body.

According to his wish, his body will not be dissected.

But we did some checks.

We found something interesting inside his stomach.

You want to know what it is?

How much do you want?

10 million HK dollars, cash.

When you get the fund, we want 10% too.

You know, my partners want to share my fees as well.

How about the rest?

You are the strongest among the participants, and, I am the manager of the fund.

Aren't you afraid of me?

Yes, but...

I am more afraid of poverty.

Collect your money and do the right thing.

I hope the news is worth 10 million.

We found something inside his stomach.

That's a piece of broken military note issued by Japanese during WWII.

The number on it is not clear.

Luckily, with the help of advanced technology, given time, I can recreate it.

When will you send me the information?

After cashing this check.

The meal is ready.

Take one set away, I don't want to eat with him.

I don't want to ruin my appetite. Yes.

I don't like sashimi, it'll cause gastritis easily.

You'll be wise to eat less.

You lucky man.

Thank you, excuse me, tall guy.

On that day, the video tapes were all destroyed.

But the security system of the Tsukamoto Centre... has transmitted the visuals to the security company for record.

This is the copy we got from the security company.

From this angle, we can see the back of the killer only.

And the picture is very short.

Bill, you've been watching this tape for a long time.

What do you think?

Although we can't see his face, you can tell that, from the basement to the penthouse, turning left and right, he didn't make a wrong step.

And he is very sure about the locations of the cameras.

Maybe he's got a floor plan. or maybe, he surveyed the site before.

Some cameras were newly placed less than a month ago.

And he can't be that familiar with the place just by reading the floor plan.

How about he visited the site after the new cameras were set up?

The Boss said, we'd use computer body matching to mop out the guy.

But it takes a long time. That's right Go to the Tsukamoto Centre and get the tapes of all the visitors within last month.

Do the matching round the clock.

Yes sir. Bill Without my consent, no one is allowed to enter the computer room.

Yes Sir.

It's too small! Last time we got a big plate!

This time, it's too small... Right here...

What are you looking at?

Give me two hundred, I can let you squeeze my tits too.

I am sorry... Go! What are you watching?

He is staring at your big tits!

He's so rude! But your tits are really big!

How dare you stare at me? I can kill you, you know?

You have good taste!

The Rolex Company distributed this watch...

24 K gold plated, with diamonds, to commemorate the unification of Hong Kong with China.

Take it.

This morning, I didn't even have a penny.

Now, I am wearing a gold watch!

Don't be so happy.

It's fake.

Even you wouldn't give others a precious watch for no reason.

I know it's a fake but it costs at least $800 in Tsim Sha Tsui.

No one has ever given me such precious present.

You are Kau's man.

Do you know him?

I get it now. Killers from China... charge between $40,000 to $50,000 for a job.

I will give you $80,000, $10,000 as deposit.

But the reward is 100 million! You are just giving me $80,000?

Am I generous or what?

I am the agent, I have to charge commission.

And I have to pay my informants too.

Your total expenses won't be more than 90 million!

I paid 5 million as deposit, you know?

Investing on you is high risk in nature.

If the return isn't attractive, I won't do it.

How about this? You'll get 60% and I'll get 40%.

That's not fair.

You'll get 70% and I'll get 30%, OK?

Well, you'll get 80%.

But I will take the deposit.

Let's talk about profit sharing later.

Anyways, this is only our first project together.

Now I am your agent.

I worry about your qualifications.

What do you want?


Why do you turn your head and stare at me?

I will give you 30 seconds.

How come the bitches and creeps are standing up?

Who do you mean?

I mean you! Fatty, stop!

She pointed her finger at my face! Do you want a fight?

Less than 30 seconds.

I am sorry...

I am sorry, don't panic.

What? Do you want to leave like this?

If you have guts, just punch me. What?

She is a woman!

Don't you beat woman?

I'll be damned.

What's the matter with you?

It's simple.

You need packaging.

Killers are like stars, you must dress up.

Never save on what you wear.

What's up?

It costs 19 thousand dollars.

You can charge more if you dress well.

It's worth it.

We are gigolos!

You have heard of northern hookers?

How about northern gigolos? We are gigolos.

Hurry up, fit him.

The soft Cortex mixed with Polyester, it so soft and light.

The knitting is tight, it's not easy to leave fibres on the scene.

The long coat is easy for you to carry weapons, and the black color won't get dirty easily.

And your hair, You should use mousse that contain tar.

To make sure you won't leave dandruff on the scene.

Why should we wear sun glasses? Because it make us look smarter.

That's all for today.

Wear it.

How about my deposit?

I've invested on your clothes.

Don't tail me.

So, you will call me.

It costs me 19 thousand! Sure I will call you.

He is called Nor Lu, nicked named Crocodile Man.

His file is an inch thick.

When he was young, he committed every crimes you can imagine.

He was caught recently because of swindling.

So he isn't worth his name.

He gets by.

But he actually invested 5 million dollars.

Could it be a scam?

He is not that smart.


Have you seen anyone solving a case by watching the computer all day?

No. That's right.

Have I dressed oddly?

No, you look good.

Is today a single day or a double day?

Double day.

So I need to read these newspapers.

Different day, different needs.

You'll get used to it. OK?

Order something to eat.

Are you employing cleaning staff? What price?

That's too low.

I see, you are a subcontractor.

OK, good luck.

Are you soliciting other jobs?

Before we can find the King of Killers, we still maintain our lives.

Eat something first.

Someone said he has entered the home for the elderly.

No, he died already.

No, that's Pao, I am talking about Captain.

No... not Captain nor Pao.

I am talking about Uncle Leung.

Uncle Leung?

You know where he is?

You have to ask Auntie Leung!

Auntie Leung?

Have a drink!

Young man, stop.

Are you looking for Uncle Leung?

That's right.

Uncle Leung hasn't come for tea for ages.

He's gone missing.

He hasn't joined us for quite a while.

Disappeared? He's disappeared for a long time.

Someone is calling me, enjoy your tea.

Impressive! He has so many pagers!

Are you kidding me?

Do you want buns?

How come you can eat so much!

I'll settle with you after this call.

Come on!

Chi, how is it? What's the matter?

Any job available? OK, good.

What? You gave this job to someone else? No, take it back.

I have a great guy here.

The Chinese King Killer from North America.

He is cool.

Why is he working for me?

He happens to be in SE Asia... and is passing by Hong Kong.

We are good friends.

For you, $50,000 can do it.

He's so professional, if he doesn't kill anyone in 2-3 days, he'll get rashes.

So, whoever gets the job done can collect the money?

OK, I will do it.

Who is the target?


Get the cheque ready, OK.

Oh my God!

I am trained to eat a big meal and can go without another one for 3 days.

It looks like 3 month's supply.

Let's go, we have a job to do.

Wait, let's pack it and take away.

Take away?

Now I am your agent, I should educate you on how to be a killer.

A killer doesn't need to kill all the time.

We can accomodate special demands.

A left hand is worth $8,000.

One leg is worth ten thousand.

If he wants both, we should give him a 20% discount, that's $16,000.

How about the right hand?

Usually it's a free bonus.


When you go after the guy, he will use his right hand to block you.

And it will be cut natually, so that's free, understand?

Why don't you walk around and relax first?

How about you?

Do you know who our target is?

I don't know. That's why I have to look for our informant first.

There are many kids around.

Do you want me to clear the place before you kill?

Wait here for me.

Come on, be good!

Aim at the grand prize, come on.

Let me help you.

I can make it.

Can I help you?


If I lose a dollar, I will give you five dollars back.


I want number two, the yellow duck.

Which one?

Bravo! Bingo! That uncle is really great.

Please throw one more time for me.

Which number?

Number one, the blue one.

Uncle, can you help me?

Bravo! Bingo!

One after the other, OK?


This is mine!

This one? Yeah! He's got it!


Here! Here.

Alright, we are closed now.

Let's play again.

Let's play again some days later. Alright.

Bye bye.

A killer who loves dolls! You're really something.

Who kills the target first can get the award.

Are you serious?

It'll be a good test for you.

Finish the job, then call me, I'll be around.

Which one is our target?

I thought you know.

Who gave you this?

Our target is the daddy of the kid whom you played with.

Now that you know the kid, it's a lot easier to get close to the father.

If you worry that the kid recognises you, kill him too.

But you won't do that.

Move faster, I can't stand the heat here.

There is another 100 million waiting for you, go now.

Hurry up, don't let me wait too long.

100 million!

Fu, how is your family?

I have only a mother.

Me too.

He turned his head and I shot at his brain!

His brain was like a watermelon.

Watch out!


Don't hurt the kid.

You want to seize my job?

Pal, please help...

I need to run, I am sorry.

It's not me, he is the one you want.

Drop the gun and don't move!

Drop the gun...

Hands up!

Alright, let's start all over again.

Officer Chan.

What were you doing in the amusement park?

Sight seeing.

That's an amusement park for kids.

Can't adults go there then?

These days, men are even selling women's underwears.

And there are corrupted cops, so what's the big deal?

We found a gun with your finger print on it.

What's your explanation?

Your finger prints are found on my wallet too.


My finger prints can be found on this desk.

Is this desk mine?

Among those killers, one of them is from your hometown.

You must know him.

How many people are there in your hometown?

Alright, the guy named Crocodile Man who came here with you, what's the relationship between you two?

He is my friend.

No, my best friend.

He is a criminal from Mainland.

You are covering him, do you know what you are doing?

He is a criminal from Mainland? So, what are you?

A criminal from Hong Kong?

A criminal from the police department?

How can you frame an innocent guy like him?

What are you going to charge me for?

Saving people bravely?

Why did you go to the amusement park?

Sir, someone is here to bail him.

Who are they?

His daughter and a lawyer.

She is an apprentice lawyer, my daughter.

A real good daughter!

What is it?

I get dragged into this, I know nothing.

Of course.

Someone died, of course it's not your business!

I have a friend, can you pay his bail too?

What kind of friend?

I am sorry.

Can't you do better than this?

You've made progress, see, no scar, no tattoo.

Uncle, everything is fine.

Thank you.

They can't charge you on anything.

But, you seem to have another friend with you...

Dad would like you to pay his bail too.

No problem, please wait.

David, I'll go with you.

Is that your daughter?

Of course, she is my daughter.

Why can't my daughter be taller than me?

Don't stare at her.

You haven't got a chance.

I'm serious!

Wait for me, I am going to get my car.

Thank you.

I'll go with you.

I can't imagine that your daughter is a budding lawyer.

Life is full of surprises.

You don't seem to have a good relationship with your daughter.

You are wrong.

She is like me, she is cool.

This is the modern form of fatherhood.

You won't understand.

I really don't understand.

My boss is looking for you.

Thank you so much.

You're welcome.

Here's five thousand dollars. Take it.

My name card is inside, call me anytime.

It's a lot of money.

Is it real?

Five thousand!

If you kill him, you'll get fifty thousand.

Your share will come to $15,000, now you get $1,500 only.

You are a great magician, you turn $50,000 into $5,000.

You're really smart!

Where is your pager?

Right here.

David, please drop him anywhere around here.


Alright, get out.

How can I find you?

You don't! I'll find you.

Make sure you call me. OK.

I am sorry.

Don't be silly, we are a family.

I am not talking to you!

You are always creating trouble for David!

Isn't that OK? He's your boyfriend.

You are nuts!

That's OK!

I don't want it to be like this.

I don't want my dad to be like this, do you understand?

Are you talking to me?

Since I was a kid, I have often begged others to pay bail for you.

I'm so ashamed!

I've decided to study law.

And who am I doing it for?

My teacher asked me to write about my father.

I couldn't write a word.

Cause everything about you is bad.

I couldn't write anything good about you.

Come on, it's family business, don't do this in front of others.

Uncle, don't treat me as an outsider.



What did you say?

Nothing, I just want him to turn back and drop me there.

Thank you, David.

Thank you.

Bye bye.



I don't want to scold you.

I hope one day you can be a real father to me.


Be good, please!

Thank you!

I can make it without the Mainlander.

I am still one of the best in the business.


Any news about Uncle Leung?


Can you lend me twenty thousand...

Your refrigerator is out of order.

How did you get in?

I've followed you here once before.

Not bad.

But you should not be that sneaky. That's impolite.

If I would have been polite, I would have lost you.

I've deliberately use this conversation to tempt you to show your face.

I am highly sensitive, of course I know you are here.

Sure I can tell the door was opened.

I came in through the window.

See, now I know how you get in here.

Is that yours?

Yes, I come to live with you.

Welcome, I have always wanted you to stay with me, I just didn't know how to ask you.

Where should I sleep?

In my daughter's room.

She isn't living here, she lives in a dormitary.

I usually use it as a store room.

Nice smell.

Of course, it's a lady's room.

That's good.

No, I think I'd better sleep with you.

I always talk when I sleep.

How do you know that?

I was told by the women who slept with me.

I worry that I would let out all my secrets.

It's decided then, bye bye.

I am glad Fu has come to stay with me!

What's the matter?

Should I sleep on the bed or the floor?

It's up to you.

Does that taste good?

It's nice.

After you finished eating, read these two books before you sleep.

How to be a first grade killer, book one and book two.

It's written in English, I can't read it!

Look at the pictures!

Just like reading Playboy, we look at the pictures only.

You really thought I read the articles?

Read it!

See, here, when you enter a restaurant, you should sit sideward, bend your body a bit, open your suit, put your hand here so you are ready to shoot anytime.

But then everyone will know you are a killer.

Exactly, this is what you do if you want people to recognize you as a killer.

A real killer never carries his gun... unless he is on a killing mission.

That's exactly what's written here.

It is a very informative book.

But you'd said it. I can't read English.

You do love talking back, don't you?

So, you've been a soldier before?

Show me how you hold a gun.

Where is the gun?

Use this banana.

A gun isn't like this.

Just pretend it is a gun, OK?

Is this how a soldier from the Golden Triangle hold a gun?

You stand up straight, face ahead.

Don't push with your right hand, but press forward...

Count your breath, and...

Why are you eating your gun?

And throwing the skin of your gun on the table!

This is actually the holster, we don't need a holster to kill.


Here you are.

It's rusty.

This is not rusty.

I have a lot of affection for this gun.

Don't point at me, this is loaded.

Have you ever killed someone?

How about you?

I killed numerous people.

I was nick named the "Killing Tank".

I killed so many people in my life...

I used bottles, bicycle chains, tooth picks, I can kill with virtually everything.

I killed 3 people in two days, 467 people in 8 days...

How's the progress?

We have gone over 50% of the visitors.

About 200 remaining, the computer will continue to scan it.

I will extend the usage of the computer.

We don't have enough man power, so we should focus on Eiji Tsukamoto.

Watch here.

Your dad isn't home.

I'll keep an eye on the car, otherwise I'll get a ticket.

Alright, come up later.

Why are you staying in my room?

Your dad let me stay here, he said you won't come back.

Do you touch any of my things?

The desk? I didn't.

That means you've touched other things.

No, I just hang my clothes here.

You'll regret if I find anything missing.

Did you hug her?

No, she sleeps here and I sleep here.

I didn't touch her.

You're in trouble.

She has never slept with boys.

Is this a girl?

Why are you here?

David, please put my clothes into the car.


Did you meet my dad in prison?


Please take my things into the car.


Let's stop here. OK, bye bye.

Moving out again?

Yes Bye Bye Hi David. Thank you.

I am going up now.

Do you have time?

David, please take my things back.


Let's go.

Where are we going to?

I want to talk to you.


Martin, how is it? OK, OK...

Is this your first time?


Want some ice-cream?

You don't mind?

I don't mind.

You can buy some over there.

Well, no thanks.

Are you sure?

No. Thanks.

I used to come here alone.

When I was in secondary school, my dad promised to take me here.

But he didn't keep his promise.

At last, I came alone.

I stayed until they closed, but I didn't want to leave.

They called my dad to take me home.

I remembered, my dad took me to the stairs over there.

Do you know what he said?

He scolded you?

I wish he did.

But he said that he never promised to take me skating.

That's my daddy.

He argued with a little girl.

In the end, I have to say...

"You are right, I must have misunderstood."

Don't you trust your dad?

Come, let me teach you skating.

Can you make it?

Come out, I'll lead you, come on.

Come on.

You come from Mainland China?

I was a soldier in the Golden Triangle.

My mom is now in Mainland China.

I promised to earn some money in Hong Kong.

And I'll go back to build a big house for her.

But now, I can't even earn enough money to build a toilet.

What are you laughing at?

Are you always so talkative?

You were so candid with me, therefore, I also want to share more with you.

You did say you meet my dad in prison.

What is he doing now?

Don't lie, I can tell.

You think I am serious?

That's why you are talking to me.

Be frank, I don't know what he is doing now.

I just know that he is always taking advantage of me.

It's true.

Come on, let's make a deal.


Come on.

Promise me, be my spy.

Tell me everything about my dad.

You'll be rewarded.


Try to skate by yourself.


So many coins!

Yes, I use them for...

Give them to me.

Come on.

I usually put all my coins into this box.

What's the matter?

I am thinking... how many coins are there in this box.

Let's go.

Tell me, where did you go with my daughter?

Speak up.

Where did we go? I've forgotten!

Stop pretending! What did I tell you?

Don't you have any funny ideas about my daughter.

You're lucky, I am in a hurry.

Otherwise, I'll have a thousand ways to make you talk.

What's the hurry?

Remember the fund manager? He has information to be sold.

Let's talk while we walk, hurry.

You're great! We've waited for an hour!

And finally you miss one ball!

So, can you tell us now?

Sure, how about the money?

$200,000, here it is.

It's only enough for tanking up for a month.

What sort of car do you drive?

I mean my yacht. Where were we?

Yes, we found something inside the stomach of Mr. Tsukamoto.

It's believed to be left by the murderer.

These are important leads.

What is it?

Let me speak.

What is it?

It's a military note issued by the Japanese during WWII.

The murderer forced Mr. Tsukamoto to swallow it before his death.

This is what I can offer.

And that's worth $200,000? You're like a robber.

Yes, I am.

Also, I sold this to five different parties before you.

Because they offer higher price.

How much did the first buyer pay?

I said, let me do the talking.

How much did the first buyer pay?

This is a commercial secret.

But it happened 72 hours ago.

All these for $200,000?

OK, I'll throw in a bonus.

This is not confirmed yet.

In the past four years, there is a killer in SE Asia.

His nick-name is "Killing Angel", he works alone & works for free.

17 people were suspected to be killed by him.

All these people deserved to be killed.

Killing Angel?

Don't you understand?

Killing Angel is God's assistant in charge of serving penalities.

He has 6 wings.

Put it simply, he is God's hitman.

Now, you are getting your money's worth.

Let's go.

May I know who the first buyer is?

Good question!

I'll give you $50,000 for a question well asked.

The first buyer is Eiji Tsukamoto.

I have to play golf now.

Why did you ask that question?

Let Tsukamoto be the lead.

We'll follow him.

You are wise!

We've been tailing him for a few days now, there are still no clues.

Be patient.

I'll take a nap, you watch out.

The number on the note is being recreated by computer.

In Hong Kong, the notes are all registered.

It is the basis on which claims are made against the Japanese.

The person who owned this note is an old man.

Here is his information.

See, you are getting your money's worth.

Get the car ready.



Find him, but don't kill him.


Uncle Leung isn't home, come later.

He isn't home.

How come there's another one.

Come on, hurry up!

The target isn't home, watch out for old man you come across.

We'll wait here.

Don't move.

Don't shoot.

Give it to me.


Drop him.


Get lost!

Granny, don't die on me.

I need you to be my witness.

Fu, close the gate!

Don't move.

Wasabi, Toyota, Yamaha!

Are you alright?

Answer me, hello...

Hang on...

Hang on, you'll be fine!

I'll wait for you upstairs.

Hang on!



Uncle Leung, tell them that I am innocent!

Uncle Leung.

Tell them the truth...

Only you can save me!

He died.

What did he tell you?

Damn you!

It's dirty language.

He isn't worth $50 million, you know?

Kill them both for hundred million.


He isn't worth it.

I transferred your team on another mission.

There is a special raid on a Mainland gang.

We are short of men power.

You should have told me before.

Kwan, don't lose your temper.

After all, I am your superior.

You are mobilizing several of my teams.

What's the big fuss about a dead Japanese?

The point is, that old man died too.

Don't bluff me, I've done my homework.

The old man died before he was shot.

He died naturally.

And the team I transferred... successfully captured all the gang members.

We are law enforcers, it doesn't matter what law we enforce.

You're so stubborn.

Is there something you want to ask me about?

There's something you should tell me.

In fact, I am not any killer's agent.

I can guess.

I am the person they are looking for...

The Killing Angel.

That's a surprise.

Although I am the "Killing Angel" they are looking for, in fact I am not the true Killing Angel.

What exactly do you mean?

This is how it is.

One day, I read an advertisement looking for a killer.

Remember I taught you how to read recruitment ads for killers?

But the order was totally wrong.

The ad was put together by an outsider.

I was poor, so I wanted to make some money.

I called that guy and we met.

He was an old man, that's Uncle Leung.

He wanted me to kill a Japanese for him.

That Japanese killed his family during the war.

But, where can he find the guy?

He found out that the Japanese was in Hong Kong.

I just wanted to cheat him out of some money, so I took the job.

God knows, apart from an incurable disease.

All he had were military notes issued by the Japanese during the war time.

These are useless paper, not traveller's cheque.

Later, he told someone in an antique shop, and ended up selling all his military notes for $200,000.

He called me at once.

I didn't want to take money from such an old pitiful man.

So I gave him my bank account number, and told him to deposit money into my account if he read in the paper that I've successfully illed the Japanese.

God knows the Japanese really died!

The money was deposited into my account.

The worse thing is, the fund for revenge started operating.

So I wanted to find Uncle Leung to tell him that I didn't kill the Japanese.

I found him now.

But he turned silent forever.

Why don't you go underground and hide?

Instead you deposit $5 million and hired me as your killer!

I mortgaged this flat to get the money.

Cause I want to know whether they are looking for me or not.

And I want to know how much they know about me.

And for hiring you, if we find the real killer...

I may end up earning the $100 million.

You're taking a very big risk.

Nothing is riskier than hiring you.

What are you doing?

Rat! No... I dropped something...

Uncle must have entered into a fight again.

Did you pick a fight?

I dropped something, and I got my clothes dirty picking it up.

What did you promise me?

I am moving out.

I've come back to take my things.

Maybe moving is a good idea.

The flat will be taken away sooner or later, it's wise to move out now.

You really hate me that much.

The fact I agree to your moving out doesn't mean I hate you.

Uncle, did Kiki tell you?

She just told me she's moving out.

Not this, this Saturday is my daddy's birthday.

And it's a celebration for Kiki cause she has officially become a lawyer.

If you are not free, you need not come.

Sure I will go, it's an important day of my daughter!

When? Saturday.

See you then. OK...

Uncle, remember, it's on Saturday! Bye bye.

Too much instant noodles isn't good for you.

He withdrew $20, $30...

Wow! $200,000, let me check...

I've got it.

According to his account, after your grandpa's death, he withdrew $200,000.

And deposited into someone's account.

Can you find the account holder?

Of course I can.

Here is your information.

Damn it.

About the fire...

Can we go now?

I want to watch the news.

At 2: 15 this afternoon, a fire broke out on a building in Wanchai.

As to the cause of fire... it's said that the fire started in a unit on the fifth floor.

What's wrong? The fire was caused after a great explosion.

They've found me.

How do you know?

I lived there some years ago.

The police is now investigating the case...

That soon?

Now, everyone thinks I am the Killing Angel.

They asked me to leave them a message on my whereabouts.

They all want to kill me.

The safest place... I don't even know where I am.

Let's get on board first.

Have you thought of killing me for the money?


But I worry I am no match for you.

You are a real nice guy.

You are not suited for this field of work.

What are you doing?

This is for you.

This is...

It's just a small token.

You have to do something to earn this.

Take care of my daughter.

You know, my daughter...

A lot of men are after her.


Just take her as your God-daughter. OK?

No, I will take care of her any way.

Do it, I want your commitment.

Take it with you.

I don't have many friends.

You are my only friend.

Take it.

You go first! Go!


What's the matter?

"Your daughter is waiting for you at the party, come ASAP."

Pal, can you lend me your clothes?

How long have you known my dad?

Not long.

So, you must be a corrupted cop.

Why do you say that?

None of my dad's friends are good guys.

Lately he gets to know Fu, and now he knows a cop.

You'd better ask him yourself, he is here.

Your daughter is safe, she is dancing.

Maybe he has come for me.

You go keep him busy, I want to talk to my daughter.


Dance with him, it's a slow dance, you can do it.

I don't know how to dance!


You always wanted to learn to dance, ask uncle to teach you now.

Can you introduce me to your friends?

I haven't seen you wearing this suit before.

Really? Isn't it nice?

It's a bit over the top.


It doesn't suit you.

I think the most ridiculous thing is...

Why is the dad so short and the daughter so tall.

Haven't you come for him?

I have been informed that Crocodile Man may be the Killing Angel, I worry that his daughter may be dragged into this.

She is innocent, I don't want others to threaten him by holding his daughter hostage.

You are the Killing Angel.

Otherwise, how do you tell he is innocent?

Why the thought?


Kill me now, then you can get the 100 million.

I love to.

But I won't get paid even though if I kill you.

Cause no one will believe me.

Why don't you change your line of work?

You are not suitable to be a killer.


Hello Uncle, here you are Yes.

Follow me.


Uncle, please help yourself.

Daddy, Uncle Lau.

Hello, this is Kiki.

Hello Kiki Uncle Lau promised that you can work in his law firm starting next week.

Thank you for your help.

The firm you are working in now is not a good choice.

Kiki, we are doing this for David's daddy.

Cause I owe him a big favour.

Come on!

Uncle Lau, I think you should return his favour directly to him.

I prefer learning in a small solicitor's firm.

It's good that you want to learn more.

She doesn't want your help! Come on, let's have a drink.

David Dad.

Would you please introduce me to this gentleman?

Daddy, this is Uncle Nor, daddy of Kiki.

Nice to meet you, Uncle Nor.

Do you really mean it?

David said you work in transportation, right?

No, I don't.

He used to work in the transporation before.

Now, he is in the freight business.

Freight, it's a very competitive business.


I am not in that field either.

I am a cheap rascal.


Daughter, I don't want to have to lie anymore.

Even though you get by today, when the truth is known, they will despise you more.

You can get mad at me, but, don't worry, this is the last time.

I just hope that, one day... you can be a very brilliant lawyer.

Mr. Wu, don't worry.

My daughter has never supported me in my sleazy business.

So, I think... we will never meet again, sorry for disturbing you.


Arrest me or not, up to you.

But I hope you would take care of my daughter.

You two had better hide.

The matter will be settled soon.

How long can we hide for?

For 100 million, they will find us very soon.

Let's go.

Where are we going?

Let's talk to the fund manager.

He may not listen to us.

If not, you'll be dead meat.

Kiki, go tell your daddy.

We can be good friends.

Thank you, Uncle.

But I don't think I'll see David again.

Happy Birthday. Thank you.


It's no use, you don't deserve her.

Who is it?

This is Fu, I am now staying with Crocodile Man.

Many people are looking for you.

I know, I'll be right there.

Get ready to collect your goods.

I am not in the office.

Go straight up to Tsukamoto's penthouse.

Will there be any problem?

When you are on a football field, you'd better trust the judge.

Alright, we'll be there.

What is it?

Do you think they will really give you 100 million?

If they want to kill me, They must think I'm the Killing Angel.

If you act first, you can get the money.

If you hasn't been the judge, you would no longer be here.

When you get the money, give half to my daughter.

Since she is more important than my life.


You know who the Killing Angel is?

According to the information I have, it's Mr. Nor.

If I kill him now, will I have that 100 million?

You should trust others, he is...

You haven't answered my question.

Theoritically yes.

I don't want to hear theory.

I just want to know how long does it take to get the money.

According to the practice of Hong Kong banks...

A computer is over there, I can transfer fund any time.

I don't believe you.

Why not?

I only have to press two buttons and I'll be connected to the Band of Switzerland.

Imput the amount and your bank account number, then imput your secret code, the money will be yours.

No problem.

So, do it now.

Did you really kill him?

I said, theoritically I can transfer fund!

But practically, he is the man in charge.

No matter who killed the Killing Angel, I'll get the money.

I told you! They can't be trusted.

Great foresight!

Well, no one gets a penny, cause I am not dead.

See you!

Aren't you going to take back your deposit?

Return it to me.

Give it to him.

Are you sure?

He will come.

We can't hang on any much longer.

The Killing Angel.

You have always known who he is!

Killing Angel, you'll regret killing my grandpa.

I'll take the tougher one.

So, I'll choose the girl.

What kind of woman is she?

He's mine!


Take more! Come on, more for you.

You'll be dead meat!

Watch mine!

I just took your hair pin, you don't need to undress.

What's that?

Are you alright?

Imagine my medical bill.

Don't worry, I've got insurance for you.

I'll get more if you die.

The 100 million is still available, do you want the money?

Forget it.

If you don't kill me now, are you worried that I'll eliminate you so my secret is safe?

Don't move.

It seems to be a waste to let the money sit idle.

What do you want?

What a pity that I am the judge, I can't score.

But I am very greedy.

What are you saying?

Well, how should I put it?

Well, this Killing Angel killed his grandpa for his money.

And this detective found out the truth.

He solicited the help of you two to help arrest him.

But he fought back, and was killed in the process.

As to who dealt him the final blow...

Why don't you suggest an answer?

Anyway, give us what is rightfully ours.

No problem. This is my job!

I've invested all your money in Coca Cola's shares.

It'll appreciate 20% a year in value.

Any good investment ideas now that you all are multimillionaires.

I want to build a large house for my mom.

You can build a skyscraper now.

I want to go skiing with my daughter, in Switzerland.

I can't be a cop any more, I must plan my future.

In fact, I have a very rich friend.

He hates wicked people.

He wants to establish a 3 million killer's fund.

Come on, don't mention any fund again, it scares the shit out of me.

Never mind, I have an appointment with him.

I will send you the information later.


Good luck, bye bye.

I have something personal to discuss with you.

I am his agent, you can talk to me.

I've forgotten to inform you that I have changed agent.

How can anyone be better than me?


Here she is.

Aren't you supposed to join us in Switzerland?

I've found a nice job.

So you are my replacement.

I want to be your agent as well.

Stop dreaming, I will never let others charge me a commission.

I want to retire.

Aren't you retired?

I am referring to something else.

Killing Angel?

I want you to take my place.


I am not a good killer.

You can't kill those who don't deserve to die.

For those who deserve it, you have no mercy.

You will be the new King of Killers, the Killing Angel.

How about having three Killing Angels?

Alright, you're the boss.