Holding the Man (2015) Script

(Bell tolls)

(Bell tolls)


(Telephone rings)

ANSWERING MACHINE: You've called Pepe Trevor.

Leave a message afterthe tone...

Yes? Hello?

MAN: I can'tremember where he sat.

Tim, are you OK?

Where was John? You know where John is.

At our dinner party with the girls - was he opposite or beside me?

Er, does it matter?

I'm trying to write itdown, and I...

There were mint leaves in our drink, I remember the colour of your dress, but I can't remem... remember where he sat, anditfrightens me.

It's like I'm going to lose it.

He was... he was...

(Coin clunks, call disconnects)



Cambio? Cambio?

TIM: DearJohn.


I seem to be doing manyofthe things I wantto do before I die.

Signor Conigrave! Signor Conigrave!

Per lei. Grazie.

* VIVALDl: Gloria

All set?

Let's go, boys!

(Boys cheer)

He's holding the man, sir! He's holding!

Just get on with it! It's a free kick, sir!

Sweet flower, with flowers thy bridal bed I strew.

O, woe!

Thy canopy is but dust and stones, which with sweet water nightly will I dew.

Can't you do it sadder?

You're Paris. She's Juliet.

You've lost your fiancée, not your bus pass.

Or wanting that, with tears distilled...

No, stop. Stop.

Can you imagine what it would be like to, say, lose your girlfriend.

I guess so, sir.

It'd be tremendously sad, wouldn't it?

What's her name?

I don't have a girlfriend, sir.

BOY: Yeah, wonder why! (Laughter)

Here, lying in her tomb, eh?

Cold. The colour - colour's gone from her face!



TIM: Or wanting that, with tears distilled by moans,

the obsequies that I for thee shall keep nightly shall be to strew thy grave.

And weep. (Applause)

* T. REX: 20th Century Boy

MAN: Stay with him!

Stay with him!

* Friends sayit's fine Friends sayit's good

* Everybodysays it'sjust like rock'n'roll... *


* I move like a cat Talk like a rat... *

Come on, John!

* Babe, I wanna be yourman... *

Over here!

(Cheering) Get him, John! Get him!


You OK, Johnny? MAN: Get back, boys.

Keep still, John.

Who are you?

I'm Tim Conigrave. I'm in your geography class.


You're pegged for the Best and the Fairest medal.

Yeah, I really wanna think about that now, don't I?

I'm in a play with your brother, actually -

Romeo And Juliet.

Are you Romeo?

Mmm, the competition.

Paris - the one Juliet leaves for Romeo.

Poor Paris.


Should come and see it.

(Pencil case unzips)

Do you mind if I sign your...

Uh, it's still drying.

You can if you want.

(Plays piano)

* La, la, ba, ba, ga, ga, ga

* Ga, ga, ga, gallop, gallop

* Gallop, gallop, gallop, gallop, gallop, gallop a pace

* Gallop a pace... * The house is open.

Beginners... Tim? Beginners, everyone.

Standing by for the prologue.


(Pepe squeals)

Break a leg. GIRL: Break a leg!

BOY: Break a leg.

TEACHER: Eric, curtain!

BOY 1: Why is everyone saying 'break a leg'?

BOY 2: Because you're not meant to say 'good luck'.

BOY 1: You just said it.

PEPE: Is he here? TEACHER: Tim!

Tim! Oh, hi, Paul.

TEACHER: Prologue, Tim! Is your brother in?

I'm in his geography class. PAUL: So?

OK, and remember, if anyone laughs at you, it's because they haven't the guts to do it themselves.

Break a leg.

Cue overture, Chris. (Dramatic music plays)

Eric, curtain!

Two households, both alike in dignity, in fair Verona where we lay our scene.

(Whispering) (Boy meows)

(Scattered laughter)


TEACHER: ('Sweet flower, with flowers'.)

(I know.)

('Sweet flower. ') (I know!)

Sweet flower, with flowers thy bridal bed I strew.


What's up with you? No, just...

Probably morning sickness. Maybe you're pregnant.

No, Doc, I think I'd know if I was.

Conigrave's pregnant. Conigrave's pregnant!

You told me you were on the pill.

You guys are suss! I hope you're not angry.

I'll get rid of it if you want!

Doctor, I'd like an abortion.

That's against...

Am I to understand that some kind of miracle has occurred?

TIM: Just a joke, sir.

TEACHER: You disgust me, Conigrave.


(School bell rings)

'You disgust me, Conigrave. ' Sucked in, Conigrave!


(Laughs) Oh, hi.

Sorry I missed your play. Oh, did you? No worries.

Hey, do you want me to... I can...

Oh, no, I'll manage. I'm getting good at it.

Better get going... John?

Um, I'm having this thing - the girls from the play are having this dinner party thing at my place on Friday...

(Book thuds) Bugger!

Should you be bending?

Pardon? The baby.

(Laughs) Oh, yeah.

So, what do you reckon, this dinner?

Getting home might be difficult.

The girl who played Juliet, her mother's giving everyone a lift home.

I don't know about theatre, or that Wobbledagger fella.



TIM: I'm not putting on Mozart!

PEPE: It's in the ice bucket. TIM: I know!

So, what did you think ofthe play?

I didn't see it.

We were fabulous! (Laughter)

I should have worked harder to make you come.

(Girls laugh)

Is there a problem? (Girls laugh)

We're a new group offriends, so I think we should send a kiss around the table.

What? No. No. GIRL: Oh, yes.

Yes, let's. TIM: Absolutely not.

I'll go first.


Lucky last! Come here! Mwah!

BOY: For those trapped in the darkness of sin, that the light shining in Christ may free them and bring them to God's favour, that, moved by God's loving mercy, they may turn away from their sins and open their hearts to the divine life of grace.

Lord, hear us. ALL: Lord, hear our prayer.

(School bell rings)

Take these for you? Oh, I'm right.

(Jolly music plays on film)

MAN, ON FILM: Letus take a closerlook atapublic enemy.

The Queensland fruitfly.

Itisplaying an increasinglysinisterrole in the everydaylife ofthe nation.

There is scarcelyanyfruit thatis immune in the months thatthe flygoes about its destructive task.

Onlybystringentcontrol can this...

(The Best and Fairest medal.)

(That's a new pencil case.)

You two seem to be getting along.

I thought you had the hots for Derge, Tim.

He is the father of your child.

I'm sorry, but my heart belongs to John.

Might have to make it a three-way.

You have to drop him, Conigrave.

Derge needs to know he's special.

Alright! John, you're dropped.


You guys are off! (Laughter)

(Ringing tone)


Are you there?


Yes, hello, um, I'm calling for John.

Who's speaking?

Timothy Conigrave.

One moment, Timothy.

JOHN: This is a nice surprise.

Is it? That's... good.

There's something I want to tell you.

I'm all ears.

That game Biscuit played in class...


Where he said I have to drop you - I didn't like it.

I didn't like saying that to you.

That I have to drop you.

Justa game.

Mum's gotdinneron. I'm supposed to setthe table...

You have to go? Yeah. Sorry.

That's OK. Bye. It's nice chatting. Bye.


* Dreamer You stupid little dream

* So now you put your head in your hands, oh, no... *

(Knocking at door) Go away! Piss off!

WOMAN: I beg your pardon?!

I'm naked!

Someone's on the phone for you.

(Turns off radio)

Who? A boy from school.

Hurry, please. I've got dinner on.

Tell your friends not to call at dinnertime!

I can call back. TIM: What? Why?

Your dinner.

No, it's... it's OK.

We're having casserole. Chops.

We just had chops and mashed potato.

And peas.

I like you.

That's good.

I reallylike you. I've likedyou forsome time.

I like you too.

Does this mean that we're going out?

(Laughs) You haven'tasked me yet.

John Caleo, will you go round with me?

Yep. Oh!

DRAGON: * Sun and the sea

* Birds in the air

* I lostmylove and I don'tcare

* Oh, no

* Oh, no... *

Whoo-hoo! Whoo!

* This time, I'm gonna take yourhand

* Gonna take you to the promised land

* And this time

* This time

* This time, gonna head in the rightdirection

* In the rightdirection

* This time

* This time

* This time, gonna head in the rightdirection

* In the rightdirection

* In the rightdirection In the rightdirection... *

No-one can see.

I better get home.

Ah! God! So turned on.

(Laughs) I'll have to go straight home and pull myself.

You don't do that, do you?

You joking? Why do you need to?

Because it's fun!

Can you see if you can stop?


Have you seen my Cleo magazine?


(Moans softly)

(Moans softly)

(Moans softly)

(Breathes heavily)

TIM: DearJohn.

It's 1am and I can'tsleep.

I think I went too fartoo soon when I reached into yourdaks.

All I can sayis I'm sorry.

thatis enough forme.

THE MASTER'S APPRENTICES: * It's because I love you... *

What's this? Give it back.

A love letter! Eric, give it back to him.

TEACHER: Quieten down, you lot, and that includes the peanut gallery at the back.

Thank you. Give it back!

TEACHER: Now, will you all please open your books to page 97...

TIM: Idiot!

TEACHER: We are now going to further investigate...

.. the topological formation of our own continent.

There are, as you know, 14 major tectonic plates.

If you don't know them already, write them down, because you need to know them.

They are of course, first, the Eurasian plate, two, Australian-Indian, three, Philippines, four, Pacific, five, Juan de Fuca...

I expected more of you, Caleo.

Six, Nazca, seven, Cocos.

TIM: We love each other. What are you going to do about it?

JOHN: Tim!

You're mumbling, Tim.

We love each other and what are you going to do about it?

Father, please! This can't get around.

I'm afraid it's too late for that.

There are people in this place that want to discipline you.

You're quite the topic of conversation in the staffroom.

Why haven't they tried to stop us?

The lay staffwould like to...

.. but the Jesuits look out for you.

We've seen this before.

(Scoffs) Be careful, Tim.

Yes, Father.

Not everything has to be political.

Doesn't it?

Tim, there will be other battles, and they will need educated people to fight them.

Don't jeopardise your schooling over this, boys.

Bless us, O Lord, and these, thy gifts we are about to receive from thy bounty.

Through Christ, our Lord, amen.

ALL: Amen.


Thank you, Mrs Caleo.

Lovely manners.

BOB: What about you? Do you want an onion?

There you go.

What about you?

TIM: No, I'm right at the moment.

It's really good, Mum. That's really nice, Mum.

MOTHER: Is it, darling?

John, er... John's changed.

We've all noticed.

Ever since he's been hanging around with you.

He's come out of himself.

Lois and I are very grateful.

We'd like to thank you.

He's a great guy.

Mum's rule - friends sleep in here on a school night, otherwise I stay up yakking.

(Laughs) I don't mind.

You reckon your parents will let you come away to Eric's for the study break?

They said as long as you're going.

Five fellas in a shack. You never know what might happen.

(Floorboard creaks)

(Sweet flower...)

(Gasps) Shh!

(Both laugh)

(Sleeping bag unzips)

(John breathes heavily)

(John moans) Shh, shh.

Oh! Shh, shh.

(Can we go again?) (Laughs)

(Birds chirp)

I feel like I played a grand final.


(Floorboard creaks)

We'll be back with lunch.

Good luck!

TIM: What are you doing?

Just felt like it.

(Both moan)

TIM: DearJohn.

I think I wenttoo far too soon when I reachedinto yourdaks.

BOY: Dad? Did Paul get an extra two bucks?

I'm the one who cleaned the gutters.


DERGE: What the fu... Are you fucking kidding?!

BOY: Thanks.

ERIC: Ought to run into town for more beer.

DERGE: Too frigging cold.

Good streaking weather.

Piss off, I'm not doing that.

What? You have before.

Leave it, Biscuit.

No, why not?

Fuck off, Conigrave. Just fuck off.

Fucking homo.




Oh, Dergey boy!



(All whoop)

(Car horn honks) Lovely night for it!

(Laughs) Run like the clappers, boys.

(Car horn honks)

I'm doing it, but don't you two look at my arse!


Come on, Derge!


Has someone died?

I told myself I was being stupid.


FATHER: John's father came to see me today.

He made me read your letter.

What letter?

Tim, when I was your age guys used to muck around in the showers at the yacht club while their parents were up in the bar.

Everyone did it.

You're gonna grow out ofthis.

I hope you do, otherwise you're going to have a very lonely life.

A very sad life.

Up until now, I couldn't be happier.

Don't be smart! You're living under our roof.

Your mother and I have made a decision.

You and John can't see each other anymore.

Yes, we can. You can't stop us.

The man is threatening court action.

And do you support him?

FATHER: What you're doing is illegal.

Do you support him?

No, frankly, we don't, but today has been the most humiliating day of my life!

John won't be staying here anymore, and you're not to use the telephone to contact him.

You fucking poxy traitors! I hope you get cancer!


They all call you the school poofter!

I stuck up for you, and then I find out it's true!

(Door slams)

* BRONSKl BEAT: I Feel Love

* You

* You and me, yeah!

* Ooh, I'm in love, I'm in love

* I'm in love

* I feel love

* I feel love

* I feel love

* I feel love... *

(Tapping at window)

What are you doing here?

Mmm. You taste like fly spray.

(Laughs) Yeah.

(John cries)

We'll get through this. How?

They'll keep us apart. Will you marry me?


(Both laugh)

That just fell out. (Laughs)


Homework all done?

Pretty much.

(Sighs) Your mother's very upset.

I talked to the parish priest. He recommended a psychologist.

Your mother will make an appointment and then you will see this man.

John, you've got to put this in the past.

Exams soon, so it ought to be easy for you to avoid Tim.

I love you.

* I feel love

* I feel love

* I feel love

* I feel love... *

TIM: You don't mind if I record this?

MAN: What year were you born? TIM: Pardon?

MAN: Your birth year.

Oh, 1959. October.

MAN: Ah.

Year ofthe Pig.

Little sandalwood always helps.

So, it's OK... I'm taping this?

Sit. You're making me nervous.

(Coughs uncontrollably)

So, we're devising a theatre piece - the actors, and me as the writer.

We've all graduated drama school. You know NIDA?

I know Narnia.

No, not that.

Erm, we agreed to interview people because we felt the issue has been hijacked by the media - all this sex, death, horror shit.

How long have you been positive?

Me? (Laughs) No, I'm not.

And rather not know.

Well, if you haven't been exposed...

How can you write this play?

You're making assumptions about your status.

No, I'm in a stable relationship.

I think he's cheating on you.

(Laughs) You don't know him.

We've been together since high school.

What - constantly?

(Laughs) That doesn't happen.

Just... going to check...

.. see ifthat's working.

(Tape whirrs)


So, perhaps just state your name and age.


I'm Richard.

I'm 33, and I have decided I am going to make it to 34.

What do you want to include in your play?

I've forgotten - were we talking about a helicopter?

No. (Fan whirrs)

I mean, the kind of helicopter that drops supplies.


I get ticked off that some people get this nice little boat ride, you know?

Instead I'm in the quicksand with the snakes!

I shouldn't have to put up with it.


I mean, don't get me wrong, because most people have only seen these things in a book or something like that.

Like a leopard.

The other night on the stairs, I saw one for real.

Where were you?

In the Congo.

Leopard was gonna have a baby.

You think I'm not making sense...

.. but I am.

(Telephone rings)

RECEPTIONIST: Can I help you?

(Negative, thank God.)

You weren't worried, were you?

Nah. Can you imagine being told you've got it?

Well, we don't.

You want to go grab some lunch after this?

Some of us have real jobs.

MAN: Tim, 2117?

Look at us. We're fast-lane gays.


JOHN: What is it?

Um... he said I'm positive, John.

But I'm negative.

I should... I'll explain.

The system here is that if your result is negative, you see a counsellor, and if you're positive, you see a doctor, like me.

John, the clerk put your file in the wrong pigeonhole, and the counsellor gave you the result without checking the file.

I'm sorry.

You've been given the wrong result.

You're positive. You both are.

I'd like to take some blood from you both to do a cell count.

I'm terribly... I'm... truly so sorry.

This should not happen. I...

Can you not stretch my T- shirt?

I'm not!

Do you think I infected you?

You, with your high T8 counts.

You're recently infected, that's what the doctor was saying.

We didn't know this was lurking.

It didn't have a name.

It's not as though...

I mean, I've hardly been with...

I got something.


I couldn't decide between

'ribbed for her pleasure' or...

We're not gonna fuck, Tim.

That's how we got into this mess in the first place.

MAN: Most people have only seen these things in a book or something like that.

The other night on the stairs, I saw one for real.

In the Congo.

The leopard was going to have a baby.

WOMAN: Richard had been diagnosed with toxoplasmosis,

a disease caused by a parasite found in cat faeces.

Are you telling me I ate cat poo?

Probably as a kid playing in a sandpit.

(Kisses) We all did, darling.

We mistook it for a consequence-free environment.

We had hoped to interview Richard again, but as he prepared to welcome in 1986, Richard succumbed to dementia and a litany ofAIDS-related illnesses.

Just down the road from here, at St Vincent's.

TIM: Ifthere were thousands of schoolkids dropping dead, they'd do something about it.

God help you if you're a poofter, or a junkie, or a prostitute!

We're not like those people in the play.

It's not gonna get us.

We're lucky. We're the second wave.

They're gonna cure it.

JOHN: Are you ready? TIM: Not really.

Let's do it.

Campus Gays. Our bodies, our rights.

Thank you.

That was great.

Yeah? You think that was good?


MAN: Two, four, six, eight!

PROTESTORS: Gay love's just as good as straight!

Two, four, six, eight! Gay love just as good...

Two, four, six, eight!

Gay love's just as good as straight!

Two, four, six, eight!

Gay love's just as good as straight!

We are here and no longer invisible!

Monash University Lesbians.

Tim and John!

JOHN: No, no, no.

It's not like we're lobbing petrol bombs in the street, John.

JOHN: Do you want to come inside?

Into your home?

They're all down at the beach house.

Really? And what if your dad's installed Tim detectors?

I want you inside me.

You wanna suck me?

I wanna know what it feels like.

Don't you think it's a bit... dirty?

Oh, I sound so Catholic!

You are Catholic. You are!

It's not an insult, Tim.

Did this conversation just stop being sexy?


(Car horn honks)

LOIS: Come on, come on. (Dog barks)

Get in the closet! Are you serious?

In the closet. Get in the cupboard!



John? Will you help your brother get...

Mum, Tim's here. Please don't tell Dad.

You had jolly well better get him out quick smart!


Come on, we've gotta go. Eh?

We've gotta go!

Come on! Go!

Not very happy about this.

Do you mind? It's starting to pong.

Whose car is that out front? Erm... er...


Are you home?


Whose car is that?

Dad, Tim's here.

Tell him to leave.

I invited him.

Now I'm going with him in his car.

No, you're not.


Come in here.

We love each other, Dad.

There's nothing you can do about it.

LOIS: Don't you speak to your father like that!

Go. Drive.

That was fan-fucking-tastic.

(Engine starts)

TIM: Arggh! I'm too cramped! Maybe ifwe...

JOHN: Ow, ow, my balls!

(Tim laughs) Sorry, sorry!

(Grunting) TIM: I'll just...

Ah, this is... There!

JOHN: Oh, gentle!

TIM: Can I go further in? JOHN: Slowly.

Pardon? Slowly.

Arggh! I said slowly!

TIM: Oh. Well, it's gonna snap off in a minute!

JOHN: Oh! Oh!

(Tim laughs) It's in.

It's in? JOHN: Yep!

TIM: Oooh. It is in.

Now, do I... like this?

If I do this...

JOHN: Ah, ah, I think you better stop!

TIM: Pull out? JOHN: Pull out.

Slowly! Arggh, God!

(Laughs) Are you OK?

Yeah! That was great.

* BLONDIE: Dreaming I'm glad to see the back ofthat old toaster...


* I don't wantto live on charity

* Pleasure's real oris itfantasy?

* Reel to reel is living verite... *

Oh! Stunner!

(All exclaim)

His name is Ian.

He's new.

TIM: I've been trying not to stare.

Tuesday night at my place was interesting.

God! What does Peter think?

Well, those two in the shower together is a sight to behold.

You and John are so sweet, though.

Like an old married couple.

This prick's been eyeballing me.


MAN: Either he's threatened or he's turned on.

Oi, love. Your friends are poofters!

Yeah, I worked that out. I'm a dyke, you deadshit.


Fuck it. What are you doing?

Come here. What are you doing?

(Cheering and whooping)

Oh! (Screams) (All exclaim)

Oi, back off, mate!

Why? Is that your boyfriend? I don't wanna fight you.

Hey! Fuck off, you deadshit!

(Shouting) Stop it! Stop it!

Let go of him! Leave him alone!

(Shouting and screaming)

Get off, you little toad! WOMAN: Don't you touch him!

MAN: Don't touch him!

Get away! No! Stop it! Stop it!

You're hurting him! Stop it!

John! John! John! John! No!

MAN: Come on, Rose! Let's go.

MAN: Get out! Get away!

(Shouting and screaming) MAN: Fucking out now!

We have every right to be here!

Come on, Tim! Let's get out! Fucking out!

WOMAN: My dad would come home after work and he would look at me like this!

He would look at me like there was something wrong with me!

Relax, I'm a nurse. At least, I will be when I graduate.

We should go back, trash the place.

Settle down, Tim.

MAN: We should go to the police, yeah?

Huh! Those fascists?

How's that face?

I've had worse on the footy field, Peter.

JOHN: I don't want to have sex with other people!

TIM: OK, but would you allow me to?

Who with?

Well, maybe just once.

Would you let me try it once, see how it goes?

I don't know why you'd want to.

Is it something about me?

There are things our generation are supposed to be experiencing and I don't believe it's fair to expect our lovers to fulfil all of our needs.

Where'd you read that? Don't dismiss my politics.

So, this is about your politics, not your stiffy!

'Stiffy'? (Laughs)

Who calls it a stiffy?

John, am I the only boyfriend in the world asking this?

The only one asking me. I'm not!

This is normal now! You are begrudging me being normal.

I don't want to talk about this.

I came here to see Nine To Five.

Apparently it's very funny, OK?

MAN 1: Good boy! MAN 2: Alison!

(Cheering and laughter)

Come on, come on!

MAN 1: Let's do this, guys! MAN 2: Yes, yes!


That's my boy!

MAN: Come on!

(Shouting and cheering)

TIM: Unfair advantage! Unfair advantage!

IAN: Come on, jump up! Jump up!

MAN 1: Are you ready for this? MAN 2: That's not allowed.

TIM: Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine!

(Cheering) TIM: Giddy up! Giddy up!

IAN: I've got it! Giddy up! Giddy up!

MAN: Pick it up!

WOMAN: Kick it back, you queens!

MAN: That's OK! Fast game's a good game...

Think you found the brakes. Erect already?

Oh, yes. (Both murmur and laugh)

TIM: No.

MAN: Surf's up! (Chatter)

MAN 1: Woody! MAN 2: Come on, Woody.

I'm really sorry, Tim(!) Oof!

John! I'm sorry!

I'm just a little bit drunk!

PETER: Give you a lift? JOHN: Thanks.

TIM: Are you still staying at my place tonight?

(Dance music blares)

What'll it be? A beer, please.

Got the time?

I don't have the time.


Arggh! Ow, ow! Jesus!

Is it bleeding?

I thought it might be... What?!

.. pleasurable.


I did that thing.

What thing?

Put my name down, like I said.

For acting school. Now I have to audition.


It'll mean moving.

The acting school's in Sydney, if I get in.

Melbourne would be better.

It's the national drama school.

I think you'll get in.

Thank you.

Long-distance would be hard.

That's why I thought we should have a trial.

A trial?

A trial separation. Are you alright with that?


When does it start?

I don't know.


Well, yes, I guess so. It has to start now.

Can I still sleep here tonight?

Of course. I'm not gonna kick you out of my bed.

Well, I don't know! Stay tonight.

Yeah, I'd prefer to stay tonight.

Stay tonight, but tomorrow it starts.

Tomorrow it starts? I don't know.

Doesn't mean we can't cuddle.

I think it does.



(Examiners murmur)

Thanks, Tim.

* Love won'tannihilate hatred

* Itbuilds you up till you've had enough... *

TIM: Hey! MAN 1: Tim!

MAN 2: Timmy! PEPE: Hello, you!

WOMAN: What have you done to your hair? (Laughs)

I like it! It's just so...

GIRL: Are you coming?

* Gives you the score Then won'tsetyou free

* Just when you sayno more

* A hand asks fora key

* Oh, I never wanted to be

* In Quasimodo's dream. *

Hello, bald eagle.

* Shall I beg the ringmaster

* Please find anotherme? *

I found out about drama school, John.

Promise you won't make a big deal.

Hey, guys! Tim got into drama school!

MAN: Yes!

He's gonna be the next Mel Gibson!

(Cheering and applause) TIM: Oh, thank you.


(Applause) Stop it!

Keep going.

(Cheering and applause)

(Both sniff)

TEACHER: Walk like men and women.

Lead with your headlights.

How is the public ever going to believe this leading man wants to win the dame?

Are you trying to teach us self-loathing, is that it?

No. This is about gesture, tone of voice, courage.

Look at you. That's a very womanly way to hold yourself.

A third ofthis class is gay, did you know that?

You're more than your sexuality, Tim.

Walk. Long neck.

Come on.


Oh, you want some rough-house?

I'll give you some rough-house!

Line! No.

Line! No!

Can we stop playing games, please, Barry?

How about you listen to the other person on stage for once?

I have a right... You think you're an actor?

I think you want to be the loudest person in the room.

I'm just... I'm speaking.

I think you're here to be validated, to be loved.

Find that elsewhere.

We're not giving you that, and your audience certainly won't.

Now, play the blasted scene!

I can't.

Well, I think that's answered that.

Brett, you'll do Stanley.

* PETE SHELLEY: Homosapien

* I'm the cruiser, you're the loser

* Me and you, sir Homosapien too

* Homosuperior in my interior

* But from the skin out

* I'm homosapien too

* And you're homosapien too

* And I'm homosapien like you

* And we're homosapien too

* And the world's buit of age are a stage

* Where we act out our lives

* And the words in the script seem to fit

* 'Cept we have some surprise

* I just want this to last

* Or my future is past and all gone

* And ifthis is the case

* Then I'll lose in life's race from now on... *

Chookas! Chookas, darling.

The house is open.

Is he here?

Chookas! Have a good show!


Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba!

More than any desire anywhere...

.. deep down, in my deepest heart,

.. I want you back again.

Please... John...

Don't say any more.

You're making me cry so dreadfully.

(I'm going to fucking kill you!)

JOHN: Tim, get off! I have to go.

Take me with you! I can't bear that mean drama school!

They say I'm too gay, too loud...

They might be right. ... I'm too self-centred.

And I want my Tupperware back.

Sure, if I visit again.

Might you visit again?

(Tim turns engine off)

Maybe I'll check out some chiro clinics up here.

Really? Ow! Ow!

Hang on, this is knackering me.

I spoke to Dad about a business loan.

It would have to be Melbourne but.

Sydney needs chiropractors too.

Thanks for coming all this way.

I wasn't sure you would.

Good to give the new wheels a run.


Mum and Dad don't want me to move up here.

All this stuff on TV.

What - gay means AIDS?

For them, I guess it does.


I knew you'd react like that.

Well, I'll be waiting for you, John.

If you choose Sydney.

John. What?

Can I kiss you?

Give it a go.

* All the times I've come

* Here, butnow they're gone

* Seasons don'tfear the reaper

* Nordo the wind, sun, orthe rain

* We can be like theyare

* Come on, baby Don'tfearthe reaper

* Baby, take myhand Don'tfearthe reaper

* We'llbe able to fly Don'tfearthe reaper

* Baby, I'm yourman

* La, la, la, la, la... *

You got everything?

Can I have my sign?

It's mine. Dickhead.

Give it to Lois for the trophy cabinet.


You're doing the right thing.

(Zip closes)

They were gonna guess anyway, with me selling up the business.

I'm proud of you.

Maybe I'll be brave enough to tell mine.

Not the week of your sister's wedding.

John. I know that.

Hi, Tim. Hello.

TIM: You gonna give me a kiss goodbye?

We've got Aunt Mary staying in your room, but you should be comfortable out here.

Oh, you got those? Good.

You gotta update your address, mate.

They're ancient.

Did you hear we're having a band at the reception?

Very good, they are.

We'll be in the ballroom over at Ripponlea.

Did you open this one?

Maybe Mum. She's the one who kept them for you.

No, it'll be a big show, don't you worry.

We've got an orchestra at the church.

(Laughs) That's a bit over the top, isn't it?

It's a small chamber orchestra.

So, it's a full nuptial, communion and all?

Is she Catholic still? It's what your sister wants.

Best wedding I ever went to was my friend Morna's.

It was a simple exchanging of vows in a room full offriends. It was very moving.

WOMAN, ON PHONE: It'spart ofourLook Back scheme.

You donatedbloodin 1981.

It waspooled with 19 others'.

Mr Conigrave, the patient who receivedit has gone on to develop AIDS.

We'd like you to be tested.

It's fine. There's no need.

I am positive, but I was infected in 1985.

You mean you were diagnosed in 1985?


Really, there's no reason to...


Mr Conigrave, you're one ofthe lastto be contacted.

The otherdonors are all clear.

Not this week, Tim.

You read it?

Wash your hands. I need some help.

I'm flat-out with relatives arriving from everywhere and your father wants his pre-wedding drinks.

Al fresco is just not me.

Now, can you see how to slice and twist the salmon, just like the picture?

TIM: I've been doing some volunteering.

Well, I get paid for it now.

It's social work... for the AIDS Council.

Tell me I've nothing to worry about.

What a waste.

All that talent.

I'm not dead yet.

I just don't understand how you've got it!

I mean, it's just you and John.

We've both got it. Oh, God.

That beautiful boy.

Is it from a donation? Is that why the Red Cross are writing?

Would you prefer it that way?

Did I say that? I didn't say that.

I prefer none of it, thank you!

After the wedding, after all ofthis, I think we should tell Dad.

I'm making a mess! Look at this!

This letter, it's changed things.

It says I could have been infected... since university.

John and I, we always assumed he was first.

I think I was comfortable with that.

Now it's...

Mum, it's like I've killed the man that I love!

FATHER: Now, what's all this slacking off in the kitchen?

(Indistinct speech)

TIM: How did it go?

Mum just kept blowing her nose.

Dad wanted to talk about my business insurance.

They wanted to fall apart alone.

MAN: Drink, gentlemen? I can't.

I suppose your parents assume I infected you.

No. Why would you even say that?

I told my parents.


Why?! Because I...

How could you be so selfish?!

You are gorgeous.

Timothy's Aunty Gae told me about the eyelashes.

They're false. (Aunts laugh)

We loved your dog food commercial, Timothy.

Thanks. I'm doing social work now.

And writing another play. He's my PR man.

Hey, do you reckon you could introduce me to Mel Gibson?


I work for the AIDS Council. I'm on the hotline and the van that goes up and down the Wall.

That's where male sex workers find their clients, and we empower them to have safe sex and have someone to talk to.

I find it really rewarding.

That's nice for you, dear.

John, I'm stealing you.

Come on, son. Let's show 'em how it's done.


Come on. No.

Who's leading? BOTH: I am.

* I hate to say it

* But you have a right to be free

* I know it's the way it should be

* But I'm too far... *

Hey! This old bloke's been asking about you all night.

Here you are, Timothy.

* I love you so much for so long... *

NICHOLAS: (Laughs) Oh, come on, Aunty Gae.

Hey, Tim. Nice one, brother.

You alright?

I'm here, John.

(Indistinctly) My lung has popped...

MAN: Try not to talk, John. We don't want a coughing fit.

Was it the chemo?

More likely a burst PCP cyst.

You're his boyfriend? You're staying?

Now, how's that local?


I'm about to cut now, John.

Right, this is going to hurt a bit, John.

(John breathes heavily)

That's it, bubbling away.

When the bubbles stop, we know it's healed.

(Pop music plays on stereo)

(Coughing and wheezing)

(CD skips)


(Coughing continues)

(Coughing continues)

JOHN: Tim!

MAN: Nearly there.


MAN: Good, good.

Just a little bit more.

(John whimpers)

And done.

He'll be in for a few days, at least.

You have some rest. TIM: I'm fine.

It's seeing him in pain I can't bear.

He'll need his boyfriend healthy.

Ifthe lung doesn't stick, it's going to need to be surgery, but only when he's strong enough.

He'll need you.

Our freezer is chockers.

Penny Cook has made you minestrone.

Morna has made you minestrone.

Someone has made you... I'm not sure what that is.

JOHN: Why'd you bring those?

Penny's comes with a little pesto in a separate container, so...

.. let's go with that.

I'm sorry.

Snotty tissue got eaten by the Simpson fully automatic.

Didn't you check?

Can't you do anything right?

(High-pitched ringing)

I'm sorry.

I think I forgot the pesto.

(High-pitched ringing continues)

(Alarm beeps)

TIM: Will I still be able to write?

MAN: Shall we look at your scan?

TIM: I've been looking at it. Toxoplasmosis, isn't it?

Yes, it is. I did a theatre thing once.

Transmits via cats. I wrote this thing.

I knew I'd get it eventually.

I'm thinking of getting people together, starting something.

I'm feeling very creative and I don't want to waste that, if I'm gonna have brain damage.

Lesions don't eat the brain. Which is a terrific phrase!

But they do put pressure on it.

You're feeling up - creative, you say?

What about dementia, memory loss? Sorry, go on.

We'll learn more as we treat it.

I'm convinced it will happen.

I'm thinking about getting people together.

You said that.

I'm having ideas and I could start something.

Tim? I think you're manic. Do you?

Yes - the cells in your brain have become sensitive to certain neurotransmitters.

I'm prescribing Haloperidol. No, I'm good. We're good.

John's in here and he's being looked after.

I think we'll have to admit you.

I don't want you spending all your money or thinking that you're Jesus.

What happens to my soul if I go mad?

Does it stay trapped inside or is it floating free?

MAN: I don't want to be here! I don't want to be here!

Get me out of... (Voices murmur indistinctly)

I don't want to be here! Take me home!

You alright there, darling?



(Tim laughs) OK, one from the side.

(Camera clicks)

Are you making fun of me?

I'm doing it because you look so beautiful.

Hello, son. Hmm?


We're just... in a good mood. Had some good news.

Would you like a chair, Bob?

From the flat.

Bills and stuff, eh? Thank you.

So, what are the doctors saying, John?

TIM: He's not allowed to talk. Er, the lung again.

But we've had... Good news, Dad.

TIM: He's not supposed to talk.

He's had some good news. John's in remission.

When he's strong enough, he'll go into surgery, and they'll open him up, and see the snips and snails and puppy dog tails and sew up the lung.

Can you believe it? Remission!

You've worked hard for it, son.

TIM: They're saying we can probably go home in the meantime.

What have you done to his hair?

It was getting ratty.

(Tell him about Christmas.)

Beg your pardon? (Put your hearing aid in.)

'Put your hearing aid in. ' I don't like wearing it.

John's talking about going home for Christmas.

They can't operate until January.

BOB: Your mum'll like that. We'll fly you back down, John.

He's had a pneumothorax.

The airlines won't let him fly, but I'll drive him down.

(All speak foreign language)

I found it in the drawer ofthe desk.

I have some concerns.

Why is Tim getting everything?

(Softly) I want to make sure he's alright if I die.

I'm sorry, I didn't get any ofthat.

He said he wants to make sure I'm alright if he dies.

Tim, your will is, um, made out similarly.

It is.

So, if John dies first, you inherit his belongings, then say you die a month later, everything goes to your family?

I don't think that's fair.

I put John through school and college, and I think I deserve half.

Who owns the television and the video?

BOB: And the bed?

Some things we bought together. Can I have a look?

Just trying to remember who bought the Vegemite last.

It was probably you, John. Yes, you go through it.

Hurts my lungs to laugh. Oh, sorry.

And the boy videos - your family would enjoy Frisky Pool Party 7.

That's right!


Tim, the car isn't yours.

TIM: No, but I need it.

BOB: John told Lois that you had to have a scan.

TIM: Did he, now?

For your eyes. My eyes are fine, Bob.

Something in your brain. No, that's not right.

I'm on medication. I am allowed to drive.

I'm sorry, John. I helped pay for that car.

I would like it to come back to Melbourne, please.

Might find something to eat.

And some little red dots to mark up the apartment.

Some things are only fair.

You're telling people I have cancer?

It's AIDS, Dad.

The cancer is from AIDS.

BOB: That's something you have to take up with your mother.

I'm taking it up with you.

I'm not ashamed ofwhat I have.

* RUFUS WAINWRIGHT: Forever And A Year

* Say, I maybe gone today

* I maybe going tomorrow

* Butdo notfear

* Mydarling, I am here

* Whatare you saying, pray?

* Whatare you trying to tell me?

* You will stayhere

* Foreverand a year... *

Will you screw me?

* Say, can you see them there?

* Those darkened clouds in the distance

* So close to here

* We oughtto go, mydear

* Whatare you saying, pray?

* There's onlybrightskies aboutus

* Justlook away

* Justturn the other way

* A drop ofrain, I swear

* I feltupon myforehead... *

(John coughs)

* I cannot wipe mybrow

* 'Twas nota drop ofrain

* And nowyourhands I am holding

* It was a tear

* Foreverand a year

* Foreverand a year

* Foreverand a year. *

I can't kiss you. You've got this thing on your face.

How's he doing?

LOIS: This is Peter. He helped resuscitate John.

PETER: Hey, Tim. Peter!

Hey. LOIS: You know each other?

TIM: From the gay group at uni.

We've had a few ofthe Gaysoc boys through.

Who from Gaysoc? They here now?

PETER: Tim, have you eaten? TIM: I'm good.

Mrs Caleo?

We're not supposed to, but I could speak to the kitchen.

LOIS: Oh, I'm fine, thanks.

Tim? I thought Lois had...

I offered.

Just gotta grab something for John from under the tree.

Right. Come in, come in.

I'll help you. I wrapped most ofthem.

I'm just after the one from John to me.

The funeral will be held at a church here in Melbourne, and we don't want people making statements.

You mean about AIDS?

And the whole... gay thing.

Everybody knows anyway. No need.

TIM: You know that's against John's wishes?

Be it on your conscience.

Such a tragedy.

How did this happen?

It's a Stable Table!

So you can eat in front ofthe teev.

Better than the pyjamas Mum got me.

Suppose you're not gonna keep the wrapping.

(Gasps) Darling!

What on earth is it?

It's a document holder, for writing.

It's got a little motorised clamp that moves up and down when you use the foot pedal.

It's... bizarre.

You don't like it?

It's good. I just don't know that the clamp is that useful.

You always have to tell the truth, don't you, Timothy?

It's for when you write.

I'll use it. I promise.

The first present you ever gave me was wrapped in Essendon colours.

Sounds right.

Bryan Ferry's Let's Stick Together.

How do you remember that?

I remember everything.

You said you saw him on Countdown and he made you feel a bit sweaty.

Did I? (Laughs)

What a poof. (Laughs)



.. when they revived me, before I came around...

.. I was just not here for a bit, and it was so easy, Timba.

Are you OK hearing that?


I'm not ready for you to go.

We've said our goodbyes.

Haven't we?

You can't go without me at your side.

That's the deal.

(John groans)



Oh, shut up, John. We're trying to sleep(!)

(Both laugh)

He was my favourite.

I'm not supposed to say it - all my boys are wonderful, but...

.. he was my favourite.

Never a problem.

Lois, do you mind if I have a moment with John?

I ought to stretch my legs, any rate.

In the schoolyard, I noticed a boy.

Just... listening to his friends

with his hands in his pockets.


What is it about his face?

In class, lined up my books and tartan pencil case...

.. and watched the door.

Then he walked in.

The boy with the amazing eyelashes.

John Caleo was in my class.

I want you to know I'll do my best to include you when it's time for the funeral.

I'll talk about you as his... friend.

Are you happy with that?

We... we have been together for 15 years.

He is my husband.

There'll be nothing gained by further alienating the parents.


So they can reclaim him from the dirty poofter who corrupted him?


(Footsteps thud)

(John wheezes)

(I'm here.)

(John wheezes)


Excuse me.


* In death's dark vale I fear no ill

* With thee, dear Lord, beside me

* Thy rod and staff my comfort still

* Thy cross before to guide me. *

PRIEST: We're here to mourn the loss of our dear John.

Our hearts go out to his father, Bob, his mother, Lois, and his brothers, Michael, Paul, Chris, and Anthony.

And then to his friends, Tim and Peter...

.. who were such a wonderful support to him in the last few months.


TIM: I am writing this from the garden atthe back ofmyhotel.

Surroundedbyorange trees andbougainvillea.

(International dial tone)

I visited the island ofSalina yesterday, the island where your grandparents were born.

It was a bitlike aprivate pilgrimage.

The cafe is onlyopen foran hour.

You can understand whytheyemigrated.

WOMAN: Pronto?

PEPE: Is a Timothy Conigrave staying atyourhotel?

WOMAN: Tim Conigrave, ilragazzo australiano?

PEPE: Could I leave a message? WOMAN: Si. Momento.

TIM: Here on Lipari is where I mostmiss you.

I thinkyou would have loved thisplace.

It's warm and verystrong.

MAN: Signor Conigrave!

Signor Conigrave! Signor Conigrave!

Signor Conigrave!

Per lei. Grazie.

TIM: There is a beautifulboy who works atthe hotel here.

He occupies mydreams.

Butthatisjustmisdirected need foryou.

CLERK: 'Lassu'. TIM: 'Lassu'?

Ah! Angelo.

Angelo! Si, si! Si!

TIM: You are a hole in mylife - a black hole.

Anything Iplace there cannotbe returned.

I miss you terribly.

Ci vedremo lassu, angelo.

* BRYAN FERRY: Let's Stick Together

* Well, now, the marriage vow is very sacred

* The man has put us together

* Now you oughta make it stick together

* Come on, come on and stick together

* You know we made a vow

* Not to leave one another ever

* But now you never miss your water till your well runs dry

* Come on now, baby Give our love a try

* And stick together

* Come on, come on and stick together

* You know we made a vow

* Not to leave one another ever

* Well, if you're stuck for a while

* Consider our child

* How can it be happy without its ma and pa?

* We stick together

* Come on, come on Let's stick together

* You know, we made a vow

* Not to leave one another ever

* Now, if you're stuck for a while

* Consider our child

* How can it be happy without its ma and pa?

* We stick together

* Come on, come on Let's stick together

* You know, we made a vow

* Not to leave one another ever. *

* THE ROCKMELONS: Love's Gonna Bring You Home

* I missed you

* I want you back

* Come on, baby

* Please

* So good to hear you on the phone

* I've been counting down since you've been gone

* Some days are harder

* Harder than the rest

* Just remember It's me you might forget

* Go out dancing like we used to do

* DJ plays a song Reminds me of you

* I'm not the type of guy to keep it locked away, love

* So, come on Listen to what I say

* Our love is strong

* Yeah

* Do what you have to do

* I wouldn't stop you now

* Love's gonna bring you home

* Bring you home

* Ah, ah

* An open ticket That was all you said

* A thousand reasons running through my head

* Every one ensured Ensured to make you stay

* Yeah, baby

* You know it don't work that way

* 'Cause our love is strong

* Do what you have to do

* I wouldn't stop you now

* Love's gonna bring you home

* Bring you home

* Our love is strong

* Even if I wanted to

* Couldn't stop you now

* Love's gonna bring you home

* Bring you home

* Ah, ah

* Ah, ah

* So good * So good

* To hear you on the phone * To hearyou on the phone

* I've been counting down since you've been gone

* I'm not the type of guy who keeps it locked away, love

* So, come on Listen to what I say

* Our love is strong

* Yeah

* Do what you wanna do

* I wouldn't stop you now

* Love's gonna Love's gonna

* Love's gonna bring us home

* Oh, yeah, yeah

* You got a boat ticket to my heart

* Always known we could make a start

* Come on, come on

* Bring it on, bring it on Bring it on

* Bring it on Bring it on home to me

* Your

* Love

* Love

* Love

* Love

* Love

* It's here to stay... *

TIM: I mean, the onlything I had to live for is these two things thatl'm writing, which I'd like to finish both of.

One's aplay, and the otherone is a book aboutmyloverand I, which I've started, and...

And the otherthing too is, I suppose, I've been expecting to be dead forso long that, I mean, almostnow the idea ofgetting to something like 40 wouldbejust, like... (Laughs)

But, um, you know...

I think thatmightbe the end, is itnot?